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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 1, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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"get tammy bruce" exclusively on fox nation. you can also read my column. you can find me at in the meantime, stay right here because your favorite, raymond arroyo, is in tonight sitting there filling in for laura ingraham, the combo is amazing but tonight raymond is all yours. >> raymond: i am so low. thank you so much, tammy. incredible insight. we are going to take it from there and continue to look at this bizarre speech from president biden. i'm raymond arroyo. this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle" from new york city tonight. you have the president's opening salvo and the campaign season that his party will embrace as they move into the campaign pitch. essentially by this casting himself as the savior of the nation's soul. with all due respect, if we
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needed a pope, we would hold a conclave. biden waxed pseudo spiritual throughout his sermon -- add address. speak with the darkness of charlottesville, covid, gun violence, insurrection. we can see the light. light is now visible. light that will guide us forward. i ran for president because i believe we are in a battle for the soul of this nation. >> raymond: the president claims it's a battle for the soul of the nation. but you can't save the soul by killing the body and that's what by any objective measure biden's policies have done. crime is skyrocketing all over the country. inflation is at a 40 year high. the border is wide open, and this administration has encouraged migrants to risk their lives to enter the country illegally. all that does is strengthen the cartels and human traffickers. the nation's report report card dropped today showing that 9-year-old students are sinking in math and reading, wiping out
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decades of progress. our children are more at risk from drugs, violence, dump curricula than ever before. all that can be traced to biden's policies. how is any of that helping america's soul? the pastor and chief conveniently ignore those facts, sticking to his old time religion. >> there is no question that the republican party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by donald trump and the maga republicans. that is a threat to this cou country. >> raymond: beyond all the spiritual gobbledygook, biden is really engaged in a partisan smear and smash operation. this is about framing himself as the white knight and republicans as dragons. it's cynical. it's sad and it's a total repudiation of his earlier pledges of unity and civility. >> president biden: my whole soul is in this: bringing america together, uniting our
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people. uniting our nation. we can see each other not as adversaries but as neighbors. >> raymond: why look at those you disagree with as neighbors one extreme terrorist fits them so well? tonight the president declared war on a whole group of cit citizens. >> president biden: i wanted to say plain and simple. there is no place for political violence in america, period. i will not stand by and watch. i will not see the will of the american people be overturned by wild experian c theories and baseless claims of fraud. i will not stand by and watch elections in this country stolen by people who civilly refused to accept that they lost. >> raymond: okay, okay. if the qualifications for being an enemy of the state's questioning elections or engaging in violence, i know who did it better. >> his concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true, or proper. i cannot concede.
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>> [yelling] >> no justice! >> no peace! >> you can run the best campaign. you can become the nominee and you can have the election stolen from you. >> what about breanna? what about breanna? breonna taylor! >> an illegitimate president in my mind. >> folks, look, i absolutely agree. >> one, two, three. >> raymond: no matter where you sit on the political spectrum today, any fair-minded person can see mob violence and election sour grapes are hardly confined to one party. if we do it day by day political violence comparison, january 6th was one horrific day of violence. just an afternoon. the blm and antifa riots that burned and destroyed cities,
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causing 1 billion to $2 billion worth of damage and injuring more than 2,000 officers, that went on for months. this is not just about the president ranting his political opponents as violent extremists terrorists. like those overzealous puritans of old, he seeks to purge the unclean from the land. by labeling a group of americans as extremists, the government is free to investigate, prosecute them at a later date. this is an american tragedy and a failure of leadership. rather than win over his opponents, the decision has been made to demonize and simply remove them. if the president is so determined to save the soul of the nation, it's hard to see how placing abortion at the center of your redemption plan works. >> president biden: maga forces are determined to take this country backwards, backwards to in america where there is no right to choose, no
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right to privacy, no right to contraception. >> raymond: biden could credibly play the slightly confused grandfather or garrulous irishman spinning blarney but to try to take on the role of the spiritual reformer of the nation while advocating abortion with no restrictions when your own child is an embarrassing degenerate spectacle of drug use and debauch, the role might beyond his reach and a challenge jan his powers. joining me now is congressman jim jordan, ranking member of the house judiciary committee, mollie hemingway, mollie hemingway, editor in chief of "the federalist" and fox news contributor. monica crowley, former assistant secretary of the treasury and host of the monica crowley podcast. thank you all for being here. congressman, i'll start with you. the president said maga forces are determined to take this country backward. house republicans respond and has the soul of the nation now been saved that the speeches
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over? >> actually think, raiment, he came across as the sad, angry kind of bitter old man here. kind of looked like the lighting, it looked like darth vader. understanding the past four days he's called at the country fascist and extremist. the country really wants the real problems out there addressed. like you pointed out, in your monologue, we went from a secure border to know border. we went from safe streets to record crime. went from stable prices to a 41 year high inflation rate and went from $2 gas to $5 gas all in 18 months. i think the nation would kind of like those dressed versus being called extremist and fascist and have the government target your freedoms and liberties like we have seen from the biden administration justice department. >> raymond: monica, you worked in the trump white house. if you were going to like in your political opponents to nazis, may be employing a backdrop that looks like it could have come out of 1940s
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germany and then this opening was not the way to go. >> my fellow americans, please, if you have a seat. thank you. i speak to you tonight from sacred ground in america. >> raymond: monica. can you remember an example of a prime time address via president so laced with ugly and divisive political rhetoric and a backdrop that looked like that? >> first of all, yeah, the imagery there was almost satanic with that blood red lighting in the marines behind him. it was just insane. this was a garbage speech by a garbage president and the fact he gave this disgusting, dangerous speech at independence hall is a sacrilege. he deliberately used two phrases. he talked about extremism because of the association with terrorists and terrorism. he also spoke about maga forces as if 75 million americans are
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part of some subterfuge guerrilla group. but he deliberately used that kind of language because he is making no secret of his intention of turning half the country into enemies of the state. the purpose of that is so that they can leverage the power of the state against us. this is an incredibly dangerous moment for the country. every dictator throughout history has employed this kind of language with that kind of backdrop. for most americans, i think they're really starting to see what is actually happening here which is that the most dangerous threat we face is that our own government has now been fully weaponized against us to the point were not only are the most fearsome agencies of the country turned against us from the doj, fbi, irs. also the president of the united states w who is su suppoo represent us all. >> raymond: mollie, biden went
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on to complaint it is the right who is engaged in grievance and culture wars. watch. >> president biden: we are going to make the 21st century another american century. because the world needs us to. that's where we need to focus our energy. not in the past. not on divisive culture wars. not on the politics of grievance but on a future we can build together. >> raymond: mollie, who started these culture wars? over school curricula and abortion and how is returning abortion to the states destroying democracy? >> i keep thinking that you're making all these allusions to the summer of violence we saw in 2020 where cities were destroyed with arson. where dozens of people were killed, where thousands of cops were injured. where so much destruction happen. president trump gave a speech at mount rushmore where he did condemn political violence and also praised our country and
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spoke about the higher good that we all should aspire to. the corporate media call that speech dark and divisive. this speech is easily the most disgraceful speech from a president in recent decades. it is horrifying how he is issuing a call to war against every single american who didn't vote for him or doesn't support him. that's a lot of people. his approval ratings are horrible. part of the reason why is because as you note, democrat policies are very corrosive to the body politic, the culture war where they are attacking people for recognizing biological reality or for lying about what the dobbs decision does which enables people to have a say in whether to protect women and children from what we experienced under the abortion regime previously. it's a really dark and dangerous time and it's a time when violence has been committed recently against churches, republican offices, maternal care centers, supreme court
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justices have been nearly assassinated. he didn't condemn any of that. it's very dangerous. >> raymond: yeah, no. selective outrage. congressman jordan, here's what buying things about 74 million americans. listen. i want your reaction. >> president biden: maga republicans do not respect the constitution. they do not believe in the rule of law. they refused to accept the results of a free election. >> raymond: congressman, he tried to invoke president trump and maga republicans. whether president trump is in the picture or not one gets the branded they would be branded the same way in the same language. >> monica and mollie are right. they're trying to weaponized. we see it. it's so bad that we've had 14. i've talked about this.
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14 whistle-blowers come to our office. 14 fbi agents coming to our office was whistle-blowers. to treat everyone and label everyone as an extremist who simply opposes the radical policies of the left and the democratic party. as mollie said, this is a dangerous and frightening time. the country sees it. i've been out across the country helping candidates. the people i talk to, they see it for what it is. they are very nervous i think they are going to show up in a big way on november 8 and say enough of this. we've got to put this in check and put republicans back in control. >> raymond: monica, new quinnipiac poll says the majority of democrats and republicans agree the nation's democracy is in danger of collapse. 67% of americans agree with that. 69% of republicans and democrats also agree. isn't that actually proof that biden is dividing the country? obviously they think democracy is falling for different reasons, republicans and
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democrats. it's not about unity. >> yeah, exactly right. when you see the split along those lines and you see the numbers identical for republicans and democrats and even independence. i tells you they are viewing the divisions in the country is actually problematic for the future of america. for different reasons. this speech was like an of projection. everything president biden accused donald trump and conservatives and the america first movement of, they themselves are guilty of. every single thing he accused our side of doing, he and the democrats are guilty. most americans now see that and i do think this is a precarious moment because we are at a real tipping point here. i think a lot of the people he accused of being enemies of the state today really feel like this is the hill to die on. the other side is at war with the constitution, free-market
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economics, economic freedom, individual liberty. we are trying to preserve all of those things for the children and grandchildren of this country. the other side is literally at war. any republican running for office needs to understand that and campaign on that for the future. >> raymond: i want to get to you, your reaction to the media's response to this speech. listen. >> moments of the american dream where he reminded the country of what does actually make america great and what we can do from here. there was hope. >> just as lincoln gave the "house divided" speech, here is a time when president biden has chosen. >> raymond: mollie, your take on this apparent group of hishistorians met with biden and convinced him that he was fdr and lincoln. your take on this, trying to cast biden as a wartime president. >> i think it's very difficult to defend anything in this
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speech, and anyone who does it is having to work really hard to do it. you do not unite the country by going to war against half the country. you don't unite the country by weaponizing the department of justice to take out any and all political opponents. it is just sheer gaslighting what we are going through. the authority held by joe biden and how he's using that whether it is through the loan scheme he's using to buy votes, his weaponization of the department of justice, or any of the other policy issues he's going thr through. it's-it's-you wonder how much more can happen and that corporate media will defend but apparently we see tonight they're willing to defend and excuse anything. >> raymond: mollie, i sympathize with you. i think everyone is at a loss for words. how do you put this fiction in context because it is so at odds with the reality before us. panel, thank you for being with
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us on this important tonight. tonight's speech revealed that the democrats had no midterm message given their record. now they will state their entire campaign around the divisive idea that republicans are a threat to democracy. tonight we have three g.o.p. senate candidates waiting to respond. judy vance, herschel walker, mehmet oz will rebut biden in moments.
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>> too much of what's happening in our country today is not normal. donald trump and the maga republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic. >> raymond: think about what the next step from there is. that really threatens the foundation of our republic. running denies j.d. vance, ohio's republican candidate for u.s. senate. j.d., thank you for being with us. 74 million americans apparently are extremists. how is that a winning strategy, campaign strategy for biden and the democrats? >> i don't think it's a winning strategy at all because it ignores the fact that joe biden has effectively been in the position of leadership for 30 years in this country and what
7:23 pm
has happened? in 30 years, we have had rising suicide rates. we have rising mortality rates such that the life expectancy of the country has come down. we've lost a long-term battle against the chinese and joe biden is taking us in the wrong direction. given all that, you would expect him to take some responsibility for the fact that the country is not doing well. instead he has decided the enemy is not him, not the people who've made bad decisions, but the patriotic americans frustrated enough about the country they love to work to change it. i just can't imagine anything more divisive and more dangerous coming from a president who if he said anything during his campaign is that he would unite the country. this is not uniting at all. he's declaring more effectively on half the country. not just donald trump. i understand he doesn't like donald trump, but donald trump's voters and i can imagine a president ever doing that in american history. >> raymond: this reaction to biden's speech from cnn, i was
7:24 pm
doubled over when i heard it. >> he seemed to be sort of reclaiming patriotism. often you hear republicans argue that they are the pro-america party, right? democrats are not patriotic enough. what was more pro-usa than this speech? >> raymond: [laughs] j.d., reclaiming patriotism? what happened to it. biden's party were saying that waving american flags were racist not so long ago. >> if you just look at the backdrop of this, it looked like it was designed by a guy who was intentionally trying to create ridiculous, evil propaganda imagery. it's not reclaiming patriotism to declare war on half of your citizens. joe biden is the president of a shared american nation. he basically said that half of you are evil people. half of you are bad people. that's not patriotism. that is a recipe for division and for attack. look, at the end of the day, the country had serious problems,
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serious problems because of the decisions that joe biden has made over the last couple years. he could accept some responsibility and promise a new direction. instead he decided to attack the people who are rightfully angry about his failed leadership. we have got to fight back against this and i would say people want to help us fight back, support our candidates running because that's the only thing that's going to provide a check to what we saw tonight. >> raymond: i want to play what your democratic opponent, tim ryan, had to say about his party today. >> advertising that you are a democrat. is it because it's a liability? >> the democratic brand. you and i have talked about it a long time, it's not good at a lot of these places. >> raymond: i have 20 seconds. how do you think he feels tonight about being a democrat? >> i think he probably feels even worse but maybe he should stop voting 100% with joe biden and nancy pelosi and actually
7:26 pm
fight back. that's what we're trying to do which is all you got to send these democrats especially in the senate races packing come november. >> raymond: you are neck and neck with brian so we'll keep an eye on the race. now to georgia where another democrat is distancing himself with joe biden. when asked if he wanted biden to companion cane, incumbent senator raphael warnock said frankly i'm not focused on who i'm campaigning with but who i am campaigning for. the people he says he's campaigning for seemed to be supporting my next guest, republican candidate for senate, herschel walker, who leads warnock by two points in a brand-new emerson poll. herschel, thank you for being here. if biden's message about the soul of america is so popular, why are candidates like warnock running from him? how do georgians perceive this? >> well, isn't it convenient that senator warnock who was cut from the same cloth, who
7:27 pm
continues to want to divide the country the same as joe biden. and they believe this country is a racist bad people where they have in the country. we are not a racist, bad people. we have good people here. we have problems but we are trying to solve our problems together. dissing himself -- distancing himself. senator warnock voted to put men and women's sports and voted for higher taxes so that to senator warnock's and he's trying to distance himself because he wants your votes to entice you to give him a boat. if you vote for him again, we are going to get the same old thing. that's why the people of georgia are looking for someone new like herschel walker. go to >> raymond: senator warnock called you out on the campaign trail this week. watch. >> my opponent said that he would debate me anywhere,
7:28 pm
anytime. and i accepted three debates. i am still waiting on him to degree to meet. >> raymond: herschel, is that true? has he accepted three debates? why haven't you accepted any? >> i accepted a debate in his hometown. senator warnock is a liar. he's lied on me. they put almost $50 million against me in a race that's virtually tied. i'm ahead. >> raymond: you are ahead by two points. >> right now senator warnock do not want to debate me. i asked for a debate. in front of an audience with everyone can see the contrast that he voted, think about this. he voted to put men and women's sports. he voted for a woman to kill her baby. >> raymond: so you are committing tonight to a debate with warnock? >> senator warnock on october 14 in savannah, georgia, i am committed to a debate.
7:29 pm
i told senator warnock on a tweet today, i said wake up. get ready. put your shoes on and meet me in savannah on october 14 through debate that will be televised statewide. he has still not decided he's going to do it yet. >> raymond: warnock, it's in your court pair we want to see this debate. herschel walker, think of her being here. democrat senate candidate john fetterman. last night he did his first tv interview since suffering a stroke days before the pennsylvania primary. his challenger, dr. mehmet oz, is here to react next.
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>> raymond: welcome back to "the ingraham angle." i am raymond arroyo paris told you how john fetterman is running away from a debate with
7:35 pm
my next guest, dr. oz i have november senate election. he's blaming his health after a stroke he suffered days before the primary. when asked how pennsylvanians could be assured that he would be able to represent them if he won, he reacted by trashing dr. oz. >> trying to not focus on the condition of their campaign right now. when they want to get into a serious conversation and really talk about having a debate, i'd be happy to engage in that boat right now, the fact that they have chosen to have a deeply unserious campaign to just ridicule somebody that is recovering from a stroke. >> raymond: i'll bet that makes much more sense in closed captioning. joining me now as dr. mehmet oz, pennsylvania's g.o.p. candidate
7:36 pm
for u.s. senate. your reaction to fetterman's comments. were you not in serious conversation with the fetterman campaign. >> his response is tragic. i am a doctor. i understand completely the challenges of recovering from a stroke. i've offered to help figure out a way for john fetterman to participate in a debate so people can hear his far left radical positions. it also offered that he doesn't want to come on the debate stage. he didn't want to win the primary and he forced to. didn't do very well. he has declined two of the five debates hosted by major media organizations that i've accepted. he has not accepted any questions on his campaign stops which he has only done three off. i have done 180. he went to the hamptons for a fund-raiser, went on msnbc, refused to answer a basic yes or no question about a debate. i think he's avoiding responsibility for his radical statements and is out of touch with mainstream pennsylvania values. he's getting a ton of money pouring in from the coast, from people who don't know how dangerous he is.
7:37 pm
if you're worried about that go to dr. and support my campaign. we are going to win back in november we have to define who he is. >> raymond: he has tried to label you as a carpetbagger. if you listen to these ads, your practically frankie valley. you are a jersey boy forever if you listen to the ads. how do you escape the label? >> people in pennsylvania don't care where you're from. they care what you stand for. i grew up just south of philadelphia. i went to medical school in philly. i plenty of roots here. the issue for john fetterman is he doesn't want to talk about the real challenges pennsylvania's face. he wants to release one-third of all prisoners, no life sentences, legalize all drugs. what's he thinking? homicides have increased 60% in philadelphia since he took office. people in pennsylvania want solutions. they want someone who's going to fix the problems they are struggling with at their kitchen table. i am the person to do that. john fetterman doesn't want to talk about those topics. >> raymond: as you mentioned, fetterman says it's high time to
7:38 pm
legalize marijuana. listen. >> the war on drugs needs to stop and we need to legalize weed across this country. add in the revenue, then you add in the jobs for our farmers, our veterans, the freedom of it. this idea that we have allowed a plant to be illegal and criminalized in this country is absurd. >> raymond: fetterman is marching in a labor day parade with joe biden and asking him to legalize marijuana before he arrives. fetterman's also launching a large-scale pardoning project for people with nonviolent marijuana criminal convictions in pennsylvania. dr. oz, first, what's your reaction to this legalization in this pardoning project? why is the only marching with joe biden do you think? >> didn't joined biden for the two other events he had an pencil menu. my issue is he wants to legalize all drugs. he supports heroin injection sites. we have the largest open-air
7:39 pm
drug market here in philadelphia. it's destroying the city. he's out of touch with what's going on in pennsylvania. pennsylvanians ne need help. cost-of-living, crime, the open border, fentanyl. >> raymond: i need to get you on the record. two years ago you said that weed was an underused tool and that it was safer than alcohol. what changed? >> oh, no, i am supportive of medical marijuana. with the doctors involvement especially for seniors who have end-of-life issues, suffering from pain, i think it's a safer solution than for example narcotics. it has to be studied and we have to understand it and positions should evolve. i don't want to give marijuana to every young person in america who struggling with getting through their day. we already have a problem with getting folks mobilized into the workforce. it's a slippery slope. >> raymond: doctor, i need to talk to you about the polls. polls are tightening.
7:40 pm
fetterman is up 2. 4 in one of the most recent polls. that's a big plummet for him. why do you think these polls are tightening? does it have something to do with his condition? as a medical professional, is that health that fetterman finds himself into date disqualifying? >> raymond, i don't know about his health because he hasn't told the true story, that transparent story. people of pennsylvania are getting frustrated that he refused to engage me talking about the real challenges we face three topics that i know everyone is struggling with in their homes as they watch this show right now. he needs to be held accountable for that. that's why the polls are close. our campaign is pumping well. we have all the right topics. i am more interested in making the lives of pennsylvanians better every single day, to fix the problems. that's what doctors do. dr. if you want to help me. >> raymond: after that report saying how school-aged children fell behind because of covid
7:41 pm
lockdowns, the white house is trying to rewrite history about school closures. >> we were in a place where again, schools were not open. it shows you how mismanaged the pandemic was and how the impact of that mismanagement had on kids' progress and academic well-being. >> raymond: this white house and the cdc worked with the teachers unions to keep schools close. your reaction to that. >> raymond, the white house weaponized sites and when you mix politics and science, politics and medicine, you get politics. that's all that's left. they push us to close schools and offer mandates. mask mandates for children in school and preschoolers have to wear them all year round. there is no medical defense for that. they are willing to do it because the teachers unions desired. i don't understand the benefit and more importantly i appreciate the damage done by putting a mask on a child and not seeing the world and not
7:42 pm
seeing the mouths of people talking to them. they don't learn as well. >> raymond: the horrible scoring on the nation's report card. dr. mehmet oz, thank you for being here. the judge hearing former president trumps special master request didn't rule out right today, she complete leave eviscerated the biden doj in court. our legal eagles are here to respond. you need to hear this and a special announcement. don't move.
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♪ ♪ >> raymond: breaking tonight: we are awaiting a federal judge's ruling on trump's request for a special master to review the documents he seized during the mar-a-lago raid. the judge said she will issue a written ruling in due course. itit. the media had to admit they will likely be disappointed with her eventual ruling. >> she seems inclined to grant former president trump's request for a special master, third party, to review some of the documents that the justice department has in its hands. >> the judge had indicated she was inclined to approve the
7:48 pm
request. >> i wouldn't be surprised if she went ahead and did it all and who she clearly views it as an unprecedented situation. >> raymond: joining me as david schon, former legal codes are president trump second impeachment and army dillon, civil rights attorney and founder of the -- harmeet dhillon. seems like the judge is leading to a point the special master. the doj is dead set against it. if they believe they have such a strong case why fight something like this and does a special master even matter at this late date? >> good questions. it should be a no-brainer to appoint a special master. i wish the trump team had moved forward earlier because now there's an argument because the doj says they've already reviewed the documents. the courts and justice department to recognize the problem with using a taped or a filter team like they have done so far. even though that's been standard practice. there are still part of the same justice department.
7:49 pm
in fact, after the fourth circuit criticized as they put in a special matters unit to deal with this but let me tell you something why i believe it's political completely. political weaponization of this process. it should be a no-brainer. if you care about the confidence of the american public in an important process like this, you put in a special master and you agree and you move forward. what has been commented is on the 30th of august an amicus brief was authored by so-called former government employees arguing against a special master. he was behind the brief? norm eisen. he was in the obama administration. he has been the trump hater par excellence for the past two years. he wrote a treatise that trump should be convicted. on and on and on. it's a real telltale sign of it. >> raymond: they seized 33 items of evidence, most of them boxes from mar-a-lago and of those boxes 1 100 documents were marked classified. where does executive privilege stan given the fact that the
7:50 pm
judge dismissed doj claims that the president had not because the documents were in his. that was their argument. >> look, this is always a situation of there is a dispute between the decide is whether president trump have the right to possess those documents. whether executive privilege applied. whether the documents had been declassified, whether or not they were declassified, whether he had a right to have them under the presidential records act. the timing of turning over these documents to the national archives, which under statute can take a significant amount of time. so instead of dealing with that dispute head-on, the united states department of justice and fbi chose to manufacture a dispute. mislead the original magistrate judge about the nature of the dispute and then go in and run roughshod over not just the executive privilege argument but also attorney-client privilege. i saw no mention of work product privilege. president trump is in a number of different lawsuits. i represented in some civil lawsuit. there are a number of different privileges that can and should apply here so like david said,
7:51 pm
it's a no-brainer that in a circumstance like this. in my opinion, all circumstances, it's inappropriate for the united states apartment of justice employees to rifle through these papers without rer privilege, without regard for the president's claims and rights. if they have good cause to add these materials, than they should be willing to wait and have a neutral arbiter decide that and have that litigated in front of a federal judge. the fact that they did it this way really demonstrates their desperation and political motives under lining this entire rate. >> raymond: the department of justice is inciting probable cause, obstruction of justice. did the trump team misrepresent what was in these files? might they be in some jeopardy here? remember on may 11, there was a grand jury subpoena. they said what do you have in the files? the trump people said we reviewed the files. there's nothing here. the fda crashes in and finds it.
7:52 pm
might this have been a, set up. b, is the trump legal team in any trouble? >> i believe there is more to this issue. evan corcoran, one of the lawyers, hired to be my local counsel in another case. fine lawyer, fine person, as honest as the day is long. i don't believe her second that he would've been a part of any misrepresentation to the government. i will say this, i do not believe i know him very well now, that donald trump would have in any way intentionally, knowingly, willfully had control documents that he didn't believe he was entitled to have control over or did anything wrong. i firmly believe that frankly. there's a lot more of this story to come out. >> raymond: let's say the judge appoints the special master to review materials. what makes us think doj hasn't already passed this along to the investigators in the other ca cases? >> great question. it looks to me after this to our
7:53 pm
spirited hearing that the judge is likely to order special master. she's already indicated she's going to unseal the detail inventory of the materials. what happens next, as a judge indicated stay in the hearing according to press that was there, that she is not going to stand in the way of the intelligence officials doing their damage assessment. that's kind of a compromise with the government position. and to the people who are arguing that this is moot because it is too late, i disagree with that. i think from a new review can absolutely remedy the situation. >> raymond: okay, david, harmeet, thank you for being here. we'll check in with you in the days ahead. up next, a big announcement about something new happening on "the ingraham angle." and i have a big announcement. stay right there. you don't want to miss this.
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wahlberg and a few others were a big charity event. they gave me some golf tips since i don't golf. a big preview of the proce proceedings. >> tell me what this foundation means to you. i know it started as a call to your local priest. >> there's always been a focus. >> your father was the golf coach at fordham. what did he teach you? >> he taught me mostly about the mental aspect. then he'd help me with my swing. >> i only do this for you. the tip. >> the tip? pick up tennis. >> the one or two things i need to be mindful of. >> hit the ball. >> don't do that! don't do that! >> you'll see much more of my interview with mark wahlberg tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern. i also talked to actor kevin dillon, boxing great evander
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