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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  August 23, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that are pastel colored look like candy. yes, muriel, we did one last week casey stegall mentioned one in his reporting this week. we will continue to do it. in fact tomorrow "special report" kentucky 2,000 overdose deaths. talk to the parent of a victim who lost one child. that's it for "special report." fair balanced and unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" starts right now. jesse? >> jesse: thanks so much, bret. ♪ fox news alert. tonight we finally got our hands on the mountains of evidence that the pelosis have spent months trying to cover up. the picture of paul pelosi's dui is finally starting to come together. every second of that night was documented, an excruciating detail and we have all of it. >> there was a witness who saw the whole thing. they have no idea where he went. >> jesse: witnesses on the run? that's just the tip of the
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iceberg. there's a whole lot more. we have the dash cam footage. the dispatch tapes, photos, reports, everything. it paints a very dark picture. it's obvious to everyone with two eyes this is not a misdemeanor. this is a felony. the cops admitted how serious it was on the tape they have been hiding. they told pauly he was lucky to be alive. >> guys are actually both very lucky that the crash wasn't more serious than it was in terms of injuries because the crashes that that i have been to a lot less damage to this where people have turned out more seriously injured. >> jesse: the cops knew this was serious, felony level serious. yet, today, papa pauly cut a plea deal anyway and only got a slap on the wrist. three years probation, a dui course. some court fees and five days in jail but he doesn't have to spend any time. service. and you have to install little ignition device so he has to blow into a little tube porch.
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knocked out. telling "primetime" this is the bare minimum of what somebody could have gotten in this case. if this tape had come out there, would have been no way the d.a. would have let paul off with such an easy plea. this definitely would have been charged as a felony and he definitely would have been given prison. that's why they hid the tape until after the plea deal and waited until this morning to release the footage. the second pauly p. was in the clear they clicked send. let's take a closer look at what happened that night and walk through it step-by-step so can you decide if the punishment fits the crime. from the second cops heard about it on their radio,they knew this was major. >> two vehicles involved. moderate to major damage. >> jesse: and they knew exactly who they were dealing with. listen carefully. >> i ran the sports plate i
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think it's paul pelosi. >> jesse: everybody knows pappa pauly in napa. what's he doing there? this is late at night. where is nancy? those questions would have to wait while the officers first tended to the victim. >> what happened? >> i saw the car coming. he was coming towards the intersection? >> from the stop to here, he kept coming. >> very fast? >> fast. >> from the left side? right? >> from the left side. >> and what happened after the accident? >> well, nothing. >> i'm going to tell you what you told me and tell me if this is correct. you were coming in this direction north, approximately between 45 and 50 miles per hour. you were approaching the intersection. you saw the other car on the other side. he came in this direction at high speed. you didn't have time to do anything? >> break. >> yes, brake. and then you felt the impact. the car went out of control
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after the accident, people started to arrive. anything else? >> that's everything. >> okay. wait here for one second. >> jesse: so, the victim doesn't speak any english. we will get into that later. so, while this is all happening, pauly was on the other side of the street. he somehow crawled out of his totaled porch fumbling through wallet looking for right i.d. which must have been easier said than done. the police report said that pappa paul planned his police donor card instead of his driver's license. prime time did get one thing wrong about this story. and we need issue a correction because facts are important. originally we told you pauly p. flashed a gold donor card and we are wrong and we are sorry for that turns out it was a actually a platinum card which you get for a minimum donation of $100,000. it's only for, you know, real big investment gurus like postoperative pa paul. but the cops weren't buying it watch this.
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>> you were obviously the one driving the vehicle, right? no one else was controlling it somehow? >> i had a glass of wine before dinner. >> had you consumed any medicine or other drugs today? how many medications are you getting every day. ing medications impairing your ability to drive? do you happen to note names of the medications? >> >> do you know what you take them for, as far as the medications, all ones that you have consumed today, when was the last time that you consumed them? do you feel any effects right now from any of those medications? >> do you feel like you are not impaired, we can skip to doing a breath test. can you grab on to my shoulders. feet together, arms on to your side. lift up your thigh and then close your eyes and i'm going to say it again. i don't want to you injure yourself. would you be willing to do the breathalyzer test? >> i wouldn't want you to fall over and hurt yourself.
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ing [inaudible] >> are you sure you can complete the test? i really don't want you to fall over and hurt yourself that's the last thing. >> that defeats the whole purpose of the test grabbing on to a patrol car. i'm requesting that you take a breathalyzer test. it's not -- it's a voluntary test. >> [inaudible] >> so none of the tests are pass or fail. rough willing to do the breathizer test? >> i want to go home. >> i understand you want to go home. you were involved in a crash. >> right. >> i smell alcohol coming from your breath. can i see you are very unsteady on your feet. >> when things weren't going his weighed he pulled a do you know who i am? [inaudible] >> wait, wait, wait. can we hear that one more time? and then this time keep it wrolg?
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>> right. i understand how are. i'm not here to try to do anything to-draw any negative attention to you. if you have been honest with me, there is really nothing that you should be worried about in terms of the alcohol you consumed. have you been honest with me about your consumption being only two glasses of alcohol? >> jesse: yeah, but the police to their credit, didn't really buy his excuses and he had had a couple.
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paul knew he was too drunk to drive but he wasn't being honest with the officers and he knows if he going to take the test is he going to get popped. look at the scene. this was a totally chaotic scene. two wrecked cars, busted airbags broken fences. first of all why was the other airbag key employed in the other seat if nobody was there? that's besides the point. this could have been vehicular manslaughter this could have been vehicular homicide. these guys could have died. i don't know. remember, when they told us that no one got hurt, well, they had
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these pictures then they were hiding them. pictures of paul's bruised and bloody hands. look at that. and if you look closely, he doesn't have his wedding wring on. i don't know if he is one of those guys that doesn't wear his ring. i don't know. so, what now? will there be any consequences for the people who covered this up? like napa county d.a. allison haley? hey, alli. she didn't do anything boy the book alli thinks this case is her golden ticket to higher office in california. after brokering a plea deal for paul pelosi she never has to worry about fundraising for the rest of her life. this thing was big and she swept it under the rug. but she says today she handled the case like any other case. >> this is sort of a case of he is getting special treatment just because of who he is. who he is married to. >> so we evaluated this case based on the facts as they came forward and made our charging decision like we do in any other case. >> jesse: yeah. okay. and then she took a shot at
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"primetime." >> this case has been unusual in -- sometimes i watch news coverage and it's like they are talking about a completely different case and it started way back when i had representatives saying that i had dropped charges. i hadn't even pressed charges yet. it sort of has gone through this cycle of these bizarre facts, none of which are true. i can just assure you that my attention, my focus has been on what the evidence has been as it's come into the office. >> jesse: alli must be watching another case coverage because we never said she dropped charges. we just got a lot of info three hours ago. i just want to give a hand to the "primetime" team who did an excellent job gatherings up all of these materials and putting it together tonight. but, we are not done. this is a little taste. we have a lot of material to go through and have more for you guys tomorrow. brian claypool is a dui attorney and he has been following the case with us and joins me now. all right. so, brian, your reaction to what we saw tonight.
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>> this is a scripted injustice, what do i mean by that? the d.a. defense lawyer and this judge, they met yesterday, i don't know if you mentioned that. they all met yesterday. that never happens. yes. they met the judge said i met the lawyers yesterday. they scripted and core greater choreographedthis entire. razzie awards. they all get a razzie award, dude, why? because the lawyer for pelosi gets up and she says to the court, jesse: i'm doing an open plea. what does that mean? that means technically she hasn't struck a plea bargain with the d.a. entire pretext and ruse to show the public they weren't in cahoots. this wasn't an open plea. they all met the day before and
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they scripted exactly went down. it's a travesty of justice. if you go back and watch the tape from this morning, it is -- it is comical. bivens gets up oh i'm doing an open plea and the judge is like okay, really? and then the prosecutor is like okay, what is it? and then the judge, hmmm let me think about that. okay, what do you think ms. d.a.? okay. we will agree to that it was just a total charade. and there should be an investigation done on this. let me tell you the worst part of this, jesse and i will let you talk. the worst part of this is exactly what you were talking about serious physical injury. medical records. the d.a. said today i talked to the victim yesterday and he gave me more medical records. a responsible judge and a responsible unbiased d.a. would have said let's put this case over. let's look at these medical records. let's see if there is serious injury. because? because of what you said. if there was serious injury, which there is, we know, this
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rises to a felony. you don't close a case if you don't know yet whether it's a serious injury. and if it is a serious injury, this should have been a felony. >> jesse: we are looking at these reports about this hearing they had today. he is not even on real probation. he doesn't even have to pee in a cup every six months. he doesn't have to meet with a probation officer. it's not even real probation, is it? >> it's total garbage. it's called -- out here it's called summary probation. what's that called? what does that really mean? oh, go sit on your boat and smoke a cigar because you don't have a formal probation officer. did you know that? >> jesse: yesterday, the d.a. met with the judge who met with the defense attorney and they choreographed this hearing today because we watched the hearing at the office. and the prosecutor, it's almost like she was a zombie. she didn't object to anything. pelosi's defense attorney ran the whole show and then they get
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a slap on the wrist and all of a sudden the tape comes out and you are like oh my god. these cars are wrecked. there is bruises everywhere. we are finding out this guy doesn't even speak english. he is like 50 years old. i'm not sure he is from this country legally. he is still receiving medical care. still receiving medical care. and this guy gets a slap on the wrist. it's a joke. i will give you the last word. >> yeah. exactly. this is -- this is an injustice. there needs to be an investigation. this is what happens in our -- our legal pipelines are clogged with democratic sewer. and that's exactly what happened here. the only way we are going to clear that pump out is through shows like yours, creating transparency, seeking accountability and having people vote. vote in our next election and make sure we vote for public officials and prosecutors who are going to abide by the law and apply the law equally to everybody in the country. >> jesse: well said, brian,
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thank you so much and all of your help on this case with us. when we launched this show just -- we wanted to do this show because corruption was important to us and we don't take no for an answer here at "primetime." we have got to put a spotlight on this and there can't be two different levers of justice. unacceptable. up next, smoking gun evidence that joe biden signed off on the mar-a-lago raid. and then lied about it. jared kushner next. ♪
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biden's white house, talked to the lawyer, and said trump's asserting executive privilege over some presidential papers at mar-a-lago. can you waive your predecessor's privilege? this has never been done before. and joe biden's lawyer said yeah. waive the privilege. and that set the raid in motion. this little archivist said she didn't want donald trump to have any more time to go through his presidential papers. the acting archivist said it's time to bring in the fbi. the biden white house said this librarian she can do whatever she wants, get guys with guns involved. biden's white house had the chance to calm this thing down but, instead, they set fire to trump's executive privilege and triggered a raid on his house. and then lied to us about it. the white house lied and said biden didn't know anything about it. >> he learned about it really like all of us did. i'm sure maybe someone on his team flagged it for him, but he
4:22 pm
was not aware. what i can tell you definitively and for sure, he was not aware of this. he was -- we were -- nobody in the white house was. we were not given a heads up and we did not know about -- about what happened yesterday. >> jesse: this explains why joe has been hiding from reporters since the raid. he okayed a raid on his rival's house and then went on vacation. the raid doesn't even cut it for from a legal standpoint. but don't take it from me. two highly respected lawyers who work for bush 41 and reagan wrote in the "wall street journal" today that it had no legal basis. quote: the fbi had no legally valid cause for the raid. the materials to be seized included any government or presidential records created between january 20th, 2017 and january 20th, 2021, ie during mr. trump's term of office. virtually all the materials at mar-a-lago are likely to fall within this category. federal law gives mr. trump a right of access to them.
4:23 pm
his possession of them is entirely consistent with that right. and, therefore, lawful regardless of the statutes the fbi cites in its warrant. so this is why they shopped the warrant to a magistrate judge. not a real judge. they shopped this warrant to an obama donor who worked for team epstein and hates trump so much that he had to recuse himself from a trump case earlier this year. we told you last night how bill clinton lost the nuclear football for months and lied about it. fumbled the football. and stashed presidential audiotapes in his sock drawer. and he got away with it a judge actually sided with clinton and ruled, quote: under the statutory scheme established by the pra, the decision to segregate personal materials from presidential records is made by the president during the president's term and in sole discretion. i guess that only applies to democrats. don't tell me that trump's case is different because he had top
4:24 pm
secret docs that put our national security at risk there. was a threat, the fbi wouldn't have waited months to go in. so far, all they have produced are a couple family photos and a letter from little rocket man. even the "new york times" admits this isn't about classified documents. the potential crime cited by the justice department in searching the search warrant for mar-a-lago would not hinge on the classification status of the document. so, they are looking to charge trump with espionage, no matter what's in the boxes. and it's in the same times allergy they report that trump had 300 classified documents at his house, that number is meant to scare you. that's why the doj leaked it to the "times." it's what they did during the russia hoax control the narrative through the leaks and hide the facts that make them look bad. garland comes out and says mum's the word. we can't say anything else. it's going to put our lives at risk. then tells his agents to leak like a broken faucet. all of the sudden half the
4:25 pm
country thinks trump had a nuke at mar-a-lago. jared curb dnieper is the author of "breaking history" a white house memoir. so what's going on down there at the estate in palm beach? >> oh, hopefully it's hopefully they will get to the bottom of it. the argument you laid out is compelling. >> jesse: did i make a compelling argument, didn't i? you have got this book out here. going to number one. halfway through it. i can't bring a book like this on vacation with my unliberal family it will trigger them. you know everything about triggering your family. i liked the beginning of the book how you set up this trip to saudi arabia. you send your father-in-law to saudi arabia. no one wanted you to have him go there, did they? >> no. it was at the time a very novel and controversial idea for the president's first trip to be to saudi arabia. i read in the book about arguments we had with rex
4:26 pm
tillerson and secretary of state and mattis say would he go should go to canada and cut a ribbon. trump says i want to get to work. the biggest problem isis had a caliphate the size of ohio in the middle east and iran was flush with cash and you had all the extremists radicalizing people in america and trump went to saudi arabia on the trip and basically said, you know, jared, first of all, if it screws up this is not going to be well for you. the saudis did a great job of getting the leaders together and we were able to combat extremism and it led to a lot of great success in the middle east including the abraham accords and peace deals there. >> jesse: not the same reception joe biden got looking at this image here on the screen. you are also involved in tearing up nafta. well, the president threatened to tear up nafta. the trade organization or the trade deal. tell us how that went down. it was negotiations were kind of sticky. >> so this was one of the parts of the presidency that i think trump had the most fun with. he was a businessman beforehand and in getting to all the different trade deals he was
4:27 pm
playing with china, playing with mexico and he was driving everyone crazy because nobody knew what he was going to do. people were very afraid that he wasn't going to land the plane. i go through mexico how basically trump went to the edge. he threatened them with tariffs. which was driving everyone, you know, pretty nuts in from the "wall street journal" and all the different free trade publications and then basically at the end of the day was able to make a great deal. i have several great scenes in the negotiations in there where ambassador lighthizer who is a brilliant trade negotiator and did a great job for the president and really comes across, i try explain bob in a great way with this book with the mexicans and got them to split from canada which was very important and then ultimately make a deal that really was very advantageous for america. because of the deal 500,000 jobs came back to america. auto plants stopped moving down to mexico and, again, it was trump delivering on one of his promises. one final thing i will say on that is in the campaign in 2016, people said we were going to go to war with mexico based on trump's rhetoric and how hot it was. by the end of trump's term we had a trade deal with mexico.
4:28 pm
the border was secure. illegal immigration was at a record low and president lopez obrador came to the white house. he and president trump had a brilliant relationship and brought the countries closer together than they had ever been before. there is a lot in here to describe how that all happened. >> jesse: there is a lot of juicy nuggets in here. we don't have time for all of them. you have all these turf wars warswith kellyanne and mattis. leaking. a lot of, you know, lord of the flies in that white house. so, i'm halfway through it i'm going to finish it up. congratulations on the book and we will see you soon. i'm glad you got dressed up for the show. >> jesse: great to be with you, jesse. going clubbing later. >> coming to hang out with you. >> jesse: shocking video. a woman slips out of her handcuffs and starts shooting at cops. and a republican is going to hold fauci's feet to the fire? we'll ask the next speaker of the house that question. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> jesse: police across the country are dealing with absolute chaos from l.a. to oklahoma, new videos show cops are going through every single day. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has the latest. trace? >> and be, jesse, these really are snapshots of what police around the country do everyday. begin in los angeles with what appears to be a by the bookcase study in how to deescalate a situation except the suspect want nothing to do with deescalation. this happening early july when a gang enforcement unit saw a 30-year-old man walking near downtown los angeles. they repeatedly try to stop the man but, as you can see, he keeps on going. >> let me see your hands. let me see your hands. let me see your hands. i got nothing on me. >> let me see your hands. >> i got nothing on me. >> put your hands up. >> nothing on me. >> put your hands up, dude. >> he has something big. >> let me see your hands.
4:35 pm
>> let me see your hands, dude. >> they believe he is armed. at first they use nonlethal force meaning a taser which knocks the suspect to the ground. while is he on the ground they can now see he does have a gun. yet he still refuses to listen to police. watch again. [shouting] >> hey, what is that? >> drop it. >> it's a gun. >> drop the gun. >> drop the gun. he has got a gun. back up. take cover, take cover. drop the gun. drop the gun. [gunshots] >> we should note the suspect died at the scene. turns out he was carrying two weapons. enough to to dash cam video of an oklahoma woman who was handcuffed and placed into the back of a patrol car. the video shows the woman squirming in the back seat and then slipping one hand out of her cuffs.
4:36 pm
she then reaches toward the front of the patrol car and grabs a rifle. she loads it. aims out the window and begins firing. watch. >> right here. hit in the head. 26:15 county. we got shoots fired up here. we need backup immediately. start e.m.s. start e.m.s. weave got a civilian. [gunfire. >> got a civilian hit. [gunfire. >> what the heck? she get out of her cuffs? >> you heard the shots. the civilian was shot in the chest and a deputy was grazed in the head. both of them survived. police were amazed the woman was able to not only find the rifle but to unlock the gun lock in the car, figure out how to load it. turn the gun on fire and then she fired off 10 rounds, jesse, she is being held on a million dollars bond. >> jesse: amazing footage there. thank you so much, trace. >> sure. >> jesse: so dr. anthony fauci announced his retirement yesterday and his farewell tour
4:37 pm
has more shows than elton john. the good doctor did three shows in less than 24 hours. the take away from all of them is: i've done nothing wrong. >> i have nothing to hide and i can defend everything i have done. so that doesn't phase me or bother me. my decisions of stepping down go back -- well over a year. i had decided i might want to step down at the end of the trump administration. but, when president biden was elected, one of the first things he did was to ask me to join and be his chief medical adviser, which i took as a great honor and i enthusiastically accepted. >> >> jesse: he has taken no accountability for all the things he got wrong on covid: masks, mandates, social distancing, the vaccine, the lockdowns, the school closures, the funding of the wuhan lab. but those weren't his mistakes. the science just evolved, he said. wait a second, i thought he was science. don't expect maddow to get down to the truth.
4:38 pm
watch this love fest. >> there has never been anyone else like him and there never will be again. after 38 years as the nation's top infectious diseases doctor, dr. anthony fauci said today he is stepping down by the end of this year. why now? why after all of these years, all of these presidents, all of these epidemics that you have served through, why is now the time to go? >> oh, we know why. he is the highest paid fraud in d.c. and he knows it. he should be sitting through hours of depositions. but, he seems to think stepping down before republicans take the house will get him off scot-free. but, will he? let's ask the next speaker of the house, kevin mccarthy, the house minority leader. so, is he going to comply with the subpoena or are you guys going to have to shackle him and raid his house? >> no, i imagine he will comply. it will be interesting, jesse is how many more in the administration will resign before we come to power in january, the homeland security
4:39 pm
secretary or others? the democrats have been deceiving the american public so republicans are going to demand accountability. i remember being in the situation room when president trump was in office, covid had just hit, and dr. fauci told me nobody should be wearing a mask. it actually could cause you to get covid because the humidity created around it. then he went from wearing a mask to two masks and others. i just have one rule of thumb. i really don't trust anyone that keeps a mural of themselves in their office. those type of individuals should have to come and answer questions. >> jesse: well then you wouldn't trust me. [laughter] so i'm hearing rumors in washington that not only democrats don't want joe biden to campaign with them. they don't want to be seen in public with nancy pelosi. are you hearing that, too? >> yeah. i'm hearing that quite a bit. but i'm actually in las vegas campaigning with three of our, all four of our candidates in
4:40 pm
nevada. nancy pelosi, i am told is here. but they won't go anywhere public. we just had a veterans round table talking with veterans, listening to their concerns and most importantly they are concerned about what happened a year ago in afghanistan with 13 new gold star families were created based upon the decisions of president biden and they want answers to that as well. and we are going to have a hearing and have some accountability to make sure that that never happens again as well. >> jesse: you know, nancy was a little busy today. we had the big plea deal with the husband and the tape came out of, you know, him kind of trying to bribe the people didn't go too well for him when he failed the field sobriety tests. kind of embarrassing. maybe she will be back on the trail tomorrow. kevin mccarthy thank you for joining us. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: hunter biden the movie, next. >> good boy. ♪ ♪
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>> jesse: "primetime" holds about holding powerful people accountable and exposing their corruption especially when it comes to the biden administration. that's would you we have spent months talking about hunter. not just the drugs and the strippers. more importantly the shady biz deals and the big guy. when we got word that a film was coming out about all the biden family drama we obviously wanted to be the first to talk about it it's called "my son hunter" and breitbart is releasing it in a few weeks. the film is pulled straight from the headlines and the production team went to great lengths to recreate the curious relationship between hunter and joe. they even went as far as recreating this photo taken from a spread in popular mechanics. i think you have seen that i must say the resemblance is striking. now, let's take a look at the trailer. ♪ >> they are not bad folks, folks. >> i love my dad. >> i just want to make him
4:47 pm
proud. >> i'm the run who brings in all the deals. i am the one. >> good boy. >> jesse: robert dobkiny is the director of the film, how did you put this thing together, they came to me from the unreported story with a script that was written initially and they asked me to direct it. they had seen a film i had done woman named magna saw the dukes that i did several years ago that won about 10 awards. and they have been waiting to do something and this popped into my hands i was frustrated like all of america, jesse. watching the biden story, the
4:48 pm
laptop story being buried. continually buried except for people like yourself that brought it forward. so, when it came into my hands, i was like peter finch and network i'm as mad as hell and i'm not going to take it anymore as the american people are. and this film was crowd sourced. and got involved, got -- we had a great cast. lawrence fox plays hunter biden, great english actor who is also a bit canceled in england. got gina who plays a secret service agent. she is wonderful. john james who plays joe biden. and a young actress emma guy very much from serbia where we filmed who is like a young michelle pfeiffer because the story is told through the eyes of a 23-year-old stripper who was making money to pay for college and she hooks up with hunter, doesn't know who he is initially and now we unfold the story and she finds out about the corruption with the chinese,
4:49 pm
ukrainians, and the russians. it's quite, quite a terrific story. and it's got a lot of humor and heart. i mean, it does have heart. because i don't want to demonize drug abuse. i have had family members that have had it. it's a difficult thing. and i wanted to humanize the relationship between father and sonment while, at the same time, showing the corruption and the underbelly the psychology behind the co-dependency that hunter had with his dad as well with as with the drugs. >> jesse: i'm really glad this movie has been made. it comes out september 7th. how can people watch it. >> they can go to my son they can preorder it right now september 7th. my son they can have it downloaded or they can stream it live. >> jesse: i will be watching it. it has everything international espionage, strippers, drugs,
4:50 pm
politics. it has it all. i'm not sure why the media doesn't cover it. it has it all. >> it has it all. >> jesse: thank you robert dash cam videoy for joining us. >> thank you, jesse for being here. >> toxic masculinity. we will show you what that means. new astepro allergy. now available without a prescription. astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can... astepro and go. ♪♪ does it get better than never getting lost? ♪♪ does it get better than not parallel parking yourself? ♪♪ alexa ask smartfeed to feed the dog. does it get better than feeding your dog from 50 miles away? yes... it does. at buick we see a future that's even better. because the life enhancing innovations you've never even dreamed of?
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don't wait, schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: if you have been paying any attention to the left's attempt to fundamentally transform america, you know that masculinity is under attack. it's toxic now. are you physically tough, independent, or are you the strong silent type? well, guess what, you are toxic, too. what about mustaches? are they a problem? some would say they are the most masculine look a man can have. storm watches have made a lot of great men memorable. albert einstein, tom selleck, geraldo rivera, "primetime" is a pro-mustache show so we are talking to a mustache pro.
4:56 pm
minnesota man m.j. johnson he has been able to grow facial hair since he was 11 and now, well, he is the four-time world beard and mustache champ. he has competed in the u.s. and internationally and won more than 50 contests. his side burns are 21 inches long and you can't put a mask over the man's face no matter how many times fauci has tried. i wonder how i would look with those side burns and stache, i would look good i think. m.j. johnson four time world beard and mustache champ joins me now. m.j., how do you eat? >> i don't eat in general. i just kind of sip through straws and we are all good. >> jesse: do you have any spray like i put in my hair on the is tache. >> yeah. absolutely. it's a hair spray. you are supposed to use it for mohawk but i don't have any hair soyuz it on the beard instead. it works great. >> jesse: when you are competing internationally i might add, what makes a winning stache?
4:57 pm
is it the curvature? is it the flounce? tell me. >> oh, the flounce, that's a good one. it can be the shape. it can be the color. but, in general, what judges are looking for it all boils down to one thing, and that's who is the most magnificent that day. [laughter] >> jesse: okay. all right. how do you kiss? romantically is that an issue? >> you have to -- it's like when you wave in an airplane from the pilot, you have got to clear the run way a little bit and then we are all good. >> jesse: like you can't really go in subtly, you really have to kind of telegraph it, don't you? >> you do have to -- it sends a signal. it sends a signal to women like who is in charge here. it's obviously not me. >> jesse: okay. well, you are a very masculine man with that type of hair. i'm going on three days and as you can see i have got nothing. so i guess that makes me. >> it's looking good.
4:58 pm
>> jesse: not as toxic as you are but looking good and honor to have a champion the show. thank you, m.j. >> my pleasure. >> jesse: we got a window. another great book recommendation besides kushner's kushnerwe got the 1620 man by d. he is one of my all time favorite authors, suspense, thriller. about a guy in finance. everything goes wrong, murder, mystery, it's good. you are going to love it so check out the 620 man by david ball catchy. let's do texts. leann from indiana outstanding by you and your team on the pauly p. story. nancy must be learning a lot. this was the first time nancy was hit with some of these things. story, nanc. lens, congratulations on getting the dash cam now watch your back. i have already come to grips with the fact that i'm being audited this year. i know. and everything is in order. jim from ohio jesse your shows
4:59 pm
are juicier than a daytime soap opera. that is the point. sprinkle a little tabloid on there. good for the soul. tina from california when will we see pauly p. picking up trash on the highway is that the community service? i feel like he might be giving financial advice to people behind bars but we don't know yet. lisa, from clear spring, maryland. jesse, jared looked hot tonight. ivanka is watching. careful. gail from michigan i think that was rude of you to mention jared's outfit. remember your shirts with the collar up? yeah, he didn't have a collar and he needed one. tim from north carolina, i tell people your show is like a beatle record, every segment is a hit. thanks to the producers. we do a great job. kara from texas. is there anything politically that you and your family agree on? i'm going to need a minute for that. i'm going to have to get back to you tomorrow on that one. so, again, we are going to have
5:00 pm
more on the pelosi footage tomorrow. not only do we get the footage, which we are still going through, we owe some police reports that we are scrubbing and the "primetime" team has been hard at work for hours and they will be working overnight and they have done a great job so thanks. dvr the show. tucker is up next and remember, i'm watters. and this is my world. ♪ >> good evening, everyone, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we thank you for joining us. always the same, the men become weak and we have law enforcement and the currency gets devalued


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