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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  August 23, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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you fall off your horse you get back on. if you have an accident like you did get back up there and do your job. >> bill: you are lucky, wow. thanks for sharing your story, good luck to you, okay? >> dana: he said when he is up there he sees a lot of sharks in the water. don't worry, they don't like you. dagen mcdowell is next. >> dagen: i'm dagen mcdowell in for harris. over the past three years fauci has become the face of what
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many consider a complete debacle. one op-ed says fauci should cash out or remain a celebrity and should just simply fade away. the "new york post" editorial board bidding good ridance to dangerous dr. fauci. another piece with, quote, keep your january schedule open, tony. a nod to the republicans promising accountability. louisiana senator john kennedy with this. >> dr. fauci, retirement or not, is going to be spending a lot of time in front of a congressional committee. we will ask him questions about gain-of-function research, why he didn't push back on china's lies, why he went along with the greatest dissipation, if that's the right worked greatest taking of civil liberties of the american people in the history of our country. we'll have a lot of questions and we'll subpoena him and expect him to answer. >> dagen: sean did you have
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eave is in "focus." peter doocy live in delaware where the president is still vacationing. peter. >> dagen, dr. fauci doesn't seem to regret anything insisting he has always had science on his side and if you disagreed with him, you were wrong. >> a world of where untruths have almost become normalized and how we can see something in front of our very eyes and deny it's happening. that's the environment we're living in. you can look at january 6th on tv and you have some people who actually don't believe it happened. how could that possibly be? >> senator ted cruz tweets in january a gop congress should hold fauci fully accountable for his abuse of power and multiple lies under oath. never in our nation's history
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has one arrogant bureaucrat destroyed more people's lives. governor desantis who opened up his state earlier the fauci era will be felt for a long time after he is gone. >> he has advocated policies so destructive he thinks people that disagree with him are somehow beneath him. his policies were the driving force behind locking kids out of school in parts of this country for over a year. forcing them to wear masks for eight hours a day for two years. >> it's worth pointing out this announcement came while president biden is on vacation. the white house and fauci's team could have waited a couple days and had a ceremony at the white house where biden and fauci are standing side-by-side talking about their covid policies and all that they accomplished. but they didn't. it came out while president biden has no public events on his schedule. so far just that paper
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statement. >> dagen: thank you so much for that. peter doocy in delaware. the "wall street journal" editorial board calling dr. fauci's time as covid -- he imposed lockdowns on american and brookd no scientific debate on covid. he and public health experts used their authority to lobby for broad economic lockdowns we now know were far more destructive than they needed to be. he also lobbied for mask and vaccine mandates that were far less protective than his assertions to the public. his legacy will be that millions of americans will never trust government health experts in the same way again. sean duffy, fox news contributor, former republican congressman of wisconsin is here. i remember this clearly. this for me is what i will think of when i think of tony fauci. if you are trying to get at me,
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you are not only attacking dr. anthony fauci, referring to himself in the third person, you are attacking science. sean. >> dagen, this man is so arrogant and has been so wrong. in the lay-up to this conversation the fact he was mandating masks and vaccines. he got it wrong. he got the origin of covid wrong. wuhan lab. he shut down schools and economies. there was no science behind what he recommended that was a success. the biggest affront here was that in science we debate. you have different opinions and have conversations what the best course is moving forward and anthony fauci used the power of government to shut down his critics to make sure they couldn't criticize his recommendations. we saw those who disagreed with anthony fauci taken off twitter and facebook and other social media platforms because he
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couldn't handle the pressure. it is not about anthony fauci himself. it is about the recommendations he had to the american people that i think it was ted cruz who said this is a contrary to every civil rights as americans and that we accepted it was atrocious. >> dagen: he worked with others in government to criticize and smear scientists who did oppose these broad lockdowns and instead got behind the scientists, a more targeted focused protection. he worked with director francis collins at the national institute of health to shut down any dissent. i want to read this also from this "wall street journal" op-ed. dr. fauci's influence was all the greater because he had an echo chamber in the press corps
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who public elite. it was on full display last night on rachel maddow on msnbc as she gushed over tony fauci. >> he is a singular figure in american history and in american public service that has never been anyone else like him and there never will be again. >> dagen: sean? >> first off, i think it's hard to say pandemic, covid was something we never experienced. what is the right approach? that was open for debate. what was fascinating is what tony fauci recommended was wrong but the critics who he silenced were right. focus on the elderly and sick. not shut down schools and economies. this masks that we're making everyone wear don't work. the criticism was right at the beginning of covid as opposed to the recommendations that
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anthony fauci gave us. the only reason a man like this, who again has these chinese principles can be successful is when he has cover from the media. from every left wing media, all of them covered for anthony fauci and i don't know if it's because they thought he was right. that his recommendations were good for america. i think they liked the authoritarian nature of those recommendations. they love these ideas that the government can shut down an economy and schools, a government can force you to do something with your body that you don't want to do like take a vaccine or wear a masks when you know you aren't at risk. or wear a max and get a vaccine when you already had covid? this he would force people to do things outside of their comfort level. the left wing media moved to this i love authoritarianism mentality were proud that anthony fauci was advocating for those kind of principles.
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if they were honest they would call him out for utter failure. >> dagen: i remember when asked in an interview whether fully vaccinated -- this was, i believe, not this march but march -- february or march of 2021 when he was asked in an interview could fully vaccinated grand parents see their kids and he wouldn't even say yes to that. just slowly but surely he lost so many americans because science isn't a block of granite. people should be allowed in this country, whether it's a personal doctor, you should be allowed to question that personal doctor. and you should certainly be allowed to question the edicts and pronouncements and proclamations, particularly when one after another they turned out to be wrong and wrong and wrong and wrong. i want to move on to this. >> one last point. what's important, though, is we should trust government and
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science. because of anthony fauci, a huge swath of america now doesn't trust government science. i don't think we're better off for that. we're worse off as a country. >> dagen: 15 days to stop the spread is how it started. president biden canceled more student loan debt than any other president. $32 billion worth. he is reportedly leaning toward wiping away $10,000 in debt for earners making less than $125,000 per year. the decision could come as early as tomorrow. critics have been banging the drum on what this would mean for the inflation that all americans are struggling with. former obama economic advisor larry summers tweeting this, quote. student loan debt relief is spending that raises demand and increases inflation. it consumes resources that could be better used helping those who did not for whatever reason have the chance to attend college. it will also tend to be
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inflationary by raising tuition. >> there has been a lot of commentary raised about potential inflation effects of debt cancellation. you have to look at debt cancellation but also look at debt restart. the end of the pause, restarting payments. both of those have to be factored in trying to understand the fiscal impact on overall inflation. >> dagen: once again in april joe biden extended this moratorium on making student loan payments and all in these various extensions of the payment pause has cost $100 billion. that's utter inflation. stimulus checks at a time when inflation was running at 8 1/2%. stimulus checks to rich doctors, lawyers, and investment bankers. >> also there are people who went to school that don't have
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rich parents that don't make a lot of money that took out loans and this will help. you are right. this is inflationary. the problem is we're focusing on the wrong problem. the problem is not that people have debt. the problem is the cost of schools has gone up massively. if you adjust for inflation in the last 40 years, school prices have gone up 180%, right? cars don't cost much more today if you adjust for inflation than they did in 1909 when henry ford came out with the model t. you have never seen this kind of inflation. this problem isn't that people have debt. the problem is schools keep raising the cost of college and so you look at what happens. when you subsidize things it don't go to the end consumer, it usually goes to the institution being subsidized. with the inflation reduction act they gave 7,500 tax credit for ev purchases. ford and gm raised the prices of their evs by 6,000 to 8,000. the credit you get is going to
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gm and ford. you are no better off because the government gave you a tax credit. the company is better off. the colleges will be better off, not the students, dagen. let's focus on schools that give degrees to people who can never make enough money to pay those loans back. they shouldn't be giving those degrees and not the american taxpayer on the hook but the colleges that gave the bogus crappy degrees to students. they should be on the hook for those debts. >> dagen: the reason that college tuition has skyrocketed is because the student loan market is controlled by the federal government. the more -- it is the same reason that we had the housing bubble and collapse in 2008. the same reason in part that we have a housing bubble and collapse right now. i digress but it at the the end of it all you forgive debt, there is moral hazard. you have people responsible picking up the tab for people
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who didn't pay their own way and were irresponsible. americans in the grip of a deadly fentanyl epidemic. agents' stunning discovery this weekend. the raid on president trump's home. >> they have become the enforcement arm of one particular faction of our country against everybody else and that's why i think people are concerned about it. >> dagen: what the former president and his legal team are doing now when the f.b.i. and d.o.j. face accusations they've become politically motivated under the biden white house. we have more on that next. i brought in ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. uhh... here, i'll take that! yay!!! ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar enter powered by protein challenge for a chance to win big!
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>> i think it's unmistakable this law enforcement agency, great young people keeping drugs off you are our street has been politicized at not just the most senior levels but deeper inside of the leadership of this organization. >> dagen: controversy raging on over the f.b.i. raid of mar-a-lago. a big move by former president trump. he is suing the department of justice over the raid. he claims the agency violated his fourth amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure and he is also asking for a special master to oversee the investigation. a florida magistrate is expected to decide this week on whether to unseal the search affidavit that led to the raid two weeks ago. a "wall street journal" op-ed argues the trump warrant had no legal basis. meantime larry kudlow said the raid was about one thing and one thing only. >> i continue to believe this
8:21 am
is not about presidential documents, but it is about desperate attempts by the biden administration to keep donald trump off the ballot in 2024. now, a bunch of smart folks i know think this outrageous invasion virtually guarantees that the former president now will run for president in 2024. >> dagen: congressman michael waltz the here, republican of florida. what do you make of this new move in the battle between president trump and the department of justice and f.b.i. with this lawsuit? >> hi, dagen. greetings from florida. it is primary day in florida and i've been out talking to voters all morning and they are furious about this raid. it is definitely top of mind. my question, their question is what is the department of justice, what does f.b.i. have to hide?
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all president trump is asking for is that given the last several years of politicized witch hunt against him, what is wrong with having a third party in there to decide what documents should go where? clearly we know the f.b.i. took photos, they took handwritten notes, they took things that were attorney/client privilege. they took all kinds of things that were outside of the scope of the warrant. so what is wrong with having a little transparency and letting someone else in to make sure d.o.j. and f.b.i. is doing what they should do? and then dagen, i want to say look, it is amazing to me to see the democrats and to see the left repeating the same playbook they did as part of the impeachment investigations, where they keep things classified and hidden and then leak to the "new york times" and all their friends in the media. it looks like the mainstream media has more information on
8:23 am
this than trump's own lawyers. that's just wrong and people know it's wrong. >> dagen: leaking, speculating, conjecture and lying and fabricating in some instances. "the new york times" the most recent story about 300 classified documents at mar-a-lago has in there that investigators have saute' digsal surveillance footage from the mar-a-lago club. again, it is something that the american people are not hearing from the department and justice and f.b.i. they are hearing about it in "the new york times." moving on to this. congressman. federal agent seizing more than 1 1/2 million fentanyl pills and hundreds of pounds of other drugs hidden in a tractor trailer. the driver trying to cross into arizona from mexico over the weekend. photos showing the smugglers using a secret compartment and trap doors to hide the drugs from border agents. deadly drugs pouring over the fentanyl border -- the southern
8:24 am
border. fentanyl overdose deaths have skyrocketed in recent years. more than 56,000 americans died from synthetic opioids like fentanyl. in 2020 alone, that is. an increase of more than 50% from the previous year and now the number one cause of death among young people in the united states. congressman. >> well, here is the thing. president trump was right. it's the cartels behind all of this. they are making $6 billion a year. they are armed to the teeth and they are even standing tall against the mexican army. i think we have to get the military involved here. this is a clear and present danger to the stability of our kun tree. americans are dying by the hundreds of thousands. we have precedent in doing that and helping the columbians back in the 90s and 2000s. we need to treat it like a
8:25 am
threat. bill barr said we have to treat the cartels like isis. unconventional warfare against the united states and how we have to stop soft pedaling this. this is a national security issue. >> dagen: texas continues to bus migrants out of the state. more than 6,000 migrants have flooded new york city, 50% increase in just two weeks. self-described sanctuary city is looking for more than 5600 hotel rooms to house these migrants. all costs, of course, footed by the taxpayer. just yesterday for the second time the pentagon denied a request from washington, d.c. mayor bowser to activate the national guard to assist with migrants arriving in her city. the d.o.d. saying it does not constitute a crisis. another sanctuary city. if they will be sanctuaries, why can't they handle this influx of migrants?
8:26 am
>> yeah, that's exactly right. i think the hypocrisy is on display for the entire nation to see from these mayors who say it's fine for texas and arizona and others to absorb this tidal wave into their social system, right? that's what's so upsetting to me. i'm talking to voerts. veterans aren't getting the services they deserve. classrooms that are too full. roads and bridges under disrepair but at the same time the left wants to -- the country to believe we can absorb 2 million migrants per year. and only have a few states absorb that. at the end of the day we know that the biden administration, the ngos on taxpayer-funded contracts, are sending these folks all over the country. the difference is governor abbott and other border state governors are doing it so the nation can see it, not in the
8:27 am
dead of night. that's why this is a national problem, not just a border state problem. this administration is doing nothing, zero, about it. >> dagen: we are watching the live pictures from eagle pass texas shot by the fox flight team. again a never-ending crisis, humanitarian one and an administration that laid the foundation for human suffering and misery to be profited from by human traffickers and drug traffickers. i end with this. where is the border czar, kamala harris, in all of this? [laughter] >> exactly. again doing nothing. >> dagen: congressman michael waltz, great to see you. thank you for being here today. new information on who has the ear our climate czar. left wing environmental groups john kerry was talking to while
8:28 am
making policy. campaign like a republican. strategy for democrats trying to run away from president biden and their own party in washington >> he has delivered the worst inflation in 40 years, highest gas prices on record. record labor shortage and record teacher shortage. record baby formula shortage. worst crime wave since the 1990s, worst border crisis in american history. what is there for these people to run on? with the newday 100 loan. and because it lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value you get 25% more cash than you would get at other lenders. no one knows veterans like newday usa.
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>> dagen: democrats unveiling a new strategy to distance themselves from president biden and their own party. campaign like a republican. pennsylvania democratic senate candidate john fetterman with a new ad titled blame washington that's just one of more than a dozen similar ads that fox has counted for democrats across the country. all hitting their own party over its wild spending spree. >> washington's fault.
8:34 am
they set the rules, weakened our supply chain and spiked inflation. >> my party got it wrong on the trade deals that sent your jobs overseas. >> i worked with republicans. >> picking on my own party to support maine families. i was the only democrat to vote against, because i knew it would make inflation worse. >> i pushed to cut the gas tax and high more police officers. >> joe biden is letting ohio's solar manufacturers be undercut by china. marcy captor is fighting back working with republican rob portman protecting our job. she doesn't work for joe biden, she works for you. >> dagen: a growing list of democrats seem less than thrilled about a second term for the president. charlie hurt, fox news contributor. desirae timms.
8:35 am
marcy captor from your own state is the second most tenured woman in congressional history first elected in 1982 and she is saying i don't work for joe biden, i work for you. >> i think that's what every congressional candidate and any elected official should be saying is that they work for the people. i think it's a great thing that people are leaning into their individuality. that said, joe biden has a lot of wins along with the democratic party. we also know marcy is very vulnerable do to gerrymandering and rigging of the districts. we are oef in for a tough fight. democratic candidates are winning, up in the polls and why mitch mcconnell and republican establishment are feeling uneasygoing into the election day. >> dagen: do we call it gerrymandering in new york city
8:36 am
with two long term democrats running against each other, nadler and maloney. but stay on the message from the democrats. if they wind up in washington, these congressional candidates or even a senator, they worked for nancy pelosi, chuck shierm and joe biden who will be in the white house for at least two more years. >> this is the whole problem of trying to run against a party that you are in that has control of every lever in washington they control the white house, democrats do, the white house and both chambers of congress and then sit back and start complaining how bad washington is, it doesn't pass the smell test. then you have somebody like john fetterman running in a place like pennsylvania claiming that the problem is washington when it is his party and the issues that he supports that have created the mess that we have in washington john fetterman is a guy who
8:37 am
supported bernie sanders, supports a ban on emergency exploration in pennsylvania. he supports banning the xl pipeline. he supports sanctuary cities. it is hard for him to recalibrate and act like he is a centrist who believes in local control. the whole point of bernie sanders and his political vision is that he believes that washington should be in control of everything. that's what socialism is. and so these people -- it is still early. i think that once we start getting down into the nitty-gritty on some of these issues a lot of these polls will change and change dramatically and i think voters will wind up holding people like john fetterman and other democrats to account for the policies that have wrecked the country. >> dagen: to desirae's point there are wins on the board for the democrats, infrastructure and semi conductor bill now law
8:38 am
helped along by republicans. a lot of them. i'll move on to this. a recent nbc news poll shows that 74% of americans believe the country is on the wrong track. nbc news correspondent says this might be the reason why. >> on the democratic side people that are very, very worried about the direction of this country and very worried about former president trump possibly coming back into power or former president trump or another republican stealing the election in 2022 or 2024 because we've seen so many election deniers be elected. >> dagen: you don't believe that, do you, desirae, that people are frightened of trump? >> people are very fearful of the extremism coming from the maga wing of the republican party and the maga extremism that led to january 6 and leading to extreme campaign ads we're seeing right here in ohio is something that is a cause for concern.
8:39 am
that's right, democrats are working across the aisle and working with common sense people to get common sense policies like the chips act that will bring semi conductor jobs to columbus, ohio and other jobs, infrastrauk tour, passing gun reform. major milestones accomplished in this administration and it is something that people are excited about. on the other side of that the extremism, the threats, the terrorism that is happening domestically across the country is concerning for parents and working people who just want to go home and get a paycheck and bring back that money to their kids and families. >> dagen: so is runaway crime particularly in big blue cities and then also the economy. look no further than today. new home sales are down 51% from the recent peak. what we're seeing just in housing is a collapse like what we saw in 2008. final word to you, mr. hurt. >> i think this obsession with
8:40 am
donald trump is unhealthy in any environment. when you have the democrat party completely obsessed with donald trump instead of addressing the serious issues like you mentioned crime, inflation, gas prices, invasion at the border, that most voters actually care about, including democrat voters, that obsession seems even more out of step. >> dagen: charlie hurt and desirae sims, good to see you both. thank you for being here. please come back. top of hour a court in california will decide if nancy pelosi's husband will go to trial over the dui arrest charges. power and privilege in focus. finland's dancing prime minister takes a drug test after leaked video of her wild partying sparks massive backlash. jimmy failla not a prime minister, never was, never will be, shows off his moves next. ♪♪♪
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>> dagen: paul pelosi's dui case back in court today and we expect to learn whether he will
8:46 am
face a trial. police arrested speaker pelosi's husband in may when he crashed his car into another automobile in northern california. the other driver was injured in the crash. the local d.a. decided the injuries weren't serious enough to warrant felony charges. senior correspondent claudia cowen live in napa where the hearing will start in about 15 minutes. claudia. >> well, that accident totaled both vehicles, left the driver of the other car injured, and today we could find out if this case has settled with a plea deal or the judge sets a trial date. 82-year-old pelosi was arrested back in may after driving home drunk from a dinner party and causing a two-car crash that pretty much demolished his car and a jeep driven by a 48-year-old man. a cording to the criminal complaint that driver says since the crash he suffered soreness, stiffness, headaches
8:47 am
and fatigue. napa county district attorney says since his injuries were minor and because pelosi's blood alcohol content was just above the legal limit, she filed the dui charges as misdemeanors, not felonies and says pelosi is not getting special treatment. legal observers expect a quick resolution in the case with possible penalties including probation, community service, several thousand dollars in fines, completion of a dui course and if pelosi wants to keep driving a breathalyzer installed in his car. most experts agree he will not serve any jail time. in recent days nancy pelosi has had several public events in the bay area. but she has refused to comment on her husband's arrest or on the accident he caused. it is the talk of the town in napa valley where the pelosis own a largest tate. paul pelosi is not expected to be here in person. his lawyer will handle today's
8:48 am
settlement hearing that is expected to be pretty short hear and begins in just a few minutes. back to you. >> dagen: thank you for that reporting and we will be tuned in. jimmy failla host of fox across america on fox news radio. ever heard of an uber? >> with all the stock tips they have gotten through the years in congress he couldn't get an uber? it is ridiculous. i don't expect him to get price on time. the judge would sentence him to time served for being married to pelosi for 40 years. hasn't the man suffered enough, you -- your honor. >> the one thing that shocked me about this case is the democrats haven't used it to push electric vehicles. if you were driving a tesla it might not have been as much of an impact. >> dagen: i was in the
8:49 am
passenger seat, self-driving car. the drivers' seat was empty. never beneath him to do that. well, moving on to more doing do* as i decree, not as i did. emails show kerry's office consulted with left wing environmental groups as he made policy recommendations on key climate and energy issues. some were before the g-7 summit this year. several kerry officials suggested some topics be kept off paper. don't tell anybody. nobody will find out. >> bill: i'm so shocked. this whole thing is a scam. we've known that since day one. i'm surprised he didn't eliminate the middleman and meet with china. the only ones who benefit from it. all the solar panels are made there and they aren't paying attention to climate change opening up coal plants all done with green energy since we
8:50 am
share the same planet but we're the only ones cutting emissions. we are swimming in the filth anyway. that's the thing. >> dagen: thank you for that. now i'm distracted. >> kerry has to fly private. if he flies commercial everybody thinks it is mr. ed and they want to ask about the tv show. >> dagen: i was going to make a joke about the size of his head with the other passengers on the commercial airline. >> hard to ask the guy next to you not to use a plastic straw when you have so much in your face. >> dagen: no confirmation of that, no confirmation of that. his wife does own the jet charter company and he has a stake in it. they are profiting from polluting and damaging mother nature. this is my favorite story
8:51 am
better than the lopez/affleck wedding. finland's prime minister and a controversial party girl. her office says her drug test has come back negative, jimmie. after the backlash over these videos. the 36-year-old leader doing some dirty dancing at a party. some wonder if she had been using drugs. the test was negative. she did admit to drinking. another video was recently published by a tabloid dancing with someone not her husband. any partying is done on her own time. doesn't impact her job performance and some are rallying behind her. the "wall street journal" saying business women and politicians are supporting her work hard, play hard message. how is a woman criticized for doing almost every human being enjoys? replace human being with dude, man, male. what say you?
8:52 am
>> you don't expect this kind of behavior from a country whose number one export is vodka. there is no celebrities or famous athletes from over there. a lot of us are just jealous their president has the energy to make public appearances. you wouldn't worry about this with our president. he is on the 73rd vacation of his presidency and has the public appearance schedule of a groundhog. she looked like she was auditioning for jersey shore. >> an advertisement for travel to finland. >> even the president is hammered. we're having a good time. >> dagen: i don't mean it in a sexist way but do all women in finland look like her and all enjoy themselves in that fashion and manner? are they all that filled with joy. >> i appreciate you reading my talking points for me so i
8:53 am
don't have to look sexist. >> dagen: i want to go. check it out on a map. it's between sweden and russia. >> it is the happiest place in the world and now we know why. >> dagen: the land of 1,000 lakes? it's 136,000 lakes. i was going to quote about the language there. the associated press updated the style guide how to best use the pronoun she. don't use the pronoun she in reference to nations, ships, storms, or voice assistance. siri except in direct quotations, use it instead. >> i will prefer to mother nature as birthing parent nature. another i bought a dictionary from 1989 for the preservation of language.
8:54 am
i'm good with she. allow any automobile. you got a car? call her a she. >> news flash. your car or boat doesn't know. why are we degendering things that don't know? what's next, hurricanes? look out for hurricanes them. >> dagen: they have male and female. >> it is gend erd names. will we get past that completely? the idea of a ship goes back to ancient times. it was considered an indication of powerful women and that's why they were called she. they were shouting out women. your boat is called it. give me a break. >> dagen: will we get one of those little scooter? we are too smart. you drive them with no helmet because you don't know better. >> if you called it in for the
8:55 am
titanic you said they are sinking. it was caused by climate change. the iceberg was there for that reason so i'll go with the ap on this one. >> dagen: i'm upset about it. jimmy failla, thank you so much. thanks everybody for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" is after the break. m tatiasomeor newday usa h great news for fellow veterans who own a home. with home values at record highs, now's the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. up to $60,000 or more. of your home's value: 25% more cash than you get at a bank. give them a call. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates,
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unnecessary action hero: ask your employer about paycom. and make the unnecessary, unnecessary. dad: approved! >> a hearing is underway right now over paul pelosi's dui arrest in napa county and may. any moment now the judge could decide if the house speaker's husband will stand trial or if the case will be pleaded out. hello, everyone, this is "outnumbered" i am kayleigh mcenany in joining me or david webb. the 82-year-old pelosi was arrested for driving home drunk from a dinner party and may a two car crash that nearly demolished


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