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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 2, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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may guess but we are out of time for tonight. we'll be back. every day at 8:00 p.m. the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have the best night with the ones you love. see you soon. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hi, everyone here welcome to this special edition of "hannity." i am tammy bruce in for sean. tonight joe biden is making it clear unity is no longer a priority. middle-class conservatives are his enemy, as he surrenders his agenda to the extreme left because last night joe biden ramble through what was one of the most divisive, dismal, and destructive speeches in modern american history. basically accusing his political foes of being enemies of the
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state. saying that those who disagree with him are threats to democracy! here's just a small sample of biden's rage filled rhetoric from last night. watch this. >> donald trump and the mega-republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republi. the republican party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by donald trump and the maga republicans. and that is a threat to this country. maga forces are determined today today to take this country backwards to an america where there is no right to choose, no right to privacy, no right to contraception. no right to marry who you love. maga republicans look at america and see carnage and darkness and despair. they spread fear and lies, lies told for profit and power. >> tammy: wow, are you feeling the unity yet? last night's diatribe was dark
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and depressing and most of all delusional. all coming from the man who campaigned on just wanting everyone to get along. and what is not being exposed as one giant political lie. worst of all, biden delivered his bizarre address in front of a blood red background flanked by u.s. marines who were used as political props to attack millions of hardworking americans but of course to bidens allies in the media, the speech was exactly what the country needed to hear. take a look. >> this is like 1860. this is like 1940. you have to talk about the large issue in the room and just as lincoln gave the house divided speech, just as roosevelt gave a speech on the state of the union about the four freedoms, as you well know. 1941. here's a time when presi president biden is chosen. >> he seemed to be reclaiming patriotism. you republicans argue that they
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are the pro-america party. democrats are not patriotic enough. what was more pro-usa than this speech? >> some of the people that said this was his best speech ever and he needed to tell the truth. >> biden laid out the democratic platform, came to the midterms and into 2024. it's fair. still when they do seem to be trying awfully hard, don't they? don't worry. there was some criticism from bidens media enablers like msnbc pundit ellie missed all who didn't think bidens speech attacked republicans hard enoug. >> i don't know who that's for. i'm sure there are some white supremacists will vote with white supremacists who don't think they are white's premises. it's not for me. >> tammy: wow of another president earlier today amazingly enough tried to walk back his despicable remarks from last night. after being pressed by fox's
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peter doocy, trying to claim he didn't mean any of what he said. take a look. >> do you consider all trump supporters to be a threat to the country? >> no. >> come on, look, guys. >> tammy: does he have an evil twin author? ask yourself, what exactly was last night's speech about. what was the point? it truly was not about unity. it was not about winning over independence. it was not about reaching across the aisle and it was not about confronting the growing crisis of the border or insulation or crime. so what was that about? is joe biden really still that scared of donald trump and his tens of millions of supporters? the 45th president wrote in response to bidens tirade "someone should explain to joe biden slowly but passionately that maga means
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make america great again. if he doesn't want to make america great again, which through his words, action and thought, he doesn't, then certainly he should not be representing the united states of america." here for reaction, fox news jupiter joe concha. along with florida congressman byron donalds. the vice president of tague strategies, aaron perini joins us as well. aaron, let me start with you. you heard the historian referred to two pivot points to all-out war for this country which is what bidens speech reminded of. that's what worries me. 1860 before the civil war and 1940 before of course world war ii. that's what worries me about the nature of what biden is willing to say. what was your take on his comments last night? >> we heard from president biden, it was extremely divisive. he has no leg to stand on. he's trying to talk about the
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threats to democracy. democrats across the country putting money into primaries, into republican primaries to try and elevate what they consider quote-unquote ultra maga candidates, those who are firmly in the make america great again can. time and again democrats say one thing i do another. what joe biden didn't come he tried to distract the nation from his abysmal record. inflation, the border, crime, the countless overdose deaths that are going on in this country. and he tried to divide the nation because he knows when we actually make america great again, when we sta stand togeths citizens. we become a better nation. he knows that he divides that he has a better chance of staying in power. that's not who we are as americans we saw last night was the worst of the presidency and it should never happen again. >> representative donald's, i have to say is a man, you have run races, you've got to appeal to everyone in a district. that's your goal. going to get nominated by her party but then you've got to
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represent everybody who stands there. that's the core, the promise of this republic? there is the president of the united states giving permission to everyone to look at half the country who happened to disagree with the democrats, to look at half the country as terrorists or insurrectionist. what do you see, where do you see this going from your point of view? >> well, my first hope is the american people, those who actually watch this, look at this and either a, ignore it. or frankly lose support for this president. what we saw yesterday was the speech of a demagogue. it was the speech of an autocrat. if people take a step back and understand, independence hall, the framers of the constitution, if joe biden actually reads the federalist papers, what they were concerned about were factions in america. what they were concerned about was an autocratic head of state who would wield words in power
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the way joe biden does. my hope is that the american people reject this speech and reject the demagoguery of joe biden. because yes, republicans and democrats disagree on issues but we should never see each other as the enemy in our country. that is exactly what he did last night. >> tammy: went through a civil war because we wanted to make sure that americans, no matter who they work, no matter their complexion, no matter where they were from, were going to be part of the american family. we knew we would have different lives but we are one family. we will have disagreements. joe, owned the reasons why i think as we understand why someone like joe biden in a speech like this can have an impact is you heard the media. propping this thing up as something as grand as lincoln. who died trying to bring everyone together despite strong disagreements. what do you think the meeting is going to do at this point?
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>> at this point, tammy, i think ronald reagan and tip o'neill are probably rolling over in their graves because at least those two men who ideologically looked at things very differently were able to come together, didn't do this sort of crap i this is what it was, c crap. find solutions, compromise to move the country forward. has friday joe biden ever met thursday joe biden? let's repeat this. joe biden on thursday "donald trump and maga republicans are the threat to the very soul of this country. then as you said, fox's peter doocy asked him about that and he makes his argument that oh, no, i never said that whatsoever. you talk about the media and how some are embracing this speech as something good, again, those red walls that you talked about behind them, you have expected an elevator to open up and for blood to start pouring out. watching a scene in the shining
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at that point. it was that bad. yes, some are embracing this in media. this is having a boomerang effect. there were two pivotal moments so far leading up to the midterms. the dobbs decision energized democrats in terms of abortion but then all of that is lost now because i think this speech has really energized republican voters in a way that is not going to be able to stop the red wave that's coming in november. >> tammy: let me get aaron. you are ahead of an organization that deals with strategy. someone looked at is what joe described, this environment in front of independence hall with red lights and the marines standing there. they thought that was okay. it looked like someone thought that orwell's 1984 was a suggestion as opposed to a warning. how do you explain a bunch of people looking at that and thinking that that was a good idea. what's going on with them?
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>> whoever the advance team is for the white house, those who go ahead and put up production, they should just be fired because that optics, those optics were absolutely horrendous. except on your -- if you're on the other side of the argument. you have angry photos of the president of the united states raising his fists in rage, looking to be yelling any west, with a red backdrop, and very ominous military officials behind him. yeah, you better believe republicans will use that time and again when they are talking about biden's failed economy, the inflation crisis, the border crisis, everything that joe biden has failed on. that image will be used with. all the way through november. american people will see that that hate filled rhetoric as a result of joe biden and that is why republicans will win in november. >> tammy: i will give you the last word. only thing about the midterms, where do you think the nation is headed. >> the nation is going to head into republican hands, as it
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should. as joe biden is being a demagogue, you have democrat members running for the senate who are refusing to debate their opponents. these members get to debate. show what your ideas actually are. contrast those with republican ideas so voters can finally decide which way the country should go. >> tammy: excellent. we are all on board to say the least. thank you all very much. also developing tonight the department of justice has released more details on the documents seized from mar-a-lago as we are also waiting for a decision on the special master to review the presidential records. here to break it all down, fox news contributors gregg jarrett and sara carter. obviously we are all still surprising we are heading into a holiday weekend, fascinatingly this is where joe biden decides to do is we lead into this and now he's trying to walk it back but this is coupled with a decline of his popularity according to reuters, by seven points. after the mar-a-lago read, after those school loan debacle, the
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payback period now you've got this imagery that we've got in this fight about the special master. so we are going to -- as we have been discussing, the judge wants to write out something decent to explain her decision. why is the doj fighting this so badly when it would help us all respect to the end result of what happens here. >> because they are above the law and they don't want to be fair or neutral or objective. it was incredibly end sadly appropriate, last night's imagery in front of independence hall that was right out of dante's inferno and a hieronymus bosch painting. it underscores that this is that a president who if you dare to oppose him, if you don't like his policies, instead like republican policies where you vote for donald trump.
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basically half of america. joe biden will use the fbi, the department of justice and soon the irs to come down on you like a ton of bricks with the full force of the federal government. what we learned in today's disclosure is they took everything from mar-a-lago except the chandeliers and the carpeting. took hundreds of personal items, newspapers, books, clothing for goodness' sakes. it simply proves that this was a lawless search and seizure under the fourth amendment but none of it addresses the real legal issues. the so-called classified documents actually declassified and number two, did the president actually have, under the presidential records act, a right of access and custody of these documents? that's never been litigated under the presidential records act. that's how it should have been handled in a civil enforcement
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proceeding. not this lawless search and seizure. >> tammy: sarah, it's interesting, while we are discussing -- if we can trust the fbi and their intentions and the intentions of the government and the direct, the director of national intelligence and their teams. after that speech last night, is there any doubt that the government is an entity is a problem? >> i absolutely agree with you. it was like the lifting of the veil. that's what i talked about. looking at the speech last night in sheer, stun horror and then thinking to myself oh, look, he's actually exposing himself and his entire administration. this entire raid into mar-a-lago is obviously political. it's obviously a continuation of what started way back in 2016. all we have to do is go back to 2016 to realize every step of
6:16 pm
the way how they targeted president trump and everyone around him. the fbi using the steele dossier that was paid for by hillary clinton and her attorneys in order to spy on president trump and then to spy on carter page, a citizen of the united states. how they expanded their powers and how now just as greg is saying, they are expanding their powers to us, the people. we saw that, it was evident. if it walks like a duck and it looks like a duck, it's usually a duck. that's what we are seeing with the biden administration and i think every american should be very concerned about how far this administration and how far the radical left is willing to go because with the hiring of 87,000 irs agents in an fbi that seems bent on political weaponization of his agency against an opponent, political opponent, our nation is no longer living by its fundamental principles. it's completely living by
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something else. >> tammy: we have seen some hints of this with lois lerner and the irs. the fbi and others throughout this process for decades. it seems like they are just not even trying to pretend what the federal government has become with the agencies, without right leadership, reformation, as we've done in the past, we can get over this. sara, gregg, thank you. coming up, more blue state madness. his surging crime in portland putting the oregon governor's race and play. shocking statement by gavin newsom.
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>> tammy: now democrat run cities across the country continue to suffer under rising crime and decreasing quality of life. sadly there may be no better example than the beautiful city of portland, oregon. where far left leaders have turned a blind eye to the violent crime. look at your screen. throughout the summer of 2020, how can we forget, and beyond. portland's riot after riot. property damage and destruction. portland which at one point -- you might not know this -- one of america's safest cities. now struggling to control crime and reduce murders. it's gotten so bad that even in deep blue oregon, the governor's mansion is now in play for republicans. it is seen as a toss-up race. joining us to explain more, christine, thanks for joining us.
6:23 pm
we talk all the time of the people stepping up. it's surprising to me. it's great that it's in play but your state has just been suffering so much, what is your message to the people of oregon that seems to be changing this race? >> oregonians are demanding better from their leaders. what we are experiencing has been a decade of decline under extreme single party leadership and we are feeling it. especially in portland when they are less safe today. we are seeing mom-and-pop shops close. see national chains exit our beautiful city. instead we are leaving our city to people who are abusing hard drugs which are now legal in her estate, who in fact are forming encampments, that are refusing to leave public spaces. our city needs change. our state needs new leadership and that's what oregonians responding to.
6:24 pm
>> tammy: we saw in deep blue san francisco that families are parents. parents are parents. democrats don't want to have to step on syringes and human when they take their kids to a park. as a republican, is there a difficulty and a willingness to hear the message? what kind of feedback are you getting from your constituents? >> port landers themselves are asking for leaders that are willing to stand up for their quality of life. they want to be safe in their own yards. they want to be safe when their kids walk to school. this is not partisan. to your point, this is entirely about community safety and a quality of life that portlanders should demand and expect from their early years. they are not getting it from their leaders right now and that's why my road map for oregon's future makes public safety and community safety across our state a central focus of my efforts and
6:25 pm
you can find more information at christinefor oregon .com >> tammy: good luck to you and good luck to the people of oregon. this is about the quality of life and the human condition and everyone deserves better. thank you for joining me. appreciate it. of course the left-wing failures to extend far beyond oregon because down in california, failing governor gavin newsom is literally trying to find a way to keep the lights on, signing a new executive order to boost electricity supply as the state braces for more blackouts. despite these obvious green energy failures, newsom is doubling down. watch this. >> we need to do more in terms of derisking our transition to green energy. i will talk more about that. we're not doing anything except accelerating. accelerating the transition to
6:26 pm
low carbon, renewable sources of energy. >> tammy: just outrageous. in colorado, residents were unable to change the temperature is in their own homes on tuesday when a smart thermostats company, a utility, locked its devices to 70 degrees due to a strain on the electrical grid. they literally couldn't change the thermostat. meanwhile, in the washington swamp, biden is shaking up his climate team and bringing on infamous clinton operative john podesta. that's not a good sign. the latest sign that biden is putting the far left in charge of his domestic policy agenda. as i point out in my new column, democrats are all in on controlling every aspect of your life including transportation under the banner of climate change. here for reaction, caitlyn
6:27 pm
jenner, and red stayed editor carrie davis. john phillips. let me start with you. you see gavin newsom and he's seeming like a grifter, you have horrible problems throughout california. this energy issue has existed for a while. where do you think he's headed, and deas he understand californians and americans don't want to handle thermostats over to the government or their cars or anything else. speak with the lights flicker it's not because they are executing someone at san quentin. it's because the power is going out in california which we have become all too accustomed to. this is a guy who has ruled in a one-party state where democrats control everything and they just don't think things through. from their point of view, if you have enough votes to get rid of that nuclear power facilities, go ahead and do it, you've got the votes, who cares. if you've got the votes to get
6:28 pm
rid of gas powered cars, get rid of it. if you don't have the electricity to power the cars and people are stuck, we'll worry about that when that comes. let's not forget, one of his contributors, pga knee, responsible for burning the entire town of paradise down in the fire. we have fires here in california, we have to evacuate. we have to evacuate quickly. it's not like a hurricane where you have two or three days. if suddenly they say you can't power your electric cars because we are out of electricity. there's a fire and have a evacuation, you're stuck in bad things are going to happen. this is gavin newsom's california and its why his in-laws are donating to ron desantis. >> tammy: that was a very big story. this is what made national, a state regulatory board decided they are going to ban gasoline powered cars by 2035 and then a couple days later asked everybody to not charge their
6:29 pm
electric vehicles because of the hot weather for this weekend. this is where it's like, imagine there there's about 16% of the vehicles known california, caitlin, are electric. what you think it's going to happen when it's on hundred% and they can't handle it now and grandma has got to turn off the air conditioning. >> [[laughs] gavin newsom, what a disaster. this guy wants to run to be president of the united states. a real leader doesn't just have an end goal. he has a plan he has to put in place to get there. gavin newsom has no plan how to get there. let's just take a quick look at the grid today. right now we have one nuclear plant left in california in the central valley. the diablo canon nuclear plant which is scheduled to be close in 2025. in just two and a half years.
6:30 pm
okay, now, gavin newsom is begging joe biden to send more money so we can keep it open for another five years. but still it's knocking to be in place and in 2035 when we have all electric cars. the forecast right now with hydroelectric power, they expected to be one half of what we have right now. because we have no water in this state, we are talking about electricity. people can't even water their lawns. this state has been so mismanaged for so many years we are seeing the effects of it right now. oh and by the way the cost of electricity in california just went up 25%. >> tammy: great point. everybody talks about the cost of gasoline and they are thinking it's going to be so much cheaper, so much better. whatever government is in control of something, it just gets out of control, unusable, in addition to the ability to stop the electricity, rolling
6:31 pm
blackouts, more than ever being able to control people's mobility and the ability to move, like getting in your car. if they just want to stop you from being able to charge it up. >> this is literally all part of the plan. they want to stop our mobility, period. they want to take away. we have been talking for years about a gas mileage tax so people don't drive very much. california has the worst public transportation in the world. it's terrible. they don't care. caitlin is absolutely right, there is no plan in place. it's just campaigning. that's all it is. our politicians, all they do is campaign. i'll have you know, tammy, the california assembly voted to keep the diablo canon online because they realize in this heat wave that people will go so far with democrats but if you're going to keep us hot and broke, that's pushing it too far. you know if you want to take off
6:32 pm
black mother like me in the middle of the summer, 48 years old, tell me i can't turn my thermostat under 78. >> tammy: this entire panel makes all with democrats are doing somewhat dangerous because we don't want to be uncomfortable. none of us do. and you are running for school board. this is people taking charge of their communities and stepping up. johnny, i've got to call him out, it's eras argue about mobility. what carol brought up about taxes, the manager use, the beads they would have a counter in your car and lead know where you went. in new york wants cars out of manhattan. they want you reliant on public transportation which they also can stop on a win. isn't this about the ability to go somewhere secretly or on a whim when you want to because the government wants to be able to control you in that way.
6:33 pm
>> or how about even when there are evacuations because of a fire. if they tell you that you can't charge a car than the evacuate your neighborhood and you can't get out lickety-split, you're in trouble. they want to incentivize people here in california by paying them a thousand dollars to get rid of their car because they want you to ride the bus. okay. the buses are all charged by electricity. if they can't charge the buses, guess what. you better have some walking shoes. >> tammy: here in new york, they are going to be charging $10, $20 just to get on the island if you're coming in from outside. they just want to make it so difficult. the fact is fossil fuels, automobiles keep us free. it allows you to move around. it allows you to get where you want to go. it allows you to move. it's an amazing structure of using climate change as the pretext to create emergencies that give the government more control over our lives. the california at least isn't
6:34 pm
safe her hands at least knowing you three are there in thinking clearly so thank you all very much. straight ahead, his the bidens border crisis hurting democrats ahead of the november midterms? wait until you see the latest polling, don't go away. he will be a senator i hope. nevada senate candidate rick sound the latest.
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♪ ♪ >> tammy: the great state of texas and arizona have been busting migrants from the border to liberal sanctuary cities for months but recently texas added a new destination for migrants: chicago. the first bus arrived earlier this week and the city's mayor was not too happy about it. take a look.
6:39 pm
>> these continued political stunts, governor abbott has confirmed unfortunate what many of us had already known. but he's a man without any morals. >> tammy: in a statement to fox news, spokesperson for abbott asked where the outrage was when president biden flew migrants all over the country in the middle the night. meanwhile in the state of nevada were open borders are also a big issue, new poll shows close races for governor and senator in the state thanks in part to a collapse of support for democrats among hispanics. in fact, republican candidate and former state attorney general adam laxalt finds himself in a virtual tie with the incumbent democrat senator catherine cortez masto ain a head-to-head race and joining us is in fact that man, adam laxalt. adam, thank you for being here. as an american, it doesn't matter which state we live in. we care about all that was
6:40 pm
happening. crime matters to all of us. schooling matters to all of us and yet we do see, it's important to see the hypocrisy here. the remarkable reaction of lori lightfoot to simply people who have asked to go to chicago being in a bus and she smears governor abbott wins since she has been elected in 2019 to 2022, murders have increased 34%. she says greg abbott is the man with no shame and who is immoral. what do you think is going on with lori lightfoot at this point? what's your problem? >> look, how about you call out president biden and while you're at it, how about senator senator manseau, president biden for this open border. this is causing massive misery in this country, record spikes and fentanyl. i'm in the rural town in nevada. they are being overrun with fentanyl overdoses. these are our children.
6:41 pm
law enforcement. here they can't handle the stuff without support from the federal government. for these mayors to complain that it's finally hitting their city, when states like mine and communities like elko nevada have been dealing with it for many years, it's preposterous and outrageous. >> tammy: it almost seems like deflection but this is what is so ghoulish about it. she knows she is setting up her city as a sanctuary city sanctuary city. that's important word. they have incentives for people to come. taxes are high. she won by over 75% when she was elected so the people of chicago embrace these policies but the moment it's acted on, she gets angry. it's as though she's either trying to hide or she never meant it and that this was all fake. >> this is the world we live in every day. look at president biden's speech last night. he didn't mention fentanyl
6:42 pm
overdoses, the open border, the crashing economy, record highs and inflation. wednesday do? he created a whole new narrative and smeared half of americans. this is what they do. they denigrate people. they attack people. they try to deflect from their terrible policies that are wrecking my great state and wrecking cities all across america. >> tammy: excellent point. he said nothing about the crisis hitting every american to matter what party they're in or what state they live in. adam, excellent, great. thanks for that perspective. here with more on biden's ongoing border crisis, arizona republican congressman andy biggs and fox news contributor deneen borelli. let me start with you, it's an interesting approach from lori lightfoot, that she's complaining about the migrants, the individuals who either have family in chicago. who wouldn't want to go --
6:43 pm
if you are in el paso or a small border city overrun, you think of the great city of chicago or the great city of new york. you hear the rhetoric all throughout the world through media that they are sanctuaries. what do you think is driving her repulsion at receiving these individuals, these brown and black individuals struggling, wanting to come to her city. what is her problem? >> like you said, it's a sanctuary city, so what is your problem? now that this influx is in her backyard, she doesn't want to deal with it. look, this problem is in everyone's backyard because tom and i have been exposing this. we have westchester county, new york, airport having charter flights come in the dead of night. we have followed two different buses, one to salzburg new york, one to edison, new jersey. this is documented.
6:44 pm
the podcast reigniting liberty. we have video. it's a coordinated effort because when we pull up in the dead of night, all of these cars come out of nowhere to pick up these people when they arrive. the lights are out. nobody even knows this is being done in the dead of night. >> tammy: this is i think representative bigs, what makes a difference in today's world, you have tom and deneen able to bring this information to the american populace, the internet, individual investigations. when we think about the government, and the choices joe biden is making of disbursing individuals throughout the country. what about the border itself? with the drugs coming through, the fentanyl deaths that adam talked about, isn't this an emerging crisis. the sex trafficking, the drug use, who knows. perhaps the workplace abuse that
6:45 pm
may happen. what do you think is going to emerge from this kind of open border catastrophe? >> well, i hate to say this but when you have a number of people on the terrorist watch list that we have apprehended, we know that many tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands more we don't even catch coming across our borders. many of whom are bringing drugs. they are sex trafficking. they are also bringing malevolent intentions like international terrorists that are coming in. i'm afraid that at some point we're going to have to face a very serious event like that. maybe akin to 9/11. i hope we don't but i will sound the warning and the people know that the fact that you have literally almost a million people that get away, we don't know where they are coming from. that means that some of them really have bad intentions for our country. are we not going to wake up until that happens? we should be waking up. all americans should be saying secure our border today. this administration instead says
6:46 pm
come into our country. they are facilitating. i will just tell you on the border this week, i was told that only about 11% are being sent home. the other 89% are being dispersed throughout the country. i don't want to hear about chicago getting 75 people on a bus. >> tammy: great point. this is all of our backyards. this transcends politics. this is about american families and the american future and that's obviously something that weighs on everyone's mind. thank you both. i appreciated. we've all seen the terrible consequences of the democrats' education policy. kansas gubernatorial candidate derek schmidt is joining us next. leo terrel reacts when we re return.
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>> tammy: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." amid the laughs and turn americo far left indoctrination centers. parental rights are becoming a top issue. for example, the republican governors association is pushing back against far left democrat kansas governor laura kelly in this new ad provided exquisitely to "hannity." >> laura kelly promised to fix our schools. instead of siding with parents, she is siding with radicals pushing their agenda on tire kids. to actually solicit lended lessons. biological boys competing against girls. saying there's too many white teachers. >> tammy: here with reaction derek schmidt. all of those issues, all of us care about, tell us why you're running in what you want to do for kansas.
6:52 pm
>> tammy, there's nothing more important than raising the next generation and parents have to be front and center in that roll. it's common sense. here in kansas we have the democratic governor laura kelly who has walked in lockstep with the biden administration's radical agenda on education and so we sent her a parent's bill of rights to make sure parents are fully involved knowing what's going on in their kids education's. she vetoed it. a fairness in women's sports bill to make sure the meaning of transgender males competing against our girls and women in competitive sports, denying them scholarship opportunities or just the thrill of victory. she vetoed that twice. so we can do so much better here in kansas and we will. >> tammy: derek, i have to say this is of course we have seen across the country. parents wanting essay, demanding to have a say, refusing to give up their rights and of course when it comes to these races, it resonated in virginia. it's going to resonate in
6:53 pm
kansas. resonates in california. good luck to you. obviously parents care and it's good that they've got the option in kansas. thank you. now we turn to another developing story is a new report from the national assessment of educational progress finds that the new conan covid lockdown measures under decades, you guys, of math and reading progress, as students were forcd out of the classroom. the white house immediately blamed trump as usual. despite the left's endless push to keep them shut down. running is not with reaction, fox news contributor leo terrell. you know remember president trump repeatedly demanded, said schools of god to open. the left-wing teachers unions shut them down. what's your take on their attempt to blame this on trump? >> the entire show has a common theme. the democrats will live for
6:54 pm
power and control. when it comes to education, what americans will not tolerate is when you her children. the democrat, randi weingarten, the unions kept kids out of school for their own personal benefit. tammy, they rob kids of math and reading skill. math declined for the first time ever. reading to client -- reading declined. what is fundamental about this is that the union doesn't care about the kids. it's a con game. the union is in line with the democratic extreme. those kids can't get those years back. this is personal because i was the product of public education and i know how important it is, i'm here, you're here because of quality education. american children lost two years of math and reading and they'll never get it back. you know what, the union, they are not worried about it. they are sleeping well because they benefited from the
6:55 pm
pandemic. they collected the time salaries during the pandemic. it's shameful. if there's one reason for every american to vote for the republicans, quality education for your kids. spirit we were certainly robbing the children. hopefully we are going to grow older and we are going to be relying on a generation that we hope knows how to spell, can do math, is able to make a difference in the future not only for themselves but for us as well but yeah, we are both products of public schools and we can get them to be great again. leo terrell, thank you so much. great perspective as always. thank you, everyone. we do have more "hannity" after the break. i'll be right back. ons in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. woman tc: my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here.
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♪ ♪ see one unfortunately that's all the time we have left for that evening. take thank you for turning in. i want to thank the sean hannity
7:00 pm
team, sean. have a beautiful labor day weekend in november you can catch me on "get tammy bruce" exclusively on fox nation. on monday i'm going to be laboring on labor day. i will be on "outnumbered at noon. find me at tammybruce have a beautiful weekend. it's been a pleasure. ♪ ♪ >> raymond: i am raymond arroyo infer laura ingraham ingraham. this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle." we have a big show for you. florida governor ron desantis will react exclusively to biden's divisive and frankly dark speech about america and later i'll go golfing with actors mark wahlberg, kevin dillon, boxing great sugar ray leonard and evander holyfield. you'll not want to miss the hijinks. stick around. first it appears tha