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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 31, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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tragic deadly shooting on the set of "rust." "the new york times" reporting he will play in the play "art." >> judge jeanine: thank you so much, bill. and shyam mccallum will be on the show tomorrow night exclusively. you won't want to miss it. that's all for tonight, thanks so much for watching. catch me every day on "the five." ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." imagine for a moment something you have never done before, but imagine for a second you are joe biden. you have spent your entire life and politics. you have ascended to high office, but in fact you have achieved very little. his political career is inevitably do and yours is in bitterness and failure. you have sacrificed your entire life to personal ambition, but you have nothing to show for it.
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you have no close friends, your family is in tatters. of your two surviving children, one is a drug addict and the other you're only living daughter has been arrested repeatedly. she blames her compulsions on the fact that you took challenge with her as a child. never been charged with doing that, but everyone around you knows that you did. at this point your wife think so little of you that she demanded you keep working despite the fact she knew perfectly well that you have dementia. in retrospect, your life has amounted to a very sad story. the saddest of all, it is almost over. weeks from now you will turn 80. this is the point in the journey where a decent man turns inward, old age is a pause that god gives us to reflect on what we have done and what we have left undone. and above all to ponder where we might be going next. if you are joe biden, you would ponder that. how could you not? but joe biden is not doing that. in the final days of the 79th year, joe biden is not asking questions about the fate of his soul. but making pronouncements of
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yours. the soul of the nation as he puts it. that's the topic of the prime time speech tomorrow night, don't expect to hear anything transcendent, we have not seen the transcript, but we can say that he will not say a word about the single greatest problem that our country faces which is the other lack of meaning in our international life. what exactly do we believe as americans? what is the point of all of this? fighting climate change? yelling about diversity and equity entrance rights? it can't be the point. those are fads, not ideals, and if they are all we have, we are in trouble. there is a yawning void at the center of american identity. no wonder everyone has gone crazy. don't expect joe biden to address any of that tomorrow night. he is above all a part of sin, a team player right or wrong, so he will use this time to push for partisan advantage of head of the coming election. and that alone is not surprising. that's what most politicians would do. but joe biden is different in this way. in this age he has lost all
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sense of proportion and restraint. his fine motor skills are gone. he no longer persuades, he bludgeons. what we are seeing now is either the beginning or the death of extreme mag philosophy. it's not just from, it's the entire philosophy. fascists, that's what the other side is says joe biden, an american president comparing tens of millions of his own people to the moral monsters we shot and bombed and hung from the gallows in world war ii. the children and grandchildren of americans who died fighting the nazis are now themselves nazis says joe biden because they vote republican. it is hard to believe they would say something like that in private. but joe biden did, and then a few years later at a high school gym he said it again. >> we won't let anyone tear america apart. i will close with this, we are at a serious moment in our
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nations history. the mager republicans don't just threaten our security, they are a threat to our democracy. we must be stronger, more determined and more committed to saving america than the maga republicans are destroying america. >> tucker: destroying democracy the same politician who destroyed the home of the politician running against him in the next election. it was also crazy and over-the-top, yes, extreme, you could not believe the white house press office would try to defend it. would've been better to announce that he must've had a stroke, apologize, and then move on. the white house seemed completely unashamed with what he said. his history making publicists, the single dumbest person ever to hold that job explained that her boss had spoken intentionally and with prec precision. he "called it what it is"
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meaning joe biden called republicans what they are. they are nazis, he said so, next question. having established the political opponents are fascists about what they do, but you artie knew what they do. nazis murder people, it's what they are, so it should surprise you that on january 6 republicans killed several police officers peer joe biden said that yesterday. >> imagine, joe, if you turn on the television in washington, d.c., and saw a mob of 1,000 people storming down the hallways of the parliament, breaking down the doors, trying to overturn an outcome of election. in killing several police officers in the meantime. >> tucker: did you just hear that? on insurrection day last year, donald trump's nazi cue in on army killed several police officers. we did not know that, how many police officers? and you will can you tell us their names?
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he didn't, because there aren't any. not one, the only person we can say for sure who was killed on january 6th was an unarmed female trump voter named ashley babbitt who was shot to death by a reckless police officer. that killing was never investigated because she was a nazi. you don't need an excuse to kill nazi, but there is no bag limit, shoot all you want. that's the message appeared when you are nazi, there is no limit to what they can do to you and feel morally justified as they do. not so long ago democrat leaders told us that beat cops were nazis, remember that? joe biden's vice president collective bail money through the minnesota freedom fund in order to free people accused of people pinning violence against the police. the protesters kamala harris sprung from jail was a felon called sean michael tillman who was out for three weeks before authorities say he shot a man to death at a train station. now shortly after kamala harris boosted the minnesota freedom fund, joe biden rewarded her by
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choosing her as his vice president. it's what the time joe biden was much less concerned with violence against law enforcement as his partner was encouraging it. cops ambushed all over the country. in baton rouge, louisiana in 2020, a man name ronnie kato threaten to execute police officers to make good on the threat. he shot two cops and killed one of them. robert williams approach to police officers and a marked police car and pulled out a gun and for no stated reason open fire. 12 hours later arrived at the 41st police precinct and started to shoot more cops, only stopped when he ran out of ammunition. this is a trend and it continues to this day. ambushed style attacks on the police increased in 2021 and are up again this year. in fact, they are up 50% so far in 2022. how has joe biden responded to all of this? did he alert the justice department? no, he invited leaders to blm to the white house, the same that just a few years later called
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for the murder of police officers in minnesota. [chanting] "pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon." >> tucker: pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon, killed the police. his position on cop killing was certainty has changed in the past two years, but so has his views on a lot of things including national immunity. here's what we have for a year and a half just after the election, just as protests of january 6. at the time joe biden said he wanted to bring the country together. do you remember this? here it is. >> today on this january day, my whole soul is in this. bringing america together, uniting our people, uniting our nation. we joined forces, stop the shouting and lower the temperature and so today at this
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time in this place, let's start afresh. >> tucker: stop the shouting, lower the temperature, unite our nation. that's exactly right. whatever happened at that joe biden. we voted for that joe biden, certainly. we will probably want to back. we can't now, america has changed too much. why? because the joe biden program did not work. it turns out the country needed more than equity, we needed confidence. we needed someone wise to run the federal reserve and engineers who actually understand how energy grids work, not just posture about them. we needed a pentagon that could win wars to end a state department that occasionally would consider the interest of the united states. we need federal law enforcement that cared about justice and intel agencies that spy on our enemies, not our citizens. but importantly we did not get any of that, so inevitably, things started to fray. not all of these are joe biden's help, a lot of help over
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decades, but a lot of this is joe biden's fault and he can't admit it is he can't face the prospect of its internal future as his idiot birthday approaches, so he externalizes it. he yells at you, not himself, you are the problem. you are the reason things are broken. your racism, your trance phobia, your minivan, it's your fault. you stood in the way of progress. you are a nazi. we declare war on you. that's exactly what you're seeing. that has happened. any wonder is joe biden attempts this if he can pull it off. middle-class america is the problem? that's not an easy case to make, too many facts in the middle of it. at the same day that he announced that republicans were fascists, that same day not per chance the same day that joe grogan aired his interview with mark zuckerberg with facebook. in that conversation mark zuckerberg admitted that he censored the views of hunter biden's laptop, because the fbi told him to. the fbi told mark zuckerberg this was russian propaganda,
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even when they knew for a fact that it was not because they had the laptop. the fbi interfered with the presidential election. that seems like a big story, in fact, it seems like a turning point, but joe biden ignored it completely. in his speech he lashed out at anyone who might dare complain about the fbi. "it's intending to see the new attacks on fbi" suggesting legitimate criticism was in fact a threat of violence. speech is violence. but joe biden was not alone in delivering that message, that very same day the justice department's designated mouthpiece and nbc news, defending the fbi on social media to the same effect and so did many others. so, if you step back it started to look coordinated, and you began to wonder, could it be that joe biden is not saintly alone elderly democratic politician, could it be that he is a mouthpiece for a much larger force? it's hard not to conclude that.
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because no single american president could take these liberties all by himself in a year and a half. all of a sudden washington can invaded the home of a former president. he had secrets, no, he didn't. he is bad. and steal their communication. that has never been allowed and it is now. no single president could do that or trespass any building into a felony and then arrest hundreds of people for it and send them to solitary confinement in the d.c. jail. no single president could do that, no single president could redefine an entire opposition party as and then proceed as if that was normal. that cannot happen, no president could do that. they would need help to do that, and joe biden has had it. this did not arrive out of the blue. we have been building toward it for a very long time. last year the biden administration decided to have thousands of law-abiding republicans fired from their jobs. to their lives destroyed. how did they do that? they mandated an experimental vaccine that did not work.
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a drug the u.k. government says could be dangerous and should not be used on women or breastfeeding, and disobey their instructions. >> i'm announcing the department of labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees that together employ over 80 million workers to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated. or show a negative test at least once a week. we are going to protect vaccinated workers from nonvaccinated coworkers. be patient, but our patience is wearing thin. >> tucker: oh, that was a fast way to find out who is disobedient. at the very same time joe biden demanded the entire american population where paper masks on their faces. not to protect them or to keep them healthy, that did not work, but as a uniform the equivalent of the mall pen and anyone who
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didn't cannot be trusted. >> i hope everybody has realized by now that the masks make a difference. the last thing we need is them thinking that everything is fine, take off your masks, forget it. it still matters. >> tucker: the masks make a difference. which apparently they did not make a difference except to cut off oxygen to your brain. but they made quite a political difference. separating the obedient from disobedient immediately, and knew who's team everyone was on by looking at their faces and once we allow that the progression continued and it's been strong. wear a mask, or you are dangerous. take the shot, or you are a criminal. and at this point, both for joe biden or you are a nazi, that's where we are now. so as joe biden explained on tuesday, this is a big change. once you have been declared a
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nazi, you don't have rights. you can for example be trusted with firearms. >> we are not stopping here! i am determined to ban assault weapons in this country! determined. i did it once before, and i will do it again. >> tucker: they did before, it did not work. look at the rage, that was this week. remember a year ago, stop the shouting, lower the temperature, and unite our nation, that was last year. not anymore, nazis, they are taking off the velvet glove and we will feel the steel beneath it. the hoover institution joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. it seems to be a very bad sign that the president on the united states is likening the opposition party to the nazis and not accidental, seems intentional and seems like the beginning of something very bad, can you think of any other president who has ever spoken
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this way about american cit citizens? >> not really, we had a senator named joe mccarthy that did and we know how that ended up. but joe biden's offer unity when his polls are about 50% and when he is desperate and so far as it is dropping even this week as i speak down to 38 in the latest reuters and then he tries to divide the nation. and we know how that will end up coming out well for him. but it is so predictable. we went through the russian collusion hoax and through the laptop this information hoax, and then we went through the insurrection and the attempt to overthrow the government januart the donald trump raid hoax that he had nuclear secrets and had to be for the first time his home had to be invaded. and it is so predictable, because it is just a mass distraction. none of these issues that he has pushed through, joe biden on the border, on crime, on inflation,
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on the economy, on injury has 50% support, he does not have 50% support. and we have been talking about the nation. and all of the psychodrama's that are gender outcome and how it civil war porn. at the right is fascist, they are nazis, but if you listen a civil war of succession, read the magazines. all they talk about his succession. if you want to look at revolutionaries, who is the one that wants to pack the courts or destroy a 230-year-old college. or the filibuster, and the fbi, the doj, the cia, are there generals right now who are saying that joe biden should leave office sooner than later than they did about the former president? i don't think so. and on inauguration, nobody is saying the white house should be blown up as madonna did. nobody is writing a foreign
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policy magazine that we need a military coup. >> tucker: americans are not nazis, most americans are nice on both sides. it worries me he is talking this way and i appreciate your perspective. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: as they told you last night, the biggest energy grid is falling apart, can't keep the lights on, but the governor of the state gavin newsom does not seem worried. he announced this week he is banning gasoline vehicles in california coming soon, everybody needs an electric car. so we asked during last night show, how are people going to charge these electric cars if the energy grid in california cannot even run their washing machines? that was a rhetorical question and we got our answer quickly a few minutes after that aired the grid operator told residents to engage in conservation over the weekend. was that mean? they were told to "avoid using
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large appliances and charge electric vehicles." you must have electric vehicles, unfortunately you can't charge them. reporting how they were at the center of radical life injuries for children, hysterectomies, castration. now a major hospital been exposed for promoting kink bdsm toys for children. what is going on? we will find out next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: a man called chuck lalo bomba was hired as manager and 2017 as a landslide, ran as a socialist and won a soviet level 93% of the vote. which he would not think it's possible, but it happened. then after he assumed office went to michael bloomberg's city leadership with mayors to "manage the complexities of running a city." all of this filling the news media with excitement as they were thrilled as the nation reported at the time lit up the left press with his promise to make reporting the most radical city on the planet. here's what he pledged.
5:25 pm
>> so what happens in jackson, mississippi, impacts each and every one of us. and so we have to make the decision that we are going to start controlling the way that electoral politics proceeds. and so we made the decision that we are going to be the most radical city on the planet. >> tucker: jackson, mississippi, is going to be the most radical city on the planet, most politicians don't follow through on their promises, but he definitely did. he has made jackson so radical that it no longer has drinking water or any water. for the third day in a row, you just can't get water in jackson. the main treatment plan on friday, firemen cannot fight fires, people are waiting in lines on mile-long to get bottled water from the national guard. jackson state university announced that there was low to no water pressure in all campus
5:26 pm
locations. so that is truly a radical city. so radical that you literally cannot tap water. next step, take away roads and indoor heating. once you are taking away flush toilets there is no limit to the regular laguna radicalism the mayor can bring to jackson city. and we'll wait to learn the details. in recent weeks, we have learned a lot about what is actually happening inside children's hospitals around the country. most people trust children's hospitals implicitly, did not know the details, thanks to the internet we do. and some of these hospitals are performing horrible experiments on children elective his spirit limb and hysterectomy is on minors. physical castration, things he would think would be crimes but apparently aren't and are going on in children's hospitals in the united states and now learning more, chris rufo has broken a story about the children's hospital in chicago, the local school administrators
5:27 pm
getting bdsm and trans friendly sex toys for kids. apparently that is true. thanks so much for coming on. it does sound like something you made up, but you didn't. >> it does, and it is unfortunately true paired with the situation is is that the lurie's children's hospital of chicago, the largest in the state of illinois partnered with at least four public school districts promoting radical gender theory as their administrator programs. promoting that gender is not binary and that man and woman exist as a false binary and doing everything including promoting trans friendly sex toys and lgbtq friendly sex shop fruit between the late 19's. they are telling middle school and high school to be provided. including artificial penis pu pumps. menagerie soap or being main
5:28 pm
line from the children's hospital into the k-12 public school system. >> tucker: all of these hospitals have boards and then a city like chicago that a prominent business leaders in the city, has anyone seen a camera onto the board members of this hospital and asked why are you signing off on the castration of children? hysterectomies for girls? trans friendly sex toys customer because anybody answered? >> what we have seen is that hospitals and especially children's hospitals are on the floor in front of gender theory and have an entire department or program not dedicated to giving medical services, but actually to transmitting this ideology through all of the various organs and institutions of the state. so you're getting this everywhere. the children's hospital is promoting an end it's being done with the complicity of public school administrators. >> tucker: chris rufo, one of the few who understands the ideas beneath the story. so thankful for what you do, thank you very much.
5:29 pm
>> thank you. >> tucker: are part on the subject we have been working for quite some time of the documentary for tucker carlson originals called transgressive, the cult of confusion. we just finished a production of that and definitely worth watching, that will premiere next week, thursday september 8th on fox nation. ♪ ♪ well, greg gutfeld just did something without any precedent whatsoever in the history of late-night television. he broke up the cartel and now stands atop it to looking down. stephen colbert, we will celebrate after the break.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news live, i'm vilma new shin in st. louis, responding to the justice department's filing about the mar-a-lago investigation, downplaying the federal government's concerns about the
5:35 pm
discovery of classified materials at his florida home telling a judge in a new filing there was "no cause for alarm" in a filing yesterday urging the judge not to honor the request for a special master to review the documents. covid-19 boosters that target the omicron strain are one step closer to final approval, the shots by fisa and modernity today hoping it will curb another surge. they will have to weigh in and make recommendations about who will qualify for the additional dosed. i am bill melugin, we will send it back to "tucker carlson tonight." ♪ ♪ >> tucker: the downside of cartels as they produce lousy products serving up the same garbage has to have no choice, the upside is ultimately they are overthrown, some upstart shows up with a better product and crushes them. we just saw that happen in
5:36 pm
late-night comedy, and has been serving up increasingly mediocre affair. until greg gutfeld showed up and completely overturn the table. the numbers are in, for the month of august i got felled the show ranked as the most-watched late-night program on all television. this is the first time that a cable show has beaten the broadcast shows. unseated the thoroughly repulsive and completely unfunny stephen colbert. we won't let this moment pass without celebrating, we are going to celebrate as you should. greg gutfeld is the man who just did this and pulled it off. and we are happy to welcome him and congratulate him. so i did not mean that it is easy to do this, it's hard to do this, but three years ago if he said greg gutfeld is going to beat all three late-night broadcast shows, possibility was zero, so how did you do this?
5:37 pm
>> i did it because of you, tucker, i believe that you don't even understand the conversation we had. remember when i called you? i said that i just talked to a well-known talk show host, won't say the name who discourage me from doing this, and you have a good thing going, you have one night a week on saturday coming in on what, you don't want to kick it too hard. and i go okay. but i said it was not going to do it, and then i said i will call you and before i even finish the sentence, i said i'm thinking about the show going nightly, you just started laughing. you did your tucker laugh and new said of course you are going to do it. of course you are going to do it. you have to do it, and he said why won't you do it. and kept giving excuses, no, no, you are doing that. so like a totally -- why am i not doing this? and it's been such a success i was in l.a. for eight days last week. you don't hear anything. you just get the stairs. and i feel like i have broken a
5:38 pm
lot of people. because they've been personally humiliated by the fact that a fox news program has drank all of their milk shakes at once. all of the networks, we have crush them. then and professionally they have to worry because all of their bosses see that this little upstart show at the fraction of the cost, fraction of the staff beat their underpants off and now they have to look at their budgets and go, do we really need to have this kind of catering? it's like my writers eat their sandwich, they don't have catering, but everywhere else has catering, that's the problem. catering, tucker. >> tucker: the lesson is you deserve craft services and have earned it. these are people to find something useful with their lives and i cannot be more thrilled, because a good guy won, bad people lost in the market decided. congratulations. i don't know what you're doing to celebrate, but i hope it is
5:39 pm
big. >> i do, basically i volunteer at soup kitchens, that's what i do to make myself feel better. i have to pay you, part of the reason it is successful is that we are generally happy people. and i think that tv. >> tucker: i think that's completely right and important to stay healthy. greg gutfeld, congrats. >> see you later. >> tucker: see you, so one of the effects of the covid pandemic is that truly radical ideas, extreme ideas, some things are, all of a sudden those ideas are right in the center of our country and what they call the main stream. how did that happen? we just had the single most interesting conversation 31 years of interviewing people, a professor from belgium joined us on set and we will explain the massive formation to us. amazing conversation and we will show it to you next. ♪ ♪
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completely demented if like five years ago, four years ago, three years ago, last year, ideas like castrating children and then attacking anyone who approves of castrating children, now at the study, "mainstream," how did that happen? a phenomenon called mass formation explains perfectly what happen, to learn about what that is somewhat its consequences are, we sat down was probably the smartest person we have interviewed with ts de smet, at the university in belgium, and remarkable conversation, we can only play a few minutes here, then next is on fox nation, here's a portion. ♪ ♪ speak of the mass formation became stronger and stronger and stronger throughout the last few years and that's interesting, because in the century they became so strong that the special leaders could seize
5:46 pm
control of the states and that's how the states emerged. total states around always diabolically backed between the masses and their leaders. and in this way, like between a new kind of state emerges which is completely different from a dictatorship. there is small group of people was such an aggressive potential that people are so scared of them that they can work laterally to society. and it emerges in a completely different way. and it's a process through which those certain part of the population usually about 30% starts to believe in a certain ideology, and can be created artificially in the product propaganda. >> tucker: you think that camille was slow as 30%?
5:47 pm
>> usually it is not higher than 30%. >> tucker: that is scary. >> there is always 60 or 65% of the people that do not go along with the narrative, but will never speak out. i will always choose the easy way, and go along with the people. this group of people seems to have the large ability and sometimes even more go alone. with the total narrative, and the narrative that lives in the mass formation. and it's an additional 5% that does not go along with it and tries to speak out. and that's extremely important. if you understand the mechanism, if you really understand it. then you know what to this small group should do. if it meets the analysis it will be destroyed in the end. if it makes the start from the correct analysis it will sur survive. and extremely supportive to understand how the mechanism
5:48 pm
works. and completely blind for everything that goes against what the group believes in, but it's also extremely important. and between people and the mass formation, they seem to lose all awareness of their individual interests. they are prepared to radically self-sacrifice, extremely strange and the third characteristic which is the most problematic is that they have people in a mass formation that become radically intolerant from their voices and in the ultimate state of the transformation they will typically try to destroy everyone that goes around with the masses and they will do so as if it is their ethical duty to do so. >> tucker: so the point is that every totalitarian movement and history french revolution, the soviets, those nazis, all of them began with mass formation, totalitarianism is the end, don't miss disk conversation. it's on "tucker carlson today"
5:49 pm
7:00 a.m., fox nation. so commonly a barely notice it, but the biggest companies in the country discriminate openly against their employees on the basis of skin color. it's everywhere, it's illegal. what is changing is that some of the employees are fighting back and a decade at amex until he was fired in 2020, just fired a class action lawsuit against the company and says that american express gave preferential treatment for being black and unambiguously signaled to white employees that the race was an impediment to getting ahead in the company. again, that is happening everywhere, and here's someone who is taking it to court. david torok is the man in this case and thank you so much for joining us. so i'm not a lawyer, but it does seem that this is unambiguously illegal, correct?
5:50 pm
>> absolutely, tucker, it is unlawful. it has been illegal since at least the 1960s since the passage of the civil rights act, but the reason that this is happening is because back in the summer of floyd in 2020, a lot of the corporation saw that with the blm writers allowed to burn down entire cities with absolutely zero consequences because it was in the name of social justice. so why wouldn't the company is being emboldened to treat their white employees like second-class citizens and violate them on the most fundamental civil rights laws in this country when you see this precedent that was happening for several years now. >> tucker: they want to do all kinds of things, pushing them back in the justice of the law, a civil rights division whose whole purpose is to prevent discrimination in the workplace, have they said anything about this? >> absolutely not, we filed a
5:51 pm
complaint with the equal employment opportunity division which is the administrative arm of the government that is supposed to be handling stuff like this and go after companies like american express, like these companies, like uber and chase and the as other companies that are instigating these policies, but they just don't enforce it, because it is done in the name of "social justice." and they think it is denying discrimination, which the way justice scalia said it is the case. >> tucker: racism is always wrong no matter who is being hurt by it and it is as wrong in this case as it was in any other case, rooting for you. i appreciate you coming on tonight. david, thank you. up next because this is a day that felt like he needed an animal story we will speak to an alligator in his human companion straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ here goes nothing.
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>> tucker: like many americans, joseph henning complained about depression, but his doctor did not prescribe him drugs, he made his pet alligator his official emotional support animal. and it's very popular understandably on the internet. so we wanted to learn more. how did this meet and what is their life like behind closed doors? joining us tonight along with the gator. thanks so much for coming on. how did you and your alligator meet? >> he was a wild gator and rescued in disney. and brought them up to me the following day. which actually six years ago -- >> tucker: how old was to get when you first got him? >> about 15 months old and about
5:58 pm
10 inches long. >> tucker: the question everyone asking this is asking is how does that man not get eaten by that alligator? is that a concern for you? >> number one, we are not on the food chain for alligators. crocodiles and came in, yes, but you cannot train an alligator or not to bite. he just chooses not to bite, everything, kissing, he just refuses to bite. we do not know and cannot understand why. >> tucker: that is amazing! so you're saying that this is as unusual as it looks. people don't kiss alligators for a reason, but you just did. while he is not your average alligator? >> i love this alligator. >> tucker: since he is not eating you, what does he eat? >> he only eats chicken legs, dead rats and cheesy popcorn.
5:59 pm
the other gators i have handled in the past 20 years eat what you feed to them. >> tucker: chicken legs, dead rats and cheesy popcorn. >> yes. that's amazing, what a diet, where does he live? >> he lives in my living room, and my house, i have a 300-gallon pole in my living room when he runs my whole ho house. >> tucker: how big will he get? >> 15 or 16 feet and over 1,000 pounds. >> tucker: are you concerned? >> not at all, not at all. i know his moves, i know his motions, like us that he gets evaluated every year, but we have not even found out what makes him angry or mad. so we don't know that yet. >> tucker: a1 and skeptical,
6:00 pm
but i'm kind of touched by this and i think it's a really nice story and you seem to have a great relationship, thank you for joining us. >> glad to be here. >> tucker: wally gator, out of time, sadly. we will be back tomorrow night and every night, the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> sean: tucker, thank you, welcome to "hannity," tonight if you voted for donald trump, you are a threat to democracy and will be dealt with as such. are you or have you ever been a supporter of donald trump? is this joe biden's unity that he talked about when he was inaugurated or is this about the soul of the nation that he is going to address tomorrow. coming up, we will play our chilling remarks and preview the big speech in independence hall where president unity is


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