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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 1, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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and it has been brutal not just in america, but this is a global problem. i don't know if it'll get better anytime soon. >> neil: all right, all was good seeing you. bring your patience as well and is few banks as possible. here is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm greg gutfeld along with judge jeanine, brian kilmeade, dana perino. "the five"! president biden getting ready to smear half the country as a bunch of semi fascists for the soul of the nation's beach. subjecting americans to another rambling lecture on how evil maga republicans are, the white house giving a preview by
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calling conservative voters and extremist threat to our democracy and ending this today. >> we understand we hit a nerve. we get that, we understand we are trying to hide and we understand that ultra maga officeholders want to play games and dodge accountability for their extreme proposals and actions. but they are telling on themselves. we are talking about an agenda that's not popular, talking about agendas that's incredibly extreme, talking about an agenda that's not in line for them a majority of americans. when you talk about extremists, were talking about a key piece component of the american pu public. >> greg: very small, but the crux. anyway, republicans planning a rebuttal to the speech by highlighting democrats record on crime and inflation. here is kevin mccarthy. speak of the problem with
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joe biden is he doesn't understand the soul of america, the tens and millions of hardworking law-abiding citizens that he vilifies. they want a safer and more prosperous america and all he does is vilify them to distract from the disasters and no plan he has to save america from where we are today. >> greg: brian, i want to go to you first come of this not fox & friends so stay focused. he's calling at the soul of a nation so i guess it's going to be a policies like crime more and inflation, he will go after the amorphous threat, a quasi-terror group that perhaps he can pin all the problems on. >> brian: some people get in your face and do it through praise, other through stairs. how about parading people and terms of dredging up their soul? it's unbelievable that he's going to do this and i think most networks will avoid this because it's a total campaign speech which he's going to do in prime time.
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i think this one thing is interesting and he's got every facet of the government working and playing politics. i felt the press secretary was told to stay out of it and if they do get into it they get rebuked right away. she's reading from her notes and she never usually does not. all these negative things like for example if you're kevin mccarthy, maga, if you want to label me maga, okay, because i'm for rewriting trade deals and bring manufacturing back to the country. i'm for building a wall and having it security. unforgiving parents controlled the classroom. or a c in the classroom. i'm not for mandating vaccines, but i'm for providing the best i can the information to move forward. i'm not going to fire you. if that's the maga republican and they want to label anybody that's a republican in the capital january 6th.
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>> greg: dana, it's got to be hard for joe to reconcile the fact that he claims he's a staunch catholic, yet he claims the roe v. wade turnover is a threat to the soul of america. hasn't he sold his soul to the pro-abortion lobby? how can you talk about the soul of america? the one its interest income of the word, soul the position he used to have, but now the democratic position is actually extremely extreme which is legal abortion up to the point of death and that's not where the country is on that. i think something that's been lost in the mississippi case decided by the supreme court was a 15 week limit. that's kind of like where europe is in most of the country is and for some reason conservatives have walked away from talking about this argument and this is something that they could press forward. the broader picture here, i
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think most republicans will probably ignore this for the most part or hit it and move on to things that people really care about. as soon as biden announced student loans announcement, one of the poll went down seven points. do not allow the crazy distraction to get you off track and asked the question what in your life where government touches that, what in your life is better today than two years ago? name something and most people -- i don't know what they would say. jessica has a great answer to that. >> jessica: just commenting on the press secretary. you're the spokesperson for all of america, you have to advocate for the president of the united states, but one of the things is there's a democratic national committee and they have a spokesperson a and a spokesperson to do t -- could do
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this. it's clearly a trial balloon for which is the exact same thing they ran on in 2020 against donald trump and people who supported him. >> greg: it's like a precursor for another january 6th hearing in october that's coming up. it's the introduction to the next season of the miniseries insurrection. is this a w wise strategy? has a semifascist i find it offensive. >> judge jeanine: you want to carry it for all of us, we appreciate that, greg. this is the thing that so ironic is that he's doing this in philadelphia. independence park, the birthplace as though mike of a lot of the dash the birthplace of american government and their representatives that. but it's an indictment. it's an indictment of everyone who didn't vote for joe biden.
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73 million people voted for donald trump, this is all about bringing donald trump back into the middle of things when the election isn't about donald trump. it's not about donald trump. he's not running as far as i know are anyone else. he's not on the ballot. but they are so afraid of dealing with their losses and the problems we are facing in this country that we have to have a new bogeyman and we are going to make it the maga people, they are semi fascists. anybody who is a student of history that this does not end well. when you start segregating people and accusing them of being something that is so negative, so hateful that it then spins into a democrat strategy saying these semi fascists neo-nazi germany, we can all see where this is going to go. hate is hate, hate leads to violence, that leads to retaliation. he failed to unify the country and now he's dividing it even
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more. there's a great article in the wal"the wall street journal," he pretty much open the door to debating whether or not he's a semisocialist and where he's taking america. i think that's an incredibly important points, but given both sides think that democracy is in danger of collapse i think the most important thing the republicans can do right now is have a message. he's calling republicans names, he's calling all of's deplorables, and it's about time republicans whether it's mccarthy or anybody else get a lock on what republican stand for. >> greg: that about covers it. coming up -- i'm kidding, jessica, i just assumed you agreed with everything i said. obviously it becomes a back-and-forth thing like fascist, socialist, but he didn't speak up when there is crime on for a long time.
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it is just strange that there was a consistent nightly riots that he was silent about. it's obviously a political theatrical device to go after january 6th. it's a one a one-day anomaly everybody hated. >> jessica: he's in pennsylvania, they are in the increasingly tighter race. a bit of a bigger lead then we have seen it might be tightening up. it's okay for things that the president's doing to be linked to the campaign. he wants democrats to win and he wants to be out to make sure they have as much fodder to go and campaign as possible. i have no objection and i don't think the white house should fight the characterization. i don't think belittling the fact that for years and i know this because it has been an insult personally lobbed at me over and over when republicans do paint the democratic party as socialists whether there
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democratic socialists, they're going to turn into venezuela. you looked at famed communists and socialists throughout time, stalin, castro, those guys are pretty bad. i get fascism makes people think of hitler, and hits a particular note and it does for me as well. but it's important to call a spade a spade and former president trump by the way the reason we're talking about him is because he won't stop talking. he won't get off true socials. they didn't raid his house. first of all, -- yes, i'm excited. the execution of a search warrant is not a raid and earlier this week -- >> judge jeanine: when i send my guys out with guns and the ability to break down doors -- >> jessica: they show up at 6:30 in the morning and make him stand outside and his. he's not there when this
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happened. >> greg: i don't that he wears pants. >> jessica: he called for the overturning of the 2020 election and declared the "rightful winner." but to say to me we get it when everybody else -- >> greg: what you're doing is -- >> jessica: i making a good argument? >> greg: no, you're smearing a whole group of one people. and where were you guys where people's buildings are being burned down, dozens were killed, neighbors were -- you guys didn't say a thing because it was your side doing it. enough of the stuff about january 6th. nobody on the right who thinks it's a good thing. >> jessica: generate six having come out of my mouth and until you said it you know who thinks it's an okay thing? donald trump. he said he's helping out people who participated in january 6th paying their lawyers. i read it on twitter, i did not watch! let's be fair.
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>> brian: everything you said is perfect for democrats because it's about donald trump. it was nothing about donald trump until they raided his house. >> jessica: that's not true, we were talking about -- >> brian: the biggest decision whether he was going to run. >> greg: that was lively, lively. i'm next, liberal lockdowns racing two decades worth of education progress and somehow the biden administration finds a way to blame trump, jessica! ♪ ♪ they said it couldn't be done. because the big drug companies have billions of dollars and an army of lobbyists. but aarp has never run from a tough fight. they stood with their 38 million members and said, "enough." enough of the highest prescription drug prices in the world. together, we forced the big drug companies to lower prices and save americans money.
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>> judge jeanine: a devastating new report laying out the damage done to our children by covid school shutdowns and the biden administration is blaming donald trump for it. recent scores on a key national test revealing the worst drop in math and reading scores in decades for fourth-grade students. math scores dropping seven points marking the first-ever decline while reading scores slipped five points. republican senato senator ron jn calling other teachers unions for failing our kids. >> how we harmed her children during the response wasn't driven by science. the school should s to shutdown was largely driven by the teachers unions. >> judge jeanine: get this, instead of punishing the teachers unions who pushed lockdowns, the white house is blaming trump for the student learning loss. >> it shows you how mismanaged
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the pandemic was and how the impact of the mismanagement had on kids progress. again, our priority remains to make sure states and schools and districts are using these funds at $130 billion to repair the damage done by the last administration. >> judge jeanine: you know, the truth is, dana, this is the first time in history that 9-year-olds and fourth-graders have suffered the enormous deficit in math, english as w well. the white house is blaming trump for not blaming the unions when it was the unions who kept saying we can't go back to teach, it's dangerous when it was only dangerous for them, the children no danger to them and they called all the money they have in spots. >> jessica: i've got a broader answer. if you want to remember when
2:19 pm
they said schools should reopen? and she was speaking in her personal capacity when the tdc sign was behind her. the emails between the cdc and the teachers union saying the teacher union wanted the schools to keep being shut down. to the white house, if your answer to the problem when you wake up in the morning and you see it in the papers, if they reaction is let's claim donald trump a instead of we are on top of that. this is what we're going to do. president trump is calling a cabinet meeting, and he wants every secretary to come, solutions how we will spend 96% of the money the american taxpayer that hasn't been spent yet and will call upon the american people to figure out a way to everyone to agree to take on the child and tutor them. they are going to make a massive effort to get it done and this is important. if your answer is not we are
2:20 pm
alarmed and going to do something about these children who will never ever catch up, if your answer is to blame donald trump, you're definitely in the wrong business. >> judge jeanine: the department of education, they said that they are stuck with repairing the damage done by trump and the amount of money but it weighs $122 billion in the american rescue plan. 87% of which is unspent. so, as opposed to saying we are going to fix this the department of educations blaming trump. >> brian: the secretaries talking about policy and i'm not sure the press secretary is commenting or speaking for the white house. she seems to be winging it and blame donald trump. >> dana: she's reading from her notes. spe's before she saw him touch black and hispanic kids were twice as likely as white kids to
2:21 pm
be remote and no life access to a teacher, so they were hurt worse. luca cohen song about it, 6 feet apart. they made it up, from the medical experts that the kids have to be 6 feet apart. because of that they didn't go back to school. and it wasn't based on science and that's why everything was shut down. huntington learning center, people pay extra ticket don't want to get their kids extra help. the private industry the way that the department to supplement school education because teachers are strung out and overworked. >> judge jeanine: you know, there was talk that some of the students might make up the loss with teaching time by going to summer school. even those kids did not benefits and when you look at this on a global scale, i remember talking about this, chinese kids in school, european kids are in school, it's just the american
2:22 pm
kids. we were on so high on the spectrum to begin with and we are falling back in terms of an international learning. house the generation going to compete? >> greg: i think the system is doomed. i cannot blame the other side because i didn't think we knew what we were supposed to do when this was happening, but now we do know. the one thing that has to be done is parents have to take a more active and serious role in the education, because covid didn't help them see what was going on with the zoom classes and saw with the kids being taught. meanwhile we know the teachers unions are hopelessly corrupt, systemic or racist, you've got to start going to the school board meetings and start speaking up. easy for me i don't have kids, but you have to have a tea party style movement because if you organize, just like the radicals who organize against you, you will no longer be called domestic terrorists. you probably have people joining
2:23 pm
your movement. if i were a parent of a young brat, i'd be looking into private schools in pushing for states to fund the students as opposed to the system like arizona did. i'd be organized and it's time for parents to become a radical parent. by the way, there's a party for that, the republican party is a party of the parents and sadly the democrat party is the party of the teachers union. they don't want competition. >> judge jeanine: you know, jessica, the charter and catholic schools and religious schools were open while public schools were not open. promoting the racist policies and gender identity stuff. if you had a child, would you send your child to a republic school or use the money to send your child to a school that you believe can better teach your child? >> jessica: it so happens i do have a child not going to school yet, but this is something that you -- >> greg: what's wrong with you? you? hold issue?
2:24 pm
>> jessica: she's unicorn on the cob and having fun. i will consider my options but private school is a tremendous privilege and a lot of the issues. so you earn $110,000 new york city to send your kid there and that's not a viable alternative in people using their money for whatever form of education they wanted something like a lot of liberal parents are interested and have been growing increasingly obviously during the pandemic. to your point you made that i want to hear from republicans, but the agenda is. glenn youngkin has the playbook for how to effectively maximize what happened with school shutdowns and he did not talk about crt, he didn't talk about grooming, he talked about parents being able to make decisions for their children and keep kids in classroom without masks. he did not run around talking about racist teachers, he said i
2:25 pm
want to make sure that your children are educated. first and foremost. it was a huge issue in new jersey where the focus group after a focus group of democratic voters who were turning against phil murphy because they are kids were not in school. that's a conversation both sides need to be having an parents are not necessarily concerned with the ancillary stuff. there might be somebody who is motivated to go out because they're concerned about crt, but the bulk want to know going into a classroom that they're socializing, learning from someone who is well-trained -- >> brian: the reason why all the school boards switches because of curriculum. look at florida, all people running for the school board because they hated the curriculum. they don't want to hear that anymore. a >> jessica: it's not the number one thing people are thinking about. if you want your child in the seat at school. >> dana: with advanced math available. >> judge jeanine: without the child asked which sex they want
2:26 pm
to be. up next, bringing the water crisis to another liberal sanction city and they are not too happy to about it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> joe biden. >> brian: getting off a bus in chicago and thinking president biden for his failed border policies. carrying more than 95 illegal immigrants, the pace will pick up. governor g greg abbott should welcome this asylum seekers. she's taking it as well as you probably thought. >> he's a man without any morals, humanity. governor abbott is racist and
2:31 pm
xenophobic practices of expulsion amplified the challenges many of the migrants have experienced on their journey. texas of all of its residents. >> to do it in a better way. >> i suppose that would work in theory but that's not the point. >> brian: what is the point? if you want to drain texas of 7,000 illegal immigrants a day, come one, come all. to know your thoughts about the way the mayor's handling the immigrants? >> dana: you want to brag your sanctuary city and where the t-shirt and get all the retweets, when the migrants show up you better act like the sanctuary city and not complain it's not greg abbott that has any morals and i don't understand how it's a racist policy. if democrats can't criticize
2:32 pm
themselves without being complete hypocrites and at some point the pressure is going to build enough the democrats get together in the conference of mayors will say excuse me, we need you to do something here. there's many spokespeople for a big liberal cities right now thinking we better have a meeting because we could be n next. >> brian: where did you see the racist and xenophobic behavior from governor abbott? >> greg: it sounds like the black person hates brown people and as a white person, i'm red with rage. the best part of the story, you know migrants before he got off the bus says watch me get on fox. [laughter] thank you, joe biden! then he gives everybody 50 bucks. but the best part about the story thinks that the mayor of chicago thinks it's cruel to send people to chicago. this is the second mayor who said no one should be forced to
2:33 pm
live in this city run by liberals, but it also shows you how you've got to stop calling everything racist because there's nothing racist here. you can say you have to admit they got you on this. your sanctuary city, all they are doing is asking you to fulfill it and i don't think that anybody should be blaming migrants for what they are doing. they are following the incentives and it's the incentivize are like the mayors who are the culprits and i will always say this, i will trade 1,000 new yorkers for ten migrants because ten migrants will contribute more than most new yorkers. >> brian: i know they are provided because a lot of the first illegals i came across the border had biden-harris t-shirts on. is it to believe their future voters or is that ace i had a compromise? >> jessica: there was a lot of murch around. it's not that they will come in votes, they are here for a
2:34 pm
better life and i subscribe completely with what dana led with is we are sanctuary city and i want to be able to come the federal government -- >> brian: you want them coming illegally? >> jessica: there in the country already. on documented at this point. >> brian: taken over 5,000! >> jessica: we have space for them, show up rather or date we are talking about an entire country and i'm not saying they can live any block that they want in midtown. of parts of new york. the federal government has to give up more sing ohmic money to sanctuary cities to accommodate the people. if >> brian: why do we have to give more money to other people's sanctuary cities? >> judge jeanine: they break the law and then they are in sanctuary city which means that irrespective of what they do, we are not going to arrest them unless it's murder. if they do, we will let them out
2:35 pm
of jail. i it's not fair to the american people and it's not fair to us to have to pay for all of this, one is enough enough and at what point will we say that we are getting 2.3 million this year of illegals and the mayor of new york city is sitting with a million people saying i don't know where to put them anymore. should we send them to montana because they have -- no! they should come in legally like everybody to come in legally! >> brian: not everybody can come and say i'm here because i'm coming with asylum. >> jessica: let them have their day in court and decide what happens to them. >> judge jeanine: they don't go to court anyway. there is a lawsuit in the immigration and neutrality act where the attorney general in florida is saying the border is now less safe for americans and that they are required, the federal government is being sued they are required to hold the migrants at the border and not
2:36 pm
let them loose. >> brian: , asked me to if i can add something. if the problem, jessica, with the issue here is you cannot have the beautiful perfect utopian safety net unless you close the border. you have the choice or you've got completely open borders and no safety net. i'd be for either one, but you cannot mix them up because then what happens is you've got the incentivize her and the incentivized coming over. cannot allow freebies for illegal citizens, you have freebies and nothing else or no freebies. >> brian: no country for old men. if they do not pay at the ballot box it will continue but if they pay at the ballot box, this will change. if they keep voting for republicans, that will change. of coming up straight ahead, team trump returns to court as we get run new developments on the fbi rate of mar-a-lago. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: the ongoing legal battle congealing on the fbi's raid on mar-a-lago federal judges decision for the independent special master to review documents this last month. team trump a master would help lower the temperature. the justice department appointment could harm national security interest. one of the controversy is over the doj releasing a photo and documents of trump labeled top-secret. the fbi during the raid of mar-a-lago, documents
2:42 pm
haphazardly where all over the floor and pretending. started taking pictures of them for the public to see and this is an interesting thing, judge, of course president trump is represented by the lawyers in court, the doj has lawyers and courts, but the doj also -- that was a p.r. move. on a legal move, but a p.r. move to release the photographs. >> dana: it's a shocking p.r. move and i've never seen evidence from the education of a warrant the way that this was laid out. i was orchestrated and choreographed with "time" magazine in they are so everybody knows that donald trump, -- look, it's almost pathetic that they had to do that. there's a lot of question about whether or not what's visible and invisible. the appointment of a special masters not a problem, and i think given the checkered past of the fbi, especially with a
2:43 pm
application for the fisa court, re-upping three times that you get public confidence increased if you where to get the special master. now they can jump the gun and say we already did it with this agent and this arm of the doj, don't worry about it. you had it covered with jim comey, the head of the fbi. but the big problem that we have here is the issue of obstruction which i think is where you started. that's the issue of who said we have given you everything we've got. was at the lawyer who signed it at the time that they came in june and gave up the additional 38 boxes. and upon what did the lawyer based the information? is it negligence? criminal intent? we don't know and we still don't know what evidence is there other than -- >> dana: what a special master tell us? >> judge jeanine: they'll separate the information and
2:44 pm
whether it's a client or executive privilege that's not available to know, may be available to him when he had it. >> greg: special master, i haven't heard the phrase as my days as a dominatrix at the stud a tunnel. >> jessica: i remember that. >> greg: yeah, you are a lousy tipper. the walls are closing in, but i don't understand where the walls are closing in. but this is the least interesting raid ever. he wasn't charged with anything, but that will be after the election if he broke laws. two if's, we are not doing it now after the election, you can see what's going on. as empty as al capone's fault. but i think this is something that's going to be so boring because it's boring them. it's about splitting up stuff,
2:45 pm
it's about splitting -- take stuff in boxes and by the way do you know how long we thought -- who packed it? but it turns out they didn't. >> dana: it's interesting that the gsa was in the white house doing that. >> greg: it some low level person. trump doesn't care, he's golfing. this is the silliest and most ridiculous story and accredit the media for trying to make this thing into something huge. >> dana: jessica, do you disagree with greg? >> jessica: i do. i think absolutely every level of what he said. we are in a new place where it seems like everybody accepts he did something wrong and andy mccarthy talking about likely to be indicted at this point come up with the question is what are we going to do about it. what the president said on true and the various surrogates he has, he's been conned in so many lies it's difficult account but the affidavit and what they
2:46 pm
filed, do not unseal the affidavit and he said i declassified everything. guess what, when they asked for a special master they agreed they needed top-secret clearance to be able to review t the materials. it is a game of distraction. when they seize all defendant no and that staged like that, i don't hear you guys all absent, it's exactly how it looks. >> judge jeanine: that's after arrest and indictment. >> jessica: anyway, the president fought back against the photo and first of all more upset than he looked like a slob then what he had done and he said no, they were in cartons and they are supposed to be in secure locations and not in cartons -- >> greg: stunning detail, stunning detail. >> brian: i thought that's when he kept it, it came across in the morning. i thought it was -- like what a mess! how can he lea leave it out?
2:47 pm
it's the dumbest move ever and andy mccarthy was on the ra radio. there's going to be problems soon problematic for the president, former president. that's one of the dumbest things he's ever seen to do that. but to your point, they are not going to come up with anything until after the election. >> dana: cloud of suspicion. >> greg: here's an ignorant question, what does -- doesn't everybody get indicted -- >> jessica: everybody in trump world. >> greg: does and indictment mean you've done something wrong? >> dana: it means that you're officially charged. >> judge jeanine: in most cases, the presumption of innocence. >> greg: you can indict a ham sandwich, i heard that once. >> dana: we've got a lot of googling to do now between the next break. already causing an uproar.
2:48 pm
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the insurance company getenwasn't fair.ity y cablele. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. llll theararnes rmrm now the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jessica: it took them 15 years and countless pleas but no
2:52 pm
twitters officially launching an edit button meaning no more embarrassing typos and you can update tweets a few minutes -- a few times up to 30 minutes after posting. was anybody at the table one of the countless pleas to get the edit button? >> brian: this reminds me of what happened with the pga because the pga -- >> jessica: i did not see that coming. >> brian: the pga got better when the live tournament came out and started raising the prices and the prize money and making it more interesting. they started being more amenable to the golfers and all of us and then got better. when in the main problems is the end it button, let's make it easier and let's have a friends group of 100 and 50 people. elon musk made the world a better place. >> greg: i love the idea because it means i can tweet like dana perino went in the green room trash can. it leave it up for 20 minutes
2:53 pm
and have it up, and then change it saying dana perino helps orphans. i can use it for evil not good. >> dana: i feel like in principle i might not. sometimes you have a typo and it's embarrassing. do not voice taxi tweets, that's a disaster waiting to happen with the auto correct. >> judge jeanine: i did it once and i'll never do it again. >> dana: what happened? >> judge jeanine: i said something like hey, then the synonym, something that sounds like hey and the person got mad and are you calling me this? and i went oh, no. no. >> jessica: i'm trying to figure that out. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪
2:54 pm
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♪ time now for one more thing, i will go first. tonight on gutfeld 11 locke can p.m., lara trump, gillespie. lydia monahan and tyrus. going to be a great show. okay. let's do this. greg's best video involving a cat, pigeon and a car. [laughter] >> greg: just roll this. >> there's the car. all right? there is the pigeon. there's the cat. oh. all right. i just tell you what was on the can? totally there is a pigeon. oh, 600 times. why? gut i don't know?na >> dana: we found this video of brian and his wife in their courtship earlier on. take a look at this. their names are. [kissing noises] >> they should be allowed to speak. >> dana: that was dawn and brian in their early courtship and
2:59 pm
they have had a wonderful message. >> brian: so far it's going well according to reports. all right. real quick. we're closing in on september 8th. 17761619. brandon, mississippi, and tulsa, oklahoma, newark, new jersey december 2nd. brian now i am going to show the play of the year. this save the game for jacob serena williams making history. the mets pulled off a history. 41,000. that is the catch of the year by brandon nemo, the mets never used to be this good but i get a sense they are going to win it all this year. sorry, dodgers 2-1 final. >> judge jeanine: the queen of country dolly parton wants to make sure your pup is styling and profiling, she has a new line called doggy parton. legendary singer lines help support animal rescue called dog
3:00 pm
i parton. dresses beginning ham shirts and bandannas. i will be on jesse "primetime" tonight. >> greg: 10 seconds? >> jessica: point guard and finally graduated college 13 years after he left davidson inducted into the hall of fame first athlete ever 5,000 people in attendance. the sole graduate. >> cool. >> greg: that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: that's pretty cool about steph curry. >> brian: he might amount to something. good evening, i'm bret baier. about two hours away from what is expected to be another attack on republicans, according to republicans by president biden. his so-called battle for the soul of the nation speech will be delivered from independence hall in philadelphia. and while the president continues to accuse his political opponents of threatening democracy, the administration is blaming the g.o.p. and the trump administration for school shutdowns


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