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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 24, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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positive. >> todd: welcome you to the sleep deprivation team you won't look this bad because you are beautiful. it's going to happen. you are will be tired. >> carley: you never look bad: thank you for being so kind. >> baby, baby, baby. ♪ ♪ >> todd: baby clinging to life after attempting to cross the rio grand, texas sends by bus to new york city. >> finally acknowledging there is a dollar amount cost. i hope they start realizing there is a human life cost. >> primary night full of surprises starting with new york where congressman jerry nadler won over fellow democrat carolyn maloney. >> claiming victory in her senate primary. >> charlie crist will go head to head with ron desantis. >> biden administration more involved in the justice's department unprecedented raid of
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mar-a-lago than it initially on. review trump records. >> highly political. never happened before. >> president biden is expected to announce $10,000 in student loan debt cancellation. >> forgiving federal college student loan debt will cost between 300 million and a trillion dollars. >> a blatant attempt to buy votes. >> cost savvy couples pitching nights out cheap rental trucks. one celebrating one year anniversary rented a u-haul. >> brian: ocean city, new jersey, up until 4:00 in the morning. someone left the lights on. bill is going to be through the roof. you are looking at what the world looks like right before the sun shows itself as the sun.
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you are looking at somewhat of a dark orange which leads to a lighter yellow. >> steve: why was everybody up until 4:00 in the morning? >> brian: because it was tuesday and it's the summer. and we are closing out a summer where no one seems to be working -- besides us, no one seems to be working this week. >> katie: curious about how many cities are named ocean city. >> steve: i know three. >> katie: ocean city new jersey, beautiful. ocean city maryland. >> brian: why do we always have a broadway in every city and main street. come on, america. we are more creative than that. >> steve: every town wants to have been a main street and a lot of towns want to think that they're new york wannabes and so they have a broadway. >> brian: words synonyms. if we take main street let's say in rhode island, newport, up to the rest of the country are tri to come up with a new name. if you live on main street,
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change it. >> steve: in massapequa main street or broadway. >> brian: there is a broadway. >> steve: talk to your town fathers and mothers. >> brian: it's all about the little league team who just came back home. >> steve: i will tell you what it's all about. take a look at this. this was brian's coffee order. it took me 5 minutes just to order his coffee. >> brian: we changed seasons. >> steve: you change it every couple of days. so his order today a hot coffee. how many sugars? >> katie: coffee is a legend. >> brian: today is one. >> steve: how many milks? >> brian: three. >> steve: is it milk or whole milk. >> brian: whole milk. >> steve: how many pumpkin swirls? >> brian: three. >> katie: too early for that not even september and already ordering the fall drink. >> brian: i feel like it's friendly's instead of dunkin' donuts. that's why i order myself because i get abused by this. >> steve: i heard a jaw dropping
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statistic the other day because it goes back to our days on the couch, brian, guess how many days ago pumpkin spice debuted at starbucks? >> brian: seven. >> steve: close. 19. >> brian: really? i said i was on the cutting edge. soon we will have real pumpkin. i want them to put it in the beans so this way it's brewed as opposed to pumped. can we do that? >> katie: you have to do that when it's actually fall and still summer. >> brian: pumpkin season. >> katie: we are not there yet. >> brian: wolfgang puck, if you are watching right now, do that. >> steve: a lot going on today. >> brian: four minutes after the hour, we start at the southern border and graphic video there. the crisis exposing the dangers of president biden's failed policies. >> katie: two young children drowning in the rio grande with a third clinging to life. they were try cross with a group
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of illegals. >> steve: todd piro joins us from our southern border. >> the "new york post" asking the big question when will it end? crisis at the border only seems to be getting worse by the day we must warn you the footage we are about to show is graphic. two migrant children are the focus. they drowned attempting to cross the rio grande, a third just two months old. reportedly fighting for his life. one of the dead a 5-year-old guatemalan girl taken off a boat in a tiny body bag. the chaos at the border extending to california, the fbi a physical confrontation between border border patrol agents and two suspected human smugglers at imperial beach. that fight happening several dozen feet from the border fence. the cbp as the agents attempted to take the migrants into custody. they actively resisted and assaulted the agents. the agents deployed less lethal devices. the two suspects were eventually taken into custody.
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meantime, 10 u.s. senators under is sounding the alarm on terror related for afghans to enter the country. bill haggerty write in part it american people deserve explanation broad open nature authority for individuals who otherwise would be barred from immigration to the united states for supporting a terrorist organization. the lawmakers further argue it if the same terms will apply to those seeking refuge through the u.s.-mexico border. back to you. >> steve: all right, todd, thank you very much. we saw the cover of the "new york post." there you have got customs and border patrol. one ever them is trying to revive a little, i believe it is a 3-month-old who is clinging to life at this hour. so far, this year, and we're only three quarters of the way through the year, nine months, since fiscal 2022 started, migrant deaths have been at all-time high. there is 609.
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they are going to hit 700. when donald trump was president it was in the 300s for the most part. one part where it was 418. nonetheless, the "new york post" write this. the kids drown in the rio grande trying to cross the river with groups of illegal migrants enticed here by joe biden's implicit promise of permanent u.s. residence once over the border. you see that right there. that's what they all think. that promise underlies every biden policy on migration and now engendered a full blown humanitarian drivers and that's what we're seeing. it finally is getting through people's heads it is a crisis. and, in fact, we have heard now big northeastern corridor city mayors call it an emergency. >> katie: yeah, a year and a half ago congressman tony gonzales who represents a district in southern texas, walls saying that the local authorities there were asking him for resources for body bags because they were seeing so many people found on ranches and
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trying to cross the border. the inner here is that the administration continues to say that their policies on the border are hue neighbor, 2-year-olds drowning on the rio grande is that a policy. agents or national guard troops trying to protect the country, them being put at risk as a result of this, is that a humane policy? whether it comes to this confrontation on the beach that the fbi is now investigating, the border patrol union now fully expects that the border patrol agents themselves will be investigated for their response to being assaulted by these illegal immigrants who came into the country by swimming around the border while there in california. so, you know, the administration has repeatedly taken the side of the law breakers rather than the side of law enforcement trying to protect sovereignty on the international border with mexico. >> brian: katie, if you want to stop that congressman gonzalez says i want to stop it. republican congressman. so he goes down to central and
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south america and goes and meets with these leaders. they say they have heard nothing from the administration root causes of the problem which they said that was going to be the focus. number two this creation is getting a pass. there is no compassion in that. when you tell people they can come. they get in they say this is my shot at the brass ring. i have got to come to america now because nobody else is going to be this stupid to allow the border to be wide open on an industrialized nation. this is our moment. so they are going to put their kids with somebody they don't know in order to maybe mortgage their house or their mud hut in order to get a chance to come to this great country. it's just not fair to the people waiting. also not fair to your kids or to the next generation of people who try to come here now because if you have seen the coverage that we have had as we trace the path up true central and south america how perilous it is. we think we have the number of how many people died on their way here. we are not even close. we don't know who is in the
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jungle. who was stopped. kidnapped. forcibly adopted. i will add to this, on another part of this, the people that do get here that are safe. they show up at ngo places that we finance and then they are flown into various cities around the country. we don't know who they are. so 24 house republicans penned a letter to this administration saying, you are putting people on planes with no i.d. dumping them into cities and towns is so irresponsible. this cannot stand. on every level it's negligent. >> steve: they don't have an i.d. they have got a warrant. >> katie: right. >> steve: because they were arrested. hey, look, let's go to st. louis. i have got a warrant. i was arrested. so far 20 migrants have died in june and july. just in el paso, texas. and, you know, yesterday where we started a 3-year-old, a 5-year-old both drowned. 2-month-old is fighting for their life. you have got to imagine.
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the 3-year-old was swept out of her mother's arms. >> brian: unbelievable. >> katie: awful. the mother is thinking to herself today, why did i do that? why -- the self-guilt has got to be killing her. but it's easy to see why she did it because it is so easy. if i can just get across that river, i'm going to be in america because joe biden will let me in. if i can just get across the river. she got across the river, her daughter died. >> katie: the thing that is underreported is the, you know, billion almost trillion dollars cartel industry that, you know, is engaged in human trafficking. the issue when they get here. they owe a debt so there is this underground black market now in the united states for people, millions of people who come here and owe a debt to the cartels that they couldn't he pay them at the onset to get them across that river. go to texas piles of wrist bands to show that you paid the proper cartel to get across that river. and they treat them like a
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commodity. they don't treat them like human beings and we have been sounding the alarm about this for months and months and months and yet, the border is wide open. >> brian: what the previous president said hey we are going to put tariffs on mexico if you don't secure your southern border and they did. they told guatemala, they told el salvador and they told honduras, listen, if you don't crack down on your population and control the people that are streaming into our country, you lose your aid. and they did. and they took it back and they said this is cruel. well, guess what? it got everybody's attention. and they acted. little by little, between building the wall and setting those policies in place. things began to get under control. then you turn around and say listen, we have got to loosen up our policies. we need a workforce. we have got to make the consulates more friendly in central and south american countries and take manufacturing out of china and put it there to so those people stay in those countries. that's holistic approach but can't do it without security.
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>> katie: secure borders are how mine borders. >> steve: people are dying every day. stage set for more midterm matchup us in the state of florida. find out the democrats who are going head-to-head with governor desantis and senator marco rubio this fall. >> katie: and millennials are ditching their cable boxes and netflix subscriptions. the classic shows they are watching instead for free. ♪
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>> brian: all right. here we go. a fox news alert as expected. you are looking live at new
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york's port authority as more migrant buses pull in from texas. >> steve: so far we believe about 1,000 migrants maybe north of that a bit have arrived in new york as part of governor greg abbott's plan to relocate the migrants from texas to big northeastern corridor cities in particular new york and also washington, d.c. to give blue city leaders a taste of the border crisis. and we know that, okay, there is a child with a mother heading into the port authority. we do know that there is going to be a table set up inside and people are going to be getting information packets about where to seek legal help, how to get healthcare, and how to get food and shelter. >> katie: that's interesting to watch them come off the bus and shake hands with this official who is in a suit. looks like he has some kind of badge on. some of them are coming off the bus with paperwork, it looks like. yeah, this is what is happening. rolling into new york city. this is the border crisis coming to one of the biggest cities in
3:19 am
the country that the mayor has been very adamant about trying to reject even though it's a sanctuary city and just a year ago he said everybody is welcome. so changing his tune as the border crisis comes crashing down in the big apple. >> brian: guess what? more and more people are choosing to come to new york. five buses are going to arrive today and probably be more and more crowded. wait a second, i get a free ride to new york. air conditioned bus. i get to arrive. i get free healthcare, my kids get to go to school. i'm going to get a phone and i got a great floor in an entire hotel. why wouldn't i go to a city that has more opportunity than perhaps mcmcallen or rio grande valley. >> brian: come one, come all, welcome to the chaos. >> steve: other news. today is the day after primary and the winners are revealed in the last major primary day of midterm election season. in florida, republican turned
3:20 am
democrat former governor congressman charlie crist is now set to challenge republican governor ron desantis in november. >> katie: and in new york, congresswoman carolyn maloney blames misogyny for the end of her decades long career in the house. >> brian: don't look in the mirror. kevin corke joins us live from washington. kevin? >> good morning, guys, indeed. an interesting night on political football fields across the country and the sunshine state. we have a former g.o.p. governor set to take on the state's very popular and current g.o.p. governor. as you pointed out there, steve, charlie crist, the republican turned democrat crushed the state's a.g. commissioner and for his trouble, he now gets a november day of reckoning are ron desantis. and can he certainly have his hands full, especially in a state that's turned increasingly red. witness last night school board flip in sarasota with brigitte ziggler and ron mayor nellie all
3:21 am
poised to win their elections in a clean sweep for conservatives. that's ha real surprise. meantime in the democratic race to square off with war chest ready marco rubio in november value she gets a chance to take you up to the state of new york democratic battle. veteran house leaders. jerry nadler demolished carolyn maloney in the new york 12 race. real shocker there. look at the number 55 to 24. a loss it maloney was all the more disappointing because my a subject any likely played a major role. >> in congress, it is that when women are at the table where decisions get made, the menu of
3:22 am
issues expands and agenda changes. i'm really saddened that we no longer have a woman representing manhattan in congress. >> the 76-year-old maloney had been a fixture on the hill for 30 years and now for the first time since 1992, she will have to find something else to do. and this will get a lot of attention today. probably in the weeks ahead. patrick ryan, a democrat, won a special election to represent new york's 19th congressional district where the candidate made the race a referendum on the supreme court's recent abortion rulings. as you see there, winning over monthly narrow 5 #-48 in a very tight race. some are saying this is a possible preview of the november midterms something interesting to keep an eye on, guys. >> will what happened in new
3:23 am
york state resonate around the country. ing talked about and what in kansas, the people of kansas had a choice so stay tuned. it could be a preview. i think. >> katie: florida was interesting. the school board issues in florida, august that stuff will also be big factors midterm. >> steve: who went and campaigned and rallied for all of the winners? >> katie: ron desantis up for re-election. >> brian: carley shimkus you are rallying for us today. >> carley: for you three? yes, i am. i don't know if you said yes or oz. one would be a political implication and one would be go team. >> katie: go team. >> carley: we will go with that one. turning to america's crime crisis. the nypd is searching for suspects after off duty police officer was critically injured during a mugging. police released these images of the suspect from a separate incident. reportedly sped away from the scene in a black honda sedan. leaving the officer with a fractured skull and brain
3:24 am
bleeding. meanwhile two teen girls have been arrested in the murder of a new york city cab driver. police say they are the ones who were caught on camera beating the cabby after he approached them to get them to pay their fare. house speaker nancy pelosi's husband paul pleads guilty to a dui charge as california highway patrol releases dash cam video from the night of his arrest after crashing his porch. >> involved in a crash. smell alcohol coming from your breath. i can see you are very unsteady on your feet. >> carley: pelosi will avoid jail time following his guilty plea. instead, getting community supervisors, three month du. i program and paying restitution. >> ainsley: awkward incident on the baseball diamond aaron sanchez temporarily removed from the mound. striking second baseman in the leg. the two traded barbaro barbs
3:25 am
leading to the benches being cleared. the game continued after twins coaches visited the mound later in the same inning they were informed sanchez would have to be removed because they triggered the mlb rule that a pitcher must leave a game after two visits in the same inning. millennials set up with sky high inflation reportedly canceling netflix subscriptions and running and watching reruns of classics like mash for free over the airwaves using digital and -- last year alone more than 8 million antennas were sold. it is estimated the 50 million households will be using the equipment to enjoy free content by 2025. >> brian: really? >> carley: also record players are now back in fashion. >> katie: those are pretty cool. >> steve: i bought an antenna for our house. we have cable and streaming stuff. we have got all of that but we
3:26 am
have also, for the backup on the off day when the cable goes out and it does occasionally, we just film over to the antenna. >> brian: my wife just bought a station wagon wood panels down the side. this is -- we are back in the 70s. she is voting for mcgovern. there we go. fantastic. >> steve: really good news for our fox tv stations. the actual tv stations that broadcast through the sky good for them. >> brian: reynolds wrap you need tin foil for those antennas to work. >> steve: you also make hats for your house. >> brian: true. get all types of airwaves. we did break news on "fox & friends first" and give them credit. >> katie: exclusive. >> brian: carley shimkus we have heard reports since confirmed that you are going to have a child and it's going to be a male. >> katie: look at that yes, i am. actually throughout my whole entire -- should i go over to
3:27 am
the couch i feel awkward. throughout my whole entire news morning i was afraid i had cupcake housing i just housed a blue cupcake because i'm having a boy. brian brian is this blue. >> carley: i'm outnumbered and you get assigned colors. worked to out. we will talk about that later. >> steve: i had no idea. when we see you in the morning now. you are actually newscasting for two. >> carley: exactly yes. due in february. very excited my husband is going to be the best dad. and i have to thank you, brian, and steve for being so supportive and already giving me advice. >> brian: right. we are in support. >> carley: i do brian's radio show every now and then we actually talk about kids no carley you really need to have children. it's the best thing you can ever do. >> brian: i don't know she was listening to me. >> carley: i do listen. i'm very excited. >> brian: i think for steve, you are going to be an unbelievable parent. you are selfless by nature.
3:28 am
>> katie: so sweet. you are having a boy. a little bit rambunctious. make sure everything is baby proofed. >> katie: i went to my 16 week sonogram yesterday they couldn't get a lot of images because the baby was moving around so much. i know that some of that is involuntary but i was like oh, boy, if this is a sign of things to come. baby proof the apartment. >> steve: finally, because we do do a morning show, morning sickness? >> carley: yeah i learned morning sickness does not just happen in the morning. it is a manages labeled condition, yes. that is throughout the day. but, first trimester definitely had that now i'm feeling great. >> katie: congratulations. >> brian: for two now. >> carley: i told that story about the advice you gave me. i wanted to display your softer side. do you have one. >> brian: yes i do. >> carley: steve you do and of course katie you do. >> brian: as a tribute to your
3:29 am
growing family can you read us out. >> carley: it says steve, shall i take it away? >> steve: absolutely. >> carley: once called pandemic boom town cities that thrived during covid-19 are seeing decreased demand and homeowners are paying the price. a rae adviser breaks down what you need to know before buying or selling. >> brian: very good. ♪ each lasting 4 hours or more you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start—with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if a sample is available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions,
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>> carley: homeowners in towns once booming during the pandemic are forced to slash prices the boise 70% tropical depression their prices in july. here with what you need to know jenna stoffer. good to see you this morning. it seemed like this was inevitable with when the pandemic happened people wanted to get out of the cities more space. now that the cities are back to somewhat normal functioning, the real estate prices are falling in these towns? >> correct. i think there are a number of factors that come into this. it is important to remember that the market in 2021, it was just driven by unprecedented demand, record low supply, and that of course, put upward pressure on the home prices. so, so many cities across the country, they just had record-breaking years in terms of home sales.
3:34 am
sales prices. the average time on the market and that really created high expectations in sellers. so, when they list their home, sellers are expected to have that same buyer frenzy. and the buyer frenzy is definitely cooling down in some parts of the country so what we are seeing now is that buyers are now more uncertain about the economy inflation hit a 40-year high. are we in a recession? will we enter a recession? interest rates are rising. these are all concerns that buyers have so they would rather see things turn around within the economy. with the world in general before purchasing a home. i think it's important to note, too. some of the cities that were tub digital price increases. there is now more of a
3:35 am
stabilization and more of a normal market. it's not everywhere. here in key west, our market is still strong. in fact, our prices continue to rise. we have low supply and we still have strong demand so that, in turn, is keeping our prices up right now. >> katie: you talked about the numbers. i mean, we are seeing kind of extreme numbers. you picked out three cities that you see as the most with the economic downfall, phoenix being one of them down 50 point 1%. las vegas down 44.8 and miami, which was a big one for people leaving new york down 18.5%. so, why those three cities and what do you think is behind that? >> well, i said those three cities because, in the pasted when economy has really turned, those are the cities that are most affected in terms of their real estate market. so, i think all eye walls are on those cities right now. and, of course, with covid changing things, more people can work from home right now. they have the option to work
3:36 am
from anywhere. they can kind of live the lifestyle that they want. so miami specifically it might not be affected the same but it will be interesting to watch. >> katie: as you said, between the recession and the rising interest rates and the pandemic being over, things are changing back to more normal pricing in the housing market overall. jenna, thanks so much for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> still ahead. today marks 30 years since hurricane andrew devastated southern florida. our next guest spent 23 hours live broadcasting coverage of the storm today. he breaks down how the category 5 hurricane changed miami forever. first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough.
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mom: hey! cheap flight alert! stay two nights and get a free night. daughter: hawaii! can we go? dad: maybe. i'll put a request in monday.
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3:41 am
louisiana, mississippi, alabama, flood watch in effect today and that's going to kind of linger over the next couple of days. look at some of the storm totals from the last 48 hours for parts of louisiana, in towards mississippi where over 7 inches of rain has fallen and over the next five days we could get several i, 3 to 5 inches for the gulf coast states and florida. the good news is by the weekend, we are finally going to see things clear out. there's your forecast today. 89 here in new york. we also have the potential for showers and thunderstorms for the northern plains and the monsoon season is still in full force across the southwest. tracking the tropics, it has been eerily quiet. that does not mean we cannot let our guard down. we still have a lot of seasonal to go. i will tell you it's pretty rare that we don't have a rushing right now. i know steve doocy you will be talking about that with bryan norcross our meteorologist for fox weather and the busy hurricane season that he has
3:42 am
seen for the last 30 years. over to you. >> steve: that's right. j.d., thank you very much. in fact, it was 30 years ago that hurricane andrew touched down in south florida and changed miami forever. on that day, in 1992, 30 years ago, bryan norcross stayed on the air for 23 hours and guided residents during the brunt of the category 5 hurricane. now, brian is reliving the storm in the new fox weather documentary the wrath of hurricane andrew tragedy and triumph. >> those waters in biscayne bay were pushed up 17 feet and came flooding in here. this wood building was built in 1900. it was completely destroyed by the storm surge surging in. the stone building survived. it was built in 1922. and it's a fortress. >> steve: it looks like a fortress. fox weather hurricane specialist bryan norcross joins us now. >> hey, steve, good morning. >> steve: i remember my wife and
3:43 am
i were watching you. we were living in washington, d.c. there you were talking about hurricane andrew. this was such a scary storm because, what, 174 mile-per-hour winds, category 5. and the storm surge unbelievable. storm surge very fortunately hit the very least populated part of south florida. indeed people's homes were affected but not like the wind storm. this was a 20-mile wide tornado that came through like ef 5 top end tornado. but 20 miles wide. so that's why what you see there everywhere you look from the helicopter, you go up in the helicopter and you look out. it was destruction as far as you could see in every direction. >> steve: and for the people of south florida, and, you know, you have been a legend in south florida in the weather community for so long. buff you were the only guy on television because your station was the only one that had a signal at that point. >> well, we had done a lot of work to prepare the television station not just to stay on the air but also to be connected to
3:44 am
a radio station. we had a dedicated line put in one week before andrew arrived that took us directly to the transmitter, not even to the studio. >> steve: that i can't say your idea. >> yeah, it was my idea. >> steve: three years earlier the storm that impacted charleston, hurricane hugo knocked everybody out. they said we don't want that to happen to us. >> had to be fixed. >> steve: allow me to toot your own horn for you, you saved a lot of lives. ultimately, you are credited with telling people to get to higher ground, take cover, and they did. >> get under the mattress. that was one of the best things i ever said that i remembered from a book i read. and by the way we talk a lot about this on the special, it's going to be on fox weather tonight at 10:00. i really encourage everybody to watch. because even though it's been 30 years, boy, there are a lot of stories to tell. and you can get on your phone fox weather app. and on roku and fire tv and other connected
3:45 am
devices. >> steve: absolutely. we watch it all the time. brian, great to see you,. >> good see you again. >> steve: thank you, sir. as he said the wrath of hurricane andrew tragedy and triumph airs tonight on fox weather. meanwhile about a quarter before the top of the hour, and carley joins us with some more news. >> carley: i certainly do. start with this. ukraine tanks capital of kyiv as the war commemorates from the soviet union. meanwhile, overnight russia carrying out fresh strikes in the country as the conflict drags into its seventh month today. and here in the u.s., president biden is expected to spend another $3 billion to help president zelenskyy's forces over the long haul bringing the dolgt amount of white house approved security funding for ukraine to over 13 and a half billion dollars. virginia governor glenn youngkin and attorney general jason yaris demanding accountability in classrooms after a sex offender
3:46 am
was found to be working as a school counselor. in november 2020, darren thornton was arrested for soliciting underaged prostitution and convicted earlier this year. june 9th thornton arrested again for soliciting prostitution. the fairfax county school district fired thornton after learning about the situation. dr. anthony fauci insisting his decision to set down from his roles at the white house national -- in december has nothing to do with republican plans to investigate his handling of the pandemic. >> i have nothing to hide and i can defend everything i've done and every decision i've made, so i'm not afraid of that at all. oversight is an important part of the government process. but some of the things that have done with on have been outright character assassination. that's not oversight. so if they want to get into legitimate, dignified oversight, i would be more than happy to do
3:47 am
that. >> carley: fauci also denies playing a part in shutdowns that some say went too far. he insists his intentions were always to flatten the curve. and did you hear about this meghan markle slammed for taking another swipe at the royal family in her new podcast she discusses meeting prince harry and the so-called double standard for being an ambitious woman. >> as you heard in my chat with my dear friend, the notion of ambition comes with many judgments and nuances, especially for women. the misconception if you are ambitious woman you have an agenda you must be calculating or selfish or aggressive. you are a climber. >> katie: one royal commentator didn't that that much she would be a delist celebrity if she had not married a prince. oh my. >> steve: delist celebrity, ouch. thank you very much, carley. forget back to school. kids in columbus, ohio, are going back to screens as the
3:48 am
teachers strike forces the return of virtual remote learning. why parents are boycotting that straight ahead. ♪
3:49 am
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3:52 am
♪ >> brian: students in columbus, ohio, starting virtual learning today as teachers in the district go on strike. many parents are standing united with the teachers union and even boycotting virtual learning as they wait for the school board to meet demands like air conditioning systems in schools. full-time art, music, pe teachers and smaller also a sizes. okay. joining us now is the mother of four children in the district now on virtual learning deanna per sell. how devastating is this to your kids? >> very devastating for all four of them. >> brian: what have they been through over the last four
3:53 am
years? >> a mix of complete shutdowns, no warning, having to do from nothing but in person to completely online, back to blended learning which consisted of both. big adjustments. >> brian: big adjustments. have you seen their -- the effects ever on the kids in terms of their approach to school, people talk about the on average the american student also a lost about four to five months of total learning. have you seen that effect? >> definitely. my kids are very behind they already required certain services to keep them on track. emotionally, it's very depressive for them. socialization is a big part of schooling for most children. it puts them behind in a lot of different aspects. >> brian: who do you side with here? you have the teachers and i just read through the demands. they want small class size. they want ac, full-time art, p.e. who do you side with. >> the teachers, 1,000 percent. >> why?
3:54 am
>> >> why not? they are not asking for themselves. what they're asking for is basically bare minimum. the rest of the world has up to date things. sure there are schools that are not always up to date. their demands are not unreasonable. >> brian: where do they come from? for example air conditioning didn't just get shut off. our teachers have a certain budget and they decide who is going to be full time and part time. i don't think there is any anti-art movement in ohio. >> not that i have seen. it's been ongoing problem for decades with run down buildings, a.c., heat. when they update them it works fine in some areas. some areas are too cold. too hot. they send kids home. they call school out for the day because it's too cold or too hot. they have leaks, mold, asbestos, lead. they have the money. i don't know where the hold-up is to not replace and do repairs. >> brian: what is the answer when all the money that flows though all these schools through
3:55 am
the pandemic and they still held out have you found out where the money is that was given from the federal government let alone by taxpayers? >> the only thing i have heard is the code relief funds are going to substitute teachers. i have no idea where the rest of it is going. >> brian: what does virtual learning look like for your kids? >> it's in nonexistent right now. they are not virtually signing in today. >> brian: they are not signing. in it's just written curriculum. it's not even a teacher, right? >> no. it's a 30 minute math zoom meeting per grade level for 30 minutes to strictly take attendance. the rest of the school day is independent study. split between three different web sites and resource links. >> brian: called in hopefully get an answer. they are supposed to be called in to get both sides to negotiate. had all summer. what were they doing? deanna purcell, thank you.
3:56 am
kids come last again. >> thank you. >> brian: reached out to the columbus board of education for a statement they have not yet responded. got to quick tell you about this four events coming up. i want to see you all september 8th. very red, white, and blue night over at a place called the egg in beautiful albany, new york which according to reports is the capital. brandon mississippi, november 1st. as you will is a november 13th and i believe winter in newark, new jersey. go brian on this show, forget pricy dinners, movie plan, frugal couples switching gears when it comes to date night. why some couples are using u-hauls to fuel their romance ♪ ride until i can't come home ♪ take my horse and a hotel room ♪ i'm going to ride until i can't can't no more. ♪ with rinvoq.
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4:00 am
new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. biden administration more involved than led on. signed off on the effort to review trump records. >> highly political. never happened before: >> the administration leaning towards canceling $10,000 loan debt per borrower. estimated cost per taxpayer $300 billion. >> it's unethical and they are not going to get the political pay off. >> two young children drowning in the rio grande with a third clinging to life exposing the dangers of president biden's failed policy.
4:01 am
>> as more migrant buses pull in from texas. >> primary night full of surprises spartanning starting with new york where congressman jerry nadler won over carolyn maloney. >> in florida democrat congresswoman val demings claiming victory in her senate primary. >> charlie crist will go head to head with ron desantis. >> cost savvy couples cheap rental trucks. one couple celebrating their one year wedding anniversary rented a u-haul ♪ ♪ creeping up on you ♪ just dance, dance, dance. ♪ all those things i should do ♪ dance, dance, dance. >> steve: how pretty is that? cleveland, good morning, this is your 7:01 eastern time wake-up call as you can see. the golden glow of the sun come up on the downtown tall building. right now as you head out the door, 66 degrees. you are going for a daytime high of 81 on this wednesday,
4:02 am
august 24th, 2022. ainsley is out again today. she is taking a little r and r and in her place. >> katie: i'm keeping her seat warm today. she will be back soon. >> brian: literally the heater is warm. >> katie: don't complain. i have been frozen and i'm just trying to be a good guest. >> steve: a good team player. brian be brian allowed to use ainsley's heater? >> katie: thank you for the heater. these guys have suits on. >> steve: wool suits. >> katie: exactly. >> steve: that's okay. maybe if you are cold you shouldn't drink the ice coffee. >> katie: it's a weird thing. the problem with air conditioning in the summertime it's hot outside but it feels like winter inside. i don't know why we can't have a happy medium, everybody. all the women in america agree with me. steve: goes back to air conditioning. >> katie: carley agrees with me i can hear her. >> steve: what did you say, carley? >> carley: i agree. it's too cold. >> steve: she is in the back. broken up some of the studio furniture to form a camp fire.
4:03 am
>> brian: let me ask you, last night when you were on gutfeld with tyrus. did you complain about the weather there? >> katie: it wasn't as cold there. and i also was with tyrus so i was afraid to complain. >> brian: we don't have the intimidation factor. >> steve: that show is red hot. >> katie: it is red hot and it was last night. >> steve: our show is cool. thanks for watching. >> katie: indeed. >> steve: newly released documents uncovering the role the biden administration played during the search on former president trump's mar-a-lago estate. >> brian: getting complicated. meanwhile a federal judge now requesting more details on the motions filed by trump's legal team. >> katie: jacqui heinrich is live at the white house. >> good morning to you all. the court wants former president trump's team to outline basically the basis for this request and any effect having a special master or a person to independently review these materials would have on the overall case. it is part of trump's bid to get the doj to stop poring over
4:04 am
records that it seized from mar-a-lago. according to trump's team itself, that material does include more than 700 pages of classified documents. trump has been trying to undercut the biden white house line they have been repeating which is that they have not been aware of the raid. they didn't know about it advance. they had nothing to do with decisions being carried out by the fbi and doj. trump did not believe that he wrote on truth social the white house stated strongly they were not involved. documents reveal they knew everything. in fact, led the charge. his team, trump's team, released a letter that they received from acting national archivist debra title wall to try to prove this allegation and that letter included languaging from debra wall saying she would not be fooled into trump's claim of executive privilege because quote president biden defers to my determination. she also refers back to prior correspondence between the trump team and herself noting that material that was taken was already being assessed for
4:05 am
national security threats because some of it had the most highly protected classifications, including top secrest and sensitive exart it information and access materials. wall wrote it's now been four weeks since we informed you of our attempt to provide the fbi access to the boxes so it and the other intelligence community can conduct their reviews. nara will provide the fbi access to the records in question as requested by the incumbent president. now, fox is told a taint or filter team has been involved in this assessment to try to identify what might be protected by attorney-client privilege. but team trump is saying that president biden is not just aware, he was involved. >> he wanted to gain access to trump's compound for an ulterior motive, to look for some evidence, any evidence of a different crime, maybe something related to january 6th. so, he tossed out a general warrant, which is a clear
4:06 am
violation of the fourth amendment. >> so trump's team, in releasing this letter, also revealed that trump was aware, at least since may, that he was under an ongoing criminal investigation, guys. >> steve: a lot to untangle there. all right, jacqui, thank you very much. >> katie: from the white house. >> brian: thursday at noon we're going to get the redacted document, right? >> steve: steve or the judge will get the redact the document. too redacted go back and unredact some stuff. >> katie: we probably won't get it. >> steve: right. we won't. that's the deadline for the department of justice to provide, all right. what edits do you want to make then the judge is going to decide. who knows. could be immediate. >> katie: paper with lots of black ink on it. >> brian: the more delay the trump team probably likes the delay. the department of justice might put something forward that they want it accepted so think are that confident with their case and at the same time to look at the special master, we need to
4:07 am
wait until the end of the week, right? >> katie: exactly. >> brian: major case. >> steve: stay tuned for that in the meantime we just talked to jacqui heinrich who is at the white house. later today, we don't know the form of the announcement, but we believe that the current president of the united states, joe biden, is going to essentially check a box on a campaign promise. he is going to buy a bunch of votes. that's me editorializing, and he will cancel $10,000 worth of student debt for anybody making up do 125,000. if you are a couple, a quarter of a million. so, if you make more than that, you don't get it canceled. if you make less than that, which is most of the planet, you get $10,000 in your bank account thanks to this particular program. >> katie: there is nothing official on the president's schedule. a press briefing later this afternoon. the president is coming back to delaware to washington, d.c. today. he does plan on reallocating the student loan payments from the
4:08 am
people who took them out, who owe them, onto the middle and lower classes. it's going to cost the average taxpayer approximately $2,100 per person. they keep calling this loan forgiveness and cancellation. it is not that it will be paid for. we also know from larry summers, economic adviser under president obama that this will make inflation worse, which is, of course, a tax on the middle class and everybody who wants to buy something in this country. this idea that they are now reallocating student loan payments from people who are making a lot of money because they have degrees on to people who just want to send their own kids to college, is absolutely outrageous. and, quite frankly, it's theft. >> brian: you went to technical school to be a mechanic or a welder or decide not to go to school at all and open a landscaping condition. know those other kids went to school and took out loans in order to go there, they are now front and center. they are now more important than you so you know that you can get
4:09 am
more than $10,000 pell grant under extreme financial situations. nobody makes you go to college. i love people bring up college is too expensive. okay. that's a totally different argument. college is too expensive. we could have downward pressure on it. we could say make the university of michigan justify $75,000. >> katie: why is it expensive. the federal government took over and mass hun monopoly on student loans allows the universities to raise tuition because they know they are going to get more money and now takes it out is going to get it reallocated to the working class and people who didn't go to college. >> brian: a little like, for example, i want that nice house the bank is going to give me money for the nice house even though i can't afford the payments. if the bank is going to give me the money i will take it get a loan this is what you are going to be responsible for six months out of college you have got to start paying back your loan and parent student loan. why does this generation get loan forgiveness? what about the 34-year-old that
4:10 am
just finished off, that young couple that just finished off paying their student loans? what about the medical student that's 42 years old that just finished paying off their student loans. obviously they didn't have a lot of money they wouldn't have taken out student loans. why are they less important than the 18 to 28-year-olds right now this makes no sense. i'm not sure, steve, that he ran on this. i know bernie sanders ran on this. >> steve: he did. >> brian: loan forgiveness is something he still hasn't wrapped his head around because he has not committed do it. he has been thinking about it for over a year. chuck schumer wants it done. the naacp says how dare you just give up $10,000. you should be forgiving everything. so we should forget about any deal that he would take out that we feel is too expensive that we signed on for. >> steve: hello. we have been talking about a lot of numbers. it's 76 days until the midterms. the democrats want to motivate their base. and, you know, bernie has been talking about a lot. joe biden has been through the campaign cycle. he has been talking about forgiving student loans.
4:11 am
here's what bernie just tweeted yesterday. and he doesn't like the $10,000 figure. the average amount of debt forgiveness to businesses receiving ppp loans $95,000. if we could afford to cancel hundreds of billions in ppp loans to business owners in their time of need, please do not tell me we cannot afford to cancel all student debt for 45 million americans. >> katie: incredible. >> steve: tom cotton tweeted out biden is telling every college in america to raise tuition by $10,000. so, are you know, people are saying it's unfair for the people. if it costs every taxpayer, every american 2100 bucks, i think that's the number you gave. it's not fair for the person who didn't go to college and has to pay. it's not fair for the people who did pay their fair share. but, also, i was talking to our white house correspondent last night. he said, you know, there are a number of people who took out college loans and then now they have refinanced them through a private lender. because it's through a private
4:12 am
lender, they are still on the hook for it so they won't get the 10,000 bucks. >> katie: such a big lie. people like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren claim to be for the little guy and the working class. this is overwhelmingly. overwhelmingly benefits the rich in this country who have not just one degree. multiple degrees and student loan debt and it reallocates those payments to people who did not go college. the majority of the people in this country do not have a college degree. >> steve: it's a handout to get votes. >> prevent people to save money for their own families to go to college. requires to pay for it for someone else. >> brian: this is how stupid it is. because there are so many people ticked off the people that don't vote 18 to 25-year-olds that might benefit from this people dhirt, 40 and 50 so ticked off by this what am i the sucker that paid mine off? they will lose more votes than they will gain. that's probably why he was holding out. and that chuck schumer wanted i went and bought some votes. i think it's going to blow up right in their face.
4:13 am
also, parents take out loans. the kid takes out loans. that's why a lot of time they get refinanced. also people go i would love to go to that school. i can't afford it. they walked away and went to a lesser school. and they made decisions. other people said i'm going to find a way to get it you have to live with your decisions until now. >> katie: senator elizabeth warren was running for president. she was confronted on the campaign trail. i believe it was in iowa by a father who said okay. so if you are going to do student loan forgiveness do i get the money that i saved for my child to go college back? because i sacrificed. buying votes and spending money on other things, i was saving money so my kid could go to college and she said of course you don't. of course you don't get it back. creates culture of someone else will pay for me to do whatever i want and make certain decisions about. >> steve: joe biden is coming back from delaware today. the last time he was in the white house, what about 10 days ago. he went there to sign the inflation reduction act. and one of the things he was -- even though it doesn't reduce
4:14 am
inflation. what they did say it is going to reduce the national deficit. and so they were saying, deficit reduction. when you look at that. the inflation reduction act is going to reduce the national deficit by $102 billion, right? okay. >> canceling student debt costs $330 billion. so, if you did -- we got -- we saved 100 billion. but now we are going to spend 300 billion so now we are 200 billion in the hole. >> brian: run by idiots and also, keep in mind, too. that larry summers is also against it meanwhile, 14 minutes after the hour, one of the most interesting people in our culture today is joe rogan. a special coming out who is joe rogan. if you look at this guy, where he came from, how he started as an actor, stand up comedian. how he was kind of a rough upbringing. learned the national arts, and then just became this iconic figure when it came to this new venue called podcasting. here is a new clip from the
4:15 am
special that rolls out on fox nation today. >> cancel cultures is really hard to predict because it changes. it morphs, it gets worse, it gets better. it gets more severe. things that were totally acceptable five years ago are suddenly you can't go near that conversation. so, for a podcaster like rogan you never know what the future holds. >> it's kind of a blueprint for how to deal with the ninnies. with the can court, with the cae authentic. apologize if necessary. >> it's difficult to cancel joe rogan because people want to hear uncensored information. we live in america. people want to hear the truth. people want to hear both sides. joe rogan creates an opportunity platform for feel hear both sides. >> steve: okay. that's the beauty of podcasting because you can just talk and talk and talk and he does. who is joe rogan? available now on fox nation. if you are curious who everybody
4:16 am
is talking about, it's a good way to learn more about him. >> katie: indeed. good stuff on fox nation. also good stuff coming from carley him can you say who is here. >> carley: good morning, yes. i have headlines to get. to say starting with this. another wave of migrant buses from texas arriving in new york city. three rolled in last hour. the mayor's office says two more buses will be arriving later this morning. meanwhile, governor greg abbott is calling out the mayor of new york city in a "new york post" editorial piece saying in part adams talked the talk about being a sanctuary city welcoming illegal immigrants into the big apple with warm hospitality. talk is cheap when pressed into fulfilling such ill considered policies he wants to condemn anyone who is pressing him to walk the walk. to the primaries in florida. republican turned democrat charlie crist easily defeating the state's agriculture commissioner. is he now going to face off against governor ron desantis in november. meanwhile, congresswoman val
4:17 am
demings taking the sunshine state's democratic senate primary. she earns the chance now to challenge marco rubio for that seat. and in new york, jerry nadler wins the battle of veteran house democrat ending carolyn maloney three decade house tenure. and patrick ryan, a democrat, won a special election to represent a swing district in new york. ryan making the race a referendum on the supreme court's recent abortion ruling. court documents showing unvaccinated navy members living in deplorable conditions, those service members are looking for religious exemptions department of justice's covid vaccine mandate. one is being forced to live in the barge of an aircraft carrier and says there is mold everywhere. and frequent water leaks. a lawsuit has been filed on their behalf. a new jersey bar is encouraging dog owners to let their pets
4:18 am
unwind at yappy hour. three days a week wonder bar, new jersey, is offering owners the chance to let their dogs off the leash to socialize. owners can enjoy a drink while their pets dig in the sand, frolic through pools and get to know their fellow pooches. entry is $10. yappy hour even includes doggy bouncers to make sure play doesn't get too rough. naturally guys. over to you. >> steve: funny stuff. >> katie: scotts don would love happy owner. >> steve: cocktails for the owner? >> carley: best part. nonalcoholic i hear. >> steve: new leash on life. >> katie: love it why they made the move to florida and how much they are saving every single month. >> steve: one couple inspires more than a million people on social media with their unique date night. how a $1,990 u-haul kept the
4:19 am
romance alive. the story coming up from the drive-in. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪♪
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4:23 am
♪ >> katie: one new york city staple joins a growing number of businesses ditching the big apple for florida. repairings handbags since the 130s, the father and son chris moore join us now. thank you both for being here this morning. tell us about the move to florida.
4:24 am
long decision overdue happy we are down here now. >> katie: tell me the reason. i know a lot of your clients moved from new york to florida. also paying a lot less money in rent every month. >> well, there is no comparison. you know, we were talking about where we wanted to move to in the country. and we just decided to follow our customers down here to florida. we found a great central location that's between boca and miami and most of our customers moved to either boca or miami and fort lauderdale, so it just seemed like the right place to come to, especially considering the difference in the rent that we were paying. just a whole lot of positives that made us come down to florida. >> katie: donald, you guys bought the business in the 1990s. this is a company that has been in existence since the 19 '0s. have you worked together as a father/son business. so how -- you know, how excited
4:25 am
were you to be table to take your business from new york together and continue your work in florida? >> i'm happy for my son that he decided to do that. >> katie: and he has been working with you since he was 7 years old. so what are some of the kind of lessons you guys have learned about business and working together as a family along the way? >> >> do you want to answer that or shall i? >> you can answer it. >> when i first started boy had to make the decision i work in the front. he works in the back. and everything with business stays inside the doors. once we walk outside of the doors, we become father and son again. inside it's most important that we just -- there is a boss and a worker relationship. and that's how it started. and we were able to maintain that. >> we have only ever had -- butted heads a couple of times almost over 30 years. >> katie: pretty good. >> absolutely amazing. >> katie: when it comes it oyour clients, are they happy that you are down there and what are their reasons for leaving new
4:26 am
york and going down to the sunshine state? >> well, most of it was covid. covid was horrible for everyone. but, had covid not come about. we probably still would have been trying to make it work in new york. but we sat down. we realized that, you know, life is short. this is not a dress rehearsal. you need to just think about what's going to be better for you. better for the family. better for the business. most of our customers that have moved down here are ecstatic and the reason is so they don't have to mail their bags back to new york anymore. we are just a 40-minute drive away. some of the new york customers are happy because we are going to be happier amazing that the last month that we were in new york, how many customers came in the store in tears because it was institution leaving new york. and we were just a part of their lives from generation to generation to generation. >> katie: like you said, life is short, and this is not a dress rehearsal. i'm sure your clients are very
4:27 am
happy you are keeping the business alive. donald moore and chris moore thank you for coming on this morning. >> we appreciate it. >> thanks for having us. >> katie: of course. coming up, the university of virginia student newspaper is on a quest to cancel its founder. president thomas jefferson. just wait until you hear their list of demands. fox news contributor douglas murray reacts to the woke push. plus, chris lane will take the stage this friday for the all-american summer concert series, so it's a to reserve a v.i.p. ticket that gets you special access and free barbecue. ♪ this is john. he hasn't worked this hard to only get this far with his cholesterol. taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol and keep it low with two doses a year. side effects were injection site reaction, joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms,
4:28 am
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4:31 am
>> he founded the university of virginia in 1819. not stopping the student newspaper at uva for calling to remove thomas jefferson every place on the campus he founded. >> katie: editorial board arguing the university's physical environment glorifies racist slave holders and you genesis from statues to building names to jefferson's overwhelming presence. these building must be renamed and memorials removed. >> brian: keep in mind they didn't have to go to the
4:32 am
university of virginia that he founded they chose to go there and change it douglas murray here to react. douglas, this is so bizarre but it looks like the cavalier daily pushing back on an administration that pushed back originally on this get rid of jefferson movement. >> the authorities have to push back. frankly the adults have to educate the kids. they have to educate the kids. >> brian: about time. >> about thomas jefferson and about so many other things. the students doing what students do. they are expressing their ignorance and incredibly strongly held views. but it requires the adults to step back and say let's tell you about thomas jefferson. he is not this vilified figure that you have sort of absorbed in the atmosphere in recent years. is he not this deplorable figure. he is not only the federal government that founded the country. he has founded the campus you are on. and there is a hell of a lot of good to be said about him. and what i worry about in recent years, i have wrote about it last book war on the west.
4:33 am
in recent years, every figure who founded this country has been put through this rinse cycle of hatred, of disdain. i know statue of thomas jefferson brought down in the council chamber last year. these students are picking up what's in the atmosphere and regurgitating it. it requires the adults. requires historians and requires experts, just people who know what they're talking about to correct these students and say you are flat out wrong. >> steve: the problem is in certain circumstances the adults in cases like this have caved. you know what the kids are right. >> on jefferson they have been caving since at least the 1990s. argue monticello has caved about the narrative of thomas jefferson the story of who he was. >> brian: and madison. >> a lot of the people who have actually been entrusted with furthering the memory of these people are actually spitting on the memory of these people. that's a big problem in america. until those institutions also push back and show some guts,
4:34 am
these students are going to keep turning this stuff around. >> katie: where does it end? it doesn't stop at the college campus. the joke over the last couple of years all of america is now a college campus. used to be confined to the crazy walls of the classroom with the academics in this leftist woke bubble now it's seeped into every part of our debate in society. and you saw that proposal last year by the d.c. council i believe it was saying they wanted to get rid of the national monuments on the national mall because some of them are named, of course, after founding fathers. >> if these people get their way, america will just be a vast waste land of empty -- in washington you will be able to go around the campus and you will say what an empty points massive. i wonder who used to be there. a nation of empty pedestals. thomas jefferson's story one of the most remarkable human stories in history. he was an extraordinary hero and extraordinary man. a man of extraordinary humane for sight. >> who had slaves, we get it
4:35 am
every continent had it. we understand it. he wrote about it in great detail. tried to rid the region of it. didn't do it. that's his fault. credit for the declaration of independence, secretary of state. the louisiana purchase able to be engineered. lewis and clark. >> these things have got to be on the positive side of the measurement, surely, but what has been happening in our age is only the negative sides, only like the one negative thing about a person they focused on. and all of the good is just thrown away we need to change that around and say there is a heck of a lot to be said for thomas jefferson. brian bruin students go somewhere else. no one made you go to this private institution costs $70,000. don't worry if you take out a student loan it will be forgiven. >> steve: after they graduate they go to work for corporations where they immediately start to try to change the corporation. >> brian: like apple and refuse to go to work. >> katie: true. >> brian: we just solved the
4:36 am
world's problems if they would listen to us. >> katie: thank you. >> steve: how many people do you think are googling plemt. >> brian. >> brian: thank you so much. meanwhile, 25 minutes before the hour taliban terrorists celebrating one year in power after biden's botched withdrawal and elm bare raced our nation like women set backs like never before. or sharp, stabbing pains. ♪♪ this painful, blistering rash can disrupt your life for weeks. a pain so intense, you could miss out on family time. the virus that causes shingles is likely already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older, ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles.
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>> brian: it's been one year since the biden administration withdrew from afghanistan, embarrassing this country, returning control to the taliban. their return to power means less rights for its citizens. women can no longer go school. hold a government job or even travel alone. meanwhile taliban leaders may see some of their rights restored as the u.n. is posted to end a travel ban on senior officials, including deputy prime minister bar door, an
4:41 am
actual taliban co-founder. our next guest knows all about the taliban leader a adam bowler negotiated with him while working with the trump administration and joins us now. so in power, says he wants and he is going to be able to travel. is that the right move? >> i don't think so at all. i don't see what the taliban has done to be able to travel and have travel restrictions pushed off of them. that's not the way you show and you maintain some sort of authority over something that's gone wild, quite frankly. >> brian: who is this guy? tell me the guy that you know. we got him out of prison. we start negotiated with him, ultimately he ends up being one of the first in to kabul as we left. what do you know about him? >> negotiations are all about power. and what i found he was a fairly reasonable negotiator. he did what he said. we have asked him no more. we have held him to no more.
4:42 am
this is the region that's determined to strength. when we leave and we take away anything, it takes away our negotiation. and now you see what happens. so, during a short period of time actually good party to negotiate with. >> brian: 85% unemployment. people starving to death. taliban and others hunting down our former allies and killing them everything they said they wouldn't too they are doing. so, actually, the u.n. is still rewarding them by allowing him to travel. how soon physical we recognize them as a nation? >> in this region, strength matters. the reason we made progress on the peace talks is we have the opportunity, we have very specific asks. and they knew what would happen to them if they didn't fit those asks. we would blow them up. and when you take that away,
4:43 am
then you take everything in your hand and then you see what happens. these are people, this is the regional michigan, they do not know how to lead a country. >> brian: adam, many people are saying the biden administration just implemented the trump plan. the trump deal that he signed. what's the reality? >> the president had -- the president never would have left the taliban dictate their own terms on how we left. what we should have done is left on our terms. what do our terms mean? it means we get our people out, our americans out, we lose no troops. i don't want to see any of our brave troops die like they did, those people. it means we get all of those people, the interpreters that helped us out out of the country on our terms. then orderly we bring things back and then we retain a special forces cell so that we don't see, for example, a leader from al-qaeda living in the brazen sun right in front of us
4:44 am
as soon as the taliban come back. and, with that base, we are yesterday to make strikes and to make sure that we don't see isis-k. we don't see al-qaeda continuing to expand. >> brian: are they? are. >> yes, absolutely. i mean, we were told oh, no, we don't like them. that's not going to be good. it's clear that that is wrong. now they have open refuge in -- right in the middle of the city. and there are some things we can do. look, i liked that being. i liked that we killed the number two leader in al-qaeda very quickly. that was a good move by the biden administration. we are going to need to keep being vigilant and making sure that we take these guys down. >> brian: but, the fact that he was there shows that they are doing exactly what they said they wouldn't do and they say harboring al-qaeda. they haven't learned their lesson 20 years later. things are worse than ever. adam. thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me on. >> brian: meanwhile 44 minutes
4:45 am
after the top of the hour. a lot closer to the top of the hour than you would think. carley shimkus is at the top of the stairs. >> carley: yes, as a matter of fact i am, brian. thank you for that we are going to start here with a disturbing story out of arizona and a warning the video we are about to show is extremely violent. phoenix police are searching for a suspect who was caught on camera hitting a gas station worker with what appears to be a brick sending the employee falling to the ground. wow, the attacker then repeatedly smashes the victim's head into the floor while demanding access to the cash register. police already have one suspect in custody. but the attacker remains on the loose. state health agencies are revealing that an e.coli outbreak from wendy's lettuce is much worse than originally reported by the cdc. on friday the federal agency said 37 people have been impacted in four states with some even being hospitalized. but the number could surpass 100 as michigan investigates 98 e.coli cases this month.
4:46 am
43 have been linked to the fast food chain. results are still pending for the other cases. wendy's said it pulled lettuce from certain locations in the midwest. oh boy, another rough day at the airport across the nation with over 500 flights already behind schedule. more than 80 have been canceled. the travel woes come a day after 4500 flights were delayed and over 600 were canceled nationwide. and if you think the delays are bad, check this out. an alaska airlines flight was forced to return to seattle c tack airport after paneling another one of the engines fell off shortly after takeoff. thankfully no one was hurt there. hundreds of service members, many who have been hurt in combat are showing off their skills in orlando's warrior games. competition for active duty military and veterans. one hero, who is the only one-handed medic in the u.s. military, says it's an opportunity to showcase their
4:47 am
resilience and strength. the warrior games continue this week with closing ceremonies on sunday. absolutely love that. janice, over to you. >> janice: they are heroes. >> carley: they absolutely are. >> janice: talking about airline delays. take a look at the map. i think we are going to have a lot of delays across the gulf coast where we continue to see heavy rainfall. historic rain for texas, houston, you might get in on some of that rainfall the next couple of days. i will tell you things will improve as we get towards this weekend. we have had this stationary front kind of transition into a cold front and move off the coast. that's great news. still the potential for heavy rain for parts of florida and the southeast. so we will continue to monitor that. we could see upwards of 5 inches of rain for some of these regions and then by the weekend things will clear up. here is your forecast in terms of temperatures. still very warm across the country, especially for california and the northwest. fox for all your
4:48 am
weather details and brian if you want to know more about brian. >> brian: thank you very much, janice for that personal toss to me. >> janice: thank you $10. >> brian: date night setting off a new trend how they came up with renting a u-haul for that special someone ♪ i want you to know me ♪ i want to feel what love is ♪ whooping cough. even ice cream is like whooping cough, it's not just for kids. whooping cough is highly contagious for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. sometimes followed by vomiting and exhaustion. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because whooping cough isn't just for kids.
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to figure out which packet is which. the limited edition alignment will cost you $25 latest date night trend is renting a u-haul in celebration of one year anniversary next guest rented a u-haul rental truck and drove to a drive-in theater. the video of cheap night out racked up 1.4 million views on tiktok and joining us now the stars of that pickup in a pickup back to the drive-in movie theater jessica and don. happy couple. happy anniversary. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. >> good morning, thanks for having us on. >> we told this story yesterday we are talking with bribe. why would you rent a u-haul and the answer is simple. i got an email from somebody who said i used to rent a car in las
4:54 am
vegas for four or five days and it would be 400 or 500 bucks. dom, a u-haul is cheap. what you are sitting in is $19.95 a day. right? >> yeah. plus mileage. >> plus mileage. >> but it is so much cheaper than renting a car or truck especially in our area. so it was really a good alternative. especially since at that time we didn't have a truck. so we had to get creative. >> steve: you could have used a car but you needed more space. so what did you do in the truck? >> >> yeah. so, we ended up tossing in all of our bedding. we had an inflatable air mattress that we had in our car for car camping. we tossed that in. tossed all of our bedding and pillows and then headed over to the local drive-in, the van buren drive-in. >> steve: which is where i think you are right now. >> >> yeah.
4:55 am
>> steve: 1.4 million people have looked at it because they thought, you know what? that's really clever. who wants to spend 100 bucks to rent a car when for 20 bucks you can rent either a van or a pickup truck or something like that, save money and have fun? >> yeah. we really like finding unique ways to kind of go on dates and things that are a little bit outside the box. so, we thought, i mean, going to the drive-in under the stars, watching a double movie marathon, it doesn't really get better than that. >> steve: right, right. as newlyweds, it's got to feel good to know that you had a big night out. over a million people saw your night out, and you saved money to boot. >> for sure. i mean, we are also happy if we save money and if we can, you know, inspire the people to do the same thing, then that's great. yeah, we are happy with that. >> it was really -- it wasn't
4:56 am
too expensive of a date. i mean, the drive-in is a great cost or a cheap way to go on a date. and then the cost of the truck itself was -- you can't beat it. >> steve: i understand that the movie theater that they were showing a double header two features 10 bucks, you can't beat it congratulations. >> thank you. >> steve: for one year of marital bliss. >> thank you. >> steve: i got a feeling that u-haul is probably very thankful that you have given them a million dollars worth of commercial advertising right there. thanks to both of you. >> yes. >> steve: all right. that's sweet. all right. coming up, former israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is going to join us top of the hour. throts say, stick around. you are watching "fox & friends." ♪ you can get every other month. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable.
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5:00 am
>> biden administration were involved in the justice department raid at mar-a-lago than it initially went on and seemingly signed off on the effort to review trump records. >> this is highly political and it's never happened before. >> leaning toward $10,000 in student loan debt. borrower. estimated that about $3 billion. it's an ethical and they're not going to get the political payoff. >> to young children drowning in the rio grande of the third clinging to life. >> exposing the danger of president biden's failed
5:01 am
policies. >> as more migrant buses pulling from texas. >> starting with new york, where congressman jerry nadler and carolyn maloney. >> val demings claiming victory in her senate primary. >> and charlie crist will go head-to-head with ron desantis. >> pricey dinners and extensive nights out with cheap rental trucks. one couple celebrating their wedding anniversary renting a u-haul. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ life is a highway ♪ ♪ i want to ride it all night long ♪ ♪ if you're going my way ♪ ♪♪>> katie: good morning. it's 8:01 on the east coast. you are looking at our shot of louisiana, beautiful sunrise all morning long, brian. our first shot of the morning.
5:02 am
>> steve: it's not the ocean, it's a gulf. as you look at caesar's superdome. how many super bowls in that? >> katie: a good many. you're a sports guy. >> brian: a lot. i would say the wrapper master p was there. it's good to see he made a lot of himself. >> katie: i think lil jon was also from new orleans. >> steve: i thought you said your favorite rapper was vanilla ice. >> brian: he's my second favorite. he left the business, i left him. master p is still involved. speech you a beautiful day than a beautiful day here come halfway through the reek. >> steve: thanks for joining us. katie is in, ainsley is out on vacation for a week, and what is he missing? a total of five migrant buses have arrived in the last couple hours here in the big apple, courtesy of the governor of the
5:03 am
state of texas. >> katie: this adds to the migrant sent from the lone star state since early august. >> brian: the battle continues. todd piro joins us. >> arriving here in the big apple, five buses rolling in this morning. the most recent sent in one day so far. you can see here, take a look, "the new york post" asking the e big question, where will it end? the crisis at the border gets worse and worse by the day. we must warn you, this fruitage is graphic. migrant kids are the focus, they drowned attempting to cross the rio grande river. when fighting for his life. a guatemalan girl taken off a boat in a tiny body bad, just a heartbreaking image. meantime the chaos at the border extending to california, the fbi investigating a physical confrontation between border patrol agents and suspected human mug
5:04 am
smugglers at imperialbeach. feet from the border fence. saying in part, "as agents intended to take both migrants into custody, they actively resisted and assaulted the agent. during the confrontation, they deployed less lethal devices. the suspects were eventually taken into custody." a border patrol official in san diego saying there's an ongoing investigation of this altercation and the official has made clear whether those individuals were suspected smugglers or not. back to you. >> steve: thank you very much, todd. the fbi is investigating and when todd mentioned "the new york post," "when will it end?" you see the heroic actions by our border patrol agents and they're trying to save the lives. i mean, how many times have they put their own lives in peril by wading out into the rio grande to say people's lives? unfortunately a 2-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a 5-year-old yesterday drowned. a 2-month-old clinging to life.
5:05 am
their parents tried to bring them in this country and they knew that if they could just get across the rio grande river, joe biden would allow us in no questions asked. the kids didn't make it. >> katie: open borders are inhumane borders and the administration continues to try and say this process of a free-for-all is humane. that's not the case as we see children drowning and agents putting their lives at risk to save them every single day. >> brian: when the mayor of new york city started complaining, he said, "i'm not sending people to new york, but that's a great idea. i'll send some of the illegals destroying my state, overwhelming our social services systems to you guys." and now instead of a few on a few buses, an all-time high, five buses, almost everybody saying i love this idea on a texas dollar going 40 hours to new york city.
5:06 am
more opportunity, perhaps. and the governor said to expand on this and put it into a "new york post" editorial. here's an excerpt. mayor adams talks the talk about being a sanctuary city, which means if you get there you can stay. welcome illegal immigrants into the big apple with warm hospitality. talk is cheap. sending migrants on the roughly 30 hour bus trip is in humane? where's the self-righteousness when it comes to biden's open border policies, enticing illegal immigrants make the track mostly walking through treacherous regions in central america and mexico? many of those migrants are killed or otherwise lose their lives attempting to come here. that doesn't trouble budget enough to immediately that doesn't trouble biting enough to meaningfully discourage it. >> steve: when his administration was flying people into westchester county airport and other airports in the dead of night, where was the outrage then? there was only outrage once it
5:07 am
was a very public spectacle. >> katie: in the daytime. >> steve: sending those buses. they show up at the port authority of new york and new jersey. in the 6:00 hour. >> katie: he loved to send this back to mexico but as a result of the policies, ending remain in mexico, ending these policies require that these illegal immigrants be processed and kept in the united states. so that is why they are being sent to new york city, washington, d.c., going wherever they please, coming off the bus, you can see they have paperwork, shaking hands, lining up for health care and free phones, lining up for their hotel room in new york city. they are displacing homeless shelters not just in new york but also washington, d.c., and other cities around the country, and new york city mayor eric adams isn't calling the white house to say, "hey,
5:08 am
close the border so we don't have this problem." instead he says it should be texas' problem and not new york. even though he said he year ago everyone is welcome, and backed sanctuary city policy. >> brian: "you're more important than new yorkers, they you go. you're more important than paying taxpayers. you are more important than everybody else. congratulations. we will support you with money that isn't mine, but is earmarked for other dwellings. people from other nations are more important than americans." i think it's going to be more than a handshake. i think eventually they have to do some paperwork. >> katie: i think it's about ready, they've already been processed. >> steve: and a piece of paper that will allow them to fly throughout the country without an issued i.d. >> brian: no other country would allow this. meanwhile, 8 minutes after the top of the hour, the winners are revealed in the last major primary in florida.
5:09 am
republican turned democrat charlie crist is sent to challenge governor ron desantis in november. >> steve: meanwhile, carolyn maloney loses her tenure in the house. >> katie: carley shimkus joins us live with the latest on those races and more. >> carley: yes, and the sunshine state, charlie crist, republican turned democrat, crushed the state agriculture commission. he will attempt to unseat governor ron desantis, as the governor's impact on local elections is celebrated by republicans for flipping the school board's liberal majority. bridget ziegler, tim enos, and marinelli ploys to enact their school board races in a conservative clean sweep. all three candidates were backed by governor ron desantis in the democratic race to square off with florida senator marco rubio in november. val demings didn't even break a sweat enrolling her opponents. meanwhile in new york a bat or a
5:10 am
veteran house democrats sees jerry nadler demolish carolyn maloney, ending her 3-decade has 10-year period maloney cited misogyny as a likely factor in her defeat. >> and women that are at the table where decisions get made, the menu of issues expands and the agenda changes. i am really saddened that we no longer have a woman representing manhattan in congress. >> carley: and ulster county executive patrick ryan, a democrat, won that special election to represent the 19th congressional district where the candidate made the referendum on the supreme court recent abortion ruling. the race is seen as a possible preview of the midterms and the energy around the abortion issue. president trump meanwhile celebrating a 92% win rate among candidates he endorsed and is today's races.
5:11 am
back to you. >> steve: thank you. the new york race, the 12th district, carolyn maloney has been in that house seat for 30 years. the 12th district was hers for 30 years. they redrew the tenth district, which is jerry nadler's, but he said "that's too complicated, i'm going to challenge her," and a believer out of the water. unbelievable. >> brian: benjamin netanyahu, former and maybe future prime minister of israel. great to see you. i know you are very familiar with american politics and american issues and immigration means a lot, but i know first and foremost you are as concerned as many other clear thinking people about the deal we are about to reenter with iran on this nuclear proliferation. could you tell me what your greatest concern is at this hour? >> i think this is a horrible deal, a dangerous deal that will
5:12 am
pave iran's path with gold. a golden-paved highway to a nuclear arsenal. if iran has nuclear weapons, they don't merely threaten my country, israel, for the entire middle east and america's allies. they threaten you directly, because simultaneously with developing nuclear weapons they are developing the means to deliver them. so you can have iran governed by these fanatic ayatollahs who will hold every american citizen hostage to nuclear weapons. i think it's a threat to the peace of the world and that's what this horrible deal facilitates. it's even worse in the first one. >> brian: why is it worse? >> president obama, in a moment of candor, said in an interview in 2015 that by 2027, five years from now, iran will have a breakout time to a bond that is near zero. his words, not mine. and he was right. this deal is much closer to that time frame and it gives iran right now, within two years,
5:13 am
they can develop within four years, starting two years from now, they can develop added enrichment capacity of uranium. 3500 advanced centrifuges that is each 10-20 times stronger and more effective than what they have. you are adding an enormous capacity to enriched uranium. that's a critical element of making nuclear bombs. it gives them right now hundreds of billions of dollars, and by the end of the agreement, a trillion dollars to pursue their terror and aggression against everyone. against you, against us. this is what the deal gives them. what does it ask of them? nothing. it doesn't ask them to change their behavior, to stop calling for the destruction of israel, to stop bombing the neighboring countries like saudi arabia and the gulf states. it doesn't ask them anything. it doesn't stop the development of ballistic missiles, and it
5:14 am
doesn't even guarantee that their sites will be inspected. this is a deal that gives them everything to threaten all of us and give nothing to us in return. >> steve: so that's why you are calling on the white house to reject the deal. but you know the obama-biden administration people, a lot of them are now in the biden-harris administration. have you called joe biden or kamala harris or anybody in authority and said, "are you guys crazy?" >> i have talked to president biden when he was vice president and when he was president. i've talked to him many times about the danger of this deal. i think right now you can talk to the administration but i think from their point of view this deal is done. what's important is to understand this, deal or no deal, if i'm elected -- and i think there's a very good chance i'll be reelected a few months from now -- we have to ensure we will take whatever action is
5:15 am
necessary to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons. that is my commitment. i have dedicated a good part of my life to holding back their nuclear program in a variety of means and i will continue that way. i encourage the american public in the american people, the american representatives, i hope the administration, too, but i don't give it a big chance, not to sign the deal. but if it is signed, to get out of it as soon as possible. that's happened before and it's going to happen again. >> katie: mr. per minister, we know during the process of this negotiation period, they've been bragging they've missed the deadline 11 different times in vienna with the talks. the biden administration allowed them to do that with no consequence. we also know they tried to carry out a number of assassinations on american soil throughout this process. as you said, it seems like the deal is going to get done by the biden administration. the middle east now, thanks to the abraham accords, however the
5:16 am
countries in the region working together in ways they were in before she prevent iran from gaining a nuclear weapon and continuing? >> we understand the enormous threat for these weapons to be aimed initially at us and subsequently at you. but we all understand that. i did fashion, with president trump's help, the abraham accords that make peace between israel and four other states. that was based on things they could bring to their lives, but the lives of the citizens, and also on the fact that we share a common interest to stop iran. how we stop them is something he will not get into, but i will say this. if you don't have a credible military threat against iran's nuclear program, you essentially have nothing. when you have a credible
5:17 am
military threat or action as we took against iraq and syria's attempt to develop nuclear weapons, and as you threatened qaddafi, it worked. you didn't have such a threat against north korea. it didn't work. they signed the nonproliferation treaty, it's worthless. these people cheat. if you get to the point where they are inches away from loading their enriched uranium into the nuclear core of bombs, you have nothing you can do. you have to be prepared. we all have to be prepared to take whatever action is necessary with a dealer without a deal. i'm not going to be in israel without being a signatory a partner to this horrible deal. we'll do whatever is necessary to defend our country and our citizens, and i'm telling you, to defend the world. >> brian: mr. prime minister, at they are allowed to go back in the world stage economically and sell their oil, then goes
5:18 am
moscow on steroids, hezbollah goes on steroids, islamic jihad does on steroids. it enables the entire region. with the weapon as uranium, true or false goes to russia, and true or false, russia gives it back to iran if the next president decides to tear up this deal like president trump did. that's going to be the leverage that they use in this administration against future administrations. >> i think what you're going to see is not only the violation of -- well, you don't have to violate. they are basically giving them a freebie, hundreds of billions of dollars of money to continue to pursue their aggression. as 100 ways to go about it, you are quite right. but you asked me about the arab countries in the neighborhood and others. let me tell you what will happen. because they see that the u.s. is not standing up to iran, i
5:19 am
tell you -- i'm sorry to say this, i said this in my speech before the joint session of congress and i'm telling you this again -- what will happen is that other countries in the middle east will pursue nuclear weapons of their own. so this deal which was supposed to stop nuclear weapons in the middle east and the proliferation of weapons of mass death in this neighborhood and beyond, it will actually cause the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the middle east will be crisscrossed by nuclear tripwires. we'll make the middle east and nuclear powder keg. what should i tell you -- use the clinical term from psychiatry? this is madness. if it's done, we have to get out of it as soon as you can. in any case, develop a combination of a credible military threat coupled with paralyzing sanctions, crippling sanctions. that's the only way to stop this. >> brian: but the deal is lifting sanctions and that's the
5:20 am
problem. thanks for joining us. hopefully people are listening to you. for some reason the biden administration knows everything you're saying and they still want to do the deal, and i'm not looking to get it ratified, they just looking to sign it. thanks, mr. prime minister. appreciate it. coming up, the air force academy is on track to have one of the most difficult recruiting years and over two decades. what's going on? lieutenant colonel joining the fight to boost enrollment. his story is next. and take a look at this, it's not a doughnut or a croissant. it's a supreme. the sweet dessert that has new yorkers landing up around the block to get one of those. coming up this hour, fox & friends. ♪ ♪ your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis and... take. it. on. with rinvoq. rinvoq is a once-daily pill that tackles pain, stiffness, swelling.
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5:25 am
>> katie: 2022 is shaping up to be one of the most difficult years yet for air force recruiting, with applications dropping nearly 30% versus the previous class. dan ernie is hoping to change that, stepping into a new role as recruiter. he joins me now along with air force recruiting service commander major general thomas. major general, tell me why it's difficult right now for the air force to recruit the 26,000 people they want to join this year. >> thanks, katie. the good news as it looks like we will make our goal this year. it'll be a bye a narrow margin, but it's a couple reasons. the first similar international labor shortage right now. it is a pitched battle for talent across the country. and then two years of not being in high schools, building relationships, prospective recruits. it's more of a foundational challenge.
5:26 am
less and less people are exposed to the u.s. military and really understand who we are today. >> katie: dan, you stepped into this new role as recruiter. we know about your fund-raising for patriotic causes. so why did you decide to get back into this role? >> it's a blessing to be able to pay it forward, and for me it almost goes back to when i was 12 years old and i met a fighter pilot. callsign reno, he was larger-than-life and inspired me. he had this reference to him, so i went off to college, joined the air force, went to pilot training. a multi-million-dollar scholarship to fly f-16s. but really, for me, it's about sharing with people what it's like to be in the air force. i think transmission lessons for me, one i learned that you get four ride to that instructor. your faith is so low. i remember shutting down the
5:27 am
engines and it goes before you are ready. air force empowered me in this way that really changed everything and one of our core values is service before self. obviously that lit my heart on fire, this fulfillment you get from working with the world's greatest team, serving others. obviously it has support at the folds of honor, but i want to share that the air force affords everybody that joins this team the opportunity to transition from what success is to significance. i think in our lives our goal is combining what you do with who you are, and the opportunity needs to be significant, and have a percentage of this company that will go up, up put the uniform on is willing to defend our freedoms, and we are hiring. we want the best war fighters to join our team and i'm just so passionate to be part of the
5:28 am
recruiting command work to share my story and hopefully inspire others like steve did to this 12-year-old kid that's had the greatest ride on earth. >> katie: you're doing a great job in your new job as a recruiter. you talk all about the rewarding aspects of joining the air force. major general, you mention to the competitive nature of the job market right now. so why should someone choose a career in the air force versus some other career not in the military? >> thanks, katie. ultimately i think dan really hit the nail on the head. when it comes down to it, it is purpose. but the three things i talk about as i break this up, it is opportunity, its community and purpose. the american dream still really exists in the military. to be able to come in, education, training, experiences, travel, to have a community of people, wingmen, battle buddies, if you will, that you trust with your life,
5:29 am
and the idea of purpose, being part of something bigger than yourself, the significance that dan talks about. mark twain said a long time ago that the two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. every morning for the last 33 years that i've gotten up and laced up my combat boots, i have never once doubted why i do what i do and how much it matters for the nation. and i love my service because of that. >> katie: i think that's a pretty good pitch and we are grateful for all those who choose to serve the country and look forward to those who may join this year. good luck. >> we are hiring. not to interrupt, but visit the air force website. there's tons of job opportunities out there. it'll change your life. join our team. >> katie: indeed. if you want more information on air force careers, to find a recruiter you can go to air thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks, katie.
5:30 am
aim high. >> katie: coming up, president biden's vacation comes to an end in civil student loan debt for millions of americans. the new plan expected to cost taxpayers, youth, $300 billion. clay travis on the democrat spending spree, up next. you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. ♪ ♪ it's electric... made extraordinary. ingenuity... in motion. it listens, learns, adapts and anticipates your every need.
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♪ ♪
5:34 am
>> steve: president biden set to announce a student loan bailout plan later today. the government handout will reportedly erase $10,000 of debt per student at an estimated cost of $300 billion a year to u.s. taxpayers. out kick founder clay travis, who would have loved to have had this deal and he was paying off his student at joins us now. good morning to you. >> no doubt, steve. like a lot of people out there i went all the way through law school so i ended up with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. when you break it down, those of the people that tend to have the most student loan debt. doctors, lawyers, people who go to school obviously for a long time, including grad school. right off the top, steve, the thing i question the most, putting on my lawyer had, i don't think that constitutionally joe biden has the authority to erase
5:35 am
$300 billion in student loan debt without legislative authority. i suspect this will end up in the supreme court. much like his eviction moratorium he tried to continue under the cdc without the authority to do so. i think the supreme court is going to end up striking this down when it eventually reaches there. that's well after the midterms and joe biden can blame the supreme court for not giving debt relief to all of the students out there, and maybe in the meantime he will have spared and motivated many young voters to have shown up in the midterms who don't know any better and believe they are endorsing joe biden's unconstitutional student loan give back. >> steve: we will see what happens but i'm glad you brought up the fact that the midterms are 76 days away. i'm sure he's got a list, "i've got the check that off, i've got to clean up this covid thing.
5:36 am
fauci is out now. we've got to reorganize the cdc." they're trying to make it easy for democrats to win come november, and i'm sure any radio show we've been talking about this. in the generic polling and also the fox news estimations, republicans will still take the house but they will not have as many winners on the republican side as they thought a couple of months ago. why do you think democrats are closing the gap? >> i think there's a lot of discussion about dobbs. if you look at the polling data that has energize some of the base and maybe move some independents who were in certain. uncertain. it remains to be seen whether all of the senators in battleground states, whether it's pennsylvania, georgia, nevada, arizona, all of the states where senate control is going to be decided, whether
5:37 am
that motivation is going to start to coalesce into a republican red wave. but i think based on the numbers so far this election right now is looking more like a continuation of 2020. that is, republicans do pretty well in the house and basically we break even in the senate. it doesn't look like a transformative red wave that many of us were hoping for, at least as you said, sitting at around 80 days out. the spiel and it looked redder about three months ago. thank you very much for joining us from outkick world headquarters. go to clay started it. >> i appreciate having me. thanks a lot. >> steve: coming up on this wednesday, a judge to elaborate on the request for the request for a special master to independently review records as it is now revealed that biden knew of the review.
5:38 am
senator lindsey graham reacts to that news coming up next. sa that we're doing. we put our arm around the veterans. when i think of the veteran out there that needs to refi his home, he may want to purchase, we can help them and provide that financial solution for them and their families. it's a great rewarding feeling. everybody in the company, they have that deference and that respect and that love for the veteran that makes this company so unique.
5:39 am
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5:42 am
♪ ♪ >> brian: here we go, a federal judge demanding more details on the motion filed by president trump's legal team for an independent review of the fbi raid on mar-a-lago. that special master. it comes as a newly released set of documents uncovered the role the biden administration played. they knew about it until the archives to go ahead and research it. senator lindsey graham has been calling for a full release of the affidavit. they've got to do something by noon tomorrow. senator, it's amazing the detail we are getting in "the washington post" and "the new york times" again with all of this. >> this is the playbook of the russia investigation. he read in "the new york times" and "the washington post" about the investigation, and it all turns out to be b.s. what do i want? i want a special master to look at what was seized and somebody outside of doj to look through
5:43 am
these documents to see if it's privileged, what is attorney-client, and 80 days before an election, a midterm election, and we are going to be reading every few days "washington post" and "the new york times," and what is in these documents and what trump didn't he release the affidavit we can judge what is there or not they are. so this idea of drip, drip, drip, 80 days before an election, we need to see the affidavit. >> brian: they say boxes with over 700 pages. do not believe those numbers? >> i read about the mueller investigation every week. nobody told me they had information that the entire basis for the carter page warrant was a bunch of hearsay
5:44 am
and bar talk. i don't trust these people. i want to see the affidavit. this is a raid on the former president of the united states' personal home 80 days before an election, and i'm supposed to trust "the new york times" and "the washington post"? hell no. >> brian: archivist deborah weil came out and said president biden after her determination. so don't say didn't know about it. but the afghanistan withdrawal, the biggest disaster in my lifetime and maybe american history. who has been fired? >> well, there's been no accountability, but the withdrawal heard around the world. remembering lexington and concord when we fought for our freedom, the shot heard around the world? this withdrawal was heard in moscow, in every terrorist camp throughout the world. the terrorists are on steroids and our allies have been shaken by this withdrawal. what i want to let you know is this is a big deal over the arc
5:45 am
of time. we've just about cleaned up the mess from the iraq withdrawal. thousands of people getting killed all over the world. this decision to withdraw all of our forces and turn afghanistan back over the taliban is setting up another 9/11. this is a very big deal and we are not prepared for the consequences of this withdrawal. you will never convince me that this didn't affect putin's decision to invade ukraine. >> brian: prime minister netanyahu is incensed about this deal, worse than the last with no on-site inspections. what are you calling for at this hour? how do we stop this? >> i'm calling for the united states senate to have a vote on whether this is a good deal for america and israel. i'm also calling to the senate when we get back in session to
5:46 am
have hearings so bibi and other politicians can come tell us why it's a bad deal. the bottom line is the entire political infrastructure of israel against this deal. not just bibi, but the current prime minister and his ally are saying the same thing. i believe there is a majority of the united states senators who oppose this deal if we had a chance to vote. you've got to remember the people doing this deal would crawl through glass to appease iran. they are the same people in charge of the border and who decided to withdraw from afghanistan. this is a disaster in the making. you're heading for disaster this goes through. >> steve: they sent assassins to kill pompeo and bolton. at the same time, the saudi arabian ambassador. and we are trying to do a deal with them. it's mind-boggling and idiotic. guess he was upset for it? schumer didn't vote for the last one, menendez didn't vote for the last one, cardin didn't vote for the last one. they have to show some guts and stop this administration.
5:47 am
great to see you. >> thank you. >> brian: let's check in with janice dean and the weather. >> let's take a look at it because we've had a lot of rainfall across texas. those warm temperatures hang on for yet another day for much of the country, especially the northwest where they've dealt with record heat. if you look at the slash flood watches and warnings for louisiana and mississippi, record rainfall for texas and that's moving eastward across portions of louisiana, mississippi, still eastern texas and arkansas. and look at the louisiana rainfall totals over the last 48 hours. close to 8 inches. so that's why we have a lot of flash flooding watches and warnings in effect. tracking the tropics, we are getting into peak season and starting to see an awakening of the lunatic. we will watch this one as it moves toward the lesser antilles, certainly an area to watch as the waters are warm. has all your latest details. we will certainly keep you up-to-date. brian kilmeade, back to you. >> brian: thanks so much, janice. coming up we are taste testing
5:48 am
the viral new design that has new yorkers waiting in line for hours, and not for the subway. we'll introduce you to the supreme next. are we live? oh. first let's check with dana perino. she would have gotten that right. >> dana: i don't know, but it looks good, if you could bring some up to the 12th floor. >> brian: i delivered. >> dana: president biden about to cancel a significant amount of student loan debt that will cancel all the savings from the inflation reduction act he signed last week. does anyone win in this decision? both karl rove and jared kushner will be here. we will talk with three voters who give us they take. hashtag no filter, who are they leaning toward? college kids return to campus and face another worry. fentanyl-laced pills. martha maccallum with an update on what students and parents must be aware of this fall. and what was it like on that last flight out of afghanistan? bill has an interview you won't want to miss. get caught up on all the news.
5:49 am
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>> steve: the sweetest segment of the day. move over, cronut! a brand-new pastry taking new york city-based storm. people lining up for hours to get their hands on the supreme.
5:53 am
>> honestly, you guys, these are even more delicious than a look. i know that's hard to believe, but the croissant was so flaky and delicious. you should definitely get one if you can get your hands on one. >> katie: the man behind the viral dessert, pastry chef scott joins us now. this is your invention. it looks delicious. we have some kind of chocolate on the left and come up for summer, august, peaches and cream on the right. how did you come up with this invention? >> i was really just thinking of a croissant and trying to make it cool and fun and draw people into the bakery. and make something delicious. >> steve: i like the way you display your doughnuts, or in this case the supreme. standing up. >> katie: easier to eat that way, right? >> they are easy to eat that way and all the lamination of the croissant, it's a lot of hard work and you want to make sure people see that.
5:54 am
>> steve: that's beautiful! >> katie: chocolate in the croissant. >> steve: ganache on the top, inside a swirly croissant, and what the little chocolate stuff on top? >> those are cocoa nibs. >> katie: it's the most popular flavor? >> people asked me that a lot. chocolate is the standard, and then we have a monthly flavor that rotates, peaches and cream. >> steve: i love that, that's fantastic! >> katie: has it changed your business model? obviously you were close during covid and you just reopened, so how does this change the game? because the line is out the door and having a hard time keeping up as a result of the new supreme. >> it's a good problem to have. we make about 240 per day. our oven sits at about 120, so we do one drop at 8:00 a.m. and the other drop at 12:00. because it needs time to proof,
5:55 am
baked, cool, and glaze. >> steve: this is carrot cake, right? these are doughnuts. >> wildflower honey and blueberry. >> steve: and what is that? >> that's our blackout bounty. >> katie: and a version of a thin mint, which everyone loves. >> a cross between an oreo and a thin mint. our chocolate chunk cookie, and a key lime bundt up front. >> steve: this could be the best dessert i've ever had in my life. >> thank you so much. >> steve: i thought i would like the chocolate one better, and i do love it, but this peaches and cream thing -- come on over! steel and get one of these. >> carley: i wanted to try the chocolate one. what an invention! wait, so it's like a croissant and a doughnut? >> pretty much. a croissant filled and glaze
5:56 am
like a doughnut. >> katie: it's the process start to finish, taking the dough out to consumer? >> we are proofing and baking, so i would say three days. >> carley: you are my favorite person in the world. what's the purple? i'm sorry if you already said it. >> it's a wildflower honey doughnut. >> carley: you make the most beautiful deserts of all time. >> katie: congrats on the success! >> steve: for more information, go to lafayette grand cafe and pastry right here in new york city. >> carley: truly, a round of applause. ♪ ♪
5:57 am
5:58 am
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>> i know it's wednesday but get ready for friday. khris lane joins us for the all american concert series. >> for tickets go to our website. >> bill: carley, well done. good morning, everybody. today is the day on student debt. president biden expected to make an announcement on how much he will cancel from a contract you possibly signed. the reported plan angering critics left, right and center. nobody is happy about this except folks getting a break. >> dana: i'm good. frustrated with this policy. i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." >> bill: you graduated from which college? >> dana: university of southern colorado. i had a scholarship. i had graduate ho


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