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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 2, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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you can't believe how great these feel until you feel them for yourself. >> copperfield's then step insole. >> aldy massaging comfort with every step i'm walking on clouds every single day. >> this is where it all starts darling. to hear the walls can talk and folks you're going to have their say. the round of 16 begins this it. evening. >> the nascar playoffs begin at darlington on usa. tucker is next well tgood evening and welcome to a special edition and analytical edition of tucker carlson tonight. so everybody's focusedto on this fall's midterms for good rea reason, but maybe biggerso bigger elections have already happened. these were l elections have already happened, more meaningfulac elections. these were local races that you es that you probably haven't het because nobody pays attention. here's what they were last week. the republican party flippedican five majority, left school districts in big counties in
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florida.. that would be miami-dade, sarasota, duval, martin, clamia. mi counties. de is miami-dade alone is one ofone the biggest school districts in the entireofgest in th country.0 it's got more than three hundred thousand students in it. so thi in it. in the futur major implications for the education and the future. e ofof millions of young people. it's not just happening ins scha florida, a texas school boardeas that flipped the republican party earlier this year rk is already workinging to cha toe things. it has voted to barace, han racd and gender cult ideology. in schools. >> so there may be a lessonn here. let's say a republican running for congress in november. you might be wondering how didte these republicans win at the these republicans win at the local level? lo it'cas's a redcause wave year. a red wave year, because actually it's not really a red u wave here. so may far , despite what you ml have heard in other races so far , special elections, republicans have been underperforming, amazingly, for example, in a special election last week in new york's 19th congressional district, electi democrat pat ryan beat republican marc morial, noro, now in a red wave here, youu wo would have thought the opposite
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would happen. this was a very tight district. this district went forhappen, tt joe biden by onl.y eight pointb and a half in the last point election. that's not exactly a huges. margin for the democrats.. but democrats won anyway,ay despite the fact joe biden's approval numbers have droppedbi' dramatically since then. and it's not just inapproval nut district. democratic candidates across the country have been een outperforming joe biden's 2 numbers in at least three other house special elections. elections. elections in elections in nebraska,d th minnesota and in the twenty third district of new york . how so why is the question how could this be happening? well, the democratic party is ay really simple explanation. abortion exp., everything is abt abortion. democratic voters are really mad about roe v. wade. being repealed in their voting in bigger numbers. >> but there is actually anyey' evidence at all to support that. >> that's true. instead, theren big s. is evidet the republican party may be at . fault by alienating its own voters and not getting them totn the polls. or dusky has done a lot of work on this. he runs the seventee he rn pact.
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seventy six project pac. he supported those florida school board candidates one last supported t schoo week gorodetsky recently wrote on his substract that republicans are underperformine reg this yel counuse turnout in rural counties is only about 30%, 30% of what it was in 2018year a midterm that year, cities and suburbs. meanwhile, those are democratic strongholds, hadd tht double that level of turnout. so why are republicans winning in school board races in florida but losing s in big racs in rural areas that they should be winning? well, the answer might lie with the candidates and what they're talking about in those districts.t they ing for example, in february, mk molinaro, the guy who just lost the race he should have won in new york , told the county office buildinicg to illuminate those are ng in red and blue . those not the county colors,nor' their ukraine's colors rightthae as if his voters care.t hi that's the message that execut molinaro is executiveew york set director of dutchess county, new york , sent to voters.o ukraine.psie stands with ukraine, right. everyone sympathetic ukraine.
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but is that really the main but issue? t no, it's a joke.he the same candidate also sent fundraising emails to voters throughout upstatedidate new york calling for aggression against russia. bideagainst run is weak on puti molenaar wrote . right. so ri just sounding like lik lindsey graham actually work. our borders are racist, but racu ukraine's borders are sacrosanct. doesn't work.s boar >> here's what he said. the question is , can we do more a more and should we do more ? the answer is yes to both. i as to my friends inpentagon, yo the pentagon, you toldto all ofs us that this war would last three or four days, that kyithv would follow, that, you know, the country would would be overwhelmed by the russiae ny military. they're wrong. so th, quite frankly, i trustpresid president zelenskyy judgment hei about what would help him inimee real time more than anybody else on the planet right now.
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>> okay, so just to be clear to graham, your job is to mak was lindsey graham, your job is to make fun of lindsey graham and to disavown ha lindsey grah your job is not to emulatey gram lindsey graham and steal his d talking points. and if you do emulatepoints lindsey graham and steal his talking points, you will loslle and the losing candidates did just that. thatt they were for saying to what, for example, was sa joe kent was saying ine as washington state when he won his primary there as a challenger. challenger. wawatch this. >> if any of theseo representatives feel so passiopassionately about how wee to go and save the ukrainians and provide enough lethal aidy d and continue to push this escalation, they need tock t go back to their districtso and tell the american people, n tell their constituents what ramifications them toat do and what the ramifications potentially could be . wh nations alwaysally come first? >> why do we securer borders their borders and not our own? . >> well, exactly.g it's nothing againste uk the ukrainians. hem.
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and everyone feel sorry for a the ukrainians. but americans have a right to feel sad rightut wha about what in their country and to expectpi their politicians toticians to e on fixing it. so iepubf more republicans inlis novemberer say w say what you jt heard, joe can say they will win ifs th they talk about issut that people actually care about in this country, issues that are relevant t theo their livesl they will win. boar that's how they won those school board seats in florida. they weren't talking florida. a. ukraine. they were talking about the issues that matter to the voters in florida. they tal family safety, happiness, the right of parents to decidece what their kids learn in school. that message wins.ins. goveously, that's why glenn junkin became governor ofvirgin. >> we're going to embrace ou virginia. we're going to embraceparents, our parents, not ignore them. we're going to press forward with a curriculum that includes listening to parents input a coricalude limit allows our children to run as fastas f as they can, teaching them t how to think and enabling their dreams to soar.
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friends, we are going to excellc reestablish excellence in our schools. so that was glenn duncan's message. your parent schools exist for your children. ols exisand they're your childr they don't belong tos the teachers union and we'rey mi going to listen to you now.ainsl terry mcauliffe was running against clinton.yo. he had the duncan . a >> it had the advantage of a lot of money. he'd been governor of the state before.'s his his message ane quoting, i don't think parentssh should be telling schools what l they can teach. >> who turns out most peoplesage disagree. and he was destroyed. the his political career hitt long the brick wall . it had long deserved. that focus so it turns out the republicans who focus on the things that matter, families protecting families will win alonwin.g with the seventeenis is one of seventy six project run, the santos was one of the biggest supporters of a school board candidates last week. this year to santos signedidate. a law banning teachers unions members talking about with your kindergartners because cren it's creepy and should be illegal to. santos also fired a prosecutor t
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who refused to enforce the law. >> the prosecutor, state attorney for this judicial circuit, andrew warren, has put himself public himself publicly above the law . in june of 2020 one , he signed a letter saying that he would not enforce any prohibitions on change operationx s for minors. and then most recently, afterdo the dobs decision was rendered,s by the us supreme court, he letter signed a letter saying he woulds not enforce any laws relating to protecting the right to life. mind in the state of florida. y and mind you, we have haoudd prh prohibition on third trimester abortions for a longib time.aker when you make yourself above the law, you have violatedated u your duty. you have neglectedr your duty,g and you are displaying a lack of competence to be able to reform those duties. and so today we are suspendingre state attorney andrew warren, effective immediately. immedi
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so enforce the law. that's a winning message to it's not just about one corrupt. it's about ending prosecutor in the state ofe florida. it's about ending la makes ito ss that impossible for americans to live in their own cities. >>in like masters caught on to that message. that's how he won his primaryn in florida, rather, arizona. >> w ae can never amnesty any illegal alien period if your first interaction with our country is to break its immigration lawsy isea, youamne, will never get amnesty. you will never become a united states citizen. y ou wil come a united statesthat is a l. we he will never cross it. we have to stop incentivizing illegal immigration. >> if you're not deportingp people, yoinu don't have border security. well, that's not hard. >>at'sin the point of having a country if your own with government ignores the lawss that your representatives passed? how is that democracy? no, it's chaos. r sslawlessness, and ultimately it's autocracy. so national republican are not that dumb. and they could have figured that out. but they're saying just
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the opposite. lawless. it's almost like they want tonor lose. they're calling for gun confiscation. lling r gugun confiscation, gunw abiding which would make you as reliant as possible on police forces that are underfunded. ho how underfunded. r city do check the response times in your city recently in the city in new orleans of new orleans. re according to researcher jeff asher, the police response time is now over two hourlong enoughu enough for you to get killed. the city is talking about gras beca canceling mardusi rob because they have no cops in seattle. the city council just reported,n quote, average median responsesu times up in nearly every e precinct when compared with thef last four years of data. data. okay, in austin, texas, the police chief recently admitted that response times to the city's most serious emergencies are, quote, t he mosdramatically slower. slower >> so that's a huge problem's a and it puts the onus of selfe p. and puts protection on the individual, d. on the family. you have t to protect your own family. you don't have a choice at this point.ligation it's always been your right now. it's your obligation.
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are republicans recognizing this? well, here's john cornyn, here who represents texas calling for gun confiscation. n cornynso that you can't protes yourself when the cops don't biow un't showp. >> i don't want us to pass a bill for the purpose off checking the box. >> i want to make sure we actually do something useful, i something that is capable ofingt becoming a law, something that will have the potential to save. lives. >> i'm happy to report as a o result of the hard work ofis a number of senators in this tha chamber that we've made some serious progress so soon. >> ver y soon, not soon enough for me, but very soon we the will see the text of bipartisant legislation that will help keep our children and our single cies safer. it won't save a single child who he knows that what it
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will do is take firearms awayla from the law abiding while they remain remain in the hands of the law breaking. it will make the country more dangerous. that's a republicans not up united states senator and incumbent. unfortunately, not up for s yearelec, butr what god willing, we'll be punished h t is tat he did. but the point is theal republican party in washington seems to have missed all ofe el this. pl the elections taking place already this year, and that's the cleares ttth possible sign to the people who run the republican party. stoprepublic talking about ukra, stop taking people's guns away, start talking about things that, they care about, the economy, education, family safety, justtn following the law, our border. those are the things that tha matter. and if you don't acknowledge that, you're going to loseyou'l jason whitlock is the host of u fearless. he joins us tonight. jason whitlock, thanks so muchs for coming. ory we tal i guess this is a species ofa he every other story we talk about. there's a huge disconnectisconnc between the people who make the decisions and the people who have to live under them.t buwithle that make thepeoplet tl seems like it wants to lose tugger. >> i'm in agreement with you.
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look look, the issue is very clear to me what everybody leang should be leaning into. w what world are we leaving our kids? e people that's what will motivate people to go to the polls. the l arls.e we properly educatingkid? our kids? are we allowinweg peopler ki with gender dysphoria to groom our kids into their gender dysphoria or are we providinge a safe environment for our kids and adults to live freelylive fn and have the opportunity that you and i had growing uppeople? as young people? r border are we protecting our bordersate so that the kids that have a right and are americane amer citizens have the bestican opportunity to achieve their american dream? that'sst opportunity t what mote vote . we i thinkpeople, would not be e republican party making a mistake. >> i think a they're leaning too heavily into well, we can justiw discredit joe biden. problem. joe biden is not the problem. the democratic party is the
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problem. it's a cult that is trying to destroy america, trying to remove remove all of its biblicaltrying values, trying to groom our kids and trying to fundamentallm our kidsy rewritew out this constitution that itutioserved me serve. serve you serve them. they've sold us out. and people need to stand on . what world are we leaving these kids? and if we look, we're not doing a great job. we should be embarrassed. we'r thatg ng them a world is unlike anything we've ever seen here in america. eei don't have kids, tucker. tho my motivation, though, is my childhood was so phenomenal and i was poor, i was poor, but my childhood was so phenomenal. i want to leave that world tokis other kids and we're not. yeah, that is absolutely true. s and i think you make a wisebide. nobody support point about biden. no one really supports biden.ev everyone knows biden. knowdoesn't even really exist in a meaningful sense.
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but if you're hoping you're goine hopingg to get elected bee he's incompetent, that's not how it works. ent, thathe the democratic pars been so aggressive with tryingiv to smear the republican party. i every republican is a racist.ra. why aren't w why aren't we defining the democratic party as a satanic cult? because it is .10 >> i'm with you, 100%. , great o i am. i think that's true. you.n whitlock, great to see you. thank you. r thatthanfo. kind of sums it up.up. thank you. thank you. >> tucker: so here's so here's a question we shouldle all be thinking about deeply. >> i kno w. last and i'll get a question in the last election, but a lot of people don't think it wa s huge groups on the level. f voters start so what does happen when huge groups of voters start to bleed their votes? don't matter. iow so went to iowa recently and gave a speech thinking about that very issue. that's straight ahead. i'm going to need a soundtrack.
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>> breaking down america's hot topics. i'm going to fight with yo calle
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victims. to discuss your case now, 800 nine zero one five nine nine seven went out to iowa this>> tc summer and gave a speech at the family leadership summit out there to make a simple point. really mosp t meaningfulsummit e are pretty simple. sai and here's what we said.d.tarts the republican party needs totoy start paying attention to whatar its voters actually care about. and if they don't, things are
10:21 pm
likely to get's >> here's part of it. par what happens when people thinkko their votes don't matter? well, i mean, we saw it happen on january 6th.. january 6th. they get moved to action.o they get so frustrated, no i' one will listen to me. there's nothing i can do aboutot it. step. ov i'm showing up. i'm going to go toer worse their doorstep. and over time, it gets worse than that. so ip yourf you want to keepohny your political system stable, you have to paouayy attention to what people actually want.nt and you have to paioy attention to their deepest concerns, not their peripheral ideological concerns. idealogical concerns. ar are we doing enough for transformer's can we prevent, you know, putin from takingwhatw crimea? what are we doing about climate change? i mean, you know, you can make the case those are all important things, i guess, but they are, t they're no not moret than your actual concerns. and too often, should republican voters, and thise on is the room on the left, should not be in the ruling.ty the republican party, however,
10:22 pm
they allow their politicians say, no, no, i know you want that. that. let me tell you what you reallyu what you really want. no -- no, let me want. you want it's like t, noel, actually , let me tell you what i really want since my representative. so and that means you representh so the way i judge iowt and when i'm putting the show together, t in the morning and at night banging out the scripting out ,y to pay attention toal the markers, the real markersth of societal health. >> and those aree th the basics. >> the farther you get away th from the basics, the more misled youe are, the farther from the target you are. so wha thet are the basics of b? your life? well, if you're a parent, there's one basic how are the children jusbat happy is yor unhappiest child, of course. a how are your children doing? how are they doing physically, emotionally, spiritually? are they thriving? they live in a country that promises them the ability ton at thrive going forward. you will you die knowing your descendants will be happy a
10:23 pm
and secure as you have been?secu is there somethingre that mattet more than that? is there a more important question than that? no, there's nonot. is, and anybody who says there is ,e again, is so diluted that person should not have power or that person is lying to you. you,d.period. e so that should be the single the reyfocus political party, particularly the republican party, because there's nopuse the other party t thd this are you see this happen in politics, though never more so than now. the parties, of coursepart, pivt against each other. oh, you're for that. i'm for the other thing.t ea chit's childish, but it's real. so allt of a sudden you have a political party just making a case against having children ,making a case for devoting your life to some soulless multinational corporation. i'm not against all businesses. i've always been fore fo you free enterprise. but when i hear people saylife a abortions, the most importanthae thing most important. right, that we have, i ask myself, what do yomyseu really saying? i mean, honestly, think aboutth
10:24 pm
it for a second.about and i am a pro-life, which complete is to be completely clear , fervenly ct one .he >> but what are they really saying? so conservatives sayin, i think often begin with the debate over whether this is a lifether and whether abortion is ending a life. that's not really a debate. everybody knows that it is . everybody knows. everybod everybody knows. even people screaming ,y know i'm the peopley abortion.s is screamiif you really felt goodg it, you probably wouldn't be so brittle., you wouldn't be so loud, would you?i'm ha i'm really happy abouta si my marriage. i'm not putting on a sig annd and yelling at people i hadhapp with my marriage suggests maybe i'm not quite as happy as iaim . claim to be . i' i'm proud of my abortion. yeahm proud of, you're not. you're sad about it becauseyo it's inherently sad, isn't debat really a debate. bed we can debate what limits should be put on it. but we need to take three steps back and ask ourselves, what ask is this exactly? reall what are they really saying? what are they promising towhat the american population when they promote this and what they're saying and citibank
10:25 pm
and nike, dick's sporting goods dick's sporting goods and thes and all these huge companies that are affirmatively promoting abortion by paying companieses that artheir female abortions, we're suddenly banning its female employees, which is , you know, takee your victories as you got themwe . what do they really say?aying? they're really saying it is more important to serve us tn us than to have a family. you will be happier as you risei within our company then you would be if you had your ownd yr children. now, i never hear any republican pushback against this, but i can't imagi a more grotesqu, an obviousa moe lie. children are the most enduring s source of joy. this is not an ideological notir point. [a it is truepplause]. even when they go wrong as they do. and by the way, it's, never the parents fault. parent'sfather for a little off. no, my kids are great, but but o
10:26 pm
they do go wrong, actually . >> and sometimes tragediesmetime occur with your own there's nothing more heartit doe wrenching, but it doesn'tsn detract from the unchanged frood little fact that children are the main source of joy and meaning in human life.period period. period.. so anyone that tells you no, what you so anyone who tells you know,, y what you really want, what you really want missed. >> twenty eight year old cie is to move up charge otantto vice president in charge of international bonds. really, really is someone from the h.r. department going tond hold my hand in hospiceny 40 years from now? is the company going to love me? uncommanded. we know it's a lie. t it's a lie.liy and in telling that lie,g youngr they areic stripping young onl americans of the promise of the only thing that matters, which is having a family. hate to admit this because it's
10:27 pm
so shameful, but this countryrao is the highest rate of singlein parenthood in the world. worlthat doesn't bother the peoe who run the country. in fact, some of the biggestorao corporations in americns oakenae just taking a major step ton make that problem even worse.wo we'll tell you what they're doing next. you what they're doing next the military mission in afghanistan will conclude on august 31st. i don't believe among any of our most senior military advisers that any of them thought it was going to go well. these people need help unless what it takes to save. you're working for and for those we're going to kill your whole family is no time. the taliban will kill me. we ended up with about 12 people that we put together of the special operations
10:28 pm
community. >> we knew the clock was ticking. the taliban knows the streets. they have been positioning for this exact moment. the white house was waving behind our own citizens and our wartime allies. somebody has to step up. are you going to be the person that's going to raise your hand to go and upgrades into the details? i want you to call. don't do this another option. do we? i'm not under that anything no one can ever know the truth. that's bad news. the cleaning lady, all new episodes, monday, september 19th, on fox and watch season one any time at the music, the nfl is back on fox thought we've got devo and the
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trillanes here kicking off in the midwest against the bears in america's game of the week. we've got a waiting mvp primed for another season for the pack touchdown. get ready to take on kirk and the vikings who are looking to set the tone in the nfl is back. september 11th was the home of the super seven . dr. conrad murray was convicted of killing michael jackson. >> but that's not the real story. who really killed michael jackson's doctors like arnold klein, who regularly plied patients with opioids. >> people died in somewhere was part of it. >> give me a minute. i will always love michael . >> there's a lot of folks to blame that have never had a reckoning. >> tmz investigates who really killed michael jackson this tuesday on fox. what's in a neck and neck is gift filled with compassion ,care and an extra hand when
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eliminated from the u.s. open in what's likely the end of her storied career. williams lost in the third round to isleton. danovitch williams won twenty three grand slam championships since 1999 when she was just 17 years old. i'm jackie is now temperat back to tucker carlson tonight for all of your headlines. you can always log on to foxn news .com. tospeciame back to a special issue of tucker carlson. tonight, some of the biggestton" companies in the united states arepanies a now making io for their employees, foryeesr americans, to ra americans to raise kids.accordio according to data from researchers at the society for human resource management, researcher the percentage of companies offering paid maternity leave beyond the legalntage of minimo requirements dropped to 35%. thisthis year. that's down from 53% just two years ago.ompanies like "wall street journal" reports that big companies like disney are the ones primarily t one ma? the cuts. are you surprised?he s and at the samame tie time, youg should know these companies aret offering to pay their employees thousands of dollars ift th
10:34 pm
they only get that abortion. okay , so companies are encouraging abortion. why is that?t? >> rebecca hendricks's with the hudson institute and she's alsoi the mother ochs isf five . >> she joins us tonight. rebecca, thanks so much foror cn coming on . sog why would disney or any other big publicly held companyn want its female employees to have abortions? s well, it's better for bus the business. it's better for the business. b. there's a political an and there is a political and cultural demand that they are perceiving. lik not only did companies like disney, amazon, and kroger come out and say that they're going to now offer abortio ofn coverage in the health care that, they offer, they're also going t to pay for travel for employees who want abortions, who are in red states who have more hu restrictive, more humane abortion regimes, abor post roe. they'r they're going to now pay for tre to lr travel to leave that state toeave that stat access ao they can find all of this money in the couch. his monecushions post roe . the
10:35 pm
but they can't seem to findy to enough money to make sure thatee they have flexible care, careymaternity paid maternit for new mothers who are who are having new babies or think about having babie havg s or more time at home with their new children who that they who >> it's their nee through adoptn tucker. so, again, it's good forgood fo their bottom line. line, for people to have for for people to havek they abortions, but also that they think that there's thisthis demand signal from political leaders and from the culture that they're willing to go to the press and advertise. >> they're now offering this abortion services. it's just so openly evils because what they're saying to. their employees is we don't care aboutat they're you at all you at we don't want you to have a personal life or something e thatif might enrich you, muche less children to take care of you in old age. th aboutat we of your labor. wer and so whatever we can do to keep you atomized and alone, weo will pay for. i mean, does anyone say anything about that? anything a that? >> well, well, i mean, obviously, it's inhumane. >> it's barbaric.s i often think, you know,no i study geopolitics and not just how the united states can continue to compete with authoritarian countries, but alson countrie what makes td
10:36 pm
states great and worth defending. i mean, what is the americandefd dream? is the american dream m takingt, a woman six to eight weeksr postpartum, putting her in an ugly cubicle so that she cane c more money for the make more money for the ceos while their child, their nursing child,e in ame the care of somebody else? that is not the american dream.t that is a sauvie national aim. t >> it's an american nightmare., tucker, the shift from big companies from being kind of roughly pro-american,neutral is politically neutral to just h openly evil really has changedas everything, i think. and i appreciate your keeping track of ir t fokeepinr rebecca. thanks very much.e good to see thanks, tucker. >>so it's hard to believe this, but pew actually studied that. they took a look at one in 30 countries around the world p and found the united states now has the world'd s highest rate f children living in single parent households. nearly a quarterf children of ao the united states under 18 live with just one parent worldwide. l withthat number would be seven 7 percent of children livingchildr with just one .'t so it's extremely unnatural,
10:37 pm
doesn't work.k. so nobody want s it, but it's being pushed by our leaders. so when are we going to acknowledge the link between th what we have now, which is fatherlessness and the total collapse of everything else? f everythiand what are we goingo about it? ned ryan is the ceo of american majority, are happy to abou welcome him tonight. ned, thanks so much for comingi on . this is like one of those few facts in social science. it's beyond dispute. if you don't hav e a father iyondn have the home, everything is much, more likely to go wrong. so why do are the geniuses in charge of our federal agencies pretend that's not true? >> prete well, you could argue,g tucker, there's a systematic approach, as the black lives li matter pointed out, to destroy the nucular western family. and so, in so doing, destroyfamy americans in an intentional way and remove the father as the anfigure to put in the statefige as the authority figure. and , you knowi have, i have to go back in this whole situation, tucker. and one of the basic premises of this country is a t self-governing republican in which individuals were expected to govern themselves, which lea would lead to more freedom in part and parcel of that selfpart governance of the individual ane
10:38 pm
as a strong father figure,di leading the family unitng t famig the idea ofernment. self-government. but if you remove those if you ofs, those barriers self-governing, you're actually actively encouraging encourchaos and the basic human. desires is for peace and order.i but if individuals and families can't or won't govern s themselves, you're askingtateo t the state to insert itself into that chaos, to provide some semblance of order. with and with more state comesre more authoritarianism. and if we really want to get a society that wants to solve loo some of these problems, you look at the fatherlessfather, is situation where withoutr a father four times more likely to live in povertymore, more drg use, more alcohol use, 70% of jl those in juvenile detentionm far centers come from fatherless homes. 90% of school shooters come fath from fatherless if we want to actually fix this problem, have more freedom and prosperity, we have to haven a society and a government thatt actually respects human life and actually respects the primacy of traditionale prea marriage between a manlici and woman and has policies thate actually encouragenc
10:39 pm
and strengthen the traditional family unit. >> s ional fao we don't need to desty the patriarchy. you mean ryan ? absolutely. th yeah, absolutely. great to see you. thank you so much for that. thanks, tucker.e >> so one thing you never hear leaders talk about ever is the one thing that really matters, which is beauty. and most matte beauty comes from nature because god created nature. and that's the measurable thebeauty. i so in iowa, we kind of point that out because it's one ofmpo the most important things. we'll show you a clip straight ahead.'ll sh today, rising prices are everywhere at nutrisystem. we believe this shouldn't stop you from losing weight and living healthier. that's why for a limited time, we're dropping our prices back to january 2019 on our most popular program, uniquely yours. you'll get our delicious meals delivered free . you may not be able to control rising costs, but you can
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>> get on board. get one thing you almost neverke hear anybody in authority talking about is the one thing that every person need ts inon order to be happy.g the one thing that uplifts the human spirit more reliablyt. than any other, which is beauty. >> and most beauty comes from nature. naturso, you know, if an idea is bad, it produces ugly things.conc and with that iner mind,ne youds should be concerned that american architecture, postwaref e le ,some of the ugliest in the world. the leaders seem to goo go out f their way to uggla things nobody says beautify.
10:45 pm
but again, nobody ever says thi. anything about this. missing the most obvious thing of all. kind kind of strange. ost we spoke at lengthra about this >> we went to iowa. here's here's part of it. par can your children grow up in che a country pretty it's like the one you grew up in was yo some improvements. things change. it's not a matter of being lik frozen in amber. being it always has to be nineteen eighty five , though. personally, i think that was 1 a pretty good year. 985,althoughbut can you give tho your descendants and do you have descendants. and by the way, ifdo you have e expectancy falls, if fertility rates fall of testosterone levels full of f level levelses for all of which have, by margins that are tha unprecedented in american history and nobody noticest arey and there's no candidate says,? wa wait a second,it people aren'tks having kids like is findnd a cle a clearer measure of societal health. if you believe in the future, if you feel confident in societal health. if you feel confident in your economy, and your society,
10:46 pm
you have perhaps, of course, they should start there. nobody here's the secon wd thing they should do, and no one will ever do this. tht i think this every day, they should care about beauty. r i don't think i've ever hearda a politician mention buti and i think about it constantly. i think about it on a couplebout levels. first, i think about it on a a political level. so i'm hardly a bible scholar.,u but of course, how you judge ho a tree by its fruits, right?igh. judging by you, what the arborist told you it was, you wait till it producesarbo something and then you know what it is . ohrist tol produces.e, repairs. they told me it was an applee tree.pear well, i guess they guessed wrons.g. i guess they guessed so the way that i judge ideasfr. is by their fruit and not just their ideological with physicalg ,tangible, observable fruit. >> the things they mak e. that w us is rything that we see around us is the product of that's of ideologies. that's where everything startse
10:47 pm
. in the beginning, there wasstar the word starts with the word always. and here's how we know if the ideology is a good one . noble ideologies produceautiful beautiful results. >> they produce beauty, poisonous ideologies, producer e ugliness. . >> super simple. th there's a reasonere's ason that in bulgaria in nineteen seventy five was hideous because sofiapi in nineteen seventy five wase st controlled by the soviet union. >> soviet architecture union was so was horrifying. so was architecture. under mao, they knocked downmao. they everything worth having built during the preceding millennia and they replaced with concretei boxes.thoncr why do they do that?ete because those boxes, those building s have architecture. that design send a very tha clear message, which is you are worth nothing.y fo there's no beauty for you.why is now, why is beauty so important and why did tyrants alwaysroy destroy it? well, they destroy it because
10:48 pm
they'r reminds you that the most important things are eternal. they're unchanging beautgingy is recognizable across cultures across centuriesss. cultcan go to a place of culture completely unfamiliar with it. if you see something beautiful ,you recognize it immediately. why? because beauty hasand you see se and symmetry and grace. you know you know it instantly.t a beautiful face in thisbeautifu e is very similar to a beautiful face and that culture, beautiful building, same thingautiful . it has balance. why? why does. because it's derived from nature is derived from god'se cs creation. so the closer we are to god'se paeation, the straighter the path and the betterth the path. so i look i look at the countryt because i travel. i have been all fifty states. i've been as i said, i've beenng everywhere because i did it fort a living for so long. and i noticed that virtually everything built after nineteen forty five less attractive, less pleasing, lessl
10:49 pm
human centered, then everything buil t before. i don't kn i don't know what towns you all live in, but think aboutpretties your own time. the prettiest buildings in nineteen twenty. it's just true. clapboards front porches 192, sl roof. the closer you get t o a current moment, the more everything looks like a dollar store. everytand the republican party o somehow found itself in thise te position where they feel like they have to defend thee it'setics of the dollar store and the economics of it. oh, it's the dollar that'srise. free enterprise. no, it's it's an atrocity that diminishes people, that destroys god's creation, that oppresses us with its ugliness. that is true. b and no one wants to say itnow. because, like, i don't know, some libertarian think tank wasl paid to tell you thate dollar the dollar store is attractive., i don't think it is , actually . i don't think it is their model. the people in charge have this kind of money. if if i i want to pick sort of their idea of beauty would's be like a dollar store like neo multifamily low income housingsg
10:50 pm
spray painted with unintelligible slogans. right. that's not beauty. their idea of beauty is like a female impersonator screaming at youbeauty. know, by is nature. sobeauty i you can tell me what want about your commitment to the environment. but if you're destroying it i with wind turbines, i'm sorry. i know a lot of people don't make a lot of money from wind turbines. it's just true that as a them.n outdoorsman, like, really, you're not furniture. the republican party shouldd be be for nature and not just in its esthetics, not just in its design, but in its human i relations. tsanships.or people are born wanting certain things for dogs.n di so i see this on display all sle and they all sleep on the bedchn before dogs for children. >> like the one thing i get a lot of is watching geneticsenc at work. s atand i know that people and
10:51 pm
behave most of the timewith, and impulses they were born with that they may not even fully understand, but thatt ful. not change period. and that is true of all people, of all politicians so politicians, you don't takean that into account. t arare not serving you at all.l so if if i were advising a politician, i would say the first thing i would do whatn is america? g well, americi'a is a physical place. no, it's not, am ericanyone says america is an i please, some idea. it's a place. i live there. i don't live in an idea. t ou i don't live theoretically. i get out of bed and there's like a ground underneath me. there's like soil and trees. feels like about every the six months a secret committee in the basement of some buildings somewhere comes up with a new fad that is required to follow absolutely required. blm, the vax, rukraine,
10:52 pm
one thing you know about everyhe republican leaads is that republican leaders fall for all of them. r all why?n straig we answer that question straight ahead. what does your favorite i'm going to go with josh. yes, i'm sorry. what i was talking about the types of chicken . >> come on . you know, i love all my chickens. he has a really sweet kid, though. did you just fist bump? >> great beef, deserved great meat, help get them with kittens up. the only topical prescription treatment indicate to help reduce reduce diabetic nerve pain of the ft. great ft. every day. ordinary things that seem extraordinary when your feel better to to is different. one thirty minute application can provide up to three months of diabetic foot pain relief and it works with or without other pain medications. q10 that can only be applied by your health care provider teutons. it can cause severe irritation
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of fox news. sunday, i had this front row seat to history over the last 15 years. now a proud sunday morning tradition continues. don't mention miss. she hosts fox news sunday. >> no celebrity has political conversations in this country anymore, much less debate. everything is about the fad of the moment, and they change every few months. first it was blm because george foy was murdered, shot up. he was then the common vaccine, which you must take, or else you're against science. don't ask questions. and then ukraine, whose bordera stier againssorders are are sacrosanct while yours are racist. and so all conversations aboutye whether you're with the latest fad or you're nofat, are you in the ingroup or the outgroup? >> a lot of the stuff originates in twitter bios somehow and then for reasons that have never been clear ,s oe the leaders of the republican party, which should be pushingho back against this insanity, go along with it.his so why is this happening?
10:58 pm
>> who's convincingonvinc republican leadersin they need o go along? tha >> we ask that question. we have swarms of bees ine havei circulation. hey, it's the democratic party and they're being instrument of control, which is the american news media and you see them at work on a cyclical basis. i don't know, every six months ne there will be a new mandatory fad that you're required to buy into. if y and if you're wondering what it is , look at people's twitteou i bios, yoosu know, whether it's. him or, you know, waxed and boosted or ukrainian flags and whatever the new required belief is thatever the emerges f nowhere, usually on the basis of zero actual evidence. it can be defended. and because it can't be defended, it's imposed. argument if you want to know whether there is a real argument in support of what they're telling you to believe, ask yourself, a are they asking mesk oinr tellig me? and if they're telling you, you have the answer. no, there'there's no rs no realt
10:59 pm
that could bring you to that position. rationally. they in other words, if they bother to treat you as an adult, and decide to convince you,l you as you're supposed to do in a democracy, you'd never get there. so they tell you, yo u must have think believe that. a and so the way i think about it is which of the politician, ones who fall for it. let me give you the example. before ukraine and by the way, i'm not the way they frame thisl prevents rational debate. so it's like if yoit's lu queste or if yo au have a more measured view of it, then you are not automatically four-square on the other side, which i'm not.. am i'm partly for putin's invasion of ukraine. like what? h that's insane. fishpond americaardly fon. firs soof my level of interest in the internal politics or even the border dispute as of other countries is by definition limited because i'm a am anationalist, as i think alls americans ought to be .mi it's one oref the reasons. i admire israel so much. israel thinks the people who run israel think about their job, which is to secure. the future of the country they run. and i admire i wish we had
11:00 pm
leaders like that. >> we don't. well, we could go on forever,fo as you may have guessed, button. we're out of time for sadly, we'll be back every night, 8:00 p.m., the that's the swornat's t enemy of lying. pomposity, smugness pod groupthink have the best with the ones you love.u soon we'll see you soon. hi , everyone. welcome to this special edition of "hannity". i'm tammy bruce, in for john . n and tonight, joe biden is making it clear unity is nooa longer a priority. middle class conservatives are his enemy as he surrendershi hit agenda to the extreme left. because last night joe bidenst t th rambled through what was one oed the most divisive, dismal and destructive speeches in hisy modern american history, basically accusing his ba


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