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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 30, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> new episode on fox nation tomorrow morning. here is the great sean hannity. >> breaking news surrounding uneven standard of justice and politicizing and the doj politicized under joe biden, full coverage, you won't believe tonight's new details and major polls in key midterm match ups that will determine control of the united states senate. new poll has herschel walker up in the state of georgia and we'll do the job that the mob and media will never do, vet the far left extreme candidates,
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tonight that is rafael warnock. rank and file fbi whistleblower coming forward, many saying director wray has lost control of the agency and needs to resign, according to washington times, whistleblower claims include allegations of basis, signing false affidavits and according to my sources who i spoke to within the last hour directly involved with the whistleblowers, there are now 20 confirmed whistleblowers that have come forward and according to their attorney, hearing from fbi personnel they feel like the director has lost control much the bureau and they are saying how does this guy survive? he's leaving, he's got to leave. also breaking new memo from
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merrick garland and his office, they are sending stern reminder this night to staff policies that limit contact with members of congress, that would mean fbi members talking to members of congress as whistleblowers. this letter obviously convenient reminder from attorney general of the united states. question is, is he trying toil zooence whistleblowers? it looks like it at this hour. it looks like they are trying to pressure whistleblowers. democrats only like hear say whistleblowers? that sounding like intimidation from the a.g.'s office. do not silence them or intimidate them, this sounds like a threat. let me remind you about the policy of talking to congress or else what? you get fired for identifying corruption and abuse of power,
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when they should be applauded if true. last night top agent thibaut escorted out. he is pushing back against growing scrutiny of his conduct and joe biden claims to care about law and order he continues to ignore the two-tiered system of justice, corruption inside the fbi, the doj, his fbi, his doj. take a look. >> i'm opposed to defunding the police and defunding the fbi. l look, there is no greater responsibility for the government than ensuring safety of our people. >> when hunter biden's home gets
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raided, i hope he feels the same way. we condemn all threats and all attacks on law enforcement, not when politically convenient. on this program, for the rank and file, 99%, we are grateful are if the good fbi agents and employees that risk their lives to keep us safe, we support them, the fbi is not immune from oversight and criticism and they are not immune from having bad apples or being called out for massive agency wide failure and failure inside the upper echelon of the fbi. breaking tonight, we're learning,a midgrowing scrutiny of the fbi and doj, the department is banning political appointees from partisan events. that is not good enough, wray and garland have done a
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disservice. director wray should have taken what should be the world's premiere law enforcement agency and should have cleaned up the politics in the fbi. he didn't do it and now things are worse with merrick garland because he seems to be weaponizing the doj, the biden doj. and getting away with everything has led to more politics or politicizing of the fbi, which by the way, i predicted would happen many times on this program if we didn't hold the people that abuse fiwarrants and spying on presidential candidate and president or as "wall street journal" editorial board pointed out, why one standard for hillary clinton and one for donald trump? this is doj that appears hell bent on finding anything to use against the 45 sgt. president,
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we saw that in the raid at mar-a-lago and the same organization that let hillary clinton off the hook for mishandling a ton of top secret, classified materials on unsecured private servers because even jim comey acknowledged crimes were committed and no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case, same people that let her get away with clear obstruction of justice. she deleted 33,000 e-mails and devices were destroyed with hammers. here is craig and trump attorney, let's get your reaction to breaking news issue the sheer number of whistleblowers coming forward and number two, what reminder and convenient time to remind people that work in the fbi, what their responsibilities are and they are not allowed to talk to congress, are you allowed to
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tell the police? is that the policy? >> evidently that is the policy, sean, that is called interference with law-abiding citizens. i'm proud of the whistleblowers and the president is incredibly proud of people that took their oath seriously. the fact they are coming forward and saying there is something wrong with what is happening in the fbi and fact they believe in the constitution and the oath they took to defend it and being law-abiding, i commend them and encourage them to come forward. many before them have done and it is critical for our country especially in this partisan crazy world we're living in. as to what happened with merrick garland, putting out a statement saying you can't speak to congress, it is ironnic and hypocritical, january 6 made a point of pulling people out that had no knowledge and put forth some statement. this is really sick state of our
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fbi right now, there needs to be complete and utter clean of house, the president i always say this, was not leading in the polls, this would not be happening, it is a sad state for our country. >> greg, i remind people howly this is with members of congress amiddisclosure by senator grassley or jim jordan last night or senator ron johnson saying they have spoken to the whistleblowers and people clearly putting their jobs at risk, is this to intimidate, to silence opposition voices or people that are showing politics has taken over the fbi and the doj? >> it seems like it, doesn't it, sean? and joe biden in his speech says he's sickened by the attack on
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the fbi, he has it backward, he should be sickened by political attacks launched by the fbi against people who are his political opponents, anybody in donald trump's orbit or the former president himself. secretly joe biden is in favor of it. biden and merrick garland are mimicking each other, how dare americans attack integrity of the fbi, wait a minute, the same fbi that used unlimited resources to target people for political reasons, the fbi that launched the greatest mass delusion in the russia hoax, they lie to the fisa court, doctored evidence, they confessed and admitted to it to gain search warrants. we learned a top fbi official is escorted from the building
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because whistleblowers said this guy opened an investigation of trump in 20twenty, concealing his motivation while at the same time, shutting down the hunter biden investigation and spreading the lie that the laptop was russian disinformation. biden has it wrong, americans are right to be outraged andic issened by the conduct of top officials at the fbi. i agree, the rank and file, good, honest people, the rock begins at the top and merrick garland and director wray have done nothing to clean up that cesspool that continues to infect the fb shawn sad /* /* >> what about the clinton standard, the sandy berger
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versus the trump standard. hillary clinton has top secret material on servers and destroyed 33,000 e-mails and came up with phony dossier and dissem nated it and the fbi used it, spying on president donald trump and president donald trump. >> let's not forget rosenstein, who worked for the fbi has his fisa warrant overturned because it is based on bs. democrats are treated differently than republicans. for anybody who decides to have a secret server like hillary clinton and smash her phone, a double standard that has to stop or our country is in big trouble. >> this is serious, we'll follow
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it everyday, thank you. tonight joe biden used his remarks in pennsylvania to preview prime time address that no one will be watching thurthursday vicious attacks on republicans, here is what he said earlier today in pennsylvania. >> let me say this to maga republican friends in congress, don't tell me to support law enforcement if you won't condemn what happened on the 6th. for god's sake, whose side are you on? whose side are you on? l look, the side of a mob or side
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of the police, you skaent be pro-law enforcement and pro ensurrectorion? >> where was joe when 574 riots broke out and thousands of cops pelted bricks, rocks, molotov cocktails and dozens of americans, where was he then? is this what joe biden means when he talks about the battle for the soul of the nation calling the nation fascist, letting lunatics in his party set the agenda and stand by as democrats attacks, smear, slander republicans? who is missing at this event in pennsylvania? where was john fetterman? lazy bernie sanders brat that never worked a real job in his life that likes to look tough
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and wants nothing to do with biden. he will have four opportunities to be with joe, looks like he won't show up once and he said he won't debate doctor oz. ask yourself where was joe biden when remarks like this coming out of the mouths of his colleagues, prominent democrats, joe, where were you then? where was your soul of the nation then? take a look. >> you cannot be civil with political party that wants to destroy what you stand for. >> president biden: do you want to be the sign of dr. king or george wallace? the side of john lewis, or bo connor, abraham lincoln or jefferson davis. >> sadly domestic enemy to our voting system and our honoring
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our constitution are right at 1600 pennsylvania avenue with their allies in the congress. >> maga republicans threaten economic security, threat to our very democracy. >> joe, that is the soul of your party, you are going to lecture us on the soul of the nation? where is your soul standing up to your party? are when will we hear you hold your own party or yourself accountable for the massive failures, wide-open border, crippling high inflation, surging crime in every big city because your pals supported defund, dismantle, no-bail law, record high gas prices you caused and foreign policy, one disaster after another? what we saw from biden earlier today was another election day conversion or election conversion on the issue of policing. biden is trying to pretend he
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wants to fund the police and understand stas behind law enforcement. hope he feels this way when hunter's home gets raided. >> the answer is fund the police. fund the police. and give them we expect them to do everything, we expect them to be protect us, to be psychologists and sociologys. >> fund law enforcement, look at hunter biden's laptop and hunter implicates joe, the big guy and the money he's given to his dad from foreign business dealings. biden said police have become the enemy. it was his own party that attacked law enforcement through the summer of 2020. here is quick reminder.
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>> if defunding the police has to happen, we need to put that money into safety nets. >> we need to defund and start anew. >> talking about defending $6 bil billion -- >> i support the defund movement, this is about invest mentz in communities divested. >> defunding the police does not mean abolish police, it means reduction in police. >> joe, soul of the nation, your vice president kamala harris who promoted fund to bail out violent rioters who burned down a police precinct and bailed out two rioters who later got charged with murder. do not believe democrats have
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any intention of supporting law enforcement when it comes to most cases. 574 riots, joe silents, is joe going to talk about that on thursday, or kamala harris praising defunding of lapd? of course not. assuming biden will be able to deliver coherent speech, baubz his remarks today were filled with bizarre stories and the poor befuddled president of the united states one word salad after the other, here is proof. >> i was only white guy that worked down on the east side. you can tell the best basketball in the state and best basketball in the city is, where everybody shows up. i have two shotguns at home, long story, i'm not opposed to guns, you can't go out and buy an automatic weapon or a cannon. how many, my dad used to love to
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hunt, how many deer, bear wear cavalar vests? not a joke. >> not a joke, are you a junkie? leo terrell, mark meadows, leo, do youment to respond about the only white guy and best basketball players? >> yes, i do, it is so racist. he is only white guy basketball, meaning black people, joe biden is 1955 time warp, his stories are old, outdated and doesn't make any bit of sense and it is insulting. not once did he mention the summer riots, joe biden don't go on tv and talk about law enforcement and don't talk about summer riots and call out blm,
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antifa, what this city went through for three year didn't mention a word, didn't mention kamala harris or the democratic party turning their back on police. not forget bill de blasio took $1 billion out of police funding and look how new york is, joe biden didn't touch anything. he thinks we are stupid and doesn't understand people know what happened last three years. >> one thing the democrats can't do is run on track record, they will focus on january 6 and the dobbs issue and demagogue that and go to the usual play book, republicans are racist,
6:21 pm
hemophobic, blah, blah, blah, record high gas prices and borders that are wide open because of joe biden, one foreign policy failure after the other, crime setting record after record and schools are in the worst shape they have been in with the most woke agenda we've had. anything positive they can run on? >> there is nothing positive they can run on and the bigger thing, they can't run on their last campaign promises when joe biden was in pennsylvania before talking about how he would stand with the people of pennsylvania on energy and he hasn't, he embraced green new deal. if he was all about law enforcement, he would have funded 87,000 police officers instead of 87,000 irs agents. it is about changing the
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narrative before the election. >> how laughable, mark meadows, he ignored his entire party, silence deafening, mostly peaceful, this happeneds of injured cops and dozens of dead americans and he said nothing, but his vice president supported a bail fund and praised lapd defunding, doesn't sound consistent, mark meadows. >> he's not being consistent and kamala harris is not being con consistent. there are two groups of people who understand that joe biden is not telling the truth, one is law enforcement officers that know many of the republicans had their back when democrats didn't and the other, people in big cities where crime has gone crazy, they know that actually those liberal policies are not
6:23 pm
producing good results. >> last word, leo 2.0? >> so clear that he will ignore the d democratic cities and gues where he is attacking? florida, the one state where there is no soft prosecutor or mentality. that is where it, wos, democracy, freedom, works in florida, not in democratic cities or states. >> we appreciate you, mark and leo, thank you. republicans are demanding answers about what the fbi told facebook about zero experience hunter biden laptop congressman james comer coming up and vet rafael warnock who praised, guess who, jeramiah wright.
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>> sean: last week mark zuckerberg make a shocking revelation on joe rogan's podcast and says the fbi came with a warning about russian disinformation just before the hunter biden laptop story broke. we know thanks to whistleblowers who have come forward to ron johnson, chuck grassley, jim jordan, that the fbi hatched plan to downplay any negative stories about hunter biden by calling them disinformation. was the fbi contact with facebook part of the plot to help biden get elected? senators grassley and johnson want to know and asked zuckerberg for relevant information and facebook was not the only entity, there were 50
6:29 pm
former intelligence officials with no evidence whatsoever that signed a letter saying it looked like russian disinformation and joe biden just appointed one of them to his board. james comer said this is part of biden using power to protect his family, comer joins us now. congressman, what can you tell us about it in light of the revelation about fbi whistleblowers and the warning coming from the a.g.'s office not to talk to members of congress? i thought we praised whistleblowers? >> we do praise whistleblowers especially on the house oversight committee and we're meeting with dozens of whistleblowers from top law enforcement agencies and border patrol. one thing with whistleblowers,
6:30 pm
they fear retaliation and it is sad when the whistleblowers from our law enforcement community fear being retaliated by politicized biden administration, so what we've done along with judiciary committee and energy and commerce committee, requested correspondence between facebook and the fbi and facebook and democratic national committee. we have pretty good information that would lead me to believe that the fbi communicate with zuckerberg and democratic national committee followed up with zuckerberg after the fbi gave him that warning. we believe this was coordinated effort by the biden campaign to do everything to spook facebook to cnnure conservatives and the hunter biden story, which we know was true. >> sean: did i hear correctly, there are dozens of whistleblowers?
6:31 pm
can you e elaborate on that fro the fbi? we know the congressmen have said from the fbi specifically? >> dozens of whistleblowers from border patrol, from fbi, from homeland security, we have a problem with law enforcement community and this biden administration, they are hopeful republicans will retake the committee and there will be oversight and will be held accountability for mistakes they are making at the border and with the fbi. most fbi agents are good people, but the american people are losing confidence in fbi quicker than the democrats can print money in washington, that is disturbing to fbi agents wanting to talk to members of congress. it is unfortunate merrick garland found out about this and
6:32 pm
issued a warning to the people which go with their fear of retaliation. >> sean: they are telling them to shut up and hint of intimidation, remember the policy. thank you, we appreciate you staying on the story and keep coming with updates for us, joining us now is lara trump. i want to talk about the lead story, we have all of these whistleblowers talking about the fbi having been politicized and now looking at a doj that has been weaponized and have a clinton standard and trump standard. what is your reacton to the dev development and a.g. saying if you work for the doj and fbi, you can't talk to congress. >> lara: this is scary stuff,
6:33 pm
sean, people used to say it was conspiracy theory tin foil hat conspiracy to talk about the deep state. i think everyday we get more and more information that makes it clear to the american people the deep state is real, look at this information we receive this week about facebook and the fbi, this was happening while donald trump was president of the united states. you had an fbi actively working against a sitting president of the united states. their attempt to sway an election and interfere in an election has become a very clear, yeah. >> sean: i hate to disrupt your thoughts here, remember there are polls showing 80% of americans believe had they been told truth about hunter donald trump wins this election in 2020 and a large percentage of people would have voted differently. >> lara: they were successful in
6:34 pm
their attempt to interfere in an election and sway people's vote, and that happened. their tactics have become bolder, they have become embolden while democrats have been in power, rifling through melania's drawers, which i hear they left in disarray in the name of national security. you see this situation and the way the mainstream media bolster democrats day-by-day and see what big tech has done continually to conservatives out there and no wonder that guy was able to campaign out ever his basement and wake up as president of the united states. to the american people, the only way we get our country back is to shed light on this, it comes to your vote in november, take it seriously republicans need to
6:35 pm
take back the house and senate and take back control of this country. what we've been doing with democrats in control is destroying our country and it gets scarier the more we find out. >> i was vindicated, breaking every story about trump collusion being a lie, we've been vindicated and i warned everybody if we didn't hold people accountable, it would embolden them to continue, this is continuation i predicted rightly. thank you. straight ahead tonight, herschel walker now leading in a poll in georgia and you'll know why once you hear what we've uncovered boo his opponent rafael warnock, he is a fan of jeremiah wright, we'll get reaction from newt gingrich straight ahead.
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>> sean: new poll from emerson college showing herschel walker with a narrow lead over radical leftist raphael warnock, if republicans want to take back the senate, this is a critical race. raphael warnock is a radical socialist embroiled in a number of scandals, praised obama's ex-pastor good old jeremiah wright, the sunday after 9/11 saying not god bless america, gd america, preaching at s saying t
6:41 pm
is not america at its best, jeremiah wright, this is guy he praises. >> no, no, no, not god bless america, god america, that is in the bible. we are indignant, stuff overseaas is brought back into our own front yards. america's chickens coming home to roost. >> sean: america's chicken coming home to roost and raphael warnock praised lewis amid rights in ferg usson, missouri, called police gangsters and said they had a thug mentality and helped the left push about voting laws and he's in a custody dispute with his ex-wife, failure to pay child
6:42 pm
care expenses and she says he ran over her foot with his car and raphael warnock was did -- summer camp he ran and charges were dropped, we could play you minute long video of dangerous comments, here is a small sample. >> america, nobody can serve god and the military. more than a third of the nation is reason to be afraid. america needs to repent for worship of whiteness. >> we remember fidel castro's whose legacy is complex, life usually isn't very simple, his legacy is complex. kind of like america's legacy is complex.
6:43 pm
>> sean: here with reaction, newt gingrich, he supports court packing, ending cash bail, ending fossil fuel, supports crt in school and called trump tax cuts bill that wanted to kill kids, no lines on abortion. >> he is far too radical for georgia, he should have been defeated two years ago and as people get to know his record and get to realize how much he's a racist, he's hostile to america, he's tied in to joe biden, i think these things come to bear and you'll have a tough next couple months. food prices going up,
6:44 pm
electricity prices, 20 million american families behind in paying electric bills because electricity is going up, murder rate in atlanta, has higher per capita crime rate than chicago, so i think all the different factors. you have herschel walker, somebody who in most of georgia is seen as heroic figure, remarkable person for his athletic ability and been in 400 military bases talking about ptsd and coping with real problems and created a business and jobs and somebody who i think is sincere, genuine down-home conservative, the contrast couldn't be wider than between walker and raphael warnock. >> like ron johnson and
6:45 pm
and dr. dr. oz, the slandering is over the top. you lived it yourself when you were speaker, doing it early, will it be effective? will that overcome the state of our economy and state of our border, america's position in the world? >> no. look, if you have got a biden-kelly ticket in arizona where kelly could not get a single border patrol agent, but voted for 87,000 more irs agents and candidate like fetterman who is for releasing murderers. >> you forgot legalizing heroin, that is important, safe shooting zones. >> it is fair to say you think of something radical, fetterman is for it, he is hiding and just turned down a kdke debate.
6:46 pm
fetterman represents maybe the most radical candidate for the u.s. senate. pennsylvania is not a radical state. >> sean: trust fund brat, never had a real job in his life, tries to look like a blue-collar worker with hoody and tattoos, he got his home for $1 from his family. he campaigned whopping 15 minutes in the general election. we'll have you on periodically and follow all of it closely. thank you. straight ahead, what kamala harris is saying about who will pay for the student loan bail out? monica, joe concha, joe needs his own media show, will be here when we get back.
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for decades, i've worked at the intersection of domestic violence and homelessness. so when prop 27 promised solutions to homelessness, i took a good, hard look. it's not a solution. 90% of the money goes to the out-of-state corporations who wrote it. very little is left for the homeless. don't let corporations exploit homelessness to pad their profits. vote no on 27.
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i >> been a week since president biden announced student upon loan forgiveness. nobody at the white house explained how they will pay for it, that includes the vice president kamala harris, not that she knows much about anything, take a look. >> who is footing the bill for student loan forgiveness? >> let's start with this, a lot of the same people criticizing what we rightly did in following through on a commitment we made to forgive student loan debt are the same people who voted for tax cut for the richest americans. >> sean: she didn't giggle,
6:52 pm
points for that. the real cost could reach $1 trillion over 10 years, once new income-based repayment system is reimel reimelemented. here is fox news contributor, with humpty-dumpty's big fall, joe concha is the man and host of monica crowley and her podcast. nobody telling us how they will pay for this, why should somebody in a trade or doesn't have a college degree be paying for college education of some kid that willingly took out a loan with promise to pay it back? >> yeah, exactly, you just hit the nail on the head, this is unfair, sean, to the exact people that democrats claim to
6:53 pm
want to champion and defend most, working class and the poor. this student loan scheme is disastrous, it is going to fuel the already skyrocketing inflation affecting every single american and politically suicidal for the reason i just laid out and morally reprehensible, reverse robin hood, taking from the poor to give to the rich. will do anything to reign in college cost and going to enrich those who are already on the track to succeed and be high earners, i think this administration and the democrat large, listen to far radical agitator in their party like elizabeth warren, they are underestimating the impact and political effect this will have
6:54 pm
whiplash, bablash come november. >> sean: your reaction, joe concha? >> joe: sure, regarding kamala harris, her approval rating is 35% right now, not talking 35% nationally, recent los angeles times poll in the state of california, bluest of blue states, her home state, one-third voter support there. when is last time we heard her conduct an interview with any major news outlet? you will see adam kissinger serving the at the white house before you see kamala harris sitting down with the media, she is that bad fielding simple questions. she can't answer the questions about loan forgiveness, can't answer who will pay for this,
6:55 pm
the obvious answer that won't resonate well, it will be paid by the american taxpayer, many of who did not attend college. when you have cnn calling this bad politics, you know if you are president ron klain you screwed up here, sean. >> sean: tax on poor and middle class that last bill they passed inflation increasing act hits poor middle class people on fixed income. 20 seconds. >> democrats talk about supporting middle class, working class and poor and every policy including the last two major scams hit those groups the hardest and they don't seem to care. >> sean: monica crowley and joe concha, get that show, great media show, more hannity next.
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this evening, thank you for joining us. you make this show possible. never miss an episode of "hannity." "the ingraham angle" is next, jason in for laura, how are you? >> jason: honor to be on with you. >> sean: any difference hosting my show or laura's show? >> jason: i was in politics, no way to answer that question. >> sean: i would argue probably not a big difference. >> jason: two different personalities. >> sean: you sound like a politician. jain i do, that is how i wil