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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 23, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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former republican is now running for governor of florida as a democratasascr that charlie crist is with seen so many times over his life, who knows what he'll be by b the end of the campaign? we can't wait to find out. it's's going to be hilarious anyway. that's it for us . i wish we had more time. we'll be back tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. so the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink the best thing with sean hannity, ladies and gentlemen. all right.ou and tucker, thank, welcome to "hannity" this election night. primary night tonight, a rare in-person campaign event for the very spoiled trust fund brad in a hoodie, john fetterman, who called me a liar again today. and every day he calls me a liar. we "ity. will tell you the truth about who he really is because he's a trust fund brad phony that tries to act tough with tattoos and that anyway. and in roughly five minutes, het gave a speech today. he's not doing well. you could say that stroke was
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beyond debilitating. it was crippling for him. w anyway, we'll let you decide now. in fact, if john , the burning sanders loving socialist spoiled brad brad trust fund hypocrite who he really cared about the people of pennsylvania, he probably step aside and let someonehehe more capable run for office. will play the tape. also tonight, democrats are now planning to give more of your hard earned tax dollars to people that just don't feel like paying back their student,l loans like most of you l did in the middle of a recession and a 40 year high of inflation. we have those full details coming . also tonight, virginia governor glenn young will join us and he is now blasting fairfax county schools for hiring a convicted child predator. can't believe we're dealing with this issue. but first, we begin tonight, this election night with a fox news alert. >> now we called polls are closed in florida and new york and oklahoma where several key primary races will soon be decided. he is at the big board tonights
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. it is the hammer big board. bill hemmer with us. interesting stuff to look at tonight. i think so. not a ton of surprises yet, but i'll tell you a few stories about what's happening and i'll take you through it. waiting on new york, the polls just closed in new york a moment ago when it started here in florida. charlie crist now is easily won his campaign. r soon rhonda santos now has an opponent for the governor's races this fall. charlie crist used to be the governor in florida. sean, as a republican . now he's running as a democrat.a he beat nikki free . the agriculture commissioner quite easily. freed was the only statewide democrat to hold statewide office in florida. she lost that battle tonight on the senate side, we've got a winner here as well. val demings easy, former police chief in orlando was a congresswoman. she will go up against marco rubio by a lot f of attention given that race on both candidates have raised a lot of moneyy already. ne so that's what's happening on the democratic side. the republican side
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on the house down here inng florida. we looked at a couple of races here, this congressional district one , this is ae, race got a lot of attention. matt case an easy winner, a two to one over mark lombardo, libardo businessman tried to take that seat . matt gateson challenges outsideo of congress an easy winner for the panhandle at western edge toflorida, going out the western side of the state. now i want to take you to new york , two races very interesting happening right now, no results. and this is a special electionio race in new york congressional district 19 . this is not a primary. is a battle to see who fills the seat up until the fall. an open seat right now it's republican molinaro against democrat pat ryan right around the just south of albany here, i'd sayay the catskills and uppi hudson valley if you're looking in the map. well, what's interesting about this, john , is that ryan has ever since the decision by the us supreme court, hes has run on abortion. molinaro has kept the focus on inflation and crime
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and progressive ideas in the state of new york . a lot of people are going to t look at this race here and try and figure out what we can expect for the fall and we'll tryxp read that as well. but what's interesting is that joe biden won this district by about a point and a half, b four years prior. donald trump won the district by six points. itlfne trends red and we'll see whether or not molinaro can i capitalize on that. tonight, another house racefey here. they redrew the lines repeatedly in new york , trying to redistrict everything, trying to line it up, went to a special master. finthey finally said these are the lines and these are the rules you're going to play by in this election. heand this is what this is where you get into democrats eating democratsocra in a political se. okay, this is congressional district 12 . okay, we've got some results h in. all right. that was quick. congressional district 12 in new york . jerry nadler at 57%. carolyn maloney twenty six . why is this significant? ry jerry nadler has been in congress for more than 30 years
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representing the upper west side of new york . carolyn maloney has been in congress for more than 30 years representing the upper eastes side of new york . d they drew the lines they have to compete against each other in this district. they arere both right now committee chairs and the democrat led house. after tonight, john , c someones not going to have a job at about 71% of the estimated vote coming in. jerry nadler right now has an easy lead here with fiftyea six percent of the vote. saraj patel, age thirty eight said it's time for new blood tried to a inject themselves into the race. and right now he's finishing running rather in a distant third. let me try and show you what i'm talking about here, sean. if i could just tell our viewers at home, newark, new jersey out here, manhattan ,the five boroughs, the bronx ,queens, brooklyn, staten island, this is manhattan right here. nadler had the light blue district for decades. it ran all along the upper west side, west side and midtown out in the brooklyn here, carolyn
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maloney ran the dark district, t upper east side, midtown manhattan, western edge of queens. remember that special master i mentioned? they read you the lines. new york lost the seat here and manhattan's 12th district is encompassed entirely in thism area and again, as i mentioned between maloney and i'm trying to bring this back here forma a moment here before i give it back to you, john . between maloneyey and jerry nadler. well, someone's not going to i have a job after tonight.ob you got 71% of the vote reporting right now. let me pop back here. g i got you, sean,ot to this special election. so we're still we're not count as fast up in the congressionalc district. t nineteen nothing much to show for. but did this bitnog m of a surpe right now with nadler getting the votes that he's picking up right now? soso that's what we got onward.n weow roll and let you know whati happened a bit later shot back to you. all right. bill hemmer as a big board. we will monitor results all
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night tonight. now to more breaking developments surrounding the fbi raid at mar a lago. now, at the time of the raid, the biden white house,bi remember, they claim they had no prior knowledge att all of the investigation and they were learning about it forhe the firl time on the news like everybody else. but last night, right heren on this program, investigative reporter john solomon tells invs us all of that is just simply not true. and based on documents reviewedo by solomon, the biden whiteie house, in fact,it actually facilitatee the doj probe against donald trump won high level biden staffer was even in communication with the fbi and the doj as early as april the 15th and conveyed, quote, d president joe biden would not object, waiving his predecessor's claims to executive privilege. in other words, the biden administration was actively paving the way for the fbi's investigation into documents from trump's time as president that trump had every legal right to possess.
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as the "wall street journal" and our own greg jarrettjo pointed out, federal law givesur mr. trump g a right of access to them. his possession of them is entirely consistent with that right and therefore lawful regardless of the statutes that the fbi is citing in their warrant. and in other words, there was no legal basis for this unprecedented warrant. now, keep in mind, top democrats have always been treatedra with kid gloves by the fbi and the doj when accused of any official misconduct. there was no raid of hillary h clinton's house after she putnt our country at risk by storing top secret and classified material on not one but multiple private servers that were likely hacked. our ownn government believes by foreign governments. in fact, in july of 2016, after listing all the classified material that wasasth mishandlei james comey declared that no prosecutor would ever bring charges againstsh hillary clintn prior to an election. remember will remind.
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take a look. one hundred and ten emails inav 50 to email chains have been determined by the only agency to containie classified information at the time they were sent or received. eight of those chains contained information that was top secret at the time they were sent. thirty six of those chains contain secret information at the time and eight contained confidential information at the time. although we did not fin clear evidence that secretaryry clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they wereha extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. although there is evidence of potentialatioio violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case that she was the secretary of state. an donald: trump was the president
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with the right to declassify anythingonalhe he wanted at any, there was no raid, there was no search warrant, no charges against hillary clinton. sandywas also no rate of berger's house. remember, he went into the national archives and he stole classified material from those archives. remember, he stuffed it into his pants, his underwear and his socks. no raid on any of the homes belonging to joe or hunter. n biden, despite verified evidence of serious criminal misconduct from hunter's laptop from . and yet the fbi, the doj has no problem raiding the house of biden's possible future political opponentnt, and that's former president donald trump, even though in june trumpmpt met with the doj officials and the fbi officials at morila, though and by the way, they will offer then to access any documents they wanted. they were invited back to get w anything that they neededan and they even put the padlock on the document storage room because the doj and the fbide requested it. so they cooperated fully.
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and by the way, we have a letter from the nationall archives and records group themselves saying that that department cooperated fully with the trump people and they were very helpful. t the whole investigation, as we've said from day one , it reeks of political bias. it is a shocking abuse ofg power. it is unequal application of our laws at its very worst. and the investigate is from the same exact group, the same people, the same fbi officialsic that elevated the russia hoaxia and mueller witch hunt. now, according to congressman jim jordan, fbi whistle blowersu and now coming forward everyer other week with allegations of political bias and corruption. now the question tonight is where do we go from bia here joining us now with more is the attorney for former president donald trump. leanna have is with us along with fox news legals analyst janet jarrett is with us . nina , let me let me go to this very important question ofta how hillary was treated,
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how sandy berger was treated. let's talk about that february letter that they got from the national archives and record administration. and let's talk about what happened in june because it seems like there is saying in writing that donald trump was cooperating apparently he cooperated in june just before this raid happened recently. so what changed in the interim? that's an incredibly good question. so first of all, what's the difference between hillaryth and he predecessors? well, it'se very simple. donald trump is a republican . he's leading in the polls and that is a problem for joe biden and anybody that's going to be running against him if he chooses to run for i twenty , twenty four . that's the answer to that question. if he wastion a registered democrat, this wouldn't have happened for as far as miss walls letter, it states very clearly thathe she was told by counsel to president biden, , again, like you said,ai misinformation. they said they didn't know, but, counsel to the president soai that he deferred tod miss wall and that she could then
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decide to just remove the privilege that every president prior has had. so that's the issue there as to what happened in between june and august. well, we know what happened. this was an event that was prime right beforee election. it is prime because he's way ahead in the polls.el and the wall street journal's headline today stated it perfectly clearly. t this was an improper search. it was not done correctly. there n was no need for it and e was cooperating. there is absolute no reason, no reason. and now we have evidence of that. w w. >>y were cooperatingea w greg t gerard, the night of the raid of mar a lago, you were on this very program and you pointed out with theth "wall street journal" mentioned today, and that is that the federal records actet is authority to a former president to have custody and control over presidential papers. i want you to talk about that and add to that the right of a president to declassify documents as he sees fit,
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which, by the way, is not something that, say, a secretary of state like hillary clinton could do. well. and the other difference d is that there was overwhelmingo. evidence of intent on hillary clinton's part and the statutes that she violated and should have been prosecuted under use terms like knowingly and intentionallyy and deliberately. well, she certainly did that. but here with president trump, presidents don't pack up their boxes in the oval office.a they're not allowed to. it's by law that's done by the gsa. does anybody think that when he got down to mar a lago, he sat in a room for weeks on end or months on end going through boxes and papers? no, of course and he cannot be held vicariously culpable under the lawe for the actions of hit staff or auditors or their lawyers. but the important part, the point i made to the night
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of the raid is that the presidential records actre is the controlling statute. it givessi him a measure of control and custody and possession and access. and of course, these two constitutional scholars in today's "wall street journal" made the exact same point. merrick garland knew all of that. there's no enforcement provision under the records act. it's not a crime. so what did merrick garland do? he tossed in three general criminal statutes. well, wait a minute. under t law for more than 100 years in america, a specific statute like the records act takes precedent and supersedes any general statutes. and again, garland knew that, but he wantedd to gain access to trump's compound for an ulterior motive to look for some evidence, any evidence of a different crime, maybe something related to uy
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january six . so he tossed out a general a warrant, which is a clear violation of the fourth amendment, which requires it toe be specific. this wasn'ts to as a magistrate should never have signed it. and i bet he has a bit of buyer's remorse now, which is probably the reason why he b wants to divulge the contents h of the affidavit because maybe that shows not only lies and misrepresents, but omissions about how the president had actually been cooperating and how a subpoena should have been used instead of a warrant. it's going to be very interesting to watch unfold. alina, thank you. great. jared, thank you. all right. it's pretty obvious that the biden doj is attempting to prevent donald trump from evertr even running for president again. instead, the new fishing expedition is driving up ann, enthusiasm. guess what? amongiorivi conservative voterst in time for the midterms, look at this key race in pennsylvania between washington
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outsider dr. mehmet oz and lifelong part time government workers trust fund brad john fetterman. this guy, by the way, never had a real job in his life. it's now drawing national attention. fetterman is a guy and the tattoos and the hoodie never worked a real job in his life. he lived off mommy and daddy is a real trust fund brad. he apparently paid one dollar to buy his home from his own family. h he is a devout bernie sanders loving socialist who , by the way, said what bernie wants to do to the country. i want to have happen inap pennsylvania. he wants to legalize heroinpe supportstsha abortion until the moment of birth, no restrictions. he also wants to release murderers and from jail in order to reduce the prison population by a full third. he supports the radical green new deal . bernie supportspp some aoc's supports them. elizabeth warren supports them.n he wants massive tax hikes. he's against fracking, oil, and gas exploration.
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the keystone xll pipeline that is an 80 billion dollar industry of high paying career jobs in the energy sector. in the state of pennsylvania. and he wants he wants to wipe all of it out and then he wants to weaponizes the federal government against you. the american people and american businesses. and unfortunately, fetterman recently suffered a debilitating, frankly, crippling strokeat and has been physically and mentally unable to campaign. in fact, he's only campaigned in person for a total of a fifteen minutes since winningc the democratic nomination, including a very short, very confusing and frankly very sad five minute speech from earlier today. take a look. let me get to your question. if you say you think the word of fieldworker, what words come to your mind if you say steelworker's, you know what comes to my mind also is making sure that i'm going to be proud to standes and defend the union
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way of life here. a if i make it to d.c. being anti union is anti-american. what is wrong with demanding for an easy, safe kind of their income, a path to a safe place for them to win or excuse the right to work? thank you. thank you for endorsing me. on the first day of my campaign that was a little over four minutes and that wasas it. as of now, the fetterman campaign is refusing to debate dr.. oz also refusingus my invitation to appear on this program as he and his campaigne have been lying about me l raising money off of my name. he apparently sent yet anotherf fundraising text todaynd attacking me, lying about me,in calling me a liar.
11:20 pm
every day he lies about me. i'll continue to tell the truth about his radical extreme positions way out of touch with the hard working people of pennsylvania. and by the way, my trust fund brad friend, when you attack me, i will attack a you back ten to one hundred times harderes because you're a lying loser and raising money for losing campaign. he may be hearing from my lawyers very shortly. he better hope that mommy and daddy have enough money to pay his legal bills anyway. either way, it does appear that the socialist is mentally unablebiea to debate. and if you're watching from pennsylvania tonight, i want you to thinktc about this. if fetterman is too weak to do an interview with little old mew ,how on, earth is this guy going to stand up for you in the senate? he won't'tyou debate dr. oz yet. he just sends out tweetsat and fundraisinge letters. that's it. he's campaigned a total of 15 minutes. that's it. and the entire general election campaign.
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you can'tenio be senator if thas all the time you're going to give the people in your state here with reaction. arkansas gop gubernatorial candidate in our own right, sarah sanders is with us andox along with fox news contributor lara trump. sara , we'll start with you. get your take on this race if you say in pennsylvania that you want to support bernie sanders and what bernie wants to do for america, you want topa do for pennsylvania and you want a moratorium on fracking and all energy production, which is 80 billion dollars for that state. and you support abortion with no exceptions at all up tot the momentio of birth. i don't think this guy is too in touch with the people of pennsylvania. i don't think he's too in touchw with anybodyit. t it is absolutely absurd that this is the democrat candidate for the u.s. senate in d pennsylvaniaen. but i think he encapsulates everything that is wrong d with the democrat party right now. and you have a party that
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is moving every single day further and further to the left . this is no longer biden's democrat party. this j is bernie sanders and aoc's party. just look at where are expectedf to see tomorrow coming out of the white housest with a complee and total wipeout of student loan debt and forgiveness ofs student loans. it's going to make inflation worse. and frankly, they don't care because it's a blatant attempt to buy votes and they are things thato will help them in november t because they know that the policies they've enacted over the last year and a half have caused us to have a recession. they've put a absolute turmoil on our southern bordern and every single thing e they touch, they're destroying. so nowng i have to look at how they can buy votes through programs like student loan forgiveness, but they just keepe moving to the left. and the only good thing is that further fires up republicans to turn out and show them the red wave that's coming in november and gives us greater reason toer
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make sure we get strongt conservatives elected. you're you will be a great governor , probably the best governor in the historyyou of h arkansas. and there's another guy that stole your last name that was ak once governor there. laura , i'm watching pennsylvania, for example. itt reminds me of joe biden hiding in the basement i, nt the media running defense foror case fetterman. hefe hasn't answered a single question. he has the most radical se positions. . we can't allow that to happen. that didn't work out wellno with biden, did it? but it certainly did not work out well for americans. whenever you hav somebody able to hide away, not answer questions, campaign out of a basement and gosh, that video you played of him honestly is very concerning. h i trulye hope that he gets the help that he needs. but there is exactly right. pay attention, america, becauses this is what the democrats want . thesee are the kind of people that they want electeded and representingse you in washington, dc if they get
11:24 pm
their way and with 75% of americans right now saying that we are on the wrongre track as a country, first of all, i'd like to ask the 25% what's going so great for them.m. we cannot afford to have anyone close to this representing pennsylvania or any other statea in the senate right now.w, things are so bad in america and gosh, isn't i it so insulti, to see the democrats and joe biden come out and tell us what a great job they've all done. they have made our lives betterf than inflation is zero percent.f it is an absolute insult to americans. and i think, sean, that people get it, people feel itt every day. they know they're worse off. they know that not only aregs things more expensive, we're poorer as a country right now. most people thanks to bidene and the democrat policies, just like people like john fetterman want to put in place. and the only way we are goingwa toy get our country back is if we get out and vote. we know how to turn it around.
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voting republicans vote out establishment and democrats. what we have to do on november eight . by the way, laura , i hope everybody hears you loud and clear and especially vote if you're in arkansas because your new governor isis right there i the middle of your screen. all right. thanksgoor r r . thank you both. all right. y comingng up, more handouts you will not believean what they're doing now fromhe the left wing.a we'll explain all of it and a preview of biden's big studentnt debt announcements. more debt forgiveness, as they call it. kellyanne conway, reince priebus, they're next. straight ahead, and then later, blowzy dui video now released. we'll show you that video. what is it? don't stumble straight. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? even a term policy for immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement, but we quickly realized we needed a way to supplement y income. if you lap have one hundred thousand dollars or more of life insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy.
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with that on monday, september 19th. people fox want to in any time to fox news app. it has it all breaking news alert opinion and all be go to g
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today. : all right. joe biden tomorrow is expected to announce a student loan forgiveness action of
11:30 pm
ten thousand dollars per borrower for those making under one hundred and twenty five grand a year. and extend the student loan repayment pause another four months. but the plan is fair to only worsen inflation. even barocco obama's economic adviser, lawrence summers, he agrees and is facing backlash, by the way, from the far left. they think joe's not going far enough to reformle the student loan process every everybody gets everything for free . what a great new country. that's what the green a ath new deal. is . that's what climate alarmist alarmists cultismsmth. and meanwhile, dc is now offering residents get thiso a whopping two hundred thousand dollars to buy a home amid a dip in homee buying basically a free house. where's my house?li i want a free house here with reaction. former seniormer counsel to president trump, author of the book number one new york times bestseller n here's the deal. kellyanne conway, along with former white house chief of staff reince priebus. kellyanne, it's simple.
11:31 pm
i paid my student loan back and i didn't even get to finish college because i ran out of money. b every house i've ever purchased, i used my own money and i've been working two full time jobs my entire adult life. so giving free money to peopleso in the form of a house or in the form. loan forgiveness is not something i quite comprehend. nd it's not. fair to the welders, the carpenters, the hairdressers, the people who chose to not go to college or who couldn't afford to go or to stay or in the college.le notge fair for them. t it's also noto fair to the people who have paid off their student because they've s made personal financial sacrifices to allow them to do . it also is a complete farce that they already passed something misnamed as the inflation reduction act and turn aroundning and i'm goig to make inflation worse. economists obama, economists,re larry summers and others are making this point, sean, that you're going to make education more expensive by letting these colleges know that every
11:32 pm
student basically has an extra ten thousand dollars, which from the beginning. but in addition to that, we areg we are making things more expensive because they continue to spend money that we don't have on thingson that we don't need.'t and let me just conclude with this. i'm hopping mad that we have ane entire political party in this country h, democrats who don'tty believe in investing in intoes opportunity scholarships, school choice, charter schools, educational freedomtiti, an ente party. john fetterman is against it to rise against it. rafael warnock's against it. they're all against it.ll aif you want to invest in education, let's not let it into these kids who have been suffering under biden's policies for two years screentime a school time. if f he really cared about funding education, he would y make sure these kids with the loss learning atou mental health and emotional lack of growthen as they're telling adults ing their lives he would be doing that there instead of trying to buy votes for doctors, lawyers
11:33 pm
and nba holders who are in their forties somehow getting student loan forgiveness. i nows it's outrageous. help our kids. they need it. right. and by the way, the people that paid their student loans, the people that pay t their mortgages every month, it's their money that's going g to go to other people for free . right. your reaction, all of that. but more than that, this phenomenon, democrats now are trying in their ads and on the stump to sound like they are conservative and they don't want joe biden to campaign for t. whydo would that be ? maybe because he's got the lowest approval rating in the modern history of american presidents. only 20 percent off>> democrats strongly support this president. stpohe's an albatross around their neck. but you know what, p you and kellyanne we're talking about, it's 100% correct. here's the problem. these democrats don't believe b in the concept of america. they believe that they're more capable of spendingan your money than you are. y
11:34 pm
it's back to the classic margaret thatcher line, which is the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of spending other people's money and you get all o the you had all the numbers on the bingo card inflation. you know, it's obviously going to encourage more borrowing. kellyanne is correct. the poor people that decided not to go to school. the irony of now i'm going to pay for the people that did go to school, couldn't afford it, borrowed money and can't pay it back is amazing. and it is an election gimmick and 60 percent of a the people here are wealthy people that are going to get this money. e and forty eight percent of a those people are grad students just all the journalists out there that have noo problem h with this new executive order or whatever joe biden is goingoa to dons to pay off their loans o they're all profiting off of this off of other people's money. it's wrong. it's noteld american t. and what margaret thatcher said so many years ago is actuallyin
11:35 pm
starting to comeg true before our very eyes. you know, reinsch, thank you. and kellyanne, thanknk you. in my last book, by the way, for the audience sake, we appreciate you guys being with us. i wrote in live free or die socialism and its history of failure. whatever name given whatever form it takes, whatever manifestation it is , it always results in the same thing, unfulfilled promisesun more poverty. and then atfu the end of the da, you've got to calculate how much of your freedom you gave up in the name of false security given to you by your government. you know, the people that saidy keep your doctor, keep your plan and save money, those people. all right. and ones that said, oh, it's not a recession all it's transitory. straight ahead, we're going to show you paul pelosi. that's nancy's husband dui video who finally made public. plus, the left's radical classroom takeover continues with one school district in virginia now actually hiring a convicted sex offender,
11:36 pm
sparking huge outrage fromex governor one young. will join us next and explain straight ahead. diamonds, the timeless gift. you know the jewelry exchanges prices are unbeatable with thousands of diamonds, say 15% on all our fine jewelry and an additional 10% on loose diamonds. don't miss these deals by factory director and save the jewelry exchange. >> way to warn a whole lot of our music monday. ready to make some money 15%. so and if you want to get your music knowledge of what i love, you can watch it. download them me monday only mondays on fox and watch hulu.
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you know, it says out of workshop for a reason. i'm so sorry to bother you boss, but they move to a world cup to the holidays with an actual welcome to my holiday season. are you kidding? there's messi and ronaldo. yeah, but that that that's the time to shine. we don't supposed to compete with that. you know what? get with on the phone. i got to get back there right now. i got to completely technically no matter what moment it would come on , i think as you can see, we would like to see just what this thing is bringing on the film. my sergeant get away from it all on lowness last here
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thirty seven seventy three eight hundred for one seven thirty seven seventy three . trust me like your when you can watch it and get the latest news visit any news headlines on sirius xm anytime. anywhere. fox news on 360. america is listening. more developments tonight in the dui arrest of nancy pelosi's husband paul pelosi. here with the very latest, our very own trace gallagher trace, we have video to accompany this. we do indeed. paul pelosi dui crash on was north of san francisco in the california wine country. pelosi pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five days in jail. but because of credit and good conduct, he won't serve jail time. but he will do eight hours of community service and pay seven thousand dollars in fines after the crash, california highway patrol officers said pelosi had, quote, objective signs of an toxification.
11:41 pm
what does that mean? well, now you can see for yourself from the dash cam video that i really don't want you to fall over yourself minute. all right. but that's not the whole purpose of the test cutting off. procol, you're involved in a crash, right? i know alcohol h coming from your breath. i can see you're very unsteady on your feet. but he was driving his porsche when he slammed into a jeep. both w heas and the other driver suffered minor injuries. pelosi initially refused a breathalyzer test, but even two hours later, hiser blood alcohol level was zero point zero eight two, which is above the legalal limit. when pelosi handed his driver's license, he also gave them an eleven ninety nine foundation card. eleven ninety nine is the california highway patrol charity shonn. all right, trish gallagher, i'm getting a little dizzy watching that. i don't know.
11:42 pm
not sure if i can read the prompter anyway. thank you. all right. a disturbing development tonightrope in a town in northen virginia where we're now learning that fairfax county schools was employing a middlent school counselor who was previously convicted of a sex crime with a minor and governor glenn junkin says is a complete and total failure to protect students. now this comes amid far left lunacy in schools from coast to coast, including one teacher in utah who is nowow on video talking about her classroom built for, quote, nonwar white students. >> take a look. for the first time in my life, i'm going to be teaching at a a majority white school and i'm kind of interestedt sch to see how students and parents react to my classroom or if they even notice anything about it because i felt for nonwhite students. and what i mean by that is like if you look around and you interact with some of if
11:43 pm
the materials i have, you'll you'll notice that there's like no white kids represented in that. clearly, she wants her 15 minutes of fame down in florida, a father says that his daughter attempted suicide not once but twice after her school encouraged others to call her a boy and gave her a new name while not notifyinghe the parents. the father is now suingng the clay county schoolfa distrit and he will join us along with his attorney tomorrow nighttrlois a and amid all of these efforts by teachers to indoctrinate your kids in school, and to turn their classrooms into woke activism centers, parents are outraged and losing confidence in the staffing abilities of the schools. and god forbid they go to, a school boardde meeting. they'll be investigated for domestic terrorism here with reaction, virginia governor glenn young. and governor, this played a bigs role in your state in your election. and now you see it's expanding out all across the country. let's talk about what's going on in fairfax and around
11:44 pm
the country and how can parents stop thiss? o well,f first of all, sean, that this circumstance in fairfax county is a colossal failure on the local level from law enforcement and from the school, from the schoolnd board and the superintendent to have someone who in fact has been arrested for soliciting from a minor on staff for 20 months and then to be arrested again and then more time passed before they are finallyth pas terminatd from their position is beyond belief. and in fact, r p when you couple that with the experiences in northern virginia from last year, when i was a candidate where we saw in loudoun county a woman assaulted when the school board in fact moved moved a student from one school to another who had already been accused and convicted of an assault. this is why parents are losing faith in public schools. this is why last year all y across virginia, all acrossir
11:45 pm
virginia, you saw parentsgi matter signs. we are empowering parents in virginia today we passed legislation to give themo the ability to make decisions m with regards to their children wearing a mask not to actually have visibility in the classroom on the materialss that are being used to makehe sure they're appropriate and consistent with their values, not the teacher's values, but their values. this is about recognizing who has the strongest role inng educating children. and it is parents and then teachers, you know, we have these very important midterms coming up around 80 days. obviously, every candidate's going to talk about record high inflation and record high gask prices, open borders. but i would argue that you also showed the importance in your race of talking about what is happening in the school systemha in the towns and citien they live in and also simple things like law and order, safety and security for everycu citizen in a town or a city. and these ought to be bread and butter issues that
11:46 pm
republicans own and run on in this upcoming election. whenct you agree. >> yet without a doubt and of course, what we sawho last year was these kitchen table issues have conservative solutions that in fact voters, not just republicans but all voters support and education is at the top of the list. yes, inflation is running away from america and that silent thief has been let loose by washington. and we see crime literally causing disruption, families losing family members day and night. and we have got to invest in back the blue . and that's what we're doing in virginia. but atha the top of the list is education, the future of our country l is the future of our children and parents get it during the pandemic, they saw what was going on in the classroom and this push to to drive everything through the lens of race is being rejected. and this is not at the expenses of teaching all history. the goodod and the bad
11:47 pm
and recognizing that we shouldog embrace our diverse communities . but end at the end of the day, we've got to stop s teaching our children to judge everything through the lens ofre race and let's teach them critical mass , critical history, critical science, the education of our childrenry is the topic that republicans should win on . we won on it last year in virginia. we see the same inherence matter signs in michigan and nevada and new mexico. we'reex goingic to win these ras based on making sure that we are looking after our kids, reading sur, writing, math , science, history, computers and leave your agenda home. there are people that are called parents . let them instill the values they believe in in their own children. inand stay away fromch indoctrinating kids. we appreciate youil being with us. thank you, governor . all right. straight ahead tonight, another shockingther senseless attack on video this weekend. we're going to show it to you as the violence continues all across the country. and one u.n. diplomat from
11:48 pm
africa claims, well, he has immunity to avoid a charge in new york . why does he get diplomatic immunity? new york in new york courteously with pam bondi to weigh in on that straight ahead. don't we know one thing and one thing that strange bachelor weekend was to pull back doing your favorite hobby, even though quarterback young, the expert back being released for more than 100 years available during you. hey, so we've got to talk. it's about your food. it has spray on the label and powdered meat. it's time for fresh fruit that belongs in the fridge next to our food. now, who's hungry that get top dollar and sell your home fast with the very best real estate agents and ideal agent. we thoroughly researched top agents in your local market . we analyzed the results. we personally interview them and negotiate a great
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reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme. covid initiative is bringing people together to find answers . go to solve long cocain dog to learn more . i get this. a u.n. diplomat from southan sudan is reportedly: out dodging a real charge thanks to what they call diplomatic immunity. according too authorities, the career diplomatr his neighbor in upper manhattan over the weekend once he toldhi the ny he was a diplomat and he had immunity. he had was released and he wasnt even charged. and by the way, the u.s. needss to t give up on the un. why are we paying the bulk of money for that? why are we paying for such an
11:53 pm
anti-american, often anti-semitic organization? what have they ever done for the world or for us ?on except wee pay all the money, pretty much nothing. meanwhile, tonight, sadly won more shocking crime caught on tape in new york city. take a look at that. look at your screen guy sucker punched at a mall in brooklyn on saturday as a victim lies motionless. according to authorities, the victim did not know the attackers and police are still searching for the suspects. the ones right there on tape. maybe you can help them with reaction. former new york city mayoral candidate curtis sliwa, along with a former florida attorneye general himself, pam bondi. pam, diplomatic immunity for , of course, they're sitting beside diplomatic immunity was made created for diplomats visiting foreign lands and their families to keep them from unwarranted prosecution for crimes. this guy is a criminal. and you know, joe biden shoulden be all over the news. he should be telling south sudan you need to waive this
11:54 pm
guy's immunity. he is accused of a woman. what would donald trump have done right now? he would have cut off all he would have cut off all ties if that had not been done. and that's a shame in new york , we're seeing no consequences for your actions, for any crimes. and that's a problem. that's why i wish curtis was in office. hy you know, curtis, you've been you've been prowling protecting the subways in new york for many, many decades now. and you see this the last guy was in a coma for a long period of time. this now seems to be what the new fad and also throwing people in front of moving trains in the subway. oh, sean hannity. y this is a game that has been played for quite some time h called knockout f. youu come up off the side of a person as you see here, you punch him right in the temple and it generally knocked him out at that very moment. kings plaza is where the child used to hang out. there was a triplex. we go to the theater. there was a food court. there was decent apparel that you could buy.
11:55 pm
you can't do that any longer in these malls. it attracts the thugs and forgets. and if you notice all the people standing on the side are afraid to do anything. later on , a security guard passes by . he looks at the guy lying face down does nothing. no police. and where's the mayor? the swagger man with no plan, eric adams, nowhere in sight.ic i appreciated pam because a lot of folks here in new york city are having voters remorse saying, hey, don't blame me. i voted for siliva by the way, that you would have been much v better had said this is the reality s and we don't get a hod of this if we don't stop, defund, dismantle novell, this is going to keep happening. and if we don't identify this people, it'sif going to keepen happening and no more diplomatic immunity and you can letin the un move it to china, move it to russia,a, move it to north korea, why are we paying for it? all right. thank you, boss. we appreciate more "hannity" right after this friday,
11:56 pm
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>> all right. unfortunately, that is all the time we have left thishe evening. as always, thank you for joining us . thank you for making this show possible. we hope you'll set your dvr so not that hard. so you never miss an episode of hannity for news any time fox, hannity, .com, fox business, .com. but in the meantime, let h your heart be troubled. laura is next. the ingram angleea hav another show lays right ahead. how are you any websites arene you going to promote at the end of your show? hannity well it was pretty dull. give you 20 seconds early. i figured i'd could give you ten seconds early. yeah, well, by the way, the what is it? fetterman don't cry. i can't even look for. i start screaming . laughing it's so cruel but in a factual way that you have to go with it. it's politics. it's midterm craziness. so we got somebody wrote me and said the perfect nickname for him ought to be uncle fester. i did. >> t