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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  August 27, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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in studio thank you so much. you got it thank you so much for watching live here next saturday night at 10 p.m. eastern time until then you can find me on social media. lawrence b. jones set your dvr so you never miss a show. don't forget to sending stories at cross country at good night america. brian: hi, everyone it's saturday night. i'm brian kilmeade, welcome to "one nation." h.r. mcmaster brings us his expert insight on ukraine. jamie lissow-be here. and kennedy will dual it out.
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let's begin with these wise words from our 35th president. >> ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. keep that in mind. the problems facing us in the 60s ranked from civil rights, a huge deal, the vietnam war, a huge deal, to the plethora of assassinations. but we understood back then that america was the land of the fry, not the freeloaders. look what happened this week with the student loans. we are a nation who pays for college. or i should say used to know that. if you couldn't pay, you take out a loan. or you get to decide if you want a four-year degree tore you might be better suited for a trade school. all pathways were forges your
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own way. to get success in america you wrote your own ticket. now we are a country with 10 million job openings and 6 million jobless choose not to fill those job openings. we would rather be on tiktok than punch the clock. apple is having trouble getting their employees to go into work three days a week. the employees are demanding flexibility. i believe 3 days a week is the definition of flexibility. now we have given birth to politicians who have become nothing but panderers because they want your vote. you cannot explain president biden's approach to student loans any other way.
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>> we'll forgive $10,000 in outstanding federal student loans. in addition, students who come fallow income families which allowed them to qualify to receive a pell grant will have their debt reduced $20,000. >> why are you doing that? we know that doesn't pay for school in its entirety. some estimates say this total cost will be $1 trillion to the people who aren't helped out. most of us understand we are sacrificing when we ask for handouts. we are sacrificing personal pride and responsibility. we are sacrificing national pride. one handout is never enough. congresswoman cori bush tweeting this out. 20 million people can see their debt zeroed out. that still leaves some other
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borrowers in need of relief. we need to cancel all of it. take out a loan and don't pay anything back and everybody else will have to do it for you. senator bernie sanders tweeted this, if we could cancel ppp loans to business owners in their time of need don't tell me we can't afford to cancel debt for 25 million americans. you show me a leader today, show me a politician who explained to the american people that freedom isn't a guarantee of success, but an opportunity to success. what will happen if you take responsibility for your life and don't ask for money to rig that game or look for someone to blame when you don't win.
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just ask for an opportunity to pursue happiness, whatever that means to you. don't demand the american dream. stop look for handouts, stop making excuses, stop complaining. i have an idea, why don't you do that. if you do all those things and you don't ask government, well they won't try to help you. you will get your pride back. you will have yourself-esteem intact and you will bankrupt the country i thought you loved. a famous president name ronald reagan. he said something today that applies more than ever. >> the 9 most terrifying words in the english language are i am from the government and i'm here to help. joining us, florida senator marco rubio. can you be a successful politician and tell people to pull themselves up by the
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bootstraps? >> i think that's what most people want. i have talked about the fact we need to reform student loans. i owed over $100,000 in student loans the day i was elected to the senate. i think the student loan thing in america is a big problem, and i have bipartisan ideas to do this. but this plan doesn't reform the system. there are people taking out loans right now who won't be covered by this. oftentimes for a degree that won't lead to a job. number two, this is illegal. the president cannot cancel student loans. 85% of the people in this kurch industry had a student loan and
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paid it or they don't have one. they got a tangible benefit from that. knew you have people who paid off their loans that feel like suckers. people who worked their waythrough school. and people trying to make ends meet, and they realize people got these degrees and borrowed a bunch of money. it's unfair, it's illegal, and it doesn't fix anything. brian: it will be impossible to keep this up. you talked about reducing interest rates. i think you are on the right track. we got the mar-a-lago affidavit. what's your take away.
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>> it's impossible to have a take away when half of it is redacted. butdon had boxes of documents removed from the white house all packed in. they asked for 15 boxes. they claim in those 15 there was classified materials. they knee there were more boxes left behind. they asked for them to be stored in a safe place until further notice. the further notice was a raid. there were boxes, they say we had reason to believe they were going to be destroyed. so we had to do an unprecedented raid. we had to take that extraordinary measure. a search warrant of private property is an extraordinary
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measure. they have to say they had evidence he was going to burn them or sell them off to to foreign government. absent that, why didn't they say we want the other boxes. can you have them ready and deliver them to us. it doesn't answer why would they raid necessarily. why didn't they just ask for it. brian: in the job i have had the last two decades plus. there are senators who get elected and you don't see them for six years. i see you every six minutes. you understand this is a working job and you have raising a family. you took on val demings who got the democrat nomination. there are two polls. one you are trailing by 4, and
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another has you up by 11. where do you think you stand and how do you secure that seat for 6 more years? >> i don't pay attention to polls. i think these polls are like eye candy to the media. if we haven't learned that lesson already, we should learn it. what i know is i have an election in november and i need money. we need to get our message out. val demings is a do-nothing congresswoman. she has been in congress for 6 years and hasn't passed a single bill. and she votes with pelosi 100% of the time. not a single law enforcement in
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florida is supporting her. i got two va accountability bills passed. i get multiple bills on china passed. i wrote and passed the ppp program which is nothing like the student loan issue. the ppp was designed to keep people employed because the government told businesses they couldn't open. so there is no money into the pockets of anybody who got it. these people are very cynical. i need people's help to get that message out there. it's a big and expensive state. i'm asking people if they can to go on my website and donate to brian: i know you personally met with business owners to explain what the promise when it looked
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to them that the world was falling apart. thanks so much. dvr the show. straight ahead on this show while president biden will never be able to outrun his afghanistan disaster. jamie litthow breaks down some of the biggest movies. >> if you watch all the back to back "star wars"
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♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis.
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full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme. brian: there is nothing more damaging to a president's legacy than a military failure. jfk could never outrun the bay of pigs and gerald ford the fall of saigon. when it comes to the fall of afghanistan it's clear to see it as an unmitigated disaster. people are starving to death and people are still left behind. even worse, president biden's
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withdrawal came after his advisers told him it was a bad idea. lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster. we are a year removed. we had an explosion where 13 military members lost their lives. >> what's even worse is this was a self-defeat based on self-illusion. we were told the taliban would share power and put in a more benign version of sharia. guess who just got killed in airstrikes a couple weeks ago is the leader of al~qaeda.
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these leaders are completely intertwined. you see the hell they are putting all after begans through, especially women. it's time to recognize we defeated ourselves based on a fantasy about the nature of the taliban. brian: we are told the bomber at abby gate. he was spotted by marines. the cia identified him. but the rules of engagement did not impress the state department enough to kill him. it looks like he was the killer. your reaction to that. what do you think about when you remember the families that lost a loved one there. >> what we have seen is we have seen leaders across multiple administrations who don't fight as hard as they expect our
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servicemen and women to fight abroad. they -- they deluded themselves into that thinking. we have political leaders who try to accommodate with the myth of the taliban. what's crazy, not only did this person probably get released from bagram by the taliban. but we pressured the afghan government, we made them release 5,000 of the most heinous terrorists on earth. remember the bergdahl deal and the release of the guantanamo bay prisoners. these are the people who became the military leaders at the prevention level. the shadow governors. we kept releasing the enemy.
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that's a sign of a lack of determination. brian: the list of people fired, none. no state department official resigned. no general said that's it. nobody put their stars on the ground rather than leave the way we did. i am sure you have your own opinion about ukraine. vladimir putin is 6 months in. he's desperately trying to get more men and women to enlist in the army. what's really going on there. >> he can't do it. he can't generate the manpower. what he's afraid of what he tries to mobilize, what happens to the narrative this isn't a war but a special military operation. he can't mobilize because it would be an embarrassment.
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look how poor the equipment is for the active are. he doesn't have the equipment for a large scale mobilization. so he's going to volunteer battalions. then they are being thrown into combat without sufficient training and the ability to build cohesive teams who can fight together. i think he has lost much more than we know at this point. we are saying 60,000 casualties, but it could be much more than that. he lost 6 years of tank production. so he can't mobilize without jeopardizing his regime. these authoritarian regimes look strong from the outside, but they are brittle. brian: we have to make sure that somebody like you, about we
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write a check for equipment that that equipment gets to the front lines. i don't see anyone in country making sure that's done. and i hope the administration understands that. appreciate it. you can catch my live shows. whatever is on your mind as well as america's wonderful history. 1776, not 1619. you will probably need a winter coat. the russia hoax. the border and fauci. jared kushner joins "one nation" to talk about this. and still to come, the war on history continues to rage on. this time thomas jefferson is the target at the university he
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built. e the plant is located sie
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early march. now back to "one nation." brian: the russia hoax plagued the trump administration for years. former senior trump advisor
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jared kushner chronicled this in his new book. "breaking history." this is what he pointed to when he read it in a book called shattered. less than 24 hours after hillary clinton's loss at clinton headquarters, john podesta and robby moot came up with the idea of blaming hillary's loss on russian interference. joining us, a man who had to live with that. russia hoax. >> i walked into his cottage and said this is basically where this came from.
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the whole media predicted trump would lose. i think that instead of accepting the fact that they were wrong and misjudged america and misjudged trump. it's much easier to say it was the russians. and eight was very, very destructive to our administration and destructive to our relationship with russia. brian: you watched cohen's life blow up. >> i would see video cameras outside my house and i would call my lawyer and said what's going on? they said they were getting tips that i was going to be arrested. we had to overcome this false
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narrative every single day. brian: you lost security clearance because of it. general jack kelley walked up to you and said while going toll take away your security clearance. >> he created this arbitrary policy. the fbi had a backlog of clearance. i said were there any red flags. he said no. a couple months later the security clearance came through in the normal course and i was able to get it back. it was unnecessary and i don't think competent leadership on his part. what's happening in the border right now? we have a situation of war between the state and city. we have governor abbott shipping illegal immigrants to new york city to port authority, right to
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a city you are in right now. your reaction to the thousands who have come here from the border and the 7,000 reaching our border every day. >> my heart breaks for these people used as pawns. and i think governor abbott has a problem in his state because of these policies. he's using this to get attention of the mayors of d.c. and new york. they said they inherited a broken system. >> the data is the data. border crossing were low. yesterday there were two migrant children who drowned. the statistics of people who come over illegally and put into human safely. 86% of women are assaulted along the way. their policy is inhumane.
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how do we create what trump called the big beautiful door to raise wages and even join with our culture and make it stronger culturally. brian: ron desantis was asked about anthony fauci. >> i'm just sick of seeing him. i know he says he's going to retire. someone needs to grab that little elf and chuck him into the atlantic. brian: do you understand the anger? >> i spoke to desantis once or twice every day during the pandemic. trump said to make sure he had everything he needed to get through the pandemic.
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he said i want to keep my state open. and overall they ended up doing a really nice job. brian: mike pence might be running for president. what would a debate between mike pence and president donald trump look like for you. >> i served well with mike. i write about him in the book. the debates were fabulous to watch in 2016. and trump steamrolled everybody. one thing he can say this time that he couldn't say last time. is i kept the world safe. wages were rising, inflation was low. the wealth gap in our country was shrinking. i go through this learning curve and there were mistakes with personnel early on. by the ends of the
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administration, president trump knew how to get things done in government. he knew who the good people were. if he were to go back he could fix all the problems joe biden has created. brian: best luck with your book. students calling to remove one of the founding fathers. one of the funniest guys in america. jamie lissow joins "one nation." >> parents know, you don't have -- you know, i do have one. i will just tell you. it's my neighbor's kid.
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>> what we learned this week is biden did sign off on the fbi raid. but in his defense he thought he was signing off on an amazon package. and the nuclear codes to me are such b.s. i did hear from a pretty good source that biden's outjar codes are oooo5. because it's almost impossible to forget your social security number. brian: jamie lissow knows how to make light of a situation. he was on the netflix story "real bob."
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>> it's a bit of a last-minute gig. i thought this stuff off air wouldn't be brought on the air. but you said it. we have some fans in indy. brian: let's begin with mayor deblasio who has almost no fans in new york city. >> none. brian: where does he end up? >> what is going on with harvard. i heard that was a good school. they hired him. the only way i support this is after all his lectures if another guy comes in and says, don't do that. brian: not only is that accurate sadly, because he would actually get to work at noon after getting up at 9:00 to work out at 10:00 and lay on the couch with a paper on his face.
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>> i think if they fired him he would say what do you want me to stop doing. >> it would be like me teaching a comedy class. brian: paul pelosi got on the wrong side of jesse watters and he hit a car in his pore pore, s porsche and he's in trouble. >> i heard paul pelosi said he wanted one of the ones when you blow into it and your alcohol content is too high, your car takes the back streets home. you know he tried to use that get out of jail free card. brian: the highway patrol kicked
11:42 pm
him out because he tried to use that card. they said now you are out. >> he should have had a picture of nancy pelosi and said this is what i have to deal with. brian: they probably would have given him a hug. >> my bad. brian: lastly, this, this guy got fired for referring to the former president as a man with an orange face, an orangeman. they said that's not the way to treat a former president. >> i don't know, i don't think trump would want him fired. aren't they just jealous because biden wishes he woke up one day and his face was a color. any color at all. this guy uses when he goes out in the sun. he uses sp uses spf100.
11:43 pm
you squeeze the gold and a t-shirt comes out. >> you get in trouble for saying mean stuff. how is greg gutfeld still on? brian: i don't think anyone watches except for people with nielsen boxes because he's very popular. people of indianapolis don't let me down. i'm saying sold out show. now i have got to talk serious. another founding father is under attack. charles love wrote this book called "race crazy" to try to bring some sanity to the show.
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(energetically) you guys are crushing it! see how the 8 grams of healthy protein in land o' frost premium meat gives you energy and keeps you full? let's get those buns toastin' bread. cheese. 10 more. go! ♪ i'm getting shredded! ♪ make the smart choice. land o'frost premium meat. ♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme. brian: the woke left is trying to erase america's glorious past because it's not perfect. the founding father of the
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university of virginia, an editorial written by a student demands that statues be removed. from statues to buildings to names to jefferson's beliefs. these buildings must be renamed and memorials removed. joining us to respond. charles love. do you side with the cavalier student newspaper or side with history. >> did they let them know who founded the university? brian: is that possible? >> of course you have to side with common sense. i think the problem is the way i see it is how they frame things. they say take down robert e.
11:49 pm
lee. people say he was a confederate and he didn't go to the university. it's a slippery slope. it's a monument to white supremacy. no, it's honoring the person who founded the university. brian: slavery was object he continent on the planet and he was born into it. the first secretary of state. lewis and clark the louisiana purchase unhim, one of our greatest thinkers. if you don't live a perfect life should that life not be commemorated? >> and beyond that, it's human nature. once you get rid of them and his throughs, then you have to get rid of everyone else. they know who founded the university.
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but the people arguing for this are never the people who are supposed by bothered by it. it says something about the physical buildings and ground of the university support white supremacy. so it didn't support white supremacy until 2017? the statue is very old. the university has been there for 100 years. brian: you know you don't have to go to the university of virginia. if he offends you, why would you go there? we look see what happened with madison and montpelier and comment cello, jefferson's house. in madison's situation they are beginning to change it back to commemorating madison. what is the big picture?
11:51 pm
what are they trying to do. >> if you are educating people, you have to include slavery. totally fine. but that's not what they are doing. they are subtly saying it's the priority. you go to madison's home, who cares about the constitution. let's focus on slavery. i drove up here and passed stores with american flags. well they removed the flag from madison's home. if you remove that, you are removing our country and our history, too. i think they are attacking these people as a way to attack the country.
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thanks for answering the call. next, "news duel." kennedy and i have the hottest news stories of the week. that's a picture of her.
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brian: it's time for the "news duel." joining me is the host of kennedy from fbn. welcome back. kennedy: i'm shocked you are having me back on the show. brian: you were the first one. i'm shocked you said yes. the finnish prime minister likes to party. now she is apologizing. she is acting like a human being. do you have a problem with your prime minister acting like that? >> no. i love a prime minister who is hardy. she is not flouting the rules.
11:57 pm
she was not told to abstain from going to clubs. she has a lot on her plate. finland is joining nato. brian: i remember when poland joined nato we partied for weeks. dancing with a man who isn't her husband. >> it could be her gay best friend. brian: this is you having the same good time. were you president of our country? kennedy: we were so sexy, we were superheros. kennedy: a new service shows the average person lied four times a day. some do it six times daily. people say it's okay to lie when you are playing poker, someone
11:58 pm
asked if you like what they are wearing, or having a bad meal. >> i have five choices, only one is true. this is what i said today. anthony fauci is tall, handsome and accurate. keith olbermann makes a lot of sense. i wrestled until the 7th grade and i have three kids. which one is true. >> i'm going to say wrestled until 7th grade because three kids you know of. brian: even though i thought number one was right, you are righter. sylvester stallone is having a problem with his marriage. on his deltoid is his wife. has this ever happened to you? kennedy: yes, i had wynona
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rider's face and i had to cover it up with a chalice of wine. i covered it with a rottweiler covered in wine. brian: question. we have a new contest now. i'm in it now because i substituted for gutfeld. who is the best late night show ever. >> i loved watching johnny carson. i am going to say you, brian. >> you didn't see the wednesday show, did you? kennedy: thanks for lying, another lie. watch kennedy every night whenever she is on. brian: monday on radio senator joanie ernst.
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