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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 23, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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democrat, and who knows where he will be by the end of the campaign, we can't wait to find out. it's going to be hilarious. and anyway, that is it for us. >> thank you, tucker. welcome to "hannity." i was called a liar again today, a trust fund brat phony and we will get to that topic next.
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and we will let you decide if the bernie loving socialist hypocrite and a hoodie really cared about the people in pennsylvania. he will probably step aside and let someone more capable for office. plus, people that just don't feel like paying back the student loans. we have all of those details coming up and also tonight, the virginia governor is going to join us who is now blasting the fairfax county schools for hiring a convicted child sexual predator.
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and at the big board tonight, bill hemmer is with us. >> i will tell you a few stories about what is happening starting in florida. charlie crist, easily winning his campaign. so ron desantis has an opponent this fall. he used to be the governor, as a republican. now he is running as a democrat. he beat the agricultural commissioner quite easily, but unfortunately freed lost the battle. the congresswoman will go up against marco rubio. both candidates have raised money already. that is what is happening and
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looking at a couple races here, congressional district one. this is a race that got a lot of attention, and it is 2-1, this businessman that may face some challenges outside of congress, an easy winner for the panhandle going to the next side of the state. taking you now to new york. very interesting races, two of them, this is a special election race for new york. congressional district 19. this is a battle to see who fills the seat up until the fall, an open seat right now, and right around south of albany, upper hudson, if you are looking at the map, it is interesting is that he has run on abortion.
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a lot of people are going to look at this and try to figure out what we can expect. we will try to look at that as well. but joe biden one by appointment half, but donald trump one before that by about his points. we will see if it can be capitalized tonight. and another house race here. they redrew the lines repeatedly in new york. and they finally said hey, these are the lines in the selection and democrats eating democrats in a political sense, this is congressional district number 12 and we have some results here. okay, that was quick. jerry nadler, 57%, carolyn maloney, 26 and jerry nadler has been in congress representing the upper west side for more
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than 30 years, carolyn maloney has been in congress more than 30 years, representing the upper east side of new york. they drew the line, they have to compete against each other in the district, they are both at this time committee chairs, to the democratic led house. after tonight, someone is not going to have a job. about 71% of the boat coming in, jerry nadler has an easy lead of 56% of the vote, and we also have patel in a distant third. >> manhattan, the five boroughs, the bronx, staten island, this is manhattan right here. and jerry nadler had the light blue district for decades. and out here, carolyn maloney.
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in the dark district, upper east side, western edge of queens. and what i mentioned, they redrew the lines, new york lost a seat, manhattan has the 12th district encompassed entirely in this area and with carolyn maloney, as i try to bring this back here to you, between carolyn maloney and jerry nadler and suraj patel, someone is not going to have a job after tonight. so let me pop back here while i've got you. special elections, we are still not counting as fast and the congressional district number 19, nothing much to show for it, but it is a bit of a surprise given the vote that he has been picking up right now. that's what we've got, but we will let you know as we roll onward. sean: thank you so much.
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breaking developments surrounding the fbi raid at mar-a-lago. at the time of the raid, the joe biden white house said that they had no prior knowledge about the investigation as they were learning about it for the first time on the news like everybody else. last night here on this program, the investigative reporter john solomon told them that that is simply not true, based on documents reviewed, the biden white house actually facilitated the doj probe and the fbi and the doj and the joe biden administration was paving the way for the investigation into documents as "the wall street "t
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journal" pointed out, federal law gave mr. trump a right of access to them, entirely consistent with that right and therefore lawful regardless siding and in their warrant, and other words, no legal basis for this unprecedented warrant. keep in mind, the top democrats have been treated with gloves when accused of any official misconduct, no rate of hillary clinton's house after she put the country at risk by storing classified materials on not just one but multiple private servers, the own government believes by foreign governments, in july 2016, after listing all the classified material that was mishandled, james comey declared that no prosecutor would ever bring charges against her, hillary clinton, prior to an election, we will remind you, take a look.
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>> 110 e-mails, 52 e-mail chains, have been determined by the agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received, eight of those contained information that was top-secret at the time. ever since, 36 had contained secret information at the time and a total of eight contained confidential information's as well. although we did not find that they intended to violate laws handling classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of highly classified information. and there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information and that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case is our judgment. sean: she was a secretary of state, donald trump was the
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president, the right to declassify anything at any time, there was no rate, no search warrant, no charges against hillary clinton, also no rate, where he went into the national archives and he stole the classified material from those archives, he stuffed it into his pants, underwear and socks, including nothing belonging to joe biden or hunter biden despite serious criminal misconduct and yet the fbi and the doj has no problem reading the house of his possible future political opponent and that is former president donald trump even though in june he met with the doj officials at mar-a-lago, and by the way, they will offer any documents that they wanted, they were invited back to get anything they needed. and this includes that the fbi requested it.
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we also have a letter from the national archives and records group themselves saying that yes they cooperated fully and they were very helpful to the whole investigation, it reeks of political bias and is a shocking abuse of power, unequal application, the same people and the same fbi officials that elevated the russian hoax and the witchhunt and this includes those coming forward every other week with allegations of political bias and corruption. aleena is with us along with our legal analyst. let's speak about this important question about how hillary was treated, how berger was treated
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and let's talk about what they got from the national archives and records administration and what happened in the month of june. because it seems like they were saying and writing that donald trump was cooperating and apparently he cooperated in june just before this rate happened recently. >> that is an incredibly good question. first of all, what is the difference between hillary and the predecessors. >> that is the answer to that question, if he was on in this, this would not have happened. but as far as the rhetoric states, it stated that she was told by president biden, like you said, this misinformation that they did not know, counsel to the president said they could
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then decide to remove the privilege that every president prior has had an as to what happened between june and august and this was right before election. and in this was an improper search, there was no need for it and he was cooperating. absolutely no reason whatsoever. now we have evidence of that that they were cooperating. >> the night of the raid, you were on this very program, you pointed out what "the wall street journal" mentioned today that the federal record gave authority to have custody and control over presidential papers. i want you to talk about that and add to that, the right of a president to declassify
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documents as he sees fit, which is not something like hillary clinton could do. >> using terms like knowingly and deliberately. and here with president trump and they are not allowed to. and they said no, of course not after being questioned. and he cannot be held vicariously culpable under the law to the actions of his staff were auditors or lawyers.
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and he said the presidential records act, it is a measure of control, custody and possession and access. and of course these constitutional scholars in today's wall street journal article -- merrick garland knew all of that. and they tossed in several general statutes. and the records act, it takes precedence, it supersedes any general statutes. and merrick garland knew that, that he wanted to gain access to the compound of donald trump for an ulterior motive. maybe something related to the january 6 date.
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so he tossed out a general warrant and it requires it to be specific and this wasn't. and the guy never signed it, maybe he has some buyers remorse, perhaps that's why he wants to divulge the content, because maybe that shows misrepresentation and how a subpoena should have been used instead of a warrant. sean: thank you so much. it is pretty obvious that there trying to prevent donald trump from running for president again, and instead the new fishing expedition driving up enthusiasm, among conservative voters in time for the midterms, looking at the key race in pennsylvania between washington
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outsider and the part-time government workers, this guy never had a real job in his life. he is the guy with the tattoos, the hoodie, never working a real job, he lived off mom and dad as a trust fund brat, paying 1 dollar to buy his home from his family, he is a devout bernie sanders loving socialist and said what he wants to do for the country, i want to have happened happenin pennsylvania. he wants to legalize heroin, abortion with no restrictions, and also release murderers and rapists from jail to reduce the prison population by a third, supporting the green new deal, elizabeth warren supports him, he wants massive tax hikes, he is against fracking and oil and gas exploration.
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that is $80 billion of high paying career jobs in the state of pennsylvania, and he wants to wipe all of it out. and then he wants to weaponize the federal government against you, the american people, and american businesses. unfortunately, federman had suffered a crippling stroke and he only has a campaign for a total of 15 minutes since winning the democratic nomination including a very short and confusing and sad five minute speech from earlier today. >> let me ask you a question, if you say you think the word steelworker, what words come to your mind. well, what comes to my mind is i'm going to stand and defend if
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i make it to dc. and. [inaudible] anti-american. >> what is wrong for an easy and safe time of the income with a safe place for them to win. >> that was a little over four minutes. as of now, the john fetterman campaign is refusing to debate doctor oz, also refusing my invitation to appear on the program as he and his campaign have been lying about me, raising money off of my name, scenting on transcending another fundraising text, calling me a liar, every day he lies about me
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i will continue to tell the truth about his radical extreme, he is way out of touch with the hard-working people of pennsylvania. by the way, my trust fund friend, i will attack you back 10 to 100 times harder because you are a lying loser, raising money, you may be hearing from my lawyers very shortly. you better hope that mom and dad have enough money to pay the legal bills. it appears that he is mentally unable to debate, if you are watching tonight, if he is too weak to do an interview, how is this quite going to stand up for you in the senate? he won't debate doctor oz, but he sends out tweets. he's campaign a total of 15 minutes. here in the general election
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campaign. we have the gop gubernatorial candidate, sarah huckabee sanders is with us along with our fox news contributor. starting with you. if you say you want to support bernie sanders, what bernie sanders wants to do for america it says support abortion up to the moment of birth when it comes to him, i don't think this guy is to intouch with pennsylvania. >> i don't think he's in touch with anybody, it is absurd that this is the democrat candidate for u.s. senate in pennsylvania and i think he encapsulates everything that is wrong with the democratic party right now.
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and it's no longer the joe biden democratic party, it is bernie sanders and the party of alexandria ocasio-cortez. just look at what we are expected to see tomorrow with a complete and total wipeout of student loan debt and forgiveness of student loans. it is going to make inflation worse and frankly they don't care, this is a blatant attempt and they are looking to do things that will help them in november because they know the policies they have enacted have caused us to have a recession and putting a absolute turmoil on the southern border, every single thing that they touch they are destroying. so they have to work with how they can work on student loan forgiveness. they keep moving to the left, the only good thing is that it fires up republicans to turn out and show them what is coming in
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november, to make sure that we get strong conservatives. >> you are going to be a great governor, probably the best in the history of arkansas, there's another guy that talked about your last name, it reminds me of joe biden hiding in the basement, the media running defense in this case for john fetterman. he hasn't answered a single question and he has the most radical position and that did not work out well with joe biden. >> whenever you have somebody not answer questions, and honestly, it is very concerning, i truly hope that he gets the help that he needs. these are the kind of people that the democrats want, these are the people that they are electing in washington dc if they get their way, 75% of
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americans right now are saying that we are on the wrong track as a country, i would like to ask the 25% what is going so great for them. and we cannot afford to have anybody close to them representing pennsylvania or any other state in the senate right now, things are so bad in america and goodness, isn't it so insulting to see the democrats and joe biden come out with a statement of the making our lives better. that inflation is 0%. it's an absolute insult to americans, and i think that people get it and they feel it every day and they know not only are things just more expensive and just like people like john fetterman want to put in place. the only way that we are going to get our country back is if we get out and vote. we know how to turn it around.
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vote in republicans, boat out establishments. >> i hope that everybody hears you loud and clear, especially voters in arkansas, your new governor right there in the middle of this. thank you. coming up next, more handouts. you will not believe what they are doing now with the left wing. we will explain all of it and a preview with the big student that announcement tomorrow all caps forgiveness, as they call it. straight ahead. and then the dui video of nancy pelosi released. we will show you the video. don't stumble, straight ahead and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can... astepro and go.
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sean: joe biden tomorrow is
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expected to enact student loan forgiveness of $10,000 for those making under $100,000 per year. the plan is here to worsen inflation, even barack obama's advisor, mr. summers, agrees, and is facing back from the far left, they think he's not going far enough to reform the student loan process. everything for free. what a great new country. that is what the green new deal is. that is what this climate alarmist culture is. meanwhile a whopping $200,000 to buy a home amid a dip in home prices? basically a free house? where is my house? i would like a free house, here's a former senior counsel with us now, number one bestseller author, along with kellyanne conway.
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and you know, i didn't get to finish college because i ran out of money. every house i purchased i used my own money, and i've been working two full-time jobs my entire adult life. so giving people in the form of loan forgiveness and a free house is not something that i comprehend. >> it is not fair to developers, hairdressers, the people that chose to not go to college or who cannot afford to go or stay in college. it's not fair to the people to paid off student loans because they've made financial sacrifices that allow them to do that. it is also turning around the inflation to make it worse. economists, some and others are making this point, the they are going to make it more expensive by letting them know that every
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student has an extra taxable $10,000 from the beginning. in addition about they can spend money that they don't have on things that we don't need. and let me conclude that i'm hopping mad that we have an entire political party but don't believe in investing into school choice, charter school, educational freedom. there are many that are against it. they are all against it. if you want to invest in education, let's talk about who is suffering under the biden policy for two years. if you really cared he would make sure that the mental health and emotional health is taking care of instead of trying to purchase votes for doctors,
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lawyers, mba holders, so in their 40s somehow getting student loan forgiveness is outrageous. >> yes, right. in those that paid their mortgages, their student loans, it's their money that is going to go to other people for free. more than that, they sound like they are conservative and they don't want joe biden to campaign for them. why would that be? >> well, only 20% of democrats strongly support this president and he has had low ratings. they don't believe in the concept of america. they believe that they are more capable of spending your money than you are.
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it seems like the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of spending other people's money. and you hit all the numbers, it is obviously going to encourage more borrowing. the people that decided not to go to school, the irony of those that borrowed the money and can't pay back is amazing. on 60% are wealthy people that are to get this money and 48% of those people are grad students, just like all the journalists and have no problem with this new executive order or whatever joe biden is going to do to pay off their loans as well. and they are profiting off of other people's money. what margaret thatcher said, and
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is starting to come true through our very eyes. >> we appreciate you guys being with us. socialism, the history of failure, whatever name it is given and it always results in the same thing. unfulfilled promises, you have to calculate how much freedom you gave up by the government. you know, people saying save your money and those that say it's not a recession, oh, it's transitory, straightahead, nancy's husband and his dui video. finally made public. on the radical classroom take over hiring a convicted sex
6:36 pm
offender. we will have our guest straightahead
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sean: we have more details on
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the dwi arrest of nancy pelosi's husband as well as the dashboard camera video. >> i really don't want you to fall over and injure yourself. the whole purpose is to hold on, i smell alcohol from your breath, you were involved in a crash. >> he was driving his porsche when he slammed into a jeep. initially refusing a breathalyzer test, two hours later he was at .082, which is above the legal limit. he also gave them an 1199 foundation card, the california highway patrol charity. >> i am not sure if i can read
6:42 pm
that properly. a disturbing development in northern virginia, we are learning that fairfax county schools, employing a middle school counselor previously convicted of a sex crime with a minor in this comes from in schools coast-to-coast including one teacher in utah that is on video talking about her classroom and nonwhite students. >> for the first time i'm going to be teaching at a majority white school and i am interested to see how how students and parents notice anything about my classroom, because it is built for nonwhite students and what i mean is that you interact with some of the materials that i
6:43 pm
have, no white kids are presented. >> clearly she wants her 15 minutes of fame, saying his daughter attempted suicide not once but twice after the school encouraged others to call her a boy and gave her a new name, not notifying the parents, the father is now suing the clay county school district who will join us along with his attorney tomorrow night and amid all of these efforts to indoctrinate your kids in school, turning them into woke activism centers, losing confidence in the schools, god forbid they go to a school board meeting where they will be investigated for domestic terrorism. an governor, this has played a big role in your election any suits expanding across the country, can we talk about what's going on around the country and how can the parents
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stop this? >> well, first of all, this circumstance is a colossal failure on the local level from law enforcement and from the school board and the superintendent, to have someone who has been arrested for soliciting sex from a minor and then to be arrested again and then more time has passed before they are finally terminated from their position is beyond belief. and a woman moved a student from one school board to another where they had already been accused and convicted of assault. and this is why last year, all across virginia you saw signs
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that say parents matter. we passed legislation, giving them the ability to make decisions with regards to their children wearing a mask, to have visibility in the classroom, materials being used, making sure they are appropriate with their values. this is about recognizing who has the strongest role educating children and it is parents and teachers. >> we have very important midterms coming up and around 80 days, every candidate is going to talk about record high inflation, open borders, gas prices, but i would argue that you also showed this importance in the race about what is happening in the school system, towns and cities and then also simple things like safety and security for every citizen, be it in a town or a city. these should be bread-and-butter
6:46 pm
issues that they run on in this upcoming election. would you agree? >> without a doubt. what we saw was the kitchen table issues that have conservative issues, all voters support, education is at the top of the list and we see crime literally causing disruption and that is what we do in virginia. but at the top of the list is education. and parents get it. from the pandemic on this push to drive everything, being rejected, this is not at the expense of teaching history, the good and the bad, recognizing
6:47 pm
that we should embrace the diverse communities, at the end of the day we have to stop teaching our children and let's teach them critical history, critical science, the education of our children that republicans should win on. and in mexico, nevada, we need to make sure that we are looking after our kids. sean: reading and writing, science and math and computers, the woke agenda home, there are people that have parents, instilling the values that they believe in and their own children, to stay away from indoctrinating kids. we appreciate you being with us, thank you, governor. straightahead, another shocking senseless attack on video. we are going to show it to you as the violence continues across the country. plus one diplomat claims he has
6:48 pm
immunity from a rape charge in new york. why does he get diplomatic immunity? they will weigh in on that straightahead after this. tomoko. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free allergy spray. now without a prescription. astepro and go.
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless.
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but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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sean: a um diplomat from south sudan is dodging a rape charge thanks to what they call diplomatic immunity. the career diplomat had raped his neighbor in upper manhattan in the weekend. he said hecmalo immunity, released and not even charged, by the way the u.s. needs to give up on the u.n.
6:53 pm
and what have they ever done for the world or for us, except we pay the money. pretty much nothing. and more shopping caught on tape when it comes to crime. a man was sucker punched on saturday at a brooklyn mall and police are still searching for the suspect. and here with reaction, we have curtis sliwa and pam bondi. >> of course there should not be diplomatic immunity for ray. it was created unwarranted persecution or crime. joe biden should be all over the news. you know, they need to waive
6:54 pm
this immunity. and we are seeing no consequential actions. that is why curtis was in office. >> this seems to be the new fad, also throwing people in fond of moving trains in the subway and this is a game that has been played for quite some time called knockout and generally knocking him out and if you
6:55 pm
notice, all the people standing on the side, afraid to do anything, later on a security guard passes by, you look at this guideline face down, and where is the mayor? eric adams. nowhere in sight. and they should've voted for curtis sliwa. sean: you would have been a better pick. if we don't identify this, people, it's going to keep happening. no more diplomatic immunity. move it to china and russia and north korea. why are we paying for? we thank you. we will have more on "hannity" when we return after this. ♪ ♪ ♪
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sean: that is all the time wehar making the show possible, we hope that you will set your dvr so you never miss an episode. for news anytime, fox,, fox, but let not your heart be troubled, we have laura with us next. >> how many websites are you going to promote at the end of your show. [laughter] sean: oh, maybe just 10 seconds. [laughter] >> it so cruel, but you have to go with it because it's politics. sean: you said the perfect nickname for john fetterman should be uncle