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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 23, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> tyrus: thanks again to morgan ortagus, gooded, katie pavlich, kat timpf, the whole crew fox news at night with the wonderful shannon bream is next. i'm tyrus on behalf of greg gutfeld. he loves you, america! [cheers and applause] ♪♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to fox news at night, i'm shannon bream in washington. ♪ >> shannon: breaking tonight we're following two big stories, down to the wire ahead of his self-imposed deadline, president biden is reportedly set to make a major announcement just hours from now regarding student loan debt. we are crunching the numbers, our bream team panel will break down how much it could cost each u.s. taxpayer and why some progressives say still not
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enough. plus it is primary tonight in two big states with redistricting in new york forcing out a near 30-year incumbent. and a familiar face to florida voters looks to unseat governor ron desantis. nothing like an election night when numbers start rolling in we start with our chief political anchor bret baier at the big board to break down the races. >> haitian on lot of activity one of the biggest races we're following is in new york. it's not a primary race it's actually a special election filling an open seat in new york district 19. now, this is looking tonight like democrats are going to pick this up in a republican-leaning district. this is pat ryan versus mark molinaro. ap hasn't called it yet, but it looks like there are not enough votes for mull nair 0 to close this gap. that is big in this environment. pat ryan used choice, he used
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the overturning of roe v wade as a big part of his campaign. he said on all his signs, choice is on the ballot. a big part of his campaign. the d triple c dropped about 500 how thousand in ads but the nrcc the national republican congressional committee put in 1.2 million late in this race thinking they were going to pull this out. here's one of the ads that ran just this week. >> across the country they called cops racist, advocated looting and violence and extreme liberal pat ryan marched alongside them. despite violent crimes surging, pat ryan wanted to deny local police critical equipment. now pat ryan supported by extremists pushing to eliminate cash bail. >> pat ryan looks like will pull out this race. joe biden won this district by two points. donald trump won this district in 2016 by four points. president obama won this district.
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it's a true swing district. so you will see democrats tout this from the mountain tops as evidence that the environment has changed ahead of the midterms and that the red wave is not a red wave and may be a ripple. republicans will say that this is not a great environment in new york in a special election. they were worried about turnout. there will be all kinds of sides weighing in but in the political big picture, this is a big deal. this is a political earthquake for democrats in this midterm environment with this president. all right, let's go look at another race. i want to quickly show you that the redistricting really did mean a lot in new york. this is congressional district 12 that was redistricted. this was jerry nadler's district in light blue here and this is carolyn mahoney's district, maloney's district right here in the dark blue, and the new one is in the yellow there. and that created this clash of the titans, two congress people who have been in congress for 30
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years, both of them. they're both committee chairs and jerry nadler with a big win in new york. there's one other race here in new york that we're following. it's not been called yet. this is congressional district 10, and it looks like dan goldman is going to pull it out although it's very tight with state assembly woman gnu. this is 95%. it looks like he's going to pull it out we'll see let's look at a couple of other things. first of all, to florida where we now have in the situation of the governor's race a democratic opponent to ron desantis in florida, that is charlie crist, congressman charlie crist. democrat, however also former republican governor charlie crist. he wins over the florida agriculture commissioner nikki fried. and now sets up this charlie crist versus ron desantis and that will be a battle.
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ron desantis has a big war chest, a ton of money down there obviously and well positioned. let's look at the senate. now there is an opponent val demings up against marco rubio the incumbent republican senator there. that is seen as perhaps a closer race one that people are watching. and then we will go all the way out to the special elections, special runoff, i should say, in oklahoma, and that is to fill the seat of senator inhoff who's retire and mark wayne mullen the congressman beating t.w. shannon up there so that sets up a battle. oklahoma leans right, that should be a red hold in oklahoma. but that big race really is the special election in new york, and one that i know you will hear a lot about from a lot of corners in the media tomorrow >> shannon: yeah that will probably be the political headline. by the way, brett, if bill hemmer is watching and this is
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past his bedtime. he would be jealous you have the board mastered. >> i'm feeling it. >> shannon: the races, it's just racking up. thank you for being up late with us we appreciate that roundup, brett. >> you bet. >> shannon: in a few hours president biden is expected to announce $10,000 in so-called student loan debt cancellation for borrowers who make less than $125,000 a year. white house corespondent kevin corke is taking a closer look about what we know about the plan tonight and the expected economic impact for everyone who pays taxes. good evening kevin. >> yes indeed shannon. the precise details of the biden plan include a cap with forgiveness for folks that earn less than $125,000 a year are kept to a fairly small circle within the administration and even tonight at this late hour apparently they still haven't finalized all of the details ahead of the announcement. now the long-delayed move would, if it were to hold up under legal scrutiny forgive up to $10,000 in federal student loans
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for many americans and extend a pause on payments to january, that according to three people familiar with the plan. biden, as you know, has faced pressure from liberals to provide much broader relief to hard-hit borrowers and also faced a bit of pressure from moderates and republicans who question the fairness of any widespread forgiveness which would, they argue, force blue collar workers and those americans who didn't have the chance to go to college, didn't make the choice to go to college, to pick up the tab for, let's say a bunch of philosophy majors from boden college. we estimate according to penn warden that forgiving federal college student loan debt will cost between 300 billion and nearly a trillion dollars, 980 billion over the ten year budget window depending on program details. the debt in the top 60% of the income distribution meaning a lot of folks who make a lot of money will be impacted.
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naacp will not be happy either. they said president biden's student debt cannot become a policy that has left black people, especially black women behind. this is not how you treat black voters who turned out in record numbers and provided 90% of their vote to, once again, save democracy in 2020. now the nation's federal student loan debt now tops, a staggering number, $1.6 trillion. that's a big number. and this potential policy experts believe will actually exacerbate the already building inflation problem which is crippling the middle class in this country. so it may happen, but i think there will be lots of debate in the meantime shannon. >> shannon: there will be. and this administration taking heat as you noted from both sides not happy about this whole thing. >> that's right. >> shannon: we'll see how they get it done. kevin i will see you back in just a few minutes. >> yeah, we're going to talk about tipping. >> shannon: yeah, who's good and who's bad at that.
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>> see you in a few. >> shannon: thanks kevin. let's debate this student loan debt cancellation program and who will be paying for it financially. great to see both of you. reading up a little more on this today i stumbled across this week in news week an opinion piece by a gentleman names charles stallworth a union railroad worker he said this is a left wing trickle down economic theory, he said how much of an elitist do you have to be not to give a dam about the cruelty of demanding that blue collar workers who didn't go to college chip in and pay off student loans that they didn't take out. horace, first to you. >> look, if you go to college and you rack up 60 or 70 or $80,000 in debt so that you can get your elizabeth ann poetry
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manager that qualifies you to be night manager at mcdonald's, you need to pay for that, not the rest of americans. this is the worst kind of eliteism. this is the president and his party paying off their supporters who overwhelmingly have picked up these kind of woke majors at these expensive colleges. >> shannon: and lesley as kevin was reporting there it sounds like when you look at how this would break down, the people who would benefit the most are people who maybe need the loan forgiveness the least. people who have college degrees are relatively successful at least in a position to pursue some type of career. and as we talked about, both the left and the right to some extent are mad about this. senator bernie sanders tweeted this out. he talked about the loans that went out to businesses during the pandemic. he said if we can afford to cancel hundreds of billions to ppp loans to business owners in their time of need please do not tell me we can't afford to cancel all student debt for 45 million americans.
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lesley the far let says forget the $10,000 forgiveness the white house needs to get rid of all of it. >> it wasn't just people on the far far left. senator chuck schumer also wanted $50,000, not $10,000. horace, i'm going to poo-poo your poo-pooing these people because there are doctors out there, people who went to medical school, like my husband. >> they should pay their own way. >> wait, wait, wait, wait. wait, wait, wait. there are many people right now who are general practitioners who start at about $87,000 a year and have about half a million dollars in debt because you have to go to school so long to become a physician. you not only have college, you have med school, you have internship and residency and fellowship. the list goes on. but i digress. back to shannon, back to shannon's question. first of all, this was the most -- this was the cheapest path if you will for the president to take. second of all -- wait. this isn't about democrat --
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horace i was quiet when you talk, give me the same respect please. this is not about democrat and republican. former president donald trump unless i missed it is not a democrat. he had a pause, he had a certain level of forgiveness in a certain time line and then we're comparing it budgetary wise, this is less than half of the defense budget. i could go on where it lies. and then lastly this is not profitable for the u.s. government to be giving out these loans anyway economically. >> shannon: to the economic and budgetary point of this, the national taxpayers union foundation says the cost of student debt cancellation could average $2,000 per u.s. taxpayer. so when you say cancel this doesn't go into outer space forever and vaporize somebody will pay for it and it looks about $2,000 per us tax pair also the $329 billion in cancellation is more than the congressional budget office estimated the entire inflation reduction act reduces in the
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first decade. if they do this it wipes out the first package they had and told us would get rid of inflation or part of the deficit. >> that's just another lie. we're not going to discuss the inflation reduction act. but i do want to make sure people remember there is the 13th amendment. it says that we can't have slavery. people aren't forced to go into medical school. they're not forced to go into banking. they're not forced to become stock brokers. they're not forced to do any of those things. they make a choice. a morale hazard is created when you say to people, run up half a million dollars worth of debt and then turn around and say, hey, you're a janitor, hey, you're a plumber, you're going to pay for mine. that's unfair. that's unjust. and it's just another example of how this president and this administration are paying off their core supporters at the expense of everybody else.
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>> shannon: and lesley there are democrats and republicans out there saying they worry that this will allow or enable and embolden colleges to hike up their tuition if they know people can get forgiveness somewhere ultimately benning the colleges more than anybody else. >> well, this is one of the reasons i think that the president took and, you know, got angry, you know, response not only from the naacp with regard to people of color, but also from democrats and the progressive faction like you had mentioned earlier, senator bernie sanders. and this is a problem that we have. to go to oxford university in the uk, if you are a citizen of the uk, is $9,000 a year. so certainly the exorbitant price of colleges and universities in this country is something that has to be looked at but not something that the president can decide or can do with a pen and a piece of paper. >> shannon: all right. lesley and horace, always great to have you and to have you together. please come back soon.
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>> thank you. >> of course, thank you. >> shannon: part of the justice department filter team poured over documents seized by the fbi at mar-a-lago, new questions raised tonight about the records and record keeping practices at president trump's florida compound. chief breaking news corespondent trace gallagher is on the case tonight. good evening trace. >> shannon good evening. here's the quandary, president trump's lawyers have requested an appointment of an independent special master to examine records seized from mar-a-lago but the department of justice has now had the documents for more than 15 days and now we know a doj taint or filter team has already been reviewing the documents and has also identified several boxes that contain information covered by attorney/client privilege. now trump's lawyers maintain the doj does not treat the former president fairly and will not fight to protect his privileged rights. meantime, the judge presiding over trump's request for a special master, u.s. district court judge i lean cannon is now
9:16 pm
asking trump's legal team by friday mind you to give her deals precisely what donald trump is asking her to do. in other words, judge cannon wants to clarify both the specific legal claims being made and the effect the motion will have on the case being heard by judge bruce reinhart. that, of course, is the judge who signed off on the warrant to raid mar-a-lago. and we're also learning the biden white house signed off on having the fbi and intelligence community examine hundreds of pages of classified documents that former president trump turned over to the national archives and records administration or nara. a letter posted on the nara web site indicates the biden administration did not believe a former president could exert executive privilege over material that by law had to be turned over to nara. trumps lawyers say turning over classified documents shows mr. trump was clearly cooperated. watch. >> this was an improper search. it was not done correctly.
9:17 pm
there was no need for it and he was cooperating. there is absolutely no reason, no reason, and now we have evidence of that, that they were cooperating. >> finally important to remember the doj has until thursday at noon to inform judge reinhart about exactly what redactions should be made to the affidavit. the judge has said he is inclined to release portions of that affidavit. >> shannon: yeah, we are standing by, trace thank you very much for getting us update. >> sure. >> shannon: first up in tonight's crime crisis roundup a brutal attack caught on camera in new york. another man sucker punched from behind again apparently without provocation. this time at a brooklyn mall. the attack left the 36 year old victim unconscious. police are looking for these two men involved in the assault. >> they're also looking for this man and others who ran up to an elderly pedestrian and sprayed him with a fire extinguisher. shortly after that attackers sprayed a fire extinguisher at another senior citizen. neither man was seriously
9:18 pm
injured but nypd's hate force tack for is investing the incident. in arizona a brutal assault a woman hit a circle k employee in the head with a brick sending her to the floor. the woman then harassed the worker and repeatedly struck her head against the floor until the employee turned over the pin number to the register. phoenix police caught one of the suspects in this video but are still looking for the main suspect >> and in santa monica california a small dog left blind after accidentally eating oxycodone and collapsing on a walk with his owner. she rushed him to the vet and the vet said the test showed the dog named chance likely od'd on oxycodone he picked up on the walk. and while he has recovered it left him without his sight >> more fears of rodney's family were realized tuesday when a coroner confirmed that the body pulled from a northern california reservoir was that of the missing 16 year old. corespondent molly has details
9:19 pm
tonight and how a unique dive team was able to find her when authorities could not. good evening, molly. >> good evening shannon. the body recovered over the weekend by a volunteer search and dive team has been confirmed by the nevada county coroner to be that of missing california teen-ager kylie rodney and now they're turning their expertise to another unsolved case. >> we developed a unique skill set over the years here with cold cases, you know, and we use those tactics in this particular case. >> adventures with purpose used two sonar boats and located 16 year old kylie's suv in a little more than half an hour on sunday morning in a creek reservoir north of lake tahoe. this after law enforcement spent weeks searching the area. >> we will be taking the next two days to properly debrief, decompress and prepare for our next case, which is 22 year old
9:20 pm
joe list a in california. >> shannon: she was last seen at 4:00 a.m. on august 7th leaving an amp.m. convenience storm t 2011 silver hyundai accent she was driving has not been found, police say her phone last pinged near pines lake and avocado lake. >> it's such bad geography up there and so big and treacherous looking for that car because it's the biggest piece or object that would be easiest to find. we would love to find her phone. we would absolutely love to find her. >> the adventures with purpose has more than 2.4 million followers on youtube and a big social media where they highlight their searches bringing closure to kylie rodney's family. they note attention and donations help them continue their work. >> 600,000 people go missing every year and our purpose is to be a voice for the voiceless and
9:21 pm
fight for those who can't fight for themselves. >> adventures with purpose claim they have solved nearly two dozen missing person cold cases since 2019. shannon? >> shannon: molly thank you so much >> coming up a mama dog calls out for help and you won't believe what a rescuer found when he showed up >> and this is one way to eat a hotdog or enjoy your beer. today's best viral videos. can't wait to hear what you think of these next. who says you can't get 100% whiter teeth? try crest whitening emulsions. remove 10 years of stains... in just 4 days. and it's enamel safe for everyday use. better... faster... 100% whiter teeth. crest. the #1 teeth whitening brand in america. the unknown is not empty.
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♪♪ >> shannon: first up in tonight's viral videos, a yankees fan caught on camera doing something ingenious or disgusting depending on your perspective. take a look as he turns this hotdog into a straw and then proceeds to drink his beer through the hotdog. the man did this so quickly the meaty straw we have to believe
9:27 pm
this is not his first time doing it. another fan had a unique take on the hotdog and beer combo just dipping the whole dog and bun into the cup. not sure what the world has come to but you go to the game and have a good times more power to you. coast guard posting this video of a 131 foot super i can't tell sinking off the coast after it started taking on water. all nine people on board were rescued but you can see this vessel previously named my saga a very tragic ending >> a traveller as the big easy's louie armstrong new orleans international airport captured this stunning image of lightning striking the tarmac. shared it with our friends at fox weather it is very hard to get a picture like this because the average duration of a strike is a fraction of a second. nicely done. >> are you going to cut it off when the contest is done? >> why would i do that? >> it's part of his image now. >> shannon: exactly why would he?
9:28 pm
the father of eight year old emmitt throwing it behind his boy's hair style. he took home the mullet scampship has men women and teens all with their own categories. he is working to keep it >> another eight year old boy taking home a win of sorts making the discovery of a lifetime while on vacation in south carolina. a giant shark tooth believed to be from a long ex extinct speeshy that could have been nearly 70 feet long. it was discovered during a fossil hunting ex curings >> a whole litter of pups got buried in a land slide. he heard the cries of a mama working on a farm, knew something was wrong. she would not leave that spot. he began digging and sure enough pulled up one little dog 0 after another. the pumps were buried and all
9:29 pm
looked healthy despite the rcumstances and i think they're all adopted otherwise we would be flying to turkey to get them. if you have any viral videos hit us up at shannon bream at fox at night on social media. >> i have to say you make the viral videos so fun. she cracks me up. >> shannon: our team is so good at finding those. >> how do they do those. >> shannon: they are wizards and i love it because they get the best material and they know we like animals. nicely done team. so kevin is back. >> uh-huh. >> shannon: and a lot of folks cut back during, you know, the pandemic. they weren't going out. and now that they are, we're keeping track of the tipping and how they're doing. because listen our service workers are hustling. the ones who do show up. >> absolutely. >> shannon: i was at a restaurant where one young woman was running having, she was hosting and waiting and doing everything and a friend of hers showed up to help her. >> you're kidding. >> shannon: because she was so overwhelmed. that's a good friend. >> when i was growing up,
9:30 pm
everyone worked in food service, i worked at an old hilton hotel and i was the busboy but a lot of what you do when you're a busboy, back then anyway is you're also helping with tables, filling glasses of water, moving things, do you need something, you would go back to the kitchen so i get that i lived that life. >> shannon: you're probably a good tipper. if you've done the work you're a good tipper. >> you nailed it. if you've done it you get it. americans are continuing to dole out big tips at restaurants even as high inflation hangs over the economy. shannon's right. according to sales data from the software provider toes i have their app the average tip is up about 10% compared to last year despite higher prices across the board. now there are some folks in some states that are more generous tippers than others. so we thought we would give those states a shout-out. if you're a hueser well done best tipers in the country up there with west virginia, o-h-i-o, delaware, who knew and
9:31 pm
the blue glass state of kentucky. if you're a terrible tipper chances are you will you have california, washington, sorry shannon, florida. >> shannon: no. >> a lot of new york transplants. >> shannon: in california a lot of them move there. >> that makes a difference. new york and hawaii. i don't want to call out most of the bad tipping states are blue states. >> shannon: uh-oh. >> and, just kind of noticed that. you're a good tipper. >> shannon: especially especially right now people are working so hard and it's an extra thank you. >> i'm always 10% or more. always. >> shannon: if you're terrible you get 13%: good news coming up. >> see you then >> live look at closely watched primaries out of two of the most populous states but first a quick look at wednesday's forecast from fox meteorologist nick co-sir. >> i'm meteorologist nick companies you are and who's your fox weather wednesday forecast. again, shannon, the whole good enough coast covered in green, heavy rain continues to be the
9:32 pm
big story as a very slow-moving storm over the next five days is going to dump maybe five inches of rain in some of these spots in the yellow and orange. heads up, gulf coast. and you can download the fox weather app or stream fox weather from your favorite connected tv device. we got the house! you did! pods handles the driving. pack at your pace. store your things until you're ready. then we deliver to your new home - across town or across the country. pods, your personal moving and storage team. >> tech: cracked windshield? trust safelite. we'll replace your glass and recalibrate your vehicle's camera, so automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning work properly. don't wait--schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> shannon: welcome back to another primary tuesday night with some crucial races on the ballot in two of the biggest states in the country. team coverage tonight, phil keating tracking the results in florida but first we head to brian llenas with how things are shaping up in new york. good evening, brian. >> shannon, good evening. the powerful house judiciary chair representative jerry nadler handedly won tonight by some 30 points over his challenge challenger representative carol maloney ending that democratic leader's three decade career. the newly redrawn 12th
9:38 pm
congressional district forced these two democratic leaders to clash against one another in what was a bitterly contention rate. in a statement house speaker nancy pelosi congratulated nadler and said maloney's leadership and long time deinvoicings will be greatly missed. nadler tweeted new york we did it i'm grateful for your continue support and trust. i promise to keep on fighting for new yorkers in congress. onward >> maloney the chair woman of the house oversight committee conceded. >> i'm really sad that we no longer have a woman representing manhattan in congress bringing -- and we cannot and must not give up. the fight continues. >> meanwhile, congressman sean patrick maloney, the democrat in charge of helping democrats win elections nationwide beating his more progressive challenging alexander biaggi who was backed by aoc and championed defunding
9:39 pm
the police. trump impeachment lawyer dan goldman in the lead in new york tenth congressional district, he is claiming victory with a one percentage point advantage but the race has not been called. temperature closest challenger julie niou said she won't concede until every absentee vote is counted. then the big race democrat pat ryan has defeated republican mark molinaro in a tight race in new york's 19th district. this was a special election to fill the seat vacated by now lieutenant governor antonio delgado a swing district biden won by two points. political experts viewed this as a litmus test as to whether or not, well, which party has momentum heading into november. molinar 0 made this campaign a referendum on president biden
9:40 pm
but pat ryan made this about abortion rights and supreme court decisions and ultimately democrats feeling very good about this win, expect them to tout this as a huge win and a sign the political climate has changed heading into november. shannon. >> just weeks away. brian llenas in new york. thank you brian >> in addition to a slew of house races tonight democratic voters in florida are also deciding which candidates will challenge republican governor ron desantis and gop senator marco rubio come november. corespondent phil keating is tracking all those races from fort lauderdale. good evening phil. >> good evening shannon. the primary gloves are off. the results are in. and now it's all about the big battle in november. and in one of the most closely watched primary races nationwide, we'll find out who's going to face off in november against republican governor ron desantis. now we know it is going to be the man who once was florida's governor back in the days when he was a republican.
9:41 pm
that man is democratic congressman charlie crist, the career politician who also was a past attorney general. shortly after 8:00 he joyously greeted his supporters in saint pete having won decisively with 60%. >> hey, listen. you know this is as well i. the stakes could not be any higher for this election. our fundamental freedoms are literally on the ballot my friends. a woman's right to choose on the ballot. >> governor desantis held his own watch party, even though he was running unopposed in the republican primary. and just as he predicted he will face a well-funded crist campaign. >> don't take this freedom for granted. you have to fight for it. we need to win across the board in november to make sure that we solidify this state as the nation's citadel of freedom. >> and in an even more lopsided democratic primary to find out
9:42 pm
who would be taking on republican senator marco rubio, congresswoman val demings, the former orlando police chief, easily beat her three rivals pulling 85% of the votes. >> i stand before you tonight as the democratic nominee for the u.s. senate [cheers and applause] >> i really like the sound of that. and let me say, i stand before you tonight believing in the promise of america. because i have seen the promise of america. >> she calls what minneapolis were thinking about defunding police she said that was thoughtful. when people were in the streets burning down cities she said it's a beautiful sight. now she's opposed two years later. >> moving to the school board
9:43 pm
level republicans in florida are rejoicing tonight because the school boards of these liberal districts, miami dade, devalue, sarasota, martin and clay counties have now completely changed their complex moving from a majority liberal district to a majority conservative. shannon? >> shannon: phil keating in florida. thank you, phil. >> ♪♪ >> shannon: first up in tonight's real news roundup the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi pleading guilty to driving under the influence and causing injury in connects with an accident in may. fox news digital has obtained this video of pelosi arrest. the plea agreement includes a work program, a three-month drunk driving program, one year with an interlocks device restitution payment and three years probation. >> on line sight yelp is adding a notice to pregnancy crisis
9:44 pm
centers saying they typically provide limited medical services and may not have licensed medical professionals on site. many centers do not provide abortions but do provide ultrasounds could you think prenatal care and other supports for pregnant women >> starbucks closed its doors in russia after brutal invasion of ukraine but new and nearly identical franchise called stars coffee look at the logo is taking its place. it's described as the ap as the starbucks mur made separated at birth and the menu looks familiar as well. starbucks previously operated 130 stores in russia. >> coming up, independence day in ukraine is daunting right now as president zelenskyy warns the russians can launch attacks in the coming hours. what we know coming up next.
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>> shannon: tonight the u.s. is once again urging americans to leave ukraine immediately. the warning comes amid fears russia may try to spoil the country's independence holiday wednesday and the war's six month mark to intensify attacks. the intel community has declassified a report showing russia forces are likely to ramp up attacks on civilian infrastructure. let's did you say the threat level with former state department official david and
9:50 pm
former national security council chief of staff fred fleisch. gentlemen welcome back. i want to talk about this idea that wednesday would be an independence day celebration for beening why, there would be parades and gatherings, but david there's real concern now that that could be just a target that's just too attractive for russia at this point. >> that's right. so this marks the independence day when ukraine declared independence in august 24th, 1991, and soon after they had a referendum and across ukraine people overwhelmingly voted to be independent of russia that includes in the area that russia now occupies. as you mentioned normally it's celebrated with parades and parties and there's usually a parade down the main street of kyiv. this year instead of having a parade they brought in destroyed tanks and armored vehicles from russia, a grim reminder of the fight for their lives that the
9:51 pm
ukrainians are in. and russia wants to send a message likely on this day in particular. if you believe, as i do, that part of the reason that putin ordered the invasion of ukraine is because of his disdain for democracy, he wants to mark this day that's usually for celebration with a grim message to the ukrainians that they will no longer be independent if he gets what he wants. >> shannon: one of the biggest concerns now is, you know, the nuclear facilities in ukraine and the fighting and the, you know, captivity and all the things that are happening around the hot spots. want to play something from a residential der living near one of these nuclear plants. here's what he said. >> of course we are worried it's like sitting on a powder keg. a reactor would not be a local but global catastrophe. >> shannon: what do you make of that threat because that is irreversible. >> it's a serious threat. i don't think there's any risk
9:52 pm
of a meltdown at this nuclear plant right now, it's actually a nuclear facility, five or six nuclear reactors but this plant stores nuclear waste highly er raid yayeded logs and they could release radiation over a large area. it's against law to bring a nuclear reactor into a conflict. the russians are using the ground near reactor to fire on the ukrainians, the ukrainians may have fired back or false flag attacks to make it looks like they did by the russians. we're not looking at a meltdown right now but a very dangerous situation, no near term solution. >> shannon: i want to bring up some of the russian invasion attacks in ukraine so qui see the looming threats and attractive targets for the russians. we are, making six months into this and gentlemen i remember you having you on early on and there was a lot of talk would
9:53 pm
this be three days or a week before kyiv fell, before ukraine fell. six months in, these folks have suffered enormous losses and yet their will to keep fighting, david, is something that i don't think a lot of folks expected six months in. >> that's right. so it's almost morning in ukraine, as we said back in those days in the early days of the invasion in february, every morning that ukrainians come out on their streets and don't see russian troops on their streets and they see that they're still free and still a democracy is something to rejoice. so they do have something to celebrate tomorrow. even though they are i say faking dark days ahead and, as it gets colder, as we move into fall and winter, it may be even tougher, especially because it will be hard for them to heat their homes. so they face an enormous crisis caused by russia, it doesn't seem like russia is going to relent. but i would also note that today, earlier today, president zelenskyy hosted a conference on
9:54 pm
crimea of all places. crimea's been under russian occupation since 2014 but this conference was about how ukraine still considers crimea part of ukraine and 60 different countries and leaders of 60 different countries including secretary blinken on behalf of the united states participated in this conference. so it's a message that president zelenskyy is saying we're not giving up an inch to russia despite the incredible consequences that face as a result of the invasion six months ago. >> shannon: their perseverance is inspiring. gentlemen we will leave it there but please come back because this is far from over. we appreciate your time >> kevin's back with wa we really need to close us out, some good news tonight. >> yes indeed i think you'll love this too. take you back to the valley of the sun for this good news good night where the arizona small dog rescue is taking on a very big case after a severely underweight dehydrated puppy with a chef pallet came into the shelter. ziggy had it rough weighed 6.7
9:55 pm
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