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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  August 28, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> this was one of those proposal where is a whole lot of people, including people like chuck schumer, elizabeth warren wanted us to do much more. there were some as you said, a couple of my contingency who wanted us to do less. i think he got it just right. i think this was a goldilockses moment. mike: gene on media buzz with the man howie kurtz, president biden facing criticism and questions following his student debt forgiveness announcement. the white house project it is plan will cost $240 billion over
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the next ten years but some economists say the total will be much higher. welcome to fox news live i'm mike emanuel. analysis from the university of pennsylvania found it could rise to more than a trillion dollars over the next decade while many wonder who is footing the bill. lucas tomlinson live from the white house with the latest. good afternoon, lucas. lucas: good afternoon, mike, $1 trillion is roughly the gdp of mexico. now many republicans in the sunday talk shows pushed back on the president's plan, of course, saying it's probably against the law. new hampshire governor telling cnn, quote, it's inherently unfair and fairly illegal and, quote, adds hundreds of billions of dollars of time where we are trying to bring inflation under control. something the plan in effort by president biden to buy votes ahead of the midterm elections in 2020, about 60% of 18 to 29-year-olds voted for biden but last month the number of young voters supporting biden had dropped to just 38%, mike, according to website 538.
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>> i think a targeted approach right now really does send the wrong message. there's a lot of people out there making 30, 40 grand a year that didn't go to college and they need help as well which is why i have been proposing a tax cut for working people that will affect everybody and with the student loan piece you could very easily allow them to negotiate, renegotiate down the interest rates. lucas: eight democrats have said publicly just like tim ryan they do not support relief plan on fox news sunday hosted by jennifer griffin, senior adviser, made the following comparison. >> this country is no a zero-sum game where someone has to fail for others to succeed. we have historic tax credits, business tax credits to help those who own businesses and not everyone in america owns a business but we help business owners because we want to promote it. lucas: president biden is off to ohio later this week, theth no
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clear if tim ryan is going to be there. last month when biden showed up he was nowhere to be found. mike: lucas, many thanks. top intelligence officials plan to review potential national security risks posed by president trump's handling of top secret documents. this comes as a federal judge announces, quote, preliminary intent to appoint a neutral third party to review the records seized at mar-a-lago, alexandria hoff live in washington with the latest,-o, latest,-hello, alex. alex: she ordered the justice department to provide under sale a detailed list on what was seized from mar-a-lago. a hearing is scheduled for special master as it's called on thursday. prior to the august 8th raid, 15 boxes of documents were returned over by the trump team in january and redacted affidavit that authorized the search. according to the department of justice highly classified
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records were mixed in with unrelated notes, magazines and newspapers, some of it the department argued could threaten foreign relations and the safety of human intelligent sources. congresswoman madeline dean weighed in earlier today. >> the person who wouldn't reveal his own tax return now says he's declassified everything. it's extraordinary the real subversion by this former president of the rule of law, of the protection of our most important classified national security secrets. alex: the director of national intelligence admirals haynes announced that her office will offer possible security risks associated on how classified documents were handled but republican senator blunt asked if nature of the documents were known for months and then this. >> why hadn't the intelligence committee that i've been for my time in senate and the house, why haven't we heard anything about this, in fact, that the
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administration was concerned that there was a national security problem. alex: democratic house member maloney and adam schiff wrote that they should move swiftly if necessary mitigate the damage done. mike. mike: alexandria hofn in dc. thanks very much. let's bring in the panel, brad howard, democratic strategist and jeff coer, radio host and gop strategist. gentlemen, welcome. >> thanks, mike. mike: all right, brad, so where are we on the mar-a-lago documents saga at this point? >> well, look, i think we are waiting to see how this plays out. it's clear it's ongoing legal case being played out in the courts and public opinion that folks like us monitor on a day-to-day basis. those are on two different plains. it has helped consolidate his base around him in terms of
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renomination but they get to help president biden's case for renomination with the democratic party. president biden has shown that he can beat donald trump once, he will do it again and if trump remain it is front runner of the republican nomination, i think that's good news for joe biden. mike: jeff, after release of redacted affidavit, where are you on the topic? >> well, mike, i think it was clearly a fishing expedition, they were trying to find something that they could maybe use to indict the president. i think they were trying to connect some of the materials to january 6th which, of course, is another witch hunt. i think, yes, it has definitely helped donald trump with his base and helped donald trump for the midterms and all the candidates he endorsed and for 2024. i don't think there's going to be any serious really challenger to donald trump now. there's so much outrage, mike, over what the fbi did, 30 agents going through the whole house, picking up everything that they could, passports, going through melania's closet, i mean, it's ridiculous telling the trump
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people they had to turn the video. telling the attorneys they had to wait in the driveway coming early in the morning. i mean, it really looks terrible for the fbi. it's another partisan adventure for the fbi, the american people are outraged by it. mike: facebook founder mark zuckerberg revealing on joe rogan's podcast that fbi approached facebook to be on high alert around the hunter biden story was in the post. let's play the clip. >> the fbi, i think, basically came to us, some folks on our team, hey, just so you know, like you should be on high alert. we thought that there was a lot of russian propaganda in the 2016 election, we have it on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of -- that's similar to that. so just be vigilant. mike: brad, how damning is that?
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>> well, look, i don't think mark zuckerberg is the most trusted person in america at the moment and i do think there's plenty of things to look into here and will continue to monitor and judicial system will do its role and if republicans retake the majority, they are certainly going to spend a lot of time investigating hunter biden. i think we saw what they did with benghazi and hillary clinton and we will see a similar situation with house republican majority if they do retake the majority but i think their chances are getting smaller by the day as democratic enthusiasm increases, as democrats continue to show that they can govern and focus on legislation and i would say if you want impeachment and investigations over republican, if you want real result that is help families, help democrat. mike: zuckerberg insists that facebook users were still able to share the hunter biden story, not as strict as twitter. jeff, what's your take on this story? jeff: well, for one i think it's outrageous that the fbi was going to private entity and
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telling them, oh, don't release this information, don't boost it because it's russian disinformation. they know, we knew that it doesn't russian disinformation. the fbi playing politics and zuckerberg shouldn't have done anything. zuckerberg should have allowed the information to go out. it's free speech. i mean, the marketplace determine those kinds of things. not the fbi, not the government. this leads to more concerns about censorship and social media and why other platforms are doing better including president trump's and i would disagree with my friend about the 2022 midterms, i think the democrats are not looking that great. i just saw a poll today that republicans are still up as far as generic ballot between the two parties and remember what james carvell said, it's the economy, stupid. we do not have a good economy, gentlemen. mike: 70 days or so out from
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this point. so brad, what is your level of confidence? >> well, look, it's getting stronger by the day. ever since the supreme court decision overturning roe v. wade, every time poem have actually voted, democrats are doing well. we had a surprise victory in new york 19. democrats are outperformed their 2020 numbers where we maintained the house majority. so we feel better, gas prices are plummeting at record levels. inflation is still too high but it's coming down. the president has passed historic legislation, helped canceling student debt and taking care of veterans that were serving overseas, passed historic june safety legislation and addressing climate change. these are huge generational issues that the president has achieved and i think he has a great story to tell headed in november. all the signs are pointing to a better november than democrats expected six months ago. i think republican are starting to panic a little bit and trying to figure out to combat the rising numbers and i think we
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have the best story to telecom november and we will maintain -- >> let me jump in here, mike. the republicans are not going the lose. the economy is bad, don't forget the border is wide open. don't forget we added one-year anniversary of the afghanistan debacle. the american people are not looking at a successful administration and they are looking at one in disarray that has harmed the country. remember, when donald trump was president, we had 1.4% inflation rate and now 8.5% and they are celebrating that. gas prices are still a dollar higher if not more than they were when donald trump was president so they c crow all thy want. the economy is not good, schools are a mess, democrats are trying to take over the curriculum in the schools, do things in the classrooms that the parents don't want, that's going to be another issue, mike, it helped with republicans in virginia and help in the midterms as well. mike: all right, jeff, brad howard, gentlemen, many thanks. >> thank you. >> thank you.
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mike: jennifer griffin is anchoring fox news sunday today and senior adviser cedric rich monday and retired general frank mckenzie and speak with may owe researcher keith, i hope i pronounced that right. check local listings, forgive me if i got it wrong, that's coming right after the show, stay tuned. now for look at weather headlines, mississippi governor tate reeves declaring emergency after record-setting rainfall slammed mississippi this week and anticipate the river will crest earlier than initially predicted. officials calling for voluntary evacuations in low-lying areas. growing almost 4 times in size overnight. governor cape brown invoked emergency and evacuation orders for homes near the place. local officials say the fire has
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burned through 437 acres. a thousand dead and more than a thousand more injured from the record-breaking rains and floods that have pummeled pakistan since mid-june, disaster management authority have reported that the 119 people were killed this weekend alone. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenksyy warning the situation at a nuclear plant is precarious and dangerous after russian shelling cut its power lines. more on that next. ♪ ♪ ♪ another sam octoberfest? nein. make it ten! i like this guy. (cheers)
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mike: ukrainian president zelenskyy calling the situation around ukraine's nuclear power plant precarious as russian air forces set workshops at motor factory at zaporizhzhia area where helicopters were being repaired. hey, alex. alex: hi, mike, just about 20 minutes ago there was a new attack hitting the western part of the country meanwhile today there was also continued shelling outside of europe's largest nuclear power plant causing residents in the area to take some pretty serious
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precautions. people in zaporizhzhia lined up today to receive iodine pills in the event of a nuclear catastrophe. international experts have warned that the current situation is out of control. among the military aid packages that ukraine has received as we move past the 6-month mark in the war, ukraine will be receiving six mind-hunting underwater dr drones from the u. and uk. the british royal navy is training especially where it is needed most in odesa. exports of ukrainian agricultural products surpass 1 million tons on saturday. the un really calling this a remarkable achievement. this week millions of kids will also head back to class and we visited a school in irpin, outside of capital, currently repairing the roof and walls and every single window from russian shelling damage. now on top of the normal back to school prep, representatives
10:19 am
from every region have gone through war safety trainings to protect the children in their district. >> if the teachers have returned, then they must be ready and understand what difficulties they may face during the educational process. when air alarm start, class will stop and teachers and kids will go to the shelter. alex: kids in this district will either get to choose between homeschooling, virtual learning or coming back to class which most of the families in the region have opted to get back to some semblance of normalcy and, mike, there will also be therapists standing on standby helping children cope with the trauma they have seen since the war broke out, mike. mike: alex hogan in the ukrainian capital, many thanks. joining me now is senior fellow and military expert for defense priorities, retired lieutenant colonel daniel davis, colonel, welcome. >> thanks for having me. mike: the circle shows
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significant fighting over the past 24 hours, boom, boom. the red shows areas secured by russian forces or where russian forces are advancing. these pattern ones. and the blue areas are where the ukrainians are claiming counteroffenses. your thoughts on the battle at this point? >> when you look back over the last six months you see quite a lot of areas that the russians have taken. it's going slow but it's methodical and relentless and n how they are doing it. every time they are taking ground they have relatively speaking have not given it back up and some of the areas around here were movements that were small and they were a long time ago, actually several weeks ago but in recent days especially this area here you see russia has actually started to either continue its offensive or conduct probing attacks but what you haven't seen in ukraine has been talking about for months that they were going to have big offensive that it was going to
10:21 am
sweep down to take kirson, they don't have the capacity, they will struggle to hold onto this. now that you see really also up in right here this morning, up to 200 rocket launches in there, all through the kharkiv area. you see russia really increasing the amount of fire power that they are bringing onto this and probably the most noteworthy thing in 12 to 24 hours, reports of russian armored column moving into this area to dontsk and it's their most modern stuff and could be they are going to start stronger offensive in the donetsk. mike: russians seeking land bridge to ukraine from the port cities, correct? >> by in large already have that but what's the real danger if they continue to push through this current line that you see
10:22 am
right here, there's a couple of cities, slavian, major cities in northern part of donbas and if russia can take that, they can come and hit kharkiv from 3 different directions or swing south to take mykolaiv, there's risk for the ukrainian troops right now. mike: nuclear logo right here. how alarmed should we be? >> this is the one thing i'm watching the most, it has the most potential risk to expand this beyond the borders of where it's at because if anybody hits this, it doesn't matter whether it's the russians or ukraines and they are both firing in this area, if they hit the cooling tower, that's the real issue because the actual concrete facility the made to withstand this but if they hit the cooling tower and it can heat inside and we need to make sure this doesn't go anywhere. mike: i want to go to topic number two.
10:23 am
we are at the one-year adversary. i'm struggling here with flipping this map. technical difficulties. boom. take my word for it. there's an afghan map here and so here we are year after the withdrawal from afghanistan, your thoughts looking back at america's longest war and where we are a year later. >> one thing you can really tell is that america's security has not been imperiled by our withdrawal like many were afraid it was going to. we just saw that w. the takedown of the al-qaeda leader. we took it down, we don't have troops on the ground and we also took out baghdady in syria or bin laden in pakistan. we can keep ourselves safe from that -- from any kind of direct threat to the united states. we have done it for many years and our capabilities are much stronger when we were in
10:24 am
afghanistan. our troops are no longer at risk there and it's a good thing in america even though it was messy the way it was done. mike: thank you so much for your time. appreciate it. hundreds more migrants arriving in new york on buss from the southern border, we have live team coverage after the break. ♪ ♪ for ♪
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mike: you are looking at live images from our southern border as texas governor greg abbott sends 3 more bus loads of migrants to new york city this weekend. we have fox team coverage in eagle pass, texas. let's start with alexis mcadams, live in new york city. good afternoon, alexis. >> more than 120 migrants have been dropped off in the big apple. take a look at your screen. latest bus coming in this morning pulling into the new york city port authority shortly before 8:00 o'clock this morning. we are talking 25 migrants walking off including 10 men,
10:29 am
eight women and 7 kids, many holding their belongs in bags. just yesterday two buses arrived with 96 migrants, so how many migrants have made their way from united states-mexico border to the big apple is the question but the answer depends on who you ask. according to new york city officials, more than 7,000 asylum seeking migrants have arrived from the border since april. but texas governor greg abbott's office tells they bussed in 1500 migrants since august 5th, as more bus as live, new york city is continuing to ask the federal government for more resources. >> the blue city mayors need to share the pain that we've been feeling in texas for a long time. the city of del rio has about 36,000 people near the border. they've had almost 400,000 people in their sector and the mayor complains about 6,000 people in a city of 8 million that we have sent his way or a little more, we sent more buses this week or the mayor of washington. alex: as 3 more buses mike
10:30 am
arrive in new york city this weekend, we reached out to mayor adams for comment. the press secretary telling us this afternoon in this statement saying in part, governor abbott is finally admitting to what we know he has been doing all along. in reality texas has been helping send and coordinate buses to new york city for months contributing to more than 7300 asylum seekers we have seen enter our shelter system since april and, mike, here in new york city their shelter systems are overwhelmed and they don't know where to put the people. mayor's office says the city will continue to accept migrants with open arms as they expect more buses in the coming months, mike. mike: alexis mcadams, live in new york city, alexis. thanks a lot. meanwhile in texas border patrol agents are overwhelmed by the migrants and drugs continue to go flow across our southern border. matt finn live on the ground in eagle pass, texas, hello, matt. matt: as alexis just reported in new york, about 120 migrants arriving there, our crew so far
10:31 am
12:30 in the afternoon in eagle pass, texas has seen a hundred plus migrants arrive here into the united states illegally cross into the rio grande river and it was the same drill yesterday and we were stand right here and our crew saw at least a hundred migrants into the united states. the border is open and border patrol agents are not only welcoming migrants and sometimes they assist them across the river. we have shown you the video many times and we also want to share with you fresh updates from law enforcement here on the ground in texas. u.s. border patrol agents say they foiled a dangerous smuggling attempt in carizo springs, texas, 3 illegal migrants dangerously crammed into a drunk, a handgun was recovered in that situation as well. those 3 migrants and the driver were taken into custody. here in texas our crews are done many ride-alongs with law enforcement and we see migrants crammed so often into what is being called load cars. in the del rio another load car,
10:32 am
troopers attempted to stop a car for routine and eventually hitting a pole and crashing into a fence in front yard. 3 migrants apprehended. the driver arrested for human smuggling and secretary mayorkas of homeland security was here and said human smuggling has become much more sophisticated and something that we have been reporting on and we have shown you the video of migrants crammed into trunks and crammed into back of cars and tractor trailers, all types of methods to try to illegally get into the united states, mike. mike: matt, according to fox weather app, you're heading for high of 97 in eagle pass, texas, of course the folks on the front lines are really being tested at this moment. i'm just wondering the level of morale of the men and women that you come in contact that are trying to enforce american law. matt: well, it's interesting because 90 is actually refreshing compared to 101 plus when i was here last month but
10:33 am
when we interact with border patrol and we do ride-alongs with law enforcement they are very professional, mike, and they are not going to talk against law enforcement, they are not going to talk against superiors but they will personally tell you as we have reported that they feel overwhelmed and they are tired. we see them drenching out in the sun. i'm sitting in the shade but when border patrol agents are out in the sun, you can see them drenching in sweat and they are just as tired as those migrants, mike. mike: matt, thanks very much. ♪ ♪ >> mike: washington, d.c. pushing back enforcement date for vaccine mandate in schools after some concern that is the policy would negatively impact black students. for more on this, we are joined by the president of the dc branch of the ncaap, welcome. >> thank you for having me. mike: so this vaccine mandate for students was supposed to be mid-september, now it's been bumped back to january 3rd,
10:34 am
what's your reaction to that? >> well, delaying the covid-19 vaccine mandate does not solve the public health risk of having vaccinated and unvaccinated students in the same classroom. we support the covid-19 vaccination mandate for students, but any time a vaccine mandate is implemented, we must provide an alternative solution to ensure that those unvaccinated or noncompliant students have access to quality education. so that needs to be the priority at this time and dcps needs to invest in quality infrastructure for remote learning opportunities for dc public school students. >> the numbers are pretty striking, the washington post reports 87% of white children, 12 to 15 have been vaccinated while just 53% of black children. are you planning to sue or take some other measure to try to
10:35 am
stop this mandate? >> not at all. we are not looking at any legal action but we are as you know the ncaap is the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization for over 112 years has been fierce advocate to ensure that black lives are valued, safe, healthy and whole and the challenge within this mandate is to balance both public health and educational equity. so ensuring that we are that voice who fight for educational options for all students but particularly because these numbers show that the unvaccinated population is particularly disproportionately impacting our black students, we must fight for quality alternatives to ensure that no students are left behind. mike: washington, d.c. is very much an african-american city with an african-american mayor, do you think that mayor basser is out of teach with her community?
10:36 am
>> again, the challenge of this is balancing both the public health requirement and ensuring that all students have access to high-quality education. that is the ultimate challenge so ensuring that all of our students have access to quality education in a classroom that is safe and healthy where teachers are safe, students are safe and ultimately their families are safe but also balancing that with ensuring that we do not exacerbate the achievement gap that we may also be faced with. so we want to ensure that quality education is at the forefront and we will continue to fight for black students, all students of color to have access to quality education within the district of colombia. mike: for folks all across the country who are watching this interview right now, why have african-americans been hesitant about the covid vaccine? >> well, of course, vaccine hesitancy is not only an issue facing the black community. we have vaccine hesitancy all across the nation, but
10:37 am
particularly we know the history. everything from the taskiki experiment and the fear and hesitancy within the black community because with this virus we know there's, one, not a lot of information about it, we are still learning, the lasting effects that covid vaccine has on the body and understanding the lasting effects of the vaccination, so it is families' rights to decide how they want to take care of their family but we are strong advocates for encouraging the community to be fully vacfated so that you can protect yourself, your families and your children. but the way to combat this hesitancy is by continuing to urge people to understand that one of the best advantages that we have to really combat this covid-19 pandemic is to be vaccinated, so make healthy decisions and to continue to wear masks and a lot of those mandates have been lifted but it is important that we make healthy decisions to protect our
10:38 am
families and our community so that we can begin to combat this pandemic. mike: if the washington post number of 57%, 12 to 15% are vaccinated is accurate, that means 47% are not. your advice to those families, you want them to get vaccinated but if not you want the school district to do remote learning? >> absolutely. we are fully encouraging families to become vaccinated but it is ultimately our parents' decision on vaccinating the students. we have a responsibility, dcps has a responsibility to ensure that all students have access to high-quality education and we must emphasize that online remote learning to develop a quality of program requires intentionality, investment, resources, staffing and infrastructure to ensure that we implement lessons learned from ssome of the pitfalls and gaps f virtual learning back in 2020
10:39 am
during covid and ensure that we can build an online remote program so that no child is left behind. mike: online remote learning didn't well in my house, thank you very much for your time today. >> thank you for having me. mike: wednesday marks 25 years since the death of princess diana but her sons prince william and harry do not plan on spending anniversary together. more on that coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: this wednesday will mark 25 years since the tragic death of princess diana, reports say prince william and prince harry plan to mourn their mother's death separately away from the public eye. christina coleman live now with the latest, hello, christina. christina: hello, mike, yes, this news comes as rumors continue to swirl about a possible rift between the two brothers. they have not talked to each other face to face since they unveiled a statute in honor of their mother in london's palace last november. though, the daily mail is reporting that prince william and harry decided not the mark
10:45 am
the 25th anniversary of diana's death together and agreed to ending public events together that commemorate her loss. harry was 12 year's old and william 15 when their mom died in horrific paris crash 25 years ago. last week prince harry spoke of his mother's accomplishments in colorado. >> she was tireless in the work to support and de-stigmatize experiencing hiv-aids. i can remember my mother's legacy by recommit to go those that we serve. whoever and wherever they may be. christina: flowers are expected to be layed in mass in honor of late princes diana. h designer of her wedding dress noting that diana won't be
10:46 am
forgotten. >> she's still in everybody's memories. she was that kind of woman and powerful presence and she was such a good person and kind and lovely and i miss her. everybody misses her. >> princess diana was only 36 year's old when she died on august 31st, back in 1997 which was followed by millions of people from around the world mourning her tragic and untimely lost. mike: can't believe it's 25 years. one of my big stories at fox. thanks very much. buffalo bill are parting ways after rape allegations surface surrounding the 22-year-old san diego state player. charles watson live with the latest on this story that has sent shock waves through the nfl preseason. hello, charles. charles: hey, good afternoon, mike, boffola -- former pontie matt araiza is not only out of a
10:47 am
job but possibly facing criminals charges this after an unnamed 17-year-old filed a civil suit in san diego superior court accusing araiza of raping her. the lawsuit also names two of araiza teammates, zavier leonard and nowli ewaliko. it goes onto claim that when the teenage girl and araiza were alone he told her to, quote, perform oral sex on him before leading teenager to a bedroom where the suit alleges she was gang raped by araiza and two other defendants as she went in and out of consciousness. now the buffalo bills general manager brandon beane says the team found out about allegations against araiza in july but the organization appeared to back the rooky punter of essentially
10:48 am
naming him a starter last week, a decision the team may be regretting as people question why the bills didn't act sooner. >> we tried to be thorough and thoughtful and not rush to judgment and i would say it's not easy, you are trying to put facts around a legal situation, you know, sometimes with limited information. charles: lawyer representing the victim in this case says the bills ignored their concerns when they came to them and accused the organization of being enablers and writes in part, quote, the buffalo bills had no choice but to cut their young punter after so badly botching their response to her claim. on friday araiza released statement in his own defense and he writes, quote, the facts of the incident rather are not what they are portrayed in the lawsuit or in the press. i look forward to quickly setting record straight.
10:49 am
now, mike, police who were investigating this incident allege to have a recording of araiza speaking to the victim in this case where he allegedly admits to having sex with her and urges her to get an std case and that's what's alleged in the lawsuit. we were told that police that were investigating this have turned what they found in the investigation over at the local da's office is now reviewing the case, mike. mike: shocking story. charles watson, thanks very much. highly anticipated stress test for artemis rocket set for tomorrow as nasa hopes to send astronauts back to the moon. details on the launch next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: you are looking at live images of nasa's most powerful rocket yet as it prepares for tomorrow's artemis launch, successful lift ah of uncrewed test flight will bring us one step closer to putting man back on the moon. jonathan live from the kennedy space center in florida, good afternoon, jonathan. jonathan: hi, there, mike. nasa is hope ting to establish a long-term presence on the moon and before they send astronauts they have to make sure that the
10:54 am
never-flown before rocket and spacecraft work and they are safe. the spacecraft nasa most powerful rocket ever. it's called the space launch system or sls and will deliver 8.8 million pounds of thrust during liftoff. compare to saturn 5 apolo rockets of 50 years ago, those were 7 and a half million pounds of thrust. as many as 200,000 spectators are expected to show up to watch monday's launch. >> i think it's a lot of people that are my age and older that remember the aapproximatelyo and they just want to come back and bring their family and their kids. you know, they walked on the moon when i was a kid so i just want to see it start back up. positive move. jon: unmanned flight will be a stress test to make sure that the new vehicle is safe for astronauts and if all goes well and then in missions after that,
10:55 am
astronauts will actually land on the surface of the moon where nasa hopes to mine resources to turn into rocket fuel and potentially create a weigh station for future missions to mars. >> we've always had a frontier, in the building of the country the frontier used to be western. now that frontier is upward. jonathan: artmis has two-hour launch window and opens tomorrow monday at 8:30 a.m. mike: artemis, twin staff of apolo. i feel like i need to get that in there. strong gene pool there. jonathan, as space nerd like me, what's it like being there before the big launch? jonathan: it's incredibly exciting. the soundbite that we ran of the expectater who is waiting to
10:56 am
watch the launch. he said he's old enough to remember the apolo missions. i was too, i was almost 5 year's old, 4 year's old when the first aapproximatelyo mission landed on the moon, neil armstrong, buzz aldrin, very exciting back then. those who followed the original space missions, we thought it was going to continue, that that he would have permanent presence on the moon, that did not happen but now that we see nasa is revamping those plans to have a permanent station on the moon, very exciting, admittedly a space nerd and, mike, from your analysis of the -- of those -- the name sakes for these missions, clearly you are too, live long and prosper, brother. mike: that's it for this hour of fox news live, fox news sunday is up next. i'm mike emanuel. i'm mike emanuel. ♪ ♪ ♪
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