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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 2, 2022 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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leonard. you will not want to miss this don'd my wonderful golf.ur order my book the wise men who found christmas gets releasedma" october 11th and will make astma wonderful christmas gift for children in your life. that is it forch us tonight raymond auroral in la laura ingraham and the special edition of "the ingraham angle." greg gutfeld is next. ♪ ♪ >> todd: joe biden is all-out attack on maga is hitting a boiling point. he promises you in a deep but the so-called fight for the soul of the nation is more of a tirade against him for the country and presumably all of you watching this morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on a friday morning, i'm todd todd piro. ashley strohmier in for carley shimkus. two americans clear and agree with democrats or an extremist.
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>> maga republicans are destroying the democracy. >> we the people will not let anyone or anything tear us ap apart. today... >> asked me about the maga agenda. it is one of the most extreme agendas we have seen. and you are not aware the majority of americans are comic that is extreme. >> joe biden has a problem. the only way he changes that is flipping the script and talking about maga, ultra maga and trump and everything but joe biden. this is a political play and very obvious what that says they will try to d cramp us down everybody's throat. >> todd: live in washington, griff jenkins. >> no shortage of that, todd, a warning outside independence hall in philadelphia. president biden warned the nation for 24 minutes democracy is under assault by predecessor
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and the millions of americans who voted for him. >> donald trump and the maga republicans represent extremism that threatens the republic. maga is determined to take the country backward. >> the political speech was a far cry from this pledged to unite the country that was the centerpiece of the campaign. remember this? >> i pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify. who doesn't see red states and blue states but all he sees as the united states united states. >> without unity, there is no peace. we must end this uncivil war. that pits red against blue. >> meanwhile the white house continuing to defend and tries to clean up inflammatory remarks over the past several days. >> when we talk about semi
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fascism, delma can you talk about the attack on our democracy, that is what we are talking about, right? that is what we see from the maga in congress. >> kevin mccarthy had a warning of his own lasting biden for his rhetoric. >> citizens are forced to make agonizing choices. every single day just to pay the bills in winter is coming. when the president speaks tonight at independence hall, the first lines out of his mouth should be to apologize for slandering tens of millions of americans as fascist. >> todd: but no apology came in afterwards republican reaction just poured in like th. >> he came across as a sad, angry kind of bitter old man here. sort of like darth vader it seemed to mean peer and an understanding of the past four
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days, he has called half of the country fascist and extremist. >> way may need to call lukes skywalker a quinney at poll said 69% of americans that democracy is in danger of collapsing, todd and ashley. >> todd: griff jenkins kicking us off. kellyanne conway say we shouldn't attack half of the country. >> politics if you want to engage people, you don't enrage people. you don't insult people but we inspire people. we all tried to do that. the president particularly the one who ran affirmatively on that platform must do that. one last thing, and want everyone to know that 235 of 589 days joe biden has been in office, 234 he has either been on vacation or nothing to do with his job. these gentlemen when he does show, he has no show joe. >> todd: we bring in cory mills florida congressional candidate and under
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president trump. cory, your reaction to last night's spectacle. >> todd, i will tell you the first thing we should look at is noting joe biden is nothing more than the divider in the cheap. we are seeing a person who wouldn't label bom or antifa thugs or atrocious events in the city has domestic terrorists but half of the nation doesn't vote for him all of a sudden extremist. this is not the unifier that he claims to be. the fact that he continues to try to attack maga make america great again patriots is just an example of the fact that he has nothing positive that he can actually note of his speech is so is the old saying if you have nothing to say about yourself that is positive, that is exactly what joe biden has been doing 70 plus million americans. >> ashley: you know, cory one thing trump did not do was assault americans. he may have assaulted political opponents when he would say things, but the media was also
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supporting anti-maga speech. look at this. >> that speech was joe biden. that speech was exactly why president biden ran for president in the first place. he almost seemed to sort of be reclaiming patriotism. what was more for usa than the speech? this is exactly what democratic voters wanted to heal. >> this is like 1860s, like 1940s. you have to talk about the large issue and just as a house divided, roosevelt gave a speech about freedom. this is a time when president biden was chosen. >> ashley: cordon domain cory how can they use the speech last night to their advantage? >> i will tell you i don't think we need to use it. i think he used it for us. he has continued to attack half of america. this is a guy that has nothing to run on and still continuing
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to attack and go after politically weaponize his department of justice to go after for president donald j. trump. all he is doing in reality is further divided and actually the obama administration which he was very well aware of. and continue to drive the switch that, unfortunately, if he doesn't actually dial this back and stop the inflammatory comments, it will lead to something further that he won't like and none of the americans will like. >> todd: so much in the speech was wrong, including this nugget actually pointed out by the host of cnn, she criticized joe biden for having marine stand behind him while delivering this extremely clearly partisan speech. whatever you think of the speech the military is supposed to be a political position marines in uniform behind president biden for speech. it flies in the face of that. it is wrong. the democrats do it and it's wrong when republicans do it. if i'm not mistaken, cory, she
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is married to a service member so she understands what military families go through and understands responsibility of the military. your reaction to that use of the marines and what can only be described as a campaign speech. >> absolutely. i agree with breanna keller. nothing but trying to mili milie and serve our commander in chief. but we are not they are to be utilized as military props that can go ahead and in some way make it look as though the militaries behind you. in fact, what is going on is divisive rhetoric and an attack on the military, are political realm or economics actually dividing our nation further and further. i was disappointed not injustice but i should not be surprised when he didn't recognize the 13 fallen heroes during the state of the union so we know for a fact it is for a political boy and not bringing america back which is to be great again.
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>> ashley: right. cory, a florida federal judge whether to appoint a special master to oversee the trump raid probe. it will come into course. due course? when would be a better time than now with both sides who want answers to appoint the special master? why such the delay? >> that is a very good question. i know district judge eileen said she was open to the idea to bring a special master to take the documents out of the department of justice and actually put it into a third-party, which i think most people want. the trump administration and the trump lawyers have gone forth and said. the trump lawyer said why don't we release to the public exactly what was taking? let's go ahead and released to the public the highly redacted version of the affidavit and the reasoning behind it was? the reason that the department of justice is doing this, it will show all the way back to joe biden.
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this goes back to joe biden signing off on fisa court that goes into merrick garland. so it will look exactly for what it is, which is a violation of the fourth amendment at mar-a-lago and the fact that joe biden is behind this utilizing doj to once again try to target americans. >> todd: in the meantime a "wall street journal" pole building ahead of the midterms. back in march, in 11-point advantage over democrats and independent voters now. in that same poll democrats have a three-point lead, cory what do you and fellow republicans running for congress need to do to avoid what would be a disastrous for republicans in the midterms? >> i don't think the republicans need to do anything first but push the america first agenda and look at this in ukraine to get back to get energy in their independents and protecting our children. we need to remind americans it was joe biden and his
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administration and democrats who are utilizing taxpayers money to paint the phone the police on the streets and now all of a sudden defund t from the police. and watching massive opioid sentinel overdose. and we are watching children -- in drag shows that are going on. they are trying to say child friendly. we need to not buy into that democrat rhetoric but also look at what they could have done over the last few years that is absolutely destroying america. >> ashley: cory mills leona friday morning, thanks, cory. >> thank you. >> ashley: tensions escalating in taiwan as fire jets flew across yesterday. the chinese military in direct response to taiwan shooting down a drone that entered its airspace on thursday. china continues told military exercises throughout the island, the time of the chinese government to take tough measures to deal with the rise in the incursions.
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and we spoke to gordan chang yesterday about what the white house should be doing. here is what he had to say. >> joe biden should be in front of television camera right now talking to the american people about getting ready for work. the chinese are not only involved in the biggest military buildup since the second war, but they are also doing is they are mobilizing the chinese people for conflict. we see this in any number of different ways. the united states needs to be very firm in this. we need to say we will defend taiwan to prevent the chinese from attacking. >> todd: be between the biden administration and iran both sides of the aisle asking the president for consultation before he signs any terms of a newly proposed iran nuclear deal. asked him republicans say in the letter to the president, we will not turn to any deal to iran with the agreement and side
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agreements to congress. we are concerned it could significantly dilute the effectiveness of terrorism sanctions on iran paramilitary. president biden to resume 2015 deal despite former president trumps withdrawal from their agreement in 2018. >> ashley: republicans declared lawsuit against president biden to block his student loan forgiveness plan. "the washington post" reports attorney generals from states like arizona, missouri, texas band together to discover the issue. g.o.p. believes this was abuse of power by the president as he does not have authority to wipe away a person step your senator ted cruz, one of the biggest critics for the plant is saying they are struggling to find someone with enough legal standing to bring the lawsuit to court. ken paxton, the attorney general for texas is coming up later on the show to discuss. we are looking ahead to today's august jobs report. economists are expecting 318,000 jobs to have been have a blessed month and the unemployment rate to be holding steady at 3.5%.
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today's job report could have a major impact on the federal reserve's next interest rate decision later this month as it is one of the last big economic reports before the meeting. mayor lori lightfoot lashes out at greg abbott after two buses sent to d.c. speak with the governor actions are not just inhumane but a mant any morals, humanity. >> ashley: chicago alderman raymond lopez on tech to respond. >> todd: close as you mentioned ken paxton texas attorney general about the student loan situation. fascinating potential lawsuit as well as former acting attorney general matt whitaker, two of the amazing cats coming up on a very busy friday morning. you are watching "fox & friends first."
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two tickets to nascar! yes! find rewards like these and so many more in the xfinity app. ♪ ♪ >> todd: some news out of chicago a 17-year-old boy a teenager mind you carjacked with them people at gunpoint in a two week span. nine of those have been happening on the same day.
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authorities adding age range 21-66 years old. the police arresting a teenager and charged with two felonies in 11 counts of aggravated vehicular hijacking with a firearm. and spiked exponentially jumping 62% over the past year. governor abbott now expanding the border crisis to another blue state, chicago becoming the third destination in the lone star state to push migrant buses to sanctuary cities. >> ashley: marianne rafferty live in los angeles with the latest, good morning, marianne. >> ashley: good morning, lashing out texas governor abbott calling him a man without morals after sent to more busloads of illegal immigrants north to the windy sanctuary city on wednesday as the bitter political battle over the biden administration's border policies rages on. >> governor abbott's xenophobic and racist practices of expulsion have only amplified the challenges that many of these migrants have experienced
1:21 am
on their journey to find a safe place. the governor's actions are not just inhumane, they are unpatriotic. he is a man without any mor morals, humanity or shape. >> taking on new texas residents who might be unhappy with their governor. listen. >> i'm happy to take and drain texas of all of its residents. >> why don't you reach out to him and say, hey, [indistinct] >> i suppose that would work in theory but that's not the point. >> but in reality, data shows people living in blue states like illinois are learning to read states with illinois ranking third for residents leaving and texas now the number one destination for people relocating. republicans were quick to call out democrats for criticizing its actions. >> the only thing lori lightfoot doesn't like is that she was shown up by greg abbott and
1:22 am
frankly all the democrats have been pure they wanted to be sanctuary cities. here you go. be a sanctuary city. but they like to talk soft and talk like they are a progressive, but when it is on their dime and their watch, they don't want to do anything or lift a finger. >> many of the migrant buses have been sent to d.c. and the district attorney general accusing abbott and arizona governor ducey, "they are purely a political stunt with migrants and asylum seekers without basic resources and nowhere to go. we must use every tool at their disposal to answer the call for additional resources and provide aid to these vulnerable people." mayor lightfoot went on to say it's highly likely the windy city could receive additional migrants from the texas border. lightfoot said if and when that happens, chicago will be ready, ashley. >> ashley: marianne thank you. raymond lopez is running for
1:23 am
mayor against lori lightfoot and joins me now. i don't know if you cut what she said but the reporter asked basically in short, could you reach out to governor abbott to see if there's a better way to go about this as far as getting the migrants into the city? which may point out it was 75 migrants onto buses. they are sanctuary city so they should have been able to accept those people with open arms with no problems. but her response, she said, yeah, in theory but that's not the point. so what is the point? >> well, i think it is very misleading, ashley, lori lightfoot to say in theory that would only happen because she knew those buses were coming over a week ago. jericho has been able to plan for their arrival in it was notl that she's trying to portray it as pure and she was aware. this is a manipulation of our welcoming city ordinance. that ordinance was designed to be welcoming for undocumented people that were here. not to be used as a tool for
1:24 am
other states to drop their problems in our city and to give the mayor an opportunity to pontificate while pretending she was not aware. this will only get worse unless we bring in the entire city of chicago as well as demand better from our federal government appear at all of this, all of the cities dealing with busloads from texas as a result of the failure of the federal government to address the border situation for generations, for decades. and unless we get that resolved, we will continue to see states take drastic actions like this against each other and a war of words in the midst of all of that, we can forget they are a real human lives involved in what is going on here. >> ashley: right, obviously a humanitarian crisis and i feel like it's being made out to be a political ploy. all of these hits are being taken by governor greg abbott because he's sending migrants, mind you with what they are dealing with at the border but also to d.c., new york city and
1:25 am
chicago. do you think if this were a liberal governor doing this that you would see the same type of reaction? >> no, unfortunately, i believe both sides are playing politics with the refugees and asylum-seekers while ignoring the fact that this all falls on the federal government. this war of words is trying to be politicized by lori lightfoot against governor abbott comes on the precipice of reelection strategy to show that she's engaged in fighting spirit once again, gas leading national issues to deflect t billiards of the city of chicago. the carjacking and drag racing and other events going on have taken a back burner to the arrival of 79 new residents in the city of chicago. and it's outrageous for those on the street who want to know when will she take care of the issues locally with the same gusto that she is trying to take on
1:26 am
governor greg abbott with. >> ashley: fox news contributor and democrat leader leo terrell responded to lightfoot's claims of racism. listen to the spirit >> this is a woman who would not grant to white reporters. this is the ultimate racist. what they see as they are failed policies and reality. it is hypocrisy! they don't want illegal loses some they are. the same reason greg abbott is sending illegal aliens to chicago into new york city and washington, d.c. >> ashley: raymond your response to that sound bite they are. >> first of all i'm sick and tired every time something goes wrong or someone disagrees with lori lightfoot it is racist or xenophobic. she been accused members of her own community of being racist for not fully standing up and supporting her. there are a number of black candidates running against her and descendants of rhesus mobs
1:27 am
of the history. it is ridiculous to constantly use that especially when you go through the communities on the south and west side of chicago who have not seen as much love and attention as she has given to the once arriving today. it is hard to arrive don't make your nightly city when not investing energy and resources in indigenous black population who historically suffer from true racism and unemployment with the same amount of energy that you are giving these individuals coming to our city. i understand that we are welcoming the city but we have to make it a matter of priorities and showing we are concerned about all democrats, not just the new arrivals. >> ashley: for chicago police officers and forced to take off after a new analysis found more than 1,000 of them worked as many as 11 days straight between april and the end of may. when you look at this, especially at face value even without doing any research on going back in april, it was the lowest staffing that they
1:28 am
had for the cpd in recent history. but when you look at this, you think, the police are being overworked. this is not safe for them or the community, and they are not getting any backing from their city leaders. if you were to be mayor, how would you combat this crime crisis, but yet, still be able to back your boys in blue? >> you can address crime until you take care of the brave men and women who put that badge on every si single day. overworking them to the point of exhaustion is not a viable solution. we need to not only expand our recruitment, but other issues like recalling those officers with lateral transfers and ensuring that we are building up a 21st century police using modern staffing to make sure we have the resources and the districts to answer the 911 calls in our city. our 24% fewer manned than they were three years before she took office. the toll is recognizable.
1:29 am
just yesterday, we had another officer commit suicide in the city of chicago. the stresses that we are putting on our officers are unima unimaginable, and are falling on deaf years in the city hall. >> ashley: and that is true. police suicides are up all over the country right now. and it is a sad, sad thing to see. raymond lopez, thank you for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you both. >> ashley: turning to this charlie crist is the democrat trying to unseat ron desantis as governor of florida, but his new running mate is a teachers union head who has openly criticized parents. is that really the win ticket in the sunshine state? >> todd: and demanding facebook preserve all of their fbi communications on the hunter biden laptop scandal. what this means for their investigation and potentially having mark zuckerberg testified. ♪ ♪
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>> todd: the reading and math skills of our kids severely downgraded during the pandemic shut down peer that according to a new report of the department of education. this data showing the largest decline seen in over 50 years. average scores for students in 2022 decline five points in reading and seven points and math compared to 2020. that is the largest average decline since 1990 and the first ever score decline in math. republicans blaming democrats and teachers unions for extensive periods during the pandemic despite the low hospitalization rates among kids. but the white house is blaming or more president trump and republicans. listen to this. >> let's go back to where we were not too long ago when this president walked into this
1:36 am
administration and how mismanage the pandemic, the response of the pandemic was. in less than six months, our schools went from 46% to open to nearly all of them being open to full-time peer that was the work of this president. in spite of republicans not voting for the american rescue plan. >> todd: that really just happened, right? the release of this report for all the d.c. mayor muriel bo bowser's decision to ban unvaccinated students from classrooms. that happened as well. horta governor gubernatorial candidate with his running mate a teachers head who is criticized parents. >> ashley: in 2021 she tweeted for those following the school board meeting the craziness is real, god be with the spirit and then she proceeded to show parents as poor movie villains. >> todd: and ceo of the freedom -- charlie crist says he doesn't want the voters voting
1:37 am
for him. don't think he had to say that but still it proves a point he doesn't want people voting for him. then he makes this pick. is he trying to lose aaron? >> charlie crist is showing he's a tool of the teachers unions. and so divorced from teachers and parents throughout florida. you have to remember the teachers union are the number one contributors for liberal politicians in america. so it doesn't shock me when he picks him as his running mate. what is blatantly obvious the american federation of teachers, they give charlie crist half a million dollars and one of the biggest campaign contributions ever and then just a week later he appoints as his running mate. so the obvious red quote pro is blatant and everybody's faces. and now the question on everyone's miles minds, what is on charlie crist and advocating
1:38 am
for parents across florida? >> ashley: it's listen to this. this is speaking after he announced as the running mate in a political rally this past weekend. >> are you tired of the culture war and the extremist that are dictating what we can say and do? are you sick of politicians who act like authoritarians trying to tear apart our democracy? and that is why we are here today. to defeat ron desantis and bring decency back to the state of florida. >> ashley: what do you think? the people of florida are really going to go against desantis and not just the people florida but those moving down there in droves to seek more freedom because that seems to be the only free place in america right now. what do you think? >> decency and respect. she talks about authoritarian peer that is exactly what the
1:39 am
teachers have done the past couple of years. they have shoved it down everybody's throats, kept schools closed and made kids where my spirit you go liberal cities where they are in control of the school boards are governors and you look at the disparities that todd referenced earlier with kids read reading, writing, math skills and compared to those in florida with open schools, it is night and day. that is not what teachers, parents and even students want. so i think these guys are so divorced from reality that they have no idea what the everyday parent is thinking when it comes to their kids education peer that becomes more and more blatant. >> todd: that speech that we just heard and by speech i mean shouting into the microphone that we just heard, standard democrat started the cold war yourselves and fanned the flames of division and then blame your opponent for doing the very thing that you are doing. where did i just hear that?
1:40 am
oh, that is right last night. is this a democratic playbook going forward into the midterms? >> she has taken a page out of randi weingarten's playbook. i said it before, posing as a firefighter peer that is exactly what the teachers unions have done the past couple of years peer of the teachers unions have become so powerful that not just the number one contributors of the left but actually writing policy for the left. that is when you see the liberal talking points coming out today over the past couple of years even, such as defund the police and crt and sex ed and all the rest of it. these are all of the agenda of the teachers union. it is coming forth in the democratic party. we see it as part of the talking points and actually as part of the policy decisions as well. but ultimately, it hasn't worked for them in the past. with all that most notably in the virginia governor's race and school board in the liberal cities like san francisco. we have seen liberals recalled
1:41 am
in areas like that. so, i don't think the parents, teachers and like i said even students care for this agenda. >> ashley: very interesting choice when you look back at virginia in the main topic of the driver for -- thank you for being with us this morning. >> think you. >> ashley: and sing with education, a group of teachers suing their own school district over a policy that forces them to use the pronouns they are students picked and forbids him from telling parents about it. one of the teachers involved in the lawsuit joins us next appearance >> todd: looking forward to hear from her and thn administration working with social media companies to censor content about covid-19. the republicans who exposes this is just the tip of the iceberg. we get details into that next. ♪ ♪
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and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ™ ♪ ♪ >> todd: teachers and parents of harrison berg city, to temporarily lock a controversy with a name or pronouns with a
1:47 am
student request and forbids teachers from sharing this information with those kids parents. deborah kidney ola involved in the lawsuit and attorney kristen waggoner to react. as if teachers didn't have enough from you know actually doing their job and teaching. and have to worry about what pronouns you use. why did you fight back? >> good morning, thank you for having me. i fought back because i basically don't want to lie to kids. i don't want to like to parents. i want to make sure the people most important in their lives are involved in their lives so that they get the best help. >> todd: i mean, this is unbelievable. the part that gets me going is the push to keep parents in the dark. this is actually on one of the slides that gave teachers advice on how to approach all of this "a student's gender transition should be confidential and
1:48 am
highly detrimental to another school, staff, peers or a student's family. all communication should be in collaboration with the student." kristin why do the students think it is right to usurp parents authority here? >> they seem to think they know better than parents. that is not only wrong but a matter of common sense but wrong as a matter of constitutional law. parents don't lose their constitutional rights when they involve their children in public schools. and they do have the right to be able to have an upbringing of their children and decide what's best for their children's interest peer that is not the role of the government. >> todd: here is the statement we are dismayed this complaint is coming in the form of a lawsuit in lieu of the collaborative approach that we believe best serves in the interest of her students, staff, and family. kristen, they say they do make that you didn't go to them first to try to work it out. your response. >> well, certainly have voiced
1:49 am
their concern but let's ask them why they adopted this policy behind closed doors? why they didn't send this policy out to parents in advance? when they send out all kinds of information to parents for the most simple changes that they have in the school system. we need to understand this was an intentional effort to deceive parents and forcing teachers to do that. it is creating great psychological harm to students, and also, forcing them down a path of a reversible and life altering treatment that is going to create additional harm to families and students. >> todd: tab, you were obviously speaking out for those teachers too scared to speak out. do most of them agreed that policy is wrong and they are telling you that in private but don't want to make it public? >> i've had many people come to me from different walks, from school, and they have been very supportive. people really are dismayed, i think, what is going on.
1:50 am
what is amazing as kristin was saying, everything that we do in my district, we share with parents. there are innumerable languages, probably 40 or so languages spoken in bulgaria. when ever nothing comes out a policy change or activity or sports, it is sent home to parents in five different languages, by the way. this was not sent out to parents. parents were not a part of this. and it was also presented once at a closed, i believe as closed school board meeting where you can go but not many people there. and that is the only time it was really made public. and it's disconcerting to me. >> todd: you have teachers coming and parents you are talking about this. how many kids have asked you hey, i need you to use his pronoun? percentage rides of the classroom? well, it's a small percentage from a very small percentage but i've had the experience with
1:51 am
kids and i've had conversation with kids and we want to be careful and not harm students but give them the advantage of everything, including everything their parents know about them and everything their parents can give them and support and help and love and respect. and we want to make sure they are taking care of. without the parents, we are leaping out a huge part that the parents need to. the parents are with him from the beginning and they will be with them after we are gone. >> todd: i keep coming back to as a new parent myself, something you do for your kids and a lot of it is not clean and a lot of it is not fun. you are those kids' lives. the fact that the schools want to take you out of it is so offensive and horrific. it needs to be stopped. kristen and deb, thank you for your time. keep us posted. we appreciate it. >> thanks, todd. >> thank you. >> ashley: house republicans taking aim at facebook over hunter biden story.
1:52 am
the judiciary committee released a letter on thursday demanding facebook to keep all communication with the fbi regarding information on the hunter biden's laptop. the committee accusing facebook of hiding information "facebook suppressed an explosive "new york post" article detailing how hunter biden use the position and influence his father." now president biden for personal gain with apparent awareness of president biden." republicans want to investigate how they handle stories on hunter biden's laptop. this comes after ceo mark zuckerberg recently admitted to the platform not showing about the laptop. missouri and louisiana have proof that the white house worked with social media companies to censor content about covid-19. according to emails released as part of the ag's lawsuit against the biden administration, facebook has "monthly debunking meetings with biden officials."
1:53 am
who wrote to mehta in july of last year that meda should take down an account of dr. fauci, hi, there, can we get this pull down? which it was immediately. missouri ag eric schmidt on with tucker carlson last night and explained more about their investigation. listen. >> what do we know from the documents that have already been provided? we know that at least 45 officials, government officials have been identified as directly communicating with big tech, with facebook, with twitter to take things down. weekly censorship meetings in addition to that, they also were able to establish a verified platting status for government officials to directly go and censor. you had the senior official at facebook directly communicating with the surgeon general of the united states and say, hey, what can we do? "we did that, what else can we
1:54 am
do? they have effectively outsourced censorship. >> todd: and venus williams on the court has likely come to an end. her sister in the first round of the u.s. open, likely to be their last match in doubles. the best part of the script, it literally says grounds, sextant grounds, crowd erupts because there were no words. serene of the 20 times grand slam champion set to play in the third round of the singles draw today. venus lost in the first round tuesday. meantime, to the man, getting payback against fabiano after the loss to italian star. i did that accident because i don't know how to say his last name. the four-time champion overcame a blood he knows to clinch a spot in the third round of the
1:55 am
u.s. open. and 21-0 in 2022 grand slam matches. i did not know tennis was full contact and that's how we got a bloody nose. >> ashley: i did neither. >> todd: president biden made it clear a few support president trump, you are a extremist peer that is for cry from what you made as a promise on the campaign trail. biden's divisive speech and we talked to ken paxton. >> ashley: speaking of texas all concert series going on the road. country star lee bryce performing later this morning and you will not want to miss it. ♪ ♪ ♪ alexa ask smartfeed to feed the dog. does it get better than feeding your dog from 50 miles away? yes... it does. at buick we see a future that's even better.
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maga, more like a tirade against the country. i'm todd piro. >> ashley: i'm ashley strohmier in for carley shimkus. the message to americans is to agree with democrats or you are an extremist or threat. >> president biden: maga republicans are destroying democracy, we, the people will not let anyone or anything tear us apart. >> ask about the maga agenda


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