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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  August 26, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> pete: earlier i introduced myself as rachel campos instead of rachel campos duffy. don't worry everything is fine. sean and i are still together we have our podcast from the kiffinle table. it was just a bit of nerves i didn't divorce him live on the air so sorry sean and the kids. that's it for us tonight. i'm rachel campos duffy for laura ingraham. tune in to our podcast from six ano. 10:00 a.m. eastern. thanks for watchinging this special edition of the ingraham angle. gutfeld is next. ♪ ♪ >> pete: well, happy friday everybody. we made it, barely. do not adjust your television screen. greg did not get more ridiculously good looking and taller.
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it's really me, ingraham. and i know it's hard to believe but tonight i'm the second most handsome man on the show. we've got my buddy will cain here. i'll give it up. i'll give it up. i don't usually comment on men's looks but you know you have two-thirds of fox and friends weekend tonight, rachel campos duffy said she'd rather give birth again than spend another minute with the two of us. right. kat timpf and kayleigh mcenany are here tonight. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> pete: so i guess that now makes me the fourth best-looking person on the show. oh, and also michael loftus. [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> pete: so let's get to at this time. as school starts again, so does the battle. that's because our education
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system sucks. be on the lookout, the left is not stopping. they'll not be happy until school's just a bunch of illiterate eunuchs sliding down a stripper poll yelling america's racist. those are castrated unics i had to look it up. the language is hiding, dominate the tactics are shifting and your kids you know this are the target of we thought the war over school reached its peak with covid and critical race theory. remember that, crt in your zoom classroom with your mask on? haven't heard that in a while because the progressives have progressed. the way that locusts progress or progress through a corn field. in fairfax county virginia teachers are being trained to transition children's genders without parental approval. yep, your kids' crotch is no one's business except the teacher.
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that's according to documents obtained by the washington examiner. now, that's the newspaper not the long-suffering saint who gives gutfeld his annual prostate exam. saint annual, right t training reportedly contained info on promoting equity in schools and how to respond to students who want to be called by a new name. it's not will, it's jill. willamina. >> willamina will do as well. or they want to use pronouns that don't correspond to their biological sex. and again they're being trained do this with teachers without looping in you, the parent. although they did give a heads up to the girls' middle school. middle school basketball coach. the new starting point guard is now 6'2" and has a beard. jill's going to be really good. so if the progressive radical left know better than you. in their minds your children are not yours.
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actually, come to think of it, that would have saved me a lot in diapers. truly. and, remember, virginia is a red state where a gop governor was elected to fight this crap. but even then, the liberals and their well-healed krohnies in the teachers unions, well, they don't give a dam. they plow right over parents turning kids into collateral damage along the way. they may as well hire paul pelosi to drive the school bus. why not? makes as much sense. same thing, kayleigh is napping the free state of florida where governor ron desantis is leading the charge to put parents back in charge. [cheers and applause]. >> pete: yeah, right? imagine that. parents in charge. you'll recall the ongoing court battle there. well, parents are suing their school district's over their
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daughter's gender transformation again perpetrated at the hands of the school behind the back of mom and dad. and it's something i personally worry a lot about. i've got something like 21 kids that i'm aware of. but why do they all look like greg? i don't know what happened there. that is a creepy photo. but it's not just -- even get the bangs right. it's not just k-12, liberals are making sure indoctrination are well beyond the halls of high school. colleges are refusing to hire candidates who aren't woke enough. their idea of diversity our professors who like carl marks and lennon got to like them both. and prove they're committed to progressive and sign so-called pledges and inclusion statements. >> those of us committed to diversion and equity are hoping to slowly change the cultural environment by having these more conversations on these topics and hiring more people committed. we have increased the number of
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women and the number of people from underrepresented backgrounds who have been hired since we began using the diversity statements. >> pete: tonya is the one that wants to choose your teachers. if a teaching candidate has the audacity to say he, she, they values merit among all else when grading students they have no chance of getting hired. so the purge starts early. like that time i drank coffee and a weak grass smoothy. will remembers that morning vividly. add to that beside and's desperate cash for vote scheme of student loan forgiveness, so-called, but no one knows how to forgive and forget like a man who can't remember what he had for breakfast. now more young people will be insent vivid to get a worthless college degree from a worthless woke college knowing the debts will all be wiped out. now that is a sweet deal. and you get to pay off their debt and all the dead of your neighbor kids who majored in
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gender studies of the middle ages. there is such a thing i'm sure. go look. who are now woke beyond repair. little known fact, i, too, got my college debt erased. back when starting an only-fans page was not an option. come on. come on. just wasn't an option. a very rich uncle paid for my undergraduate and graduate degrees magically erasing all of my debt. all i had to do was be willing to get shot at in [bleep]. thank you uncle sam. [cheers and applause] i did army rotc for college which paid for
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tuition in exchange for eight years of military service then after a combat tour in iraq i used my gi bill money to get a graduate degree. want forgiveness the old fashioned way? put on some camouflage. but after earning that harvard degree, i did, will knows it, i did send it back. >> how are you doing this? are you burning it? >> no, no. i'm going to send it back. i have an nfl over hear. >> pete: >> is your mom going to be mad. >> very mad. i don't think my wife will like it either. harvard university, i think we go with critical theory university. i think we finish it off by saying return to sender. so far no response. i'm waiting. i'm waiting. [cheers and applause] the point is we have to stop propping up so-called elite colleges as the gate keepers of credibility. i mean hunter biden has a degree from yale, for goodness's sakes. stop funding them and stop going to them because if not, it's only going to get worse for future generations.
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diversity pledges, critical race theory, secret gender transform aings, never ending abbreviations that no one knows what the hell they mean is all part of the plan. but all hope is not completely lost. case in point what's happening in nashville tennessee where after backlash from parents an elite private all girls school is pause ping its plan for now to allow biological boys who identify as girls from attending the all girls school. what in the world could go wrong. i have to ask what if a biological girl at that same school decided to identify as a
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boy? shouldn't they then get kicked out? i'm sure they wouldn't be because, well, diversity. it's all nonsense. so parents as your kids go back to school, remember, they're usuals and yours alone, created in god's image not the government's image. and like the good parents we are, let's give that education racket a permanent timeout. followed by a spanking. [cheers and applause] period! >> pete: let's welcome tonight's guests. she's like a functioning cell in joe biden's brain, always outnumbered. former white house press secretary, kayleigh mcenany! [cheers and applause] >> pete: and he may look like miley cyrus. kind of does, right? but that's okay because unlike her he's actually good at something. founder of the loftus, michael loftus. [cheers and applause] >> pete: and he's such a texan the alamo reminds people to remember him. love that. cohost of fox and friends weekend, will cain [cheers and applause] >> pete: and it's just too easy it continues, she parties so hard her designated driver, paul pelosi. fox news contributor, kat timpf!
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[cheers and applause] >> pete: great to see you all. fun to be king of late night for one night. thank you to greg for giving me the shot. will, you you know what makes those stories all interesting? nashville tennessee, texas, virginia. not oregon, not washington, not massachusetts. these are states where we thought we were rolling this back. is this kind of thing in texas? >> absolutely. it is literally as you point out everywhere. there's going to be pockets of appropriately named resistance. and it's reaching -- it's well past. we have reached terminal velocity. we've reached absurdity. you don't like the slippery slope argument. how do you get tethered from reality to a tendered binary. so students should loan it. what about trans intellect? i identify as valedictorian. once you're untethered from reality no way to bring you back. >> pete: where could we go with that?
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trans anything. it's perverted kayleigh, the idea that we're invading the privacy of middle schoolers and asking them about the most intimate aspects of their lives when they have no idea to even think about, how to think about it or talk about it. >> kayleigh: and in some cases elementary school. the story you brought up in florida details that you didn't say but is important is that the parents didn't find out about their daughter's transition or alleged transition until two suicide attempts in the school bathroom. that's when they thought to tell the parents, and that's in clay county florida, to your point. i'm from florida, a conservative area of the state. same in california, over there there's a similar lawsuit by a parent. and the bottom line is these teachers think they are parents. i have news for you i'm six, seven months pregnant i'm carrying this baby, not the teacher, my husband and i are raising this little boy, not the
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teacher. we are ones who will be teaching this child about gender identification, about sexuality, not a kindergarten teacher and i'm thankful we have a governor in florida who ended this. but i'll tell you they need to wake up because virginia look at what happened there, you pointed that out, florida, this tuesday, 25 of the 30 school board members that ron desantis was supporting won. because you've awaken a very big sleeping giant and her name's mama bear and we're coming out. >> pete: i hope so. i hope you're right [cheers and applause] >> pete: michael i remember the time when if i saw my math teacher in the grocery store as a kid i would be like wait i thought you lived at the school. i didn't know you had a real life let alone them bringing up personal issues or personal sexual assault. what happened to we're going to teach you two plus two. >> michael: i don't know. and it's really odd. and when did all of this become legal? like since when can a stranger, even if it's your kids' teacher, talk to them about sex and stuff. if you did this in a wal-mart, you would be arrested. >> pete: yes. >> michael: but somehow if there's an overhead projector and a work sheet it's all okay,
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right? the perfect vets across the nation will be so glad, hey, look at that, do that work sheet and get back to me and tell me what you think. it's all horrible. we need to get back to some old fashioned sense abilities in this country. do you remember in it's a wonderful life when jimmy stewart found out his kid went home without her coat buttoned up? he was ready to throw hands. he was like, she's got a cold and you didn't have her wear her coat? could you imagine jimmy stewart >> kat: he could have calmed down about that. >> michael: right? you tried to get my son to cut his weiner off! there's going to be a throw-down. [laughter]. >> pete: you're right. i guess over the decades we've just -- now you got me going. >> michael: yeah, you can't get over the jimmy stewart. >> pete: it's a great impression by the way. i'm not even going to cry. kat, college tuition, you've been all over this, this idea that we're going to relieve kids of debt, how does that not just make the colleges say we're going to raise our prices then
8:15 pm
>> kat: oh, so we're not talking about genitals anymore, got you. that was all my talking points. >> pete: all right. new topic. >> kat: no, no, no. no. >> pete: you're a parent -- >> kat: it's really hard to be a mother these days. [laughter] >> kat: i was looking around at this topic, i was like children, children, children, children. none that i know of. >> michael: what if they did it to your kat? >> kat: okay. yes, it's absurd. the government needs -- they're involved in education at all because we keep having all these arguments about what's right for the kids. and there really is no collective the kids. every kid is going to have an individual need. every family's going to want different things for their family. and if you're a family that wants to send your kid to they/them academy go ahead but they shouldn't have every school be like that. i think the government should be not involved and give parents more choices, all the choices with their own kid.
8:16 pm
>> pete: but right now the government is completely involved >> kat: i would say intimately. >> pete: one might say intimately >> kat: yeah >> pete: jimmy stewart objects >> kat: yeah, and student loan cancellation is actually stealing. >> pete: it's absolutely stealing. it's a transfer of money. [cheers and applause] >> pete: all right. before we go, by the way. i know you're going to be happy about this. greg is back on monday. [cheers and applause] >> pete: come on, you know you are. i am. i watch. he's got a great lineup, buck sexton, mollie hemingway, julie banderas and jim brewer are all here. up next shouldn't we have the right to know more about why they stooped in melania's drawers? research shows that people remember ads with young people having a good time. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a pool party. look what i brought! liberty mutual! they customize your home insurance... so you only pay for what you need!
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>> pete: so how did they arrive
8:21 pm
on the decision to raid sflooif did a few boxes of papers give the feds a case of the vapors? following the judge's order the justice department released the redacted affidavit used to justify the warrant for the fbi's raid on mar-a-lago. and you know that order wasn't from judge jeanine, because it didn't yell at anybody. we love you, judge. we love you. but like a michael loftus comedy show, it left everyone wishing there was more to it. [laughter] >> michael: i thought that was going to go the other way, guy >> pete: sorry. but here are a few highlights, if you can call it that. of the 38 pages in the document, 20 or so were either significantly or fully redacted.
8:22 pm
for all we know, this could be kat's record from reform school. it gets worse. it's all redacted. the fbi said it had probable cause to believe that additional records containing classified information, including national defense information, would be found at president trump's mar-a-lago home, beyond what he had previously turned over to the national archives and records administration, which apparently he now works for. agents reviewed 184 classified documents and several contained trump's handwritten notes. meanwhile on friday when asked about it by reporters, joe biden said he'd let the justice department decide whether national security could have been compromised at mar-a-lago. then he finished his pint of chunky monkey. and fell asleep. kayleigh, the latest on this. this came out today. we knew it would be heavily redacted. it is. what else do we know. >> it game during the noon hour, i opened the document and it looks like when my daughter took a sharpie to my brand new white cabinet that was just put up and made it all black because that's what the document was. heavily redacted. you pointed, like 65% redacted. we have an attorney general merrick garland who said to us, the opening line when he gave that much-anticipated speech
8:23 pm
where he was going to let us into why he did the rid or at least give us some transparency, his first opening words were, i will maintain speaking through court documents and court filings. well, your court filings look like a five year old scribbled on them and you somehow seem to be speaking through a torrent of leaks through the washington post? this is unprecedented, this raid on the president. and what is also unprecedented, or perhaps there is precedent, the russiagate hoax is the leak. you speak through court filings but yet you have everyone within the doj and fbi constantly undermining you and leaking. i want to know if you're looking for the leaker as hard as you're looking for the supreme court guy with the dobbs opinion because it doesn't look like you're looking for either. >> pete: or the guy who put the pipe bombs on january 5th who we still haven't found. are we still having a fight over paper we knew wasn't there. reminds me of the second impeachment over the phone call. we couldn't get him here so now we have this phone call and here
8:24 pm
we go. this is really give us our records back? >> it appears to be. and the affidavit focuses much more on classified materials in the search warrant itself suggested it might. which brings us back to the point i made, it seems to make people lose their mind. but when former president richard nixon said, if the president does it it's not against the law was actually correct when it applies to classified documents. he was talking about a whole host of things. however when it comes to classified documents the president is the law. it is an administrative function of keeping information tight underneath the president. but not for the president. and that will be litigated by the way in the supreme court if this thing is truly vetted out. but to the point of 65% redacted out, what do you ask for when you can't read something? you ask for trust. and i can't separate this from honestly the joe rogen podcast where mark zuckerberg just said that the fbi came to facebook and said, hey, we need you to suppress things about to come out called russian disinformation and that was
8:25 pm
right before the hunter biden story. in essence, although they didn't name that story specifically, the fbi said, hey, we need you to help swing this election. and now, in all the 65% redaction, supposed to just simply fill it with trust for the fbi. >> pete: that is an underreported story, the fact that meeting was happened and they were told and then complied in real time. >> will: it's stunning. >> pete: kat i have to ask does this change anybody's opinion of trump. they're going after him whatever rationale or predicate they have for him. does this hurt his standings among his report supporters or others >> kat: no. i'm getting the vibe no based on everything everyone said so far. of course it's not and i think that in a lot of people's minds they see this is hardly the first time, obviously the
8:26 pm
biggest deal this is unprecedented, but this is not the first time people have said, they got him, he's done. and i even have friends who are not trump supporters who are very liberal who no matter what happens with this they're saying i'm going to wait and see if they actually get him because i heard we're going to get him so many times. i think if you add to that what will brought up. there are legitimate reasons to distrust the fbi that have nothing to do with this whatsoever. i really don't think it does, especially when so much of it's redacted. i really don't. >> pete: i want to see the handwritten notes on some of those documents. >> michael: oh, i want to see everything, right? and i tell you what they redacted was like the real reason for the search. he's going to run in 2024. [laughter] >> michael: yeah, that's the real reason for all of this. the fbi is laughably bad. i mean, it's horrible. it's a little terrifying, but here's what happens. if you raid mar-a-lago in the middle of the night, you know
8:27 pm
what you sniped a house full of patriots. you know what i'm saying? it's completely -- so there was 24 top secret things i guess he should have wiped them, you know, with a cloth. maybe if he had kept them in a bathroom server that would have been better and given them to houma aberdeen so she could share them with her pedophile boyfriend and have him print them out. it's completely laughable. this is -- they're just trying to make him not run. they want to bake in this negative connotation, whenever you hear trump, oh, it's russiagait, this is that -- it's a scary place for the country and, yeah, the fbi is like biden's personal -- remember they were trying to convince us biden was like i didn't even know they were going to do it, i was surprised. yeah, really? >> pete: is there any way he didn't know, to that point real quick. >> kayleigh: you would be the most incompetent president or kept out of the loop president in history which is entirely possible with joe biden. >> pete: well, that sounds about right. >> kayleigh: yes. >> pete: all adds up now. >> up next the latest california scheme, ban cars that run on
8:28 pm
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that was quick. and rewarding. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. that means i earn on my bug spray and my sunscreen. you ready to go fishing?
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8:32 pm
after 2035? meet the climate fools banning fossil fuels. dare we say it? regulators in california have moved to ban the production of gas-powered vehicles after the year 2035. a move designed to curb emissions. and make car jackers look like in other words. i mean, how cool is that? i just stole a prius. the policy requires all new vehicles in the state to run on electricity. this could leave to wide-spread brownouts which they'll have to claim is racist. gas cars would still be legal to drive and buy, but the sale of any new models after 2035 would be outlawed in the state of california. in theory, in theory, always in theory, the plan would cut emissions in half, except for those coming from eric swalwell.
8:33 pm
[cheers and applause] >> pete: of course, federal approval is required for california's policy to take effect. and considering the biden administration's stellar record so far i'm sure they'll green light this gem faster than you can say corn pop. as for america's auto makers, it remains to be seen if this will spur innovation or harm the industry. one thing all californians can look forward to is it's harder for paul pelosi top smash into them driving a prius. or maybe it's not, we were just talking about this michael loftus, they're silent. >> michael: they have to add sound to the electric cars. you have to hear them coming. >> pete: they're silent but deadly. i try. >> michael: he had to. it was right there. >> listen you need to be careful with these eric swalwell emission hosts. for a guy that hosts a four hour
8:34 pm
morning show and eats continuously throughout the show your attitude should be there but for the grace of god go i. [cheers and applause] >> kat: but when eric swalwell farted that was the best day. when eric swalwell farted that was the best day. >> pete: amazing >> kat: think about the eric swalwell news cycle. >> was that a 24 hour cycle >> kat: it should have been. >> pete: it's still the cycle of the show. zero emissions, will, in the grand scheme. >> will: right. are we talking about cars again? we're talking about cars for now. is this a good goal? do you like the goal? >> will: for california. actually i don't even like it, no, i don't even like it for california. you have to think, how does this trickle down? how does this domino fall? and, first of all, the used car market's going to go bananas in california, people want to buy fossil fuel driven cars and it's going to continue the exodus to my home state of texas. going to continue to be i look
8:35 pm
up and see california license plates the fossil fuel driving cars that have gotten out but the domino's going to effect us all. >> pete: they sure are. does anyone here earn an electric vehicle. >> kayleigh: no chance >> michael: no, i'm transitioning. >> pete: you're transitioning? what would that be? >> kat: no, and also, even in california, 12% of the light duty vehicles failed last year, only 12% were electric vehicles. so not that many people in california own electric vehicles. and one thing that's not clear to me about this whole thing is
8:36 pm
where are they going to get the energy to power them? because they're struggling with the current demand for energy on their power grid right now so how are they going to do this? where's it going to come from? it's going to come from current sources of gas that exist in california. it's not clear emissions go down at all in china and india. the troubling part kayleigh is a lot of states follow california, and they'll now take these very same measures. >> kayleigh: that's a great point. i learned my environmental law professor at harvard was very liberal so fitting with your degree, but, yes, there was this ex told carveout for california, california had this special status with a hey law around them and you can choose no follow california or the federal
8:37 pm
government. really peculiar. 17 attorneys general across the country have sued saying, you can't say california can do something and not allow us to go rogue. so we'll see where that happens. but in the meantime, california, instead of looking at, you know, the mom, the dad, the teen-ager driving the car, why don't you look at your celebs there in hollywood taking 17 minute flights like steven spielberg? why don't you look at them emitting whole lot more in a 17 minute flight than i could do in an entire year or my husband driving his truck. >> pete: it's been my dream to take a 17 minute flight. >> me, too. >> pete: you know you're a baller if you are on a flight for 17 minutes. some day. >> michael: some day, i believe you, some day. >> i assume china and india will sooning following jute no you will never hear from them, the biggest carbon emiters most garbage in the ocean, you don't talk about them. the real problem us california. it's horrible. but i like this idea, i want them to save all electric cars by tomorrow because it's tough love for california. it's going to have to get really
8:38 pm
bad before it gets better. so, yeah, when their energy prices go through the roof and you can't charge your car because the grid is down it will be fantastic. and the criminals can get an old gas guzzler and just out-run the charge of some -- [cheers and applause] [laughter] >> michael: all the cops are in their priuses, beep beep, pull over, pull over [engine revving] >> pete: on that note, coming up, bouncers will kick you out if you're caught checking her out. [cheers and applause] terrier-iffic i labra-dore you round of a-paws at&t 5g is fast, reliable and secure for your business.
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your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember. >> if you look too long in one direction you might be faced in an ejection. staring is now a blunder in the land down under. clubs in sydney australia named for the number of women will cain once made out with in one night, club 77, has banned staring, staring, without explicit verbal consent from the person you want to stare at. i hope you're consenting right now. it doesn't take an expert to realize that the locking eyes across the room move might not work as well if you start with shouting, i would like to stare
8:43 pm
at you. is that cool? are we good? all right. now we're good. that couldn't be creepier unless you were wearing a trench coat. and named jeffrey toobin. and, sure, this might work in australia. i mean, they do box kangaroos after all down under. but in america bars are made for socializing. take it from me, it's where i met my fourth, fifth, and seventh wives. [laughter] >> pete: anyway, at the club, safety officers wearing pink invests will be there to enforce the staring law. not kidding. but the owners also warn that a failure to adhere to those policies might even result in a call to the police. according to the telegraph, the british paper, not the 19th century messaging device, the bar does want people to interact with strangers, it just requires that any engagement must begin
8:44 pm
with verbal consent. for more, let's go live outside the bar to our new australian corespondent, boom rang bailey. boom, what's the latest? ♪ >> good day pete, tonight i've set out to answer the question, who's it really hurting if you stare while flirting. we have nightclub goers now. excuse me, miss, did this wide eyed bloke get you both kicked out? >> worth it. he's so hot. >> right. and you don't caring care that he's staring. >> absolutely not. whatever. look at him he's so hot. >> sir, do you care to comment? okay. so you don't know this guy, could be a serial killer but you don't care.
8:45 pm
>> i told you i don't care he's hot. whatever, i've got to go. >> right. good day then. well, pete i guess the only rule here is be hot, which shouldn't be a problem for you mate. back to you. >> pete: well done. well done. kat, as i think the unofficial nightclub corespondent of of the gutfeld show >> kat: i don't go to the club. >> pete: you did? you just told me a story as we came out here about not getting into a club >> kat: oh, yeah, that was a long -- i'm married now. so there's nothing for me there. i go to gay, gay bars, but not like straight ones. >> pete: i would imagine staring happens there, too >> kat: nobody at a gay bar is staring at me >> pete: which probably makes you more comfortable. does staring make you uncomfortable at bars, clubs? >> kat: i guess, yes, having a creepy dude stare at you sucks. but i guess i just had bigger problems than that. i'm trying to think. like i am really good looking so
8:46 pm
obviously people stare at me. but, i mean, i'm also just so intellectual that i don't let it bother me that much. [laughter] >> michael: it's about what's in here not what's here. i got you. >> pete: will, this is the only tactic many men have is the. >> will: the stare down. yeah, the look, look again, eyes, eyes. if you don't have it, you're basically unarmed. >> will: how long do we have in this segment i have a lot. >> pete: as the founder of club 77. >> will: the only thing more creepy staring directly at you for a long period of time would be me going up to you saying do you mind if i stare at you. that is really creepy. and what about the poor guy as i think well acted in our piece there, what about the guy who has wall eye, can't help it, just the way he looks. and some pink police officer says quit staring, i don't stare now he has an ada claim. >> pete: he might have an ada claim. >> will: yes. by the way why is an island of former ex cons, australia, the one that wants to like now run everybody's life. they all want to be the prison guard all of a sudden now. >> pete: from covid to nightclub
8:47 pm
>> kat: it is offensive to me as a woman, like if someone's staring at me that's going to bother me so much you need to call the cops? like i can handle it. >> pete: michael, have you ever been allowed inside a nightclub? >> michael: no, no. one time though i did get naked and i got on a wrecking ball and
8:48 pm
just swung through. that was the miley cyrus. >> pete: i see that. but did you stare at anyone? >> michael: of course. listen this rule, really, it does only affect ugly people, right? like all the sexual harassment laws, it's only if it's someone like... and i'm completely disappointed in australia as well. like they're losing their street cred. we lost our cowboy street cred as americans, in australia they were like getting crazy drinking whiskey and staring right at you. here's the thing. if i'm caught staring at someones and they report me, can't you just deny it was you and as they're looking at you accuse them of staring? >> true. >> michael: double stare. ridiculous. and i guess they'll outlaw there's something on your shirt and then you flick them in the nose. >> pete: they might. >> michael: they're going to outlaw wedgeies. there's no fun in australia no more, mate. >> pete: you are bringing our cowboy swagger back with that shirt though. appreciate that. >> michael: yes, trying to. i'm transitioning to cowboy. [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> pete: well played, sir, well played. kayleigh is any of this normal? >> kayleigh: no. [laughter]. >> kayleigh: no. so much in the 21st century the answer's no. this isn't starbucks, this isn't an ice cream store, you get what you sign up for and staring is a part of going to a club. michael loftus your theory is not going to work on how you're
8:49 pm
going to handle your staring accusation because i will tell you this is not part of the policy. we adopt a policy of always believing the report in the case of harassment. they will always believe the staring accuser and not the accused, and this isn't due process and i'll leave it at that >> kat: yeah, but nobody ever believes michael loftus. >> kayleigh: i believe him. >> kat: not new. >> will: to your point switch roles and become the accuser. >> pete: sounds like the australian equivalent of believe all women. it's probably going to be women accusing men. >> michael: everybody goes to clubs to make sure they're not looked at >> pete: that's right. you didn't know why you were going to a club. all right, we solved it >> up next, paul pelosi -- the fourth one of the show. paul pelosi got in a wreck, and you can own that car for a big
8:50 pm
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>> pelosi's porsche for auction. nailed it! ed. [applause] >> everyone's clapping because he kept saying "porch" before. >> ha-ha. >> pelosi's porch! it took two takes. let's be honest. all right, well, the porsche paul pelosi crashed back in may is now listed up for
8:54 pm
auction with damages to the sides and undercarriage. what do you think? >> 82 years old. >> yep. >> drunk, driving 170,000-dollar porsche, there's a lot there. that's your future, my friend. ha-ha! >> my life ends in 10 ways and that might be one of them right there. would you buy it? >> no. >> no. >> jesse waters might, though. >> ha-ha. >> he can afford it. >> no, he's -- listen, he's like been on the paul pelosi dui beat so i'm sure he might. >> buy it, wrap it and jesse water's prime time, drive it around. all of his man on the streets segments? >> if he's not thinking about it already, he is now. >> it's a great, great idea. novelty? what do you think? >> no, i don't think anybody is going to buy this thing. >> you don't? >> it's not like james dean's spyder. this is paul pelosi's car. you'll spend a fortune getting
8:55 pm
the passenger seat fumigated because it smells like nancy. it's formaldehyde, vodka and tears. the only way i'm buying it if there's stock tips in the glove box. [cheers and applause] >> what do you think? >> belongs in a junkyard or should be donated to the victim who i hope got a multi-multi-million dollar payout. i hope we get details on that. nondisclosure. junkyard or victim. >> when nancy was asked, she went -- "this is a serious matter." >> then you throw in the crazy hand that works on its own. >> i don't know if i'm going to eat my ice cream in the passenger's seat. >> don't go away. we'll be right back.
8:56 pm
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>> i'm staring at you. you are awesome.
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thank you to my guests! thank you to our studio audience. "fox news @ night" with shannon bream is next. >> hello, welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, the search affidavit used to justify the unprecedented raid on mar-a-lago finally released. more than half of its 38 pages are heavily redacted. our legal eagles are ready to read between the lines and talk about what could be next in former president trump's
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