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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 1, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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carolina. it's been a great 2 nights. i am not here tomorrow night. thanks for watching. catch me every day on the "the five." the fourth season of castles on fox nation is coming up. stella and i are leaving. stell is never coming back. good-bye. >> ♪ ♪ >> welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." if you are watching this you are missing a rare prime-time address from joe biden. biden doesn't give a lot of those. but america is under attack. the threat is not coming from barefoot religious extremists in caves. it's not the chinese government.
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it's not vladimir putin himself. the most evil man in history. no, ladies and gentlemen, this threat is worse and home grown. it's coming from inside the house. the single gravest threat to america today is republican voters. all 75 million of them. they are nazis and destroyers of democracy. that's the message of joe biden's speed. he referred to maga forces near a red lobster near you to take over the country. to underscore how much joe biden feels about this, this speech has the full sponsorship of the white house. what joe biden is saying right now is the official position of the entire executive branch of the u.s. government. that include the justice department and intel agencies
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and the world's most powerful standing military. think about that. does it make you nervous? you don't have to be a trump voter to see a speech like this as a turning point in american history. for hundreds of years the u.s. has had a political system comprised of two competing parties. if you declare one party criminal, what would you be left with? you would be left with a one party state. that's what joe biden is calling for tonight. a one party state. it's shocking. you may have trouble believing it is happening but it is live on television right now. believe it or not, there is an upside to this catastrophe. even as you watch your beloved country take a turn you never imagined possible, there is reason for hope. american liberals may have obvious ambitions. only dictators fear free speech and an armed population.
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but that doesn't mean they will get a one party state. they don't have the skills to pull that off. liberals are too incompetent to overthrow democracy. they have 2 things in common. a co herent world view and a military force. lenin had carl marx and the military genius to pull it off. these two things were enough to topple the czar and take control of the world's biggest country. joe biden doesn't have is these 2 things. joe biden has taylor and mark milley. lorens is the anchor of the biden white house. she is the muse but she doesn't write books. twitter is her van kass.
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-- canvass. her main idea is anyone that doesn't wear an k95 mask in the shower is a racist. there are several dozen people who agree with that. it's hardly the basis of a popular movement. it's not marxism. it's whining and then mark milley. he is like leon without the cool mustache. he could not successful leave withdraw forces that wanted him to leave. pizza is afraid of him. no one else is. these are the people trying to bring us a one party state. for the next several minutes we will show you the face of joe biden's revolution. the next time you feel afraid for the future of this country and think these people want to hurt me because they do, remember who we are talking about here. you will feel better.
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we will start with joe biden's minister of information. he may be the most self-discrediting spokesman in the history of politics. she is literally beyond belief. here she is on monday. >> somebody unvaccinated comes over in a plane that's not okay and someone comes across the border and they're unvaccinated, that's okay. >> it's not when someone walks over. >> that's what is happening. thousands of people are walking in. some turn themselves over. some are caught. tens of thousands a week are not. >> tucker: it's not like someone just walks over the board.
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karine-jean pierre laughs and waves her hands. either she doesn't have a television set and has no idea what is happening in america, or we think is more likely, she has seen the tape but doesn't recognize what it is. she can't discern people walking over the border when she sees pictures of people just walking over the border. she is that stupid. another example? here she is with total sincerity assessing a speech by governor ron desantis of florida. >> just last week, you had governor ron desantis suggesting that dr. fauci should be physically assaulted. former president trump has said the same many, many times. >> tucker: whoa! she looks concerned and so are we.
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calling for dr. fauci to be assaulted that is violence. but that didn't happen. we have the tape. here it is. >> you have people like dr. fauci saying his lockdowns did not cause any permanent damage to young kids. i am sick of seeing him. he says he will retire. somebody needs to grab that little elf and chuck him across the patomac. >> there it is. karine-jean pierre was horrified by this. elf chucking. that's not even legal. not since the early days of the howard stern show has this nation put up with elf chucking. who is ron desantis that can throw an elf across the river? is he hercules? this man is dangerous. chucking an elf across the
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river? not only that, desantis outed t tony fauci as an elf. tony fauci is tall. that's karine-jean pierre! of all of the jobs you could hire karine-jean pierre for, professional hand waver the first. wave a hand and look confused. she is at the top of your list. if you need someone who can speak english and communicate ideas we can understand, she might be at the bottom of your list. but they hired her anyway. the result is amazing. heartening. these are the leaders of the revolution. today karine-jean pierre defined the term extremist us for. she defined it from the podium: anyone whose views differ from
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the majority of americans. if your views are different from the majority, you are an extremist. here's the best part: karine-jean pierre works for a guy who has a 38% approval rating. the question before the class today is 38% less or more than the majority! math is not karine-jean pierre's strong suit. it's not her boss's strong suit either. cognition is not his strong suit. this is the man who took orders from men in easter bunny costumes and chose as his vice-president someone who feels the need to say mankind and womankind as if they are separate categories. watch this . >> this is the beginning of the next era of providing vision and
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inspi inspiring inovation to benefit mankind and woman kind. >> tucker: trans-kind? it always benefits from joe biden is president. you have to wonder how different things might look in they have people with an iq over 85 in positions of authority in the biden white house. that would be scary, but they don't at all. if they had people serving them in the media who were smarter they could get away with this kind of thing. they could convince people it's normal to use words like woman kind. that would be terrifying if msnbc convinced you that woman kind was a thing. thank heaven the media lack
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self-awareness that we don't have to worry at all. to prove it we have a dispatch from joe biden's most fervent supporters who will have a position in the coming revolution. that would be max boot of the "washington post." professional warmonger turned liberal professional warmonger. he wrote a piece about how the real america is the most liberal america. we will quote andlet you assess: i spent time in the most liberal enclaves of america. martha's vineyard and provis town, massachusetts:
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if there is one sentence that sums up the revolution, i took my step kids to a drag show. the step kids were not interviewed. but i took my step kids to a drag show has to be the greatest boast of all time. you have taken your step kids to a drag show? probably not. max boot discovered province town is the real america. so is marthia vineyard. [laughing]. he said we can't stop ourselves. they might be more representative of the 2022 america... [laughing]. they are not taking step kids to drag shows. max boot will be too distracted
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by. there are drag shows every weekend. you could take your step kids to drag shows across the country. he won't have time to effect this revolution. it was therapeutic reading this. all you have to do is pay close attention to them. listen to what they say and read what they say write -- they are so dumb they can't hurt yourself. here is another example. >> calling out republican semi-fascists behavior? was this unfounded? >> absolutely not. >> the republican party of today under donald trump is a semi-fascists party. >> president biden did the right thing challenging them and calling them a maga fascist and semi-fascists mentality. >> what do you think about the presidential calling millions of
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american semi-fascists? >> listen, he has to be honest about what he feels in his heart and soul. >> now he is saying 2 things. lots of y'all are fascists and if you vote republican, there is a descent chance your democracy won't exist. >> where is the lie? no lies detected. >> saying semi-fascists leads me to the question: what is semi about that? it's full on fascists. >> tucker: that's the brain trust. what is the difference. joe scarborough? talk to us about criminal behavior. the point is that journalism is when you repeat what the people in power say verbatim and congratulate them for their insight. how did the rest of the world
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see this? we play these clips all the time. they are annoying. if you were taking a cold calculated look at the people of the united states, a foreign adversy thinking what we are up against? what would you make of this. imagine being in the taliban 2 years ago and you flip on minneapolis. -- msnbc. you think is america? these people are stupid. their secretary of state must impressive. let's check on youtube. >> here's what you kind. >> ♪ ♪
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>> [singing] . >> tucker: imagine being the taliban, you must release the hostages or else? it turns out nothing. tony blinken goes back to performing. did he take his step kid to the drag show? probably they all do. all of these people on msnbc and the state department are not working for joe biden. the dumbness may flow downhill like certain other fluid matters. joe biden doesn't appear to realize that his military lost the withdrawal from afghanistan. this week joe biden claimed loudly that americans would need
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personal f-15s to overpower the u.s. government. there is no way you can beat us. you are not sophisticated enough. there is no way! he made that argument with such confidence, you have to wonder if anyone told him what happened in kabul last year. he doesn't realize he is accusing unarmed january 6th protestors of toppling the u.s. government for good. if you are afraid of unarmed ashli babbitt and you murder her, you don't feel secure. watching this is fascinating actually. on some level it's reassuring. they are weak and afraid. our plus size defense secretary
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promises to crackdown on joe biden's opponents and flies around the world in a space suit but gets covid-19 anyway. now he is requiring that senior leaders in military to stop using gender pronouns. that will show them. you can't use he or she or male or female. the u.s. specific air force believes that eliminating gender pronouns will improve the military's lethality. [laughing]. on one level it's terrifying. because no, this is a sign of weakness and the rest of the world is laughing at us. the good news for you, when they come to arrest you for thought crimes, they will have no idea
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what you look like. the warrant won't say. tell identify you as they/them. you can imagine the confusion. it's easy to get out of it. you identify with a straight face as pan-sexual and indigenous and they will slink away in shame. diversity was shield. the best news of all for all of us is that laurie lightfoot will occupy some celevated position for joe biden. she is stupid and mean and openly racist so due for a big promotion in the biden administration. in the previous administration laurie lightfoot cut off isis
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access to their databases. laurie lightfoot took a position and she took it in the most affirmative way. you know what is coming? racist. the governor of texas test it laurie lightfoot's commitment to anti-racism. he presented illegal immigrants from the border in texas to chicago. laurie lightfoot said she wants them in her city. she is not a racist. you are the racist. these migrants showed up and how did laurie lightfoot respond? laurie lightfoot's administration declared this man is -- you can guess? pick up the pen and write it down. racist. it's racist not to want illegal immigrants in your city and
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racist when you send them. this is a recruitment experience. no one in the history of politics created more right wingers than laurie lightfoot. imagine her in a new position in the biden administration telling you whether she decided whether you can use your electric car today or not. can we drive our electric car today? i don't know. laurie lightfoot will tell us. everyone knows that is coming. anything that would provoke a counter revolution it's that. laurie lightfoot may have genocidal impulses, but she is too stupid to pull them off. clay travis is not stupid and joins us. trying to find a non-terrifying interpretation of what joe biden is doing in philadelphia right now. >> every time joe biden talks, it's the best possible
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advertisement for anyone who has a functional brain. when they put him on vacation for a month his approval rating went up. as soon as he started talking, his approval ratings came back down. the more biden talks the more republicans win which fits in when you are saying. the idiots reveal themselves. i love the martha vineyard's line that you pointed out from the "washington post." i am wearing a t-shirt because i am in a parking lot. college football is kicking off. the heart beat america is in the big 10 and the sec and all of these states where joe biden's party will get its ass kick. everyone is chanting "let's go brandon" in the stands. this is the real america. >> tucker: wait, wait, wait. how are you going to take your
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kids to a drag show if you are at a big 10 football game? >> it's not even the kids. it's the step kids. >> tucker: [laughing]. that's the greatest line of all time. >> tucker, it might as well as been my boyfriend's kids. >> tucker: great to see you tonight. have fun. there are a lot of famous people out there but those who pipe up get landed on by everybody. we want to talk them. because it takes brass to do that. britney just did that. we will talk to her after the break.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: an amazing story. britney aldine is the wife of jason and uploaded a video to instagram putting on makeup. she added this:
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and her husband responded with this caption. that was it. no sane society would have a problem with that. but in 2022, this is a time when you are led to believe that minors should be castrated by their parents. there was a massive backlash online. a lunatic went all the way. she wrote this: and brittany was attacked up and down the media for telling a trance-phobic joke. she is not backing down. she has a new clothing line out
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called don't tread on kids. thanks for coming on. the more i read about this, the more i was shocked by the dishonest of the response and the second woman. were you surprised? >> very surprised. i advocate for children. children should not be allowed to it make life changes decision at such a young age. they are not mature enough. they should have parents that advocate them. we have ages for cigarettes and driving and voting but we think we should let children change their gendero y so young.
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>> tucker: you remove their sex organs and make them sterile for life. >> huge consequences. if you are older if you choose to make those decisions, by all means. children are too young. they are life changing. they may not be able to have children one day. there are so many consequences. as a parent, a society should be able to sit back, speak our minds about it and fight for these children. >> tucker: there has been a huge effort by corporate america, you see it in the nfl and country music to control the entertainment forms that middle class america likes. tell us you know people in nashville who called you to say they are on your side? >> so much support! especially people who have children. you have the other side. that's fine.
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people are entitled to their opinions. we conservatives have a hard time having an opinion in society today. it's very, very sad. a lot of support in nashville and family and friends. >> tucker: they didn't ask your opinion. the second country music person just attacked you personally. it's beyond belief. >> yes. i have never had a conversation with either of these people. this is based on political status. >> tucker: it's the worst. we appreciate your bravely. thanks for coming on tonight. -- bravery. the state of california is punishing physician whose spread covid misinformation. everything they told us for 2 years has been a lie. but they are punishing others for misinformation. more straight ahead.
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>> tucker: it's possible you may have noticed, the same people who lied to you constantly every day, loudly, those same people are the ones who accuse you of spreading disinformation. here's a small sample. >> there was a consistent message of disinformation. we are hearing that people don't it understand. a lot of disinformation. >> i believe it has has been an under-estimation of the number of people that are taken in by the misinformation associated with the anti-vaccination movement. it's disturbing. >> vaccine resistance -- look. the unvaccinated are responsible for their own choices.
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but those choices have been fueled by dangerous misinformation on cable tv and social media. >> tucker: we addressed this 7 thousand times. one point. everyone you saw in those clips claimed said if you took the mandatory vaccine you would not get covid because it was a pandemic of the unvaccinated. talk about disinformation. this is about thought control and the california legislature approved a bill that allows the state to punish physicians for spreading false information about covid vaccinations and treatments. this seems like a watershed. this is a professor of public health at john's hopkins. thanks for coming on. the nightmare society is that we
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politicize the healthcare system so completely that no one can tell the truth. >> you can lose your medical license if you say something that contradicts the scientific consensus. it changes. what was misinformation turns out to be true. we were told if you touch things and don't wash your hands you will spread covid. we were told it's not airborne. both were wrong. we were told cloth masks would stop it. not true. we were told the wuhan original was a conspiracy theory. we were told to close schools. the people who were asking questions about vaccines are saying the risk/benefit ratio is not compelling for healthy kids.
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that's most kids. 40% of rural pediatricians don't recommend the covid vaccine for children who are healthy? are we go to revoke all of their licenses or myself who wants to see more data about the new omicron specific vaccine yesterday that was authorized by based on using it on 8 nice? the purpose of science is to challenge dogma. that was baned in in bill that governor newsom may sign. >> tucker: this is not a way to get to the truth. doctor, such a brave voice. thank you. if you thought that maybe all of this censorship was ordered from
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the white house. that was the not misinformation. the biden administration ordered social media companies to censor speech in a direct violation of of the first amendment. two states attorney generals from missouri and louisiana have a lawsuit against the administration. they found emails proving that the biden administration decided who should be censored. one white house official said that metashould take down a tony fauci account. a facebook employee agreed to without even looking. this is an attack on your civil rights and it's happening in
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public. no one is saying anything about. this attorney general is. thanks for doing this. we -- have we misstated what you found? >> no, this the first time anybody has a chance to look under the hood. the communication between the biden administration and the big tech partners in censorship to violate the first amendment. the best way to look at this is two buckets. what do we know from the documents already provideed? at least 45 officials have been identified as communicating with big tech and twitter to take things down. they this weekly censorship meetings. they established a verified flagging status for government
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officials to censor. you had a senior official on facebook communicating with the surgeon general of the united states. we did that and what else can we do? they outsourced censorship. the second bucket are things we don't know. it's at the highest level of government but we don't know how high it goes because the department of justice is claiming executive privilege. that's nonsense. we are asking for communications with third parties. that's the question. how far does this go? how wide does it go? we will get answers. this ought to shock every american. the government is censoring americans. >> tucker: censorship is the hallmark of dictatorship,
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period. that's why it's baned in in country for 250 years. thanks for standing up for the constitution, attorney general from missouri. joe biden is trying to effectively use the u.s. government to make 1 of 2 political parties illegal. turning this into a one party state. he gave that speech tonight. for in a moment.
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5:51 pm
the republic an party is dominated by donald trump and the maga-republicans and that's a threat to this country. >> tucker: yeah, they are a threat says the guy with the blood red nazi background and marines behind him. this is the approved position of our government. and he accused maga-republicans of threatening the world of law. >> maga-republicans don't believe in the rule of law and don't recognize the will of the people. they refuse to accept the results of a free election. they are working right now as i speak in state after state to give power to decide elections in america to cronies to
5:52 pm
undermine democracy itself. maga forces are determined to take this country backwards. they promote authoritian leaders. they are a threat to our rights and the pursuit of justice and the rule of law and the very soul of this country. >> tucker: this truly nuts and threatening to the future of the united states. hard to believe he did. trying to regain our sense of humor. we will chat with the author of outspoken. what was your view? >> it was horrifying. the staging itself was the stuff of tyrants. the marines behind him and blood red lights. here he comes. mr. unity to the city of
5:53 pm
brotherly love to tell americans their neighbors are extremists. there were light moments believe it or not. some color hecklers of course. there were police sirens in the background because it's philadelphia. and he shook hands with his mag friend. that's always sweet. it happened a couple of times. this is dangerous and scary. it's like he is preparing the nation to be seen by their government as enemies. he said maga about 12 times in the first 10 minutes of the speech. who are the non-maga republicans. who are the maga republicans that joe biden likes? i think they will head the way of liz cheney and the guy that cries a lot. >> tucker: it's like white
5:54 pm
supremacy that they never define. 75 million people voted for donald trump. no president ever said anything like this i am aware of. >> i think you are right. it's frightening stuff. semi-fascists he throws around. everything they are -- another thing. with the mid-terms, are had a going to run on the economy? no, don't vote for the other team. they are scary and evil and fascists. it's very dangerous and scary stuff. thank god he is so incompetent that we might be spared this round. >> tucker: i think that every day. great to see you. thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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>> tucker: something important,
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a topic very important is about to come out. we finished our documentary called transgressive cult of confusion. debates next week september 8th. have the best night and weekend with the ones you love. we are proud to announce tommy bruce sitting in for sean hannity. >> tammy: thank you. welcome to everyone on "hannity." i am tammy bruce in for sean. in one of the most disgusting speeches ever delivered by a sitting president. joe biden suggested that 74 million americans are enemies of the state -- all while using the marine corp officers props. >> we must be honest with each and ourselves.


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