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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 1, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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just one more thing life throws your way. ask your doctor about leqvio. lower. longer. leqvio. >> greg: we are out of time for it thanks to lara trump, nick gillespie, are judeo audience. i'm greg i love you, america. >> gillian: welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm gillian turner in washington. the texas department of public safety uncovered a human smuggling operation the pilot noticed suspicious activity during a routine ramp check. the group did attempt to flee injuring the pilot with their car in the process but once they were upper hendon, one of the migrants claimed to have been paid $11,000.
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more details for that and just a moment. we begin tonight with president biden calling on voters to reject maga republicans during his prime time address to the nation from philadelphia. the president using the term maga 13 times blasting so-called maga ideology as a threat to democracy and the country. >> maga forces are determined to take on and maga republicans to destroy american democracy. maga look at americans and see carnage and darkness and despair. >> gillian: the president warning about republican extremism as tens and thousands of dollars endorsing the trump candidates throughout the primary counsel, betting they'll flameout in the general election coming in the fall. also this evening where we find
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kevin corke, tracking reaction of the president's address. >> good to meet you my friend. when the white house's press secretary was asked if the president's speech would be a political one, she answered the question directly and forcefully with the confidence you'd think you'd have if you had seen the speech for yourself. but... >> is not a political speech? >> it's not a political speech. opportunity for the president to directly have a conversation with the american people. >> we can afford to leave anyone on the sidelines. we need everyone to do their part. so speak up. speak out. get engaged. vote, vote, vote! >> so clearly the message didn't trickle down to the white house press shop. the president would not only openly political he delivered his speech in front of what many critics describe as an ominous blood red backdrop with u.s. marines and a shocking departure from tradition.
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in his remarks, biden claimed that so-called maga republicans don't respect because addition, don't believe in the rule of law and refused to accept election results and repeat a lease that former president donald trump who might run against him in 2024 was a danger to democracy and the same goes for anyone who supports his america first agenda. >> there is no question that the republican party today is dominated, driven, and intimidated by donald trump and the maga republicans. and that is a threat to this country. >> republicans meantime chastised mr. biden accusing him of fomenting discord, division, and devastating the soul of america. >> joe biden doesn't understand is that the soul of america is in the tens of millions of hardworking people. of loving families. of law-abiding citizens who he
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vilified for simply wanting a stronger, safer, more prosperous country. >> gillian: kevin mccarthy speaking there. the latest quinnipiac shows a majority of americans including so-called maga republicans disapprove the job mr. biden is doing on a number of issues including climate change, foreign policy, the economy. yes, the situation at the mexican border where you see the diffdisapproval rate is 60%. a space that will be remember not just for the backdrop and the rhetoric but for the stark contrast especially when compared to what mr. biden said in his inaugural address when he said he wanted to unite the country. >> gillian: kevin in washington with us. thanks so much for breaking tonight and a parent is a nationalist nation fean apparent assassination attempt.
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surrounded by her supporters, she was outside her home when a man extends his hand to her head with what appears to be a handgun. she ducks. you see that all there. president alberto fernandez calling the incident a homicide attempt saying international broadcasters evening the man pulled the trigger but the gun blessedly did not fire. officials say that man is been detained by the vice president's security officers. also this, up to a federal judge in florida to decide whether or not to appoint a third party arbiter to take a look at materials taken from former president trump's former compound mar-a-lago. a special master is unnecessary. bill melugin has details late breaking tonight. >> a federal judge in florida today did not immediately make a decision on a request from former president donald trump to have a third party special
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master review documents seized from his home for executive privilege. at a hearing on thursday, federal judge eileen cannon said she'll issue her a written decision on trump's request which doj opposes in "due course." had some questions for doj including part "ultimately what is the harm of appointing a special master to review these materials? i'm wondering from the government, what is the harm beyond delaying the investigation." during the hearing one is trump's lawyers slammed the doj for allegedly grabbing at anything possible in order to prosecute trump. accuse the fbi willing to take an overdue library book and turn it into a criminal investigation. trump lawyer christopher a place that was used frequently for work during his presidency. on the other hand, doj lawyers argue that trump no longer has
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the same legal privileges to classified information he had while he was in office. they added that a special master is simply not as necessary doj prosecutor julie edelstein saying, some of those records including some of the most highly classified records in the u.s. no place in that property that was authorized for those records. and trump's team taking issue with the photo doj put out to the public showing classified documents drone all across the floor at mar-a-lago. senator lindsey graham has to appear before a georgia grand jury to disrupt the 2020 election. but senator graham isn't alone with this pair the "washington examiner" is reporting that former white house counsel pat cipollone will also have to appear before a grand jury in washington tomorrow. that one is investigating efforts to interfere with the
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certification of the 2020 election results. we will send it back to you. >> gillian: thanks very much. new reporting from fox digital tonight that alleges hunter biden was instrumental in helping a rosemont seneca partners to secure an event at the chinese embassy in washington. the assist from washington happened after he network with embassy officials and staff after a january 2011 lunch. it was hosted by his dad and then vice president biden. emails reviewed by fox digital show hunter and his former business partner helped marvin lange at the time the managing director of gardening realty in maryland planned dinner with a chinese embassy's foreign minister. the event touted on the embassy's own web website. all have not responded to requests for comment tonight. >> he's the most divisive president in the history of united states at least in my
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lifetime. speak of the country never been unified to be honest with you and whatever biden said he was going to do hasn't been done. >> we can start with the economy. the porous border, the double standard for vaccinations. >> gillian: critics of president biden say his campaign promise remains unfulfilled tonight. following a plot element prime time address on the battle of the soul of the nation. rebel communication ceo laura fink, cal berkeley professor john yoo, and executive director -- thanks to all of you for being with me tonight. appreciate it. there is, chad commits agreement about who precisely president biden was vilifying tonight. take a quick listen. >> what joe biden doesn't
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understand is that the soul of america is in the tens of millions of hardworking people, of loving families, of law-abiding citizens whom he vilified for simply wanting a stronger safer, and more prosperous country. >> not every republican, not even the majority of republicans are maga republicans. not every republican embraces their extreme ideology. >> gillian: you were a political appointee under former president trump. who are maga republicans? >> what the president's speech tonight really showed you is not only is he out of touch with the american people, he's out of touch with the reality. when he vilifies and attacks the republican party where those on the right and calls him a threat to democracy and calls for a unity at the end of a 20-25 minute speech, shows you how out of touch he is at the end of the
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day. most americans know that when you can't defend your policies and when you don't have a record to run on, you've got to scare individuals and scare the american people to come to your side and i think that's what we saw today during this 25 minute speech rambling and all over the place and i think most americans see through that. they see what that was, overly political speech and again attacking half of americans when he claims to be a unifier and that's just not the case. >> gillian: are fact-checkers found that the president hit maga republicans 14 times. insisted earlier that this is not going to be a political speech. did she get that they'll make bad information from the speechwriting office or did she live? >> i think what you see is a condemnation of political violence. a condemnation of insurrection be a condemnation of a philosophy that says if you don't win you take to the streets to overturn it.
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he said you can't love your country only when you win. that's what it was really about and it does vilify the vast majority of americans because the vast majority of americans are not maga republicans and he is trying team that the country in the face of small d democracy being attacked. election results being undermined. the processes which we verify our elections subject to partisan overturn. i think all of those things are really important to a broad swath of the american people which the polling suggests tops even the cost of living which we know is so important but this preservation of democracy unites republicans, independent pluralist, and democrats across the board. if he is writing off of those who would undermine democracy, those who would overturn elections, he has to do that to preserve the american process and the american democracy. >> gillian: still doesn't have the leeway to deliver political remarks during a prime time address as a sitting president
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on taxpayer dollars. take a look at this from marc thiessen from "the washington post." he says biden is disgracing the institution of the prime time presidential address. for the sitting president to commandeer the institution of a prime time presidential address when it's been employed by his predecessors to comfort the u.s. in tragedy and announce military action and make the case for policy initiatives of great consequence and use it for partisan attacks is not a legitimate use of such a foreign. what do you say forum. what do you say? >> et al. progressive treat our constitution. the real threat is to constitutional democracy but not just wild democracy like in ancient athens or the french revolution. we are a constitutional republic in which party has been threatening, which party is transferring 500 billion to a
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trillion dollars by exec at a border, trying to impose a vaccine on unwilling americans. trying to ban evictions of landlords, which party wants to pack the supreme court, change the balance of the senate by adding the district of colombia as a states? i think progressives always have been frustrated by the limits of a constitutional republic by the kind we have, it's not republicans who are the threat to it. >> on that note let's switch gears and talk about the criminal investigation into the former president. all indications by the doj not look like they are going to make a case for obstruction of justice. today, judge cannon declined to appoint a special master. very well may do that at any moment going forward but she didn't do it from the bench today. what do you read into that about where this is heading? >> i think we need to wait and see what she eventually rules on at the end of the day but most
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americans want to see that third party. i don't know that they have the trust and the equal application of justice here, typically when it comes to the fbi and i think it's only fitting that it's appropriate to have that third-party review typically in such a high-profile event that we are talking about here when you have the fbi in the levels of government going after a former president. i'm not really sure how the other side can really say it's not appropriate to have a third-party look at that. so hopefully that's where it will end up at the end of the day. >> gillian: andy mccarthy in "the new york post" said that going the obstruction route might be a clear path forward for the department of justice. what do you make of that? >> we don't have the evidence but what we do see at least in this case is the facts and the laws don't appear to be on trump side. we know he's great at p.r., he's great at trying to strike on the airwaves by his lawyers are having a really hard time so they are resorting to delay
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tactics which may get them a delay but they do not dispute the facts of the doj included in their submission to the judge for the do not dispute the presentence and the law that allows for this search in these extreme circumstances, highly confidential documents, state secrets, intelligent sources and human beings who collected the intelligence are in danger and i think the stakes are incredibly high and we are seeing the institutions go through the process to protect that, even in the face of a former president and these documents being in a public space. >> gillian: do you think the obstruction charge levied against the president would be easier or more straightforward for the doj to prove? >> no. as a former justice department official i do not think that this is the kind of case we bring. it to be very difficult to prove
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president trump himself was obstructing investigations it could be the lawyers resenting trump and they are dealing with the fbi in the archives throughout this whole process. i'm not saying they are guilty but it's hard to prove. that's what i think what's really at stake is not the search is legal or if there are violations of the statutes and you can't take away government papers but the fbi pictures from yesterday, the facts are there for the question is should the government use its prosecutorial discretion to go after a former president for the first time ever in our history and charge him a federal crime and try to put him in jail for mishandling classified information? there may be a case about january 6b that's what this is really about. both sides are trying to play tough to actually set precedent and sent the ground rules for what's going to be coming in the months ahead which is searches for january 6 investigations were not over classified documents. >> gillian: thanks for staying up late with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> gillian: two separate
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shootings in manhattan's east village neighborhood thursday left one man and one woman dead senior correspondent laura ingle have the details from new york city tonight. >> two people in their 20s were killed thursday after being shot in the head in two separate instances here in new york city. both murders happen while the victims were out walking on city sidewalks. the first attack came on the first day in september around 5:00 a.m. when the 25-year-old woman coming off her shift at a nearby ihop was shot in the head in the gramercy park sidewalk. she was pronounced dead at the seams. one law enforcement official telling "the new york post," it appears as though she was targeted and it was not a random attack. hours later, a 26-year-old man was shot in the head and killed around 1:30 p.m. in manhattan's east village. the suspect described as a male in his 20s fled the scene wearing black and a face mask.
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across the east river in brooklyn, a video of a violent attack in broad daylight wednesday as a group of suspects, some who police say could be as young as 15 years old, beat a man with a baseball bat. the victim is in critical condition with severe head injuries. this swindle caught on surveillance for check out this maneuver pulled on an elderly woman in glendale, california, as two friendly looking thieves walk up to the woman sitting with her friend in front of her home, lift her necklace right off her body as they try to sell her another one and two more suspects including a kid also worked to get her wedding ring. but once they have the necklace they were after, they took off. the victim's son says his mother is traumatized by the crime. and kristi chan who was killed while on her honeymoon in fiji with her new husband. 38-year-old bradley dawson pleaded not guilty of this week to murder charges and says that
9:20 pm
despite published reports, he never confessed to killing his new bride. was found dead in the couple's bungalow two days after checking in to the exclusive turtle island result in july. was arrested the next day on a remote island which she reached by kayak. his defense attorney asked the judge to release him on bail due to poor health. a bail hearing has been set. >> gillian: an oregon man out on bail after allegedly trying to strangle the mother of his children is now back behind bars tonight. he is also charged with her murder. prosecutors blaming a progressive portland nonprofit. jonathan hunt has the details tonight. >> mohammed always in the six of thosewere domestic violet the mother of his children. on july 12th this year he was charged with trying to strangle abraham.
9:21 pm
the portland viewed h on part of its mission which it describes as "reducing harms perpetuated against our black, brown, and indigenous neighbors by the criminal justice system through posting bail." was eligible for release because according to the county's d.a.'s office, his prior offenses "did not meet the courts criteria for him to be held without bail." last saturday a week after he walked out of jail, prosecutors say cut off his ankle bracelet and murdered rachel abrahams, repeatedly stabbing her and then straggling her to death in her home. her three children all under eight just yards away. quickly arrested and charged with murder. prosecutors furious that the portland freedom fund had bailed out a man with such a long record of domestic violence. the county district attorney saying "mr attempt to kill the
9:22 pm
victim was an ambiguous" beard said in a statement after the murder, "our thoughts are with the families and communities affected by this tragedy, particularly the children who have effectively lost both parents. we were in contact throughout the time between his release and rearrest and did not receive any indications for concern" but no concern until the man they bailed out allegedly murdered the woman he already attacked six times. >> gillian: jonathan hunt, thank you. still to come, one man celebrates by floating down the river in a pumpkin. you can see it there. plus it's off to the races for these dinosaurs. we got the day's best viral videos coming up next. .
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privacy, simplified. >> gillian: up tonight in viral videos, nasa releasing new images of a planet outside our solar system. it's the first that astronomers have photographed using the incredible james webb telescope. it's what is called an exoplanet, they tell us. scientists say it's about 6-12 times the size of jupiter which is the largest planet in our solar system. a nebraska man breaking the guinness world record for, get this, riding more than 28.8 miles down the river in an 86.4-pound pumpkin. he named bertha. at the end, he would not try this again. and his knees still hurt. i'm guessing his back and
9:29 pm
shoulders hurt as well. but we wish him the best. also this is a data wedding ceremony capturing this moment when a mom who happened to be a bridesmaid as well snuck her son who is the ring bearer, a starburst candy to keep him from getting too fidgety and cranky. they both look like they are trying not to giggle. it's pretty stinking cute. one tiktok user says "not all heroes wear capes. somewhere evening wear." plus if you are looking up a hobby, racing is a t-rex. that's what 150 people did this weekend at the emerald downs way strachan auburn, washington. the dinosaurs ran one 16th of kids participated in their own version of the event. i was almost just as shocked as this poor golden retriever when i watch this video the first time. look at this pup.
9:30 pm
the owner says the dog was shaken up but was back in the water the next day. pretty awesome. if you have any viral videos to share with us, hit us up on twitter or "fox news @ night" on social media. are you an inspection team now has begun its important work at the nuclear power plant in ukraine. it comes after clashes between russian and ukrainian troops prompted the shutdown of one reactor and raise fears of radiation leak. correspondent alex hogan has a story from kyiv tonight. >> explosions just as experts set off f for the facility. >> having come so far, we are not stopping.
9:31 pm
>> the international atomic energy agency, work has begun and set up a permanent base given the unraveling conditions. >> the physical integrity of the plant has been violated several times. >> schelling today delayed the convoy and even force the emergency shutdown of one of the main reactors. in other occupied areas, the kremlin's planning referendums and even bringing in russian school teachers. russian president vladimir putin spoke to schoolchildren today justifying the invasion as a means to protect both countries. >> this deserves full support from society. this is very important. for young people. >> kids in ukraine went back to class for the first time since the start of the war. fox visited a school where each window was blown up by russian schelling. staff from every region has gone through more safety trainings.
9:32 pm
ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy visited the same school today and thanks kids across the country for braving through the situation that has robbed them of their childhood. >> they helped in bomb shelters. took care of parents who were injured but one can only be proud of ukrainian children. >> gillian: also addressing the counter a offensive, ukrainn troops have taken out more than 200 russian helicopters and destroyed more than 800 russian drones. >> gillian: thanks so much. the worst heat wave of the year is causing a major power crunch out in california tonight. just days after the goal of the state announced a total ban on the sale of gas powered vehicles will take effect by no later than 2035. in a twist, california is now asking residents on charging their electric vehicles be all part of a larger energy
9:33 pm
conservation push that officials say is aimed at preventing rolling blackouts. and the national guard has been called in the jackson, mississippi, to help distribute supplies as the state opens, several water distribution sites, water crisis is extending into the fifth day following historic flooding. some of this weekends high school football games are canceled. schools have been moved to online classes only and a lot of businesses remain closed. pressure is improving but officials say the water is still unsafe to use for this is to work to restore the system up and hoping things improved by next week. coming up, busload of migrants arriving in chicago as texas exports the border crisis' so-called sanctuary cities across the nation for the latest on border battles coming up next. take a quick look at friday's forecast from fox weather.
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>> with these continued political stunts, governor abbott has confirmed with importantly what many of us already know, that he's a man without any morals, humanity, or shame. >> gillian: that is mayor lori lightfoot responding to wednesday night survival of the first two busloads of undocumented immigrants from texas. as the third northern city beginning to feel the strain, let's talk about this, david b of the crisis on the southern
9:40 pm
border with former i.c.e. acting director and fox contributor tom homan. you heard it, i think you heard anyway, at the beginning of the show we talked about this, the texas department of public safety breaking up a human some bungling operation plan for an human smuggling operation land for an airplane. one of them we are learning paid $11,000 to be on that flight. have you heard of that before, this happening on an airplane? >> i have and it's happening more and more. there are some migrants, asians, nationals of china, will pay about $45,000 to be smuggled in the united states. shout out to governor abbott. governor abbott has done more to secure our border then anyways in this -- there's one less counterweight. every ounce they seized are less
9:41 pm
overdose deaths. doing a great job and by sending up sanctuary cities, creating a national emergency. now people in new york and washington and chicago are wondering what's going on. he brought it to a national conversation. also calling out the so-called sanctuary cities which are open welcoming communities which protects criminals, they don't want noncriminals in these border cities and news to them, they are coming to your city anyway. you are a sanctuary city. they want to be there so they can be protected. >> gillian: illinois governor today said she welcomes these migrants coming to chicago. but lori lightfoot, the mayor, since you mentioned greg abbott commission because his policies racist today. take a listen.
9:42 pm
>> governor abbott is racist and xenophobic practices of expulsion have only amplify the challenges many of these migrants have experienced on their journey to find a safe place. the governor's actions are not humane. they are unpatriotic. a man without any morals, humanity, or shame. >> gillian: what do you say to that. >> apparently president biden and repres has transported illel aliens by bus and biplane all over the united states at taxpayer expense. i went down to the rio grande valley ten times last year. every time i'm in rio grande valley to connect to connecting flight to d.c., the plane is more than half full of illegal aliens with a taxpayer-funded plane ticket to the destination of their choice! governor abbott is doing nothing different than what joe biden is
9:43 pm
doing by sending aliens to their final destination. doing it different, he's actually flying them. i don't see anything racist about it. again, sanctuary cities are one of the magnets that bring people to this country. new york for example. you can get a driver's license, you can get a job. in new york city, it'll help him pay his legal fees and fight his immigration case. two month ago they wanted them to pass a law to let them vote. governor abbott is taking to the cities, all these aliens have to sign a release saying i want to go to chicago, i want to go to new york, i want to go to d.c. when i'm pleading with governor abbott to do is put philadelphia on the list in boston. two more notorious actuary cities we give them a piece of the action. give them a little education of what these small communities in texas and arizona are doing every day. texas gets 7,000 a day.
9:44 pm
7,000 illegal entries a day in the state of texas. >> gillian: i want to ask you about rainbow fentanyl. the drugs, the pills that are colored in this pastel candy colors to attract kids. "newsweek" had this piece reporting that most of these drugs, these pills come across the u.s. -- come across from mexico at the united states, they say they are not brought by individual smugglers walking across the border, they come through these gigantic cargo ships and cargo planes, so this really has nothing to do with president biden's border policy. is that true? >> that's wrong. most drugs are seized at a point of entry. because every vehicle stopped, the inspector would make a determination to inspect the vehicle for between ports of entry, no one stops them. 70% of border seizures aren't on
9:45 pm
the -- criminal cartels are making record profits in fentanyl because the border is open. people confused and the left wants uses purposely. most of the drugs are seized at the port of entry because it's manned 24/7 every vehicle stopped. >> gillian: thanks so much for joining us tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> gillian: a new analysis shows f students dropped to a level we haven't seen in a century. this is the result of thee wa pandemic remote learning. we've got the details coming up next. ♪ any way you want it ♪ ♪ that's the way you need it ♪ it's back america. applebee's all you can eat boneless wings. just $12.99.
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take,
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9:51 pm
that's the largest average score decline in reading since 1990 in the first ever scored applying and math. here is dr. anthony fauci with neil cavuto earlier today. >> do you regret the last one, the sweeping shutdown? >> no. i don't particularly for kids who couldn't go to school except remotely that it's forever damaged them. >> i don't think it's forever irreparably damaged anyone. >> gillian: white house press secretary karine jean-pierre blamed on the former president's mismanagement of the pandemic. thanks for being with us ton tonight. it seems like the data, this is a big story because the data for the first time is bearing out what americans across the
9:52 pm
country were experiencing anecdotally over the last three years which is their kids were not learning as much and as quickly at home doing school on facetime or skype as they were going into classrooms every single day. >> that's exactly right and this established what parents and families have known the past two years is that teachers unions are the enemy of the american people. very clearly the enemy of students, the enemy of families in the enemy of great teachers eager to get back in their classrooms during the pandemic. i have the honor serving undersecretary divorce secretasecretary devos. the trump administration working around the clock to get schools to reopen. what's especially problematic here is that schools were allocated $189 billion in
9:53 pm
funding to help keep learning going. funding is out there to ameliorate learning loss and what seemed to be missing is the political will to make something happen. >> gillian: take a look at this. the headline, pandemic erased two decades of progress in math and reading, spanned almost all races and income levels and remarkably wars for the lowest performing students. does that reflect your own observation during the course of the pandemic? >> it spot on prayer in school shuts down worse in the achievement gap. the school shutdowns not the pandemic, this was not a pandemic problem. this is a politics problem. look what happened in sweden which barely shut their schools for very short time, there was no learning loss over there. the absolute educational tragedy we are seeing among americans kids did not have to happen. and additionally i can tell you
9:54 pm
i never want to hear a teachers union boss talk about diversity equity or inclusion ever again while they kept poor and minority kids trapped in failing schools with no way out. >> before i let you go in got a couple of seconds left. i want to ask you about the president 's policy rolled out this week, the student loan forgiveness. what do you think is likely going to be the impact of that policy over the coming decade. look at the long term for us? >> the cost of college is only going to go up. this is a bail out, a subsidy to college programs that are not serving students and there is no other bank that works like federal student aid where it's easy to get a loan for an engineering agree as it is for a gender studies degree. no other bank would make loans regardless of a person's entity to pay it back. it's too big to succeed. >> gillian: we've got to leave it there. thanks so much for staying up
9:55 pm
late with us. really appreciate it. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> gillian: that does it for us here in washington tonight. thanks so much for sticking with us. taking a look at a man in minnesota opening up his house and his heart to some furry friends. taking on extra work caring for 14 dogs. pretty cute. we'll be back tomorrow. remove 10 years of stains... in just 4 days. and it's enamel safe for everyday use. better... faster... 100% whiter teeth. in just four days, and it's an mlc for everyday use, better>> : after one 100% whiter teeth crushed the no. one teeth whitening brand inicl, america cracked windshield ana america cracked windshield ana truss safely will replace your glass and recalibrate your vehicle's camera. so automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning work properly. don't wait schedule no w. safe like repairs safe likely place. what one's your favorite? i'm going to go with josh.
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