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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 2, 2022 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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maga, more like a tirade against the country. i'm todd piro. >> ashley: i'm ashley strohmier in for carley shimkus. the message to americans is to agree with democrats or you are an extremist or threat. >> president biden: maga republicans are destroying democracy, we, the people will not let anyone or anything tear us apart. >> ask about the maga agenda, it
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is one of the most extreme there is, where you are not where the majority of americans are, that is extreme. >> joe biden flips the script and talks about maga, ultra-maga, trump and making it about anything other than joe biden, this is political play, obvious what it is and they will try to drag this down everybody's throat. >> todd: griff jenkins has more from washington. >> griff: turn on the red light, history will remember strangely lit speech outside of independence hall and remember president biden attacked his predecessor warning they are a threat to democracy. >> president biden: donald trump and maga republican represent extremism that threatens
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foundation of our republic. maga forces are determined to take this country backwards. >> griff: he pledged to unite the country, that was the centerpiece of his campaign. >> i pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide, but unify, who doesn't see red states and blue states, only sees the united states. without unity, there is no peace, we must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue. >> griff: the white house continues to defend and clean up biden's inflammatory remarks of the past several days. >> we talk about semi-fascism and you talk about the attack on our democracy, that is what we're talking about and seeing from the maga republicans in congress. >> griff: former president trump took to truth social to weigh in, saying if you look at words and meaning of the awkward and
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angry biden speech, he threatened america, he must be insane or suffering from late-stage dementia. congressman jim jordan blasting biden for the deviceit rhetoric, as well. >> he came across as a sad, bitter old man, looked like darth vader, in the past four days he's called half the country facist and extremist. >> i'm not sure we need to call luke sky walker just yet, quinnipiac poll finds 65% of americans think democracy is in danger of collapsing >> ashley: this message, i took as a bullying type message. you heard him, i don't see red or blue states, i see american
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states that could not be further from the truth. trigger words are facist, extremist, maga, maga republicans, it is making the left mad and right mad. here we have this divide, it is going to become the point we have no more moderates in the united states. no one knows where to go, you are extremist, it is becoming dangerous and divisive, i can't say it enough. go back to trump and maga, we've been talking all week, 74 million americans voted for trump, like you said, todd, a lot of people watching this channel right now and he was attacking them, personal attack on americans whereas when trump would go on the attack, we heard it a lot, it wasn't onern ms. he knew he need the minority
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vote, this was an attack on americans by biden. trump didn't do that, he attacked his political opponents, but never on the american population. >> todd: bret baier described this perfectly, convention speech in front of independence hall. this was a partisan speech, it shouldn't have been, he said it was going to be an address to the nation. it is in preparation for the midterm, they know, democrats know the policies that have espoused and put together have not worked. the american people do not like those policies. what do they do instead? go back to standard tropes. to your point, all that is doing is designed to alienate half the country and gin up the base.
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we spoke to cory mills who had this to say about this divisive rhetoric. >> vandalizing, looting, murdering and causing events, domestic terrorists. half the nation who doesn't vote for him is all of a sudden extremist. he continues to attack maga patriots is just an example of the fact he has nothing positive he can note during his speeches, he has to go on the attack. if you have nothing positive to say, you say something negative about others that is what joe biden has been doing. >> todd: he's calling you semi-facist, but biden raided the home of his top political opponent, targeted you as parent, let servicemembers die,
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stay silent as his party threatened supreme court justices, blamed pandemic on those unvaccinated, ruined america through inflation and ignored a formula crisis, we could go on and on, but we're running out of time. sorry. >> ashley: a lot of suburban women who did like president trump's policies didn't vote for him, people i know, because they didn't like that bullying attitude and this is all we saw from biden, that is dangerous if they are trying to get votes for mird term. >> todd: matt whitaker will be here later this hour. mayor of new orleans could face -- pile up. >> ashley: the mayor says this is a ploy by racist republicans, a louisiana resident will be here to tell us the rest of the story. >> she's abusive, i am sick and tired of the crime.
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>> ashley: mayor lightfoot on a verbal tirade lashing out as texas gone abbott calling him immoral and racist.
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>> todd: that is not stopping abbott, marianne has the latest. >> marianne: mayor lightfoot lashing out as greg abbott after he sent two more bus loads north to the windy sanctuary city as battle over biden administration border policy rages on. >> governor abbott racist and xenophobia has amplified challenge migrants experience on their journey to find a safe place. the governor's actions are inhumane, he has no morals, humanity or shame. >> marianne: lightfoot offering to take on texas residents. >> i'm happy to drain texas of all residents.
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>> this would work well to say, people you want to get rid of do it in a better way. >> i suppose that would work in theory, that is not the point, right? >> marianne: in reality, data shows people living in blue states are fleeing for red states, with texas number one destination for people rel relocated. calling out federal government for failure when addressing the border. >> all of these cities dealing with bus loads from texas is result of failure of the federal government to address the border situation for generations, for decades and unless we get that resolved, we'll continue to see states take drastic actions like this against each other and in the midst of all that, forget there are human lives involved in what is going on here. >> marianne: many migrant buses
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have been sent to dc, the attorney general accusing abbott and doug doocy of playing politics saying the moves are purely political stunt that left asylum seekers with nowhere to go, we must use every tool to answer the call for additional resources and provide aid for vulnerable people. mayor lightfoot says if can and when it happens, chicago will be ready. back to you. >> todd: bring in paxton, attorney general. which will have promise of sanct your put to the test next? >> it is the governor's choice, i wouldn't be surprised to see him send buses to other cities, this is just a touch issue nothing like we have to deal
2:15 am
with since we are getting 5000 per day. >> ashley: mayor lightfoot said she would gladly take texans who are unhappy with governor greg abbott, but she's throwing a fit over 75 illegal migrants being bussed by abbott to her city, which is a sanctuary city. why is it different she will take people from texas, but is having an issue with the migrants? >> great question, it is anger about the people being sent her way. people are voting with their feet, leaving chicago and illinois in droves and coming to texas that provide opportunity more than cities like illinois and chicago. >> todd: it is important to point out numbers, since texas started, 7500 migrants arrived
2:16 am
in the nation's capital, 2000 in new york city and 100 in chicago, keep in mind the number who proach texas and arizona border is in the millions. ag paxton you met with attorneys general from arizona to fight joe biden's student loan forgiveness plan, what is the strategy and how do you fight this under the law? >> we're looking at this, i don't think joe biden thinks he can do this, he made a promise knowing he doesn't have that authority, congress has that authority. we're looking at a strategy, we don't have one yet, we are trying to protect america from the president who is making up the rules as he goes along. >> ashley: are we looking at a time table how long it could take to come up with a strategy
2:17 am
for that? >> somebody will file a lawsuit, us, whether we are together, joe biden knows this and knows he can't do this and i don't think he has intention of delivering on this forgiving loans of people he chooses. it will never happen and he'll say i tried to do it, it wasn't my fault. >> todd: argument one, the white house is using pandemic authority for this when basically they just said on title xlii, no morning anymore, whoeverwants to cross can cross. that is free legal advice for you, ken paxton. we appreciate it. facebook under fire, house republicans demanding the social
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we will break records in california, nevada and utah. temperatures in the 90s and to 100 through the weekend. on saturday, showers across gulf coast, ohio river valley and southeast. this is sunday, this is moving eastward. for monday, looks like potential for heavy rainfall for parts of the eastern seaboard toward interior northeast and new york city, the rest of the country very warm and summerlike. can you believe it is labor day weekend? holy moly. >> todd: this is not the greatest forecast, but it feels so good. >> janice: enjoy today and saturday. >> ashley: perfect. >> janice: happy weekend. >> ashley: tensions escalating and taiwan 14 chinese fighter
2:24 am
jets flew across today. latest show of force is in response to taiwan shooting down a drone that entered air space on thursday while china continues to hold military exercise around the island. the government will dealt with any rise in incursions. >> todd: 50 members are asking for -- iran nuclear deal. 34 democrats and 16 republicans say we urge you to not return to any deal with iran prior to releasing the full text of the agreement and side agreement to congress. we are concerned it could dilute terrorism related sanctions on iran's terror military arm. "wall street journal" poll shows
2:25 am
democrats are building momentum ahead of the midterm. in march, republicans had five-point advantage over democrats with independent voters, but now in the same poll democrats have three-point lead. they may seem to have an edge, dems are admitting their party has a bad rep. listen. >> you don't advertise you are a democrat? is it liability here? >> the democratic brand, as we know, is not good in a lot of places and i tell people, i'm an american, you're an american. >> todd: two things here, tim ryanaptly pointing out democrats have not done anything for the nation, specifically in the last two years, policies put us further into debt, they are making our streets dangerous. look at that poll, republicans are not capitalizing on this, republicans are allowing
2:26 am
democrats who are better at campaigning to make republicans play the democratic game forcing them to get answers on things like abortion, republicans want to focus on crime and the economy, it is what they need to do to have that red wave not trickle down to a trickle. >> ashley: right. i am a skeptic always of polls. i look and say, it is what it is, group of people they polled, that is what they think. when you think about the things that democrats and republicans are campaigning on, democrats are pushing really hard on the overturning of roe v. wade, emotion-based your for people and not just republican or democrats that were not for it. a lot of republicans, democrats and republicans were not, it was emotional based. when it comes to that, a lot of
2:27 am
people may vote based on emotion and not logic. you have surge in crime and inflation, it might be harder to put food on your table when you have that emotional aspect of something as tense as roe v. wade that may be pushing people to the democrats way, it is interesting to see how the gop turns this around and we talked yesterday to a couple people about criticism the gop is taking right now. what are you going to do for americans? if you take back the house in midterm, what are you going to do for america? you will bring up investigations into the hunter biden laptop probe, which that needs to happen and should happen, what else will you do for america? it will be interesting to see what happens come midterm. >> todd: republicans need to channel emotion from abortion and more toward, you don't want to get shot in the street, right now they are not focused on
2:28 am
that. nation report card show covid policy had impact on student test scores. white house is putting the blame on the previous administration. >> we were in a place where schools were not open, it shows how mismanaged the pandemic was and how the impact of that mismanagement had on kids' progress and academic well being. >> ashley: who is responsible for the failures in education? our parent panel answers that question next. ♪
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>> ashley: controversy brewing as students head back to school. teachers are suing over using a name or pronoun student requests and forbids teacher from sharing this information with their parents. the attorney representing the teachers joined us on the show. >> parents don't lose rights when they enroll their kids in schools. they can decide what is in their children's best interest, not the role of the government. >> ashley: the teachers say parents support them. >> todd: student test scores are plummeting. average scores for nine year old
2:33 am
studentss declining five points in reading, seven points in math compared to 2020, first ever decline in math. joining me are parents, liz mullen, taliba hicks and zacherson. thanks to all three of you are being here. liz, you saw reality in your own family, how did the lockdown hurt your kids? >> i don't think they were ready for it. i don't think the districts were ready for it. the way it was handled and how they shut everything down and handed kids a computer and didn't give them instruction. >> todd: unbelievable. how was your family hurt by the covid rules? >> we were definitely affected, that is one reason i picked up
2:34 am
and left new york given all the mandates. as far as level of support was not good for parents, i had three children at home, one was a two year old at the time, trying to be teacher, parent and full-time employee, it was really rough and my children suffered. my older kids in public school suffered, it was rough. >> todd: randi weingarten, help students recover and thrive, this is year to accelerate learning by rebuilding relationships, focusing on basics and investing in children schools. jonathan, isn't the teachers union the ones who forced the lockdowns in the 1st place? >> definitely. in california we have state teacher unions that are very powerful and they don't necessarily represent their
2:35 am
teachers. this is for massive amounts of funding and they had the ear of our governor and school board candidates. >> todd: we just had randi weingarten here not taking blame, the white house is saying, hold my caprisun, we will blame the previous administration for poor scores. take a listen. >> we were in a place again, schools were not open, it shows you how mismanaged the pandemic was and how the impact of that mismanagement had on kids progress and academic well being. >> todd: jonathan, you have studied this, is this trump's fault? >> absolutely not. in july, trump was saying schools need to reopen, our governor decided to shut down schools in response to him asking for schools to be open. in states like florida, they
2:36 am
opened, it was clear it was safe to open, leaders did the opposite in spite of what trump was saying. >> todd: what needs to change to prevent teachers unions from ever harming our kids like this again? >> i believe when it comes down to it, they got comfortable at home. a lot of them did. i think it needs to bes an option, they are free to speak their minds and if they feel uncomfortable, say it. it has nothing to do with any president or any administration, it is clearly the fact the sdrekts were not ready to handle it. they handled it in a poor way and our kids are suffering. >> todd: how do you plan toic maup for this learning loss amongst your kids? >> right now, we're looking for tutors, support within the community, just trying to bring
2:37 am
my kids educational level back to where it needs to be. >> todd: tutors, that is coming out of your pocket, right? >> yes, my son got left back because of the pandemic and he is still in new york. my oldest son, we're in west virginia, he goes to high school and he's doing well, i need to bring my baby boy down here so he can get the tools and the support that is necessary because new york city is just really struggling right now and it is sad the kids are affected by all of this. >> todd: great to hear your one child is doing better now that you have moved, we hope your other children get the same level and it is sad you have to pay for it, you pay taxes just like liz and jonathan, what we pay taxes for and it is sick the districts have their own
2:38 am
priorities. thank you for your time, best of luck to you and your families. today we will get the august jobs report, which we're watching closely, it could impact what the fed does next with interest rates, cheryl casone will have a preview. >> ashley: and tiktok trying to silence free speech, we'll talk to a tech analyst about it. ♪ ♪ does it get better than never getting lost? ♪ does it get better than not parallel parking yourself? ♪ alexa ask smartfeed to feed the dog. does it get better than feeding your dog from 50 miles away? yes... it does. at buick we see a future that's even better. because the life enhancing innovations
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wow. i can do better! yes you can! i can do better, too! now you really can do better! switch to the fastest mobile service - xfinity mobile. now with the best price on two lines of unlimited. just $30 a line. >> todd: awaiting the release of the august jobs report. the fed reserve is preparing to factor the numbers into the next interest rate decision at the end of this month. >> ashley: cheryl casone has details. >> cheryl: on the heels of a volatile week for stocks, august numbers could be released 8:30 eastern time. estimate is for 300,000 jobs. marketss have been rattled by interest rates by three quarters of a percent and congressman
2:43 am
jerome powell adding to that, if numbers are strong, mashets will likely sell off, meaning feds will have to be aggressive. if weak, you might see relief rally in stocks. >> todd: we'll see, big warning to facebook by house republicans. >> cheryl: telling facebook they must preserve communication from the fbi regarding the hunter biden laptop story after mark zuckerberg admitted the bureau reached out back in 2020. >> the fbi came to us, folks on our team, just so you know, be on high alert, we thought there was a lot of russian probganda in the 2016 election, there is about to be a dump that is similar to that, just be
2:44 am
vigilant. >> cheryl: committee writing facebook suppressed "new york post" article details how hunter biden used the position and influence of his father now president biden with awareness of president biden. they say facebook has not provided complete answers to their inquiry. >> ashley: biden administration maybe censoring information? >> cheryl: censoring content about covid-19. >> we know government officials directly communicated with big tech and facebook and twitter to take things down, weekly censorship meetings.
2:45 am
>> cheryl: that was eric schmidt. clark humpy writing any way to get this pulled down? schmidt says he is not done with the investigation, that account we showed is a fun, funny humorous account, it is not anything official instagram account, just to clarify. >> todd: you are not allowed to have humor. >> cheryl: especially when it comes to dr. fauci. >> todd: new study finds tiktok is silencing 11 accounts. >> ashley: tech -- will tebow joins us now. will, i think tiktok is a cesspool, should this surprise anyone with the findings of this
2:46 am
stud sne >> no, it is far past time that federal regulators and elected officials remove tiktok from devices in the united states. funny thing, if you led this segment say for exit ownership without mentioning the name of the playoff, i would think we were talking about twitter and facebook because all internet playoffs are censoring conservatives on the american people, only answer is the rule of law and it is time the people representatives act here. >> todd: go a step forward with regard to tiktok, the other playoffs may have china ties, this tiktok is literally owned by the ccp company. so if this is a national
2:47 am
security threat, where is joe biden on this? >> well, he's busy giving inflammatory speech in philadelphia, where he defines half of the country as terrorists, more or less. i think you are right, todd, tiktok needs to be off of u.s. devices and maybe that is not the right action for facebooitt. republicans have to take action if they are the ones who take power in november and in future elections, take action to protect people voting them. if you pay attention to accounts they are live action, michael knolls, conservatives who despise american values, not talking about covid vaccines, these are people who represent beliefs of so many americans and we should take that as emblem
2:48 am
attic as threat to americans that tiktok and facebook and twitter are to our way of life. >> ashley: couple other media outlets and groups were banned were b, allen west, we'll listen to a sound bite from him, he is slamming tiktok after being banned. listen to this. >> i am in the united states of america, where i'm supposed to have a constitutional right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression and i've got some data dink sitting in the b basement of his mom's house telling me, you violated community guidelines, you might be a violent extremist. >> ashley: do republicans have a voice anywhere in the world now? >> no, and laws need to reflect
2:49 am
digital politics on the internet. i was in the army and we have the decisive points, part of operation that had to go right in order for our mission to you can is seed. how u.s. lawmakers and people representatives confront big tech and technology playoffs that are defining our way of life in the 21st century is decisive point of american democracy. we have to get this right and it requires not merely tech policy by podcast or whistleblower, it requires federal law that will bring companies to heal and break up the kabol. it is not working for the american people. >> ashley: social media is dicey and dangerous place to be these days, thanks for being with us this, mo. president biden promised unity, but so-called fight for the soul
2:50 am
of the nation was a tirade against half the country. matt whitaker reacts next. >> todd: check in with steve doocy, you are planning to address president biden's speech last night, am i correct? look at the rundown and wheel, you got it in there? is it in there? >> steve: it is our lead story, thanks for pointing that out, todd. not only that, we rhyme. coming up on "fox and friends first," dividing biden going after maga forces in his speech last night. what happened to unity he was talking about? senator john kennedy sounds off and jonathan turleshg y breaks down the case. nuclear talks accelerate, general jack keane assesss the threat to the united states.
2:51 am
plus fox sports erin andrews, kevin berkhart, three-time pro bowler greg olsen and the concert series in fort hood with performances by country music legend lee bryce, we have a jam-packed morning. there is lee right there, live from fort hood. you are watching "fox and friends" on the number one channel for news, fox. ♪ . .
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2:55 am
♪ >> a florida federal judge has delayed her decision on whether to appoint a special master to oversee the trump raid probe saying it will come in due course. >> todd: former acting u.s. attorney general joins us now. matt, you have been in courtrooms. you understand the nuances from what you are hearing inside a courtroom.
2:56 am
did you glean anything from the lawyers' arguments or from the judge yesterday? >> yeah, i think judge cannon summed it up with her one question as to what harm is done by appoint ago special master. and the answer, which the government was unwilling to do is it provides oversight and accountability to the government and i think ultimately, they should welcome that in this case. i mean, there has been, obviously, a lot of criticism. a lot of questioning of the why they went into mar-a-lago. why they used this technique to execute a search warrant. i think a special master will provide that oversight and accountability that will alive a lot of americans' fears spent the speech targeting republicans if you are not with the democrats then you are an extremist. listen to. this donald trump and the maga republicans represented extremism that threatens the
2:57 am
very foundation of our public. imagination go forces are determined to take this country backward. >> you know, not that any time is a good time to create division in the country, but what was the point of choosing last night to do this, to ostracize half the country? >> yeah. the president really seems to have a lot of animosity towards his fellow citizens. and we have not seen this from a president of the united states. not even abraham lincoln who was at war with half the country at his time had this kind of animosity. i travel all over the country. i have been in new mexico recently. pennsylvania, iowa. and i see republicans. i see trump voters. i see the types of people that i think he is trying to categorize as being deplorable and, you know, sort of not worth our -- you know, kind of our time or attention. and they are hard-working americans that love their
2:58 am
country. they love their family. they want better things. they respect law enforcement. and i really see this as just him trying to blame somebody else for his policy failures. you know, inflation is sky high. we have a crisis at our southern border. people are getting killed in our major cities, and we have this fentanyl crisis that, you know, from the podium the spokesperson said that because they are seizing more fentanyl at the border that they are declaring victory. this is, you know, not the america that i think most of our country and our fellow citizens want. and, obviously # 2 election is going to be a referendum on joe biden. >> todd: matt, to the election point, i know you are not a campaign strategist but you are an attorney and attorneys think strategically. how should republicans use this speech on the campaign trail in the next two months? >> well they should because this election should be about joe biden. you know, midterm elections are always about the incumbent president and their performance. and i can't see a single facet
2:59 am
of our society that is better off. i mean, you know, remember, the democrats and joe biden's allies want to continue to put masks on children in schools. they want, you know, to somehow defund the police, no matter what you hear from the president, the radical left who joe biden represents wants to hurt our fellow citizens in the name of equity and social justice. and so, you know, as i look across this country and the places i visit, you know, americans are sick and tired of joe biden's policies. you know, he and barack obama have had a majority of leadership in the last decade and it's failing. and we need some accountability, some rational sound policies and the basic block and tackling of the american system of both capitalism and good government that you know, is one tiered system of justice that doesn't punish political enemies.
3:00 am
and, you know, the recipe is simple but, todd, we are not seeing it right now. that's why i think a lot of americans are concerned about the future of our country. >> right. left of center don't forget them positioning marines in uniform behind that that was also a big you know, no, no for auto lot of people. >> balking and tackling sounds like someone who played football. enjoy your weekend. fox and friends now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i like your soul, baby ♪ you got that heart made of gold, baby. ♪ gold, baby. ♪ i'm going to love you until i'm old, baby. >> steve: live, from fort hood, texas. you are looking at lee brice's stage and this morning it's actually a timeshare.


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