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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 23, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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more on the pelosi footage tomorrow. not only do we get the footage, which we are still going through, we owe some police reports that we are scrubbing and the "primetime" team has been hard at work for hours and they will be working overnight and they have done a great job so thanks. dvr the show. tucker is up next and remember, i'm watters. and this is my world. ♪ >> good evening, everyone, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we thank you for joining us. always the same, the men become weak and we have law enforcement and the currency gets devalued
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and the reason we have society in the first place is to protect the weak from the strong. that is where you have a society. and in places like this and you just can't go where you want to go. roads are not controlled by the police, they are controlled by armed predators and they take exactly what they want because they can and this is an ancient problem. it used to be called a highway robbery. for most of history and cap people close to home. it turns out it still exists, but now it's called carjacking. and it is the clearest possible sign that the civilization is falling apart.
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>> nobody's going to build back anything and a city with this, most people are starting to do here and carjacking is now a >> demanding that she handled everything she had including her car, and that is a carjacking that is always an act of violence. people don't want to give up their cars. the majority of victims are old women, young women, and that is where the people who do it would do anything, if you would steal someone's car at gunpoint.
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and the most basic level and they have ever posted. in this case that was certainly true, and it allowed them to do the same to other women in the city, a lot of them. and it was a car blocking them in, the next thing there is a gun barrel in my face and he was like get out of the car, get out of the car. and in the city that probably needs about 2000, they are under 500 active duty policeman left in new orleans. they have definitely defunded the police. but in this case and it was
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ultimately caught and tried and ultimately caught and tried and the mayor of the city showed up to the sentencing. but here is the victims. the women have been terrorized by this predator. and letting them know who whose side she was on. >> the mayor showed up as a character witness during sentencing. robbing three women in separate incidents with a fake gun, feeling that it's a belonging, saying they were traumatized by what happened and then they felt victimized all over again when the mayor showed up in support of the young criminals. >> i was in shock and she was
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there for the mother and it felt like she was supporting the crime. >> the juvenile judge sentenced it to a three year suspended sentence. and it is an open area where they got to be destroyed in an already wounded city. and they have a connection to
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this carjacking. one of the welfare programs and . >> and giving the criminals as much support as they need is what it seems like they are doing. giving them the ability to commit more crimes as possible. so why would they do something like this? why would they force people to
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pay all the taxes of all colors? well, probably because the people who are left tend to be the ones who vote for you. and so it's happening in a lot of places. the downside is it leads to carnage. a total of 177 and this is true and a lot of other places as well, people under the age of 18, the locals station found that in 2021 and sometimes they are fatal. in march they mutilated the body of a grandmother as a carjack or drag her body down the street.
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>> these 15-year-olds and it will be tried as an adult on second-degree murder charges she was beaten and then dragged outside and society exists not to protect 17-year-olds with guns on the most basic levels, those are the strongest people. society exists to protect people who need the protection. those that are helpless, those that are weak, the grandmothers that may be dragged and have
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their arms ripped off without police protection and in the absence of police protection and leadership, those are exactly the people who were murdered. and it's not just happening in new orleans. if you pull back a little bit, it is a really clear indication, they have well-funded diversion programs for at-risk youth that are seeing surges and carjackings and could there be a connection? like philadelphia. reporting for a local station there, fox 29. >> crime has been exploding and the police numbers here, getting worse. a police source says that there have been 757 carjacking citywide. there were roughly 850
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carjackings in all of 2021 and the latest police statistics show the majority are more than 500 happened at gunpoint and happened as the victims were at their parked car. >> so why is this happening? well, it is happening for a very deep reason, any 15 or 17-year-old that threatens a life to steal a car is the product of something that is very hard to fix. but society and the authorities still have an obligation to try to stop it for the sake of the rest of us. so what are these cities doing to stop it? well, philadelphia and at risk youth, there is something called the philadelphia partnership. so after a month of violin lessons, the young criminals, people who have been busted too
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many times get their records expunged and that was the plan that the philadelphia d.a. put into place as of last year. crime has gone up among young people, carjackings in particular. the police commissioner said i don't want to say that it's surprising, but it's definitely concerning. well, really. it is for sure an understatement. from 2020 until 2021 there's been a 108% increase in philadelphia. chicago has had more than a thousand carjackings this year alone. so what does that do? for every carjacking there is a much larger group of people now afraid to drive. chicago is the place where fox recently implemented the
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juvenile intervention and support center and so they partnered with the black-owned businesses which pledges to be bold in the collaborative approach to promote not having antiracist outcomes. part of that to protect everybody else. now the point of law enforcement includes political outcomes. so how does that work in chicago? well, here is fox 32 chicago to tell you more. >> one of the passengers in the stolen suv eventually fled. he was 17 years old, released to his mother.
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and sadly he is not the youngest suspect of the members of the carjacking team were together and an 11-year-old was arrested as part of the crew and it was not his first time. >> 11 years old. one of the victims said it was already up to the car that he stole. and he will soon be a big productive member of society. and he knows it's a joke, it does not overachieve the goal to protect people, to protect everybody else that wants to go to work in the morning, those that want to travel on the roads without being killed, it is so
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important. the same is true with the unnamed 16-year-old girl who had his car hijacked while his child was in the car. here is fox 32 in chicago. >> the child is in the car. >> a ton of other crimes. and in this case they stole several other cars that month. and maybe these people realize that it doesn't really work, the nuclear family? well, right. those things are not racist, they are actually essential to any functioning civilization and
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in lieu of that it is clear that things do fall apart. and the only thing you can do is to put people out of the public sphere and a way so that other people are not hurt by that. that is the best that we can do as people are being killed. and if you don't do that, you wind up with a society like this. here is fox and detroit. >> arrested and 11, a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old. >> they think it's fun, they think there is no penalty to it to make the head of the auto theft unit, stunned over those arrested monday right here on the storage lot. this kid just 14 years old and
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arrested this weekend, he was out on bond and then last week he had checked two cars on the city's east side. >> so if you look closely not at this, just looking at this one, you began to understand youth violence prevention initiatives are supposed to stop this, they actually enable this and they appear to be part of the joe biden administration. the youth diversion program that makes this more common have more in common with people that seem to encourage homelessness. but they have led to more carjacking and here is a report in los angeles.
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>> carjacking caught on camera. a homeless man stole his band. he said that he had even seen his attacker and that he had never had the problems, saying that he gave the man food shortly before punching him in the face. >> so if they are happening in new orleans in los angeles and chicago, of course, this is happening in our biggest city, new york, which is also run by another individual, but as evidence, nowhere in the country had they experienced a bigger increase than the birthplace of the civil rights movement in minneapolis where this all started, according to the national insurance company, the
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largest% increase in the country in 2019, 339% jump. what the heck is going on and why are these cities doing nothing to stop it. this man spent his life and law enforcement and he joins us tonight. >> if you see this in carjacking, the mayor of another city supporting a carjacked or, you have to wonder why would the authorities be encouraging this. >> you said it best, i'm not sure what to say. you gave a great monologue, tucker. we are making victims out of suspects. in that year, coming in at the half-point, 780 carjackings that
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year-by-year and. by the time i left, i actually left in 2021, we drove it down to hundred, but a significant decline because it was a focus so when i came to detroit, carjackings were just out of control and these are things that we did very well, we pulled out the carjackings because i wanted to see exactly how many carjackings were occurring, without going into detail about was what we call green light detroit. and i will tell you that we drove it down. so when you have politicians who
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say nothing and i am troubled, i listened to some of the reports here coming out of new orleans and chicago, philadelphia, she says what? well, that's just not acceptable. the people deserve much better. >> well, yeah, of course they do. and i appreciate you coming on so much. >> thank you so much. >> so one way you could reduce violent crime is prosecuting felons who carry firearms. you would not go after law-abiding gun owners, but in canada they are doing the opposite and going after antiques, believe it or not. trace gallagher is here as well. >> clearly a lot of people in the u.s. concerned about their safety, but in canada you have to believe that they are doing
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so early tonight, toronto police are not just talking about getting guns off the street, they are going out and they are doing it. even posting upon social media, this is one of the guns that certainly looks ominous. and even petrified in pole position, we don't know if it was used in the commission of the crime, but there is speculation that it may have been used to bring down a tyrannosaurus rex. another individual said did you read a museum? and another said it is the gun that they use to invent fire and the truth is we really don't know where they got the gun, but it is curious and notable because in toronto it is illegal to have more than to garage sales in the same year. so maybe the police got two-for-one vibrating a garage sale and then seizing that gun from the attic. i'm just guessing here that the canadians are feeling as safe today as they were when the
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government was arresting those villainous truckers. >> these people are sinister but the good news is they are also ridiculous. we thank you, trace gallagher 3 thank you. >> so when the fbi raided mar-a-lago, it was a coordinated head of the joe biden white house. oh, no, we had no contact of the doj. we have a major development, plus, what the joe biden administration just sent ukraine? a lot more money for ukraine. we have more right after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> so when the fbi raided the home of donald trump, it was pretty obvious that this was the joe biden administration ordering it. oh, no, separation of agency, well, they did coordinated with the doj. and then they want to stop him, this is what they have been doing. you have a political opponent? just imprison him. now prove is accumulating that that's what happened, a news
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letter a was published about it. saying that i decided not to honor the protective claim of privilege, saying in light of the particular circumstances, joe biden defers to my determination for the office of legal counsel, whether or not i should uphold the purported protected assertion. then she continued, accordingly the archives will provide them access as requested, beginning as early as thursday, may 12, 2022. what this is, it is confirmation that the council office, affirming a request from the fbi letterhead demanded the national archives quote, providing them
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access review within seven days. that is in april. in other words they signed off on all of this months ago and merrick garland just executed it. well, so if you think that that is troubling, how about this. the joe biden administration announcing today that they are going to send another $3 billion not to you or the families of 108,000 people who died of opioid addiction, but no, to ukraine. and this will buy drones and weapons and it's not expected to arrive for several years. this is the public's part of it, but publicly we have sent $10 million to the government of
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ukraine this year alone. authorizing another 40 billion and so you have to wonder other than the defense industry, who is benefiting from this atrocity exactly? we have the opinion editor at the washington times who is joining us now and we thank him for coming on. who is benefiting from this? i know it's not the people of ukraine, obviously. >> i think that the joe biden administration is benefiting from this because it is an opportunity for them to talk about how much they despise america. this is why the joe biden administration needs 87,000 new armed irs agents. they have to make sure that we comply and that we give them the money and that they give it supposedly to the ukraine. one of the most shocking parts
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of the story is that it could be years before these armaments, the largest arms dealer, joe biden, gives his armaments ukraine. well, my goodness, how long do they expect us to go on imac obviously they expected to go on for quite a time because it's working out very well for them. but one thing that is kind of shocking is the media coverage celebrating this wonderful gift and talking about how it comes upon the ukraine independence day, all of this coverage, the ukrainian nationals celebrating independence day, can you imagine a bunch of american nationals went to the national mall carrying flags to celebrate america's independence? what do you think joe biden
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would do to those people. would he give them $3 billion? because i'm thinking kind of not. >> i'm thinking that they would be arrested. you would not hear from them for years. >> they would be accused of trying to kidnap. charlie, it's so great to see you tonight. we thank you for that. okay, last weekend, bill brought us a story. three illegal migrants were wearing suits as they crossed the border. who are these individuals? well, we have been trying to get answers and we will have some of them for you when we come right back straight ahead and after these messages. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> we are not sure how foreign nationals, how many of them, actually have come into the country, the best guess is millions. so why were they doing this, well, the government said that they were part of a group of six mexican nationals. and the former acting director joins us speak out. thank you for coming on. it is hard to know, but i am still confused on common sense grounds, why would they be wearing the suits in the middle
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of the desert. >> the whole thing makes no sense, the only thing that really makes sense is these people were coming here to do some harm, terrorism or crime or done something so horrendous that they didn't want to be discovered. the only other option remaining is three of the four people believe that we don't have an open border and the other is the dhs secretary. and they are still willing to change from this open border again, the open border, the public safety, the trump national security and they have
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not back down from this the entire time. >> because it is the one thing that is permanent. people in these gilly suits in the middle of august in texas, you are not going to put on extra layers. >> they are staying here, as you know, show basically get every benefit that the citizens get. it is like a remarkable thing. or is there something going bad.
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so for this, as you know, it is really disaster, it's a disaster waiting to happen. tucker: it is literally demented. okay, thank you for joining us today. there are people that want to know exactly what happened on january 6. they kind of opened the door, lifting up the ropes, what was that anyway? well, we don't have an answer, they are just trying to figure it out. we have a new documentary, here is the husband of an individual who is featured on it. >> nobody loved him more than her. she was trying to take on the
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world, having the best day of her life, and you can see that. i got a call on december 12, and he said he was on national tv and there was something about a door or a window, i could hear the tremor in his voice tucker: so with documentedfireas a dangerous threat that deserved it. okay. we are so grateful for next guest, joshua, thank you for joining us.
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>> were they producing information relevant to that day? or were they hiding? >> not only are they hiding it, but they are altering information. and they are cutting parts out, they are altering the evidence, and altered version of reality. an absolute atrocity for everybody and they are looking at inculpatory evidence, they are trying to release body cam footage, being withheld from the public that nobody has seen before and because of that, what is being left out and they have an absolute atrocity going on
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against the american people. >> and election justice protest, which is what it is, it is in insurrection, if you see any evidence. >> the closest thing we saw is material witnesses. and the government seemed to have no interest in it. and they are clearing the way for the protesters that have no idea that they are violating the law. >> we did a three-part investigation, it is called patriot purge.
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>> it turns out charlie crist will be the nominee for the governor, on the right-hand side of the screen there is rhonda santos as the incumbent governor. >> they are bringing charlie crist back. so great. and the field of medicine, based upon merit, oh, boy. and medical schools are lowering their standards in the name of equity. not an overstatement. we have that coming up next. ♪ ♪
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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>> we had interviewed john rich the other day, the second part
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of the interview comes out tomorrow morning, this weekend is he performed. here is a preview of the interview. a very honest person. and sitting here watching the news, yelling at my tv, and i'm looking at my boy, and then i think i'm going to put my boots on with the people i was just yelling at, am i going to be that guy? because that is called being a hypocrite, and i am the only example, if i am facing this kind of buzz saw, what are they going to look at in 2032, 2052, that will roll over for a dollar bill. so i decided to become vocal and
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what i think about my family and i knew that the industry i spent my entire life cultivating was extricating at this point and for a moment in freefall. >> saying be honest in public, 7:00 o'clock a.m. tomorrow morning, fox news. and here is a scary story, medical schools, yes, now equity over confidence, putting them at risk for real. heather mcdonald joins us with an overview. thank you so much for coming on. so with equity, what does this mean for medication?
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>> it is putting people people's lives at risk and according to the ama or the american association of medical colleges, it is equally important for your doctor to know about white privilege. they are mandating it, antiracism, white supremacy, we are eviscerating all the standards in the practice of medicine and where we admit they have scores that would be automatically disqualified. and it slow down the scientific progress and possible jeopardy indications.
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>> nobody cares, they just want the next possible doctor. >> the few people that have stood up including to be torn down. >> i appreciate your bravery, heather. >> thank you. tucker: we have more coming up next
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>> as we told you, charlie crist, the former republican, running in florida as a democrat, and who knows where he will be by the end of the campaign, we can't wait to find out. it's going to be hilarious. and anyway, that is it for us. >> thank you, tucker. welcome to "hannity." i was called a liar again today, a trust fund brat phony and we will get to that topic next.


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