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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 1, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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dresses beginning ham shirts and bandannas. i will be on jesse "primetime" tonight. >> greg: 10 seconds? >> jessica: point guard and finally graduated college 13 years after he left davidson inducted into the hall of fame first athlete ever 5,000 people in attendance. the sole graduate. >> cool. >> greg: that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: that's pretty cool about steph curry. >> brian: he might amount to something. good evening, i'm bret baier. about two hours away from what is expected to be another attack on republicans, according to republicans by president biden. his so-called battle for the soul of the nation speech will be delivered from independence hall in philadelphia. and while the president continues to accuse his political opponents of threatening democracy, the administration is blaming the g.o.p. and the trump administration for school shutdowns and low test scores
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due to the coronavirus pandemic. republicans, remember things very differently. white house correspondent peter doocy joins us tonight from philadelphia with a preview of speech. >> good evening, bret. president biden is at joint base andrews air force 1 is about to take off for philadelphia where president biden launched his presidential campaign last cycle and where he plans to launch new attacks on republican lawmakers who he is going to claim want to tear up america's foundational documents that were debated here. >> no it's not a political speech. >> it sure sounds political if the president sticks to this script about republicans. >> they want nationwide ban on abortions. they want to give tax cuts to billionaires and corporations while raising taxes on middle class americans. they are threatening political violence. and they are attacking our democracy. >> as the white house focuses on existential threats, education problems are emerging in the
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covid eras of closed schools the average math score for a 9-year-old. the average reading score dropped 5 points education progress. >> we have been making slow but steady progress in math and reading over the last 20 years. we lost it all during covid. we lost it all. >> dr. fauci disagreed. just last week. >> well, i don't think it's forever irreparably damaged anyone. >> emails late last year show the centers for disease control director was coordinating reopening with teachers unions before making them public. now devastating data. miguel cardona says we must repair the damage done by donald trump's mismanage of the pandemic and we will. democrats who criticized republicans for reopening schools too soon now say republicans are to blame. our schools went from 46% to open to nearly all of them being open to full time. that was the work of this president. and that was the work of
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democrats in spite of republicans not voting for the american rescue plan. >> tonight the white house says not as much trump talk. >> not a speech about the former president or about a single politician or about a political party. >> but only one political party is being singled out so far. >> so, when you are not with where the majority of americans are, then, you know, that is extreme. >> by that logic, if you are not with biden, you're extreme because quinnipiac gives him a 40% approval rating as of yesterday. we have seen some excerpts of the president's remarks this evening. he plans to say maga forces are bringing the country backwards with independence hall at tonight's back drop. even though there is nothing about maga in the u.s. constitution or the declaration of independence. we checked. bret? >> bret: founding fathers may have been extreme, who knows?
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we will watch the speech, peter, thanks, hunter biden was instrumental in helping a rosemont seneca client and democratic donor secure an event at the chinese embassy in washington. fox news digital reporting reporting the assistance came during a january 2,011th luncheon hosted by then vice president biden. emails reviewed and verified by fox show that hunter and his former business partner eric shearn helped marvin lang the garden realty in which was later touted on china's ministry of foreign affairs website. the white house, sherri written. financial records from former president trump has reached an agreement that ends litigation on the matter and requires an accounting firm to turn over some of the material. house oversight chairman carol malone says former president trump has agreed to end his
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legal challenges to the subpoena and his accountants have agreed to produce responsive documents to the committee as expeditiously as possible. well, it's now up to a florida judge, a federal judge in florida to decide whether to appoint a third party arbiter to examine materials taken from former president trump's mar-a-lago compound last month. the trump team made its case today while federal prosecutors argued that a so-called special master is unnecessary correspondent david spunt is outside the courthouse tonight with the latest from west palm beach. >> former president donald trump's attorneys walked out of federal court silent in front of cameras after a nearly two hour hearing. federal judge eileen cannon indicated she was skeptical of the government's opposition to having an outside arbiter examine documents seized from mar-a-lago. what is the harm of appointing a special master asked the jump, a 2020 trump bench appointee, this
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after lawyers for former president trump told the court the american people don't trust the government when federal prosecutors claim to have already scrubbed seize the documents and put aside those involving attorney-client and executive privilege. trump's attorney christopher said these are presidential records in the hands of the 45th president at a place which was used frequently for work during his presidency. this is not some department of defense staffer stuffing records in a bag and sneaking off. a special master will give greater confidence in this process. trump attorneys said in the name of fairness a third party should be appointed to independently review the material removed from trump's florida resort by the fbi. in a late wednesday filing, the former president's attorneys wrote the subject of a search warrant always has the ability to seek neutral review of seized materials and that left unchecked the doj will impugn, leak, and publicize selective aspects of theirs investigation.
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but justifiable department attorney jay brated told the judge the court has to accept that it was a valid warrant and this was a lawful search this was not an end run around the presidential records act. the government has indicated it is well in to a grand jury investigation for possible violations of the espionage act, obstruction of justice, and unlawful concealment or removal of government rorltdz. federal judge eileen cannon, bret, announced she would order some time soon on special master. no timeline. special appointment of a special master may slow down the criminal investigation into the former president. bret? >> bret: david spunt, west palm beach. david, thank you. the wife of u.s. supreme court justice clarence thomas reportedly pressured lawmakers in wisconsin to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. "the washington post" reporting that virginia thomas messaged to g.o.p. state legislators about
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that issue. the post reporting earlier thomas emailed 29 officials in arizona after the election. she sent all of the emails via online platform that can send multiple elected officials prewritten messages. no comments from mrs. thomas. her lawyer or the supreme court. a federal judge in south carolina says constitutional protections do not shield senator lindsey graham from testifying before a special grand jury investigating possible illegal efforts to overturn president trump's previous election loss in georgia. the senator will continue the appeals process we are told. he had originally been instructed to appear before that panel last month. former white house counsel pat cipollone and his deputy patrick philbin are schedule to do so appear before a grand jury in washington. the panel is investigating efforts to interfere in certifying the 2020 election results. both men have been cooperating with the house select committee's separate investigation.
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it's unclear the level of cooperation they will give to this grand jury auto new jersey man is pleading guilty to charges relating to the attack on officer brian sicknick during the capitol right of january 6th. julian admitted to a plea deal and admitted to dousing officers with pepper spray. retired new york police officer has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in the capitol riot. thomas webster received the longest sentence so far of the 250 people punished for their conduct during that incident. former president trump says he will look very seriously at full pardons for those sentenced if he wins the 2024 presidential election. he made those remarks to a radio host wendy bell saying the rioters have been badly treated. in today's report on the president's border crisis, we look at two major players behind the fentanyl crisis. senior national correspondent rich edson tells us about a pair of drug cartels responsible for
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the importation of so many deadly opioids. >> the individual of these cartels are ruthless, greedy, and sophisticated. >> and they lead criminal enterprises rapidly expanding fentanyl production pushing more of the deadly drug into the united states. the see low a cartel. 10 million for the rival cartel boss. >> the mexican cartels run a global enterprise. they run it like a fortune 500 company. >> in 2019, the u.s. successfully lobbied the chinese government to bring fentanyl under stronger regulations. that cut fentanyl shipments from china to north america. and opened an opportunity for mexican cartels to manufacture the drug themselves. >> all they need are the precursor chemicals and once they have those chemicals, they can manufacture those at industrial scale. and we are seeing that.
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>> making cocaine and heroin requires crops. cartels manufacture fentanyl with synthetic chemicals produced largely in china. the drug is acutely powerful in tiny doses. meaning smugglers can feed a market in the u.s. with far smaller shipments. >> if production costs $200, sales in the united states will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars or potentially even more depending on how it is cut. >> in 2016 after years of successful escapes and evading law enforcement, the u.s. government successfully parterred with mexican counterparts to capture joaquin chapo imuzman the former said of the see low a cartel. >> the administration mexico president andrew lopez manuel on door has really eviscerated the cooperation. >> president lopez olbermann obr
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hugs not can bullets. only creates nor violence. a record 107,000 americans died from drug overdoses in 2021 according to the senators for disease control. more than 70,000 of those victims were killed by synthetic opioids like fentanyl. bret? >> bret: rich, thanks. ♪ ♪ >> an oregon man out on bail after allegedly trying to strangle the mother of his children is back behind bars tonight charged with her murder. prosecutors blame a portland group for providing the suspect's bail money. chief correspondent jonathan hunt has the tragic details tonight. >> mohammed had nine arrests on his record, six of those for domestic violence against the mother of his children. rachel, angel abraham. on july 12th this year, he was charged with trying to strangle abraham. on august 20th, the freedom fund
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paid to bail him out of jail part of its mission which it describes as quote reducing harms perpetuated against our black, brown and indigenous neighbors by the criminal justice system through posting bail. he was eligible for release because, according to the county d.a.'s office, his prior offenses, quote: did not meet the court's criteria for him to be held without bail. >> last saturday, exactly a week after he walked out of jail, prosecutors say he cut off his ankle bracelet and murdered derderian rachel abraham. repeatedly stabbing her and strangling her to death under home. the three children all under 8 yards away. he was quickly charged with murder. prosecutors furious at that time portland freedom fund had bailed out a man with such a long record of domestic violence. the county district attorney saying, quote: mr. adan's
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intent to kill the victim was unambiguous. the freedom fund said in a statement after the murder, quote: our thoughts are with the families and communities affected by this tragedy. particularly the children, who have effectively lost both parents. we were in contact with mr. aday throughout the time between his release and rearrest no concern until the man they bailed out allegedly murdered the woman he had already attacked six times. bret? >> bret: jonathan, thank you. stocks were mixed today. the dow snapped a four-day losing streak gaining 146. the s&p 500 walls up 12. the nasdaq lost 31. up next, the next installment of our common ground segment reince priebus and plus californians are told to buy electric vehicles but not to charge them up. not just yet.
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♪ >> bret: former alaska governor one time vice presidential nominee sarah palin has lost her bid to go congress. palin was defeated in a special election for the remaining months of the late congressman don young's term.
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democrat mary per toll la is the first alaska native to serve in the house the two women, plus another republican, nicholas begich will battle once again for a two year um year term in the november general election we welcome in reasons priebus. communications director. executive director of the georgetown institute of politics mo owe levy. gentlemen, thanks for being here we like to start this segment out with trying to find something that you agree on. i know you didn't talk before hand, mo, if you were to guess where you guys would be where would you be? i think reince is someone who actually cares about the democratic process and the health of our republic. and i think he and i would both agree that when both parties are
3:21 pm
good and when both parties are strong, it is better for our politics generally. >> bret: reince, there is a new poll out in quinnipiac, it's the question is the nation's democracy in danger of collapse? democrats and republicans at 69% in this poll and it reads this way. in a rare moment of agreement, americans coalesce around an ominous concern democracy, the bedrock of the nation is in peril, according to quinnipiac. i guess for different reasons, but your thoughts on all of t that? >> >> yeah. certainly and mo is a great guy, i feel the same way about him. but, yeah, i think what we have in country is a very shrinking middle, majorities are very small, including state legislators across the country. and, yes, i think most people in this country think the country is moving in the wrong direction. people are worried about democracy. they want our elected officials to fight for them, except the
3:22 pm
only problem is that republicans and democrats think that the very opposite reason is why democracy is in peril. i mean, if you talk to republicans, they will tell you that they are tired of gender politics and pronoun obsessions and open borders and the police issue and celebrating socialism. i mean, you name it, and that is what is creating this polar opposite view of where we are heading in this country. look at where we are at today. we have 435 members of the senate and the house. and almost all of them, except for two thirds of the senate are up for election. only 5% of all the elected people in this country are really in play. the other 95% of everyone in this country is almost certainly 100 percent safe. with 70% of the american public thinking that we are absolutely moving in the wrong direction. that should tell you a lot.
3:23 pm
>> bret: mo, we are getting ready for this speech. we are just starting to get excerpts from the president's speech in philadelphia tonight. one of them says this. maga forces are determined to take this country backwards. backwards to an american where there is no right to choose, no right to privacy, no right to contraception, no right to marry how love. i want to play this soundbite from president biden and some of the things he said along the way here about unity and what he is saying now. >> i pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but to unify. let's start afresh, all of us. every disagreement. doesn't have to be a cause for a total war. let me tell you about this ultra maga agenda it's extreme as most maga things are. >> the maga republicans don't just threaten our personal rights and economic security. they are a threat to our very democracy. >> bret: so, mo, i guess we are getting closer to november. but your thoughts on that and
3:24 pm
the juxtaposition of kind of those thoughts? >> yeah, it's interesting. i think what the president is trying to do and we will see if it is successful or not politically is draw a distinction between the maga republicans and your money mainstream, your more traditional republicans that we have seen over the years. and i think what he is betting on or at least it seems like to me is that there are still some mainstream republicans, some good conservatives who he would disagree with, ohio would disagree with on policy but don't double down on things like denying the results of the 2020 election. don't double down on some of those policy issues that he just referenced. and it seems to me that what he is saying is that there is room here the old fashioned
3:25 pm
disagreement the stuff that reince and i disagreed over partisan without having to buy into this other thing. this other thing that a has come to nateed our politics now for the past five, six, seven years. and that's being somewhat destructive. he seems to not only be making a choice between democrats and republicans, which is what you ought to do in a in an election but making a choice between maga and oldschool republicans. we will see if that is successful but sort of giving permission to some republicans to say you can be conservative and not be this. >> bret: i mean, i just -- there are a number of republicans and independence who voted for the trump administration's policies. maybe not the man and how he communicated and how he did things, but they like those policies. and is that maga or not? i want to play one more soundbite, reince, that is the white house press secretary today and it caught some people by surprise when she said this. >> we see majority of americans
3:26 pm
who disagree and so when you are not with where the majority of americans are, then, you know, that is extreme. that is an extreme way of thinking. >> bret: that was just perked people's ears. a majority of americans disprove of president biden's performance according to real clear politics poll. so are the ones who approve exsnreem juxtaposition is kind of strange. >> well, i mean, this is an interesting -- you are trying to gave speech on unity and talking about 75 million maga voters or trump voters. i mean, the reality is if you are most -- if you are 90% of republicans when you hear maga, you think trump and 75 million people voted for trump. but what really is going on here and mo sort of hit on it just take it a different way is that joe biden is trying to flip the script. joe biden has got a problem and we saw it in virginia in the youngkin race.
3:27 pm
he has got a problem because only 20% of democrats believe that joe biden is doing a fabulous job. and the only way that he changes that number and that's a bad number for democrats because those are the people that get you excited. they do the door-knocking they do the drops. the only way he changes that is by flipping the script and talking about maga, ultra maga, trump and trying to make it about everything other than joe biden. this is a political play. it's very obvious what this is. and they are going to try to drive this down everybody's throats. but it is just solidifies what we talked about right off the bat when is polarizing america, putting people in their corners, forcing people to choose sides. and, look, this is where -- this is where the politics is at and this is where joe biden is taking it. >> bret: mo, very quickly, is there anything that can get done in this environment common ground up on capitol hill? >> sure. and we saw it with infrastructure.
3:28 pm
things can be done if people are willing to put aside their extremist agendas. look, i think there were some people on the far left and some people in maga world who both were against something like infrastructure. sort of the more mainstream in both parties came together and said look we have got to do something to get things done. just to, you know, sort of follow up on something reince said, you know, we are seeing the ground shift underneath us all as this election approaches. we are seeing a much more competitive playing field. we are seeing the enthusiasm gap narrowing that democratic voters are about as enthusiastic as republican voters in all the polling. and we are seeing that the president's approval numbers are ticking up. he is at about 40%. congressional republicans in the same exact poll are at 23%. something is happening out there to make this much more competitive than it felt a few months ago. and we will see if that can sustain for the next couple of months. >> bret: gentlemen, we
3:29 pm
appreciate it, bipartisan conversation. thanks a lot mo and reince. up next, california drivers get conflicting information from their leaders about electric vehicles. ♪
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♪ >> bret: mixed messages from california tonight about electric vehicles. the state is banning the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. we told you that. but it is asking residents to hold off on charging the vehicles to avoid blackouts, at least for the time being. fox business correspondent kelly o'grady is in son that monica tonight with the latest. good evening, kelly. >> good evening, bret. the worst heat wave of the year is posing a critical test for california's power grid to prevent these rolling blackouts, residents are being asked to conservative energy and find little confidence in the state's push for electrification. the officials have issued a flex alert asking residents to voluntarily reduce electricity
3:35 pm
between 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. measures include keeping the thermostat above 78. the one raising eyebrows is the request to avoid choosing e vs interesting timing the state banned the sale of gas sales. 35% of new sales must be electric as 2026. on top of cost range anxiety not being allowed to charge your vehicle when it gets hot. quick to point out the irony we asked residents how they feel about the mixed messages. >> it's kind of scary. what if you really got to go somewhere and have you got an emergency. >> sometimes you are on a business trip or whatever, you just cannot do without. you have to go on and do your work. >> we need better infrastructure to support the huge switch to evs. we are not there yet. the grid can't support it. >> the grid is already short 1700 mega was but by 2025 that picture looks worse with an expected short fall of 1800 megawatts leaving 1 million to 2 million at risk let alone charge their evs.
3:36 pm
another wrinkle is the lack of charging infrastructure. tesla is heavily investing in building out its network other car brands can't use them without purchasing an adapter. when they can't find a station or charging in a heat wave proponents of the green push telling us that a transition plan is lacking and wondering how california is going to handle that influx of evs. back to you, bret. >> bret: kelley owe gaede in santa monica. some of the high school football games in the jackson mississippi area will not be played because of the area's ongoing water crisis. schools have moved to online classes, many businesses there are closed. just getting enough water to drink is now a major problem. correspondent charles watson is it in jackson tonight. good evening, charles. >> good evening, bret. officials have not given a clear timeline in terms of when jackson's water system will get back to normal. but, mississippi governor tate reeves says more help is on the way for tens of thousands of people who rely on water from the city. this afternoon, the governor
3:37 pm
announced the opening of 7 additional water distribution sites that will be manned by 600 national guardsmen. reeves says those sites will hand out both drinkable and nondrinkable water in an effort to help improve the efficiency of distribution sites that are currently operated by the city of jackson. the governor made it clear that he understands this is a terrible situation for residents to be in. and tried to assure folks that state and federal agencies are working around the clock to get the city's ailing water treatment plant back in line. >> i know that you are dealing with a profoundly unfair situation. it's frustrating. it's wrong, and it needs to be fixed. >> sorries just aren't double it for day care owner latonia stuart who has had to turn away money and families for at least three days because she didn't have water to safely care for young children. >> so my frustration is not only that i had to close, but, also
3:38 pm
that we had to go out and spend extra money and take losses. >> now, mississippi officials did install a rental pump at jackson's troubled water treatment plant on webs, but issues with water pressure and water chemistry continue to slow the process as state and federal agencies make repairs. the e.p.a. is also on site. a spokesperson tells fox news in a statement, quote: e.p.a. has also expedited delivery of critical equipment to help repair the ob curtis water treatment plant. we are coordinating with all levels of government support the people. we are coordinating with all levels rumblings that there was some tension between governor reeves and jackson mayor chuck way. the mayor made it very clear today that he and the governor are unified front in fixing
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ukrainian troops have taken out more than 200 russian helicopters and destroyed more than 800. >> live, early friday morning, thank you. up next, the panel previewing the president's speech and examining the white house the sliding performance of the nation's students.
3:48 pm
a force beyond our borders denied, following attacks in rival militia groups bearded iraqi security forces deployed to the region as violence erupted overnight in the attacks come after violent clashes in baghdad left at least 30 people dead as unrest within the iraqi government continues. this is a live look at france one of the big stories there tonight australia strengthened their defense corporation and deepened diplomatic ties. at the countries are working on moving on from a breakdown in relations after australia canceled a military contract with france and took the business to the u.s. and great britain. officials from both nations said they are trying to turn the p page. some of the stories beyond the borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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make a sound decision. call 1-800 miracle now, and book your free hearing evaluation. ♪ ♪ >> bret: well, we are hoping to hear from the white house press secretary and an ad. let's listen in. >> less than six months, our schools went from 46% to nearly all of them open to full-time. that was the work of this president and that was the work of democrats. >> desperate to reopen schools
3:54 pm
because he thinks it will save his reelection. ignoring how the virus spreads, risking teachers and parents lives going against the advice of experts. >> bret: there is the white house press secretary and that's a democratic national committee in july of 2020. it comes as we get new numbers about students performance around the country in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the pandemic according to "the new york times" erased two decades of of math and reading scores felt by the largest margin in more than 30 years. spanning races and income levels markedly worse for the lowest performing students. top performance in the 90th percentile showed a modest drop, students in the bottom 10% percentile dropped and ten points in math four times the impact. it let's bring in panel, jason riley, senior fellow at the manhattan institute, susan page, "usa today," byron york chief political correspondent from the "washington examiner."
3:55 pm
republicans listen to the white house press secretary and said that's not how we remember and you heard the dnc from ju july 2020. >> first of all, the report is absolutely tragic. if they said earlier in the show that decades and decades of progress were lost in the period and i think the dnc and that you played says it all. democrats were saying partly at the behest of the contributors and the teachers union. this idea of rewriting history completely to suggest that democrats were trying hard to keep schools open while republicans were keeping them close and forcing children into zoom sessions is not going to fly. >> bret: this is "the new york post" from back of the time, the american federation of teachers lobbied the senators for centers of disease control and suggested for the federal agency school reopen guidance in february. the lobby and paid off in two
3:56 pm
instances language suggestions offered by the union were adopted nearly verbatim into the final cdc document. susan, what about this and obviously there's numbers we talked about in "the new york times" that are horrific. is there a political jiu-jitsu happening here by the white house? >> i don't pick it works when you can have video evidence and a different approach that the democrats are taking criticism of the trump administration on the issue trying to open sch schools. you know as you said this is a terrible situation and costs to our kids. we want to do something about it. biden's education secretary put out a statement that begins by saying it's the fault of the previous administration. i think it's pretty cold comfort to parents who are worried about their kids education performance and it's at odds with your own
3:57 pm
record that you're not persuading anybody to believe what you're saying. >> bret: i want to turn to the speech tonight and another extra from the president tonight. a long time we reassured american democracy is guaranteed but we have to stand up and fight for it each and every one of us. it doesn't deal with maga republicans but that's going to be the focus tonight. >> absolutely. what you're going to hear is the speech from a president with a 40% approval rating. what it means the president will not be talking about himself. he'll want to change the topic and so changing it to donald trump is what the republicans think -- what the democrats think will work for them. they think in the past month or so things have been going in the right direction and "the wall street journal" pulled mount out recently about the generic ballot.
3:58 pm
today, democrats hold about a three-point lead. march, republicans were up by five points, so the strategy here for democrats is to talk not about joe biden accomplishments because those are few and far between. it's to change the subject to donald trump and what democrats will be running on here is abortion, they think it will motivate their base. talk about donald trump and they think that too is a good topic for them and so that's what i think you will see tonight, the focus on donald trump. >> bret: the explanation today, if you don't agree with the majority you are extreme. that's quite something. >> this is a campaign speech and a national monument by the way. the ideas to take a number of things that conservative sent for a very long time and slapped a maga label onto it. the excerpt that's been released
3:59 pm
about what biden will say about abortion, saying that maga forces are determined to take this country backwards to an america where there is no right to choose, no right to privacy, contraception, no right to marry who you love. that's the robert bork's america speech from the 1980s when joe biden was in the senate chamber when it was delivered. >> bret: we will see the speech the night and fall reaction today and tomorrow. panel, thank you. ♪ ♪ finally tonight, a special day in a fearless 92-year-old woman took to the skies skydiving over florida yesterday. rosemary whose daughter passed away from leukemia 57 years ago to the day took the leap of faith in her honor. raising money for st. jude children's hospital after coming down from the clouds and the smooth landing, she said it was
4:00 pm
heaven and you can see it all. congratulations. tonight on "special report," a report of the global food crisis looking at the political policies impacting the production. thanks for inviting us into your home and that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" with judge jeanine pirro starts right now. jicama judge. >> thank you so much. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to "jesse watters primetime," i'm judge jeanine pirro. you know, joe biden said he wanted to run for president for a lot of reason. but the biggest one was the soul of america. >> the battle for the soul of this nation, well, that's even more true today. we are in the battle for the soul of this nation. >> we are in a battle for the soul of this nation. >> we are in a battle for the soul of this nation. we are i