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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 2, 2022 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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♪ one of those girls ain't trying to meet nobody ♪ you're just here for the party ♪ if i'm wrong then stop me ♪ if you're one of those girls. >> brian: we understand, too, with that philosophy, i'm just one of those girls ain't looking to meet no body. that's usually when you meet somebody. when you go out not looking to
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meet somebody according to the research that ted has done. that's when you meet someone. >> rachel: that's when you meet someone. >> brian: would you back me up on that? >> rachel: i have been out of the dating scene for a long time. >> brian: is he somewhat of a suite sayer and tell all. >> steve: lee brice is our all-american summer concert series performer. he is the final act of the season. he is live at fort hood as will cain is. and will the beginning of the first show you came out of that striker vehicle and the last hour we saw a reenlistment service we are going to see something coming up. we seal enlistment service. these are civilians committing to the united states of america. committing to the united states army. you mentioned this striker vehicle. this is infantry carrying vehicle, 11 soldiers will load up in this and take them down range to the fight it's
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40,000 pounds. incredible piece of machinery just part of the third corps by the way. interesting historical facts nicknamed phantom corps world war ii sneaking up on america's enemies which is fascinating by the way how large an -- sneaking up on anybody. now it's known as america's hammer. seems a little more fitting to me. and these guys are kind of a hammer, too. the mclemore boys are here with master built. you have 500 families? >> we have 500 families we are fixing to feed here. talk about putting the hammer down colonel and major out here fixing to show you how to flip the tomahawk steaks that we have on buddies at lane's barbecue has supplied us with these. guys, ladies, let's do it. >> put the hammer down. >> will: look at that. >> yeah, baby. >> will: that's how you flip a tomahawk? >> that's how you flip a tomahawk. >> it has been so much fun,
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will, glad that you are here. >> and thanks just to our military, our military's finest and our team master built, we have a lot of team members that come together to pull this together. >> will: it's beautiful, guys. 500 families. here what happens we are going to do now. i'm looking at my notes here. i believe it's 24 new enlistment's in the united states army. these are civilians, not reenlist the's. these are guys and it gals ready to make their commitment to the united states of america and serve the united states army. now, captain seth gross is about to administer the oath to these new recruits. captain, take it away. >> raise your right hand and repeat after me. i state your full name do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united
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states against all enemies, foreign and domestic. that i will bear true faith and apledge of allegiance to the same. >> and apledge of allegiance to the same. >> and that i will obey the orders of the president of the united states 'and orders of the officers appointed over me you according to the regulations and uniform code of military justice so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations welcome to the team. >> beautiful. >> will: let's bring in first sergeant along with can't gross. guys, thanks for doing that this morning with us here on "fox & friends." tell me what that means, what you just administered this oath and what it means to these individuals. >> first off, thanks for being
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here this morning. any time we just spoke about this before coming out here how any time one of our current troopers raises their right hand again and affirms that humane society to the nation it is really special on this morning for these brand new soldiers, it's an absolute honor they truly are the future of our army, sir. >> will: sergeant, i know recruitment is, it's vital to the united states military, the united states army what you see here, i would imagine is success. >> really it is. it's an honor to be here to see the future soldiers of the united states army and pretty much running the future army what you looking for or find when somebody says i'm ready to sign on the line and give my life? >> first of all just give them the honor hard to sign on the
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dotted line and make that sacrifice to serve our country. >> will: brings up family members not just individual but family. thank you so much. come over here and talk to some of these new soldiers in the united states army please introduce yourself what's your name. >> katie cope. >> where are you from. >> chicago initial. >> i what made you decide to join the army. >> join my husband and be proud of what we do for a living. >> will: how long have you been in the united states army. >> eight years. >> will: so now it's a family affair? >> yes, sir. >> will: what made you decide come home after all these days and nights and thought i might as well join myself as well? >> and make sure whatever life we build for the family that we build together is strong. >> will: beautiful and help make our country strong as well. we appreciate your commitment this morning. please introduce yourself. >> [inaudible]
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>> where are fruncht puerto rico. >> will: what made you decide to sign up for the united states army. >> i really wanted to follow in my father's footsteps as well as the i really like the stability for the military and i like to fight for something greater than myself. >> will: that meant the united states military. >> yes, sir. >> will: this is your father? >> yes, sir. >> will: first of all what's your name. >> [inaudible] >> and you currently serve? >> yes, sir. >> what do you serve. >> 25 november right now attachment 6938. >> will: what does it mean to see your son here commit to the united states military. >> it makes me proud. shows me that since he has been small he has been a leader and just be better and follow in my steps. >> will: do you know how your dad meant when he said he didn't look at me when he talked he looked at you the entire time he said what he felt. how does that make you feel from your dad. >> that's all i have been chase something my dad being proud of me and accepting everything i do. >> will: i think you succeeded today. >> yes, sir. >> will: thank you so much. we as a country appreciate all of your commitment thanks for
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sharing "fox & friends" this morning. >> all right. >> from fort hood back to new york. rachel, steve, brian, over to you. >> steve: was that just epic. >> rachel: thank you, will. >> steve: will, of course next stop is going to be boot camp for the 24 new enlistees but the husband and wife, will they always be posted together? >> will: steve in new york was bringing up boot camp is next will you be posted together. >> yes, as i'm going reserve rather than active. >> will: yeah. they will be able to stay together. >> steve: that's fantastic. >> rachel: thank you, will. such a beautiful moment. >> will: you bet. >> rachel: i love that human moment. every son wants their dad to be proud of them. you just captured that my father served in the military and then my brothers went on to become officers and i know that those moments seeing your sons follow your footsteps powerful stuff do
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you remember seeing anything like this out at the fort that to me s. a amazing. >> steve: all part of being live at fort hood today. lee brice the reason we they're he has a show there today and we are piggy banking on that appearance. you will see him in a little bit. in the meantime. let's talk a little bit about this. within the last hour. another one of those bus us greg abbott has arrived at the port authority of new york we don't know how many people got off. but it continues. earlier today as you can see. that same city official is greeting everybody. they have already got stuff in their hands and they are going to go into a little table and be told the next thing about legal aid and how to get healthcare and stuff like that. >> brian: the pandemic is over so he is not wearing a mask today. >> rachel: that's the welcome wagon as they come off the bus
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there so far governor abbott 7,400 illegal migrants to d.c. 1800 to new york city. and 70 -- only 75 to chicago. but chag is not happy about it colleague mayor has this to say about governor abbott about sending those 75 to chicago. >> governor abbott confirmed what unfortunately many of us already know that he is a man without any morals, humanity, or shame. instead of treating these individuals with respect that they deserve, the due process that our laws require, governor abbott chose, instead, to humanely -- inhumanely, load them on to buses, send them on a more than 12 hour journey across a country they don't know. i'm happy to take and drain texas of all of all of its residents. i wouldn't want to live in a
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state with a governor like that. i certainly wouldn't want to live in a state where they are doing everything they can to strip people of their basic rights. >> brian: that's a minority view. very few people are leaving texas for chicago. i think you can count them on one hand because of what she has allowed to happen in that city. taking the hand off the wheel and crime run roughshod as cops decide to hand in their badge. you are seeing a governor of texas who says after a year and a half of having 7,000 a day come here illegally, 1.8 million overall, and saying i am -- my cities and my towns are overwhelmed. you guys are ignoring me. the president is not paying attention. so i will see who wants to go to chicago. when he said load them on buses they signed a form. what are they doing? do they look like they have been terrorized or traumatized. >> steve: volunteered. >> brian: having the time of their lives. soon tell them how bad the cubs are keep it a secret. a little later we will find out they chose this country over
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another country so, therefore, every one of them broke our laws. every one of them claimed refugee status or it was an emergency, i have got to come here. and what it is the president of the united states. my fear is if the president's party doesn't pay a price at the polls, he will think this is okay. because this, to me, out of everything that he has done, which is brea breaching americas morass this is the worst. >> steve: it's all political as you watch the 79 people get off the bus, mostly venezuelans, these are the people who agreed to get on greg abbott's bus. it cost him $1,300 a person to send them to chicago. she is really mad at those 79 people were sent there from the governor of texas. now, you know what she is not apparently mad at that same day that 79 arrived on the bus about 20 migrants flew into o'hare on government's dime with the help of an ngo. she is not mad at those people
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because they did it with the federal government. she is just mad because it's a political season and she is trying to say, look, that republican governor down in texas is evil for doing this. even though all those people volunteered because they wanted to go some place out of texas because they wanted to go into the interior. >> rachel: such a great point. because when she was saying it's immoral to put them on a bus to places. i thought she was talking about joe biden. he has been doing this since he got into office. these secret flights in the middle of the night sending people off no knowledge picking them up. >> brian: ron desantis started land go ahead in jacksonville they will get on buses and go to delaware. they seemed to have stopped. that's what it needs. raimondo lopez on "fox & friends first." chicago alderman running for mayor. he actually wants to try to do the job. he weighed in on this where he
4:14 am
stood. >> chicago has been able to plan for arrival this wasn't the 11:00 p.m. surprise arrival as she is trying to portray it is. she was aware. >> this is the welcoming city ordinance. this will only get worse unless we bring in the entire city of chicago as well as the demand better from our federal government. all of this, all of these cities dealing with bus loads from texas is a result of the failure of the federal government to address the border situation for generations, for decades. unless we get that resolved, we are going to continue to see states take drastic actions like this against each other. see wash of words and in the midst of all of that we are going to forget that there are real human lives involved in what is going on here. >> steve: we have been talking about the migrant crisis for years on the fox news channel. >> brian: not like this though. >> this is the worst by far. >> steve: sure surely. it was in the last one ever couple of months where suddenly people on other channels are
4:15 am
talking about it. why? greg abbott, smart politics, sent people to washington. suddenly the washington national press corps is talking about it. sending them to new york. new york is talking about it suddenly people in chicago talking about it. people in big democrat led cities are saying why exactly are they coming here? oh, the texas governor? why are they going to texas? oh, joe biden let them. in a lot of people didn't know the story they are getting to know it now. >> i have to say first when governor abbott first did this i was critical of it. this was just a stunt. it's actually been effective because up until now as you said no one was reporting it outside of fox. bill melugin is like a lonely man and griff jenkins at the border now they are being forced to tell the story. by the way, 70 in chicago. 7,000 a day coming in just to texas alone. >> brian: you can't just walk here from another country. that's not the way it works. >> steve: they are not walking across the border. >> brian: they don't do that the press secretary is the only one who doesn't know that so please don't tell her.
4:16 am
let's keep it our secret and, steve, staffedly, i flip around the channels. >> steve: why? >> brian: mar-a-lago, mar-a-lago. georgia investigation ains. >> rachel: maybe we should send them to mar-a-lago. >> brian: they will squeeze in mayor lightfoot is having a press conference. i wonder what she is talking about. i don't think. >> steve: rachel has a great idea. ship a bus load to mar-a-lago although. >> rachel: or maybe barack obama's house up in martha's vineyard. >> steve: mar-a-lago is in florida so ron desantis would immediately send them to delaware. >> brian: i wouldn't go to mar-a-lago, there is papers everywhere. [laughter] >> brian: just a mess. most of them top secret. hey, what's going on? >> ashley: we have a couple headlines. police are searching for the suspect who gunned down a woman walking home from her job at ihop in new york city nypd says 25-year-old was shot execution style around 5:00 a.m. by someone wearing a mask. motive unclear police believe armstrong was the intended target.
4:17 am
controversy in a north carolina town after its entire police force resigned city council justine jones during emergency heating. under investigation for creating a hostile work environment. in addition to the officers quitting toxic behavior she is only been on the job two months. one resignation includes the town's police chief who had 20 years of supervisors. it's not clear if the officers will return to the force money from biden's $1.9 trillion covid emergency fund is being spent on nothing having to do with the pandemic. so i guess it's kind of a money problem. according to the treasury department, president biden signed a relief bill in early 2021. that bill was supposed to give aid to americans during covid. treasury officials determined that at the end of march, only $70 billion has been used for urgent needs. and a weekend in vegas may get a
4:18 am
little fuzzy but this man's reach for seeing double is not because of alcohol. sean douglas mcarttle was taking a dip in the pool when he swam past his doppelganger wearing the same hat and glasses he described the surprise sighting saying i wasn't convinced until now we are definitely assimilation after sharing the hilarious photo in the thread. the post got over 95,000 likes. even reddit users agree talking about a glitz in the matrix. that would be super weird. >> steve: same hat. >> ashley: yes. >> steve: same pool, same time they are identical. >> ashley: i can't imagine walking by wow he had look like me but. >> steve: swoob have to think they have to be related. >> brian: can we do a 23 and me on them? if anyone can swab their mouth. if you meet them, swab their mouth. all right. >> steve: indeed. thank you very much. coming up on this friday we head
4:19 am
back out to fort hood. will cain is standing by with the third armor corps commissioned officer of the year going to share his commitment to service. brian? >> brian: all right. i will take it from here. the countdown to kickoff is on. the star studded nfl team joins us live with their week one predictions kind of or analysis. and look at what can you expect this season. ♪ here i am ♪ spinning you around and around in circles ♪ it ain't my style ♪ but i don't care ♪ i would do anything with you anywhere ♪ yes, you got me in the palm of your hand, girl i ♪s because i don't dance so who's tougher, kid? me or you? you are, tony. can you put me down, now?
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>> brian: next guest been named the third armored corps non-commissioned officer of the year. >> sergeant is part of the second squadron in the third calry regimen. >> steve: it would be good to talk with them we can because zanesville live in fort hood. >> will: what does it mean within the army. >> noncommission officer is the sergeant and above. enlistment side of the house first step into becoming an actual leader in the army gore will wail what we had at fort hood a competition among third division. fort hood, fort bliss. teams from all over come here and compete for this honor, for this title. first, to wins a a team and then
4:25 am
as you did to wins a an individual. tell us about that competition. >> can't have without the squad. so, really really being able to take on that leadership position and lead soldiers through training physical mental tasks and stuff like that, yeah. >> will: what did you guys do in the competition. >> so the competition consisted of mark mansship con since sisd of medical we did rival marks manship. we trained a lot of medical tasks and trained some tackle patrolling patrolling tasks. we trained chemical tasks. really a whole week of just a lot of different stuff. >> as we talked fort hood is huge. it offers a lot of terrain and ground hold this competition
4:26 am
that sergeant macias won. you can sense it and hear it in his voice it involves leadership tanks. i can tell knowing him for a few minutes he has no problem taking on a role of leadership. did i read in the interview you gave about why you decided to join in the first place and the life you were leading before as a civilian. what made you want to join. >> i was in a cycle of just working and paying bills, honestly. i really didn't feel like i was using my potential to its fullest. i didn't feel like i was being challenged, you know, i was a personal it was nice. very fulfilling job but i knew i could apply myself more. just wanted to switch it up dlawnk nor being with us this morning. back to you guys. >> steve: that was great. >> rachel: seems like he had a leg up on some of the physical activities since he was a personal trainer before. but, tell him that we wish him -- will i don't think he has quit either. >> rachel: tell him we wish him
4:27 am
all the best and congratulations. >> steve: i want to see him come on the "fox & friends weekend" where you and pete and rachel do the competition. >> rachel: oh, boy. >> will: where we run through inflatable obstacle courses i think he has got it. >> rachel: i think so too. >> steve: that was great. >> rachel: thanks, will. >> steve: still ahead on this friday fox sports all-star team here to kick off the nfl season. what we can expect during week one. stick around, folks. right back ♪ ♪
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nothing keeps it all together quite like - gold. visit to see how gold is everyone's asset. ♪ ♪ >> you got the uniform on. there is a sense of pride. he was happy in his role doing his part. he loved his brothers that he served with and if he was ever going to go out and he would want to die a marine. >> it has been one year since that blast at the kabul airport killed 13 brave american service members, including 20-year-old marine lance corporal jared schmidt. jared was just six months old when 9/11 happened and the u.s. went to war in afghanistan. his father said he knew he wanted to be a marine since he was in high school.
4:32 am
mark schmidt is the gold star father of marine lance corporal jared schmidt and joins us now. mark, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: thank you very much for joining us just a year ago when the explosion was outside of abby gate and killed those 13 brave americans. i know you were so frustrated because it didn't have to end that way. >> not at all. to this day i don't believe biden has even mentioned a single one of their names you are so proud of your daughter or son. and your commander-in-chief can't even recognize them by name, not even once. that's heart wrenching. >> steve: it is and what is even more complicated is there are new stories that have been percolating over the last week
4:33 am
or two about things that we knew the service member didn't know but maybe our intel community knew probably could have saved lives and now here we are a year later and not really getting a lot of answers. >> no, it's a bunch of the same old same old. apparently the cia had a description of the suspected bomber and that was put down the line to many of them. my understanding not everyone knew this description. but the snipers that were there certainly did. and they felt they had a lock on who matched that description. and requested that they kill shot and were denied. and i would love to know who the heck made that call because the outcome of this could have been completely different. >> steve: 100 percent. i know you have felt like in the last year there has not been a lot of support for the families. and you have started an organization called the freedom 13. tell us a little bit about that.
4:34 am
>> so the freedom 13 is our mission with this nonprofit is to build recreational retreat villages across the country for veterans to use, free of charge. each one will be in a different location and have a different theme behind it the first one we are working on is right here in missouri. in robertsville it will be on two and a half acres of river front property. it will be used basically as a kayaking, fishing type retreat village for veterans. works like airbnb. the house they want. week they want to use it prove they are a vet and owe us knowing to use it open all year round. >> steve: that's fantastic. mark, before you leave, will you tell us a little bit about jared? >> oh, jared, he was a friend to all. i don't know a single enemy he had. always upbeat. he always looked out for everyone else. i can't take credit for how he grew up as a young man but i
4:35 am
will tell you what, i was more proud of him for who he -- who he was becoming over the brief years he was here with us. and just a charismatic character. he was so loving and a great big brother. a great best friend. and he had a lot of new friends and brothers in the marine corps tsurely miss him as much as we do. >> steve: i know it's tough to talk about this and, mark, we thank you for coming on and telling us your story. >> thank you, sir. >> steve: you bet. god rest his soul donate in jeremy's memory at the freedom also watch the full fox news series examining the consequences of the u.s. military with drawing from afghanistan at we remember each and every one of the 13 brave american members killed in the kabul airport attack a year ago. may they all rest in peace and you, too jared smith.
4:36 am
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brian brian it's the moment america is waiting for the nfl season finally returns. we are back it's on fox, which is the key. our next guest will open the new season as the number one team september 11th when the green bay packers take on the minnesota vikings i believe it's going to be tackle. joining us now fox sports lead play by play kevin burk heart and greg olsen and erin andrews the veteran of the crew. erin, first off, how are they doing as the number one team? do they have what it takes? >> on or off the field? >> brian: both. >> welcome to my show by the way. [laughter] off the field, this one orders more appetizers than i have ever seen in my life and i enjoy it off the field do we have a great
4:41 am
time. >> screwed up one free preseason game we are in trouble. we survived. give us time. >> brian: kevin, what does it mean to be the number one guy. >> it means everything. local guy sells car back in the day. e and and tom rinaldi and got to call high school football games starting out in the business. >> brian: you remember that. >> outside the city here in north jersey. >> brian: did you remember him? >> absolutely. so back in 2015, my first ever audition when fox brought me out to l.a. to kind of get a test run and see what this was like, i did it with kevin. i knew way back when i was a sophomore and junior in high school we had first met calling wght radio local am station in jersey. 2015 he called my audition in like a private studio in l.a. and here we are seven years later. >> it was fine. >> brian: erin, do you get pumped up like the rest of the country gets pumped up for brand new season? >> oh, gosh. i was pumped up for preseason.
4:42 am
>> brian: it's new, too. >> it's definitely new and new with these guys and everything like that. first of all, as you said we have aaron rodgers heading to minnesota that place is just crazy to go to if you haven't been check it out. super loud, i know i'm going to have a ton of jitters i can't imagine these guys as well. >> brian: let's talk about the game. what do you think? the vikings come in, a bit under achievers last year and packers lose a key wide receiver. >> the packers are fascinating with aaron rodgers always. he is such an interesting guy back-to-back mvps. they lose davante adams maybe the best receiver in the league i don't know how they will look without him. i'm fascinated to see how it all goes down. i think they are still a great team. >> brian: what do you sense? >> i think what's going to be interesting to finally see minnesota. kurt cousin gets a a lot of fl. is he going to leave the team. new head coach takes over more
4:43 am
mike zimmerman. a different style in a division with aaron and these guys offense is going to win it. >> brian: do you get a sense of a team because you spend so much time with them before the game and after the game talking to them. do you get a sense of when somebody -- when this team has got it together they are going to be tough early on? can you figure a lot going into week one? >> i mean week one i think that's an interesting question to ask you guys with aaron we will talk to him on the phone. i will sit down -- sit down feature for fox. yeah, i think with him you definitely get a sense. i'm interested to talk to minnesota and see what their vibe is under the new coaching regime with kurt yet again. you kind of do. i think with the people that have been there for a while, right? >> what's interesting in the preseason is like it's the world of optimism. every team is the best they have ever been. every team has had the best preseason. >> brian: i think he has been out of new york for a while. we haven't had that. >> maybe not here. internally. >> we miss doing games mere. we do.
4:44 am
>> brian: used to go on the road a lot. let's talk about something else that is exciting. super bowl. super bowl is going to be fox two of the next three years. have you thought about that i believe it's 100 million people. >> no pressure. >> probably a couple more than maybe we are used to. how you cannot be excited tenth super bowl for fox. monster post season. two wild card two division championship in the super bowl. yeah, we are thrilled. we had our preseason game in phoenix where they kind of usually do like a super bowl run through. we did a promo shoot on the roof. i was happy i didn't fall off. that was like a big win for me, brian. >> brian: you set your standards high. >> not afraid of heights. call out. called two super bowls in three years. >> brian: erin, something is new for you, is this true it's the first time you are going to be ringing the bell at the stock exchange? >> i don't think i'm going to be do doing it i found out last night kevin is doing it pressed a button. >> i believe it's a button. we will find out. >> you may find out when we get
4:45 am
there excuse me, sir. >> brian: do that i'm in charge. and he is going to be throwing out the first pitch, right? >> tomorrow. >> so the story with you, you were the guy in the stands for the mets cityfield when the mets would have more people in the dugout than the stands oftentimes and that's how you cut your teeth in this business big time. >> yeah, yeah. >> what has that meant to your career? >> everything. i'm from here. grew up in new jersey, so for me to come back, work for the sny for 8 years and come back and throw out the first pitch. yeah, it's full circle. i'm so excited and then i grew up a mets fan. i know they are a good team a lot going on. cool night. >> brian: last question to you you know these guys plan, how hard is it going to be to look at in a bad pattern out there, dropping a key pass, you can't miss that tackle knowing you know these guys, or you played against them. >> i know what it's like to be on the other side.
4:46 am
i know what it's like to have an announcer sideline reporter just irritate me so -- but, no. i try to keep in mind i have to be fair. i have to be on tia and call things for what i am but never going to attack the guy. that's all i asked for as a player. you want to criticize my route, i drop a ball, a miss a block. don't question a guy's character or everett. that's where i think it gets personal and that's where i think the players tend to get a little sensitive and whatnot, i try to keep my player hat on as most often as i can. >> brian: you guys do listen. they do listen to the broadcast. >> the guys know what you say. >> i would say they don't they all do. >> you know very quickly what was said. >> brian: fox lucked out having you guys as the number one season. hope to see you at the super bowl if we can borrow some of your budget travel there and bring show there. >> erin takes the entire budget you have to talk to her. >> are you insane? >> brian: yeah except for your
4:47 am
appetizers. >> thank you. this guy out of here. >> brian: you opened up with the headline. erin, great job and congratulations throwing out the first pitch please don't bounce it. >> what are you wearing for it. >> are you on the rubber? >> yeah, have to. can't go short that's embarrassing. >> brian: thanks so much. >> we have to leave? >> brian: can you stay. why don't you read -- actually, do you want to toss out to janice dean? >> janice, you look fantastic. i saw you in here. what do you have out there. >> janice: oh my gosh. >> meteorologist, i love you myer favorite. can i come to the green screen and do it. i want to know about the labor day weekend forecast. >> janice: you come out. i notice there is a storm they are talking about. >> janice: i am not worthy. holy moly, i'm nervous now. i don't know if i can do this forecast. let's say hi, what's your name. >> shellie. >> where from you from. >> memphis, tennessee. >> and. >> harold sydney australia. >> >> janice: what is your name. >> mike from rock away. >> steve from new orleans the
4:48 am
easy. >> janice: fantastic. take a look at the forecast because it's going to be a beautiful day here in new york city. 63 right now. 71 in chicago. the one thing we are going to be watching is showers and thunderstorms across the gulf coast and the plain states and the ohio valley. fox for all of your latest details. say hi to brian and rachel and steve. >> hi. >> brian: don't even take a single of me. take a wide shot. this woman wants your job. erin wants your job. can you switch? can do you sideline? >> janice: oh my gosh, can we make that happen? i will do the weather and she can do sideline together? >> brian: i don't think she needs a co-host on the sideline. >> janice: weather and sports together? >> brian: we will work on that and see if we can afford you on the sport side. guys, coming up later we are bragging lee brice is going to be live. you know he is going to talk about faith, family, inspirational songs and, of course, the men and women who serve our great country at fort hood. ♪ raise your glass
4:49 am
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends." in just a few minutes country
4:53 am
superstar lee brice will take the stage to perform some of the biggest hits. >> brian: but first we are catching up with him. we ask all the questions of leave bryce and our old buddy will cain. guys, good morning. >> i'm here with the country music superstar. you are right lee bryce, there is a rumor going around that he will take the stage in just a moment and perform "salt." >> it might be true. >> you put on a big country concert on fox & friends and you are doing it for the united states army but why is that so important to you? >> i come from a military family that more than that getting on the road these days and getting to meet everybody through all these years and more passionate and reality to me as an adult and just mean so much to come out and focus efforts on them for once. they don't get a lot of thank yous. >> during the commercial break
4:54 am
he has a big football fan and i got a nephew going to clemson, sorry he sake south carolina fan. and i was asking when did you start playing music? he said at clemson. first of all, you were nine. >> yeah. my kindergarten girl friend i hadn't in a while. [laughter] >> he remembers it. give us a little kindergarten. >> i know we were only in kindergarten but that didn't matter to me. i love you now and fat is how friend should be. >> will: i mean, i remember to this day a 9-year-old soul the mike song. but playing at clemson and you decided nash was her life? rolled up there and when visit is all it took. so danny i think i will stay in nashville. and he said do what. it's been a beautiful ride but
4:55 am
that was it. and where we are supposed to be and it worked out. >> will: i think it has worked out and a good snapper in the nfl and could have gone decades but this has worked out. back to the military, back to music. i know you have one song about a father driving his son's truck. and that is really, i mean, i love the song and it hits right here. and i imagine so many people straight to the heart. >> it really does and it has a specific story about what you said, but it also hit me. i had my own like connection with this is the thing i connect with you once you are gone. it might not be your dad, your brother, your son but everybody has their own thing. i felt the same way about my granddaddy. when i heard the song for the first time. so i met so many people and heard so many stories. and there are stories that connect with that song. it continues this moment to be a big blessing to me and not just
4:56 am
the fact, it was a big thing, nice, but it is an everyday blessing. >> will: one that sold right now flying off of the charts. we appreciate you and we will let you get back to this country and military. we can't wait. he's about to take the stage in a few moments right here across the nation on "fox & friends." good to see you. back to you. >> one way or another he set up a summer concert series >> that is right. >> brian: live in new york and today we will head to texas appearance be to take stick around because lee brice will take the stage right after this break. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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