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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 23, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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okay. none of that makes any sense. i wonder why he stopped coming on "the angle" may be a cover shoot, in style people here who did he have a moment? yes he did appear that is it for us tonight. set your dvr and always stay connected with us. it is fun. america now and forever and greg gutfeld is next. >> carley: a fox news alert former president trump going on offense to take his case against biden justice department to court. trump says he wants independent review of the documents from the mar-a-lago estate and requesting a judge block further review of the materials until he gets it. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i am todd piro. the former president making the latest occasion that we could see his name back on the
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presidential ballot, calling himself the front runner and embrace for the white house in 2024. brooke singman with the latest, brooke. >> hey, good morning, president trump and his legal tn independent review and seized by the fbi during this unprecedented rate of mar-a-lago. trump saying we are demanding an appointment to oversee the handling of the materials taken in the raid. we are further demanding the doj be forced to turn over inventory of my property and all items wrongfully taken from my home be immediately returned. trump attorneys argue any of the review of those records would be unconstitutional. listen. >> we need an impartial and that means not republican, not democratic, impartial special master to go in there and take a look what they see, get back to the former president what is rightfully his. and declassified. >> a new report also revealing
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trump had more than 300 classified documents seized at his estate. the doj responding to trump motion, the august date motion was authorized by federal court upon the required finding of probable cause. but the trumps legal team motion points to a different motive stating "trump is the clear front runner in the 2024 presidential primary and 2024 general election should he decide to run and that the decision to grade mar-a-lago wie diminishing leading voice of the republican party president trum" the biden role in the raid has come to light. >> of the biden white house at the initial point of this investigation. the general office was authorizing the release of documents to the fbi. that starts a criminal probe and the fbi takes a shortcut goes to the guy that has to run against donald trump in 2024 and gets the records through the
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backdoor. >> of the alleged interference from the white house blocking the former president from utilizing executive privilege. >> it is the one thing that clearly is wrong is that biden white house should not be able to waive the executive privilege of president trump. that would make the executive privilege and old. no president could seek anybody in confidence without knowing that two years from now, three years from now, all of it will be revealed by the current president. >> meanwhile, a federal judges ordering the justice department prepare a redacted version of the affidavit to raid mar-a-lago and they have thursday until noon to make that. >> carley: thanks, brooke robert charles for georgia, good morning to you. former president trump wants a special master, who would be a neutral party to review the documents and determine how to
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proceed. does he get one? >> you know, i think it makes sense whether he gets one or not but it depends on whether this judge decides to appoint one. but rule 53 of the federal rules of civil procedure for exactly this kind of deep dive allows for a special master. i look at this process and i say it is fascinating. at first, the judge approves the affidavit, warrant, and goes in after it. and no, he says it is an unprecedented raid. he tells the justice department a weak argument to redact the affidavit because of undue burden on literally 100,000 employees of the justice department and creates a disruptive precedent. after all, the disruptive precedent to redact an affidavit of this file, in reality it was to have a raid on a former president. the secretary of state, if we looked and saw turkey, putin doing this kind of thing, gosh
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that looks awfully political and a violation of rule of law. that is really where we are at right now. if it looks that way and frankly if i were a judge i would appoint a special master on someone on board by not having a trial by insinuation. >> todd: i am glad i was not the only one that so what the judge said. he says extremely inconsistent. going to the special master request itself, on what grounds does the doj have to fight that? basically come in my opinion, they have to tell the court, we don't want anyone looking at wht we are doing. we want to operate in the shadows, and that seems like a bad argument. >> and so, todd, you could be a litigator yourself. you are exactly right. it is a weak argument to say for some reason we don't want a third party appointed by this judge incidentally, to evaluate whether or not there has been a court reason to look at evidence and see whether there is a violation of civil rights. the only reason the judge might
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frankly not grant it is a certain degree of may be self-consciousness because this affidavit is one if approved, but in the grand scheme of things, i think a special master would make sense. frankly, the american people are losing a certain amount of trust in the leadership of the fbi and the justice department appear there is no better way to put tt right justice delayed is justice denied and we want the special master to come back to s with an understanding of what things we can release and not release. that is a great fear, of course, a general warrant here which says they can get anything they wanted, which is a violation of fourth amendment. or that they were specificity here and it doesn't really matter what they took or what they had a right to. i think a special master would be a great choice. >> carley: yeah, the judge reviewing whether or not trump is a special master is actually a judge trump appointed two years ago. but then there is also judge
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bruce reinhart, separate judge, who has been the focus of this whole thing because he approved the search warrant. yesterday, he said he remains confident in his decision to authorize a search warrant saying he found probable cause that evidence of multiple federal crimes will be found at mar-a-lago, including obstructing an investigation. what do you think he means by that? >> you know, you can speculate and we can all speculate. that is the reason you need to release the affidavit. if you want to redact the names, redact the names. but allow the insinuations on what they are based upon. i wrote a piece yesterday at end .us and the argument made, if you have evidence of nuclear weapons being compromised with treason, a encourage you to release right away because people want to know about that. if you don't and you can't stand and deliver, at the end of the day, this looks like a political
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trick. this looks like an effort to novel the potential nominee for the republican party. just for a quick footnote on this, bush could have gone back and try to open up all of the whitewater files or find another blue dress or something on clinton. but obama could have gone back to bush and said where are those documents you wrote your book on? and are you tied to any of these groups in the 2020 violence in the streets? not that residents did that because we don't do that in this country. in fact, to pull a trigger on this kind of raid on a former president raises the bar where the perception of political motivation is actually swallowing the potentially legitimate, legal justification for it. the only way you get around that is to release the affidavit. >> todd: and if that evidence is what you say it could be or the government says it could be, why the way? why it weighed 11 days or a
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month? there should not be a weight. in the meantime, dr. anthony fauci says he will be stepping down in december as director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases and as president biden's chief medical advisor. let's do a best of dr. anthony fauci. watch. >> dr. fauci, retirement or not, is going to be spending a lot of time in front of -- >> to the extent don't travel, don't congregate together. i don't think we shake hands ever again. >> i think the idea of taking masks off in my mind is not something we should even be considering. >> it is as we say a pandemic an outbreak of the pandemic. >> if you are trying to get at me as a public health official and a scientist, you are attacking not only dr. anthony fauci but science. >> todd: robert what is the
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legacy of dr. anthony fauci? >> let me say first of all as far as i'm concerned, he couldn't be stepping down fast enough. and secondly, the level of inconsistency and the potential that he misguided people at the very beginning of all of this and implying china was not involved or an engineered fire risk come with this your if the house ends up leaving the housed ultimately the same thing to happen in the senate. and a notion by the way he can resign and somehow avoid those hearings is really not true. he will be brought in by subpoena one way or the other. having run these hearings for about five years for a while with newt gingrich, i have to say the american people have a show coming and it is not soon enough. this level of inconsistency because states to shut down in many ways, distort the u.s. economy and put us in a position where a lot of civil rights were put at risk. i think he's got a lot to answer
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for. >> todd: robert charles, good to hear from you. interesting insights and i didn't know that was under newt gingrich, certainly want to pay attention to. robert, thanks. breaking the silence after authorities said remains found belonging to them as a missing california team. while we accept this under the depth of shadow, the rising shunt reminds us not to mourn her loss but to celebrate her spirit and the gift we will receive a knowing her. the body found in a submerged car sunday not positively identified, but that is "more than likely to be the missing 6-year-old." a party of a nearby campground earlier this month. >> carley: a sheriff's dead and another seriously injured after routine serving of eviction papers and results of a shoot out. two officers approached the home of the suspect an open fire striking both of them. the suspect fled in the truck
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before the police surrounded him at the front gate of the air force base. one officer breaking down recounting the incident. >> law enforcement is a tight community, and i'm so thankful. we are screaming across the state. >> carley: : sergeant bobby shortt served his community more than 20 years. >> todd: dallas county with a state of disaster after heavy rains caught devastating flooding across north texas. severe storm claimed the life of 60-year-old woman who swept off of a bridge. and countless rescues including one by fox weathers own -- and dallas reporting on condition when he stopped to cure a woman out of a submerged car. >> i thought i was going to die. >> i know our friend was -- >> todd: dallas alone has
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received 15 inches of rain since sunday night. follow this and all severe weather, download the fox weather app. 12 minutes after the hour, the national guard won't help washington, d.c., deal with the migrant crisis after the mayor second plea for help got denied. $300 million spent on hotel rooms, food, for illegal immigrants flooding in there. u.s. border patrol ronald did tell leo and the sanctuary cities. >> minneapolis is not the place to be right now, people are scared to come out of the suburbs and go downtown and people feel safe in the florida cities so really night and day difference between the states. >> carley: last week we focused on who warned us about the business killing policies and the cities. we just found out he has been forced to shut down his minneapolis nightclub. we have the update for you. ♪ ♪
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>> todd: d.c. mayor muriel bowser with assistance for the migrant crisis for a second
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time. >> carley: jackie ibanez with the details. good morning. deep blue cities with government assistance to address the ongoing migrant crisis and for the second time the pentagon denied d.c. mayor muriel bowser's request. she asked for help august 4th and sent another letter august 11th asking for 150 national guard troops to be deployed to prevent a humanitarian crisis. the defense department issuing a letter to the mayor saying ""no significant esperance for training for this mission or unique skills for providing facility management, feeding, sanitation or ground support. the personnel or facility extended mission with disruption of military training. the numbers of migrants being bused in from states like texas are minuscule and compared to border states are seeing just this year alone. the cost to address the influx is not cheap.
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according to a new analysis by "the new york post," "the big apple likely to spend well over $300 million on housing migrants in luxury hotels. the price tags even higher once you tack on food and of course medical care cost." 6,000 migrants have arrived in new york city since the search started in may including hundreds set up in boston and from texas. g.o.p. officials a democrat led cities have no one to blame but president joe biden. >> you have border towns all throughout the southern border who have never asked for a wide open border. joe biden wants to do it. democrat politicians have supported so they need to be the ones to pay for it. if you have border towns, bear the burden spirit while liberals in the northeast have to ignore the problem they created. you only get more of a problem. >> both mayor adams and muriel bowser called the bussing a politically motivated stunned, todd and carley back to you
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guys. >> carley: let's bring in the retired acting i.c.e. director who joins me now, ronald vitiello. two democrat mirrors and those in their city have created a crisis. and mayor abbott or governor abbott isn't going to stop bussing these people to washington or new york. so where do you see this going? >> well, this falls under the category of "be careful what you wish for." muriel bowser in d.c. and adams in new york both ran inviting all people and it doesn't matter whether documents are not. sanctuary cities and governor abbott who really has done more than any other governor has done more to help colleagues and border patrol to secure that border and sending people voluntarily to new york city and to d.c. in the city a couple thousand people. i would like them to take a trip
1:22 am
to arizona or even el paso, texas, where they have thousands of people every single night coming across the border into the hands of cdp and border patrol. what is those communities compared to new york with no resources compared to d.c., the nation's capital? so you asked for sanctuary cities. you provided incentives for people to come to your town, your cd. and now, this is what the incentives bring you thousands of people voluntarily at the border and become your hometown. so, this is what you asked for. >> carley: it certainly is exactly what they asked for and muriel bowser is asking for something else. asking for that d.c. national guard to be deployed in d.c. to help with illegal immigrants, but her request twice has been rejected. she was told the national guard is not trained to undertake this kind of mission.
1:23 am
this is exactly what the national guard is trained to do. they are trained to help in certain humanitarian crises. so it sounds like the biden administration could be denying this request for political reasons. think about the optics. if they approve d.c. guard to help with illegal immigrants in the nation's capital while hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to flood the border. >> the hypocrisy meter is pegged as a redline. because now there are people in the democratic party saying there is a crisis. there is a crisis brought by thousands of people brought across the border illegally every single night on the southwest border. a couple hundred were thousand people call it a crisis. so somebody in the party, not the president or the secretary is saying they have a crisis. now they have to admit what they did appear they blew up the border and took all the control measures that exist to be for this president took over.
1:24 am
now d.c., and new york and i think you are right the national guard the most flexible, capable workforce to protect us, right with the military and do whatever you ask them to do and they are saying the d.c. mayor can't perform. >> carley: ron, if you look at the numbers in new york city, 900 people, d.c., 7,000 bust to those areas. cpp said over 2 million. so imagine how those small border towns feel. all of this is happening in this a security sense and the border wall built around president biden's delaware vacation home. the president deserves that kind of security, but don't the american people as well? >> anybody that's been on the border for more than 5 minutes knows that agents know it, the data shows it and everybody knows this works.
1:25 am
the president come again hypocrisy meter is pegged for the redline. here is, we don't want the president not protected, make no mistake about that but we want the border secure. we talk about root causes and the root cause of the crisis in new york and d.c. belong at the white house. they need to call the president and ask him what his plan is to secure the border like he's going to secure his home. >> carley: you are absolutely right. it is crazy how this issue is getting a little attention. on capitol hill, it must seem like you are screaming into a barrel sometimes. ron, thank you for joining us this morning. >> good to see you. >> carley: good to see you. today's primary in florida and new york. that includes some of the most consequential races of the election pieces so far. we will find out who's facing ron desantis in november as the race for marco rubio's senate seat heats up. >> todd: new york's major -- pitted against each other with
1:26 am
another democrat facing a real progressive threat. the republicans on the ballot today and she is here next.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: today is primary day in new york and florida where democrats are set to decide who will face off against ron desantis in november. >> carley: meanwhile in the state, and then, out of a job when jerry nadler and carolyn maloney go head-to-head. monitoring the race from washington, kevin good morning. >> morning, guys that time of year primary day and the sunshine state of florida, the democratic primary pretty interesting. the former governor a republican but now i democrat running against the egg commissioner nikki friede who is currently florida's only state elected
1:32 am
democrats. the winner to take on republican governor ron desantis come november. >> as the governor continues to talk about freedom, he is taking away a woman's right to choose and taking away freedom of speech. he is taking away our opportunities to teach in our classrooms. that is not freedom but oppression. i know that we will see in november, we will see the tierney and tyrant of ron desantis. >> todd: in the meantime, the battle for the senate seat down there in florida, it is val demings. she has the front runner of the democratic primary and hopefully for her, she will get a chance to battle marco rubio who you probably know has not touched his -- in preparation for the upcoming fight. don't forget cory mills leading a crowded field but anthony sabatini gaining down the stretch. >> it's no longer about republican or democrat issue.
1:33 am
for a low left or right issue. the conservative versus socialist issue. we now live in a day and age in america and anti-america. we live in an age where there is culture wharf thriving in america that is good versus evil. >> todd: speaking of interest in races check out new york. jerry nadler and carolyn maloney in the heat of a district race and don't forget dcc chair patrick maloney. and also a battle as well with progressive challenger after criticism over backing trump candidates. the new york first battle with anthony, and michelle bond. with gubernatorial lee zeldin. that is one to watch and in particular making a strong push, guys. >> todd: speaking of which
1:34 am
kevin corke thank you very much let's bring in michelle bond running for congress' first district like mr. cork mentioned. thank you for being here. why did you decide to run and what was your big issue? >> i decided to run because i am a business woman. i am not a career politician. when i look around, i see what's going on and i'm sick of it and tired of it. i thought there was not a strong leader to replace lee zeldin. you know what, we need to fix the economy and tough on crime. we need to be tough on immigration, and we need to have a strong leader working on all of these issues. i decided to run. here i am primary day and i can't believe it is finally here appear the polls open 6:00 a.m. and close 9:00 p.m. tonight. i'm so excited. >> todd: you have been very, very vocal when it comes to crime. let's look at the numbers total crime in new york city up 36% and staggering 15.1% felony assaults up 19%. how would you make this city and
1:35 am
state safe again? >> we have to be tough on crime. we have everything backwards. the career politicians like the ones i'm running against in today's primary, they have it backwards. new york is all about coddling the criminals and not protecting the victims. we have opposite of what it needs to be. so what we have to do is be much tougher on crime. i have been a very, very, very big backer of the police appear that is why i'm the only candidate in this race endorsed by the suffolk county police. i'm very excited about that because we need to protect our police. that is who keeps her communities safe, our business as a peer that is how we can feel safe allowing the children to go out to the local community poor. these are the people that we need to be protecting and not defunding. like my opponent in this race. >> todd: outspoken when it comes to immigration
1:36 am
specifically watching to build the border wall. but i wonder biden will be in the white house until 2024 and a lot of republicans even if elected to congress and take the majority of the house, what are you going to do about it so what are you going to do about it? >> we have to build the wall and everything in washington right now is wrong. if you 87,000 irs agents, no we need border agents. that is what we should be focused on. we have an open border right now. every single county has become a border county. this has to stop. this is a strain on our economy, our national security, on crime, schools, hospitals, jobs. this is a top issue. we have been knocking on doors all across my entire district. over 50,000 doors in my campaign team has knocked on. this is a top issue we are hearing from voters about. we have to secure our southern border. it is a really, really scary topic because if we don't, we
1:37 am
will be in a whole world of hurt. >> todd: 6,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in new york city. we have seen the buses and many coming from texas. what are the voters telling you about their local tax dollars going to buy hotel rooms, phones, medical care for these individuals? >> i mean absolutely outrageous. and driver's license, we are giving them stimulus checks, free health care and not just the hotel rooms. actually, endorsed by senator ted cruz clement doors to the trump family and i'm excited the race has got national attention but ted cruz came to the district last week for me to do a rally with me, this was a top issue that he was talking about. he said, "look everybody thought this was okay in texas. now mayors are speaking up in new york and d.c. oh, now you don't like it because it's in your city? what do you think have been
1:38 am
dealing with in texas?" he was amazing on stage in this rally, it was great to hear it from him because it is true peer that is what is happening in new york now. this is no longer a texas issue. >> todd: it is a big day for you michelle bond we appreciate you kicking it off with a bright early time 4:30 seven in the morning. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> carley: an entire st. louis police captain david dorn slamming woke politics and activist. her husband shot and killed during the 2020 riots trying to stop a suspect from breaking into a pawn shop. his of 20 years, and/or in speaking out in an op-ed writing "the same year david was killed a dozen children were shot in st. louis and never once did black lives matter show up. their lives matter. 55 businesses were looted or destroyed the night david was murdered. many of them black-owned."
1:39 am
dorn adding "her husband never believed in the black lives matter and he was a man who served as 40 years in the community and his life mattered. it certainly did. minneapolis nightclub closing its doors for good is rising crime and slumping sails take a toll on small businesses across the twin cities. while greg saloon owner greg urban joined us before shutting his business, he compares a situation in democrat run minneapolis to florida where hospitality business is thriving under the policies of governor ron desantis. >> minneapolis is not the place to be, unfortunately. it is slow. people are scared to come out of the suburbs and go downtown. a lot of crime coming off of two years of lockdowns. versus in florida, still florida never really closed. the whole country basically
1:40 am
flocked to florida, not just for the beautiful beaches, but for the great business climate and everything else down there. business has been booming really since the middle of 2020. the whole country has been coming there. governor desantis has had our back the last few years. people feel safe in the florida cities. so, really a night and day difference between the states. >> carley: absolute night and day difference. thank god greg irvin has two restaurants one in florida and one in texas as well. check out these statistics that show the number of people going out to eat in 2020 -- or 2019 compared to now, down 54% in minneapolis. san francisco down 45%. portland 45%, seattle 40%, seattle 39%, these are huge numbers. and what do all these cities have in common? complete lockdown and crime is
1:41 am
surging every single one of them. >> todd: i would go so far to safe expect that pattern to accelerate. restaurants have really small margins to begin with and riots, looting, covert shutdowns and local leaders and this is what you get in those blue cities and it will only get worse but by conquest dress, take a look at this florida cities ramping up the restaurant industry. green arrows on this graphic, in fort lauderdale -- miami up 32%, naples 35%, and you wonder why the liberal media hates ron desantis? they see how well florida is doing and their narrative which is completely -- >> carley: such a shame had to close down his big nightclub. we show that picture. absolutely packed and a huge place. such a massive moneymaker for him. because of everything going on, nobody wants to go outside anymore. i asked him why. during that interview because i
1:42 am
was wondering, what if people are still afraid of covid? no, it has to do with crime. people are scared to leave their homes in minneapolis. a lot of the restaurants in the surrounding areas in the smaller towns outside of minneapolis are thriving. the crime has gotten so bad in the city, people are afraid to go downtown. 58% murder increase, 21% aggregated and sold, 26% robbery and i asked him if he was going to close down this loan but a lot of leasing issues so i'm not sure what he did a couple of days later. so things are really bad there. >> you live in new york city and you have to eat here because you live here. i don't live here so at the end of the day i get the heck out. before, i used to go to lunch and support the local economy, but i don't have to, and mount. peaking of new york city and other sucker punch in new york city and this time a
1:43 am
brooklyn mall. we have the disturbing details. >> todd: plus, insufficient training, lack of opportunity and chronic short staffing and excessive overtime is taking a toll. >> todd: a passionate plea from one town to say they are understaffed and overworked as crime runs rampant appear that office for that you heard from joins us next.
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>> todd: a brutal attack in brooklyn mall caught on camera. two men sneak up behind the victim before sucker punches and side of the face knocking him out cold. nypd says he's in stable condition and it appears the victim did not know the attackers and did not say anything to them. suspects are on the loose, carley. >> carley: understaffed and overworked and that is the message from the police in michigan outside of the city of detroit. officers warning city officials they are headed off of a cliff. melvindale police matthew furman joins me now. sergeant, good morning to you. explain the situation and what you are going through in melvindale. >> good morning, carley. it is a staggering turnover rate we have right now. and most of it is based around
1:49 am
pay and benefits, working conditions. the city took away our pension in 2007. since then 24-man department has hired police officers that have quit. we cannot retain officers. the police officer that stays in the department and average 21 months. the average officer quits after 15 months. a huge toll on morale and a huge hit on public safety and officer safety. we cannot staff our ranks and forced to work tons of overtime. >> carley: so sergeant, what do you think the reason is the event the of support? >> certainly, a tight budget like anybody. but our pay falls well behind pretty much every other area department. we are one of the only ones with no retirement or pension. our wages are subpar. her stations run down. we received little training and
1:50 am
just to the point where it is just a perfect storm and we can't retain people. >> carley: it seems to be that way. in your city is located what, 1o what is crime like? 17 police officer saw a small force. is that enough to keep everybody safe? >> we are doing our best. we are supposed to be staffed with 24 but currently sitting at 17. we have two officers leaving for other departments in a couple of weeks. another one in october and multiple officers talking about leaving because things are so bad at this point. so, i don't know what kind of police force we will have left in a few months. >> carley: i know you recently asked the mayor for additional funding and he said people pay too much in taxes already and we can afford it. he said people pay $24 million to the police department there. i guess he was saying $24 million in texas so you have
1:51 am
17 officers and everyone making a million dollars? where is the money going? >> pretty much goes to former allocations for retirement, health care, pensions. but a lot of it is stuff that doesn't affect officers currently on the force. aside from police chief, none of us have pension, and we don't see a scent of the money. to my understanding $24 million is not just the police department but other city departments as well. $12 million from what i understand put on the taxpayers because the city failed to make pension payments and the court order $12 million to be put on residence taxes. that was certainly out of the police departments control as well. >> carley: are you noticing a current trend or has this been going on for a while? it does seem like police and the community don't feel supported by city council. is it taxpayer dollars or something more fundamental going on here? >> so the city council we have now has been in less than two years. they have been supportive on a
1:52 am
lot of issues from past administrations in certain ways. but when it comes down to the funding for us and taking care of the officers that we can actually hire and retain people, that is where the issue is. and we are not doing it. >> carley: you also say the department was awarded covid a covid funding that you never received. what do you mean by that? >> our city received $1.6 million in the american recovery act funds. the police officers receive nothing. our city in particular, we had covid pretty bad and the officers got covid and had to be off with sick time. and then if they got covid again and didn't have sick time left, they were off without pay. so the city did not cover sick time. a lot of cities were giving extra sick time, comp time, hazard pay, extra source of funding. the officers in our city didn't
1:53 am
get anything. so we would like to know where that money went. not that it was early march for the police department but we didn't get anything. so we would like to know what happened to that money. >> carley: matthew furman, we wish you the best of luck and we hope things turn around for your community. thank you for joining us this morning. >> appreciated. >> todd: bashing hollywood elites for being hypocrites and sending mixed messages on guns. listen. >> is in it [bleep] wild that hollywood in general is very anti-gun? >> yes. speak what they promote guns more than any other media on the planet. and then save the day, aliens kill werewolves, guns kill everything. everyone pad gets killed by guns. >> that is right. shouldn't have guns. >> todd: slamming big money liberals for pushing climate change policies while living in mansions and flying in private jets. the white house with former nba
1:54 am
star dennis rodman will not represent the federal government during his upcoming trip to russia. >> we have seen through the media and really only through the media that dennis rodman said he does intend to travel to russia. he wanted to be clear, he would not be traveling on behalf of the u.s. government. we went rodman planning to advocate for the release prison of brittney griner. nine and a half years in a russian prison for drug charges. they have advised not to travel to russia for wrongful imprisonment. rodman got permission to make the trip but didn't clarify who gave him the green light to go to russia. one step further, be clear, dennis rodman is not our new secretary of state. antony blinken has the role and not dennis rodman. farewell to dr. fauci. the white house medical advisor will be calling it a career but republican says he has a lot of
1:55 am
explaining to do to the american people. >> carley: we have a jam-packed 5:00 hour on deck. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ ♪ (queen - we will rock you) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> todd: farewell dr. fauci, president biden chief medical advisor announced he will stepping down this december. that won't be the last of him, republicans plan to hold him accountable for his covid mishaps. i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. the media is sending a different message about dr. fauci's legacy. >> never been anyone else like him and never will be again. >> pushing for science first fauci


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