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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 26, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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well. i also think probably it can a piece of tourism if you look at exploration like on a south pole some got there and they went home. as one of the 50 years until the center for science. >> the time is now. the scene of goods of that. ♪ ♪ >> judge jeanine: martha maccallum, it's 5:00 in your city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ the president who ran on unity in the campaign trail with some vicious smears against her republicans jill biden taken aim again at his favorite punching bags maggot republicans in a preview of the kind of rhetoric we can expect as we head into
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the midterm season. it during a private fund-raiser in maryland yesterday jill biden said they were semifascism and jill biden continued his attacks at the podium. >> i respect conservative republicans, i do not respect these maggot republicans. they are a threat to our very democracy. they refused to accept the will of the people. >> president biden: they have made their choice. to go backwards full of anger, violence, hate and division. we have chosen a different path. forward. >> judge jeanine: so what the heck is semifascism anyways? even the white house is struggling to define it. >> maggot republicans have done and you look at the definition of fascism anything about what they are doing and attacking our democracy what they're doing and taking away our freedoms, taking
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away or wanting to take away our rights, our voting rights. that is what that is and is very clear. >> you know what i mean. >> judge jeanine: kellyanne conway is calling out jill biden's attacks. >> alienating voters is no way of getting the voters attention. joe biden the president of united states which is asked to explain what he meant by semifascism either one of them gave a definition. you can just call people names and have nothing back it up. >> this president ran on unity said he was in unite the country 73 million people voted for donald trump is not a smart move politically but i want to ask you why is the president referring to the ultra mega
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which is a polling name that he came up with after some of those focus groups, but why is he trashing people like this? republicans, who vote? >> i think we are in campaign season and that's what happens you get your folks to come out and you throw mud at the other side like when he was in the campaign trail would likely do the same thing. i'll solve a problem when they say socialists and communists without having clear and clean definitions so i for is warranted here, but i think it's also important to point out. he was in maryland will likely flip the governor's mansion there in the primary and cox one and what we know is it's very questionable pass i'll put that. and as a result of that democrats with the help of larry hogan which tells you the difference between what the president is saying ultra mega
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republican and conservative republicans. >> he talked about individual candidate i know what you're saying but the president didn't answer what semifascism is. your fascist is not all in fort. it's how they really feel of course they have a demeaning view, a degrading view of donald trump republicans to try to differentiate from conservative republicans and mega republicans at this point is pretty difficult donald trump is very much in control of today's modern republican party most would see themselves as america first republicans who been reports of unknow a nation-state and borders, the constitution so when they step
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up and say it's about democracy these encoded campaign language there were referring to abortion saying take away constitutional rights. all they are blocking our access to the ballot. which is never been the case of its characterization popularly of the left. and then they turn around and mock voters and they said they were in unite that is the view that they have the belief in god given freedoms and rights in this country and believe that donald trump has fought for them there can use these names because they think it's more on the campaign front. >> don't you think it's interesting and i think it was senator who actually came out this really rich the pfizer warrant and they come out and they talk about maglev velocity and are semifascist. >> i looked up the definition today of fascism is
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authoritarianism complete control so it is very difficult to be semifascist as common oxymoron site h how to be semifascist? when you look at this to say i don't respect them for the president of united states is set up on any stage and say all of you, you people. i respect you. none of any respect for you i think you try to divide republicans so like ron not one of those right? i think that there's a residence with a lot of the ideas he can be put into the maggot category to be first in terms of wanting to have a voice. i think it's a mistake politically on his part and i think he's trying to sort of say he wants to corral the kind of republicans that he think he can beat and say you guys are good right? the rest of them are all really bad people and i think ed sat and i do think it's building on
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clinging to your guns and religion remember how shocking that was we heard president joe biden say that and think i come open the door and away they felt alienated by t that. fit in this box the people that are just repulsive to a large portion of hillary guns party and now which is semifascist's are not getting anywhere unifying the nation and osha's lip service at that inaugural. that was never made. >> what martha is talked about it some really serious stuff we think about it especially now with the no cash bail and the social justice which allows them to get out of jail before the cop is finished with the paperwork. seeing all these people who are lunatics on this streets many
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crimes are totally unprovoked when you start calling republicans semifascists or whatever they call them at the the president was saying were seen the beginning of the death of extreme maggot philosophy, the nut jobs out there are gonna start to take some of the stuff seriously. he is at the top of the heat as president he had a take some responsibility for the people out there who respond to that kind which i call it it's almost an inertia it's almost like pressing buttons. >> i totally agree they cannot by definition be such thing as a semifascist because if you, wishy-washy on it then you're not a fascists when i thought was interesting is that so much of this directive was at independent voters which i am on a small libertarian and he makes the view if i could just convince these independent voters of the semifascism whatever that is they are automatically get a vote for me.
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i'm think independent voters are really that easily to be categorized under the democrats talk a lot about sexuality and gender they can't seem to grasp that i am nonby nara binary politically that is not enough. get the tell people what you're gonna do for me that's good rather than continuing to just rake the other side however you characterize what that is which again i don't think it makes sense. [laughs] >> then you are not fascist. >> up next the fbi coming under fire on two major stories. the trump raid and facebook stunning admission on the hunter biden's laptop. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> going questions about how the fbi handled two politically explosive stories a few hours ago the doj release the affidavit that was used to justify the rate and show probable cause for that rate at mar-a-lago. here's a look at some of it. what you think you know? what he think?
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we didn't get much page after page of black bars failing to ease the public's concerns about why the fbi thinks it's necessary to search the former president's home. it comes as we also get new details on how the fbi handled another very consequential case how mark zuckerberg admitting to joe rogan that facebook censored the infamous hunter biden laptop story weeks before the 2020 election because the fbi came to them and said you are about to get some russian disinformation. watch this. >> the fbi basically came to us some folks in our team and said hey, just so you know you should be on high alert without that there was a lot of russian propaganda in the 2016 election. we have an unnoticed that basically there's about to be some kind of dump that similar to that so just be vigilant. atticus 5-7 days where it was
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basically being, being determine whether if it was false. the distribution on facebook was decreased, but they were still allowed to share it so you can still share it still consume it. >> okay, janine action when asked about the first part of that story about the affidavit. both former u.s. attorneys they said when they really looked at it and what you could see because there's a lot you couldn't get your hands on around a little bit. this is been seen in criminal prosecution coming this even though there was a grand jury subpoena. >> it's unusual for a prosecutor to use a grand jury subpoena to get information with no intention of getting an indictment. usually get an affidavit and i know these are unusual circumstances at about the time for the indictment is announced that's when you start learning about what it was using as a
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basis for probable cause. i looked up is i must tell you. there's so much in here that strike and we don't have enough time, but if you recall when this first started we heard about espionage, the fbi leaking i was about espionage things going on. so much of this is blacked out but i have to tell you there's nothing in here that i can see that leads to espionage. however it seems that this is ultimately a question of whether or not the president has the right to declassify and whether or not presidential records are personal part of the national archives. the case was pretty clear. it is personal. what is even more interesting to me as a second paragraph where it says after an initial review of the referral with the national group to the fbi they open up a criminal investigation of other things to determine how
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many documents with classification markings were removed. they are already in their removing 15 boxes and then they make a request to the fbi to start a criminal investigation, wait a minute you were just in her getting boxes the president stop by you told him the double padlock it when you go back to new york because everybody knows everyone in new jersey he comes back in the summertime. all of the stuff coming together and obstruction, you can have obstruction of something that's not a crime. i'll tell you i agree that's what mccarthy brett tolman said i agree. does anything coming out of that i think is just classic, it's the fbi trashing and the more the fbi does this, the more they lead this kind of information, the more displaced as an institution is gonna lose respect i do want to say one more thing about zuckerberg. this guy needs to be placed under oath. i want to know who we talk to, what exactly they told him,
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whether or not they mention 51 of these intelligence officers which i seem to recall reading somewhere which tells me they knew it was coming, they had it for a long time and he wanted to suppress this information with the so-called 51 intel officers, none of whom have said og we were wrong and is not russian disinformation. that is the suppression of free speech and by the way he said you can exchanges information, baloney. you couldn't find it to exchange it if you look under a rock you might find hunter biden. the difference between how they are treating this president, and an ex-president of united states and a drug addict who was sucking money all over the world is shocking. >> richard? [laughs] [laughs] do you want to respond? [laughs] >> so i agree with you i think they need to put mr. zuckerberg under oath. i don't think you can think that the fbi i think you know. when the fbi shows up at your
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company. i think it should be put under oath. i think that there is a larger conversation we need to have around how we build social media platforms and whether we need to appeal what a new 2:30 looks like even the social media platforms. saul put out there. we'll also remind people that hunter biden still under an active investigation, joe biden had to fired the attorney and he did not so hunter biden continues to be under an fbi and justice department invest investigation. onto this redacted document. i was one of those who call for it to be out and i'm happy that it is out unfortunately there's not enough information for us to ascertain exactly why wasn't fully given. i think we do know from this document we also know from donald trump's team themselves as of the first collection it a hundred classified documents based on this, they had additional 92 documents marked classified and another 25 classified marked top-secret and more after that.
2:21 pm
based on my reading of the law, but based on mine it's on to the folks i talked to for my reporting there is a process when you declassify don't just say declassify everything there is a process in which you go through the liaison to the national archives and working declassify knees. i don't think the former president did that and as a result of that every american should wonder what documents were at mar-a-lago what's at risk? are some of our spies at risk for assets in the field at risk? we actually don't know what's in these documents with a way to see it. i think we shouldn't speculate. >> if that were the case we are with some of those like lines right? don't you think of that was the case that they we would be moving forward towards her criminal prosecution? >> if they are not always this rate all about? because you've a person who may run for president again under investigation by the department of justice by the person may be running against. you better be sure when you go in there that you have some pretty serious issues are not
2:22 pm
just going in there to make a big scene and then have everybody pull little pieces of the things that are under black marks for months, and months, and months, and months to give this material out there to be cooked apart and meet selectively by the justice department if you don't have your ducks in a row. >> mentally i agree with you we got what we know from a document that was released by donald trump's lawyers on june 1st they indicated that they have more classified documents and when fbi went and they found 92 documents marked. >> there are a lot of people who take issue with your characterization over the president can or can't do. >> i'm just tired the lawsuits. >> a lot changed under obama and george w. bush. there's a lot more latitude that the presidents have. i guess what you might say of the visit of the fbi was a semivisit, mark zuckerberg was like semifascism. these 2 stories next to each other tell a story of the fbi.
2:23 pm
see if fbi agents became the senator johnson and said we were told not to investigate hunter biden's laptop, we were told not to do that. yet they were willing to have facebook and say there's this information that's about to come out and you should classified as russian disinformation and then facebook does it. on the other side are really having a fight about documents are? this is were shaking up these documents were to get president trump. everybody watching this feels like all of those reductions are more evidence that this was a fishing expedition for the beginning and opportunity get into his home as an opportunity to find other crimes if they could out of sheer desperation to crush a political opponent who he runs in 2024 now knows how washington works. which is why the establishment is even more scared and that's why this affidavit being exposed doesn't solve anything. >> by the way have to say one thing why they wanted to milani's closet.
2:24 pm
>> i'm hopeful to hopefully know what's under some of those a black marks. one of things that strike me as a two-year investigation on the back of impart a tape that was salacious and no one ever saw. many of the laptop which by the way hunter never said it wasn't his. no one is ever denied that it's his and everyone is it all across the country. this is someone who's doing business with china, ukraine, there's a lot more there they were told we don't talk about that. >> i think it is a massive story and i think the story that everyone should care about even if you or somebody who is the biggest joe biden supporter in the whole world you should still care because the fbi is not supposed to be using its power for political purposes. this assumes republicans you shouldn't only care because you support trumper you don't support joe biden. as you brought up there are a lot of reasons to suggest that takedowns about of it and take any thing out of it for a second that the fbi has a level of
2:25 pm
power that is using for political purposes mr. borrower book everyone is americans because we all are supposed to have for the minute protections. >> that should be bending over backwards given what's happened over the last for years to make sure that people have confidence in them in every way. see you don't cooperate like this will sitting in the story is not over. we can learn a lot more. >> they can treat donald trump the way that they've treated hillary clinton when she deleted 30,000 emails and they sent her a subpoena they said a subpoena and that she bleeds the fifth. >> they should release them to. , we already know that other countries try to hack into her classified information. on her phone. >> we have to leave it there, coming up next radio silence from the joe biden white house on how they're going to pay for this huge, and those words come from steve ratner. this is so much bigger than
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with best western rewards you get rewarded when you stay on the road and on the go. find your rewards so you can reconnect, disconnect, hold on tight and let go! stay two nights and get a free night. book now at ♪ ♪ >> good luck trying to get a straight answer on the joe biden white house on a student debt-free for all. the administration still ducking questions on how much taxpayers will be on the hook for. that comes as we learn the price tag climbed to a whopping $1 trillion according to the analysts. that's a trillion with a t. there are still convinced that this will hurt the economy. >> president biden: this is not a cause and play. it will generate economic growth
2:31 pm
because you have people who are in fact now would be freed up to be able to go borrow money to borrow it by home. start businesses, do things that need be done. >> i'm so relieved for money printing it won't cause inflation and we all know that the media with the biggest champion for this free-for-all just months ago. >> it's like you're kicking the can down the road. you're to cancel the student debt or not? >> based on my report he wants to keep this as close to $10,000. >> i think this burden has to be lifted because to be good for all of us it will boost the economy and will be canceled the more we reap those benefits. >> now it seems that some of them have found the branch ag again. >> the inflation criticism that's coming at the white house because it is real. regardless i will say again it is a band-aid of the real problem. >> i think from equity and inflationary standpoint it is not the best used of taxpayer dollars here. >> will say hey wait a minute except my kid to a state court
2:32 pm
school and we paid for this with of below our means, we didn't want student debt in the first place and our forgiving people student debt. >> richard you think that democrats understand the visceral reaction to this question or two they think that free money which is automatically be popular or did they not understand why there is increasing resistance to this? >> i'm not sure, i think that there's a lot of people were struggling very happy that the president looked out towards middle-class families who are struggling with this. but let me just say this. they talked about this as well in his reporting he indicated that because since 2020 and the beginning of the pandemics when they passed the first relief bill most folks who have student loans have not been paying or making payments. >> that's really good relief. >> were tarted by the inflation
2:33 pm
question. those numbers already factored in to where the economy is what we know is that once the status forgiven in december also will happen in december that repayment will begin. no, i'm the argument you've heard over and over again is that this could cause inflation will cause inflation of those people are paying for we going to inflation. >> we know it can cause inflation. they're directing to inflation because you don't have the conversation of the furnace in reality. >> i hate when it's called forgiveness or cancellation it's stealing. he was forgiving student loan he beat given them for themselves i would know how he has the authority to do this is not for the people who paid theirs off are people like me i want to go to columbia journalism school it's my dream school i know i can pay back the loan cited internships and a couple of
2:34 pm
really hard years and then if i got money you can never take back that week that he spent his house living in squalor in terms of the future is not for the future people either this this is why the cost of education is so high. the government gets involved here the more incentive that the schools have to raise their prices and thus just my opinion a good study after study that back to sub. maybe this upset a few people paying off their loans but people want to go to school there cap to pay even more than they do because of this. some for the people in the past and the future and he doesn't have the right to do it in the first place. >> here's an idea that governor rhonda sanchez has take a listen. >> the people who should pay for it or not the american taxpayers it should be the universities should be responsible if they are producing people they go deep in a debt in their degree is not worth anything but then he also the fact that they are doing that with zero reform to
2:35 pm
the universities in the loans and anything that's happened that's clearly way, way out of whack. >> i agree with them the cost of education is not consistent with inflation it's totally messed up. it is consistent with the loan rate are being made for these young people limit to something. when joe biden talks about changing the lives of americans as far as i'm concerned they don't deserve to have their lives changed yet. they don't have enough to be in this country it you can shake your head all you want these are people who have just gotten alone they're making a hundred and 25,250,000 household. and it at equity senior citizens are the living on fixed income who don't have the money for medication and for food for the increased cost of gas you know doesn't have money we shouldn't
2:36 pm
have to pay $2,000 in taxpayer for this increase which is ultimately a tax on all of us are the veterans who went and fought for this country and some of them come back with fewer limbs than they left with. those of the people who deserve a handout. >> maybe i'm not going to college because a work of my hands. it was on a chalk do that. these are people who are young and they have the life ahead of them and thus teach him some responsibility to get a contract and you get a pay pay back. >> when you borrow money you have to pay it back. what a lesson we giving you borrow money you don't borrow the money unless you feel like you can pay it back. you take a long time we have to do it that's a lesson as americans we all have to understand. i'll just point to one thing is terms of the economic to see what happened to the market today? >> precisely know why he said i? casinos and inflation is a going away you know why he does that?
2:37 pm
because they have two new major bills are being pushed into the economy with inflation reduction act which is not reducing inflation now we have this huge bill which i said the biden obama economists are once the same big state joe we talked about this back when you're in the white house we all know nursing i get to decide and so i'm going for it the same big mistake. >> cynical but vote buying. >> figure talk about it with a $3.1 million that they had got forgiven. it was of dollars forgiven. >> maybe we can down that rabbit hole. now the administration same the culvert is over. >> one businesses were close they couldn't work because of the pandemic.
2:38 pm
>> i'm told we have to leave it right there. >> stay right there when the greatest tennis players alive will be at this month's u.s. open and you can think joe biden's pointless vaccine mandate for that. ♪ ♪ your spirit is stronger than your highs and lows. your creativity can outshine any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles or confusion which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements which may be permanent. high cholesterol and weight gain, and high blood sugar,
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♪ ♪ >> the utter stupidity of the covid rules are at the u.s. open or the world's greatest tennis stars will be playing and it's all thanks to joe biden's vaccine mandate. the u.s. rules set u.s. citizens cannot play fa having gotten it. and novak jovovich has steadfastly refused to get vaccinated but here's the kicker the cdc has just relax the rules for the unvaccinated saying the cdc is covid-19 prevention recommendations no longer differentiate based on a
2:43 pm
person's vaccination status. >> unless your him. so go look i know about as much as tennis as a newborn baby so i guess this guy's a big star for big tennis fan. >> this is ridiculous, this is ridiculous. we are doing that sort of thing work of accounts when they wanted to but doesn't when the, let them come in and play it's an outdoor sport at all be fine it's kind of a war talk about was student loan thing with using covert rule no space on veterans and heroes in order to stretch it in the covert still exists with that apparently doesn't hear. >> all aside how does this make sense to demand a vaccine that doesn't prevent you from getting or spreading covert wise and not your own choice? >> of course it does make sense these were choices that were almost impossible to do and unwind so the legacy just lingers i summing else could
2:44 pm
linger. news flash like you said in the last segment if the pay back the loans. news flash on this one this covert stuff is over, this differentiation thing is over. we need to demand our agencies and our leaders and it, run on it, and it. >> celebrated the fact that it is carly giving down exception in your monot novak joke of it. >> he plays basketball. >> here's the thing though you think so much this might just be the second cost fallacy that work really hard for these vaccines they feel if you need to keep doing it? you think you ever get a push mark >> i don't know what it is they could give them a covert test and i'll be the end of it or you can come to the southern border. let's say here. >> this is an issue in d.c. their students who may not be able to go to school because they require vaccines to age 12 and why are we doing this? can you explain to me why were doing this? >> i think we can have a debate
2:45 pm
around vaccine mandates for students in schools. the recent mandates was overturned by a federal judge a couple days ago so this debate being have there. i think there's a difference with foreign nationals coming to the country will was created to protect americans from the spread of culvert or the spread of different variance. hold on, hold on. there's a difference there because those who are coming into the country legally we could all acknowledge that in the being smuggled in. >> we are rewarding illegal activity. >> my point i'm trying to make here is that there is a distinction when you come into jfk you could be carrying another variant or et cetera the reason the law was created was under the trump administration accented under joe biden and the goal of it was to ensure that we stop foreign variance from entering the united states going back to the folks and spreading in the variant. >> i am vaccinated and i've had it. i think anyone is above the
2:46 pm
regulation just because it's there doesn't mean it does get to come it is could come. >> for to have this conversation i think we should make an exemption. >> the reason that i'm upset about this it has nothing to do with novak joke of edge is because his regular should make no sense. don't go anywhere it's up next. ♪ ♪ they said it couldn't be done. because the big drug companies have billions of dollars and an army of lobbyists. but aarp has never run from a tough fight. they stood with their 38 million members and said, "enough."
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2:50 pm
♪ ♪ >> first up i'm pretty sure we are all familiar with the woman boast about refuse to switch her seat when a family asked to. so what's y'all's take on that? >> i've a lot to say about this. >> so i will switch to a similar seat no problem you want to switch i have a window you're in a window sure. but if you want me to give up my window to sit in your middle i'm sorry it's not my fault you have a kid. >> actually agree with that. >> on the person who has asked many times excuse me the money or if my daughter and i can set
2:51 pm
the other? and people are usually pretty funny but i've never asked someone. if at all for aisle or window for window otherwise no. >> they do i have to ask a lot. >> i mean it's like a chess match. we should do the equivalent you have the equivalent seeds on it almost always give it up if someone asks. >> would you please sit with my kid? [laughs] [laughs] >> can use it without one please >> are you giving up receipts for the family? >> yes, i'm a window person if you want to give me and i offer a window doesn't work. have to be the window. i don't know why. >> up next people in illinois might want to recheck their lottery ticket. the person who won the billing in the lottery ticket has still hasn't claim their $1 billion. >> it's in illinois? >> they say this happens all the time because her processing their emotions.
2:52 pm
>> get your money in process later. >> what if it expires? stick with a person has no idea i think that ticket is gone. >> or somebody is dead and someone is waiting. >> the first thing he did his check would state it was because about one of virginia and once it was illinois i didn't care. >> do you ever check for the other numbers? >> you know there's money in the other numbers. >> you can win up to a hundred thousand dollars. >> i don't know how to check either. >> you need to check your lottery tickets one more thing is up next. mu♪ ♪
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2:57 pm
haspelys. i went there to make sure they dark apples the one with the peppermint patty the cool breeze blows through your hair. i will let that go. today is international dog day. i would like to give shoutout to babies they say four legged friends. look, there is tad and let they are missing stella she is in the hospital. everyone at the table knows what for. i'm not going to tell you he is eating all the food. chipmunk that's why she is in the hospital. that's stella the white one on the left. that's it. my dogs bring a lot of chaos and love to my life. they are in my son's pickup truck. there is ted waiting for someone to come home. there is stella, you can tell she just ate the chip monk. look at her.
2:58 pm
it's disgusting. happy national dog day. we know it's tough to be a mom. they took it to the next level in illinois. how tough? well, some you sons found out the hard way this week when their high school football team hosted a mom's practice. washington high school in illinois invited their player's moms to come to practice, put on pads and tackle their sons. it's not clear who enjoyed it more. i imagine the opportunity to finally get the aggression out. >> judge jeanine: i would love that i would love that, too. i wish they did that with mine when i played football. my podcast came out today. interesting because i was talking to carley shimkus she is on it with me. meghan markle came out and about first podcast. spotify paid her hundreds of wells of dollars. i didn't know ambition was bad word. everyone told her she was too ambitious. we talked to hali fever, she
2:59 pm
talked about how she got engaged at the age of 21 and a senior at georgetown and she wore her ring to class and she felt embarrassed because people looked at her like she was insane for getting married so young. but she is like, you know what? you don't have to have your life all figured out before you get married. if you love someone, you get married and you figure out life together. which i thought was really beautiful. my parents got married at to and 21. i think that's a nice message. >> how many years to do a podcast. hitched hitched this friends women's reentry program. aims to provide formerly incarcerated with infrastructure, supervision and assistance admits mission of to break the systematic cycle of incarceration through mental health and substance abuse counseling. check them out.
3:00 pm
>> kat: we don't have time. bald eagle in the tsa. i'm going to the airport after this. i have phobia of the tsa. just because like they can touch you wherever and there doesn't even have to be a reason. but if i saw a bird like that, i think i would make it. >> judge jeanine: that's it for us. see you back here on monday. >> kat: thank you. ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier, breaking tonight, we are following two big stories, wall street swoons with major indizzies falling between 3 and 4 percentage points after the chair of federal reserve warns big interest rate hikes ahead as inflation soars. leading off some of the information used by the justice department to obtain search warrant. a florida compound of former president donald trump. the materials are heavily redacted in parts we do know 1 of the 15 boxes containe


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