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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  August 22, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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here, supporters greeting the 32-year-old with loud cheers and big hugs, chicago police family is pretty strong. salute to you. tomorrow on "special report" preview the florida and new york primary elections. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" with jesse back from maine starts right now. thanks, jesse. >> jesse: thanks, bret. appreciate it. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: i'm back from i have a kay, america, i had to take some time off because papa pauly p. had a hearing tomorrow and i had to be back. i did not want to miss that by the way when i used to take time off before the biggest question i got could you reach across the table and smack juan williams for me. now the biggest question i guess is when are you going to have the pauly p. dash cam video?
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everybody has been asking me about it we may have the answer later in the show. while i was away in the beautiful state of mearch sur rowmpedded by liberal family members i couldn't stop thinking about the mar-a-lago raid. i know. why did they do it? what did they take? they leaked that trump was hoarding nuclear secrets. they charged him under the espionage act. they must think he is trying to sell our secrets to the enemy. we had the team here at "primetime" do digging. i kept thinking about how sloppy bill clinton was. and then we came across this old doocy. president bill clinton actually lost the nuclear football. >> general hugh shelton says in the year 2,000 the clinton white house lost the presidential codes needed to launch nuclear weapons. newly released memoir general shelton writes the codes were actually missing for months. this is a big deal.
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a gargantuan deal and we dodged a silver bullet. >> jesse: we couldn't launch nukes for months because slick wily fumbled the nuclear football maybe left it in some mistress'. then he covered it up. when the pentagon see the codes he would say i'm too busy. in an important meeting with monica. when officials eventually figured out they were missing, nothing happened. no coverage, no leaks, they didn't raid his house in arkansas to see if he was selling the codes to the chinese. when it comes to classified docs, clinton was the worst. he sent his top adviser in to the national archives on a search and destroy mission. >> a member of the presidential material staff report that he had saw berger stuff something that looked like white papers inside of his pants and into his socks. he also smuggled original documents out of the building and stashed them at a construction site across the street. eventually he returned for the documents, took them to his
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office and destroyed them by cutting them into little pieces. documents that berger was examining and stealing were related to the clinton administration's response to terrorist threats. >> jesse: the guy had al-qaeda documents stolen, put them in a construction site and then sliced them up with scissors? and then he paid a fine and did community service. that's it. no scandal. they didn't investigate bill clinton for sending his goon in there to destroy documents. it's not like sandy went in there because he wanted to. of course bill told him to go. if trump had sent stephen miller into the archives to walk out with paperwork down his pants, they would both be in jail right now. i don't think criminal justice reform would save him. and listen to how sketchy this clinton caper was. the president made a bunch of recordings, okay, while he was president in the oval office and they were on tape. and then when he left the office, people found out about these presidential tapes and
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they wanted them back. but clinton wouldn't give them back. he stashed the tapes in his sock drawer at home. and when judicial watch sued to get the tapes, the same doj that raided trump's home argued of that it's up to the president to decide which recordings are personal and which are official. and the judge dismissed the lawsuit and clinton at the kept thetape. is anybody paying attention here? the clintons are part of the establishment, they get special treatment. trump is not. he gets treated like a criminal. they have been trying to take him down since the beginning. illegal spying on the campaign. throlgting his presidency with special counsel investigations two. impeachments, the show trial. people got shackled, thrown in. went to plan b. bust into his home and then start grabbing. and if you think the raid was kosher still. look who is defending it. peter strok, the lover.
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the former fbi agent caught trashing trump and cooking up russian collusion this is the guy who took out the insurance policy had case trump won. listen to him on cnn say how this raid was nothing and the fbi treated hillary really tough. first off more than a year long investigation, extraordinarily intrusive into former secretary of state hillary clinton at the time she was running for president of the united states so i don't want to hear this is one sided department of justice or fbi. >> jesse: extraordinarily intrusive? the feds came over to chappaqua and had lunch. they handed out immunity deals like candy. they didn't storm in with guns blazing and rival riffle through drawers. did trump bleach the fox news alert little rocket man? no. he kept them padlocked in a room like the feds told him to.
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you still don't believe this raid was not on the up and up? look at the people involved. fbi agent who visited mearlg back in june and told trump to lock up the docs, guy named jay brat. he also happens to be a democrat donor who helped robert mueller with the fake russia investigation. that's who they sent down to mar-a-lago. and the guy is leaking like crazy to his buddy david loveman who is running cover for the raid. watch this. >> the fact that he had fbi material out in the wild, so to speak, at risk, is particularly stunning and particularly egregious. there was, in fact, sufficient probable cause to carry out this search. it completely validates the search warrant. it completely validates the government's investigation. >> jesse: then you have fbi intelligence analyst brian oughtn't. ever hear of him? he is the guy who helped bury the laptop before the last election. he was the guy who was disciplined for cooking up phony
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warrants to spy on the trump campaign and pushings the dossier? ready? according to real clear investigations, this guy oughtn't is about to be put on the trump case. why? because he is a, quote: expert on russia and nuclear warfare. of course. so the trump raid is being run by the same people behind the russia hoax. the january 6th investigation. and the fake gretchen whitmer kidnapping. all the same people. and, by the way, that first gretchen whitmer case, the one that got tossed out because of the hung jury because it was entrapment, so the feds are retrying it and there is closing arguments today? it is making the fbi look so bad. the undercover agents encouraged these guys to kidnap the governor when they didn't want to, smoked weed and slept with them. and planted explosives in their truck and then charged them with possession of explosives. and we just found out they did the same thing in virginia. an fbi informant tried to get a
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disabled veto assassinate northam, that black faced governor. the fbi ran this big scheme to try to make it look like trump supporters were out trying to kill democrat governors before the election. but you are not even allowed to criticize the fbi because they will accuse you of trying to get them killed. we are probably never going to find out what happened at mar-a-lago. this judge, the magistrate, the guy that hates trump and loves epstein, he's going to let the justice department redact whatever they want from the affidavit. whatever they want so you are not going to see anything. you are just going to see black bars. here is where it gets really fishy. the gang of 8. the leaders in the senate and the house, they are asking to see the documents taken from trump's home. what do you think schumer and pelosi are going to do with that? they are just going to leak and spin lies about it. and then the media is going to report on it. what do we call that again, nancy? >> you demonize and then we call
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it the wrap up smear, anyone talk politics it's called the wrap up smear. you smear somebody with falsehoods and all the rest and then you merchandise it and then you write it and if they see it's reported in the press that this, this, this, and this, so they have that validation that the press reported the smear and then it's called the wrap-up smear now i'm going to merchandise the smear made. it's a tactic, it's self-evident. >> jesse: dana loesch is a nationally syndicated radio host and she joins me now. how about slick wily not only losing the codes for the nuclear football for months but then hiding presidential recordings in his house and saying no, i'm not going to give anything to you and that is fine. i'm not surprised by any of this. people wonder why average every day merges are looking at how
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things run folding in the headlines? how can we trust the agencies. let's not forget sandy berger and all of these -- this whole thing -- you and i jesse were talking about this the night that it unfolded. it is just a continuation of that 2016 tantrum. furthermore, i think it just goes to show how far democrats will go in trying to target their opposition and drying to hang on to power and it's pretty terrifying that they don't care about running through whatever remaining faith that americans have in these institutions running it down to the ground in order to achieve what they want. it's frankly terrifying. and i have to add quickly to this. i get really rankelled when i see other republicans take the hyperbole of this from the press and repeat it as though it is fact. i have seen enough republicans come out and try to conflate criticism of the fbi and the hiding and accommodation of all of these actions and then act as though that's the same thing as demanding to defund the police. these republicans', we all know exactly who they are and i'm tired of hearing it.
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>> jesse: are you serious? well, i haven't heard that one. but now that i have, i'm just as angry as you are. dana loesch, thank you so much. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: now to a fox news alert. president trump's legal team just filed its first response to the mar-a-lago raid in florida court. we got our hands on that filing right here. it demands that the fbi explain what they seized and return every single item that was not specifically listed on the warrant. in the filing, the president also calls for an independent special master to review all the documents that the fbi seized. president trump's lawyers are also claiming that more than two dozen boxes of seize you had documents were covered by executive privilege and should never have been taken. president trump's attorney alina hab bib is here now with an update. tell us more about this filing that just dropped. >> sure. i think it's to be willing
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justice system to go through paint as they call it i don't know. would you want the department of justice going through your boxes when they are investigating you? what this calls for is what needs to be done. we need impartial that means not republican, not democrat, impartial special master to go in there and take a look at what they seized. give back to the former president what is rightfully his things attorney-client privileged when he was in the white house. things that should have not been seized. the passports. we shouldn't have found that out after the fact. the problem is we have this incredibly broad warrant that should have never been in place in the first place. we have the magistrate judge who we know is affiliated with epstein. he went and signed this document. didn't care how broad it was. and now we have a problem. we have got documents where we have no identification, no idea what they have and the former
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president didn't have a passport for a while. i never heard of this in my life. >> jesse: you can't have crooked cops rifling through evidence, planting evidence. they have a history of planting evidence and doctoring evidence. you just have to trust them. the filing, also, added some new details we didn't know. when the president went down there. when this biased department of justice official was down there in the basement, what did he say? you guys don't even really need to show me this stuff. >> honestly, he was so cooperative. he said whatever you want to do, go in there. he walked, in said hello. here, show them this. thank you, you didn't need to show it to us. but we appreciate did. hey, put an extra padlock on it. >> jesse: they were sandbagging him. basically saying we are going to set it up. in my opinion set it up to look like he was hiding it. not thinking that the former president or his legal team would actually say hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what are
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you talking about? we let you in. we let you n february. you went in this january. you told us we were good and then you didn't communicate with us for months and then you send in two dozen fbi agents? >> jesse: he is trying to back channel, we are hearing, with the attorney general trying to lower the temperature and say hey, guys, whatever you need, this is for my library. who cares who has it? the archives, the mar-a-lago people, it doesn't matter. >> yeah, jesse. that's a really good point. i have to hone that in. the former president, donald trump, is the biggest support of police. fbi, doj, whoever it is that is working for this government, he loves this country. so the fact that people are trying to now say oh, his lawyers. and the right wing media and everyone are trying to somehow incite some, you know, their january 6ing us, i'm not going to have it because he wasn't. he is supportive of it. in fact, he would not release the identities or the pictures of the fbi agents that would be
4:15 pm
on property. he would never do that. >> jesse: he didn't release the tapes of the raid? >> only under seal and to protect fbi agents because that's not his interest. his interest is to protect the agents, to protect the police as we know. but they will paint this differently. >> jesse: thanks so much, align that, kamala harris is hiking in hawaii. we found out some interesting meetings she is having. while biden is hiding out in delaware. who is running the country? wait until you find out. plus, we ask new yorkers what they really think about the raid in mar-a-lago. >> what is trump even guilty of. >> guilty of being very good looking. ♪ i got rapid symptom relief with rinvoq. check. when uc held me back... i got lasting, steroid-free remission with rinvoq. check. and when uc got the upper hand... rinvoq helped visibly repair the colon lining.
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vacation to rest recharge your battery and come back we freshed like me who spent the week in maine and as you can see i am ferrari very refreshed. biden disagrees after taking two weeks off because he had covid twice is he taking off the entire month of august. shuttling back and forth between white house and delaware. not like he worked very hard this presidency. not like he needs some r and r. his it secret service code name is 3 day weekend. when joe is in charge, who is in charge. we track kamala harris to hawaii where we caught her hiking. if you call it that, with some secret service agents. wait a second, isn't barack obama in hawaii right now? is he scheduling a meeting with her? we know how barry feels about kamala. he did say she was the best-looking attorney general in america. i wonder if michelle is going to be at that meeting? whatever happens i'm sure the fbi has the place wired.
4:22 pm
if joe is on vacation and kamala is in the pacific plotting something with bk, who is running the country right now. according to reports it's shadow co-presidents ron klain and obama puppet susan rice. and they appear to really enjoy being in charge without any distractions susan rice is leading a team of about a dozen staffers and is basically running everything behind the scenes. she is the gun czar, writes biden's speeches and according to politico, senior aides said biden's trust in rice is so profound she can see and meet with him whenever she wants to. rice has walk-in privileges. i don't even give those to johnny. and ron klain, he keeps bragging about how productive he is without joe drooling all over the west wing. watch. >> you get more done when he is not here? like when he is here, it's like you are on call. >> definitely got-know question about it. >> jesse: president kayleigh mcenany also wants you to know that it's trump's fault that
4:23 pm
biden looks like he is lazy. >> i don't think it's true he is out there predecessors, i just think donald trump created an expectation of a president creating a [bleep] storm every single day. >> jesse: oh, there are plenty of storms. the border crisis, crime, no baby formula, record inflation, record gas prices, a new war in europe, it is just the media doesn't cover it they don't ask joe about any of that. this is why it looks like things are mellow. how is this historic economy? it's not a recession? well, ford motor company, after taking a bazillion dollars of green energy bailouts just fired 3,000 workers. why? because they need to make their electric cars in mexico with minerals made in china that are manufactured by coal power and slave labor. isn't that nice? so do the democrats want joe biden to campaign with him? no.
4:24 pm
>> do you want president biden to come to arizona and campaign with you? >> >> hey, i will welcome anybody to come to arizona. >> that's not exactly an open invitation to president biden. >> i want to be the face of this campaign. and i don't want any distractions. >> i am not talking about 2022, i am not talking about 2024. >> jesse: with me now kellyanne former white house counselor and author of "here's the deal." before we get into people not answering questions on television you don't know anything about that, who is in charge, kellyanne? >> i like it say biden and harris are in charge because i want them to eat and their poor policies. you are right. not just august it's a hallmark of president and vice presidencies. no show jobs. kamala harris has had 156 weekend days. let's call saturday and sunday 156 days. she has had 28 events on the weekend. 28. think about that. so, she is not even doing the
4:25 pm
work from home movement. yoga pants and sweats in the weekend and perform. when you work in the white house you constantly feel the one thing you don't have enough of is time. the country is suffering, the needs are great. the issues and the incoming are just constant. one thing you feel that you are always racing against is that you are going to run out of the time to tackle all those problems and help improve people's lives. i give kamala harris a lot of credit. she finally listened to americans, jesse. they have been telling her to take a hike for about two years. and she finally did that but there she is in hawaii, after casting the tiebreaking vote on august 7th for this trillion dollars -- trillions of dollars of boondoggle spending. she cast the tiebreaking vote for 25 -- to get 25 billion or trillion or some big number. on climate initiatives. and then she flew air force 2 all the way to hawaii, forcing most of americans to cancel their summer vacations to do the
4:26 pm
so-called staycation so, ladies and gentlemen, kamala's staycation occur basically every weekend. the 11 most poisonous words i read every friday afternoon, jesse are, quote. the vice president has nothing on her public schedule this weekend. check this out. and, look, i think that for joe biden and kamala harris to be on vacation so much, biden -- this is his 150th day in delaware since he has become president. that's pretty remarkable. i think they have become the vacation caesar and vacation czarina. comes at a time americans say they are suffering they can't pay the bills. they are truly pessimistic and worried about their own economic situation and that of the nation. you don't see enough activity from our president and our vice president. >> jesse: you don't see any activity at all. thank you, kellyanne, as always. everybody go check out "here's the deal" where books are sold. up next. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: we caught wind that
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and recalibrate your vehicle's camera, so automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning work properly. don't wait--schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> jesse: the rumors are swirling in napa county tonight, paul pelosi is looking to cut a deal. a really big deal. bigger than the visa ipo. even bigger than nancy's deal to stack the deal at the sec. the deal that would let him skate on the dui charge and bury the dash cam. how convenient. see, for months, the california highway patrol has been citing its ongoing investigation as the reason for not giving us the tape. but what happens once the investigation is finished? and pauly pleads out? well, pauly needs a plan for that maybe that's why his lawyers are work feverishly behind the scenes ahead of tomorrow's court hearing to make
4:33 pm
sure there's a back-up plan to make sure the tape never sees the light of day. now, obviously, we aren't going to let that happen. the people deserve to know the truth. we filed a bunch of foias and we have a lawsuit cooking and we will have an update for you soon. and what about the real victim here? we hear he is an immigrant who works at a vineyard. but he is not talking. did someone pay him off? i don't know. what if i told you is he driving around in a grand new bens. would you be surprised? this whole dui case has made us really curious about the pelosi family and how they do business. it's more than just the perfectly timed stock trade. we also learned this week pauly has got a very impressive resume full of bizarre sounding shell companies. with millions of dollars flowing back and forth. thousands of those dollars went to an organization that supports california highway patrol officers. we know because he flashed his donor card when the cop showed
4:34 pm
up and asked for his driver's license. we also learned this week that he has got a stake in some restaurant group that took a bunch of ppp loans. don't forget about pauly jr. he surrounded himself with scam artists and a bunch of hucksters. he was the vice president of a shady woe owe fuel company before got caught defrauding investors out of $3 million. we haven't scratched the surface. pelosis have gotten away with too much for too long. i promise you we are doing everything we can to put a stop to that miranda devine is a fox news contributor who joins me now. so, obviously, he is going to get special treatment tomorrow. we know that it's just a matter of how special the treatment will be, miranda. what do you think happened? >> hi, jesse. probably a little less special because you have been shining a spotlight on it and good on you. you have done a fantastic story on the pelosis and that's the way it has to be because they
4:35 pm
are very powerful people and we cannot have a situation where rich and powerful people get special treatment, get to hide their embarrassments when other americans cannot do that and i'm sure that paul pelosi were not rich and powerful. were not married to nancy pelosi, you would have no problem getting his mugshot and the dash cam footage and the body cam footage and whatever else his photo would be plastered everywhere if he so chose but not with the mosts and it just cannot be that way. we have to have one rule for all. >> jesse: we sure do. and we have noticed something really weird about the junior, he seems to be a real jock sniffer, a real man boy. we have looked at his social media profile. there is something not right upstairs on him and have a report next week. he makes hunter biden look
4:36 pm
normal. you have been doing a great job reporting on. thank you so much, miranda. >> that's scary, thanks, jesse. >> jesse: say it ain't. so the end of an era at cnn has brian stelter had his final show and we will give him the proper "primetime" farewell next.
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family vacation almost ruined by really bad news. not a shark attack. something far worse. brian stelter was fired from cnn. i will actually never forget where i was the moment i found out stelter was fired. i was sitting in an adirondack chair drinking a gin and tonic. i almost took a bereavement day when i was in mourning. i wanted to give you the scoop about pauly p.'s warning so i came this. wasted no time with the theatrics i am live in new york and this is still reliable sources.
4:42 pm
one ever the biggest media stories of the week was right here. the end of this show. cnn has canceled reliable sources. reliable sources has been a one of a kind show and a popular show. this is one of cnn's highest rated weekend shows and this week, thanks to cnn management we have been given the gift of signing off on our own terms and actually talking about the media industry. >> they fired me but gave me a gift. i still had to keep working. and who brags about that being one of the highest rated weekend shows on cnn? like being one of the tallest jockeys at the derby or one of the cleanest biden family members. not a good analogy. thanks new loss for letting him come in will he i might have dreamed about it i never thought
4:43 pm
it would happen. i just liked writing about tv. i know this is going to sound about b.s. i actually thought i didn't have enough hair to be on tv. >> jesse: yeah. neither did we, brian. we are going to miss you here at "primetime." especially your self-awareness. have you thought about what we got right and wrong in that past decade? >> yeah, actually we did. take a walk down memory lane. >> looking ahead to 2020, one reason why i am taking you seriously as a contender is because of your presence on cable news. cnn reported on friday u.s. authorities are seeing if those emails we just talked about are connected to ongoing russian disinformation effort. jeff zucker's departure was shocking to the staff at cnn. we lost our leader this week. we're not going anywhere. >> jesse: was he about to cry? okay little buddy, we forgive you and we are sorry your firing got upstaged big time because earlier this morning the face of
4:44 pm
covid himself, dr. anthony fauci announced his retirement after 50 long years of bleeding the government dry. he is stepping down in december. just in time before republicans take control. and he is reflecting on his career in the humble manner we have come to expect from him. and in an interview with the "the washington post," he said this, quote: i had to oppose the president of the united states, says fauci, that is not the easiest thing in the world to do. but i did it. "the washington post" says he is long insisted is he nonpolitical person and speaks only to science and that's convenient because science doesn't sit on the house oversight committee. maybe tony sees the writing on the wall and knows republicans are going to retake the house in november and investigate him into oblivion. or maybe it's just a big coincidence and he is leaving to spend more time with his.
4:45 pm
we will never forget fauci. he will mostly be missed by magazine editors whose covers he grades consistent lid over the last three years. fauci would bring his own hair, makeup and lighting team so the magazines would save on costs. and we all want to know what's next for these two television stalwarts? if they want my suggestion, go to podcasts. can you call it the fauci and the grouch. adam carolla is the author of everything reminds me of something, who joins me now. so, i don't know, what's a bigger loss for the country? stelter or fauci? what do you think, adam? >> well, i actually -- i lit the candle. i lit the fauci candle, of course, that i got on amazon a year ago. after i heard this news. i feel like brian stelter will land on his feet if, in fact, he can see his feet.
4:46 pm
i'm not sure if he could find his feet. they should go off somewhere and create some network where they only disseminate the truth because who is batting average has been worse over the -- babe ruth's batting average has been better about covid than these two and he has been dead for 60 years. >> jesse: did you notice that brian stelter about his show said the show punches above its weight? foo was a bald faced lie so we're even. >> i don't know. fauci, you know, fauci now, he timed this thing perfectly because they are going to find out everything he did with these bats, with the funding of the lab with the cover-ups and shut downs that destroyed children and small businesses and these vaccines that weren't really effective have to answer
4:47 pm
questions under oath or is he just a private citizen to gets to hang out in his house all day now? will fiddler what he did to the schools and kids and small businesses. and he so sanctimonious the entire time. are narcissist. it would be nice if we were able to bring some justice to -- at least some truth. and what about all the talking to zuckerberg and all the communicating with all the social media platforms what about that paper trail? what about discovery? when are we going to get to see that stuff will. >> jesse: probably going to breo his house and rifle through his papers. everybody go check out his book everything reminds me of something. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> jesse: after nearly two years in office, it appears joe biden
4:48 pm
does, in fact, plan to finish the wall. not along the southern border, the one around his vacation home in delaware. and, no, mexico isn't paying for it you are. how much? a half a million dollars. i'm no construction expert, but that sounds a little expensive. is the wall made of gold? i mean, you can buy a house for half a million. how does biden justify that? and the only thing more ridiculous than the price of the fence is how long it's taking to build it. apparently the department of homeland security awarded the contract to a delaware company called turn stone holding in september of 2021. but after a year of construction, the project is not even close to being finish you had. in fact they don't expect to finish the job until june of 2023. it's taken almost two years to build a fence around joe biden's
4:49 pm
vacation house? and it costs half a million dollars. i mean, his house isn't that big. it's not like mar-a-lago, his fence should take a week or two. maybe a month. not years. i mean, and who owns this company that was awarded this contract? we're going to have to find out about that. and, wait a second, didn't biden tell us that walls don't work? >> there's not a single thing that building a wall or imposing another terrify can address on any of these issues? >> >> there will not be enough foot of wall constructed on my administration. i'm going to make sure that we have border protection but it's going to be based on making sure that we use high tech capacity to deal with it. >> it includes smart border management and security. >> we don't believe the wall is an answer. we have never believed the wall is an answer to addressing the challenges immigration
4:50 pm
challenges at the border. that's why we are proposing an investment in smart investment and smart security at the border. >> so, why can't biden just use that smart security install some cameras, get a drone. horseback with whips. he was worried hunter might get his hands on the whips. went with the wall. makes sense are a all. it is the only thing that really works. coming up, we hit the beach to see what people are thinking about in 2024. >> if donald trump runs in 2024. >> yes. >> would you vote for him? >> i just like -- biden i guess views more. >> you like high gas prices? you like inflation? >> no. not that >> tech: cracked windshield? trust safelite. we'll replace your glass and recalibrate your vehicle's camera,
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you have been texting me all week about the mar-a-lago red, so we sent johnny to the beach. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> aita joe biden rated donald trump's home? >> you are telling me that for the first time. >> probably upset about impeachment. >> they both have so much money. >> i'm really rich. >> what was joe biden looking for? >> evidence so trump can't run again. >> trials? >> ? >> conspiracy. >> a witch hunt. >> he was looking for hillary documents part >> do you think he had hillary's emails in there? >> russia, if you are listening, i hope you are able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.
4:57 pm
>> do you trust the fbi? >> yeah. >> even after all the dirty, corrupt things they've been doing? >> i've not been paying attention. >> they like to plant evidence paid >> i don't trust a lot of people, so i would say no. >> president biden: i don't trust anybody, including you, and i love you, susan -- >> the fbi went snooping in melania trump's closet, why? >> a pair of shoes they want? >> the super tops customer >> what are you doing? >> i want to see what weight she is, she said she was a zero her whole life. >> why -- -- when you could steal more? >> would you will be okay with the fbi looking inside of your closet? >> it would make me
4:58 pm
uncomfortable. >> do you think they felt they were invading her privacy customer >> yes. >> should the fbi raid the president's home a question mark >> no one should raid anyone's home. >> it's a little corrupt. >> it's so corrupt. ♪ ♪ >> what is trump guilty of? >> being good-looking. >> probably something everyone pretty much as. >> you can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of. >> of being a better president than biden. 20 of 24 comes around, trump announces he will run again. will you vote for him? >> a lot of people won't like it, but yes, get this country back on track, yes! >> i said no. we have a secret trump voter. >> deplorable's. >> i kind of like donald trump. >> i like biden's view, i guess,
4:59 pm
more. >> high gas prices, inflation? >> not that. >> do you want to tell donald trump anything? >> hi, president trump, stick to your guns, thanks for all the good things you've done. we love you. >> i love you too. >> jesse was obsessed with both. he wanted to touch the wheels and say "vroom." there we are. we did not haul any traps. didn't get the shirt or t. wanted to stay as clean as possible. had a wonderful time. good to be back. let's do some text messages. vivian from florida. "biden does not need a hidden inflation reduction act.
5:00 pm
he needs a vacation reduction act." very cute, vivian. also, "it's obvious like biden's presidential wall cost so much. look for the union label. even the unions don't gouge that much." "jesse got more last week than the united states." [laughs] >> secretary psaki: >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." imagine the pandemonium when tony fauci announced his retirement. ugly doesn't describe it. if you can, picture the chaos. the panic and hysteria that must have broken out at espresso


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