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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 1, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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laura ingraham. make sure to get your tickets patriot awards host about on november 17th. the tickets go on sale tomorrow. awards. they will go quick. trust me. you do not want to miss this show the most patriotic show on america. thank you for watching for special edition of "the ingraham angle." greg gutfeld coming up next. >> todd: former president trump the mike trump to a special master to a judge today and the justice department's latest allegations of a plot to seal documents at mar-a-lago. you are watching "fox & friends first" on thursday morning i'm todd piro. >> carley: it ashley strohmier import carley shimkus. sprawled out on the floor as agents rated trump home and sending the media into an all-out frenzy focusing on that instead of claims of rampant bias in the fbi.
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>> the indelible detail from extraordinary filing is this image. you have probably seen it, a picture were 10,000 words. >> they were being told overturned documents with classification markings. and you know, that picture speaks a thousand words, right? speak with the picture is the crime. those are top-secret. >> this is a crime. i don't care where these were found, whoever owns that isles committed a crime by having t them. >> todd: marianne rafferty with the latest details, rep mike marianne. >> refusing to back down nine claims documents at his home in the federal judge set to hear a a motion to oversee the ongoing investigation as the doj filing seeks to take over all aspects of the case. trump legal team firing back. the united states office with extraordinary document with the court suggesting the doj and the
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doj alone should be entrusted with the responsibility of evaluating unjustified pursuit of criminalizing a former presidents possession of personal and presidential records in a secure setting. the doj argued a special master was unnecessary arguing in a filing plaintiff's motion with a special master enjoying further review of seized materials failed for multiple independent reasons. the government developed evidence government records were concealed and removed to obstructing the investigation. the fbi releasing snapshots of paper marked top-secret scattered on the floor in trump's office. the former president posted on truth social the documents are staged. they took them out of cartons and spread them around on the carpet making it look like a big sign for them. they dropped them, not me, very deceiving. trump attorney telling half the winning of the same. >> i've been down there frequently and i have never seen that. i have never, ever seen that. that is not the way his office
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looks and they must have gone in and take out documents they want to door cover letters as it is inputted out. the public believes this was top-secret documents on his floor. now fbi whistle-blower of bias and misconduct among execs. >> what i hear, first of all that the executives have done criminal wrongdoing and supporting issues that are actually in fact illegal. >> but the fbi agents association is rejecting those claims and divide error team should be rejected and fbi agents work hard every day to protect the public and/or constitution. with clear eye on the mission director chris wray and the agents. we could have a decision whether a special master appointed during the raid after today's 1:00 p.m. hearing. ashley, todd.
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>> todd: marianne rafferty thank you. director of national intelligence john says the doj should welcome the appointment of a special master because they have nothing to hide. >> the justice department have inflamed divisions and mistrust among the american people by an agency and fbi previously and well documented and gone after donald trump unfairly and caught spying on his campaign. why wouldn't you appoint a special master to try to tamp down some of the emotions on this issue and give the american public some sense that maybe this process will get more fair as things go along? >> todd: senator ron johnson questioning the attorney general's effort to muscle potential whistle-blowers. >> i would say merrick garland is issuing an illegal border. federal government employees have every right to come forward and talk to congress and be afforded whistle-blower
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protection. the effect the attorney general would basically threaten them is basically jaw-dropping. so the good news is we have people with integrity that are concerned about the credibility and they are coming forward and starting to tell the truth. that is only way to restore credibility is if we expose the corruption and hold people accountable. >> todd: former assistant fbi director chris swecker will be here later. he will be great on this. stick around for that. >> ashley: turning to the border crisis greg abbott's latest round of migrant buses have a new destination arriving in chicago overnight and unloading about 80 migrants into the windy city. >> todd: in addition to those, abbott has about 7,000 migrants to d.c., 1,802 new york. in the ranking member of the oversight committee joins us, congressman how many more blue cities have to be sent busloads of migrants before this biden administration will act on the
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border crisis? >> unfortunately, i think many more blue cities will have to be sent migrants. but this is working. this is a great idea by governor abbott. i can tell you in washington, d.c., mayor bauer has about lost her mind over just a few migrants roaming the city. imagine what is going on at the southern border? so i think this has been a great trip by governor abbott to raise awareness and it is unfortunate the blue city mayors have not been watching the news. unfortunate the blue city mayors and vice president harris and vice president biden haven't spent any time on the southern border. they see the problem of the border communities are having with illegals. so, i think this is unfortunately something that has to continue to be able to make a difference. >> ashley: congressman, lori lightfoot called greg abbott's bus move racism. i will read the statement, unfortunately texas governor greg abbott greg abbott
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is without shame or humanity, that is but ever since he put the racist practice of expulsion in place, we have been working with community parties to ready the city to receive these individuals. isn't it dangerous rhetoric to refer back to if you don't agree with something, that it is racist instead of looking at the big picture and saying you know what, it is a big problem. is it hard for democrats and republicans to see something as big of an issue as the border crisis? as partisan? >> yeah, i'm so sick and tired of these liberals when they get their back against the wall. they always play the race card. i think the american people are seen through this. what's going on at the southern border is unconstitutional and it gets worse every day. and coming across the border, although human trafficking and all the crime across the border is a direct result of the biden administration having an open border policy, welcoming these people across the border.
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and i am glad that these big city mayors thanks to governor abbott are announcing the problem with having an influx of people that come in and don't have housing, they don't have a job lined up many are involved in criminal activities. and this this is a huge problem that so many southern states have been facing for years and years and years. but yet, the blue city mayors are now just realizing the problem and crime and all of the issues that come with having this many illegals crossing our border. >> todd: and it also begs the question chicago is a sanctuary city how migrants for sanctuary city racist. they have an answer that. in the meantime the republican lawmakers pushing a bill to stop federal employees from censoring free speech. what is your bill due and how bad is the censorship from this biden administration become? >> well, i thought all along there was more to the facebook story than just executives of facebook censoring
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conservatives. i thought there had to be something to trigger this. we saw with the rogan interview with zuckerberg, the fbi did, in fact, approach facebook executives and tell them anything that you will see about hunter biden will be like russian disinformation to me. so we believe this is a violation of the hatch act. the hatch act prevent said government employees to be directly involved in political activity. unfortunately, the hatch act was written before social companies were invented appearance of what we have done with this legislation i can tell you in a republican majority would be one of the first bills we vote on next year, it expands the hatch act to include social media companies. so people in the government where the republican administration, democratic administration or independent administration can't go to independent companies and influence them on what they can or cannot post to their platform. >> ashley: congressman i want
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to go with this now. the republicans criticized for lacking a midterm message. a sign the investigations they are planning which we keep hearing about, but some believe the rest of the g.o.p. midterm message, like i said, is lacking. and harold ford jr. is saying the g.o.p. actually does lack a message rather than put push an investigation. >> and some of the things i hear them say is they will invest hunter biden. and invest january 6 over again. and they will invest. and it sounds like an interesting, one thing today but i'm not sure it's a winning message. at some point they need to ask what are you going to do for me going forward? >> i have to agree with harold on this and i think a lot of res well. you know we constantly say, we don't want to hear they are going to do with biden and trump you would want to know what congress is going to do for us, the american people.
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and why should i vote for you? so what is your response to this and the g.o.p. criticism of this? >> unfortunately, we have some members going on tv just talking about exactly what harold ford just said, investigations, some type of retaliation against the democrats for what they have done to donald trump. but what most republicans are talking about, how we will reduce inflation with unnecessary spending. how we reduce crime by securing the southern border. how we would try to get the green new deal policies out of the way and help our american energy industry do what it does best and produce energy, create good paying jobs and get gas prices down? these are the issues americans care about and the broad platform the house republicans have proposed. you will hear more of us talk about that moving forward. i agree completely. the american people are
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frustrated with the biden crises, inflation, frustrated with the policies that kept our children at home. forced to have virtual learning instead of in class learning. and republicans will undo all of that and tried to get the government off of the backs of american people and get inflation under control where americans can afford to live comfortably instead of barely making it paycheck to paycheck under the biden excessive spending and inflationary environment. >> todd: okay, congressman, if republicans take back the house, joe biden will still be president and will still be democratic president. so, how are you going to accomplish all of that? >> well, certainly there will have to be an effort from day one to sit down with joe biden. i think one thing that can be done as i think if you have a republican house and especially if we have a republican city, that you will see joe biden do like bill clinton did when he was faced after the
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midterm elections with a republican revolution that came in and took over congress. i think you will see joe biden move more to the middle. right now, he has as far left as he can be. i think that is because he has a very liberal house and a very liberal senate that will pull him that direction. if we have a conservative house and senate, and i think you will see that old joe biden comeback that was more of a moderate. i think that alone will help save the taxpayers trillions of dollars and that alone will help to try to secure the border because we will not go along with anything unless we can have certain benchmarks met. when benchmark is to secure the southern border and the others getting inflation under control. >> ashley: so, do you truly think that biden will work with republicans in the house, in the senate? because you have to understand, we see everyday progressives have really pushed him that way, even with the pressure from the far left aoc
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group. do you think he will go against them and move more to the middle? because we have seen the complete opposite. speak with the american people speak in a loud manner like i hope they do in november, then i don't think he will have much of a choice. i'm not a big fan of joe biden. you go back to the investigation and my committee is a lead investigator all the wrongdoing in the biden family. but respect to the voters and what they care about, i don't think joe biden will continue to pass executive orders with a republican majority in the house and senate. i think if joe biden wants to do anything and keep the government open, he will have to work with conservatives in the house and senate to try to incentivize a budget and legislation that the working taxpaying americans care about. right now, it is about green new deal policies and you're exactly right, the squad and the progressives are running the show with america now
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because they are the loudest voice in the democrat majority of the house and senate. that can join if republican wins in november. >> todd: keeping the government open is republicans will have over joe biden going forward. >> exactly. >> todd: they had it before but they would didn't necessarily use it but we will see if they use it in 2023 james comer. thank you very much. a major upset in alaska where democrat mary pat ayatollah on the left-hand side of your screen a special election for the only seat in the house topping and she will fill the late g.o.p. congressman don and then they will face-off in the midterms for a two-year term in. in glenn youngkin palling around parents who were standing up to woke school boards on wednesday i'm back to school event, the republican spoke about his efforts on the state level to
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push back on covid mandates and sexually explicit materials taught in schools. >> all of you and many, many others across the commonwealth of virginia stood up and said enough. so we've made great progress. we've made great strides. we still have a lot of work to do. >> ashley: young can made education reform a cornerstone of his campaign for governor and for parents. did you hear this? >> turning up the ac. now people are understandably trying to escape the heat. we monetarily asked them to help us get through the next week or so. >> ashley: you really can't make this up gavin newsom pleading with california to cut back on their energy usage, including not charging their electric cars but didn't he just banned gas cars questioning >> todd: such a question. more on that matt schlapp,
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chris swecker, gordon chang coming up on "fox & friends first." don't go anywhere.
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with no contract. and a money back guarantee. all on the largest, fastest reliable network. from the company that powers more businesses than anyone else. call and start saving today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ♪ ♪ >> todd: the nypd searching for the suspects brutally
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beating a man with a baseball bat last month. shocking video shows two separate attacks with a lumen bat -- an aluminum bat in broad daylight. he is in serious condition and suffered swelling to the right side of his face, ashley. >> ashley: president biden's pro-police message from tuesday may have the opposite effect. listen. >> when it comes to public safety, the answer is not defund the police. it is fond please. for too long to many families haven't had that piece in mind. they watch the news and they see kids being gun downed in the schools and streets. they just want to feel safe again and they want to feel a sense of security. that is what my crime plan is all about. >> ashley: the national vice president for fraternal order of police joins me now, joe, joe gamaldi. there is a headline that says biden can't make pro police
1:23 am
speech and if shirley had the opposite effects. there are some pretty bad apples in the police department so my question to you is instead of him going back and forth, which he has whether to fund the police or defund the police, wouldn't it be a better avenue to say, take, instead of lowering the standards to the academy, we will get tougher and that way, we won't have the people on the street wondering if they will be the next person who is attacked. the police at the same time we will feel like they are being backed by their president and their city and state. >> yeah, a recent gallup poll said 80% of americans are worried about crime, which is the highest number in years. it is not surprising to see the democrats to support law enforcement. but the ranking file really want to hear is throw in support for the brave men and women of law enforcement stop the harmful
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rhetoric towards us and certainly condemned the historic violence to the tune of 230 police officer shot already this year. if the democrats want to support law enforcement, they control the house and senate which will make it a federal crime to assault a police officer. and biden wants to talk about crime particularly while he was in philadelphia, which had the highest murder rate in a quarter of a century. we have to talk about the disaster. the minions and criminals take over the city all in pursuit of revolving door agenda, which is perverse in and of itself. president biden really wants to help, with its call on the good for nothing woke d.a.s to do their job. >> ashley: right, you look at crime and major cities and u.s. chicago up and temperance six go 7.8%. this is startling new york city 35.7% in the list goes on and on. when you see these numbers, what
1:25 am
should the message have been from biden? what is the first thing if he truly does support? >> i think it was very clear. he should have came out and said we support the hard working men and women particularly doing their job and policy, training and law. if we'd get something wrong and do something wrong we should be held accountable. when we are experiencing highest murder rate in the last 30 years in america last year. we had 16 american cities with the highest murder rate on record. giving speeches about crime but not mentioning woke d.a.'s allowing people out over and over again and judges with p.r. bonds to bond criminals? that is draping the crime rate particularly in minority communities who are disproportionately impacted by crime to 12 times the homicide rate. it needs to stop and that should have been the message. >> ashley: let's think of this
1:26 am
a cnn reporter warned biden's pro police message could cost him support. listen to this. democrats have to weigh how much they want to center this law and order message. they want to be on offense on this issue and run the risk of alienating some of their lookers. they will not get the so-called voters. in speeches like this are an appeal to try to call in that group, but at the same time mike there is a reform minded of the democratic party. he has to strike the right balance in the speeches and not doing too much to distance himself from those folks. >> ashley: you know, i think this is dangerous, joe, last time i checked, please don't stop and ask someone what their political affiliation is before they decide to help you or not. so when did this become democrat versus republican issue? >> you know, is there anybody more out of touch of everyday americans than talking heads at
1:27 am
cnn or writers at "new york times"? this genius at cnn says it will alienate voters to talk about law and order when we talk about america having highest murder rate in 30 years? when we have people being murdered everyday in our streets to the tune of thousands of more people than we have in years past. and this person has the audacity and arrogance to say that talking will alienate voters. i am out on the streets every day and i talked to people in the community, everyday americans, they want safe streets, they want kids to be safe and businesses to thrive. i tell you right now there will be a reckoning at the ballot box for the person who thinks they will alienate someone. >> ashley: we had a democrat on the show yesterday. we talked to them crime was the number one reason he is voting for lee zeldin instead of kathy hochul. they think this is partisan -- i'm sorry republican/democrat issue, it is not. people are worried about their safety these days. joe gamaldi, thank you so much
1:28 am
for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> ashley: the woke mop joe rogan canceled again. after he said this. >> people are going to recognize serious errors were made and not repeat those. that is the best you can get out of it. so what you tell those people? >> vote republican. >> ashley: we will show you the liberal outrage next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ["i got you" by ciara]
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♪ ♪ >> todd: the largest union in the world organizing a protest outside airports in the country today. expected to be chaotic labor day weekend. the off-duty pilots plan to walk the picket lines in 13 cities over their frustration with contract calls between the
1:34 am
airlines in themselves for better compensation here that comes as major airlines commit to free airlines and passengers dealing with flight delays or cancellations. united, southwest, jetblue agree to accommodating travelers for inconvenience within the control. that means no weather but technical problems. >> ashley: california governor gavin newsom signing executive order to boost the state's energy supply as it braces for a massive heat wave that could trigger power outages. the state's grid operator urging residents to cut back on charging electric vehicles to save power while gavin newsom asked residents to make sacrifices to keep the lights on. >> on a supply-side, we are challenged by these extremes and on the demand side, not surprisingly, people are turning up the ac. now people understand trying to escape the heat. so, we have to address that challenge. we voluntarily ask you to do a little bit more to help us get
1:35 am
through the next week or so. >> ashley: gavin newsom's call to action comes days after the golden state to ban the sale of new gas powered vehicles by 2035. here is greg gutfeld's take on the failure of the great agenda. >> todd: they will turn california and the moon. it is beautiful but unlivable, right? it is the number one source of all of the matter is energy and whatever you call it, calories, burning or whatever but the fact you don't have something to replace it, imagine doing that with simple staple like toilet paper. people will suffer in the people who won't suffer are the people enforcing these rules. they will have air conditioning at french laundry restaurant. so here is what is going on here, california called flex alerts and what they had them back in early 2,000. it is something normal and intense draw on the grid because
1:36 am
of heat, usually heat in the summertime and they asked people to dial it back and that is fine. that happens in all states no matter what they call it, but the big difference this time is, of course you absolutely have to own an electric vehicle to be a normal person in california if you care about the environment. did they not factor in the draw on the grid that all these electric vehicles would have on the state of california when you have excessive heat like they are having now? it's like they never thought the problem through and now they are facing this. it is comical but it is also sad, ashley. >> ashley: it is sad but it is also serious and dangerous for people because this will really hurt people. the national weather service said the temperatures could hit 114 degrees and parts of sacramento valley on sunday and monday pure they are asking people to set their thermostats
1:37 am
68. you should not have to make up what your government is messing up. it is gavin newsom, is he going to turn his ac off like he's asking the rest of the state to do after they said, "hey, you know, we will make the electric cords and you have to have electric or by 2035. you can't have gas powered cars." they are making these rules and i understand they want a greater world but they are trying to force it to quick. we can't keep up with it. it is going to take years to get to what they want. they are trying to for situations like this when they can even -- gosh, people in california can't have their ac on in september? i mean, this is ridiculous. he is not keeping the people of california and the best frame of mind. >> todd: breaking news, southern californ ia is a desert and, impact, always has been a desert. they were able to allow los angeles to become a city,
1:38 am
because they pumped a lot of water to allow los angeles to become the city. it is still a desert and deserts get hot especially in the summer. so the fact that everybody just rush to judgment, well, cars are bad, gas is bad and we need electric vehicles only shows this is a rush by the green new deal to force us down our throats without actually thinking through the consequences. they are doing it in california and you see the consequences there. the rest of the country, the situation will be really, really bad for all of us. >> ashley: right comic that makes me nervous because california is the state and then others follow suit and you have the middle of the country, wait a second, we don't want to do this. we did not sign off on that. >> todd: we are walking with freddie flintstone vehicles. it will be ugly. in the meantime, a part of my part-time effort with joe rogan's advice and a response to democrats mishandling of the covid-19 pandemic. >> i'm hoping now this is over
1:39 am
that people will recognize serious errors were made and not repeat those. that is the best you can get out of it. so what do you tell those people? >> vote republican. >> todd: far left activist group called off by democrats calling for spotify to drop broken that they accuse of "ignorantly urging americans to vote republican's and they is dangerous rhetoric and fascism." spotify was similar neil young, we can't lose neil. pulled the songs from the platform with rogan's covid-19 commentary. president biden expected with attacks on maga voters tonight when he addresses the battle for the soul of the nation. before he takes the podium in philly, took a wants to know what happened to his promise to unify the country? stop the shouting, lower the temperature and that is exactly right.
1:40 am
whatever happened to joe biden? we voted for that joe biden and certainly we would like him back, but we can't now. america has changed too much. why? the biden program didn't work. it turns out the country did more than commit a competence. unfortunately, we did not get any of that. so inevitably thing started to fray. these are not all joe biden's fault because we needed help for decades. but a lot is joe biden's fall and he cannot admit it as he can't face the prospect of internal future as his idiot birthday approaches. he externalizes it. you are the problem. you are the reason things are broken. your racism, trance phobia, your minivan. it is your fault. you stood in the way of problem. you are not c. >> todd: matt schlapp will be here to respond to that. >> ashley: $500 billion student loan handout, student states say they will still owe taxes on $10,000 wiped from
1:41 am
their dead. mississippi is one of those states. it will tax student debt forgiveness. north carolina residents will pay taxes on the canceled debt. a handful of states have granted state income tax exemptions to residents who qualify under biden's plan fjord others reviewing whether forgiveness will be subject to tax. and the family of a marine killed during afghanistan withdrawal is suing actor alec baldwin accusing one of them of being an insurrectionist. >> todd: we are talking to the attorney representing the heartbroken family next.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: welcome back. the sister of a fallen marine lance corporal riley mccallum killed during biden's botched afghanistan withdrawal is suing alec baldwin. the actor defames them online after accusing riley sister royce of a january 6 insurrectionist. joining me now, the attorney for riley sister, royce. thank you for being here. we will put up on the screens of social media post that started all of this. alec baldwin publicly commenting on royce's post questioning "are you the same woman i sent the money for your sister's husband who was killed during the
1:47 am
afghanistan? what is happening to the clients because of alex's social media post? >> good morning. it has been nine months or so since the original post and they continue to get death threats and hateful messages and all kinds of abuse online. and we live in a smaller town in wyoming that is mostly a tourist populated town. and frankly have to look over their shoulder every time they looked out the door. we don't know who will follow through with a threat what is empty and what is not. it has created a stressful situation for the family that continues until this day. >> todd: what is the crux? >> we brought several claims. you mentioned when his defamation and different types of defamation but essentially alec baldwin said it will be his political opinion, insurrectionist and anybody at the capitol on january 6 but we
1:48 am
argued essentially a different meeting if you look at subsequent posts in the lawsuit. he accuses them of being responsible for property damage and very specific acts by the writers. and only one of my clients as they are january 6th and she was cleared by the fbi. and super negligent with emotional distress and intentional infliction of emotional distress. as you might imagine death threats and those kind of things continued for an extended period of time because of this post created a lot of stress and locked on the families. >> todd: i think it is important to pull ourselves out of the weeds for a moment. this is a family that is still grieving. they lost a valued member of their family when joe biden did the botched afghanistan withdrawal. why does an actor like alec baldwin think it is his right to try to ruin someone's life like this, someone, a
1:49 am
family struggling so much over the last year? >> well, it is a great point you bring up. but the lawsuit in the district of new york which is alec bolton's front yard. he lives in a multimillion dollar penthouse, excuse me, with security and his family is getting over the loss of brother and the father very young. he will never see and never raise. in the family in connection with dealing with that also has to do with this kind of behavior all because he was triggered by what he thought was bad behavior on january 6th. >> todd: what message are you hoping this lawsuit sends question what >> well, it sendse can't continue to do this? if you look at his behavior of the last 20, 30 years he's done this time and time again with people he disagrees with. he has a lot of resources.
1:50 am
and despite the fact is god's own legal troubles now, he continues to engage in this behavior. all people have to do is go to google search to see what he's been up to since january 6th, 2022. and you will see the same type of behavior in the family. not only does he he want to resolve this for themselves but prevent it from the future. >> todd: dennis, it is 4:49 on the east coast and we don't necessarily want a law school class, but you feel the law is on your side in this area in light of the fact that we know social media companies themselves allow protections for the stuff that is posted on there? does that protection narrowed down to the people who do the posting? >> we don't think it does. frankly, the law hasn't caught up to the internet yet. but it is what it is. when you accuse somebody of a federal crime and accuse him of being responsible for the death of people and destroying government property all
1:51 am
falsely, and they suffer consequences that the law provides a remedy. a friend from texas used to say this is stronger than a garlic sandwich. we think this case is stronger than a garlic sandwich. we think the law applies to us and all will be held accountable. >> todd: we will see. the case originally filed in wyoming court but kicked out of there because you could not sue alec baldwin for jurisdiction issues. and in new york, like you said alec baldwin's backyard. we will see if the court there grants your wishes. dennis postiglione, we appreciate your time and insight, keep us posted. thank you. >> take care. >> todd: ashley. >> todd: guardsmen set to deploy to jackson to mike jackman to mike jackson, mississippi, and handing out drinking water after supplies ct indefinitely and many forced tot for hours to get bottles handed out. >> we are taxpaying citizens. so we shouldn't have to live like this. >> it is scary because
1:52 am
day-to-day we don't know what will happen. >> it is a hard season when you don't have no one, especially when you have a newborn baby. >> todd: nomex b to the torrential rains that damage the cities loan treatment plans. ana filing a lawsuit to put a blatant rip-off of the show. >> have a conversation and turn around. don't move. >> ashley: that was a clip of on patrol live and though real channel of making a clone using the same format and a host from live pd. the complaint stated the network "has never relinquished or signed its rights to episodes of live pd or authorized anyone else to prepare these programs."
1:53 am
demanding an investigation into twitter over revelations about bot accounts and made by a whistle-blower. the former tech giant said that the platform hid the numbers of the accounts. they also claimed that one or more current employees may be working for intelligent services. the house g.o.p. chair called a direct threat to national security. pushing for a probe into how the intelligence committee worked with twitter to push stories they wanted while suppressing the ones they didn't like the hunter biden laptop scandal. >> todd: going back to live pd, remember when we did that thing with geraldo and watch cobb's. on fox nation and we watched cops with geraldo and commented on cops with geraldo. we had fun doing that. >> actually really do. i do enjoy that. but that was kind of -- >> todd: if you had fox nation, look that up.
1:54 am
it was tv and internet magic. >> ashley: a which you might wonder what episode that was. i want to go back and watch. a dnc advisor taking a page from president biden had this to say about maga republicans. >> though maga republicans are a domestic terrorist self operating in america. this is a group of people that decided it is acceptable to use violence and threats of violence to try to achieve political means. that is terrorism appearance be to chicago, the latest sanctuary city to receive a migrant bus from texas governor greg abbott are saying they are handling the unexpected influx. we will let you know. >> todd: part of another jam-packed hour of "fox & friends first." keep it right here. ♪ ♪
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>> todd: biden border crisis making its way to another sanctuary city, governor abbott sending buses to chicago. new york city opened up a multi million dollar welcome center for those migrant buses that keep rolling into the big apple. we're one big welcome center to you in "fox and friends first" viewing world. it's thursday morning, i'm todd piro. >> ashley: i'm ashley strohmier, in for carley shimkus. california officials nab another 100 illegal immigrants. >> todd: marianne live with the latest. >> marianne: good morning. texas governor greg abbott sending migrants to safshth your, as two bus loads arrive in chicago last night. a new dropff


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