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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  August 28, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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be sure to follow "one nation" on social media and follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram and follow me on rumble. [♪] [♪] dan: there is no such thing as a free lunch. tonight i'm going unfiltered in the opening monologue why the left can't get this through their thick skulls and why the student loan handout is an insult to you. it turns out they want conservatives in red states to move to florida.
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i have never seen total fraud like the radical left. after years of anti-cop riots and rhetoric, they are accusing conservative. are we alone? congress changed the definition of ufos suggesting they aren't man made. a ufo expert will join me to show what's really going on. you are watching the collapse of an empire in live time. we are going broke. what kind of idiot thinks you can continue to print money, give it to people to spend on stuff, and there will be zero consequences. my idol, the late great milton friedman talked about this. >> that is the free lunch myth. the myth that somehow or other
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government can provide goods and services, can spend money at nobody's expense. it's cheap to turn out those pieces of paper. but does not give society something for nothing? not at all. if you print money, people have more money to spend. if they spend more money on the same amount of goods, prices go up. in effect everybody is paying a tax through inflation. dan: milton friedman was a genius. but does he need to tell you there is no such thing as free money. the penn our and model says the student loan will cost $1 trillion. i'm not interested in paying your loan. there is a loan repayment plan.
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for the liberals who talked about this. i thought there is no better way to understand the loan repayment program for your loans, not mine, i already repaid mine. i just did this. here is the loan repayment program. i even labeled it loan repayment program. that's you. and that's the rump. sometimes called the ass. i encircled it. if you remove the rump from the seat, up arrow, the rump goes up, and if you move it to this object, let me table this, let me label what that object is. i have my little thing here. here. if you take the rump and you go to that building called a job, you will get this thing called money. so what's going on with this one
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more time. you remove the rump up and then you go over to the job, and you get money. then you repay your loan. if you don't do this. then that's my rump that has to get up and go to another job to pay your loan. and i don't want to pay your loan because i'm not interested. thank you. which the way, in case you think money is free and the student loan thing was it. this is the last few months of spending besides the student loan. the chips act. we paid $280 billion until our tax bill to give my crow chip companies billions of dollars. then they took billions more for the inflation reduction act, that's a clown show.
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they come take more of my tax dollars tomorrow pay my neighbor's son tony for gender studies degree. i already paid for my daughter and i paid my loans. our own griff jenkins found a little nugget. no such thing as a free lunch. here is a little nugget in this inflation reduction act. remember solyndra. check this out. >> deep inside the inflation reduction act only page 614 is a majors expansion of the kinds of federal loan that solyndra got a decade agrow go where they built, the obama administration for a half billion dollars. but this time it's on a much larger scale. so much so that a former
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assistant energy secretary to the clinton administration says it's a sleeping giants because of the massive amount being made available now. the energy department's loan programs began under president george w. bush in 2005 that paved the way for people like elon musk in electrical vehicles. but they were exposed for waste and fraud when solyndra went bankrupt after kwan zerring money from solyndra loans. the biden administration is adding $100 billion to existing programs and adding $250 billion in new loan guarantees. dan: what kind of adult thought this up? how the hell do you burn through $535 million? you can burn through $20 at
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chipotle. how do you burn through $535 million? what were you buying? how difficult you do that? how the hell did you. you spend other people's money, then you can burn through anything. some deep in the biden administration said we blew $535 million on solyndra when i was vice president. let's burn another $100 billion more. i'm not paying your loan. paying your own damn student loans. pay foe your own chips, pay for your own solyndras. just leave my money out of it. we are not your bank.
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okay? people hate the idea of unfairness. the idea of me paying for sun flowers urban studies degrees doesn't interest me at all. it's a working person's thing. a lot of people are mad about this. we sent some of our staff out on the street to ask people how do you feel about paying off your rich neighbor's loan? >> i think it's terrible. >> i think if you borrowed the money you need to pay it back. >> i'm putting each one of my children through school. now the government is asking us to pay college tuition for children on top of my own. >> i think colleges will start raising prices again. this will spark even more inflation and push it up even higher. it makes it more difficult and puts more debt on all of us. >> i think if we can identify
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our mortgage as a student loan i would be all in. my car loan would be good. >> if he's trying to buy votes for the 20-somethings hoping they will vote for him but hell run off the 50-somethings who paid off their student loans. dan: this is supposed to be a republic that acts on the consents of the governed. i am revoking my consent right now. we have never done a rebuttal at the beginning of the show. >> i am happy to be the first. i know you are hot an -- hot and heavy about this. dan: i don't understand why it is i should be responsible after i paid my own loans and my kid's who is in college right now. why i should pay somebody else's loans. >> i understand the frustration.
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this is a small step the president has made in a system that you are right needs a sledgehammer and we are taking that first baby step into what when need to do. one of the folks you had on the streets said the same thing. what are we going to do about college prices. this is one small step in solution to it. you said something about your relationship neighbor's paying for sunflower's gender studies. dan: tearin, that's not accurate. 70% of the benefits from this bill go to the people in the upper 60%. >> it's not the relationship folks. the woking folks will be helped by this. if you are a working american who went to college, those are the people helping. it sucks when you already paid
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off your loans. i paid off my student loans. i get that. but i was not in an economy during the pandemic. dan: i will let you respond. what i don't get is you haven't explained. you keep saying this is going to be helping. don't you find it odd that for 40 years the government has been trying to help, and the spaces they try to help the most, healthcare and college education are places where prices explode? don't they put that together? >> i don't know you can blame the last 40 years solely on liberals and democrats bad ideas according to you. dan: republicans in the swamp
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have contributed. >> when we are doing this together, we have got to get through this and think about how we can help people. something that's an immediate first step -- dan: answer my question. >> it's a great first step. dan: answer my question. do you find it a little odd the government keeps helping with education and the costs keep going up. do you think that's a little strange? >> i think it's a system that needs revamping. we are a topnotch program in this country and we can be better about our education. these teachers are some of the ones burdened with college debt. we expect teachers to have a college degree and we don't pay them a livable wage. dan: thanks for coming on.
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thanks a lot. folks, listen. democrats can't stand conservatives. take a look. >> head down to florida where you belong. you don't represent our values. you are not new yorkers. dan: has the party of tolerance overplayed its
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." some of the democrats running in november like new york's form governor charlie crist and kathy hochul are putting their disgust for you conservatives on full display. >> those who support the governor should stay with him and support them. i don't want your vote. if you have that hate in your heart keep it there. >> we are fighting to bring government back to the people and out of the hands of dictators. jump on a bus and head down to florida where you belong. you don't represent our values. you are not new yorkers. joining me to react is florida governor ron desantis.
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maybe thes worst candidate i have ever seen, charlie crist, when the first accident in out of his mouth is we don't want your vote. >> it was unbelievable he would do that. we have so much support in florida, and it's not because people have that i in their hearts. they are thankful we saved their jobs. mothers are thankful we kept their kids in school and senior citizens are thankful we provided medication for them. but i think people like hochul and crist are representative of this mindset and they do beam that conservatives are second-class citizens. when she is telling conservatives to get on a bus and leave new york city. they would lose the port
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authority and the fdny and the police. we have had a lot of great republicans move from new york to florida. they are friends and supporters of mine. for her to treat them so disrespect any was really appalling. dan: we think liberals are people with bad ideas. they think we are bad people. dr. gna -- dr. fauci cannot leto of this idea that lockdowns were the model of success. >> do you regreet the sweeping shutdown that some say made things worse? >> no, i don't. i didn't shut down anything. and the record will show, neil, that we didn't recommend shutting everything down.
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i think don't think it's irreparably damaged anyone. dan: he won't let this go despite the fact that you are the governor of a state where the average age is a lot higher and you fared better than the draconian lockdown states. >>e cite sa >> -- he criticized us for having businesses open and kids in school and beaches open. he was a leading advocate for school closures. he tried to sow fear in the population. he did have a could be ci con . my fear is if the republic cabsf
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republicans take control, we need a reckoning on all of this. we don't want people like fauci in the future saying we didn't lock down hard enough. dan: you won the primary races in the education system. >> these were not races i had been that involved with in the past. this one we decide to be actively involved. we endorsed 30 candidates and 25 of them won. they are sick of school districts trying to impose an ideology. and parents want a seat at the
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table. in the state of florida our policy is very clear on that. if i have a school board that isn't representative of the county going in another. now you will see school board majorities who reflect the values of the majority of the people they are serving. i think we led the nation in education policy as a whole and specifically focusing on these very important local races. dan: governor, thanks for your time. we appreciate it. dan: "unfiltered" reached out to charlie crist's campaign to respond and haven't heard back. we saw violent anti-cop riots, and somehow the le
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high school senior. dan: you have to be impressed with the nerve of the libs. no other group of people can get away with years of blatant hatred of law enforcement and
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film on a dime. and what's even more gross is to paint conservatives as the side that has it law enforcement. you know the hacks over at the "new york times" wrote a peace called more money for irs. they even mention me by name. along with cruz and conservative commentator, dan bongino took to calling the irs an army. this is next level gas lighting. the left claims this is a threalt hoping you the public will believe we the conservatives are the threat, despite the conservatives being the party of law and order. and for the governor ball libs
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watching. does this qualify as inciting violence for you. it's time to act. i'm talking to conservatives here. don't get bad it into this violence nonsense. >> i recognize that guy. looks like me. do you want to hear what actual threats sound like? these are anti-police protesters calling for deads and threatening bloods shed in the streets. >> if they think they are going back to the old ways of policing then we are going to take to the streets again and there will be riots. there will be fire, and there will be bloodshed. dan: ways that? there will be bloodshed. how did the activists you heard on this very show giving him
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chance after chance to condemn violence. >> i just want to get you on the record. >> i'm on the record right now. dandan, what i am telling you is the boston tea party was a riot. dan: why can't you just condemn violence? >> why would i condemn violence? why would i do that? i am not going to condemn or condone it. dan: i'll condemn violence because i don't want people killed or hurt. is that hard? during the summer of 2020. 2,000 police officers were tragically injured. the left has zero interest in look for actual calls to violence where they exist within their own langes. d own ranks.
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now democrats on the hill seen ad social my yeah companies to address the threats to violence to officers. there is plenty out there. we know, we looked. welcome. glad we could help if you this investigation. here to react is "fox and friends" weekend co-host pete hegseth. it's cable news so i will keep it family friendly. the could honfriendly. >> it's the old axiom we know they are lying, they know they are lying, and they know we know they are lying and they still lie anyway. you spends years, years
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denigrating cops. years inciting violence. years actually executing violence and years where there are confrontations with cops. then you have the gall because folks like you point out how the fbi is clearly become politicized in the way it executes justice and investigations. somehow that speech is equivalent to violence. we know they turned speech into violence anyway. this is the world on its head. they think they can get away with it. because of programs and networks like this, they can't. in their own world they create a bogeyman. dan: it's easy to condemn violence. don't do it. it's a red line we shouldn't cross. your thoughts on the affidavit. we saw it released yesterday. the unredacted portions of it
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were frightening. this appears to be a general warrant. they basically wanted every piece of paperwork donald trump's presidency generated. and they allowed them toll search anywhere in mar-a-lago. >> it matches what we saw in the warrant which was general. we saw a lot of the what but not the why. maybe they want to hide the why because there is no rationalization or justification. then when you compare it to the idea that the fine knew about hunter biden's laptop, were told not to look into it, and gave a heads up to social media companies to say make sure you portray this as russian disinformation. we talk about practice?
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at least paperwork? it was. this is about paperwork with the national archives? you are telling me it's about maybe work? it's about a lot more than that. they are look for crimes so they can prevent him from running. dan: pete, i'm going to put this in my podcast and i'm going to include allen iverson, practice? what are you talking about? coming up on "unfiltered." everybody knows facebook censored the hunter biden laptop. the fbi. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized we needed a way to
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered."
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mark zucker berg admitting to joe rogan that facebook censored the hunter biden laptop story. >> the fbi basically came to us to some folks on our team, just so you know we thought there was a lot of russian propaganda in the 2016 election and there is about to be some kind of dump similar to that. so be vigilant. dan: i know bombshell is over used in the media, but that is a bombshell. joining us is congressman boebert. zuckerberg gets pressed by rogan about the hunter biden laptop story. >> did they specifically say you need to be on guard about that story? >> no, i don't remember if it
12:40 am
was that specifically, but it basically fit the pattern. dan: they walk into facebook, think wink and nod russian information and facebook takes the cue to censor hunter biden laptop information. >> mark zuckerberg said the quiet part out loud on joe rogan's podcast. that is election interference. and you know he knew what was going on. he needs to own up to it. zuckerberg admitting to colluding with the federal government shows that facebook isn't a private entity acting alone. it makes it a state actor. never again do i want to hear
12:41 am
another member of congress say facebook is a private company. no, they are a state actor suppressing and reduce can the distribution of speech. they need to be treated as such. we protect free speech here and we destroyed the dhs's information board. dan: i'm so glad you brought that up. these are not private actors. there are established court ruling, the government cannot deputize people to do with the government can't do. and unfortunately i'm out of time, but it's an excellent point. zuckerberg's admission about the fbi was made on joe rogan's
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podcast. before this week many of you probably never heard the word andrew tate. his ban from social media increased his popularity. >> they banned me because i had large swaths of the pop haitian agreeing to traditionally masculine values. they managed to media spin and purport the lie that i'm some woman-hating misogynist when nothing could be further from the truth. lea, thank you for joining us. you know tate. you have disagreements with him on some issues, but you agree
12:43 am
with his right to speech. >> we are in a major war on freedom of speech. yes, some of what andrew says is controversial, but that's not the reason to deplatform somebody. some of what he said have been taken out of context to portray a different narrative. we are seeing a war on masculinity. andrew is empowering men on how to leave the matrix and how to basically save yourself because nobody is coming to save you. how to be immune from all the corruption we saw the last few years. one of his youtubes is how to fight depression without pills that leave you like a dead zombie. all this stuff empowers men.
12:44 am
the powers that be want men to be weak, fat. dan: your show is great. thanks for being open and defending free speech. we appreciate it. thanks for coming on. dan: coming up on "unfiltered." some new studies from the government on the long lasting impacts of covid-19. and the left is starting to blame trump for issues with the vaccine.
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." the government seems to be worried about the long-term impact of the coronavirus and the vaccine. the media decided to with blame trump. i night. the nih is out with a new study how the immune response to covid may damage the brain. dems are ready to blame trump for everything from covid treatments to the accelerated
12:49 am
timeline of getting the vaccine to the public. i thought they loved the vaccine. joining me, doctor, what your take on the new data on the vaccine and its link to all-cause mortality. >> we have seen a between since the advent of the vaccines where all-cause mortality due toker conditions has gone up. there has been an investigation into what is it? more heart disease, or other causes or are patients having a pathway toward death that the vaccine contributed to. it's a very active investigation. dan: i did a viral appearance on my podcast. i said when i got the vaccine i had cancer at the time, and i wish i had waited.
12:50 am
what can you be confident you are in the clear? is it a year? 18 month? >> papers in 2021, you brought up the concept of immune imprinting. meaning the vaccines are giving the body the same stimulus every six months. so the body's immune system is being directed towards a virus that is obsolete. when you get the real virus, the body is not ready to fight the virus. it should take some time to clear it up, probably a year or more. 85% of the people who take the vaccines don't have any problems. about 15% do. if you are in the 85% and you passed a year, you should be good. >> you put me at ease here.
12:51 am
that's why we have actual medical experts on the show. thanks for your time. >> what do covid breakthrough cases and ufos have in common.
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered" ufo protrayed through three dollar bills and honest liberal in other words completely fake. but through the year, presidents an politicians made their case ufo's are real. >> i occasion untilly think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. >> we hope it's not an adversary here on earth that has that kind
12:56 am
of technology. but it's something in short -- >> things that we are observing that are difficult to explain. >> can you tell us where it was seen? >> actually all over the world. there have been sightings all over the world. dan: now, just this week, congress quietly voted to change the definition did you see this of ufo to eliminate the term manmade. interesting. joining me now is ufo researcher nick pope. nick thanks for joining us. but do you find it suspicious the way that congress changes definition away from manmade as there some kind of agenda here i'm missing? >> well i think what's happened is that congress has expressed interest in this before there have been classified briefings that's been one public hearing back in may. but every time we get bogged down in this debate, well is it -- drones, maybe our own secret
12:57 am
black project tech and adversarial tech from china or russia or something les so what congress said basically look if it is drones it is fine but we're interested we have people interestedded in insurance and we're interested in other stuff. could it be extra terrestrial that's what we want answered. >> here's what me and other listeners are concerned on this show here it seems for decade you've been following this stuff and accused of wearing tinfoil hat if you even mentioned it and now mention in serious circles whatever you want to call them but openly talked nb congressional hearings. it makes me wonder do they know something happen and something happen we don't know about. why this shift? >> i don't know if they know something or just suspect something. i mean, i used to investigate these for the u.k. government at the ministry of defense and we used to down play this subject
12:58 am
and you know, it was always deny empty bunk but you're right the that arive it has changed in the last -- few years and months, and i don't know maybe james webb space telescope has something to do it maybe they think they might find something nasa just going to gear up their own study into ufo's so whatever we're dealing with we could be in game changing paradigm busting territory, of course, we can all of the pilot and operator see this and navy videos it is all happening. >> yeah. nick last question i have about a minute left. but multiple censers apparently i'm sure you read report picked these things up and doesn't seem to be a terrestrial technology explanation this isn't something they threw out there but data saying these things are there. it's something it is not -- you know it is not oasis in the desert because you were thirsty. >> that's right. last year's preliminary assessment from the office of
12:59 am
the director of national intelligence said just that these things are seen by pilots tracked on radar, filmed, they're on electrooptical weapon seeker, this is not just misidentifications and hoax. there's a tangible phenomenon congress wants answer website and dod and intelligence community must now deliver answers for the american people. dan: nick thanks for your time really appreciate it. >> thank you. dan: before we go about remember catch my show every day on fox nation here's a clip from this week's show. >> so just to be crystal clear -- your criticism of us is you think elitist because he went to medical school and had a job. but you don't think the actual elitist who never had a job never went to medical school has never had any job in his life, and who is daddy bought him car heart shirt he's a man of the people, he's what?
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what? our -- dan: show streams every day 12-3 on fox nation that does it for us on unfiltered catch us at 9:00 set your dvr if you can't make it live. ♪ ♪ lawrence: good evening america welcome to cross country so tonight we're taking a hard look at the state of our neglection this nation. the citizen and lives are facing unprecedented challenges as school year begins we see con consequences of the pandemic and form of massive learning lapses, we have a youth mental health crisis, now deemed a national emergency. but covid emergency fund approved for education back in 2021 are still sitting. on spin not to mention we're in the midst of a


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