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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 2, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> we don't. well, we could go on forever,fo as you may have guessed, button. we're out of time for sadly, we'll be back every night, 8:00 p.m., the that's the swornat's t enemy of lying. pomposity, smugness pod groupthink have the best with the ones you love.u soon we'll see you soon. hi , everyone. welcome to this special edition of "hannity". i'm tammy bruce, in for john . n and tonight, joe biden is making it clear unity is nooa longer a priority. middle class conservatives are his enemy as he surrendershi hit agenda to the extreme left. because last night joe bidenst t th rambled through what was one oed the most divisive, dismal and destructive speeches in hisy modern american history, basically accusing his bapolitical foes of being enemig
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of the state, saying that those who disagree with him areo threats to democracy. here's just a small sampleacy! f biden's rage filled rhetoric from last night. >> watch this.night. watch thisdonald trump in the m. republicans represent anemism tt extremism that threatenstens the foundations of our republic. party the republican party todayminatd in is dominated, driven and intimidated by donald trump tiby donald in the republicans. and that is a threat to this country. maga forces are determined to take this country backwards, backwards to an america where there is no right to choose, noo right to privacy, no right tonot contraception, no right too no right t marry, who you love. maggie , republicans look at america and see carnag republicd desp and darkness and despair. they spread fear and lieais, lir told for profit and power. wow. wow. last night
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are you feeling the unity yet? last night, diatribe, darkdelusn and depressing and most of all delusional. all comingcoming f from the man who campaigned on just wanting everyone to get along in what is now being exposed as onelitia giant political lie. and worst of all, bidennt delivered his bizarre address in front of a blood red background, flanked by us marines who were used as political props to attack millions of hard working americans. but of course, to biden's allies in the media, the speech was exactly what the country tor needed to hear. >> take a look. this is like eighteen sixty .e this is like18 nineteen forty.ot you know, you have to talk about the large issue in the room. and just as lincoln gaven the house divided speechgave t,t as roosevelt gave a speeche on the state of the union about the four freedoms, as you well know, nineteen forty one , her is a time when president biden has chosen he almost seemd to tr sort of be reclaiming patriotism. often you hearecpatrio
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republican argue that they are the pro americyaea party right. . the democrats are not patriotic enough. but what was more pro uswhat wan this speech? >> some of the people that saidh this was his best speech ever and he needed to tell the truth, biden laid out the democratic platform into the midterms and into twenty , twenty four . >> it's now. well, they do seem to be trying awfully hard now. don't say but don't worry. there was some criticism from biden's media enablers likeme tt msnbc pundit ellie mistaermsl, m who didn't think biden's speech pund attacked the republicans hardl o didn't think bidens speech attacked republicans hard enough enough. >> watch this. yeah, i don't know who it's not all republicans justsure the republicans are for likeit i'm sure there are some white supremacists who will vote witho white supremacists. you don't think they're white supremacists? we're happy to call them a white supremacist. for >> but like, it's no mt for me. presiden now, the president earlier today, amazingly enough, triedry to walk back his despicable remarks from last night afterd
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being pressed by fox, his own peter doocy, and is now trying to claim he didn't mean any of that. >> what he said, take a look. all no words, right?he that's right.y? no, everyone , come on . look, guys, just you keep trying to make that case. consider i mean, does he have an evil twin out there then? so ask yourself what exactly was last night's speech about? what was the point?? it surely was not about unity. it was not about winning over independents. not about reachins it was not about reaching across the aisle and it was not about confronting a growing bors crises at the border orul inflation or crime. so crim what was it about?? is is joe biden really still thattt scared of donald trump and his tens scared donald trump and his of s tens of millions of supporters ? pdent wro forty fifth president , by the way, wrote in response tteo i biden's tirade, quote, someonejo should explain to joe biden slowly, but passionately that t
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maga means make america great again.make america great again. if he doesn't want to make americ if he doesn'a t want to make america great again, which, w through his words,hich actione do and thought he doesn't, then certainly he shoul d not be representing the unitedof states of america. ame well, here for reaction, foxte news contributor joe concha, along with florida congressman byron donald's, the viceth president of tax strategies. we. erin perini joins us as well.sti erin, let meth start with becaur you heard beschloss, the historian earlier there, refer to two pivot points to all out war for this country. which is what biden's speech ren reminded him of. and that is what worriesded of eighteen sixty before the civil war and nineteen forty beforefo of course, world war two.. that's what worries me about the nature of what biden's willing to say. your takeke o on on his comments last night? >> well, we heard from president biden to your point, tammy was extremely divisive he has and he really has no leg to stao stand on when he's trying to talk about the threatsn.
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tos to democ democracy. when democrats across the country are putting moneyray democratntry putting money into into primaries, inton pr republican primaries to try and elevate whatevate wh they cr ,quote unquote, ultra maga candidates, those who are firmlyose who in the make amera great again camp. so time and again, democratstime what joesay one thing and do an. but what joe biden did b last night was two things. trieone , he tried to distract the nation from his abysmal inflation, the record inflation, the border crime, the the countless the s that are going on in this country. and two, he tried to divide the nation because he knowse amr when we actually make america great again, when we standicn, w togetherhen as citizens and w push back against a government that's overly oppressive, whatae happens? k that he d we become a better nation. so he knows if he divides thathc he hasha a better chance ofare s staying power. that's not who we are as americans. and whatamericanaw last night ws the worst of the presidency, and it should never s. >> representative donald's, i again. representative donald. so i have to say that as a man, you you've run races. you've got to appeal to everyone in a district. going tg party but
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i mean, you're going to get nominated by your party, but then you've got to represent everybody who stands there. that is threpresent eve core, te of of this republic. and yet there is the president , the united states giving permissionresideno everyone to look at halfcoun the country who happentr to disagree with with the democrats, to look at half of the country as as terrorists or insurrectionists. is that what ins you see this? f where do you see this going from your point of view? well, my first hope is that the american people, those t who actually watched this look at this and eitherhi a , ignore,. ignore it or actually , frankly, lose support for thissa president . what we saw yesterday way s of . a speech of a democrat demagogue it was a speech of an autocrat. and if people take a step back and understand independence hall, the framers of the constitution, ie framerf joe biden actually reads the federalist papers, what they were concerned about were c factions in america. what they were concerned about what concec head of state
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who would wield words and powere the way joe biden does. so my hope is that the american people reject this speech and reject the demagogery of joe biden because, yes, republican s democrats disagree on issues, but we should never see each other as the enemy in our country. and that is exactly what he did. last night. >> tammywe went to through a cie because we wanted to make surear that americans, no matterno matr who they were, no matter where they wer their complexion, no matter where they were from, were, were going to be part of the american family. fathat we knew we would have a different lives. but we arere one family. ed they we will have disagreements. i joe , one of the reasons why i think, though, as we understand why someone like joe biden in a speech like thias can have an impact, as youe medi heard the media prop this thing up as something as grand as lincoln and died trying to bring everyone together despite strong disagreementse st. >> what do you think the mediag
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is going to do at this point?to at this point, tammy? i think that ronald reagan and tip o'neill were probablyavb rolling over in their graves because at least those twoec a those two men who id men wheoo ideologically looked e things very differently were able to come togethee tor, didnt do this sort of. his is wha and that's what this was last night. it was and find solutions, compromise to move the country forward with such a long way from that. c and to erin's point before, i mean, has friday joe biden. ever met thursday? joe bidehas n? at because again, let's repeat this, by the way, right. joe biden on thursday, donaldreu trump.blare th and , maggie , republicans areet a threat to the very soul of to this soul of country. then, as you said, fox's peter doocy asked him about that and he makes his argumentve that, oh, no, i never saidr sait whatsoever. and look, you talk aboutow the media and how some are embracing this speech this speeh as something gis something good.d walls thau again, those red walls like you blooed about behind him, you half expected an elevator tod to open up and for blood to start u pouring out like we're watching
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the scene in the shining. at that point, i mean, the opticsit that bad, right? and yes, some are embracing in media, but this is havingng a boomerang effect. i think tammy, and i'll leave it there were two pivotal moments.e so far leading up toerms the midterms. the decision energized. of th democrats in terms oatf abortio, but then all of that is lost. now, because i think this speech has really energized republican voters in a way that is not going to be able to stop the .>> tammy: >> let me go to.le yes, sir. let me get to aaron here.n organ that deals wit you are head oh f an organizatin that deals with strategy. someone looked at the as what described, t joe described this environment in front of independencehinmen h with red lights and a marinetssn standing theredi. and they thought that was okay.m it looked like someone thought that orwell's nineteen eighty four was wass a suggestio1984n as opposed to a warning. how do you explain a bunch of people looking at that, thinking that was a good idea,oi
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what's going on with them? >>ng o whoever the advance teaml is for the white house, those who go ahead and pute on production, they should just be fired because thafire t optics, ere ab those optics were absolutely horrendous, except if you'resodo on the other side off the argument right now, because right now you have angry photos of the presidentve angry of then states raising his fists in rage, looking to r be yelling. d and he was with a red backdrop and very ominous militaryyeah officials behind him. republican yeah, you better believe thats republicans will use that time again when they are talking about biden's failed economy, the inflation crisis, tha the border crisis, everythingn a that joe biden has failed on tha t image will be used with all the way throughmber november because american people will see that that hate a filled rhetoric and the resultsi of joe bidende. and that is why republicans will win in november. byronon, give you the last word here quickly. when we thin ak aboutbout t the midterms, where do you think the nation is headed at this point? >> i think the nation is going to head into republican hands
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as it should. but the key thing to point out i is as while joe biden is being a demagogus e, you have democrah members who are running for the senate or fuel refusin whg toese member debate their opponents. these members need to debate show what your ideass get to ican actually are, contrast those vo with republican ideas so the voters can finally decid decideeo. which way the country should we go . >> excellent. well, we are all on boar are alo with that, tu o say the least. thank you all very much now. reso developin dg tonight, the department of justice hasle released more details do from our logode as we're also waiting for records.on on the special master to review the presidential records. here to break it all down, foxg news contributors greg jarrett and sarah carter obviouslyja, ll we're all stil l surprising. we're heading into a holiday a holiday weekend, fascinatingly this is where joe biden decides weekend. fascinatingly, this is whatto d joe biden decides to do as we now he's try thing. and now he's trying to walk itts back . but this is couple is coupled wa decline of his popularity, according to reuters, by seveney af points after the mar a lago raid, after the the school loan
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debacle paid back .this imagery and now you've got this imagery that we've got and this fight about the special master. to clearly, discu as we have been discussing, the judge wants to, i think, sot right out, greg,hi somethingto decent to explain her decision j . but why is the doj fighting fig this stho, so badly when it wouo help us all respect the end result of what happens here? >> because they're above the law and they don't want to be fair or neutral or objective . >> and , you know, it was incredibly and sadly appropriate last night's imagery in front of independence hall. it was right out o f dante's inferno and a hieronymous boschm painting. >> but it underscores that thiui is ang president who, if you dae to oppose him, if you don't like his policies, but instead, like republican policies, or vote you vote for donald trump,
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which is basically half of america, joe biden will use the iri, the departmenjot of justice and soon the irs to come down on you like a ton ofsh bricks with the full force of the federal government. >> you know what we learned in today'e s disclosure is they tok everything from mar a lago tgo except the chandeliers in the carpeting, and they took hundreds of personal items, newspapers, books, clothing, for goodness sakes, and it simply proves that this wases ta a lawless searcht and seizure under the fourth amendment.mende but none of itnt addresses but f the real legal issues wherel the so-called classified documents actually declassified and never to. tually did the president actually havev the presidential recordse,, a right of access and custody of these documents never been litigated under the presidential records. that's how it should have been handled in a civil enforcement.
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proceeding and not this lawless search and seizure. >> yeah, sarah , you know, it'si interesting because while we're leng -- ifdiscussing if we can the fbi and their intentionsfbth and the intentions ofdirector the government and the direct, you know, their director of national intelligenc of natie there, their little tain't teams after afte night,there any is there any doubt thadot the government, as an entity is a problem? m? i absolutely agree with you.>> s it wasol like the lifting of a veil.okin that's what i talked aboutg at. i remember looking atpeec the speech last nighh lat and jr sheer stunned horror and thend n thinking to myself, oh, look, al he's actually exposing himself and his entire administration, this entire raid into martial ago is obviously political . it's obviously a continuation of what started way back in twoc thousand and sixteen. we can all we have to do is go o back to 2016 to realize every
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step of the way how they targeted president trump and everyone around him fromp an the fbi using the steel dossier that was paid for by the clinton, you know, by hillaryint clinton and her attorneys ino order to spy on president trump. and then to spy on carter page,e a citizen of the united states , how they expanded their powers and how now just as greg is saying, they're expanding their powers to us . the people we saw that it was evidence, you know, if it walkss like a duck, and it looks likeident. a duck, it's usually a duck. and that's exactlylooks what wi thin seeing now with a biden administration. and i think every americank icao should be very concerned about how far this administration and how far the radical left go is willing to go , becauseecausw with the hirinitg of agents in eighty seven thousand irs agents and an fbi that seems bent on a political weaponization of itse agencypo, against an opponent,, a political opponent,na is no longer livin our nation is no longer living by its fundamental principles.
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yes, and completel. it's cy living by something. we have seen some hints ofe se thisen s, certainly with lois hintlerner and the irs with sic. of the of the fbi on others throughout this process for decades. it seems like now they're just. it are just no not trying even trying to pretend what the federal government has become with the agencies, with the rightat leadership, of course,ion, a and reformation, as we've done in the past. we can get over this.s. sarah , greg, thank you all mor very much. now, coming up, more blue state madness is surging crime inmadns portland, putting the oregon governor's racs.e in play. republican candidate christine drayson weighs in. plus, a shocking statement by gavin newsom about his radical climate agenda. b kyra davis, caitlyn jenner and john phillips react. >> coming up next. these programs she's brought to you by museum of the bible. >> what's in it will surprise you. i saw elvis's bible.
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now, democrat run cities acrossr the country continue to suffer g under rising crime and decreasing quality of lifeih and sadly, there may be no better example than the beautiful city of portland,. oregon, where far left leaders have turned a blind eye to violent crime. and look avit your screenolen th throughout the summer of twenty , twenty . forget, how can we forget and beyond? portland saw riot after riotio filled with property damage and destruction to homes and businesses. portland, which at one point w you might not know this washi one of america's safescht citie, is now struggling to control crime and reduce murders. it's gotten so bad that even in deep blue oregon, the governor's mansion is now. in play for republicans what
11:23 pm
and race. >> you know, oregonians are demanding better they'rerom thei demanding better from their leaders. what we're experiencinr leadergs been a decade of decline underbe progressive, extreme single party extreme single party leadership in our state. are fee and we are feeling it across the whole state, but especiallya in portland, wherend they are less safe today than they have ever been before. we're seeing mom and pop shops close up. we're seeing national chains exit our beautiful city, and instead we are leaving to peopl to people who are abusing hard drugs, which are now illegal in our state, who ,f in fact, are forminge fo encampments that are refusingli to leave public spaces. our cityes needs change. our state needs new leadership. and that's what oregonians are t responding to. >> youo. know, we saw, of coursy
11:24 pm
in deep blue san francisco thate families are families, right? parents oramilie parents. you democrats don't want to have to step on syringes and human when they takeringes a ndtheir kids to a park. e thei i mean, this is really a non partisan issue. and yet, as a as a republican ,a it is thein, ir difficulty and a willingness to hear the message. i mean, what kind of a feat, hear the kind ofwhat kind of feedback are you getting from your constituents? >>tting fr portlanders themselve asking for leaders that are willing to stand up for their quality of life. they want tosafe i be safe and r they own in their own yards.n they want to be safe whethn wals their kids walk to school. is n this is not partisan, to your point. this is entirely about ent community safety and a quality of life that portlanders should demand and expect from their leaders. they'rmtheir early e not gettinm w their leaders right now. and that's why my roadmap for road future makes public safety and community safety across our state. a central focus of my efforts.
11:25 pm
and you can find fin more information at christine, oregon, .com. >> well, good luck to you, oregon obviously, and good luck to the people of oregon, because what happened in portland really frightened the entireou f nation as we watched that unfold in 2020. and this is about the quality an of life and the human and condition. and everyone deserves better. christine, thank you very much for joining me tonight.te i appreciate it. now, of course it. of c, the left wingd fa failures extend far beyond oregon because down inin california, failing governor gavin newsom is literally trying to fingoverr d a way to keep the lights on , signing a new executive order to boost electricity supplypplya as the state braces for more blackouts. but despite these obviousite green energy failures, newsothem is doubling down. >> watch this. we recognize that we neewad to o more in terms of d risking our transition to green energy and don't think for a second. i'll talgrk more aboutee that in a moment.. i will talk more about that we are not doing anything except accelerating. i mentioned what we're doingleri on permitting and procurement, acceleratingng. that transitiono
11:26 pm
low carbon, renewable sources of energy while just outrageous . now, get this out. colorad in colorado, residents there were unable to chang wereeir owe the temperatures in their own homes on tuesday when a smart thermostat company, a utility there, locked its devices to seventy eight degrees due to a strain on the electrical grid. strain oand a weather emergency. they literally they couldn't change what the thermostat said. swamp, be, out in the washington swamp, bidenids h is shaking up his climate teaman thd bringing an infamous clinton operative,at john podesta. yeah, that's not a good in just the latest sign that biden is putting the far leftttn in charge of his domestic policy agenda. and as i point out in my new in, democrat column, among us , democrats are all in on controlling every aspect of your life, includingro transportation under the banner of climate change.or here now for reaction, fox news contributor caitlyn jenner,
11:27 pm
along with red state editor kara davis and abc radio host s john phillips. john , let me startartt with yot i mean, we've you see gavin newsom, and he's really kind seems like a grifter., you ha you've got horrible problems throughout california. vebut this energy issue has. existed for a while. where do you think he's headed and does he understand that californians and americans actually don't want tod deas hand their thermostats over tort the government or their cars? or anythinnt to g elsehand?t or >> well, if the lights flicker here, it's not because they're execut. g someone in san it's because the power is going out in california, which w he have become all too accustomed to. this is .a gu y who has ruled in a one party state whereone-parts control ev democrats control everythingk ts and they just don't thinkgh. fr things through from their point of view. if you have enough votes t getor just get rid of the nuclearad ad power facilities, just go aheads and do it. you go t the votes. who cares if you have the votesd
11:28 pm
to get rid of gas powered cars, get rid of it and make everyone go in electric cars? well, if you don't haveity to the electricity to then powe prt the cars and people are stuck, e well, we'll worry about thatn s. n that come but let's not forget one of his contributors, pg&e,burnin is responsible for burning the entire town of paradise g th down in a fire. have fires when we have fires here inhen california, we have to evacuate. we california, we have to evacuate and we have to evacuate quickly. it's not like a e. ifcan evacu we have two or three days. suddl if suddenly they say you can't power your electric cars because we are power your electric cars because we're out of electricity and there's a fire . and they have an evacuation,uatn you're stuck and bad things aren going to happen. this is gavin newsom's california. and it's why hiss his in-laws are donating to ron desanto. yes, that was a very big story, caitlin . you know, we've got thisstory. is what made national newswhat d a state regulatory board decided to do. he's going to ban a gasoline powered cars by the year twenty , thirty five and thena couple days later aske a couple days later askedd everybody to not charge up
11:29 pm
their electric vehicleevs becaue of the hot weather for this weekend. r thiseekendand this is where i, imagine there's about 16% of the vehicles now in california. ca caitlin , are electric. what do you thinitliric.k is go% happen when it's 100% if a they can't handl he now and grandma's got to turn off the air conditioning? well, gavin newsom, what a disa. a disaster. and this guy wants to run ton to be president of the united states . he went too far , too soon. now, a real leader just doesn't have an end goal. a plan he has he has a plan that he has too pn put in place to get there. and gavin newsom has no plane how to get there. at let's just take a quick look at the grid today. the grid today right now, we have one nuclear plan plant left in california in the central valley, the diablo .canyon nuclear plant, which is scheduled to be closed in twenty , twenty five . and in in just two and a half
11:30 pm
years. okay, now gavin newsom is begging joe biden to sendende more money so we can keep itl it open for another five years.'sgo but then still, it's not going c to be in place in twenty , thirty five when we have all electric cars. >> it's forecast right now with with hydro electric power.e they expect it to be one half of what we have right now. why? t because we have no water in this state. we're talking about electricit y ,but people can't even water their lawns. this state has been so mismanaged for so many years.o w we're seeing the effects of it right now. oh, and by the way, the cost oet electricity in california just went up 25%.ammy that is a great point.t poin t.kyra. y ta everybody talks about the costl of gasoline and they're and they a thinking this is going to be so. much cheaper, it's going t ot is i be so much better. but whenever government is in, t control of something, it just js gets out of control. unusable in addition to the ability to stop, the electricity got rolling
11:31 pm
blackouts more more than ever,ls being able to control people's mobility and the ability to move like getting in your cartoo if they just want to stop you from being able to charge it, charge it up. th >> this is literally all part of the plan. stop i mean, they want to stooupey wk our mobility period. they want to take away.e aw wee been have be talking forga years about a gas mileage taxx so that people don't drive veryh much. but california has the worst public transportatioas the worsn the world. i mean, it's it's terrible.e. they don't i mean, kaitlin's absolutely right. there's no plan in place. you know, it's just campaign. ri that's all it is . our politicians, all they do is campaign. i'll hav i'll have, you know, tell me that the california assembly voted to keep yablokov canyono a online because they realizedno n this heat wave that peopleat pel will go so far with the democrats. but if you're going to keep and, us hot and broke, you know, that's pushing it too far . i mean, you know what? i t if you want to take if you want
11:32 pm
to tick off a black mother like me in the middle o of the summe. 48 years old, not me. i can't turn my thermostat thermostat under seventy eight . look, i think the solar panels at seventy eight . >> look, this entire panel are makes all of what the democratsb are doing somewhat dangerous because we don't want to be uncomfortable. none omfortable.f us .r and by the waysc, you're running for school board. i mean, this is again takingthe charge of their communities and steppingco johnny.out, i've got to call them out. it does argue about mobility p about taxesu when it comes to your the t mileage you use, which meansin that they'd have like a countera in your car and they know where you freaking went. and new york wants cars out of manhattan. they want you reliant on public. they want you relian transportation. they can also stop on a whim.t p isn't this aartly abouublic wt e and the ability to actually literally go somewhere secretly or on a whim when youwe want to? because the government wantscaue th to be able to control you in that way? >> or how about even whenhen
11:33 pm
they're evacuations because ofth are evacuati a fireon? ch if they tell you you can't charge your car and thenoo they evacuate your neighborhood and you can't get out lickety split, you're in trouble.troubl. they want to incentivize people here in california, but paying them a thousand dollars to get rids to get of their care they want you to ride the bus. okay, well., the buses are all charged by electricity, so they can't charge the buses. guess what? hey can't chyou better have some shoes. i yeah, this is what here in new york , they're going to be charging ten , twenty dollars to just get inom onto the if you're coming ioutside.n from difficult.hey just want to make it so difficult. but the fact is , fossil fuels, automobiles keep us free. to get it allow ws you to move around.. it allows you to get where you want to go .u to it allows you to move. it's an amazing structure of ase using climate change as the pretext to create emergenceses that give the government more control over our lives. all right. california, at least, is in
11:34 pm
safer hands, knowing that atthrh least you three are there and thinking clearly. so thank you all very much.. straight ahead, is biden's crist border crisis hurting democrats ah ahead of the november midterms? eawait until you see the latest polling. don't go away now. republican senator, republican nevada, while he i will be a senator, i hope nevada senate candidate adam laxalt breaks down the latest. plus, andy biggs and deneen borelli react. de who bless you here. >>st in israel and across the former soviet union. there are thousands ofthey despe destitute elderld y who are alone and in need of basic food . they desperately need your help. . . ramsey is a holocaust survivor fobar the she keeps saying, my refrigerator is empty.
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one dollar a day. one dollar a day. you can say, i will bless wherever in the world the jewish people have the greatest need and comfort the jewish people. i will save a life today. wherever in the world the jewish people of the greatest need. or go onlinew our spiritual mandate is to and feed the hungry and to here for the widows and orphans, orphan to die. please call or go online now and say i will bless his people. >> israel, my husband was a marine and our family lived at camp bloom during the eighties. while i was there, i suffered a miscarriage and my husband has since died of cancer. now we're learning that the whole time we were on the base, the water was contaminated. we use that water for everything, for cooking, for drinking. we bathe dimmit. >> how can this happen? sadly, stories like these are all too common. this water was dangerous for years, nearly three decades. but now congress has passed
11:37 pm
the cap was you justice act and finally, there's some financial relief. victims can now get the justice they deserve. if you are exposed to the toxic water at camp lejeune, and have since suffered any of these serious health problems, call white hart legal. right now, you and your family may be entitled to substantial compensation. >> if you lived or worked at camp lejeune and suffered any serious health problems, call 1-800- four six one seventy nine hundred. >> that's 1-800- four six one seventy nine 900. i'm dr. conrad murray was convicted of killing michael jackson, but that's not the real story. who really killed michael jackson's doctors? arnold klein, who regularly plied patients with opioids. >> people died in somewhere was part of it. give me a minute. >> i will always love michael . there's a lot of folks to blame that have never had a reckoning . >> gmc investigates who really killed michael jackson this tuesday on fox, hit the music.
11:38 pm
the nfl is back on fox. we've got devo and the trey landseer kicking off in the midwest against the bears in america's game of a week, we've got the reigning mvp primed for another huge season for the pack touchdown and ready to take on kirk and vikings who are looking to set the tone in the is back september 11th. fox, the home of the super bowl. fifty seven when you can't watch. listen, get the latest news business and news headlines on sirius xm any time anywhere. fox news radio on sirius xm america is listening. the great state of texason and arizona have been busing migrants from the border to liberal sanctuary cities for months.alctuary cities for months but recently texas added now. a ne but recently, texas added a new: destination for migrants. the fi the first bus arrived earlier this week, and the city'd earlir week s mayor was not too happy about it.
11:39 pm
>> take a look. with these continued political stunts, governor abbott has confirmed. unfortunately, many of us hadd already known thatkn he is a man without any morals, humanity ora shame. >> in a statement to fox news,en a spokesperson for abbott simply asked where lightfoot's outrage was whenbott askth president biden flew migrants all over the country ine coun the middle the in meanwhile in the state of nevada meanwhile, in the state of nevada, where open borders are also a big issueissue,, a new p shows close races fofor governor and senator in the state, thanks in part to a collapse of support for democrat inamong hispanics. in fact, republican candidate and former stateublica attorney general adam laxalt finds himself in a virtual tiett with the incumbent democrat, senator catherine cortez. matzo in a head to head race. and joining us now is , injo fact, that manining , adam laxae adam, thank you for being here. as an american, it doesn't matter which which state we live in, we care aboutat was alf
11:40 pm
what's happening. crime is matters to all of us . schooling matters to alle matttf us . d and yet we do see thissee, it' is important to see the hypocrisy here, the remarkable reaction of lori lightfoot to to simply people who have asked to go to chicagos being in a bus and she smears as governor abbott wins s a governorin abbott when since she's been elected, adam in 2019 to 2020 two murders have increased. 34%. e says g and she saysreg greg abbott ise man with no shame and whosek isg immoral. what do yon u think is going on with lori lightfoot?with lors po at this point? what's your problem. yeah, lookwh how she call out president biden and . well, while we're atu' it,re how about senator masato ca out president biden for this open border? this is what's causing massivesy in this country, record spikes misery in this country. record spikes in fentanyl. you know, i'm in a rural town of elko, nevada, right now, and they're being overrun o verrunwith fentanyl overdoses. n these are our children and law
11:41 pm
enforcement. our good sheriff here, i talk. e he can't handle this stufftuff without support from the federal government. fo and for these mayors to to co city, whenhampt it's finally hitting their cities when states like mine state and communities like elko, nevada, and dealing for forg wi many yearsth ir is preposterous and outrageous. >> you know, shes and outr is it almost seems like deflection, but this is what is so ghoulish aboutt it this. she shkne knows that she has set up her city as a sanctuary city. a that's a vers a sanctuary y imp. they have incentives for people to come.e. taxe s are high .% when elected by like over 75% when she was elected. so the people of chicagobrace ts embrace these policies. but the moment it's like acted on , she gets she gets angry. it's as though she's either e trying to hide or she never meant it and that this was all fake. >> thi fake. this is the world we live in every day. look at president biden's speech last night.n's spee helast night.
11:42 pm
did mention fentanyl overdoses, the open border, e the the crashing economy,nomy record highs and inflame, chyn. what did he do? he created a whole new narrative and smeared half of americans. this is what they doy do. they denigrate people. to deflc they attack people. they try to deflect from their terrible policies. heirthat are wrecking my great state and wrecking, wrecking cities all across america. excellent point. he sait point.d nothing about the crisis hitting every single american, no matter what party they're in. or what state they live in., ex, adam, excellent.reat great. thanks for that perspective. i appreciate it. wit now here with more on biden's ongoing border crisis,risis, our arizona republican congressman andy biggs and fo ax news contributor deneen borelli. let me start with you, because in's an interesting approach complaininnce-lightfootet that she is complaining about theseg migrants, individualabout ths ei have family in chicago. i mean, who wouldn't want towhoo
11:43 pm
go to if you're in el paso or some small border city overrunrt when you think of the great th or the great, city of new york and you hearhe the rhetoric all throughoutgh media that they are dia that their sanctuariesas, what do you think is driving her repulsion at receiving these individuals from these these brown and black individuals struggling,ing wanting to come to her city?li what is her problem? >> well, like you said, it's a sanctuary city. so what ist is her y problem?ou bulet nom?w that this influx iso her backyard, she doesn't wanth to deal with and look, this problem is in everyone's backyard because the barley's, tom and i , we have been exposing this, tammy. we have westchester county,, new york airport, havings come h charter flights come in haveead of night and we , new yd two different buses one to slow ístberg,or new york, one to edison, new jersey, boati base. and this is documented on our
11:44 pm
podcast, reigniting liberty. and on my website, we havee video. and this is a coordinated effort because when we pull up o in the dead of night, all of these cars come out of nowhere. ere toto pick up these people wh they arrive, buses, the lightse go out. n knows this i nobody even knows this is being done in the dead of night.bein this is , i think, erence in to' representative biggs. what makes a difference in s today's world is you've gotu m tom adenine are able to brin ag this information that nobutn abe that the democrats don't want americans to hear to the american populace right through the internet, through individual in investin populace but when we think aboutgovernmes joe bide the government and the choices m joe biden is making ofak dispersing individuals throughoutdisbursi the country,t about the border itself? what is with the drugs comingat through, the fentanyl deaths that adam talkedm about? isn't this an emerging crisis for these people?emerging crisi. the sex the tr trafficking, the drug us, the who knows, perhapse that
11:45 pm
the workplace abuse that may happen? boat do you think's going to emerge from this kind of open border catastrophe? >> well, i hate to say this, but when you have the number of t people on the terrorist watchp list that we've apprehended, weh know tha we knowt many tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands more , we don't even catch coming across our borders, many of whom are bringing drugsmany of , their trafficking, but they're also bringing malevolent intentions like domestic or internationalrs terrorists that are coming in. ts thai'm afraid that at some pt we're going to have to face i hope werious event like that, maybe akin to 9/11. i hope that we don't. but i will i will sound the warning and let people know that the fact that you have hav literally almost a millione people that get away, we don'teo know where they're coming from.o f themthat means that some of tm really have bad intentions for our country and that's are we hs not going to wake up until that happens? we should be waking. all americans should be sayingur secure our border today. buder todat this administrationo
11:46 pm
says come into our countryme inh and they're facilitating. and i'll just tell you, down aet the border this week, tammy, wa i was told that only about 11% are being sent home. the other 89% are being dispersed throughout this country. so i don't want to hear about >> tammygettinar about people g seventy five people on a bus. >> yeah, great point, becauseths this is danny, as danny noted, this is like all ofransce our backyards. this transcends politics. ndticsthis is about american fas an and the american future.d ericad that's obviously something that and that's obviously something that weighs on everyone's minds. thank you both.eryone's min thank you both. i appreciate it. now, we've all seenbl the terrible consequences of the democrats education policies, but kansas ed gubernatorial candidate derek is pushing back . hede joins us next. plus, leo terrell reacts when we return. stay right there. dance your wares can't go wild with wildly adhesive seabourne denture seale's get 75% stronger all day.
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welcome back to this speciall e" edition of "hannity". now, amid the left's endlesshan. push to turn america's classrooms into far left indoctrination centers,left parental rights are becoming a top issue in states all aacross the country.ample, the for example, the republicangove governors association rnors asisis pushing back againt far left democrat governor , democrat, kansas far governor la kelly in this new ad providedthw exclusively to hannity. p >> watch this. laura kelly promised to fix our schools instead of siding with parents. she's siding with radicals, she radical ontonda our kids explicit lessons. kids. even in kindergarten, biological bullies competing against girls in high school sports . >> now, kelly's hand-pickeds. commissioners say we have too many white teacher's too mans. well, well, here with reaction,e kansas republican gubernatorial candidate derrick schmidt.s, a all those issues, starick, alllo of us care about. tell us why you're runningt yo and what you want to do for kansas.u want to do
11:52 pm
tell there's nothing tammy, the' more important than raisingareno the next generation. and parents have to be front it's common sense.nt role. that's common we all get that. e have the but here in kansas, we have a democrat governor , laura kelly, who has walked inwt lockstepep with the bushradica administration's radical agendas on education. and so we sent her a parents t bill of rights to make sure that parents areo make fully ind and knowing what's going on in their kids' educations. she vetoed it. our legislature sent her fairness and women's sports bill to make sure a fair that we don't have transgender males competing against our our girls and women in competitive sports , denying themcompetitivm scholarship opportunities or just the scholarship opportunities ortory just the thrill of victory. ine vetoed that twice vetoed th >> so we can do so much betterse here in kansas and we will in our administration. derrick, i have to say, this across the countryat we've seen across the country, parentsy, wanting a say, demanding to have a say, refuse to give upt o their rights. s to t and of course, when ithe comes o these races, it resonates in in
11:53 pm
virginia. it's going to resonate in kansas. resonaonates in california. good luck to you. obviously parent so good luck to you. good tha obviously, parents care and it's good that they'vee go t the option in kansas. thank you, derek. now we turn to another developing story as a new report from the national assessment of educationalment o progress finds thatfss fin the draconian covid lockdownmear measures undid decades. you guys of math and readingg progress as students were forced outprogress of the class but as usual, the white houseito immediately blamedus trump for the school closures, despite despite the left's endless push to keep them shut do the left's endless push to keep them shut down. joining us now with reactionrunr fox news contributor leo terrell. leo know, r i remember president trump repeatedly demanded said its schools got to open.e le it was the left wing teacher's unions that shut them down. what's your take on now?mpt to t their attempt to blame thishis on trump? trump for the entire show?>> tammy has a common theme.ive fo
11:54 pm
the democrats will lie forr power control. e and when it comes to education,r what americans will not ican nottolerate is when you hut children. the democrat, randi weingartent, the unions kept kids out of of school for their own persona l benefit. can they rob kids of math and reading? r the first ti skilled math declined for the first time ever. reading declin e in the biggest decline in 30 years. whatdeclined. is fundamental ab, tami, is that the union doesn't care about the kids. it is a con game.the union is that union is more in lineline t with the democratic dream. those kids can't get thosers years back . tami, know what? i'm a civil rights lawyer, but i'm a school teacher. i still have my license was and it's personal because i was a product of public education. t of puband i know how important is . i'm here. you're here because of quality . and american children lost two years of math and reading and they'll never get it back ., and you know what the union,epin they're not worried about it. they're sleeping well becauseroh
11:55 pm
they benefited from theypandemic. they collected big time c salaries during the pandemic. ro american shameful if there's one reason tambe for every american to vote for the republicans is quality education for your kids. >> you educationfor this is it. we were certainly robbing ho areo grow, but we hopefully we're going to grow olo gender and we're going t be relying on a generation thate we hope knows how to can do math has is able to makea differen a difference in the future.futut only for themselves but for us not only for themselves, but wel for us as well. are bot but yeah, we're both products of public schools and we can get them to be great again. leo terrell, thank you so much.. great perspective as always. thank you, everyone. u, everywe do have more "hannit. the break. i'll'll be right back . in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch in a recent clinical study, patients using salon dispatch reported reductions in pain severityecommend, using less ort less oral pain medicines and improved quality of life. >> that's why we recommend
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11:59 pm
cancer water .com. >> we've got a huge game. everybody is excited for this between two heavyweight fighters. shake it off, baby . let's go to this defense in the three star instant classic . shannon bream is the new host of fox news. sunday, i had this front row seat to history over the last 15 years. now a proud sunday morning tradition continues. don't mention miss. she hosts fox news sunday. unfortunately, that is all the time we have left for thisen evening. thank you again for tuninging. . t and i want to also thank the sean hannity team.
12:00 am
team, sean.hank sean. i want all of you to haveul laby a beautiful labor day weekend. and remember, you can catcend ie on , get tammy bruce on "g exclusively on fox nation. you can also read my column atn. impact us . that's imake us . i d on monday, i'm going to be laboring on labor day.wi i'll be on outnumbered at noonet here on fox news. you can find me at tammy bruce. dot locals, .com. sean will be back next week. have a beautiful weekend, everyone. it's been a pleasure. >> i'm raymond arroyo. in for laura ingraham. this is a special edition of the ingraham angle from new york city. we have a big show for you tonight in moments. florida governor ron desantis will react exclusively to biden's divisive and , frankly, dark speech about america. >> and later, i'll go golfing with actors mark wahlberg, kevin dillon. plus, boxing greats sugar ray leonard and evander holyfield. >> i promise you will not want to miss the high jinks. >> stick around. but first,