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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  August 31, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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do you worry about them? >> we see baby sharks come by. they can't hurt you but a little disconcerting. i would not go swimming in cape cod. >> dana: i would never. this weekend or never, ever. "the faulkner focus" is next. sandra smith is in for harris. see you tomorrow. >> thank you, dana and trace. fox news alert. loads of reaction to the president's speech in the key state of pennsylvania. he is trying his darnedest to take the d out of defund the police. critics calling it another political ploy. i'm sandra smith in for harris today. mid-terms front and center the president hitting the trail but not so much in the way of unity. plenty of harsh words toward republicans and a big push to convince voters that his party has your security top of mind. >> president biden: too many
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families haven't had that peace of mind. they see hate, anger, violence walking the streets of america. and they just want to feel safe again. they want to feel a sense of security. when it comes to public safety in this nation, the answer is not defund the police. it is fund the police. [cheering and applause] >> republicans say actions speak louder than words. >> this is just a blatant kind of pathetic political stunt in the run-up in the mid-terms. if he is serious about law and order and wants the take on supporting the police. instead of trying the cheap spin on republicans that he knows backs our law enforcement, how about he have some courage and take on the left that wants to defund police unapologetically? >> the nationwide crime crisis hitting democrat led cities the hardest. crime in new york city, philadelphia and chicago all up
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now more than 25% compared to just last year. peter doocy is live at the white house. what are you hearing there? >> when we look at all this, president biden's blame game is certainly not what he promised when he -- right before he walked over here to the white house from the capitol on inauguration day. >> president biden: we can treat each other with dignity and respect. we can join forces. stop the shouting and lower the temperature. without unity, there is no peace. only bitterness and fury. no progress, only exhausting outrage. >> now the president is suggesting republicans are going to use violence to get their way alluding to a line lindsey graham used about possible riots in the street if trump gets indicted. he thinks there is a big double standard at play.
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>> president biden talk to your own vice president. one way to encourage political violence is bail out people who attack the cops on the streets of new york and black lives matter riots. the vice president of the united states staff raised money to bail people out of jail who rioted in new york and attacked the cops and they went right back to crime. you don't hear about that, do you? >> we hear a lot of finger pointing at republicans. for problems in the country since the president took over. >> president biden: the social security you paid for from the time you had a job is on the ballot. the safety of your kids from gun violence is on the ballot. and the very survival of the planet is on the ballot. your right to vote is on the ballot. even the democracy. are you ready to fight for these things now?
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>> so the biden argument there is that if you don't vote democrat, you are not going to have any money in retirement, you might get shot and you might not have a planet. and he says that's not hyperbole. >> president biden may be pushing for funding the police. some members of his party are making that message a tough one. >> defunding the police has to happen. we need to defund the police. >> i support the defund movement. talking about the reduction of our nypd budget and defunding the $6 billion nypd budget. >> not only do we need to defund but dismantle. >> defund the police does not mean abolish the police. >> many cities in america, over one-third of their city budget goes to poils. we have to have this conversation. what are we doing? >> jason rantz now joining us.
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those words will live forever, jason. >> absolutely. kudos to joe biden for saying the right thing very, very, very late but talking to the wrong audience. you need to talk to democrat lawmakers in new york, illinois, oregon, california. talk to larry krasner the d.a. or the mayor. he said he doesn't support defunding. yet he then cuts the budget in a city at a time where you have a surge of crime. and this whole idea of -- they tried this before where they said the biden administration funded the police and republicans against it. it is just transparent gas lighting. it was the democrats who defunded police, the democrats who pushed for no cash bail. the democrats who purnd for restorative justice programs. criminals aren't going to jail. instead going to therapy. it was the democrats who raised funds for all of these criminals indiscriminately to bail them out and they are still using covid to this day.
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in certain areas including here in washington that say we aren't going to book criminals because covid could spread. so we're just releasing criminals out into the wild and guess what? they're becoming prolific oh finders that are taking over cities and counties and states. that's a democrat issue. kudos, joe biden, you care about cops all of a signed. -- a sudden. tell that to your own party. >> now we're learning that a man pictured here freed by bail fund backed by v.p. kamala harris was recently charged with murder. this is sean michael tilman. police arrested him back in 2020 during the riot in the wake of george floyd's killing. at the time kamala harris tweeted if you are able to chip in now to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in minnesota, don't we all
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remember that moment. and now that man, who was initially freed, has been recently charged with murder, jason. >> absolutely. no one should be shocked at this point. we've seen the strategy over and over again. it started in a big way during the george floyd riots and protests but to this day we see the groups giving money to anyone who happens to check some boxes. they look at someone who is a criminal and say it is a homeless person. let's release them. they aren't looking at the crime. they aren't looking at the back ground or history. they are saying this person is homeless or a person of color. we'll release them. what they end up doing is releasing really bad people who deserve to be in jail because they continuously victimize the communities that they live in. it is patently unfair to the people who just want to go about their lives, have a family, be safe, go to work without getting attacked.
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unfortunately we keep seeing the same script over and over and over again. >> this is ted williams, former d.c. homicide detective on america's feelings about law enforcement today. listen. >> the law abiding citizens in this country have no confidence, unfortunately, in law enforcement and i think it's all because of the political mainstream that's out here right now. we've got to stop in this country and back up. and we have to assist law enforcement. >> a new poll shows more than 1 in 5 americans are afraid of being attacked in their own neighborhood. those numbers go up significantly for people of color, jason. >> absolutely. because people of color and neighborhood of color realize when they defund the police they are the ones the victims of crime, often violent crime. we like to pretend it's not the
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case. the left certainly does. the left tells you the biggest threat to the black community are racist cops going around murdering people and we know it's untrue. police play a very important role in all communities. but they aren't able to proactively police or engage in community policing which means you are getting the same cops pretty much going into neighborhoods, getting to know everybody, the business owners, residents, and being a trusted part of the community. but when you constantly demonize them and when you defund police you cause a staff exodus that has been happening across the country. they're low on cops. part of the problem is you can't recruit at the same time because you are demonizing this entire industry. >> stacey abrams has taken a second swing at georgia's governorship and she is
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distancing herself from the defund push just like the president is. but new fox reporting shows her close ties to ultraliberal meeg yeah donor george soros. according to those findings a soros group, they wanted to consult on his efforts to look at soft on crime d.a.s and he donated a million dollars to abrams this spring and abrams sits on the board of two groups that want to defund police. hard to distance yourself from the defund the police movement when you look at these board seats, jason. >> she has a resume that indicates where she stands on policing and prisons. black voices for black justice fund. with the marguerite casey foundation based here in seattle. these are organizations who either as an organization take these stances or have a bunch of members who take that stance.
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for her to say all of a sudden she is pro police or not anti-police is absurd. she is looking at the polls like so many other democrats are, including the biden administration, and seeing that crime is such a significant issue. when crime is an issue we all look back and say who was branded as the defunders? who was branded as the pro-criminal, anti-police crowd? it is clearly democrats. sorry, you can't all of a signed erase the last several years of your own activism. democrats are good at branding. they own this. they should own this. the only problem with stories like this is when we talk about funding, i think most people don't connect the dots. it is very difficult to find out even where the money is all connected until it's on all of us that we're aware of this story, get it out there and make sure you tell your friends and neighbors. fox digital did a good job. let's get it out there so people know who is responsible for everything that currently
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they're complaining about. >> if you don't feel safe walking down the street in your own neighborhood it can drive a lot of people to the polls. jason, thank you. just when you think the fentanyl crisis can't get any worse. it is so bad now it is taking a toll on america's life expectancy and fentanyl targeting children. those drugs pouring across our southern border. the fallout keeps growing at top f.b.i. agent accused of bias in the hunter biden probe abruptly quits. >> the politics of their agents, the politics of the office is causing them to say we better do something so we can say hey, once we saw it in realtime then we took care of it. it's a little too late unfortunately. >> those new rules out of the doj and politicking and what that agent in question is now saying. former gop congressman sean duffy joins me on set next.
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>> i see an unraveling in the f.b.i. and department of justice, or perhaps it's damage control. no coincidence in my mind that you have the joe rogan interview that reveals the f.b.i. clearly made a connection of russian disinformation and the hunter biden release. you then have some of the specific agents in question like thibault. why all this all of a sudden? it is starting to get away from them. >> sandra: former federal prosecutor on the stunning new developments in the hunter biden laptop investigation. a top f.b.i. agent abruptly resigned over the weekend.
8:19 am
timothy thibault is facing accusations that he allowed political claiming he slowed down the investigation into hunter biden's business dealings a month before the 2020 presidential elections. his attorney in a new statement writing his client firmly believes that any investigation will conclude that his supervision, leadership and decision making were not impacted by political bias or partisanship of any kind. he did not supervise the investigation of hunter biden. sean duffy former wisconsin congressman. great to see you. what do you believe ultimately -- where do you believe it will go and what will it reveal? >> if this is a one off story we would be shocked you have this kind of politics inside the f.b.i. but not the first time we've heard about the politics of the f.b.i. and
8:20 am
d.o.j. going back to strock and page and changing the meaning of the document to the fisa court. it runs rampant. the question is, is this a wholesale change that will happen inside the f.b.i. or are they covering their back side? they are covering their back side. you have to fire people. people have to lose their jobs. if you are doing political work inside that organization, you can't be rehabilitated. you have to lose your job and you don't have leadership actually firing more people means they are just about making sure they cover their back side and continue on with their mission of attacking republicans and supporting democrats and frankly i don't think it changes until you get a good leader inside. i do believe in mission and justice should be blind. i will make sure we dispense justice equally across the political spectrum. until we get that person in leadership it won't change. >> sandra: people want to know if there is a double standard.
8:21 am
it prompted garland to make a rule change. they used to be allowed to passively participate in partisan activities with permission but a notice sent yesterday to all employees reads as department employees we have been entrusted with the authority and responsibility to enforce laws in a neutral manner. non-career appointees may not attend any partisan political events even if their personal capacity. do you think this should have been in place before? >> it probably should have. this is about the optics. we don't want the optics of you going to events that are democrat events most likely. if you want to change optics but change the culture of the organization, you have to do more than say you can't go to political events. all you are doing is saying we're taking a half measure saying we don't want the public to think you are partisan even though we know the work we do is partisan. it doesn't do anything.
8:22 am
>> sandra: as americans we want to believe that there are people working in agencies like the f.b.i. will see every case fairly. >> they do much great work and keep us safe. terrorism, a lot of risks that we have in this country and they do the work that keeps us safe. we want to believe that. but you look at the track record and oats not a good one. >> dana: life expectancy in the u.s. is falling for the second consecutive year. that's the first time that has happened since 1923. the drop largely driven by covid and drug overdoses. last year alone there were more than 107,000 drug overdoses in this country. 66% of them from synthetic opioids like fentanyl. the drug we're now seeing pouring over our southern border. the dea issued an urgent warning about rainbow colored fentanyl pills marketed towards children and teenagers.
8:23 am
officials finding it in 18 states across the country. texas dps says the biden administration isn't even trying to fix this crisis. >> they have not taken any action or even come up with a plan of action to go after these criminal organizations to go after the cartels to dismantle the chemical weapon labs mass producing these counterfeit pills. now we see rainbow colored pills coming across our borders and the sole purpose is to target young users to drive addiction. >> sandra: this is terrifying, sean. how do you even begin to discuss this with your children? it would take one pill to kill and you look at those pills, the rainbow colored fentanyl pills pouring over our southern border. it looks like fruity pebbles. >> it looks like candy. i know several parents who lost their children to drug
8:24 am
overdoses. it is tragic. look what democrats are at. we want to legalize drug use in america and set up facilities where you can safely do drugs. we want to have an open border. it's been horrible. open the border and make sure the drugs come across unimpeded. the chemicals for these drugs are coming from china. the chinese are poisoning american kids. joe biden doesn't push back to china and doesn't do anything to close the border so you have this massive drugs killing american kids. i thought joe biden and democrats care about people and families. they say they do. if you care, shut off the supply and shut down drugs. let's build up law enforcement to say we'll take the drug dealers off the streets and if you are a dealer we'll put you behind bars. that is not a victimless crime. there is huge victims with massive consequences. you should go to jail for a long time if you deal this
8:25 am
drugs in country. no, joe biden says we have criminal justice reform. they should get a slap on the wrist. unacceptable. >> sandra: it is spreading to more and more states. new analysis says the number of migrants coming into the u.s. has shifted to more making the journey from as far away as cuba. columbia, venezuela in just the last few years. the post cover summing it up. gate wide open. biden's border -- >> those come from mexico, northern triangle, now you see venezuela. the circle is moving further out. people from further away will come into the country. it is the intentional poll southeast administration and
8:26 am
seeing the consequences not just about the drugs but the crime and we see it with our schools, hospitals. we see competition now for labor with the lowest income americans driving down wages. this is wreaking havoc in america. in 2016 donald trump went down to the border. back then the border was secure. today this is going to be a massive political issue not in the mid-term elections but also in the presidential election in 2024. it is about making sure that you put americans first. not illegal immigrants. i don't get this policy where democrats are coming from. >> sandra: the white house says nobody is walking over the border. we see that every single day. florida governor ron desantis taking on democratic leaders and what he has to say now about their vitriol toward republican voters. plus the former white house official with a similar statement. >> they moved from identity politics to now name calling
8:27 am
politics. because of the mere fact they have to create that enemy. it is going to backfire on these democrats. >> sandra: the mid-terms and questioning the so-called great uniter? >> tech: cracked windshield? don't wait. go to you can schedule service in just a few clicks. it's so easy. and more customers today are relying on their cars advanced safety features, like automatic emergency breaking and lane departure warning. that's why our recalibration service is state of the art. we recalibrate your vehicle's camera, so you can still count on those safety features. all right, we're all finished. >> customer: thank you so much. >> tech: thank you. don't wait--schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> sandra: the president taking time out of his campaign stops to take shots at republicans. last night his safer america speech going pure politics slamming the g.o.p. pushing democratic candidates and again went after the maga movement. >> president biden: let me say this to my maga republican friends in congress, don't tell me you support law enforcement if you won't condemn what happened on the 6th. whose side are you on?
8:33 am
you are on the side of the mob or police? you can't be pro law enforcement and pro insurrection. what are we teaching our children? it is that simple. >> sandra: this isn't the first time. last week describing the group as a danger. one of several speeches recently where he has pushed a similar line. >> president biden: maga republicans don't just threat en our personal rights and economic security but a threat to our very democracy. let me tell you about the ultra-maga agenda. it is extreme. i never expected the ultra-maga republicans who seem to control the republican party now, to have been able to control the republican party. i never anticipated that happening. this is not your father's republican party. >> sandra: power panel. matt schlapp and a former democratic new york state senator. thank you both for joining us.
8:34 am
matt, i have trouble finding the part of his speech especially yesterday where he is attempting to unite the country? can he achieve this in today's environment, matt? >> no, not when you have a person who said he wanted to unify the country and is now going after 50% of the country. hillary clinton tried this and called people with my values a basket of deplorables. when you want to be the president of the united states by running against a huge part of the country, you are not the uniter, you are the divider in chief. the crazy thing when he calls people like my fascists. i'm not one who tried to close churches, i didn't close down schools or telling people they can't be in the marines if they don't be in a vaccine. i don't have a war on gender or parents. he have is what he slurs us to be. >> sandra: david, that's tough
8:35 am
to hear because this is a president that promised, he campaigned on uniting the country. why is he not reaching across the aisle more as he promised? >> i think the president is reaching across the aisle. when he is making those statements about the extreme maga agenda, he is talking directly to republicans. he is talking directly to independents. he is not shying away from saying look, this is not the entire republican party. this is the extreme of the republican party that now has a strangle hold on the republican party. look at the primaries where republicans were really forced to embrace this maga agenda meaning upholding and defending january 6th. denying that president biden is the president legally of the united states. denying a woman's right to choose. these are the issues that are extreme and that's resonating not just with democrats but with republicans as well. >> sandra: i want to move on.
8:36 am
matt, quick response to that. >> this is outrageous. the trump agenda was universally popular. you can't argue with where the economy was or gas prices were or where we were with the closed southern border and good relationships with the socialist head of the mexican party. you are demonizing the people because you lost on the policy. if this election is about your agenda, sir you will get squashed. bring on november. >> sandra: this is laying out democrats vote shaming vote strategy pouring $30 million to social media ads aimed at pressuring younger voters cites studies that show vote shaming can than an effective way to increase voter participation. akoirding to that, ads are targeting people in key mid-term battleground states. do you agree with this, david? >> i think it's a good strategy and one where educating particularly young voters about the realities of how the voting
8:37 am
protest works. the fact that the information of you voting or not voting is public record. that's information that people should understand. i know running for office many years a perfect example i have is when you are at the supermarket and somebody walks by you and if they take a palm card the next person will. it is social proof. if the person denies it the next person denies it. it is the social proof. understanding you are part of the community, that your vote matters and trying to encourage people that you have to pay attention, you have to figure out who you support, and make sure your voice is heard. >> sandra: i have a hard time shaming anybody into doing anything is a good strategy. >> shaming is a term you are using. i think that the term shaming might be the wrong word. i think people all have to understand that whether someone votes or not is a public record. i actually want more people to vote. i look at the polls that show
8:38 am
hispanic voters and black voters coming the way of conservative candidates. i would like to see more of them voting. i want to not repeat the illegal voting of 2020 but i want to see the american people see real value voting. i think more people should vote but only once. >> sandra: people questioning president biden after going off script in his speech. >> president biden: you can tell where the best basketball in the state or city is, where everybody shows up. i remember going on the east side and n wilmington and one of those old victorian three-story apartment buildings and going up to see a woman and she would say joey, i know what's going on. they all planned it downstairs. i can hear them but i'm afraid to tell anybody. i got a phone number for the local cops and she called and they promised not to identify her.
8:39 am
they knew there would be retribution. the crime rate began to drop for real, not a joke. >> sandra: that continues. the op-ed argues letting joe be joe presents an opportunity for the g.o.p. "new york post" op-ed says biden is unfit to save the soul of the nation. biden doesn't stop lying, he is a proven, always a hero of his own stories. >> i thought it was breathtaking when he said the best basketball is played in the part of the state that has the highest crime rate. he just keeps talking and saying things that seem crazy. i think the bigger problem he has, he is trying to run on a pro-cop agenda. a bill to try to encourage more people to become police officers after so many years of demonizing cops. he supported legislation to make it easier to put cops in
8:40 am
jail and take away their pensions simply for trying to keep us safe. all the black lives matter support which has as its number one policy goal defunding cops, joe biden can't step away from the woke agenda that is making our cities less safe and making americans angry. >> sandra: a few seconds. final thought. >> i think joe biden is pushing back hard to say look, defund the police serves no part of the democratic lexicon. the reality is now we see republicans saying defund the f.b.i. look, we're saying democrats -- biden is saying we support police and we have to give them the resources they need. >> sandra: some are questioning whether that message is coming a little too late. i'm out of time. thank you both for joining us. so is one of the country's most famous bromances fake?
8:41 am
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>> sandra: the d.o.j. releasing its account for the mar-a-lago estate including photos of documents agents seized while there. the president's request for a neutral special master to review the documents. a judge is scheduled to hear arguments on that tomorrow. south dakota's governor with this. >> i don't know if the d.o.j. and f.b.i. can be trusted to tell us what was in there. they can build trust back in our justice system. this has been a political fight against president trump. they have attacked him for years and years and want to destroy him. that is why we can't trust them to do this. this is all political. >> sandra: mike emanuel is live in washington with the latest on all of this. hi, mike. >> 36 page filing from federal prosecutors meeting a deadline last night. they argue former president trump's motion for a special master in this case fails for
8:47 am
multiple independent reasons. they write the government also developed evidence that government records were likely concealed and removed from the storage room and that efforts were taken to likely obstruct the government's investigation. the government also released this photo which contains a number of files with bright yellow or red cover sheets signifying top secret material. they appear spread out over a carpet. the court filing says they were recovered inside a container in the former president's office. prosecutors note three classified documents that were not located in boxes but rather were located in the desks in the 45 office. the justice department says it seized 33 boxes, containers or items of evidence in the mar-a-lago search with contained more than 100 classified records. prosecutors say that information classified at the highest levels adding, quote, even the f.b.i. counter intelligence personnel and
8:48 am
d.o.j. attorneys conducting the review required additional clearances before they were per misted to review certain documents. the former president responded today. terrible the way the f.b.i. during the raid of mar-a-lago threw documents all over the floor and started taking pictures of them for the public to see. thought they wanted them kept secret. luckily i declassified. >> tomorrow both sides make their arguments in federal court in florida. >> sandra: mike, thank you. financial disclosures show the university of pennsylvania paid president biden nearly a million dollars over three years. the payday for a professional residency. this as students there were shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for their tuition. the white house won't say whether the president regrets taking all that cash or whether
8:49 am
that money should have gone to help financially struggling students. meanwhile joe scarborough placing the blame on the universities. >> we're no longer going to let you get rich off the backs of poor students, middle class students and taxpayers. we need to say that to the universities that are actually putting out degrees that are worthless in subjects that are worthless that are raking in millions and millions of dollars. then you add the predatory lending rates on top of that and the system is just a disaster. >> sandra: tammy bruce, host of get tammy bruce on fox nation. great to have you here. i know you look into a lot of matters like this. listening to joe scarborough there, agree with his politics or not i think that message resonates with a lot of folks in this country. >> we don't hear a lot and most americans agree on crime,
8:50 am
economics, on scams. nobody wants that. but he says it's a disaster but only for some. not for the elite. it has become almost like a holding pen. so joe biden gets plopped in there while they hold him until his next position as a mascot comes up. in this case it happened to be president as opposed to vice president. you have to keep people relevant. hillary can be in that same kind of situation. all these individuals, cuomo, etc. they find these places, gets lots of money and yes, in the meantime students are going there, they are being offered degrees that harvard is offering this or usc is offering this or whomever, it must be serious and take seriously but they find out it's really not. the paper is a key that allows you to get a job but then you are not really even prepared to deliver on that job. joe biden is the the perfect example of all of those problems. he is not prepared to deliver
8:51 am
in governance when it comes to dealing with people, when it comes to economics, when it comes to honesty because he has been part of the scheme for half a century. >> sandra: a million dollars over three years teaching no regular cases. make the case that's part of the problem. you look at the massive amount of money going to the colleges and universities and covering businesses as long as i have you put democrats for as long as i can remember crying out about these massive corporations not paying their fair share. so why aren't democrats, why isn't this white house looking at the root of the problem and looking at these huge fees and huge tuition fees they are charging these hard working american families? >> that's the entire point of the university of this place from which they all spring. you aren't supposed to be in government unless you have gone to an ivy league university. you can't get the right job unless at the right parties and right alumni association. if you don't have the contacts
8:52 am
that's how the doors are shut. the average person when you think how to get in congress and become an aide, how is it you get the internships and become a senator or whatever you want to do? this is how they keep certain people out. it was shocking all that we disagree with. ocasio-cortez was a bartender when people weren't looking. they didn't notice the squad showed up. that's the problem as you take your eye off the ball. looking at hundreds of billions of dollars of endowments at these universities. they are not paying taxes. this is money that sits there to maintain an establishment elite and that it keeps other people out. you can't disrupt that then god, who would get into the presidency next? at least with trump he was a billionaire so he was acceptable but god forbid should you have somebody like a
8:53 am
sarah palin show up. a mom from alaska. you can't have that. if you decided to run for office. i went to usc. i'm not of the same category that they would prefer. this nation survives on the categories of regular, normal people and the elites have gotten a bit too high on their own sense of themselves. >> sandra: president biden and former president obama often portrayed as bffs. a new report says their relationship was drama central. obama once told an aide, shoot me now because he thought he rambled on and biden said my manhood is not negotiable. the rift went so far obama thought about relaysing biden with hillary clinton as his running mate in 2012. all eyes on a week from today
8:54 am
when the duo will be back together for the obama's official white house portrait unveiling. intrigue. >> hillary will be better than biden? all the same kinds of people. joe biden was the old establishment. barack obama is the new establishment. harvard, law degree, moved along just like joe biden. maybe obama will be the next joe biden in 40 years. we just don't know. hillary is at the same category. there is a lot of talent on the democrat side not necessarily on their recognized bench but there are a lot of good democrats out there. you could argue kyrsten sinema or joe manchin who has problems but they also have limited themselves. the next best option would be hillary? that's what tells you for obama he knows the problems as a younger man, he knew what the problems were. we're experiencing it now. he didn't stop it.
8:55 am
he knew what would happen with joe biden. he allowed it to happen because joe biden is handable and do as he is told. >> sandra: let's see what happens when they get back together. thank you for joining us here and watching "the faulkner focus". i'll be back with john roberts on american reports. "outnumbered" and the gang after the break.
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