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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  September 1, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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don't want to mix this. and my wonderful golf game. make sure you preorder my book. "the wise men who founded christmas" be released october 11th and will make a wonderful christmas gift for the children in your life. that's it for us to an for i'm raymond arroyo in for laura ingraham. thanks for watching the special edition of the england angle on the"the ingraham angle." "gutfeld" is next. >> greg: crazy people. happy thursday, everyone! it is thursday, i believe. i don't know where i am. so according to a new poll, bernie sanders had the highest favorability rating among 23
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potential 2024 presidential contenders which is like winning first place at an ugly baby contest. but here's how bernie cele celebrated. yeah. it's amazing he can still move so quickly. but he gets plenty of exercise running between as many houses. because he had three houses. [light laughing] you didn't know that. that's why you didn't laugh. i understand. we will edit that out. 43% of respondents said they had a somewhat favorable view towards sanders but 41% said they had an unfavorable opinion and the rest asked, what's that smell? [light laughing] i do the math and that is usually for kat's benefit but she's on her honeymoon. i think we have tape of that.
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to be young and in hate. so what's to say about politics when the oldest, harriest, most left-wing person is the most popular candidate? and it's not hillary? she is hairy. in a one piece, she looks like george "the animal" steele. it was for you, tyrus. >> nice. >> i think we have footage of him. how could you laugh at that? that's terrible. you people are awful. trying to report the news and people... anyway, biden's on favorability rating was way higher too at 52%. joe biden is so unpopular that hunky pox ten to may thank you note more unpopular than ben & jerry's new flavor,
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peanut butter and pork. even though he's a year older, bernie seems younger than joe. maybe because he doesn't catch a new case of covid every 15 minutes. to be fair, bernie beat out vice president kamala harris which isn't saying much. right, kamala? that's her responding to news that a nun was hit by a bus. i know. it's disgusting. she defined mass murderer hilarious and bail out the murderer. why is bernie still the leader? like any good socialist, he expects and gets a free ride. but also it's on us voters who tend to find economics boring and sadly it's the boring stuff that kills you. [laughter] what? i have a theory. i have the old man theory.
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that's what i call most of my theories, in fact. no matter how bad someone is can we forget about it when their hair turns white which could be the secret anderson cooper's career. [light laughter] everyone's grandparents were magical. they can't be all that great. some had to be jerks, right? 10% of those silver haired sweethearts were probably creeps 30 years ago. age makes people seem more benign. it's why you see an old inmate on death row, you go, he can't be that bad. he's got close cropped white hair and librarian glasses. how could this 78-year-old possibly hurt any one question might barely lift a chainsaw now. it's not about now. it's about then. in the '80s when this old guy was in his 30s dismembering hitchhikers in the back of his jeep wagon near, they really were roomy back then. try finding a high bid with that kind of utility space, right? [light laughter]
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two, three if they are dwarfs, i digress. not saying bernie sanders is a serial killer. but i'm not not saying that bernie sanders is a serial killer. i am going to you decide. if he isn't, why would he have to wear these gloves? [light laughter] just asking a question. the aging softens you with some notable exceptions. it would take more than age to make her sympathetic. may be a blood or sending her face to the dry cleaner. or del my time to shut out the belief that with age comes mellowed wisdom. joe biden proved that's not the case. he was a jerk back in the day, he's a jerk now. aging have the same effect on him as the hot sun does on an uncovered bowl of egg salad. except now the stuff joe says about millions of americans makes his oldness seem angrier and meaner as he divides and
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separates us like his 1980s, over. look at that. [light laughter] amazing how he was able to get all of his hair to grow back since then. how did he do that? getting older for joe isn't the same for bur bernie. it's the anger joe has about people. it's one thing sanders understands that joe doesn't. it's not the voters who are the problem. it's the policies and the leaders who push them. you shouldn't be raging at people you serve especially when you are barely coherent to begin with. the problem with bernie, suck harder than brian seltzer trying to drink a mcdonald's milk shake through a crazy straw. [applause] i know he's gone but i still can't let go. if you want to talk russian collusion, look at the man who spent his honeymoon in the ussr. no wonder the soviets collapsed a year later. once a socialist, always a socialist amenity age. that's because of some costs. once you believe in the very
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worst ideas for decades it's impossible to let go no matter how often you've been proven wrong. you already invested the time. for bernie, socialism is like a baseball card collection you can't throw out. he may look like a kindly grandpa and smelled like one since his hippie days, but ernie's policy don't bring this hard candy from a dish on the coffee table. they dish out hard times with its most destructive lefty nonsense yet to come. [applause] >> welcome x make tonight's guests. she's got more muscles than scu through player. fox news can bitter lower trunk lara trump. he wears a leather jacket and offers you a reverse mortgage. "reason" editor at large nicholas b nick glaspie. she conforms with multiple sources. reporter lydia miller
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and mount everestbragged about . my massive side kick and n.w.a. world heavyweight champion ty tyrus! what does this say that bernie leads? he's the oldest guy there. he's like 112, right question mike if you cut him, you have to count the rings but we aren't going to do that but what does this say to you? >> the only thing i was disappointed in is not all the people had higher unfavorable ratings than favorable. he was one of the few who didn't. i think that speaks to the wisdom of the american people. when we look at the person who's going to be our next president, we mostly think they suck. >> isn't that healthy? >> i think it is. it can become bad if you can rally around people but for the most part it's just simple
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realism. >> greg: it drives me crazy to think that you have to like the president or you have to like the person you are voting for. i don't wants to like them. i'd rather -- if i have an agent or a lawyer walking into a room, i want everybody there to go, oh, my god, i hate this [bleep]! that the president you want. you want somebody to walk in and all the other countries go, oh, [bleep] max [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] who can i be talking about. >> i have no idea. >> greg: jimmy carter? speak up if i think back to some of my best teachers i've ever had, they were tough. a lot of the times the kids did not like them, the best teachers and coaches, from who i learned the most, they were tough and they held you to a certain standard and while you were there, maybe you didn't like them but maybe they had wisdom that we didn't yet know and understand. i think you are onto something.
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>> greg: i'm on something. >> it could be both. with this situation with bernie, it really speaks to sort of how sad and low the democrats have fallen. this guy who would be 83 if you are elected and inaugurated as president, who is a self-proclaimed socialist, this is a tough guy. the good news and scaring users if we actually got there, there would be no one of anybody's money left to spend like he wants to because joe biden is actually running everyone dry. >> greg: he's a young 83. >> he is aspirational. >> greg: he is spry. he is spry. when somebody describes you as spry, you die in three months. it's true. lydia, how are you? >> he doesn't look a day over 82. >> greg: it's a cream rinse. >> i'll have to try that. >> i'm glad you said that instead of conditioner. that shows your age,
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greg gutfeld! >> greg: that comes in clearly as a '70s teenager. they used to call it cream rinse. why do you think sanders is still popular? because we are ignorant about how economics works? ego in the land of the blind, the one i man this >>in the land of the blind, the ththeone and like one eyed man s king. >> a lot of things go over my head, by the way. >> i like your old man theory and i think young people really like having an old person as president. i think gen z, they are quotes coming into a quiet quitting. that's the new phrase for not working hard. it makes sense that is a politician to rearrange the tax code to dis distant vent it's why we came up withthe phr"
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we don't think we should have to do laundry or taxes. i think we are afraid of somebody our own age running for president but we look at somebody like bernie sanders and, by the time he's 80, surely he must know something we don't. i think it's a way of us that we don't have to have it together but maybe he does. >> greg: they don't. somehow we thought wisdom was stupid, tyrus. >> you looking spry. >> greg: thank you. [applause] don't applaud! why are you applauding? when you sign up to be the audience, we have all your information. [laughter] i could do x you like that. i will swat you. how are you doing, tyrus? >> i'm good. >> greg: haven't seen you in a while. >> it's been a minute. the longest we've been apart in seven years. >> greg: i missed you. >> [chuckling] >> greg: you never called.
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>> i did not. needed to be a clean break. you don't know it until it's gone. do you have a question? [laughter] >> greg: what are your thoughts? >> i see him in ten days. that's what i came up with. i look at this very positive for very excited about this. every year the nfl came out that the jets are going to win make the super bowl. this guy has lost every ele election. he has lost horribly. just goes to show that the moderate democrats, the independent pluralists, they aren't even looking at the democratic party. if i was a republican i would be encouraged by this, that bernie sanders... you figure with newsom's trip to the white house you have some momentum. i gave kamala bongos. it's not working. >> greg: you tried. >> i'm trying. if you are a republican you should be looking at this going,
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we have a really good shot to get some things done because they are looking at the guy who finishes low thirds and seconds to be president. i'd be extremely excited about this if i were a republican. >> greg: it's still early days. we've still got two more years. >> a lifetime away and when was the last time a republican national candidate won a majority of the popular vote was 2004? before that it was 1988. >> greg: way to bring it all down. >> yeah. just keeping it real. >> greg: i have a cool hair. i'm bringing in the numbers -- >> it's the cream rinse. >> saying it now so we can run it back. this election, republicans will have the popular vote. >> greg: in your face, libertarian! you take your gary johnsons and get out of here! >> he just pulled up 97% short. i think he's going to have that
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>> our education system sucks... >> greg: lockdowns weren't just a bummer. thanks to them, our brats are dumber. now post covid, we'll face the wrath was screwed up kids who can't read or do math. the department of education, or duh... [laughter] thank you. publish the report showing just how awful the covid lockdowns were on children's learning. here is a chart for the study looks at 9-year-olds -- perverts. i don't know if i can through with this one now. reading score saw its steepest decline in decades but the scores are so low that parents mistook them for soccer. [light laughing] soccer sucks. math scores saw their first decline in history. they must have oversample girls. it's what a sexist would say!
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>> he's back. >> greg: yeah i'll make in all regions in the country with all demographics. the kids mentioned in the report will be able to read it. there is a happy ending to it one official said that at some of the worst drop in scores in 50 years been talking all the way back to the 1970s. the dark ages will be worried about inflation, gas prices, and ted kennedy's driving. [light laughter] he killed a girl. i put eight forks in outlets before i realize i was litigating myself. i did. that kid down the block who tried to jump a swimming pool on his bike or the one that shot a bottle rocket from his butt? these were not high iq specimens but didn't think we could get dumber but thanks to lockdowns,
8:22 pm
your kids are as dumb as me when i was a brat. i only wore a mask when i stole underwear from clotheslines. [light laughter] nobody else did that? >> how did you reach? >> i had a stepladder. hopefully we can get these children -- [applause] maybe we can help those children who missed out on the critical education, helping them catch up. otherwise imagine what they'll grow up to be like. >> okay, can you tell me what color this is. >> um... read red? >> correct. what is this? >> i don't know what i'm looking at. you know what? >> let's try another one but what shape is this? >> pizza. >> which is in the shape of...
8:23 pm
>> pizza! >> tri... >> angle! >> i've got to get back to my job at the nuclear power plant. i'm the safety supervisor and we are running the test at 2:00. >> 2:00 wash mark it's -- [explosion] [cheers and applause] >> greg: what would happen if we were actually wrong and all these kids turned out better. what if... i'm just trying to see the silver lining. maybe spending more time with their parents and less time with their evil teachers. i just want to get letters. it could actually help them? just double a devils advocating. legal parent saw what was truly going on in schools boo because they were home, they saw critical race theory, they saw
8:24 pm
that instead of actually learning math and reading and science they on pronouns and not hurting other people's feelings and they were not preparing our kids for the future. it's actually terrible that america has seen itself in that position. the most important thing and guess who was so excited about this. it's china. china is number one in education and i can tell you they are looking right at us and they are saying here's another reason to do it many ways. >> greg: the answer is no. tyrus, you have children. i'm curious to know whether these, the study reflects your experience but have you noticed a decline among your kids or is it just... >> no. i'm going to be the bad guy h here. whoever wants to go at the
8:25 pm
schools, at teachers, first world problems. but it's parenting here we aren't parenting good enough. our forefathers whether they were free or not free, had to deal with famine, disease, the occasional bear running through your house, wars. they were able to educate and become important people. my mother worked 90 hours a week raising two boys. we were stuck at the dinner table doing school work. if the average parent complaining about their kids' reading level looks at the phone and how much time they spend on the internet and social media and how much time with their kids reading, writing, arithmetic, i think they'd be shocked at the time. we can't wait, especially with his administration. they aren't going to fix it. we have to take this possibility and maybe not watch the ten seasons on netflix. maybe we miss out on a season for me or something because our asses are on the kitchen table
8:26 pm
working with arcades. i do not care with the other schools are doing but i get off work, i'm stuck on facetime doing math and stuff. really quick, one thing that bothers me is you hear parents say, they change the math. you don't have the ability to relearn something? instead of buying something on amazon, buy a book on math. we've got to be better parents. [cheers and applause] >> greg: i know. if i ever have kids, i'm just going to have you parent him. >> i'm just saying. >> i don't know if i want to eat off your kitchen table. seems like there's a lot of -- >> you're not invited. >> greg: that's so mean. you have grown children. >> i have two children. >> greg: that's hard to believe. you seem so young. >> thank you. >> greg: do you think this is a huge problem? >> i absolutely do and it goes down to the fact that the united states was almost,
8:27 pm
certainly the only industrialized country that actually shut down schools from a particular k-12 but also college. my younger son is in college and he lost a year and a half of education. you get something back, but it was ridiculous and it was absolutely nothing there there was no reason to shut down schools. whatever we see here, i agree with you. ultimately it's all parenting. but the fact of the matter is if these kids at nine years old are dumber now, they are going to be dumber at 12, at 18 et cetera, this is going to the system and we need to recognize that and make sure it doesn't happen again. and move the china. >> greg: with the china peer you have seven kids? >> yep. >> greg: started young. i am a young '88. >> greg: what if children are just happy you're doing more work around the house? >> if ignorance is bliss, why aren't there more happy people?
8:28 pm
>> greg: you are like a fortune cookie. >> [mimics rimshot] i didn't know we didn't see this one coming. i babysit kids. the kids i babysit -- >> greg: how old are you? you don't have a real job? >> you know... i'm a millennial. you've got to have a side hustle. no! for friends. >> greg: okay. >> you made me question my identity! they can't sit and watch a tv show for 80 minutes without checking their devices or their ipads, all the things that they have. it doesn't take an einstein to figure out you can open another tab when you are sitting on zoom school or you can upload a video of yourself smiling and nodding and put that as your zoom backdrop and be in the other room playing video games. i can't believe it finally now, maybe zoom school wasn't a good
8:29 pm
idea to and a half years later. as lerach, china which had the most draconian covid protocols those kids were back in person spring 2020. >> my kid put buffering on a white piece of paper. genius. but the looking was thorough. >> greg: how do they miscalculate and learn to evacuate?
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hi, my name's steve. i lost 138 pounds on golo and i kept it off. golo's changed my life in so many ways. before, i was over 300 pounds. now, i literally have the ability to take a shirt off and go out in the sun where i would have never done that before. try golo. it works. >> greg: it was a false alarm over bogus harm. the alert was mistaken from the state that's forsaken. an emergency alert warning mistakenly broadcast telling all of los angeles county and the eastern north pacific ocean, they told an ocean -- how do they speak ocean? they told them to evacuate immediately. it also cause amazing delays for people already in the middle of fleeing a previously scheduled armed robberies. the l.a. county office of emergency management told fox news digital, which is not a
8:34 pm
finger, that the of actuating order should not have been triggered and they are still trying to figure out how this mistake happened. perhaps someone used the wrong pronoun. who knows? officials confirm and alert was triggered by a brush fire that continues to burn in northwestern los angeles county that forced real evacuations in the area and the l.a. the brushfire could prove catastrophic if it ignites the plastic in everyone's faces. [light laughing] applauds the plastic faces! they breathe a sigh of relief and considered looting delicately continued looting to how do you know l.a. is experiencing an emergency given it's already grave condition? rampant crime, smashing rabbit, incompetent d.a., toxic fumes from gavin newsom's hair. even dell might a lot of people
8:35 pm
probably kept on driving unless they had electric cars. because they ran out of electricity. hate when i have to ask plane punch line. lydia, what do you make of this? would you have been freaked out? what happens in your brain when you think you are going to die and they say just kidding? >> i'm always freaked out. >> greg: really? >> i'm always easily alarm to. >> greg: you have a criminal history. i understand. >> it's hard when you have a guilty conscience. maybe this is a message from on high, frankly. this might've been some benevolent employee who decided they needed to warn los -- los angeles... how do you refer to people... lost angelenos. los angeles is a social, economic wasteland and you have to start paying $25 for a big mac here if they enact as minimum wage law in california so i think it was a message on high for people to just get out.
8:36 pm
>> greg: you know, tyrus, i wonder... i wonder how many lives change after a false alarm. when you go through a potential -- what do you do? do even want to hear the question? >> no, i don't because believe [bleep] nobody listen to it. there was a loud beep, they get matted. if someone's car alarm was going on nobody would even look. we just don't care about alarms anymore. we are too lazy. too busy. they would unplug the tv and find the one device that didn't have a warning on it. if it literally said their first name and their wife is on fire and the tree, all you need to do is turn on the faucet. her ass still be burning right now because we don't pay attention to any of the stuff. >> greg: i know it's by law -- >> fire alarm test! >> greg: if a real one happens, whatever. i need to see the smoke here
8:37 pm
before i leave my office because i'm so busy on twitter. >> the alarm. it's like, it's so annoying. >> greg: it's there for a reason for it reminds me what happened in hawaii, remember that? >> yeah, yeah. >> greg: that wasn't a question. just a comment. feel free. >> i was just going to say we live in the world of fake danger all the time so of course we don't pay attention. in terms of california it was like in the same day that gavin newsom said all gas cars are going to be gone by 2035. he issued an alert saying, you know, you shouldn't be plugging in major appliances anytime soon. it's like this kind of false alarms is the least of our problems right now. >> a good point. how can los angeles tell whether they are in an emergency or not when they are already making, telling people they can't use air conditioning, can't drive, can't do anything. >> is happening now. this was actually warranted in a way. my main issue here is we live in
8:38 pm
an age of infinite technology and we are still using this 1980s found on these alert systems? font on these alert systems? >> greg: the font. >> that was my main issue here. >> greg: the only person to bring this up the entire story. >> she's the only person who read it! [laughter] >> what did people listen, the tv, the radio? >> one of those emergency alerts, the test they do. >> greg: nobody watches tv anymore except for fox! [cheers and applause] number one. that's funny though. they should update those fonts. coming up, for his love life toh coming up, for his love life toh ythrive, leo wants them under . [applause] here's a pool party. ♪ good times. insurance! ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> greg: the second a woman can rent a car, leo says the wrist relationship relationship has gone too far.
8:43 pm
[applause] it's true. another of leo 'girlfriends faces her fate, age 25 is her expiration date. the media has been all over the news that leonardo dicaprio has broken up with her 25-year-old girlfriend. who cares what happens to some old broad! a sexist would say! who puts that in the prompter? reports are they ended on good terms. she got the car and he got her 17-year-old sister. what, should i have set 18? just checking for future reference. a dating pattern decades in the making, he likes hot women. gross. disgusting. you see leo who is now 47 has never had a girlfriend who was over the age of 25. apparently he's smart enough to dump them before their student
8:44 pm
loan payments are due. [laughter] his most recent now ex-girlfriend camilla marone turned 25 in june and in hollywood years that's 87. probably time to put her in a home. the media acts stunned that male hollywood stars with money and status preferred to date young hot women. it's as routine as finding amber heard's poop in your garden. there is plenty of young women ready to step up and fill the void. that was referring to something else. but frankly i don't know what women leo dates brings to the table besides the children's menu. tyrus, i have a theory -- no. nope. i want no parts to this prayer i'm not selling any man out. >> greg: i love how the media complains that rich and famous
8:45 pm
older men date young beautiful women when it's actually the reverse. it's the young beautiful women who have the status to date the older rich men fear the status is the woman is a peer and man have to work for decades. they have to work for decades to reach that status. so once they get to the status of a hot 25 year old, they are 70! and they are a billionaire. he agreed, right? >> this isn't rocket surgery. every man wants to do this -- well, not me. >> of course. >> no, i'm so happy. can i get a close-up, one tear. so happy... this is what happens when there is no news cycle. so he's fell on hard times with them because it turns out to be not as concerned with global warming as they had thought. so this is the hit piece.
8:46 pm
i would like to just say touche, that's all the dirt you've got? he dates really hot 25-year-old women until they start telling him how to think and he leaves. he can do that. >> that's when he saw his math scores. >> bring it back. i like that. there you go. [applause] >> i want to point out the best love story in hollywood is between sarah paulson the actress and holland taylor. there is a 35 year age difference between the two of them and they get along famously well. >> greg: that's also macron who married his high school teacher, that's 25 years peer i want to talk about leo dicaprio! you ruined it for me. how is this news? except for this show, but in general how is it news? >> people like to have things to
8:47 pm
get upset about. but quite frankly who is the victim here. these women are not being forced to date leonardo dicaprio. everyone is winning in the situation. i think the best thing to come out of this, some of the tweets i read like the one that said the girl leo will dump when he's 72 was born today? love that. and little-known fact i've actually dabbled in this arena myself because i am actually a year older than my husband. okay? >> wow. big go that's crazy. >> he's not 25 so i can't say that much. >> to be fair, leo likes to watch star war movies and play with lightsabers. i don't see anybody over 25 being into that. >> is that true? >> lydia, you run into this all the time living in new york. >> as somebody who dates someone older. >> greg: he's in his 80s?
8:48 pm
>> he's spry. he's a young 85. i have some observations and i think it's interesting in our society, very open-minded, love is love. very tolerant. 30-year age gap in the lesbian relationship, you can be who you want, that's really fine except if it's an older man and a younger woman. that's the one kind of relationship where you can be judgmental or critical for whatever reason. historically, look at literature, "sense and sensibility," "middlemarch." it's very common. we are shocked by it -- >> some reason? you have no idea what's causing this problem? who is complaining about it? no clue? no idea how every woman after the age of 26? >> i am aged out. i can't date leonardo dicaprio. but i'm defending his right whoever he wants. >> this is the kind of
8:49 pm
conversation you don't get on "special report" and i admire you, lydia, doing the research. and deciding to die on this hill. this is an amazing issue. >> literally said he is bright, got three months left and she gets it all spry. got three months left and she gets all. >> greg: do not put ground up glass in his oatmeal. >> i feel like you must know that from personal experience. >> greg: that's why he doesn't eat oatmeal. [laughter] >> greg: that was a terrible, terrible relationship. up next, are you doing something wrong playing frisbee in a thong? and pans and zooms to keep you in frame. take a look at this. so the whole team stays on track. okay, let's get you some feedback. i'm impressed.
8:50 pm
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>> a story in five words. >> greg: five words. rudest behaviors at the beach. etiquette experts say some of the rudest things at the beach include encroaching on others in space, blocking views, leaving a mess, making noise, and smoking. what's wrong with that? >> i'm a big faux pas at this point because i go to the beach with my kids come up my dogs. i'm that person they'll be doing all of that except the smoking part which i'm trying to keep my kids off of that. sometimes it's tough. they have a smoke every now and again. >> greg: you are open-minded.
8:54 pm
>> good rules of thumb to go by. >> greg: do you wear your leather jacket with your speedo? >> it's the thong on my part. i strew hypodermic needles. >> greg: the problem with the beach, lydia. the drive to and from usually combined is more time than the time you actually spend on the beach. >> if you live in new york or you take the train to the beach, that's the worst. i'm like the principal in "footloose" that i want to spread out there i don't want to hear drunk people arguing. i don't want to get hit in the head with a volleyball. >> no dancing? >> hell no. no rowdy boys playing loud rap music. >> greg: i hate rowdy boys! >> take your chaos and go to central park. >> greg: i like to hang out in central park. >> good for you. >> greg: at the oddest times i might add. what was the worst thing you
8:55 pm
ever did on the beach, tyrus? [laughter] >> okay. there was this guy who wouldn't turn his radio down. so i threw him and his radio in the ocean. >> i forgive you for that. >> he was asked a huge -- she was not. he had to sit there the rest of the afternoon quietly. >> greg: i peed on my wife foster's foot. >> was there a jelly >> you could've put it in a cup! speed when i didn't have a cup. i didn't have a cup. >> greg: i wasn't even sure there was a jellyfish sting. now i remember it, we weren't even at the beach.
8:56 pm
[laughter] >> i think when another ten days. >> greg: i think we were at an arby's. >> don't go away, we'll be right back! >> greg: don't go away. we'll be right back! wrap their arms around us, could we put little handles on our jackets? -denied. -can you imagine? i want a new nickname. can you guys start calling me snake? no, bryan. -denied. -how about we all get quotes to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? approved. cool! hey, if bryan's not gonna be snake, can i be snake? -all: no. (energetically) you guys are crushing it! see how the 8 grams of healthy protein in land o' frost premium meat gives you energy
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