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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 23, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> todd: farewell dr. fauci, president biden chief medical advisor announced he will stepping down this december. that won't be the last of him, republicans plan to hold him accountable for his covid mishaps. i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. the media is sending a different message about dr. fauci's legacy. >> never been anyone else like him and never will be again. >> pushing for science first fauci faith in hand.
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>> maybe this will give him more time to be a mentor, i hope more time to write and be inspiration to young physicians and kids in high school. i hope this president would give dr. fauci presidential medal of freedom, but he's received presidential medal of freedom. >> todd: kevin corke, is that what kids need, fauci as a mentor? >> kevin: i'm not a kid. dr. fauci clarifying he's not actually retiring, hes he's moving on to a mentoring role at the end of the year. president biden did thank his chief medical advisor on twitter. america is stronger, more resilient and healthier because of him? many republicans are calling for
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a federal investigation into fauci. >> dr. fauci, retirement or not, will be spending a lot of time in front of a congressional committee and committees if republicans take back control. we will ask him questions about gain of function research, why he didn't push back on china's lives. we'll have a lot of questions and will subpoena him and expect him to answer. >> kevin: if republicans capture house majority, james comer says he would like to play a lead role in the search for answers. >> we have a lot of questions for dr. fauci. laura, he's never testified in front of the house since covid started, there are so many questions members have. we told dr. fauci to preserve all documents and all e-mails. >> kevin: grab your popcorn,
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fauci inconsistency is coming into question, critics argue he's flip flopped on several issues including origin of the virus and masking. >> i wear it for the reason i believe it is effective. if you are vaccinated we have high degree of protection, you need not wear a mask whether indoor or outdoor. >> kevin: yep, fauci is responding to criticisms saying listen, science is always changing. >> so many things we learned on the run with covid. the things we thought we knew in the beginning turned out as months went by to not be the case which forced us to adapt and to change, that was interpreted as flip flopping or not knowing what was going on, it was evolution of science.
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>> kevin: the evolution says fauci, he will expand on that in a conversation with neil on on fox news. >> todd: looking forward to that and we look forward to you every single day. here is tucker carlson on the timingful the announcement. >> i would hate to think it would fkt dr. fauci as a scientist? it is possible this man of medicine has thought about what might happen in november when the republican congress takes over? does he believe that could be bad news for him? it is possible he believes that, on some level even tony fauci knows tony fauci is a dangerous fraud, man who has done things that in most countries would be understood to be very serious
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crimes. it is possible tony fauci might want to resign before he has to explain to a new congress. move to cambridge, find a safe place to hide buyer the reckoning, just a thought. >> todd: my first reaction when i heard the news yesterday, wow, did republicans get a really big gift heading into the midterm, sales pitch now, if you elect republicans we'll grill the heck out of fauci. why does that matter? number one issue is economy, crime, those are big factors, but for a large segment of the population covid and restrictions, losing accident with the mask, parents, that is their number one issue. i will sit out, not motivated, that just motivated them and this will help republicans. >> carley: this is a major blow to america, he's been consistent
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and even measured with his messaging, if you remember this. >> should people now cancel travel plans for christmas? >> to the extent possible, don't travel or congregate together. >> i don't think we should ever shake hands again. >> idea of taking masks off is not something we should be considering. >> it is a pandemic and an outbreak of the unvaccinated. if you are trying to get at me as public health official and scientist you are attacking dr. anthony fauci and science. >> carley: there you go, attacking science. last week the cdc said we screwed up, we are overhauling the department. think about how much fire ron desantis took for keeping florida open and the cdc is basically mirroring exactly what he's been doing in florida for
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the past two years saying they will not make a distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. it is not funny, so many lost their jobs and livelihood. >> todd: our public health aprattis is in crisis, admitting defeat. what bothered me about fauci, carley, he never thought he was wrong to an extent. we are all wrongs at time, i'm wrong, you're wrong, what was wrong, he was sanctimonuously certain in everything, that doesn't work, you can't be like that when science is eshg volving. >> carley: more serious than that, you remember in early days of crisis, he was warned covid could have been leaked from the wuhan lab and was told national
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institute of infectious disease was indirectly funding wuhan lab and all the scientists that said this disease looked genetically modified changed their minds. why did that happen? that is what comer, and rand understand rawant to get to the bottom of. we will see dr. fauci on capitol hill. >> todd: january 2023, get your popcorn. >> carley: seattle firefighters are under attack, next guest is a first responder and demanding the city do something about it. >> it is washington's fault, they set the rule, weakened supply chain and spiked inflation. >> i learned about public service in new hampshire, not washington. >> that was democratic candidate sounding like republican in new midterm ads, does this mean the
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>> carley: the family of carley
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rodney break their silence after remains found sunday likely belong to the teen. family writing we accept this sadness, the rising sunshine lights upon us reminding us to celebrate kileyshg's spirit. the body is more than likely to belong to the teen, she disapeered earlier this month. >> todd: 40 first responders were assaulted in the city encampment, leaving many firefighters afraid to return to work. andy pitman is here. why are the homeless decktating the terms of how the city of seattle operates? >> i'd say largely because there
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is no consequence for anything of this nature in seattle. they know with reduced number of police in the city after last year's mandate and continued decline in moral, write own playbook and do as they wish. >> todd: 855 fires in homeless encampments this year, this year not close to being done, why don't city officials break up in the name of public safety? >> they just announced they will increase funding on fighting homeless problem, i think there are too many people profiting off the homeless to do anything about it and it hasn't reached their front door and will continue to be the same problem over and over. >> todd: seattle dedicated $173 million to the homeless crisis this year alone, where is that money going?
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>> well, it's not going to actual solution to chase these people out of the city. the last few years they increased spending to combat the problem and there seems to be more organizations there to swallow up that money, never any headway in the homeless problem. >> todd: we heard that story before, other cities throughout the country, this seems to be a common theme, it is blue cities, we digress. your firefighter friends, what are they telling you? how much longer before they are out? >> it is day-by-day for a lot of people, moral is all-time low. this is mostly about optics for local 27 and harold scoggins.
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>> todd: broad picture, you were let go because you wouldn't get the vaccine, you have 40 firefighters attacked and they are not being taken care of. why does a city like seattle not take care of the people taking care of the city? it makes no sense, andy. >> i think a lot of people it was noted in the most recent article are afraid to do their job, most of the firefighters are willing to do their job, i think they are afraid the city will treat them the same way i was treated and a lot of their brothers and sisters were treated on the way out. it is about creating complicency in the department and that is true after the mandate was enacted. >> todd: we are thankful for
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firefighters and first responders. former president trump suing doj on the raid on mar-a-lago and learning what role the biden administration played, we have a live report income. >> carley: number of republicans looking to flip key districts to put the gop in the path of flipping the house, our next guest is on the ballot in today's primary. psst psst. [sfx: monster roaring and people screaming] allergies don't have to be scary. flonase sensimist stops your body from overreacting to allergens with a non-drowsy, ultra-lightweight mist. psst psst...flonase. all good!
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>> carley: former president trump going on offense taking his case against biden justice to court. >> todd: brooke singman has the latest.
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brooke. >> lucas: former president trump and his legal team filed motion for independent review of records seized by the fbi during the unprecedented raid of mar-a-lago. we are demanding that the doj be forced to turn over real without plans inventory of my property. demand all items taken from my home be returned. any other review of the records would be unconstitutional. >> we need impartial, not republican, not democrat, impartial special master to look at what was seized, give back to the former president what is rightfully his, things clearly declassified. >> new report showing trump has 30very classified papers seized.
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august 8 search warrant was authorized by federal court upon finding of probable cause. trump's legal team pointing to different motive state president donald j. trump is the front runner in the 2024 election and this involved political calculation aimed at diminishing the former voice of president trump. the raid coming to light. watch. >> biden white house at ignition point. general counsel office authorized release of documentss to the fbi and gets records through the back door. >> brooke: interference from the white house blocking the former president from utilizing
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executive privilege. >> one thing that clearly is wrong is the biden white house should not be able to wave the executive privilege of president trump, that would make the executive privilege null, no president could speak to anybody in confidence without knowing that two years from now, three years from now, all will be revealed by the current president. >> brooke: federal judge is ordering the justice department prepare redacted version of the affidavit to raid mar-a-lago and have until thursday at noon to make the submission. >> carley: thank you. let's bring in anna, a mexican american air force veteran running for congress looking to flip a blue district red. big day for you and the former president, he is asking for a special master to review the documents. what do you make of the
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situation? >> i think he's correct and frankly so many american people are absolutely horrified with what happened at the raid at mar-a-lago. it is awful what happened, i support his decision and it is sad our justice system has two-tier system, you are unfairly targeted. >> carley: last hour we had robert charles on, former secretary of state for george w. bush and he explains why the document and affidavit should be released. watch this. >> the fact you would pull the trigger on this type of raid on former president raises bar to the point where perception of political motivation is actually swallowing the potentially legitimate legal justification for it. only way to get around that is to release the affidavit. >> carley: doj says they are investigating trump for violating the espionage act and
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need classified documents back. there are people who say the fbi could have collected papers to make it more difficult for him to run for president. >> it is possible they could be probing, it is disturbing that the fbi told his lawyer to leave the property and asked security to be shut off, it is uncalled for. we should all be condemning this, cuomo, who i don't agree with on almost anything, claimed this is a dangerous time this is happening in our country. it is not okay what happened. >> carley: a lot of republicans feel like the justice department is partisan and separate set of rules for democrats and know ares, you are running for congress, talking to a lot of americans, how concerned are people about this that you talk
2:27 am
to? >> well, ma'am, i can tell you after the raid took place my phone blew up with people so concerned about what was happening, but frankly a lot of people, especially first and second gen ragsz americans may have had families that fled from countries in order to really stifle decent and i think a lot of people are starting to recognize our justice system, if we do not maintain due process, we are in big trouble and they're scared. >> carley: you are running for congress in florida's 13th congressional district, it is a blue seat held by charlie crist, you hope to flip it red. you are endorsed by former president trump, we'll see tomorrow what happens. thank you. >> thank you. >> carley: donald trump has not announced a 2024 run yet, but
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>> carley: dallas county declaring state of disaster after heavy rain caused
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devastating flooding across north texas. the storm claimed the life of a woman whose car was swept off a bridge. >> todd: countless rescues, one by robert ray, fox news. that was remarkable. >> he will be on fox and friends talking about it. flooding rainfall comes so fast and quickly, it is hard to react. she admitted he saved her life. >> look at the rain totals. when you are getting a foot of rain, that will cause problems, a month's rainfall in one day for eastern dallas, even toward fort worth and the dfw airport, nine inches. over 15 inches.
2:33 am
the threat moves across mississippi tomorrow and we had heavy downpours overnight and that dissipated, great news. threat for heavy rainfall over next several days across portions of the mississippi river valley, that is you have mooing toward mississippi, alabama and florida. this is wet weather pattern sticking with us over next couple days, stuck area of low pressure and this front ushers in more rainfall from the gulf of mexico, flash flood threat toward louisiana and mississippi likely and there is your rain forecast, five to eight inches, isolated amounts of close to foot of rain. we get stuck in this pattern and get heavy rainfall in the same areas and doesn't take a named storm to cause this kind of issue, fox weather.comis your best friend and we have the heat across the country and we'll be
2:34 am
talking about robert ray in "fox and friends." >> carley: look forward to you, thank you so much. see you soon. former president trump hasn't formally announced a run for in 2024, but some are already panicking. >> a republican stealing the election in 2022 or 2024. >> todd: joe concha. she could have used the word run, she chose the word steal, how can an award-winning journalist make a false, unfounded claim like that? >> joe: i like the way you set that up, award-winning journalist. she is on nbc and pbs, she is
2:35 am
considered to be a super serious journalist and won a white house correspondence award a few years ago. that is not a journalist, that is an activist, she advocates blowing up the filibuster. for anyone to come to the conclusion after being asked why do you think 74% of the country says this country under this administration is on the wrong track and coming to the conclusion that people believe this country is on the wrong track because of donald trump who hasn't been in office in 20 months, that is a special kind of bias. gas prices are higher, open u.s. southern border and the fentanyl killing americans, that is not why, they are afraid of donald
2:36 am
trump, enough to make your hair hurt, carley? >> carley: democratic congressman eric swalwell refused to give up his seat with security clearance for classified information has a lot to say about former president trump who was exonerated in the russia probe, watch this. >> 300 pages, basement stairway away in an open beach house is not where you want that information, especially in the hands of somebody president biden deemed should not be able to receive classified information. >> carley: some would say he shouldn't criticize, some would say that. >> joe: some being -- pillow
2:37 am
talk she said call who was a chinese spy. he had no experience whatsoever, but nancy pelosi put him in and there he sits. rich is the only word that comes to mind as far as eric swalwell criticizing any secrets around national intelligence. >> todd: his moem is a full glass house. >> joe: work with that. you ever date a girl named fang-fang? >> todd: never, it doesn't sound like it feels good. minneapolis nightclub closing after it was on a show about
2:38 am
deep blue cities. >> minneapolis is not the place to be right now, people are scared to come out of the suburb and go downtown and people feel safe in the florida cities, night and day difference between the states. >> carley: he says his florida business is still thriving, cheryl casone will describe the red state, blue state divide. it's 5:00 a.m., and i feel like i can do anything. we've been coming here, since 1868. there's a lot of cushy desk jobs out there, but this is my happy place. there are millions of ways to make the most of your land. learn more at hi, my name's steve. i lost 138 pounds on golo there are millions of ways to make the most of your land. and i kept it off. so with other diets, you just feel like you're muscling your way through it. the reason why i like golo is plain and simple, it was easy. i didn't have to grit my teeth and do a diet. golo's a lifestyle change and you make the change and it stays off. golo's changed my life in so many ways. i sleep better, i eat better.
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>> todd: ford announces thousands of layoffs as the company shifts to electric vehicles. >> carley: cheryl casone will break it down. >> cheryl: 3000 job cuts are announced, it is not sitting well with gubernatorial candidate tudor dixon, who blames gretchen whitmer for being out of touch. >> whitmer whammy, she has no relationship with our largest job creators in the state, why her approval rating is in the tank. it will go lower now that we are losing more jobs in our legacy industry. >> cheryl: ford has plant
2:43 am
workers in michigan, 2000 jobs will eliminated. sfrt automakers are pivoting to catch up with tesla in the market. the vehicles are expensive, but profits for the companies is something they are having to weigh here. >> todd: update on a story we have been following. >> cheryl: minneapolis turning into a ghost town as a popular bar is closing. greg urban saying customers are too scared to come in. >> minneapolis is not the place to be right now, people are scared to come out of the suburbs and go downtown, a lot of crime coming off two years of lockdowns, versus in florida, whole country flocked to florida, not just for beautiful beaches, for great business
2:44 am
climate. governor desantis has had our back, people feel safe in florida, night and day difference in the states. >> cheryl: robberies up 26%, no surprise the amount of customers in minneapolis have fallen 54% in scombr july of 2019 to july of this year. san francisco, big drop, number of diners down 46%, portland 45%, philadelphia, 39%, here in new york city 37%, one of these people, todd piro i learned this morning. compare that to florida, the opposite if you look at data. fort lauderdale seen increase of 34%, miami up 32%, naples 25, tampa up 22%. proof in how do you lead your state out of covid and right
2:45 am
now? in a blue state, different story financially from a red state like florida. >> todd: i can get food in connecticut, i will not sit around and get sucker punched. >> cheryl: i love manhattan, it is not getting better, part of that is albany, those have consequences. >> todd: thank you as always. fox news projecting republicans will take control of the house in the coming midterm. gop majority may be slimmer than originally expected as democrats make up ground. here to react, texas candidate wesley hunt. great to see you. what must republicans do to blunt this democrats momentum and remind republican voter this is not in the bag yet?
2:46 am
>> well, we message point out how bad this president has been over the course of 20 months, nbc poll came out this past sunday that said 75% of americans disapprove with the direction the country has headed in, 75% that is an astronomical number. in 2016, trump versus hillary clinton, every poll had hillary winning and saw how that turned out at this point. we will see similar thing in november. when i meet people in my district, 38, in houston, texas, we understand we are living in biden america, worst taxes and inflation in my lifetime. worst gas prices. will i put gas in my car or buy insulin and this happened over
2:47 am
the past 20 months, that is focus we have to have as party. polls tighten toward election day, live nothing biden's america is enough to have overwhelming majority in 2022. >> todd: democrats are running from the leader of their party and running campaign ads with republican messages, take a listen. >> this is washington's fault, they set the rule, spiked inflation. >> only democrat to vote against president biden agenda. >> todd: if you go with the polls, what they are doing is working, convincing people they as democrats are not responsible for what democrat joe biden is doing in the white house. republicans need to get on message and stay on message, are
2:48 am
they doing good job or getting distracted by stuff democrats want them distracted by? >> i find it interesting the polls are tightening and democrats are using republican messaging, that is the reason why they are taking it from us. end of the day, when you have president like joe biden in politics for the past 40 or 50 years and want to tell us he is not part of the problem, joke to the american public, had democrat policy for 20 months, seen what happened and watch decline of our country and it is time to stop the bleeding. they will try to use our messaging, they know it works, the american public gets democratic policy got us here in the first place. >> todd: it is football season,
2:49 am
stay very simple, play your game, do your job, focus on economy, crime, border, parent's rights, don't get distracted. wesley hunts, we appreciate it. the pentagon denies dc mayor second time after she asked for help with migrant buses in the nation's capital. new york city could shell out money on hotel rooms and cell phones for illegal migrants flooding in here. tomi lahren is next. >> carley: brian kilmeade, what is coming up on "fox and friends"? >> brian: former president donald trump files motion for items seized in the unprecedented mar-a-lago raid, will this special master get that job? find out what they took besides
2:50 am
his passport and they gave it back. governor ron desantis will preview primary day in florida as midterms heat up and marco rubio will run unopposed, but has a hard race, we'll discuss that with him live. congressman byron donald will be here, jared jared kushner has a brand-new book out and he will look back at what stands out and secretary of state mike pompeo will be here starting at top of the hour. i'll wrap up and warn you, we are demanding people are going back to work, that you get dressed, especially if you are going back to work.
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>> we're dealing with a politically motivateds policy
2:55 am
emergency. and we think it can be a crisis that's why we have asked for federal support. and we will continue to do that. we think that cities alone can't solve broken immigration system. >>the pentagon denying d.c. democratic mayor muferl bowser's assistance as texas buses bring just a fraction of the migrant crisis to the capitol. >> outkick host tomi lahren joins us now. washington, d.c. is a sanction area city. muriel bowser says it's a protective place for illegal immigrants to come. now that they're come, she is calling in the national guard to deal with the crisis. how do you square those two things? >> well, these mayors are starting to understand what these border cities, these border states have been dealing with for years on end. especially under this administration. i will tell you what, it's not the national guard's job to go and be glorified travel cons years for illegal immigrants.
2:56 am
let's member the. if you are wanting to come to the u.s.a. if you pay a cartel or illegal immigration to come into this country you will get a plane, a bus, a train ticket to wherever you like. you will get free phones, you will get medical care and live in the shadows and work. that is not the american dream. that is the cheated american dream. >> todd: what do you make of this sense of entitlement this notion i will go to new york and d.c. and get a free room, healthcare, free food, free phone all homeless americans many of whom are veterans. many of whom who have served our country don't get any of that. >> yeah. it's an outrage. but we really cannot even blame these illegal migrants themselves because why wouldn't they take advantage of our country. we are giving them a free pass to do. so we have to blame our
2:57 am
politicians who are supposedly supposed to work for us. they are supposed to work for americans. they are supposed to work for illegal immigrants to make sure that we come first, to make sure that we have the resources in our own communities, that we have the law enforcement. that we have the infrastructure. that we have the social services that we need day in and day out because that is what we pay for. but, why wouldn't these illegal immigrants take advantage of this system? the system is broken. democrats have no plan to fix it kamala harris is vacationing in hawaii, joe biden on s. on his 30th vacation this month. so this is the problem that we are dealing with and nobody wants to deal with it. calling in the national guard is not going to solve this problem. you have to solve it at the source, which is our southern border. >> carley: well, tomi, this morning we are saying farewell to dr. anthony fauci, the white house chief medical adviser announced yesterday that he will be stepping down in december to pursue his next chapter. here are some of the things that he said over the past two years that some folks might remember. watch this. >> should people now cancel
2:58 am
their travel plans for christmas? >> to the extent possible, don't travel, don't congregate together. >> i don't think we ever should ever shake hands ever again. >> i don't think the idea of taking masks off in my mind is really not something we should even be considering. >> it is as we said a pandemic and an outbreak of the unvaccinated. >> if you are trying to get at me as a public health official and a scientist, you are really attacking not only dr. anthony fauci, you are attacking science. >> carley: nice little trip down memory lane there what are your thoughts on his resignation. listen, he wants to pursue other things, that's all fine and dandy, that does not mean that the long arm of the law and congressional oversight will not be pursuing him. but i think that he will always be remembered for the lives that he ruined in the name of what he calls science. let's take about all of the businesses permanently closed. think about all of the families who have lorsz loved ones that had to die alone.
2:59 am
they were not allowed to attend their funerals. weren't allowed to attend weddings or graduations. this man ruined some people's lives and for so long he was a glorified messiah. i say farewell, do not let the door hit you on the way out. again, you should be investigated to the fullest extent and i hope the congressional republicans will do that when they take over in november. >> todd: okay. do you think they will? it seems like there is an appetite for a few people. do you think they ultimately will pull the trigger and grill him on the hill? >> there is a lot of for investigation i understand that because we have a lot of problems that need to be tackled. but when you take into the account the effect that covid-19 and the protocols and the infringements that came along with it, a lot because of dr. anthony fauci and gulch and the lab leak theory this man needs to be investigated. whatever he wants to pursue. he probably been there 50 years too long he need to be investigated to the fullest
3:00 am
extent. i think republicans will do that. >> todd: all right. i almost called you tomi because i was so worried that you were going to be upset that anthony fauci was leaving i almost called you to see if you were doing okay with the news yesterday but yism. tomi tuesday, thank you very much. >> carley: we appreciate it appreciate you too as todd as always. for all the viewers out there, "fox & friends" begins right now. >> president trump going on offense. trump and his legal team demanding the appointment of a special master to oversee the handling materials raid of mar-a-lago. >> go in there, take a look at what they seize. give back what is rightfully his. >> for the second time the pentagon has denied d.c. mayor muriel bowser's request for the inaugural's help to address the ongoing migrant crisis. >> you asked for a sanctuary city. >> 6,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in new york city. >> in just a few hours, primary polls in florida will open. >> a new fox power


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