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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 24, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> i know it's wednesday but get ready for friday. khris lane joins us for the all american concert series. >> for tickets go to our website. >> bill: carley, well done. good morning, everybody. today is the day on student debt. president biden expected to make an announcement on how much he will cancel from a contract you possibly signed. the reported plan angering critics left, right and center. nobody is happy about this except folks getting a break. >> dana: i'm good. frustrated with this policy. i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." >> bill: you graduated from which college? >> dana: university of southern colorado. i had a scholarship. i had graduate school with
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$15,000 of student loans. >> bill: i would have loved to have been given 10 grand. it could change your life but i signed a contract. a contract. i had to pay it. that was the bill. >> dana: i was so afraid i couldn't make my next payment that i made two payments at night. i was a waitress. president biden has had to make this decision over and over because he has hemmed and hawed about it. right now today he is expected to cancel up to $10,000 in student debt for americans making less than $125,000 per year. he will also reportedly extend the pause on loan repayments until after the mid-terms even though apparently we have the best job market in history. >> bill: taxpayers will foot the bill for all of this. it will cost anywhere between $300 billion at the low end and upwards of $980 billion at the high-end depending the decision he makes. >> dana: the price tag is raising alarm bells on both sides of the aisle.
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critics are calling it a hand-out that will do more harm than good. >> obama economists are making the point you'll make education more expensive by letting colleges know that every student has an extra $10,000. let's tack it on from the beginning. in addition to that, we are making things more expensive. spending money on things we don't have on things we don't need. >> dana: jacqui, what can we expect today? >> good morning. no update on timing right now from the white house. we expect an announcement from the president today as he returns from today. it's not just republicans sounding the alarms. some democrats say it could blow back on them in the mid-terms and nonpartisan analysts say it could be so costly it undoes any deficit reduction that came out of the inflation reduction act. according to the penn wharton
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budget committee it could cost $100 billion. if the cancellation is limited to people making less than 125 grand a year make it 344 billion and of course if the white house bends to the demands of some democrats to wipe out $50,000 per bow orer. that's what the naacp wants. it cannot become the latest example of a policy that has left black people and black women behind. not how you treat black voters who provided 90% of their vote to save democracy in 2020. the committee for responsible budge it says it wouldn't just cost our economy but set black people behind. >> we're probably going to do more to increase inflation from debt cancellation than any
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inflation reduction from that act. it widens the racial wealth gap. people that went to college are white. >> this could be a a bad move. >> it puts another $300 billion into the economy and 300 billion circulating that all adds to inflationary pressure. >> do you worry from your side of the aisle there will be people that say i paid off my loans or people that don't go to college saying why do i forgive this? >> no question about it. i'm already hearing it from vermonters. >> democrats are making a final push on the white house. chuck schumer called president biden last night and progressive senators elizabeth warren and warnock also phoned ron klain and brian deese in a final push for as much debt cancellation as possible. >> dana: it is amazing even when all of them at one point or another have said this is
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not legal even. so there is that as well. jacqui heinrich. thank you. >> professor of business and fox news contributor. why don't you tell dana and me where we're wrong? >> why did you pay off your loans? how foolish are you to be responsible? this is the thing that sticks in your stomach, right? there is so much rank injustice here. if you paid off your loans you're feeling like a fool. if you never went to college. if you graduated high school and went into the trades and borrowed money to dig wells or something like this and you are paying off that loan and saying where is my relief here? why am i bearing the cost of people who went to college because it was supposed to help them out? it makes no sense. injustice. >> dana: there is no policy change with this. it's forgiveness and they aren't saying colleges you have to -- no call upon the universities that have huge endowments to pitch in here. every taxpayer is going to have to pay for this? >> you aren't changing the
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institution. so it is still too expensive. apparently students are getting a degree that's not worth it because they can't pay off their loans. how about fixing that and think about future students in what are they thinking when they go to college? will i pay out this loan? college should be an investment. you expect to put money down because it will pay off in the future. when you change that equation, when students start thinking of this like an entitlement and not an investment it ruins the classroom. you have to have something on the line. right now we're teaching students contracts don't matter. that's a civilizational question. >> bill: contract law, moral hazards. vote buying at its most raw. it leads you to why he is under pressure to do this. it comes from the far left. elizabeth warren in january now she was pushing this in january of 2020 and said this. >> i saved all my money for my
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daughter. will i get my money back? so you will pay for people who didn't save any money and those of us who did the right thing get screwed? my buddy had a son bought a car and went on vacation and i saved money. we did the right thing and we get screwed. >> it's the plumber pays for the lawyer? >> exactly. what elizabeth warren is saying is you are a fool for paying off this loan. >> dana: and how dare you ask? how dare you -- >> how dare you care that you made the sacrifice. this is about people making sacrifices. people change their lives so they could keep a commitment. what you are teaching students now wait for a desperate politician in an election and you don't have to worry. >> dana: call for number three. larry summers former treasury secretary. he has been everywhere on all
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these issues. on this one he said student loan debt relief increases inflation. it consumes resources that could be better used helping those who did not for whatever reason have the chance to attend college. it will also the end to be inflationary by raising tuition. president biden just signed to much celebration the inflation reduction act and now -- >> that's gone. it wasn't true in the first place and gone three times over now. if you are one of those senators who made a deal because you wanted to promise the american people we will get some deficit reduction? guess what? you got run over by a truck called student loan relief. >> dana: senator manchin. >> what a deal for the american people. >> dana: is it legal? that's the other thing. speaker pelosi said it is not legal. it will get tied up in the courts and to the point nobody wins, everyone will be mad. >> i am not a lawyer.
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how in the world can this be legal? if it is, we have problems. >> dana: we have jonathan turley coming up. democrat pat ryan won the primary in new york's 19th congressional district after focusing on abortion rights during the campaign after roe v. wade was made by the supreme court. >> democrats are pointing to last night's victory in new york's 19th congressional special election as the best evidence yet that perhaps the political climate has changed more in the favor of democrats and they are feeling more hopeful that perhaps the red wave that's looming come november may be avoidable. democrat pat ryan defeated republican in the highly competitive swing district by focusing on protecting abortion rights. on the other hand, monthly narrow made it a referendum on
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president biden and inflation. republicans outspent democrats but still loss. ryan tweeted after his victory choice was on the ballot. freedom was on the ballot. tonight choice and freedom won. we voted like our democracy was on the line because it is. we up ended everything we thought we knew about politics and did it together. democrats are touting this victory as evidence that the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade has energized democratic voters. there have been four special elections since the abortion decision. democrats have out performed biden's 2020 results in each of the races. trump won nebraska's first district by 15 points in 2020. this year republicans won by just 5. president biden won new york's 19th district by 1 1/2 points in 2020. last night democrats won it this time by 2.2 points and even larger margin. according to the latest fox
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news power rankings released this week democrats have gained momentum but republicans are still set to take back the house in november but by a slimmer margin than previously expected. for republicans there is reason to believe that democrats here are being a little bit too optimistic and pointing to the fact that voter turnout in these special elections is particularly low. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: on the board here brian laid it out very well right now in the house race here up in new york. a lot of folks are trying to get a sense as to how or whether or not this is a bellwether come the fall. molinaro lost and outperformed biden's margin by a half percent from a year and a half ago. also in new york in this congressional district 12 a lot of this was dem eat dem. jerry nadler knocked off
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carolyn maloney. they went to congress the first year together in 1992? they have had their office for more than 30 years each. he has had the upper west side of manhattan and she had the upper east side. they went head-to-head and maloney got blown away by nadler. what happened to the rest of the country? in florida this is a state now that has gone and trended red for some time. charlie crist is now ron desantis's appoint ant. he used to be the governor of florida as a republican but back on the ticket with a d next to his name and run up against ron desantis. a lot of people watching that race. a lot of people watching this race as well. val demings former police chief in the city of orlando and a congresswoman won easy will take on marco rubio. they have a ton of cash and a lot of attention on the senate race as we try to figure out
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who will control the balance of power in congress. quick review from last night. watch it. there will be countless evaluations throughout the day today. karl rove has his own unique take coming up next hour and we'll get his thoughts then. until then there was this released late yesterday. >> dana: authorities releasing dash kam footage of paul pelosi slurring his words following a drunken car crash in california. how damaging is this video? >> bill: a barren patch of farmland in north dakota might not seem like grounds for chinese spying. what if we told you it was a few miles from a u.s. military base home to soeft nation's most sensitive military technology? >> dana: the vast majority of
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>> bill: a special prosecutor says he is dropping charges against two atlanta police officers. they were involved in the deadly shooting of brooks. remember that in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant in atlanta. he was at a wendy's in june of 2020. brooks resisted the cops. when they tried to arrest him. the prosecutor says the use of force was legally justified. >> nobody else was controlling it somehow? >> i had a glass of wine before dinner. >> i'm requesting you take a breathalyzer test.
6:20 am
it's a voluntary test. so none of the tests are pass or fail. are you willing to do the breathalyzer test? >> i understand you want to go home. you were involved in a crash. i smell alcohol coming from your breath. i can see you are very unsteady on your feet. >> bill: california highway patrol released dash kam video of paul pelosi following a crash that injured another driver in napa, california in may. this coming hours after the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence. let's bring in fox news contributor jonathan turley a george washington university law professor. jesse watters show was asking for more information and documents to be released, filing the request to make sure they got information. they got it last night. the video shows exactly what
6:21 am
happened, professor. >> yeah. and people are troubled because there is a concern about special treatment. there is a concern about his referring to his status giving a card indicating that he gives money to the police. all of that created rather bad optics. in the end the sentence was not that far off the baseline in terms of where these sentences land. there are good arguments on both sides. some people say he could have been charged with a felony since the victim is still complaining about physical injuries that are lingering but it shows more, i think, the growing distrust that the public has that our legal system is truly blind. >> bill: they offered him a breathalyzer on the scene that's on the dash kam video. it did not happen. in a period of two hours before they took blood from his system. you could argue some of the alcohol level -- he tested
6:22 am
.082, over the legal limit by a nudge there. he gets three years probation, restitution to the victim, a three-month dui program and have a device installed on his vehicle for a year. is that within the boundaries? >> i think it is, quite frankly. you know, the arguments for higher charges and for more strict sentencing are not without basis. there are aspects of this case that could warrant that but a lot of these cases land right around where we saw pelosi. there is a question about the delay in releasing information, the resistance on mug shots and dash kam that is not quite as common. but i think that part of it would say we have to deal with is, in fact, a growing distrust that people feel that a particularly state prosecutors,
6:23 am
in some cases federal prosecutors approach these cases with a bias. that's a sort of question of faith and trust in our legal system that we have to have a greater conversation about. i think certain cases like hunter biden and other high controversies in the press have undermined that trust. i think you saw that with the trump raid that people just quickly went to their corners. some just had little trust in what the justice department was saying and others had total trust. >> dana: let's hear from alison haley the napa county district attorney who spoke to fox news yesterday. >> when we evaluated the nature of our survivor's injuries and so forth keeping with how we handle every other case the charging decision was made as a misdemeanor. his injuries were there and certainly a result of the crash, but not the kind of injuries that we see in a felony case like lacerated
6:24 am
livers or broken bones. >> dana: that might be what the law says there. different states might have a different way to basically measure that in terms of the harm to the victim. is that right? >> i think the key here is that both pelosi and the victim decided not to go to the hospital. they decided that their injuries were not serious enough for that type of medical attention. i think that probably played into the charging decisions. >> bill: professor, thank you. jonathan turley waiting on the video and we finally got it. >> dana: good for jesse. they stayed on top of it. >> bill: it's been nearly a year since the last flight out of kabul. marking an end to the chaotic withdrawal out of afghanistan. i recently went to south carolina and sat down with members of the air force who flew that mission. biden expected to deliver on the campaign promise to cancel some student loans.
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>> dana: president biden reportedly set to cancel up to $10,000 in student loan debt for people making less than $125,000 a year. we're expecting him to announce the details of that plan today. here to talk about that and so much else is jared curb mer advisor to former president trump and author of the new book "breaking history." thank you for wearing a jacket today. before we talk about your book, which is a great read, i want to ask you about this policy decision by president biden because he has hemmed and hawed and delayed this decision. they keep telling us we have a
6:31 am
greatest job market in history. they say they are getting back to normal after covid but they are going to delay making people start making these student loan payments and helping only a very small part of the population. there is higher income than people like say a plumber who had to borrow money to buy tools. >> first of all, i think the reason why they have been delaying there are fair minded people inside the administration who recognize this is a really bad idea. we're at a time where inflation is spiking because of the policies they've put in place. i think again it was a promise, now they're trying to figure out how to implement it. i don't think there is a way to do this that will bring fairness to our country and won't further exacerbate all the problems they've caused. >> bill: it is naked politics. >> dana: not even good politics. >> that's what you've been seeing the whole time. when president trump's administration left, you had an economy ready to roar. he fixed the problems we had from covid but even before the
6:32 am
pandemic we had the wealth gap in the country was shrinking. wages were rising, inflation was down. fuel prices were low and you didn't need to be doing these silly things because you had a situation where anyone who wanted an opportunity to better themselves, whether through the apprenticeship programs or wanted to better themselves through a tight job market were able to do it. that was really what we were able to accomplish. >> bill: let's see what the white house gives on that. in the meantime the department of justice has already made a move on these documents and apparently they have filter teams going through 30 boxes. what is the number from mar-a-lago? hard to know. how much concern would you have for the d.o.j. finding something in there that they have would pursue yet again? >> the d.o.j. again have unfettered resources, unfettered power, right? and so they've been trying to get trump for six years. i write about this a lot in my book. what it was like being through investigation number one where they were accusing us of
6:33 am
colluding with russia which was crazy. we knew it but it took two years to go through it. this is a similar thing where people have lost faith in the f.b.i. and the department of justice. they are making moves. attorney general comes out and says i won't say anything about this. let our motion speak. you have leak, leak, leak, they did the same thing to us. sometimes the leaks are overly sensational. >> bill: did he make a mistake taking that material to florida? >> like i said i'm not familiar with what was in the boxes. president trump governed in a very peculiar way and when he had his documents i'm assuming he did what he thought was appropriate. >> dana: did you have any difficulty trying to get documents if you wanted to refer back to something? >> we were able to work through. we didn't have to rely on the archivists. i made sure we got signoffs for
6:34 am
any material i needed. >> bill: it's a good read. congratulations on it. it struck me at least during the first year of the west wing this was not a team of rivals. this was a team of vipers. and you really had between steve bannon and reince priebus. you guys were going at it. how much more difficult did it make it? >> what made it very difficult is trump was an outsider. never a mayor, or governor. he was a businessman. he wanted to run with common sense. when he got to government i was with him from the beginning of the campaign, he wanted to implement all of his promises. what i would say to people like steve is we're playing with live ammo now. president trump deserves to have a couple options how to implement the policies. slow down a little bit and make
6:35 am
sure he is given options to do it. i always saw president trump as a pragmatist and one of his strengths he is a flexible in his thinking and wanted people from different persuasions. the first year was settling in and further exacerbated by the fact the f.b.i. was coming in and leaking to the press on general flynn and you have people under investigation. it created an impossible environment to work in. i give president trump and everyone credit that we rose to the occasion. the cream rises. what happens is over time we had the right people in the right places. despite it all president trump got so much done and i felt it was important to write this book. everyone has been talking about the trump administration for the last six years, nobody was inside wrote a book that tells you exactly how things happened. i'm not trying to say everything is perfect. i don't think it was. we got way more things right
6:36 am
than not in a hostile environment. >> dana: any policy you wish you could have gotten to completion at the end of the trump administration. >> one thing i'm proud of the work we did in the middle east and warp speed and prison reform. after two years president trump asked me to get involved with immigration. it was not something i knew much about or came to washington to do. the first component was get the wall built and how we were able to fight through a lot of deep state bureaucracies to get 470 miles built. very successful, which meant that migratory patterns were moving. we had to commission more wall which they stopped and i even saw this morning two young children died crossing. the border protection policy was humane. creating a merit-based immigration system. people said trump's rhetoric was wrong. he wanted to invite immigrants to our country but wanted them
6:37 am
to come legally and create jobs in our economy. the big, beautiful door. that was the plan we developed a real plan for that we didn't get a chance to implement. >> dana: i would say trump, obama, bush all have that same regret. when you ask them immigration is the one thing they wish they would have been able to bring to conclusion. >> bill: when will he decide whether he runs or not? >> you never know. he decides when he decides. i don't know. >> bill: will you work for him again? >> it was an honor. it was a different experience. i'm very proud of the things i got done. it is a big toll working in washington i don't want people who are from the private sector to be scared to go to washington that's what our founders wanted. they wanted people to leave the farm and go receive and get back to their farm. i really think we need not the career political class who have been doing it for 30 years.
6:38 am
we need people with different perspectives. outsider approaches and real life business experience coming to washington that's what president trump did. brought a lot of people like him. now he has a lot of qualified people with him who would help him do things in ways he didn't have in the beginning of his first term. for me right now i'm enjoying my life in the private sector and loving the time with my family. >> dana: i take it as a no, all right. great to see you. thank you. >> bill: good luck with the book. community in north dakota fighting to stop a chinese company from opening a corn mill in grand forks 20 minutes from a u.s. air force base saying it's a matter of national security. alexis mcadams is there. good morning. how is it going to go? >> good morning from north dakota. this is that land behind me. grand forks, north dakota, that the chinese company bought quietly to open a massive corn milling plan creating lots of controversy not just at local
6:39 am
council meetings but concerns all the way to washington, d.c. >> out in the small and quiet city of grand forks, north dakota just one hour north of fargo. there is a controversy growing after the chinese company bought it last year. city and state officials say the company has ties to the chinese communist party. now investing $700 million to open a corn mill. >> there will never be enough corn for the growers around here to facilitate the plant. >> that land is across from this farm. >> they want to build would be on prime farmland. >> 370 acres of some of the best farmland. >> he is one of thousands in the area who signed a petition to stop the deal and a local man filed a lawsuit against the city. >> i won't say that economic development isn't a good thing but at what cost? >> the plant is 12 miles from
6:40 am
the grand forks aforce base home to top secret drone technology. this federal review in may found red flags with the project. this man is concerned about espionage. >> the china of today is not of decades ago. they demonstrated a real agrution. >> it would be the largest private sector investment in the history of grand forks. the city says it would bring in 200 jobs and millions in tax revenue. >> nobody is happy about it being a chinese investment. >> the mayor says it is not a done deal until the federal government weighs in. >> if they truly believe it's a bad project and have the facts and the information to back it up, we'll certainly follow their lead. >> bill, right now that federal review is in play. the city, community waiting for that answer. they are hoping to hear back within a month. that review will find out if there are any federal security threats or national security
6:41 am
concerns with this plant. the review may come within the month as we mentioned but the company didn't want to comment at this time. >> bill: keep us posted in north dakota. >> dana: today marks 30 years since hurricane andrew tore through florida leaving behind a huge path of destruction. fox weather's meteorologists was on air during it. ranchers and farmers are making very tough decisions for their business. more on how the conditions are affecting the industry and those families. there's a powerful va benefit that veterans have earned, but many don't even know about. it's the va home loan benefit. as a veteran, you're eligible to apply for a refinance loan for up to 100% of your home's value. not just 80% like other loans. the newday 100 va loan lets you refinance your mortgage, consolidate your high-rate credit card debt, get cash
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>> dana: more than 80% of the western u.s. is under severe drought including texas which is suffering its driest conditions in the last 1200 years. the situation is so bad ranchers and farmers are being forced to sell off their herds.
6:47 am
the president of the texas and southwestern cattle raisers association joins us now. i come from a ranching family myself in wyoming. i know what those drought years can feel like. for you this is the most severe you've seen in a long time. what are people going through? >> well, it's very difficult times for ranchers here in texas for most of the state. the majority of the state is in a historically significant drought. august 16th of this year 93% of the state had been in drought conditions, 26% was deemed extreme drought condition. even though we have had some rains in certain parts of the state, even some pretty widely reported flooding in certain areas along the coast and dallas and fort worth the fact remains we're in a terrible drought and we will remain in one unless more significant and
6:48 am
more widespread rains come about. so the year 2011 is the most commonly referred to year as the most significant drought in recent history and most of the people that i talked to here in the country say that it's worse now. and so that's where we are. >> dana: usda says this, call for number one, cattle report last month found that herds are down by 2.4% nationwide since last year. call for two says texas is down 50%, new mexico down 43%, oregon 41% decrease. what does that mean, then, for those ranchers and their families but also consumers who, of course, love to have beef on the table? >> yes. that's right. liquidations of the herd have been gradual but they are accelerating. for example, in june of this year compared to 2021, the
6:49 am
marketings were up 33%. in july they were up 19%. and so this tracks the 2011 numbers and what it means is very simple. the fewer cattle there are out in the country, the fewer calves will be born and prices will rise. >> dana: is there anything you have learned from your study of history of droughts and the impact in america that we should all be aware of? anything you are asking from washington, d.c. aside from prayers for rain? >> well, we're not asking for a hand-out or looking for a government solution. we always prefer a free market, free enterprise type of solution.
6:50 am
in this industry it's true, the rain is everything. what we have learned is -- prices will rise and unfortunately at a time goes by those in the farming and ranching community increase, once there is liquidation, it doesn't always come back to the same numbers. so it's difficult. >> dana: it is a very difficult situation for all of you out there. thank you for coming on today and telling us more about it. we'll follow it and also pray for rain and hope that comes to you very soon. thanks for being on, arthur. >> thank you, dana. >> bill: good luck. altercations at the southern border. agents wrestling a migrant trying to enter the u.s. and the f.b.i. is getting involved.
6:51 am
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6:56 am
what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember. >> dana: a scary scene off the coast of italy this past weekend. video captured the super yacht named my saga sinking into the mediterranean. it was cruising from turkey to italy and began taking on water. italian coast guard rescued all passengers and crew members on board. investigation is underway into what caused the ship to sink. >> bill: i have a story for you, dana. called my saga. this is my saga. >> dana: well named. well named. >> bill: i would say apropos.
6:57 am
30 years ago today hurricane andrew pummeled everything in the path in florida leaving unprecedented devastation behind. fox whether hurricane specialist was on the air for 23 straight hours. for so many stranded there, he was their only link to the outside world. >> after we got out and the storm was gone and we could walk around and look at things we really got scared. >> we rode out the storm. under a mattress. >> bill: so much devastation and heartbreak. nice to see you, brian nor cross. what comes to mind when people say what you remember most clearly? >> you know, it's a complicated thing. this is before there was internet and before people had
6:58 am
smartphones and few people had mobile phones. so many of the images are like they happened yesterday in my mind. the people i met and like bill and sandy that you met there. smartest thing i ever said in my life was friend, here is what i want you to do. get a mattress off the bed and get ready to get your family under that and ride this thing out. they were one of the people that did that and made all the difference. >> dana: when you talk about all the technology you didn't have in 1992 that we have today, how in your experience has that improved the way people can survive a category -- i don't remember what category it was. cat 5. are we better prepared today because of the technology we have? >> better prepared in a couple important ways. as a result of andrew, the building codes especially in florida and some other places along the coast but not enough
6:59 am
are much, much better. in miami they decided we're never going to let this happen again and insisted that the building codes stand up to storms no matter how strong they are. so the gold standard is the code that's used in south florida now. the other thing that's much better is the emergency management system from fema down to the locals as a result of hurricane andrew it was completely changed and professionalized and that's good. almost everything else is bad, though. we have more people at the coast. we have a much more fragile communications system. back in hurricane andrew most people listened to me on a transistor radio. now the mobile phone has rereplaced it and there is no expectation if a category 5 hurricane comes through that the mobile phone system will work during a storm like that. >> bill: that's a great point, brian. that radio is operated by a battery. battery goes dead, change it
7:00 am
out and you are connected to the world. thank you for being here and looking forward to your amazing documentary. >> i think you'll enjoy it. >> bill: it is called the wrath of hurricane andrew, tragedy and triumph. watch it on the fox weather app or stream fox weather from your tv device. >> dana: or listen on your transistor radio. why pay off your debt if you can get other taxpayers to pick up the tab? that's the question millions of us are asking today as the president gets ready to shift the burden of student loan debt from the rich and putting it on the backs of hard working americans. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." ifm " -- i'm dana perino. do you get madder as the story goes? >> bill: what's the free lunch? there is such a thing as a free lunch. i'm bill hemmer.
7:01 am
the president is expected to cancel $10,000 in student loan debt. it will make inflation worse when families are worried about paying their own bills. >> dana: it would be a giant middle finger to america. reaction from both sides of the aisle. >> i think it's ridiculous. it is a slap in the face to the people who chose not to go to college. >> the only explanation is trying to buy votes. >> i would have loved it when i finished college and law school if somebody paid off all my debts but i realize i was committed to them and i had to pay them off. but that was at a time when college costs nowhere near what it costs today. i think the whole cost is spiraling out of control and it is discouraging a lot of young people from going to college. >> dana: karl rove a former deputy chief of staff and fox
7:02 am
news contributor. in this policy if they go forward they'll forgive $10,000 in debt but not change anything in regards to the rising cost of tuition as senator leahy was just talking about. >> no, they aren't. add to inflation, add to the deficit. completely political. this is all about buying the support of college students and recent college graduates who they worry won't turn out to vote. it just stinks from top to bottom. it is a sign of the desperation of the administration and a sign of their willingness to bend the boundaries in order to achieve a political goal. >> bill: truth is school is absurdly expensive, we can agree on that. >> absolutely. >> bill: you have to look at where the cost is coming in. >> exactly. but this does nothing to that. it encourages it. not only that but remember we are going to grant a special privilege of debt forgiveness to a small group of people and have every taxpayer pick up the tab not only today but in years
7:03 am
to come because this is $300 billion added to the deficit period, end of story. this is not paid for. this is not offsets. this is nothing. this is pure addition to the demand. a lot of people say $10,000 of my obligation are wiped out. let's spend more money. once again the government is making the envision problem worse by putting more money into the system. more demand and having it paid for by debt. >> dana: you have to imagine what senator manchin is thinking now after he signed on to the inflation reduction act and -- so-called. one more question before we ask you about the election results from yesterday. naacp president on student loans said that president biden's decision on student debt cannot become the latest example of a policy that has left black people behind. it is not how you treat black voters who turned out in record
7:04 am
numbers and provided 90% of their vote to you. and canceling $10,000 in student debt when the average white borrower is $12,000 in debt while black women hold $52,000. it is structural racism. those are strong words. that means that so the right won't be happy and the left is also not going to be happy. you go through a policy that doesn't make sense, likely illegal and don't get the political payoff, either, karl. >> exactly. where is the authority? you bring up a good point. where is the authority for the president to do this? if you look at the language, there has to be an extreme emergency. i thought listening to the white house that the economy is going and blowing and everything is good. bernstein was on the network a couple of times telling us no glorious detail how great the economy is. what authority does the president have to do this?
7:05 am
one authority. i want to help democrats in the fall election and juice turnout among younger voerts and -- voters and i hope they will give us the vote in return for being bought and paid for. >> bill: you have a white board that you can show us from last night. what the media will be writing about clearly is there are four elections since the dobbs decision in late june. in all four democrats turned out in higher numbers than they did for joe biden two years ago. does that carry weight for you and how do you examine that? >> first of all one correction. they didn't necessarily turn out in greater numbers. they gave a bigger percentage of the voeft to the democrats in special elections. >> bill: a higher percentage. continue. >> lower turnout than in the presidential election. this is something republicans ought to look at. nebraska, the first campaign i ever managed was a congressional campaign in nebraska 1.
7:06 am
trump won by 15 points. minnesota 1 republican won special election by 4 but trump won by 10. last night two elections. new york's 19, the democrats won by 2.2, biden won by 1.5 in that district but if you look at what's called the partisan vote index, it is a plus 3 republican district and new york 23 where the republican won by 6 and trump won by 11. the partisan vote index is plus 9. what i deduce from last night. the democrat base is energized in a special election and new york is a little hinkey, there are more registered democrats in 19 than republicans. republicans the end to turn out and vote more. they didn't in this election and similarly in 23, there are more registered republicans than democrats. they didn't turn out either the pvi plus 9. trump vote was 11.
7:07 am
republican won by plus 6. the republicans had better pay attention to the get out the vote effort and try and do after-action analysis to figure out why the republicans aren't turning oust to the degree that they should. my view, democrats are energized to some degree by the dobbs decision on abortion but the real issue is why is the republican vote depressed? it is not turning out to the degree it should turn out. >> dana: that should be examined. thank you for being here. >> bill: more to come on that. thanks. >> dana: we have brand-new evidence the biden white house is directly involved in effort to retrieve documents from president trump resultsing in the f.b.i. raid on mar-a-lago and finding out how much pages are involved. david spunt live in washington >> the story continues to intensify sometimes by the day, other times by the hour. we're now learning more about how many documents that were
7:08 am
classified made it to mar-a-lago from the white house. at least 700 pages of classified documents this according to the national archives. the agency made public a letter yesterday that was penned in may. may 10th of this year the acting archivist of the united states wrote the trump legal team the letter lays out a timeline. when trumps's team turned over 15 boxes to the national archives in january, some of that material fell into the category of special access program. one of the most sensitive categories. there were continuing conversations between the trump team, the archives and the biden white house over trump's executive privilege claims. according to the letter the biden white house did not make the decision on executive privilege but deferred to the national archives on this issue of executive privilege. archivist turned over the material to the f.b.i. and decided not to grant executive privilege or recognize it for the former president.
7:09 am
officials emphasize d.o.j. run by attorney general merrick garland had to reach out to the sitting president in this case for the request to the national archives because it deals with the complicated issue of executive privilege. that's how it is done by the book. a pressing deadline for the government. tomorrow by noon dana and bill federal prosecutors must offer proposed redactions to the affidavit in this case. the judge is inclined to release portions to the public but may hold off depending on the arguments from federal prosecutors. >> dana: we'll pay attention to that. thank you for taking us through it. >> bill: the f.b.i. looking at this incident where border agents pinned a man to the ground. what happened next. jonathan hunt is live in l.a. with the details. >> as so often in these situations the video that we've seen does not show how the incident began but it does show a minute and a half in the middle of an altercation which was going on for some time
7:10 am
given the size of the crowd it drew to the fence on the border between tijuana and imperial beach south of san diego. the video starts with one man face down in the sand and kept on the ground by a border patrol agent whose knee appears to be on the man's back and it pans to an ongoing stands off who is challenging the border patrol agent and lunging at him as the agent swings a bat on. a large crowd on the mexican side of the border shouts and cheers as the stand-off continues. two more agents then arrive. one of them tackling the man from behind bringing him to the ground. the three agents then detain him. in a statement customs and border protection said the two men, mexican citizens age 17 and 20 had entered the united states illegally by swimming around the international boundary maritime primary
7:11 am
fencing near imperial beach, california. as agents attempted to take both migrants into custody they actively resisted and assaulted the agents. now the f.b.i. san diego field office told us via email as this is an ongoing matter, we do not have a comment. now, bill, that statement appeared to us without specifically saying so to confirm the f.b.i. is involved although it's not clear to us at this point exactly why they would be looking into this kind of what is relatively routine encounter between border patrol agents and illegal immigrants. the difference here just seems to be it was caught on video, bill. >> bill: jonathan, thank you. we'll follow it from l.a. thanks. >> charlie's fraternity brothers found him dead in his bed. they did cpr and calling 911 and word gets around charlie is dead in this fraternity house
7:12 am
and the crowd in the street shows up. >> dana: a grieving father sharing the story of his son's death from fentanyl. his dad is also fighting back as america's drug crisis gets even worse. >> bill: it's been 20 years of the war that ended the same way it started. the taliban back in control in afghanistan. i met with members of the u.s. air force who flew the final flight out of kabul. their story is stunning. >> dana: can't wait to see that. an all-out fight in the pennsylvania senate race. what's on the minds of voters there? we'll talk to three of them next. >> he is a hologram. the voters of pennsylvania don't know much about john fetterman because they don't see him. >> i am your next senator to washington, d.c. guess what you'll still have a senator living across the street from your steel plant. ners, need a financial boost? the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value and take out up to $60,000 or more. give them a call.
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>> bill: as the mid-term elections near pennsylvania is one of those places, one of the most hotly contested senate races. will get a lot of attention for the two men on in your screen. real clear politics find the democratic nominee john fetterman holds a single digit lead over dr. oz. behind the poll numbers are the voters. you are about to meet three of them. they are all from pennsylvania
7:19 am
and join me now. mike screen left, brian in the middle and sharia is screen right. thank you for being here. we want to give our viewers a little bit about what the folks in pennsylvania are thinking and how you will vote, etc. mike, start with you. you lived in columbus, ohio for years and been in pittsburgh for the last thing. you are looking for a leader and inflation concerns you. you are undecided but leaning republican. what will make up your mind? >> it's funny being an undecided position because for years i have typically voted conservative. recently i have been more torn. i do feel like fetterman, as much as i will disagree on so many of his policies and we think differently, he has some credibility when it comes to being -- i know this is the angle he is taking in his attack on dr. oz but there is something to be said for
7:20 am
rolling your sleeves up and being among the people and being a true pennsylvanian and there is an opportunity. i'm undecided and studying and learning. maybe at the end of the day policy will win out and i'll vote along those lines but fetterman has my ear right now. >> bill: very interesting. bring you back as we get close to election. you broke up a little but we have your signal back now. brian, a seventh generation farmer and working in insurance. perhaps that's a better option for you. the issues in pennsylvania that we found, we found inflation and higher prices now up 27%. the issue of abortion at 14 and you have election integrity and voting rights on down the line. you met dr. oz. you said meeting him convinced you that you will vote for him. >> absolutely. one of the first things dr. oz
7:21 am
did when he came to visit us, he wanted to meet with the farmers and recognizes that agri-business is a $57 billion part of pennsylvania's economy, not to mention that we're feeding the u.s. so the biggest concern is 98% of farms across the u.s. are family owned and 89% of those are grossing less than $350,000 a year. farmers are in the same position that middle class americans are in. when input costs are up drive by high energy prices, cost of goods and services, equipment, even our used equipment markets are up now. so dr. oz knows bringing back strong domestic energy policy and strengthening that especially here in pennsylvania where we have gas and oil production available right under our feet and that's a positive for agriculture and for consumers not only here in pennsylvania but across the u.s. >> bill: you are north of
7:22 am
pittsburgh north west corner. sharia, you're in harrisburg, well east of the other two gentlemen and you are undecided but you lean democrat. and you and your sister run a cleaning service but you say covid really changed your mind about how you view government. how so? >> well, we were on a contract that was established through governor wolf's administration that was set up to help small minority businesses during the covid season. but once the cdc said the mask regulations were relieved, we were chopped. so i had a full staff, 401k plan, benefits, a full benefits, full-time staff, and we were tasked with finding
7:23 am
them new work within 48 hours. so i'm looking for a candidate who is talking about contracts for small business because i saw how, if they wanted to, they could put together a program that could benefit us. we had our greatest season and now we are going into our least greatest season. and i'm still optimistic but at this point i'm undecided, but i would be interested to talk to somebody who has a love for small business, minority business contracts and to get into the department of general services and get the contract situation cleaned up. >> bill: you sound as if you are open minded on this. i get it. i want to get to all three of you on another topic. dr. oz is getting banged on by
7:24 am
fetterman's team because he is rich and allege he is a carpet bagger. john fetterman had a stroke back on may 17th. the same day as the pennsylvania primary. he was out just this week. here is a clip of him on the stump and this is a little bit and a sensitive topic here now because he is going through health issues. here was part of his performance at that stop yesterday. >> let me ask you a question. if you say you think the word of -- steelworker, what words come to your mind if you say steelworkers? what is wrong with demanding for -- an easy, safe kind of their income, a path to a safe place for them to win -- excuse me, to work. >> bill: this is tough stuff
7:25 am
here. he is going through a difficult time. i don't know if he will debate or how many political events he will have. it is the second he held outside of his home and mike, you said you want to vote for fetterman. does that have an effect on your vote as well? >> yeah. i am not saying i will vote for fetterman. policy wise we would differ greatly. we need a time for inspirational leadership right now and now is the time. maybe the best opportunity in my lifetime for someone to come certainly in pennsylvania. pennsylvania will have large national implications of control of the senate but this is an important vote. so no, i'm certainly not saying i will vote for him but the health concerns are real concerns. certainly i am -- [audio breaking up]
7:26 am
we need leadership. >> bill: i'm almost out of time but want to get to the other two. sharia does this influence how you would vote? >> he sounded like he wasn't passionate about that issue only because he maybe wasn't intimate about that issue. and i'm certainly as i said before looking for somebody who has a little passion or intimacy toward diversity and inclusion. so if i was asked a question about steelworkers i would want him to nail it. you are right there out in the community. do your research, get it right. >> bill: brian, i mentioned that oz made a lot of money and he hasn't lived in pennsylvania for long. does that influence you, yes or no? >> no, it doesn't. oz's story to me is one of a cool american dream. son of turkish immigrants born in cleveland, ohio, came from
7:27 am
the university school of medicine in pennsylvania and spent his career in new jersey and now back home. let's do this. >> bill: you know his resume well. we'll check in in a month or two. thanks to all three of you in pennsylvania. >> dana: the man sucker punched a man on a street and put a man in a coma appeared in court this morning. my next guest says the prosecutors failed the public. paul pelosi's dui traffic stop and what it reveals about his arrest. >> are you sure you can complete the test? i really don't want you to fall over and hurt yourself. that's the last thing i want.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
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7:33 am
your breath and i can see you are very unsteady on your feet. >> bill: dash kam video of pal pelosi's arrest on the 28th of may after he pled guilty to a dui charge on tuesday. claudia cowen is in northern california now with the fallout. >> good morning to you, bill. paul pelosi accepted a plea deal that keeps him out of jail and we're finally getting a look at what happened in the moments after he caused a two-car crash in napa driving home drunk from a dinner party. nancy pelosi was back east at the time and he was driving alone. the california highway patrol released this dash kam video shortly after he pled guilty to one count of misdemeanor drunk driving. a second count was dropped and it shows him drabing -- grabbing onto the patrol car to keep his balance.
7:34 am
when police asked him to blow into a breathalyzer pelosi asked them if they know who he is. >> i understand who you are. i am not here to try to do anything to -- draw any negative attention to you. but you have been honest with me and there is nothing that you should be worried about in terms of the -- [inaudible] >> after he flunked a field sobriety tests officers cuffed him and took him to jail and determined he had a blood alcohol content just above the legal limit two hours later. newly released pictures show his smashed car that crashed into a fence. the other car involved a jeep was damaged, too. that driver suffered only minor injuries, soreness and stiffness and pelosi had bad bruises on his hands.
7:35 am
he had three years probation, several thousands in court fines and feesened a drunk driving course. breathalyzer in his car for a year and has to pay restitution to the other driver of that jeep and the judge is letting him do community service instead of more jail time. the napa county district attorney insists the punishment fits this particular crime. but bill as one of the officers says on that dash kam video, lucky no one was more seriously hurt. >> bill: the car had a lot of damage. thank you in northern california. >> dana: we're awaiting a court hearing for the convicted sex offender accused of sucker punching the man on the street of new york city. it left the man in a coma and his condition is improving. here is ted williams. any minute he will be in court. he might not have been in court if the governor had not gotten involved and one of the only cases she has gotten involved in. do you think this case is a
7:36 am
symbol of the others that could possibly change if the prosecutorial direction were to be given a different way to go? >> well, it could very well be. dana, it is no doubt about it that this man is a thug, a clear and present danger and should not be on the streets of new york. but when you go back and you look at this guy, this thug sucker punching this guy, he puts on a glove, he goes in front of the guy or the side of the guy and sucker punched this guy. this guy falls to the pavement. the guy stands right there. he doesn't leave. and this guy suffered a fractured skull and the d.a., the bronx d.a. decided to downsize these charges to a misdemeanor. it is troubling and shocking to me.
7:37 am
much >> dana: it doesn't serve as a deterrent. he has a wrong rap sheet. when you have video like this the bronx d.a. said we have to do more investigation? what are they investigating? >> i can tell you the lawyer and someone involved in the criminal justice system for well over 40 years, that that's b.s. the d.a.'s office needs to be more responsible to the citizens of new york. if they saw that video, if anybody in the public saw that video, they knew that that video was troubling in and of itself and no one should have reduced the charges to a misdemeanor. dana, when you look at it. when this guy appeared before a judge, the judge could have at least taken into consideration that this guy had a long rap sheet and that he was on parole and they should have held him pursuant to those charges also. they didn't. >> dana: you have to feel for
7:38 am
the victim's family. they report he is off the ventilator now and improving. we hope that continues. thank you so much, ted. good to see you this morning and we'll follow this case, the suspect due in court any moment now. thank you. >> there is a major morning for college students heading back to school. what cartels are doing to try to get them hooked on fentanyl. the pills they take to study could be deadly and dangerous. >> a whiff of the cologne he used to wear the other day and i broke down crying. >> it only takes one pill with fentanyl to stop your heart.
7:39 am
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90% of the money goes to the out-of-state corporations who wrote it. very little is left for the homeless. don't let corporations exploit homelessness to pad their profits. vote no on 27.
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>> dana: drug overdoses killing thousands a year in kentucky alone and now a grieving father is sharing the story of his son who died from fentanyl working to help other parents avoid the pain he has had to endure. we're live in bolling green, kentucky. >> kentucky has passed an unfortunate milestone. more than 2,000 overdose deaths in the course of a year. according to the kentucky office of drug control, 73% of those overdose deaths are caused by fentanyl. you mention the father out here allen reid knows this all too
7:44 am
well. his son became addicted to opioids of series of knee surgery. years of struggles with addiction is what followed. he survived. he bought opiates with fentanyl. he went back for more drugs after surviving the first. >> she revived him with narcan. besides reviving her own boyfriend with narcan sometime before. then she drove him to get his last dose and then later on that night, brandon took his fatal dose at his girlfriend's apartment and he died in the bathroom. >> the head of the warren county drug task force says the
7:45 am
number of fentanyl pills seized doubled from 20 to 2021 and already tripled this year linking the increase to chaos at the border with the flow of people drugs come across as well. fentanyl seizures are increasing at the border also. less than 5,000 pounds in 2021. more than 10,000 pounds last year, and this year more than 10,000 pounds have already been seized. kentucky's senior senator mitch mcconnell puts the blame squarely on the biden administration saying the president's handling of the border is a dereliction of duty. >> dana: thank you, mike tobin. >> bill: not just kentucky. students at college heading back to school d.e.a. warns cartels are lacing pills with fentanyl trying to hook young adults. you might think you are taking a harmless pill to help them study but only takes one pill to kill. martha maccallum on this story with us today. tough stuff to take here. i think the word has to go out
7:46 am
repeatedly. >> cartels know how to make money and know what people want and they know that kids on college campuses are trading these prescriptions, getting their prescription filled again to give more people adderall and percocet. they tap into the market selling them online and a number of social media outlets where people can get it delivered to their dorm or home no problem. i think back to how successful the mothers against drunk driving program was and they scared kids first of all. they showed us video of cars that went into trees and people who lost their lives when they were teenagers. they need to do some of that in order to let these kids know what could happen to them if they take any pill. that's the message. one pill can kill. so this message has to go all across these college campuses. unless your doctor gave it to you and you picked it up at a pharmacy, do not take anything
7:47 am
from anyone, not even one pill that someone says if you have to stay up late it will help you focus or maybe you want to party longer and keep you awake longer. nothing. don't take anything that anyone gives you because that's how these tragedies happen. a lot of them are not overdoses. i give that man credit and heartbreaking story about his son. a lot of them are the kind of thing just try this and it will help you stay awake or make you feel good. no. >> dana: people should look out for their friends. >> absolutely. >> dana: make sure you spread the word along those lines. his son died from fentanyl poisoning in 2020. he is frustrated because he thinks the government has the wrong priorities. watch him here. >> instead of having 87,000 i.r.s. agents, why don't we hire 87,000 border patrol agents? why don't we start there and why don't we unleash the power of the d.e.a. to do their jobs in a much better and effective way? >> dana: tyrus was saying there is enough fentanyl in america
7:48 am
now to kill every american seven times. why isn't there more attention on it and the priorities? >> a lot of the chemical comes from china. not accidental. efforts are underway to kill people or to addict them and they are very successful. we need to wake up. having an open border is dangerous for everyone. dangerous for the people crossing the border. we lost two children under the age of five in the rio grande river the other day. it is dangerous for everyone to have a border that is porous that allows these drugs to come across and people to come across and endanger their own lives. >> bill: your point against the government taking a stand like mothers against drunk drivers made a difference to this day. if the administration were to pick up your point they would expose the problem. >> one pill can kill. the president and administration should be getting the message out to schools in a psa campaign
7:49 am
across the entire country so every kid pulling up something on their phone is seeing someone who died by taking one pill. whoever heard of a designated driver when we were little kids? they exist because mothers against drunk driving. kids use them. i won't drink and they do it. >> dana: they are responsible. >> bill: a year since u.s. troops left kabul for the final time ending 20 years of america's military mission in just a single day. i talk with some of those who flew the last flight out. a day they will never forget. by refinancing up to 100% of your home's value, you could take out $60,000 or more. you could use that money to pay credit card debt and other expenses, plan for retirement, and get back on your feet financially. and don't let less-than-perfect credit hold you back. even if you've been turned down for a va loan by your bank, call newday usa.
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>> bill: it has been almost a year since the u.s. military closed the chapter in afghanistan. the chaos was brutal and it was on camera for the world to see. after you meet the men and women who pulled off a nearly impossible order, their story is one to be heard. i spent some time with a few of
7:55 am
them just last week. >> we first met lieutenant colonel about a year ago. he helped draw up the plans to evacuate kabul. >> dana: we appreciate you and all your years of service after 9/11. >> thank you very much. honor to have served. >> bill: back north of charleston, south carolina he remembers the chaos as vivid as yesterday. he was on the last plane out. >> we took off in a formation all five aircraft in a row, one, two, three, four, five looking at everything on my night vision goggles. that image is frozen in time forever. >> bill: staff sergeant nicholas was there, too. load master. his job was to make sure the military and thousands of afghans were led to safety. >> our primary focus for the month was evacuate as many people as we could. there are always saying can we take more?
7:56 am
take two more? with that being said after leaving, our mission was to ex filitrate the second airborne and their troops and we did it very well. >> bill: major kirby was a leader on her team. her call sign is metal. she led the final formation. >> you look out the front windshield of this giant airplane and clear afghan airspace. >> a sigh of relief for sure. also i think a lot of mixed emotions. i don't think it hit me until we were back home. >> bill: outside the runway thousands descended on kabul's airport. the white house struggled for an explanation. >> we have all seen the pictures and seen the hundreds of people packed into a c-17 and we've seen afghans falling. >> that was four days and five days ago. >> what did you think when you first saw the pictures?
7:57 am
>> i thought was we have to gain control of this. >> bill: in a span of 15 days the taliban took the capital. 13 u.s. service members were blown up by a suicide bombers, 10 afghan civilians were taken out by a misfired american bomb. they flew an airstrip with no traffic control. a first in her flying career. >> bill: hundreds of americans who were still there and there were probably thousands of afghans who helped during the war who are still there. do you think about them? >> every day. >> bill: still. we have gotten out in a different way. i think given the constraint with which we were operating i don't think there was a better way. obviously losing 13 american lives the most tragic thing that happened and i don't know how you undo that. >> bill: since it has been one
7:58 am
year, what do you want america to understand about your experience? >> i think what i want to convey and to talk about from this experience that i want people to know is the humanity that happened and the effort and the heart of everyone that was involved in the entire operation. >> bill: after 20 years of conflict, the remaining elements of the u.s. military were given a nearly impossible mission. as all five planes left kabul, the colonel made one final call. >> there was a point at which we had pre-designated and free and clear and high enough and knew out of the threat envelope. once the last aircraft hit that point i made a radio call that call was mass safe. i reported over the radio mass safe and that was officially the end. that was it. >> bill: the war was over.
7:59 am
>> the war was over. >> dana: so well done. congratulations to the team that put that together. the young woman that flew the plane she is an american sweetheart. incredible story. >> bill: she is a tiny gal. >> dana: a big heart. >> bill: huge heart and so much to say. you could tell how measured she was in her answers because she really wanted to communicate to all of us what they were going through and what they reflect on a year later. listen, they were given a nearly impossible mission and they made it happen in the end. they pulled it off. >> dana: so now they are back and in charleston, south carolina. >> bill: at the air base there. they all live there as well. they might have news coming up soon but i won't spill the beans on that. he is a great man and you understand why they look to him for such leadership. i've been around the military for 20 years you have the
8:00 am
public affairs officers and they are all paranoid what you will ask and what the answer will be. with this man there was no one around and just let him do his thing which i thought was very impressive. >> dana: a very important tribute and so glad you went down and did that on assignment. >> bill: me, too. >> dana: it was great. sandra smith is in for harris today. "the faulkner focus" is next. here she have is. >> thank you. fox news alert now. president biden expected to cancel billions in student loan debt today. critics warn it will only fuel that inflation fire and shift the burden to hard working americans already struggling to make ends meet. this is "the faulkner focus" and i'm sandra smith in for harris today. the president is expected to cancel up to $10,000 in debt for borrowers who make less than $125,000 a year. republican critics are outraged. senator tom cotton tweeted biden is telling every college in america to


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