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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 23, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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but they are also stalled and ukraine is using it to target russians. so we are in i think for a long period of war here that's who knows what the end result will be. >> neil: leon panetta, thank you for joining us, former dia staff protector. and on we go, here's "the five." ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i am jesse watters along with rachel campos duffy, jessica tarlov, dana perino antivirus. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> with the plan to immediately provide tens of thousands of dollars in debt relief stimulus right now. the legislation passed by the democratic house calls for an immediate $10,000 forgiveness of student loans. it should be done immediately.
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i am considering dealing with some depth reduction. i am not considering $50,000 of debt reduction. but i am in the looking at whether there will be additional debt forgiveness. >> are you close to making a decision on the data? >> yes. >> jesse: president biden and expected to keep his word on canceling student debt, so get ready for a subsidized liberal arts degrees. announcing the decision to raise $10,000 to student loans for earners making less then $125,000 per year. that's a lot. it's a move that one actually erased debt, but instead transfer the burden to you, the taxpayer. even some libs think it is a bad idea. as obama's treasury secretary larry summers points out "student loan debt relief is spending that raises demand and increases inflation. it consumes resources that could be better used helping those that for whatever reason did not
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have the chance to attend college and will be inflationary by raising tuition." the biden spin team trying to downplay that narrative. >> there's been been a lot of commentary raised about potential inflationary effects of debt inflation. what you have to do when you are measuring this out is look at that cancellation and also debt to restart, that is the end of the pause and restarting payments. both of those have to be factored in when you are trying to understand the fiscal impact on overall inflation. >> jesse: but joe biden's plan is not good enough for the far left, cori bush sounding off. "student debt is merely a true billion dollars crisis potus most #cancelstudentdebt ." but everybody should see it for what it is, a bribe, they have soured on the presidency 21% of 18-30-year-olds give him the stamp of approval, is this just a quick way for him to win them
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back. dana, if you take out a loan any of opera democrats coming in might get that loan paid back by us. >> dana: we knew that this was coming because the president kept kicking the can down the road. even he had said this is just for politics last january. everybody is saying this is a bad idea except with the people that are saying, no, really, come with us and over to the farther left side and we will make a big deal of it. they are basically writing off the middle class and the blue-collar workers. completely writing them off. 47% of americans have a four-year degree. only 13% have graduate degrees, but 50% of the student loan debt is held by people that have graduate degrees. so what happens to the guy who took out a loan to get an f150 so that he could take his tools around? that that will never be canceled. and it does not get canceled, it gets transferred to someone else, which transferring the debt to the guy with the f-150 is also inflationary. why are we increasing --
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why are we making a move that would increase inflation at this time? why does that make any sense? it is also something congress should do. it is an illegal move and unethical it is immoral, and they are not going to get to the political payoff that they are looking for, they are not going to get the p.r. spin. they are just going to go through all of the policy pain and not going to satisfy the left, and they are not going to satisfy anybody on the right. >> jesse: probably right about that, so if you have a graduate degree in philosophy and are making $124,000 a year >> tyrus: you have been doing your research. well played, sir. socrates has said on many occasion "if it floats like a duck than it is probably a duck." i am excited that at least he is marking up a little bit. i wish he had the backbone that he did 20 years ago or even ten years ago where he could actually say, hey, this is a bad idea. we said that we were not going to do it. so at first it was all, then 50,
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now ten. by the end of next week it will be like $17.30. so we will just keep getting lower and lower and lower and then he will say, look what i did. i got you guys $0.14 back, because $10,000 on the student loan isn't anything anyway. so that's really going to cover the late fees, because most of them have not paid it. and the fact that it is going to 60% of the earners so that the little guy once again is being forced to pay for the big guys stuff. so it is like for his lenders, his donors. here's the money back and hopefully he will get it forward. >> jesse: so this was scranton joe, the middle-class guy with the lunch pail and the amtrak ticket. does he realize that he is just helping out these graduate degree -- i'm not going to say a bad word about them. i want to so badly. >> and i have a graduate degree myself. yes, and i took out loans, sean has a law degree and took out
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loans, 20 years, nine kids, who in congress is complaining the most about these? it is aoc does not have any kids, and she is complaining about the loans. agitating and trying as you said dana to get more people on her side. i really think that our country needs to go back to the place where your word, your handshake, your signature meant something. you signed your name. you said you were going to do it, do it. and i will pay this, it felt so good when we paid it off. but now i kind of feel like a chump. because they are going to get it, and $10,000 is a lot. it's a lot of money if some money some of the page that off. >> people still want more people still have to pay. >> jesse: pure enough. i don't mean to disparage people with graduate degrees. >> jessica: he meant to only disparage me. [laughter] >> rachel: don't end >> jesse: i've no graduate degrees, everybody else in my family has a graduate degree, how about that.
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so financially successful, emotionally, not so successful. so tell us why this is a good move. >> jessica: that was not my intention. it is certainly the wrong time for this move. and i am fascinated by the game that goes on with larry summers. he is god's gift today. he does not know what he is talking about tomorrow. he was on barry weiss' podcast over the weekend. and we were listening to it on a car ride yesterday. >> jesse: sounds like a fun ride. >> jessica: it was a long ride. anyway. and he knows what role he plays in this, right? he has become this grandfather of democratic politics. obviously knows what he is talking about and no one can point to the clinton years and say that they were bad. republicans even like the clinton years. so he has bona fide to go on the obama years and then the fact that he pushed back against build back better, but was the one who has taxed at personally calling joe manchin to say the
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skinny belt, the inflation reduction act is the right thing to do. and i think when you are on the ascension and democrats are certainly doing better than they were a month ago, two months ago, and biden's approval rating is taking up about 40% now, you just delivered the biggest climb in action we have had in american history which is something that makes the progressives, the far left really happy. cori bush, aocs, that is enough heading into the midterm. when you bring something like this up and it allows people in the middle and certainly republicans to campaign on the idea that you're just giving money back to top 60% of earners and it does not address the root cause of the problem which is tuition. institutions have no incentive to do anything about the fact that -- it's like highway robbery how much these degrees cost. >> rachel: you just brought up the tuition, look what happened with the climate bill. they said we will give you a subsidy on electric vehicles, that same day they raise the price of gm and ford of those vehicles by the same amount of
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the subsidy. >> jesse: are you saying tuition prices will go up $10,000 tomorrow? >> jessica: look at how hard the university's push back against the provision in the bill that would hold them a little bit more accountable for the huge cost that they are sitting on. some private institutions could pay and make it free for the rest of the time, that's how well harvard has manage their money. i know we are not talking about harvard. >> dana: but if you look at polls ever since the biden administration started do you think that this president cares about things that you care about? is pulling on that has been really bad and then when you are looking at fundamental fairness for people who are out there basically being told that the inflation reduction act is something great that they have gas and groceries that will go down in price when they realize, no, actually it was all for climate change last remark i think the exacerbating feeling that there is the problems as the little guy has to pay for the big guy. >> tyrus: trying to solve the world with first world problem
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solvers and most of us live on the earth where we have to deal with real stuff. >> jesse: you have a graduate degree? >> tyrus: i do not, i am with you and i am the most successful person in my family as well. >> rachel: all of your relatives are rolling right now. >> jesse: they are also not watching, my relatives, not watching. republicans ready to make dr. fauci's life and undermine the nomadic nightmare as the top doc calls it quits. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: republicans vowing to make dr. fauci's life very difficult as the expert hangs up his lab coat. he will be stepping down as president biden's chief medical adviser in december ending nearly a half-century in government. dr. fauci has been a lightning rod of cribbage criticism over his handling of the pandemic and
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push to lock down the country. when op-ed says he should simply fade away. "new york post" editorial board saying good riddance to dr. fauci, covid guidance disastrous. making the media rounds to defend himself from the onslaught. watch here. >> with covid, i mean, the things that we thought we knew in the beginning turned out as the months went by to not to be the case. that was interpreted by many as flip-flopping or not really knowing what is going on, when it really was the evolution of the science. >> there is a weird obsessive violence ongoing demonization of you by the right to that is hinged on covid. >> what we are dealing with now it's just a distortion of reality. making it look like trying to save lives is encroaching on people's freedom. >> dana: while he might be done with his job and congress is not done with him, republicans vowing they will hold him accountable if they win
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back control in november. >> dr. fauci, retirement or not is going to be spending a lot of time in front of a congressional committee and committees if republicans take back control. >> he has not ever testified in front of the house since covid started. so there are so many questions that members have. we have artie told dr. fauci to preserve all of his documents. >> i hope that republicans take control that they will get to the bottom of everything from the origins of covid to all of the manifest for elders of the public health establishment particularly dr. anthony fauci. >> dana: so going to say goodbye in december, what do you think? >> tyrus: he ain't going nowhere, he won't wear a mask on "the masked dancer." he will be everywhere and work on throwing pitches and doing every possible tv show and will give dr. drew pinky a run for his money into his tours and
2:18 pm
stuff. the only thing at this point we need to focus on is getting this country back on track. the republicans get the house, start fixing things that matter, chasing dr. fauci, because he can argue with science it's like arguing with someone's religion, apparently had changes all the time. so that's going to be his defense. we did not know this, but now we know that. if i knew now what i did not know then, but it's going to be a lot of stuff and it's going to get away from these huge distractions. he is gone, he was smart, he left because he knew the firing was coming. so he keeps his pension and we will deal with him on tv shows, but we need to get back to business insuring up where the next time something like this happens we have people in place that don't make those kind of mistakes. >> dana: he did a lot of media and accepted almost every invitation. here is a montage of some of the media reacting to dr. fauci's decision. >> always pushing for science first and president trump's white house from at times exasperated his face and hand.
2:19 pm
>> the doctor who guided the u.s. through the coronavirus pandemic and saved countless lives. it's because there is never been anyone else like him and never will be again. >> he was the face of the messaging as he was pushing strategically and diplomatically against a president who often was pushing the wrong direction. >> i don't think it's an exaggeration to say that there are millions of human beings alive today who would not be alive if not for the work that dr. fauci dr. fauci did coordinated and led. >> dana: i wonder if they would say the same about president trump and operation warp speed, but maybe not? >> jesse: why are they treating him like a dangerous clack? we have the evidence that the lockdowns destroyed small businesses and generations of children, did not save lives, letting people cross the border in droves unvaxxed, but don't fly in from canada? what is he doing? he has destroyed the country, you don't do that and then get to ride off into the sunset.
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only defense secretaries can do that. right now he has come out the day he announced he was retiring and went on the most liberal network in the country and did an interview with the most liberal host in the country and praise the president who was elected and said i'm not sure why people think i am political. this is exactly what people think you are political. he needs to comply with every subpoena they slap him with and if he doesn't, we should shackle him and maybe we should write his house and look for collusion with china, because those are in the new rules apparently we are just playing by them. he says that he was just trying to save lives. how many people in world history i just tried to save lives? i'm not going to make a dangerous analogy, because i don't want to get caught doing it. but i have a friend who had a hurt leg who go so the doctor and says doctor, my leg really hurts. okay, we will do some surgery, puts them under, amputate his leg. he says i can't walk anywhere, he took my leg off. and the doctor says i was just trying to save lives. that's dr. fauci, they are
2:21 pm
really dumb doctors that do dumb things that are better than a job, does not mean that you have to kiss there butt on their farewell tour. >> dana: also did neil cavuto earlier today, let's play that. >> i did not shutdown anything. there was a lot of consideration among the white house task force and the record will show, neil, that we did not recommend shutting everything down. we wanted to cause a pause. >> it's easy to be emanated quarterback here that it went too far, particularly for kids who could not go to school except remotely that it forever damage them. >> i don't think that it forever irreparably damaged anyone, but obviously and if you go back and people selectively, neil, pull things out about me, i was also one of the people that said we have to do everything we can to get the children back in school. >> dana: jessica, do you think looking at the long arc of
2:22 pm
history to get his legacy correct? >> jessica: i hope so, this is a man who has worked for six presidents and someone who until a couple of years ago when i think the demonization of this health bureaucrats went completely haywire circulated on social media with him in the idea that republicans think it will be a good midterm strategy to run on all of the congressional hearings that they will have on hunter biden and dr. anthony fauci when people are concerned about kitchen table issues and things like that, i welcome it. but when i think about dr. fauci and i'm not saying that things were not mishandled and rachel has been doing with what the cdc got wrong, i will be thinking about 2014 when he hugged the nurse that contracted ebola, he personally treated her. that is something he is famous for throughout his career. and what he did in the 1980s during the epidemic. he lobbied the government to
2:23 pm
make sure more people could get into the clinical trials. and he saved countless lives. so this move to always redo something to the last minute in time and to forget decades of service, i think it's a huge injustice. and again, it does not mean that i think that things were perfect, but it is a wildly unfair read of this man's career. and i think that it is an awful and painful end to someone who has given this country that many decades of service. >> jesse: he blew it big time. >> tyrus: he was a great president until that watergate thing. >> jesse: he blew it. >> rachel: it was the biggest test and i would argue that covid is a kitchen table issue still feeling the effects of it, and it was not just a doctor in america coming at international -- for all of the reasons you said international power and fame 100 million people are now in poverty because of the lockdowns that he was behind. and again, look at how the
2:24 pm
people that he hurt. it's not just children. how many old people died of loneliness? how many people did not get to go to their funerals or hold their hand, their mother and father. his big mistake was he didn't follow the science. the science of natural immunity, and if he had recognized which was scientific and established at the very beginning, we would be in a different place today. but being anthony fauci means never having to say that you are sorry, because the media is fuming this godlike complex that he had. the lack of humility you just saw. the guy thinks he is god. he is like an authoritarian monster and let our country on a chinese style approach instead of an american style where we look at science and consider all of these great scientists we have in the country including the ones who signed the parroting declaration and try to shut them down, shame them, censor them, that's not -- and he has to be -- >> jessica: at the comparison
2:25 pm
to china is ludicrous when they leave fish outside your door because they were not that you out, come on, the key people people into concentration camps, rachel. >> rachel: he was an apologist for the chinese and was nontransparent with the left and the origins and we all need to -- and by the way at the last thing i want to say is the reason we need these hearings is because it is smart for republicans politically but important for the country. we don't want to repeat this and we need to put him in these hearings to get to the bottom of that. >> dana: the cdc coming out with the final report soon, as you mentioned, coming up, gavin newsom cracking down on a policy. it is a moderate move time for higher office? ♪ so i climbed into the cab, and then i settled down inside ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man ♪
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>> rachel: liberal california getting a major reality check on the radical policy is from an unexpected place. governor gavin newsom is pumping the brakes on legislation that would have set up drug dens in three democrat run cities. the plan was to let addicts shoot up at supervised injection sites and is concerned it could bring a world of unintended consequences. no kidding. but is there something larger at play here? it's no secret gavin newsom has been measuring the drapes of the white house and moderating his positions on controversial issues is something he will have to do if he is serious about 2024. the latest poll out of a state shows california voters do not want joe biden to run and favor new sum over kamala harris. so dana, this particular bill
2:31 pm
when he was running, now he vetoed it. is that all you need to know for you to know that he has about to run? >> dana: a love that you showed the video of him at the white house, because remember that was the day that joe biden was in europe and all of a sudden gavin newsom shows up the white house and does not go on the back door, goes in the front door with his jacket off and that was him coming up, but the way that he walked in making sure that the media made sure to see him and he was there to talk about opioid addiction and homeless populations on the claim. these are problems that need solving. naming creative solutions, but i think the other thing that gavin newsom saw outside of his polling is that in portland they tried this. and we have covered this on the network, i know that we did it on newsroom about how it is a disaster. and crime went up burglary, everything was bad and now they don't know how to do this in portland, so thankfully may be california dodged a bullet. >> rachel: and the poor moms
2:32 pm
who were interviewed that they cannot do this. but you saw the footage of him outside the white house. i am not a gavin newsom fan, but i will say that he is very handsome. he looks very good coming out of the white house. he has good hair, california is a mess. are we so shallow as a country? are the democrats so shallow they will say you know what, he looks like egg candidate. >> jesse: democrat so shallow, i am not shallow. he is checking a lot of boxes for me, he has a total idiot. you can't be a national politician and run on free injection sites. what are you going to have people sitting around like uma thurman in pulp fiction who is going to stab you in the chest plate with the bull's-eye if you throb at the mouth, absolutely not. will you be on the stage in the democratic primary debate and 70 is like who is pro opioid den
2:33 pm
and his hand goes up? the mentality of these drug people coming yes, but it should be to get people off drugs, not to be to encourage people to do drugs and have them not die, right? you can't have, if you are bonnie from the health and human services department who will tide us around your bicep and inject black tar heroin in your veins and will give you like a little drew's cup afterwards, i mean, we just got cannabis legalized in 19 states that took two decades, not going from that to that. so jessica, larry elder made the case that if democrats choose a white guy, presumably gavin newsom over kamala harris that black female voters who are as you know the most loyal demographic and the democrat party that they will be furious
2:34 pm
and sit out of the election, true or not? >> jessica: larry elder does not have a pulse on the democratic party, it's not really his claim to fame. i think that there is a constituent that will be upset if kamala harris who is the sitting vice president is not the person nominated in 2024, but lack women and women in the democratic part have said that we show out and having a democrat in office is more important than anything else. >> rachel: bypassing kamala harris they will still go? >> jessica: what is on the other side, both parties feel this way that the risk of sitting out because you are mad about this thing and then getting someone else who espouses policy that you disagree with is not work it. it will be an issue for sure, but no one will set out 2022 or 2024. and certainly donald trump is on
2:35 pm
the ticket, they will show up for whoever has the d next to their name to make sure that won't happen. >> rachel: what is the best change? >> tyrus: that person has not emerged, it's still early in the game. we don't know, same thing with republicans, a lot can happen from now and then, donald trump is the front one, but we are not there yet. a couple of years left to go. he is doing this for the moderates and he is doing this for the independents. the biggest thing that stood out to me was that little magical word "supervised" who is going to do that? you have ran off the police department, they are underfunded, under budget, guys are retiring, not respected. so whom is going to watch when little johnny and little johnny have a dispute over who is has the turn to take the heroin shot? is that going to be a social worker that has them express their feelings? drug addiction is a horrible thing and supervision and protection or whatever, yes, jesse is so right, they should
2:36 pm
be looking for solutions, how about some rehabilitation clinics? things like that. and where you going to have these facilities. we can't get proper things were homeless people in this country, but we will have a nice state-of-the-art facility to get high? >> these are rehab clinics, by the way. >> rachel: we can work on the border which is where the drugs are coming. >> tyrus: enough fentanyl to kill everyone three times over. i >> rachel: the had the woke revolt at apple, why employees are protesting against a return to the office.
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♪ ♪
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>> jessica: apple employees are staging a full blown revolt about returning to work after ceo said they must be in office for three days a week. our gives in-person collaboration is essential to company culture and employees launching a petition and insisting they are doing "exceptional work from the comfort of their home." we believe that apple should encourage not prohibit flexible work to build a more diverse and flexible company where we can feel come feeling uncomfortable and insisting together. apple has postponed till late last year. each time met with intense rejection. earlier this year the same employee said "it will make apple younger, wider, more male-dominated, more neuronormative, more able-bodied and will lead to privileges deciding who can work for apple, not who would be the best fit." >> dana: [laughs] >> jessica: dana. your laughter says a lot.
2:42 pm
expound upon that. >> dana: she is the ceo, and runs an amazing company. he is just asking you to come in three days a week. and you are trying to be competitive, he is saying, be in there tuesday and thursday and you pick the other day. and i understand a lot of people might've moved away. they are like i moved, that's terrible. maybe living in california is terrible, so it might be a weight of find some flexible work spaces, everybody wants to live in denver, there is a group that does the engineering and could live there. i don't think it's too much to ask and know that they are trying to say that the employee said don't want to come back would be better for the environment if they are staying at home, as if that is going to work. but i would trust the ceo of a company that is as successful -- >> jessica: as visionary as this. three days a week is still flexible work. i expected five days a week, right? what they tried with tesla. >> jesse: i hope they never come back. i hope that you will be on his hands forever. they push this question on the country and now they have been
2:43 pm
radicalized by the squish and the eight employees are throwing this question back at tim cook space, good. i am hurt by the petition because they are saying that they only like to work with white people. i get it, we fill up our water bottles and talk about "game of thrones" and over decorate our desks, fine. we can be annoying, but you can't say you don't want to work around white people. also, do they know that slaves make this phone. they build the iphone in china! they are afraid of working next to becky at the office when like slaves, people that employ them. also saying that it is too unviable mentally friendly to commute every day. this company strip lines the entire world for aluminum, titanium, minerals and they dig everything up and then they blast the plant out to. they use more coal than any other country in the world, this one country, so forget about it. you can commute 20 minutes and back and it's not going to do
2:44 pm
anything. >> jessica: rachel. >> rachel: i am a little conflicted, surprisingly i am a little bit more concerned about this. i do like that covid has created a little bit more flexibility in the workforce, because i do believe that for moms who have just had a baby are nursing, people with young children, they are bringing the next generation of humans, so i like this. i think that children are national treasure, so i like the flexibility. i am concerned about this generation of my sister sent me this mean that says this is an invitation to a dinner party from a jens the e-e.r., having people over to stare at the phone if you would like to join us. and this is what i am worried about. i'm worried about a generation that after two years of being locked down is mad at the boss saying they want more isolation. and i believe that putting aside whether it is good or possible for the country, i don't think it is good for these employees or for humankind to have people to be this isolated. >> jesse: i like that you said it in a meme, i do.
2:45 pm
to quote this meme. i'm going to do that more often. >> rachel: i told you we are targeting at that. >> jessica: tyrus. >> tyrus: to get back to jessie's point, i hate to see dashing white people at work, but i'm not a graduate. but 43% of their employees are white. so this smells of white on white crime. you have to get along. so it is literally some white guy writing in and saying if i go to work it's going to get to white. it so that is sad. you got to get to it to gather up her >> jesse: is really not reported. the media does not to report white on white crime. >> tyrus: if your mother said i'm not coming in because there's too many white people, he should be fired. it does not work. you this is white on white crime and again it is terrible. you guys can be saying that about each other. give becky a chance.
2:46 pm
>> jessica: hopefully there will be more reporting on this white on white crime. up next americans trying to kill the spotted lantern flag before it takes over the country. ♪ ♪ breakthrough heartburn... means your heartburn treatment is broken. try zegerid otc. it contains the leading medicine to treat frequent heartburn, uniquely designed for absorption. get all day, all night relief with zegerid otc. they said it couldn't be done. because the big drug companies have billions of dollars and an army of lobbyists. but aarp has never run from a tough fight. they stood with their 38 million members and said, "enough." enough of the highest prescription drug prices in the world. together, we forced the big drug companies to lower prices and save americans money. we won this fight, but big pharma won't stop. so neither will aarp.
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the tenth pick is in the new all-american club. that's a “club” i want to join! let's hear from simone. chuck, that's a club i want to join! i literally just said that. i like her better than you the new subway series. what's your pick?
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♪ ♪ >> tyrus: okay, who is the d.j.? show yourself! i can't work under these conditions! want to squash them just like this. if you see this little fella here, don't hesitate to squash it like our d.j. spotted lantern flies are coming like crazy across the u.s. and posing major economic threat, but liberals are having hard time killing them. some say they are too cute to smash. dana, you grew up in a ranch, i know that this is not a problem. >> dana: when you have an invasive species coming have to do something about it. this is one thing that could bring americans together, because we all believe that the lantern flight is bad for the country and it's kind of slow, and i feel big about it today.
2:51 pm
>> jesse: even a liberal can smash them. >> dana: well, i am not a liberal, what are you saying? >> tyrus: defend yourself after you besmirched your name. >> jessica: i have killed a bug and i am a liberal! i did not realize this was such a huge epidemic. i don't think that i've seen them. >> tyrus: the problem is where they are from the plans have immune systems against them, when the invasive species comes in the local plants and animals have no defenses, so they are poisonous to the predatory species and they heard our crops. so that's why we have to do our part, not a graduate, but i know -- [laughter] >> rachel: who needs a degree? >> tyrus: i will take the honorary degree, so just for the record he will smash them? >> jessica: i love smashing bugs. >> rachel: the american wine industry in danger because of this bug? i just wish, because their animal rights activists that are
2:52 pm
really upset about this. saying that we should not kill them. i just wish they cared as much about the american people that are being killed -- hundreds of them by the wind farms all over and we are getting more of them, the american eagle, the bald eagle is the national american symbol, this bug comes from china. >> dana: everything that comes from china. >> tyrus: now you're really going for it. >> jessica: now they probably bought the bug. >> jesse: they sent it here. jessica, one at your head right now, don't move, don't move. >> tyrus: wow. "one more thing" is next. no music. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy.
2:53 pm
i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. . prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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♪ so i climbed into the cab, and then i settled down inside ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man ♪
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♪ i've been everywhere ♪ ♪♪ when tired, achy feet make your whole body want to stop, it's dr. scholl's time. our insoles are designed with unique massaging gel waves, for all-day comfort and energy. find your relief in store or online. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: it's time for "one
2:57 pm
more thing." this is a fox news alert. ♪ >> jesse: boom. the paul pelosi dash cam video has been released. the "jesse watters primetime" airing it tonight at 7:00. we are very, very proud that we were able to get this footage for america. we are going to be talking you through paul's failing the sobriety tests, several of them. there is a lot more interesting things to dissect from the videos. very suspicious. we will be taking a look at all of this tonight. and, also, going over the fact that he pled guilty and did not receive any jail time, another sweetheart deal for the pelosi family. one of many in that long history of sweetheart deals. so tune in tonight at 7:00. big show. dana? >> dana: i will be watching. and you have another great tie. paying attention to that. >> jesse: thank you, dana. >> dana: some take capturing the flag very, very seriously to a whole new level. look at this here. the goal is -- [laughter] >> dana: had you to try to get the flag. >> jesse: oh, that hurts.
2:58 pm
>> dana: traditional gain in spain whoever gets the flag, got the flag. they probably got some bruises. >> jesse: oh! >> dana: i had to have that for you. >> jesse: we're not doing the pelosi story. we are doing this. [laughter] jessica? >> jessica: i absolutely love this story american al lines operated a all black crew betsy coleman first woman to earn her pilots license in 1921. everyone black tee fail including the pilots, the flight attendants, the cargo crew, maintenance technicians as well. in addition to honoring betsy's legacy promote diversity as black women currently represent less than one percent of the commercial airline industry. a great tribute to bets says is i coleman.
2:59 pm
>> tyrus: particulars available now. particular them up without a password. this wholesome adorable baby elephant is obsessed with playing with bubbles. he was caught on camera without his permission spending his day playing with bubbles fort worth zoo. >> dana: you are hosting gutfeld tonight. >> tyrus: that is the elephant in the room i'm hosts gutfeld tonight. >> landslide, the dog was buried. he was rescued. here's the deal. the dog was not satisfied being rescued. he kept standing there crying. he wanted them to keep digging and they dug and they dug and they found seven little puppies and they all lived and veterinarian adopted all of them. i'm going to tell you i love this story because it's not just a story. >> it is a momma story and how mommas never give up on their
3:00 pm
babies. it's to cute. >> dana: i thought it was going to be like his ball or something. >> tyrus: it's the dad. give dad credit. dad came by. >> dana: i think it's a girl. >> rachel: it's a momma dog story. that's a great one more thing. >> rachel: it was wonderful. >> jesse: all right. we will be watching me and tyrus tonight. thanks, guys. "special report" is up next with bret. >> bret: i will be watching both. >> tyrus: thank you, bret. >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. president biden's education secretary says the administration will announce its decision on whether to cancel student loan debt in any amount this week. critics including former treasury secretary lawrence summers say debt forgiveness would make inflation worse. we will talk about that. and many other issues with vermont democratic senator pat tri leahy in just a few minutes. first tonight dr. anthony fauci is pushing back on criticism following his announcement he will retire from his job a


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