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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 24, 2022 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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that. allison from miami. i have a message for dr. jill. don't let it dominate you. apparently dr. jill has rebounded with a second bout of covid-19. i think it was -- i'm not a doctor. don't take it. tucker is up next. always remember, i'm watters, and this is my world. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson." a lot of posturing about student loan debt, crushing a generation, maybe multiple generation of american young people. if you're wondering why your kids aren't married, or even living on their own, student loan debt may be a big part of the reason. they can't afford to it. they're in hock to a diploma
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mill. a five-year communications major from arizona state, perfect, step right this way. you're now a barista in a strip mall. the whole thing is a scam obviously. think time-shares in cabo, but without the waterfront condos. we said all of this many times on the show. college debt is real, hurting young people, and there's no good reason for it. so when joe biden announced today that he plans to cancel some of that debt, the obvious response would be to celebrate the announcement, but we didn't right away. instead we paused to learn the details about what he was proposing. that's a habit we've picked up from watching people like joe biden in action over the past several years. it's always worth reading the fine print. these are the same people after all who decided it was a good idea somehow to defund the police. they're the ones who forced the entire american population to take an experimental covid vaccine even when it became obvious that it didn't work. these are the people who sent crack pipes to crack addicts, the ones who think 16-year-olds should vote in presidential
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elections, the ones who screamed at you about how ukraine's borders are sacrosanct, but yours are racist, etc., etc. people with a long and track record of extraordinarily bad ideas, ideas so stupid you couldn't make them up. so the question is, is this idea different? we want it to be, but unfortunately it's not. here's how you know it's not. colleges aren't refunding any of the loan money. you are. you are. but wait, you say. i didn't defraud anyone. i didn't claim a degree in postcolonialism studies would be worth anything, i didn't take 80 grand from middle-class families to turn their children into xanax addicted robots with no prospects. you didn't do that, but you're paying reparations anyway. wesleyans are all off the hook, they'll pay nothing for the scam they perpetrated, though they're
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richer than you'll ever be. no. it's on you. does that seem fair? no, it's not. it's how washington works. police stations reward their donors first. they're first in line. joe biden may be demented, but he remembers that. consider the 2005 bankruptcy law, one of joe biden's few legislative achievements in his 36 years in the u.s. senate, allowing borrowers to get rid of credit card debt and private student loans in bankruptcy. all other debts could be discharged, but credit card debt. they're based in delaware, joe biden's biggest donors, and wanted his support on this bankruptcy bill prevents people from getting out of the debt they incurred with an exorbitant rate. so they bought joe biden's home for several times its actual value, and ne'er-do-well son,
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and paid him as a consultant. how corrupt is that? un-american. shocking. but that's what happened. a lot of americans suffered as a result. that legislation hurt people. in the subsequent decade, student loan debt tripled. americans' average credit card debt went up by thousands of dollars, but joe biden didn't care, because the point of the bill was not to help americans, but reward his biggest donors, and it did. is that what we're seeing here? let's see. where is joe biden's core base of support? as of august of 2022, well, no group in joe biden supports joe biden more fervently than college administrators. they're hundreds of thousands of college administrators in the united states, and most of them have master's degrees. as you can see from this chart that group overwhelming donates
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to the democratic party. people employed in the education industry, and that's what it is, an industry, gave nearly $300 million to democrats in 2020. they gave $30 million to republicans. talk about lopsided. so these administrators are the very beneficiaries of the single greatest scam currently underway in the united states. we send tax dollars to colleges who don't need them in the form of government-backed loans, but instead of lowering tuition for you they hike tuition every year at a rate far faster than the rise of inflation. then they use the profits to hire more useless unhappy administrators, failing to give your kids an education. because all of that isn't insulting and destructive enough, the government rewards them and exempts these places from the tax code, treating universities like charities, although they are not charities at all, and if you pay the bill
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you know. they don't pay taxes, and their endowments are bigger than the gdp of some countries. university of texas, biggest endowment of all. these places are not colleges or universities, they are hedge funds with classrooms attached. if there's anyone in the united states who doesn't need more government money it's the higher education lobby. but today, joe biden threw them more. he's going to give these colleges, these hedge funds, more of your money. he shouldn't be surprised, because it just rewards his private equity donors. your taxes are going up. they're paying half the rate that you are. so today biden announced he's going to force taxpayers to cover $3 billion worth of student loans. reduction act was supposed to reduce the deficit. sorry, there goes that.
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will biden always announced that his voters don't have to repay their loans anytime soon, certainly not before the midterms. >> student loan payment is going to end -- i'm extending it to december 31st, 2022, and it's going to end. we will forgive $10,000 in outstanding federal student loans. in addition, students who come from low-income families, which allow them to qualify to receive a pell grant, will have their debt reduced $20,000. both of these targeted actions are for families who need it the most. working and middle-class people hit especially hard during the pandemic, making under $125,000 a year. you make more than that you don't qualify. >> tucker: you can see the appeal of joe biden in this. so you must remember joe biden, he's been around since the beginning of time, and he was
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this kind of cheerful working class guy, "oh, i'm from scranton." now he has no idea what he's saying, but the image of joe biden still resonates in your head. he's from the middle class. of course, it's the opposite of that. if you wanted to help the middle class, you would send $10,000 to every family with a head of household who lays concrete, every truck driver in the country. that's not what he's doing. if he wanted to do that, he would force colleges with $30 billion endowments to cover this loan forgiveness. he would also talk about mortgage loans and credit card debt, which are much bigger problems for most people. card debt. instead joe biden is talking about what his supporters, the npr community cares about, and that's student debt, making you pay for it. according to the "wall street journal," more than 70% of the loans that joe biden just canceled, you're now going to be responsible for, are held by borrowers in the top 60% of the income distribution.
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oh. that makes sense, because only about 38% of all americans have a college degree. maybe everyone in your neighborhood, but only 38% of the country. only 13% have graduate degrees. guess how much student loan debt is held by people with graduate degrees. can you guess? about 56%. oh, so it's nonprofit administrators who are benefiting from this. certainly college administrators are benefiting. we just told you that. but there will be other beneficiaries, all of whom reliably support the democratic party, including hazard law graduate, and that's why larry tribe is celebrating today's announcement. quote, he wrote on twitter, good news for my thousands of former students, i'm grateful on their behalf, mr. president. oh, you slobbering succop. shut up. remember that hazard law students are out from under the crushing debt.
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so it's a good day for hazard law grads. they're in trouble, need your help. thanks to joe biden, many get to take at least $10,000 off your outstanding student loan bill and you're paying the difference. what's missing from the analysis is whether the president can do that legally. who cares is now, but if you're a law professor you should probably care. not along ago that nancy pelosi pointed out that presidents can't do, only congress can do this. here's nancy pelosi. >> people think that the president of the united states has the power for debt forgiveness. he does not. he can postpone. he can delay. but he does not have that power. that has to be an act of congress. >> tucker: i would have to be an act of congress. well, that was last year, but we've repainted the slogans on the side of the barn, and turns out joe biden can do whatever
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the hell he wants because susan rice works for him. get out of her way. just as with the eviction moratorium, the biden administration decided to ignore the law, donors are too important. all of this is totally backward, legal or not. if you wanted to improve the united states of america, you would think deeply about how to help people who never went to college in the first place, and reward people who worked hard to pay for college themselves. they deserve something. they followed the rules. you can't ignore them. once you made them whole, you would think about helping millions of people who scrimp for low-paying jobs to pay off their college loans, who did it the right way. there has to be a reward for them. what's the incentive to do the right thing? biden was asked about that by our peter ducey. he ran away. watch. >> mr. president, is it unfair for people who paid their student loans, chose to not take out loans? >> is it fair to people who in
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fact do not own multimillion dollar businesses, is that fair? what do you think? >> tucker: huh? we're trying hard, maybe too literal here. what the hell does that mean? we have no idea. he had no idea. so they haven't answered the question. how does it make any sense to punish the people who did the right change, who paid their loans off? there are a lot of those, because americans are law-abiding people. they want to do the right thing. it's the law. they don't need 87,000 new irs-armed agents to do the right thing. they're americans. they want to do the right thing. that's the overwhelming majority of the country. what about them? what do they get for doing the right thing voluntarily? elizabeth warren was asked this maybe two years ago. here's her response. i don't care. >> let me ask you a question. my daughter is getting out of school, with student loans -- am i going to get my money back? >> of course not.
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>> you're going to pay for people who didn't save money, and those who did the right thing get screwed? my buddy, his son, bought a car, went on vacation. i saved my money. he made more than that i did. i worked a double-shift. you're laughing. >> tucker: there's one guy in america who cares about fairness. remember fairness. if you wanted a functioning society, things have to be fair. if people believe things are fair, they will voluntarily comply with the rules. the second they realize things are stacked against them, unfair, people in charge don't care about fairness, they will do all they can to shirk their responsibility and to ignore the rules. that's why no one in greece pace taxes, because they think the system is rigged. presidents should not accelerate that degradation of public spirit. again, if you wanted to improve the country by disbursing
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billions of tax dollars, you'd reward the guy who worked hard to pay his debt. if you wanted to go with debt forgiveness, who you reward it to? like dental and veterinary students, people who did something useful in college, but never consider giving a tax subsidies to lawyers or gender studies majors or diversity administrators. why? you don't want more of those people. we have way too many already. then you would never send money to anyone who supported blm riot or claimed on twitter that america is a systemically racist country. why would you send them money, the fruits of america to people who hate america? that's suicidal. no sane person would do that. so what you're watching, as always, is class warfare. they reward the top and the bottom, people who don't need it, people who aren't trying, and crush the struggling middle,
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the law-abiding, who do the right thing. collective spirit. they hurt those people. why would you forget the college debt of someone who spent six years majoring in oppression studies at long beach study? you would only do that if you're engaging in the ugliest kind of partisan politics. reward my voters. it's the equivalent of paying people to watch joy reed, subsidizing an npr pledge drive. the message they do not care about you at all, and they're no longer pretending. j.d. vance, i know you're concerned about student loan debt. is this the way to address it? >> certainly not, tucker. you hit the nail on the head this is effectively a bail-out for a super corrupt education system. if you want to give student debt relief under penalize the people who have benefited from this corrupt system, not asking plumbers in ohio to subsidize
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the life decision of college-educated young people, primarily young people who will make a lot of money over the course of their lifetime anyway. no. this is exactly the wrong way to do it. if you give the bail-out to the university administrators, they'll keep doubling down on what they've done, effectively indoctrinating our kids, not educating them, giving them useful skills for the job market, but indoctrinating them and getting a small-craft advisories windfall from joe biden in the process. it's corrupt. >> tucker: i don't understand why republicans don't say anything about this. everybody understands that students are so crippled by debt they can't begin adult lives. okay? that's a real problem. we should not deny it. but the people who caused the problem, who benefited from the problem, who defrauded these students, are not paying. like why is it so hard for republicans to say, hey, yale, it's time for you to pay reparations to your students? >> not only are they not paying,
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tucker, they're being rewarded by this policy, making it such a huge mistake. there's a political dimension to this. of course i'm running against tim ryan, democrat from ohio, who's been on every side of the student debt issue. if you think about this, two months before the election, joe biden has given a small-craft advisories windfall to democratic party donors. i encourage you to fight back at this has direct implications for the middle class in this country. if you look behind our bad policies, whether it's the student bail-out, the globalization, moving stuff to china, whatever you want to say, it's very often a massive transfer of wealth from middle class hard-working people to the upper class in this country. that's exactly what is, a massive bail-out for people who made bad decisions and doing well economically. when i say that, i mean the college administrators of course. it's hard to imagine a worse policy, a policy that solves few
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of our problems and harms much more people. >> tucker: and rewards the worst people, it really does. i appreciate you coming on. j.d. vance, thank you so much. euphemisms are lies and everywhere. we have gender affirming care. now kid touchers. a lot of medical professionals are using that phrase instead of pedophiles. why is that? can't be good. we'll tell you next.
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>> why is jacob frye of minneapolis mad at the
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>> tucker: liberals try to control language because they understand, unlike conservatives, that words really matter, words define ideas. words make ideas possible. and euphemisms are their specialty. now, a euphemism is by definition a lie, a turn of phrase designed to hide the fact that the person using it has no idea what he's talking about or trying to lie to you about what he's talking about. here's our new favorite euphemism. the experts are using the term minor attractive person instead of pedophile. here's an example. >> want to talk about minor
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attractive person, the most vilified population of folks in our culture. you may have noticed that i'm using the term minor attractive person, sometimes abbreviated as map, instead of pedophile. >> they've advocated for the use of the term map, because it's less stigmatizing than other terms like pedophile. a lot of people, when they hear the term pedophile, they automatically assume that it means a sex offender, and it isn't true, and leads to misconception about attractions toward minors. >> tucker: yeah. being too tough on the kid touchers. the protasia foundation, look that up. an angelican deacon joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on
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tonight. minor attractive person, what do you make of that? >> let's not mince words, this is the greatest evil there is. we're talking about the normalization of pedophilia. you're right, reclaiming the words, taking over the language and redefining it in another way. they can also say they're vilified, persecuted, and say they're an oppressed minority group, and deserve to be a protected characteristic. then all of a sudden we have pedophiles protected under the law. that's what they're after here. athere's nothing more dangerous. >> tucker: well, that's right. it's a tell. if you are with someone on the playground, someone uses that term minor attractive person, they're a pedophile. >> certainly.
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it breaks down families and society. that's what this has always about. some of us have been warning about this for years, and called conspiracy theorists. there's a reason. there's the mantra love is love. if love means love for anyone, there's no boundaries involved there. when we're talking in an age when someone can define their race, their gender, and can define their sex, why would they not be able to define their age? if you say i identify as a woman, what's to stop you from saying i identify as a 12-year-old girl. if love is love, you identify as a 12-year-old girl, what's stopping you from having a relationship with another 12-year-old girl? it's wicked and evil. we must do everything we can to stop it and protect our children. >> tucker: it's amazing. are you really an angelican
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deacon? >> there's a big battle about wokeness going on in the church of england. >> tucker: thank you. here's a stat you didn't know probably. los angeles has recorded zero cases of covid in pets. thank god. that's not stopping the city from offering free covid testing for animals and rodents all over l.a. county. nearly 200 critters have already been tested for covid. that would include bats, raccoons, squirrels, coyotes, opossums, sea lions, guinea pigs and of course rats. none tested positive. the have you sea lion or a opossum to be tested, and should you? >> no, i've not. what they don't tell you that all 200 of those animals that were tested were brought in by one crazy undatable single
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woman. >> tucker: i was thinking that exact same thing. i want to see the owners who brought their pet opossum in for covid testing. covid does live in animals, though. what's the endgame here? mandatory vaccination for your dog? >> tucker: i think they're just keep going, like you bring your dog in, get it vaccinated, then give it a gender reassignment surgery, possibly a circumcision. we're going to keep throwing taxpayer money at this problem. l.a. cannot stop looking for covid. l.a. is, like, that last japanese soldier that's on the island in 1968 and thinks the war is still going on and is still willing to fight. that's what we do. we're like some sort of truffle pig for covid. we can't stop looking for it. >> tucker: could they look for meth addiction instead?
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>> well, how about you go to all the homeless encampments and round up all the rats that have the bubonic plague and take care of them? yes. we have real problems. all we're doing is looking for covid, because we're upset. >> tucker: this feels like late stage rome stuff, actual problems, but those are ignored in favor of impossibly comical frivolous concerns like covid-ininfected sea lions. >> my theory is when you have real problems, you'd like to distract from the real problems, you pick fake problems so it seems like you're living in a utopia. so if somebody ed, would you like to visit a city, they're offering up transgender counseling and they're searching for covid in hamsters, you go, well, it must be pristine with no homelessless, no crime, a great school system, right? wrong you would be.
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>> tucker: i mean, you live out there. you have all your life. do people when they get togethee still allowed to get together in l.a. -- do they talk about this stuff? >> well, you know, the thing that's funny about the left in l.a., the left votes for, supports and backs all this stuff, and then they laugh at it, which is bizarre. it would be like if you had a football coach for your team and they went 1-16 every year, and you laughed about what a buffoon the coach was, but you never fired him. >> tucker: but larry elder is the real threat, a white supremacist. adam, thank you so much for joining us. great to see you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: so for the past year we've been telling about school boards across the country taken over by lunatics, who most of the time don't have kids in the school district, they just want control. last night in florida, republicans did something about it. parents showed up at the polls
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in a big way and changed education. governor ron desantis joins us live to tell us what happened next.
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>> tucker: voters last night in florida, republicans flipped five majority left school districts in big counties, miami-dade, sarasota, and more. miami-dade has more than 300 students, one of the biggest school districts in the country. what does this mean? ron desantis joins us. he's the governor. it seems like a big story. how did this happen and what does it mean? >> we made a concerted effort on
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these race, tucker, for precisely what you said, parents are seeing what's going on now more than ever. there was a lot of energy. that's important to harness. it's also important to educate other republican voters who may be grandparents now, maybe they don't have kids in the house anymore, but all understand we've got to get this education stuff right. we worked hard in 30 different races. we ended up winning 25 of the races that i was involved in. as you said, some of that was sweeps to where you have school boards that were majority left, now majority right. part of the problem we saw with this you would have red counties, but because the school board races under our constitution are nonpartisan, the union would become a leftest, fund a leftest, and you'd have a left wing school board representing a conservative county. so we have fixed that in many these places to where the school boards are now going to be representative of the values of the people that live there. >> tucker: yeah. people weren't paying attention.
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did you have trouble convincing people that this was worth getting involved in? >> i think a little bit, but what we did, we had no other races on the republican side. there was no governor primary, senate, attorney general. this was really it. we had a handful of legislative races, but this is what we told voters were important. i do think that it impacted it. i think our turnout overall would have been less had there not been this effort with the school board. i think more and more are getting the picture that this is important. i do think, as successful as it was, this is just step one. we're going to institutionalize this going forward so that we have good candidates running in these school board races as a matter of course. so this is part of how we're educating voters, to make sure we have people on the school boards, who want to educate kids, not indoctrinate kids, reflective of the values of the communities they serve. >> tucker: i want to ask you quickly about your race.
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we learned last tuesday that charlie crist is going to be your opponent. crist came out with a message to your supporters. >> those who support the governor should stay with him, and i don't want your vote. if you have that hate in your heart, keep it there. i want the vote of the people of florida who care about our state. >> tucker: he doesn't want your vote. you're morally beneath him. i've never seen a politician say that. >> this is his fifth decade running for office, a chameleon, typical career politician. tucker, people support me because i kept the state opened and protected their jobs. charlie crist wanted it locked down. that's not hate in their heart. they're appreciative they had a governor standing up for them. parents around the state support me because we made sure schools were open, that they get education, not indoctrination.
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that's not hate in their heart. they're appreciative they have a governor fighting for them. >> tucker: it's weird to see charlie crist look down his nose at voters. is there anyone in the state more morally -- >> i would say -- yeah, i don't think you can. he's not one to be casting stones. what he says, he claims, that he wants to unify florida. he says he wants a florida for all. then you condemn a majority of people in the state of florida. give me a break. the thing about what i've done is -- you know, we've done issues that people across the spectrum have been able to agree about. it's not about hating the other side, but having policies that a majority can agree with. >> tucker: if you don't support me you're a hater. that doesn't work. i hope it dis. governor, thank you so much for coming on. appreciate it. >> thank you.
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>> tucker: so we talked a lot about the censorship by big tech, but government officials are censoring people, which is unconstitutional, directly prohibited by the first amendment, yet a chaplain was just fired for giving his thoughts on trans ideology. he's fighting back. that's next.
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>> tucker: senator rand paul for decades, i've worked at the intersection of domestic violence and homelessness. so when prop 27 promised solutions to homelessness, i took a good, hard look. it's not a solution. 90% of the money goes to the out-of-state corporations who wrote it. very little is left for the homeless. don't let corporations exploit homelessness to pad their profits. vote no on 27.
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>> tucker: dr. jill is mechanic's doctor, jill biden, she should be surgeon general, because he's america's doctor
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she's taken at least four covid shots, one every morning, but like her husband somehow she keeps getting covid. she tested positive today with a rebound case. pfizer says rebound cases are very rare when you take their drug called paxlovid. rebound cases happen 2% of the time. 2%? really? first, tony fauci had a rebound case while paying paxlovid. now dr. jill has a rebound case. 2% of the whole population, but joe and dr. jill and tony fauci? we'll wait for the second study to come out on that. andrew fox served in the austin texas fire department for eight years. he was a volunteer chaplain, who started austin fire chaplaincy
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program. recently on his personal blog, fox wrote about his christian beliefs. in one post he wrote that men shouldn't be allowed to compete against women in women's sports because they're not women. the city of austin would not allow that. they tried to get fox to recant his views. when he didn't, and he shouldn't, they fired him, which is illegal. andrew fox joins us tonight, along with his attorney. thank you very much for coming on. did we misstate the facts of the case? did you do anything else that would have justified your firing other than have an opinion? >> no. you absolutely stated the facts that i write and have been writing for many years, a personal and private blog that is nothing to do with the austin fire department. yes, you correctly stated that i argued that someone born a man, transitioning to be a woman, competing against women, in
5:49 pm
athletics, is an attack, it is an affront on women, and ruins everything that they've been working for. so i argued that intelligently, and also biblically, being a christian man myself. then i was asked to recant on those views. then write a letter of apology for those views. of course i didn't do that. >> tucker: you didn't lick the boots of the trans lobby. okay. let me ask your attorney. is this legal? i was under the impression that government agencies couldn't fire people for their religious beliefs. >> well, tucker, your impression is exactly right. social agendas should never trump america's fundamental civil rights under the u.s. constitution. and americans should never be forced to apologize and recant for stating those beliefs in public. that's exactly what the city of austin demanded of dr. fox. that clearly violates the first amendment to the u.s.
5:50 pm
constitution, and the texas constitution, as set forth in our complaint. >> tucker: yeah. that was my impression. dr. fox, were the people that fired you aware that your view is the majority view in the united states, most people agree with you, and did any politicians come to your aid? >> no politicians came to my aid. as regards the views that i wrote about in my blog, yes, they're broadly held and widely believed in the united states. so when i first -- when it was first brought to my attention, i was clearly told, in a meeting with the chief and his assistant, that they were not there to censure me, and they did not want me to stop writing my blog, but in the end it ended up in my termination, which was quite shocking, and angered me, after serving the department for eight years, serving those who selflessly serve their community at the same time. so i was shocked that it all came to that point. >> tucker: quickly, did you ever
5:51 pm
consider just giving up and going to the ritual self-effacement, writing a letter of apology to some well funded lobby group in washington? >> absolutely not. i moved to this country on a religious immigration visa, then a green card, and i became a citizen. i chose to live here. i work here. i'm proud of being here. part of the attraction is the first amendment, that you can speak and articulate your thoughts, your concepts, your ideas, religious freedom, freedom of speech. but the country i moved to 23 years ago is not the country that i'm living in right now. so in the time that i've lived here, becoming a citizen, it has drastically changed. that's surprising to me. as a chaplain, serving those that serve their community. things have changed very quick, overnight almost.
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>> tucker: i've noticed that. it's hard to overstate how fervently we are rooting for you. thank you for what you're doing. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tucker: so we're not alleging collusion here, or anything, but in about a heartbeat every social media platform on planet earth, that would include youtube, tiktok, facebook, banned a guy most people had never heard of five years ago who now is one of the biggest people on the internet. his name is andrew tate, a kickboxer, who built up an norms following on those platforms. we think it's worth asking people directly, what do you believe? what are you about? what are your views? they make allegations against you. are they true? so we did. we sat down with andrew tate for an hour, and we got him to explain what he thinks, 'cause we think talking to people is
5:53 pm
worth it. let's show you the whole thing tomorrow, but here's part of what andrew tate said about what just happened to him. >> well, when they go to cancel you, ladies and gentlemen, it comes hard and fast. you lose your facemask, then your instagram, gmail, domain name, your payment processor, your bank. it's like in real time, you're watching your phone and apps just exploding. boom, boom, boom. >> tucker: you're not allowed to listen to andrew tate in this country anymore. well, you are here. you'll see an interview with andrew tate tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. well, bill de blasio is leaving new york city having totally destroyed it, turning it into a cesspool, but he has a new job. there's one organization in america that would hire bill de blasio. who would that be?
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jiffy lube? no. their standards are too high. we'll tell you who after the break.
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>> tucker: can't say bill de blasio doesn't get stuff done, and only took him eight years and destroyed the world's biggest city. saw a 65% jump in homelessness. people living on the street and addicted to drugs. sticking bureaucrats on small business owners to ruin the lives of anyone who resisted. so naturally he would think he has a shining career as a homeless person himself after his time in office, try to be a a congressional candidate, so what do you do if you are bill de blasio? you have to pay for your weed habit? where do you go? there's one place that would hire bill de blasio. harvard university, going into the field of public health and why not?
6:00 pm
oversaw the resurgence of the bubonic plague, so for the school politics even teaching classes. if you think of a reason they should not seize the endowment, let us know. on tomorrow, not allowed to talk to them, okay, we are. we'll see you then. >> sean: welcome to "hannity," an important message for dr. anthony fauci who seems to value has precious little ego more than you, the american people. also tonight biden's borders are kamala harris apparently unwilling or unable to determine the real causes of immigration, so we have been sending sara carter into central america where she under covered a shocking operation. and we have that report straight ahead. but first a big announcement from


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