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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 3, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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a beautiful labor day weekend. and remember, you can catcend ie on , get tammy bruce on "g exclusively on fox nation. you can also read my column atn. impact us . that's imake us . i d on monday, i'm going to be laboring on labor day.wi i'll be on outnumbered at noonet here on fox news. you can find me at tammy bruce. dot locals, .com. sean will be back next week. have a beautiful weekend, everyone. it's been a pleasure. >> i'm raymond arroyo. in for laura ingraham. this is a special edition of the ingraham angle from new york city. we have a big show for you tonight in moments. florida governor ron desantis will react exclusively to biden's divisive and , frankly, dark speech about america. >> and later, i'll go golfing with actors mark wahlberg, kevin dillon. plus, boxing greats sugar ray leonard and evander holyfield. >> i promise you will not want to miss the high jinks. >> stick around. but first, it appears that
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president biden has awakened from his fever dream of last night, his nightmarish speech, which looked like it either wandered onto the set of triumph of the will or into amsterdam's red light district is all over now. today, he has no memory of it. watching all of this recalled that moment at the end of the musical seventeen seventy six when john adams prowls independence hall in frustration. >> is anybody down? does anybody care? does anybody see what i see? >> biden would probably call adams an extremist, but is anybody there? does the president even know what he's saying? you decide. i'm not going to comment. >> you watch this. but there's no question that the republican party today is dominated, driven into mandated by donald trump in the magor, republicans. >> and that is a threat to this country.
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senator donald trump in the major republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic. and magarey. >> republicans are there to destroy an american democracy. clean up on pennsylvania avenue, please. whoever put the president up to this should be fired. >> now, my suspicion is that after the ferocious backlash to this speech, the staffers responsible or biden himself made the decision to backtrack . >> even the ratings prove what a bust this speech was, but it did confirm why. >> 75% of democrats in a recent cnn poll want a candidate other than biden in 2020 four. and why his approval is at 42% . >> but the nagging question remains, is anybody there? >> for more , we are joined exclusively by the governor of florida, rhonda sampas. >> governor , thank you for
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being here. overnight polling must have been really bad for biden's big fascism speech, given the whiplash he gave everybody today. >> what was your initial reaction when you first heard what he said? >> well, i thought it was one of the most disgusting speeches in american president has ever given. he ran as being a unifier. and he's basically saying to the vast majority of the country that disapproves of him that they're effectively a threat to the republic. he daughters, he lashes out. >> but at the end of the day, his policies are why there's so much opposition to him. >> he came in and he opened the border and we've seen what a disaster that's been. he kneecapped american energy. we've seen how that's hurt millions and millions of people across our country. they've inflated the currency. we have one of the worst inflations we've had in over 40 years. so, of course, people are going to be upset at all the wreckage that he's left in his wake. he is the american hero. he's a failed leader. and i think that he is doing
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this because he's trying to energize his base to fend off a real but whip in this november. governor , to what do you attribute the flip flopping here? is is senility or is this self-preservation because he saw the polling on this speech and the reaction? look, it's been said that the president of the united states is whoever is feeding his teleprompter. and so they fed that teleprompter in in philadelphia last night. and he angrily delivered that speech and lashed out to his fellow countrymen. today, he was asked off the cuff and he said something totally opposite . but i don't raymond. they're tweeting from his count, the same nasty stuff that he said last night. and so i think the people that are in control of the white house want to drive this message that people that dissent from his policies are somehow second class citizens to think about it. they've been willing to mobilize the administrative apparatus of government to go after people they don't like . remember, this time last year, they were imposing vax mandates.
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they wanted people to lose their job based on getting an mri and a shot or not. and unfortunately, i think the weaponization of this government is something when you talk about eighty seven thousand irs agents, who's that going to go after? it's going to go after the people that he was attacking in his speech last night. >> governor , here's what biden said about except republicans watch this. >> not every republican embraces their extreme ideology. i know, because i've been able to work with these mainstream republicans, american democracy only works only if we choose to respect the rule of law and the institutions that were set up in this chamber behind me. >> only if we respect our legitimate political differences. >> a governor who made biden a passport, officer of mainstream republicanism, and does the governor of florida fit in that definition? do you think?
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>> well, look, he talks about rule of law. what has he done? he's violated his oath of office to take care that the laws are faithfully executed by opening the border. he's not following the law there. look what he did with the student loan bailout. congress never authorized that. he's citing a law from september 11th to somehow give loan forgiveness and put it on the backs of the taxpayer. for people with degrees in gender studies. >> so spare me this idea of the rule of law. he doesn't give a darn about the rule of law. and yes, the only republicans he likes are republicans that want him to get his way. if you stand up against his bad policies like we do in florida, then of course, he's going to try to write you out over who's acceptable as an american citizen. >> yeah, well, i mean, if kevin mccarthy becomes speaker, is he an acceptable republican or not? is he not going to speak to the speaker of the house? i rather doubt it. governor , last night we saw two marines standing at attention behind biden. at least one veterans group says they're reduced to props.
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>> here's how the white house press secretary defended it. the presence of the marines at the speech was intended to demonstrate a deep and abiding respect the president has for these service. service members to these ideals and the unique role of independent military plays in defending our democracy. governor , you're a veteran. your reaction to that? yeah, i mean, he's using those marines as a prop for a partisan attack on half the country. i think that that's something that is doesn't sit well with a lot of veterans. i would also say he respects veterans. he respects active duty. he has kicked out military members based on the covid jab. >> that's not respected in my book. we've lost a lot of good people who wanted to serve, but for his mandates, some are saying it was also a way to underscore his war talk, if you will . and they keep saying this is not a political speech, but it sure sounded like it. and the imagery was quite
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aggressive, like the pretorian guard surrounding him. >> there. >> yeah, look. and then i think you look at the way he's weaponizes federal agencies, it all plays into this idea of him mobilizing government against people he doesn't like. and he has done that time and time again. and i think he's going to continue to do it. and if republican do take control, they need to hold them accountable because i think it's likely to get worse if he loses in the midterms. >> governor , we new school closings during covid were devastating, but this national test results, this report card shows that the pandemic raised two decades of progress in math and reading. democrats are now trying to blame republicans, which will get to a bit later in the show. but i have to ask you, you took a lot of criticism for reopening those schools early in florida. what is your message tonight? for those trying to blame you and trump for these educational setbacks? >> well, first of all, the pandemic didn't cause those setbacks lock down policies of
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democrat governors. anthony fauci, national teachers unions who wanted schools closed. >> they are the ones that caused that in florida. we said you have a right to be in school and you need to be in school. and we've done much better as a result. but it wasn't a pandemic because all the required leadership to say we need to keep kids in school and those democrats and those unions and the left and fauci, they chose ideology over what was right for those kids. >> and the damage is going to be lasting regardless of what fauci wants to tell you. >> governor , before i let you go , we see the polls tightening, the generic polls moving into these generic ballots, moving into the midterms. what would be your advice to the republican party? what notes should they strike in these closing days and how should they counter what we heard from president biden last night will hold biden accountable. this is a referendum on his failures. make sure everybody knows how his policies have contributed to the mess we're in and then articulate what you
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will do to address things like the border, like crime, like inflation. i think if you do that, i think republicans are going to win both chambers, and i think it'll be a really good night. >> governor ronda santos, thank you for making the time. >> happy labor day to you and we'll talk to you soon. i hope the core point he made in that political speech about a threat to democracy is true. now, that's something that's not easy for us as journalists to say. the republican party right now is led by a dishonest demagogue. >> he framed this as an emergency and to me, it was it was it was an urgent wartime address. >> a war time address, by the way, that first you saw john harwood. he was fired by cnn today. though i do agree it sounded like a war time address, a declaration of war on half of america. >> joining me now, ari fleischer, fox news contributor, former white house press secretary and mercedes schlapp, cpac senior fellow
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and former white house strategic communications director . >> thank you both for being here, ari. you were with president bush during and after 9/11. >> so you're quite familiar with wartime addresses, i think. was this one . and what do you make of the labors to paint biden as a wartime president ? >> my summary of what joe biden said last night is your people are the enemy of my people. this is the type of president we have for the united states of america. if you disagree with me, if you have different views, if you supported donald trump, you are the enemy of the american people. >> that's how joe biden is defining his term in office. george bush used similar language about qaeda after september 11th when he said, you're either with us or against us . you don't say that about the american people. >> there are many conservatives, many liberals who love this country and have a clash of ideas that's called democracy. but when you, the president, the united states , vilify half
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the country in an effort to put them down and delegitimize them ,you're the one who is now the nation's divider in chief. that's the type of president we have with joe biden. >> it is like a memory care unit. mussolini at moments, it was kind of frightening and sad at the same time, today on msnbc, eddie glaude made this comparison. >> mercedes, it's an important speech. remember, lincoln gave a speech in 1860. what happens? we have the civil war. we have folks who reject the basic premise. there's always been this current this thread in american life where there are those who are not necessarily committed to democracy. they're committed to an idea that ours must remain a white nation. in the vein of old europe, kind of created the space for people to choose the country as opposed to a party. >> mercedes, your response to this? the media framing of what we heard last night, right. well, i got to tell you, raymond, it is very disturbing to watch these political analyst and joe biden and the democrats basically provoking violence, provoking
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war, creating this division in our country where they have defined their an enemy from within with the maga republicans. these individuals, i'm telling you, millions of americans across the country who simply love america, love our traditions, love our freedoms, who want to make sure that there is dissent and debate within our nation and dialog within our nation. and for president biden to then all of a sudden back track and not even remember what he said last night, that's what it almost sounds like, is also very disturbing because you have to ask yourself who is really running that white house if he can't even remember the speech he gave last night? i mean, is it forgetfulness? for real or did he really walk it back ? but the democrats are putting us in a very and this country in a very dangerous position. right? that's an important point. i mean, i spoke earlier,
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governor stantis, about it. do you think this was a deliberate walk back or is he just forgetful and didn't know what he said last night? >> oh, he it's a it's a sign of a man who doesn't really know what he is saying or mean what he says. but the problem with joe biden is he has a nasty history on these issues. remember, he is the guy when mitt romney ran who said that republicans want to put black americans in chains. he's the man who said that if you oppose him, it's bull connor. if you oppose a law, if you supported the georgia election law, it's jim crow. 2.0. and he called people who oppose him semih fascists. he's got a nasty, long track record of divisiveness. and if he really cared about democracy, how come he doesn't criticize stacey abrams for refusing to acknowledge that brian can't legitimately beat her in 2018? why isn't he criticized his own press secretary who said that that election was stolen? why didn't he criticize hillary clinton and jimmy carter, who called donald trump illegitimate president ? you know, both sides engaged in this type of rhetoric, but
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only one side says democracy is in danger. you know, the only thing they're saying is if you don't support my party, that's democracy being in danger. it's nonsense. it's fraudulent. democracy is thriving. they'll thrive even more when joe biden leaves office. yeah, well, this was sort of remember when he said to charlamagne, my god, if you don't vote for me, you ain't black. he's basically saying to america, if you don't vote for me, you're not american. mercedes's, i'll give you the last word, 10 seconds. well, i got to tell you, i think that we're running into a situation here where it's only creating more qasm for republicans. they've had it. they don't want to hear it any more from joe biden. so if there's one good thing that has come out of this is the fact that we are going to have a red wave come november because the republicans are fed up. they don't want to be treated poorly. they don't want to be criticized for what they believe in, which is that of making america great again, making sure that america stays strong. and what we know about joe biden is that he has adopted policies that are
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destroying this nation, making us weaker every day and putting our nation at peril. >> ari and mercedes, thank you both for being here and for the insights in the most absurd political narrative since biden's speech last night. the white house and democrats are now taking credit for reopening schools will remind you what they were saying back in twenty 20 plus the fbi released a list of what was found at mar a lago. but what they didn't find could be more telling the details next. are you ready for a fresh new bath or shower? well, now is the best time with 50% installation and no interest and no payments for one year. hi , i'm christina, and it's time to flip your old worn out bath or shower with jacuzzi baths remodel. today, everyone knows the jacuzzi brand. they're the most trusted name in water for over 60 years. but as you know, they can
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four, three again. that's eight hundred eighty four eight one two, four, three . >> there is no science that tha supports keeping kids, especially those in the younger grades.t su those especially those in youngeaway . we know what happens when kids are kept out of school, aside from not learning as well. not lear depression, anxiety, isolationso zone is not the answer as far. >> raymond: as far back as 2020 the angle. gle and many republicans understoode the importance of keeping kids in school during the >> whool during e warned you ths going to be irreparable damage done to our children p. now new data from the national assessment of educational progress shows we were unfortunately right in the two
12:22 am
years of the pandemic. no saw a devastating drop, not only did nine year olds lose ground in math , but readinge ground in math but r scores fell by the largest margin in more than 30 years. now the white house is trying to gaslight americanswh on the entire issue. >>ite house rying to we were in, again, schools are not open.s y it shows you how mismanagedmpact the pandemic was and how the impact of that mismanagement had on the onic wl kids progress and academic well-being. >> wl-aymond: waite. >> whoa, wait, wait, wait. trumr is she trying to blame trumpis for this? back i?n 2020, he was urgingto schools to reopen. meanwhile, it was the democratsn who were working with the teachers unions to keep them closed. s tothey even trolled trumptrum with ads like this. >>wi desperate to reopen schoole because he thinks it will save his reelection. we have to open the schools critical shortage of ppe threatening their funding when they don't opeheir funn our scho we're not going to fund them.fu
12:23 am
ignoring how the virus spreads, ndgnoring risking teachers and d lives, going against the advice of experts to very little impact on young people. do you trust him to do what's best for our children? >> in hindsight, most parentsins probably trust him a hell ofigha a lot more than the democrats on the school issue. by the way, on the same dayt mo the national education report card gave schools an especially regarding minorityciy children. teachers union president randi i weingarten participated in a biden administration back to school celebration. i'm sure that will help the kids test scores. they're going to go right through the roof. >> joining me now, ben domenech, the editor atews large for the spectator and fox news contributor. ben, thanks for being here. we or being know the teachers unios were coordinating with the administration and the dc toatie keep schools closed, yet the white house press secretaryo now says iset wa.s the biden admi administration that has to repair what damage trump did.dos
12:24 am
>> does any of thi rs ring true to you or make sense? none >> none of this rings true, raymond. and in fact, it's a total blatant lie. they are doing so throug ah their teeth and just hopingh thi that the american people have very short memories.e very short in fact, as you know, this wass an act that was totallyas total predictable, terribllye and was being indicted even as they were making these pushes in way, very activist ways, leaning on their bureaucratic friendshee in order to keep these schools closed in ways that created enormous damage.ting the and look, we are gettingof the earliest kind of signs ofe the way that this is impactingro a generation of children. i predic i predict. and i think thatt and i think tf people would agree with me thati we will be tracking this for the coming decades in terms ofoa a population of students thatwao was so poorly served, setrl back an enormousthis and predictable ways when it
12:25 am
came to their education. this is something thatlutely ab. is absolutely abhorrent. it's something that everyone it ieverybodg for. n and instead, we have the same group of people, randi weingarten and all of these other despicable peopl then where who created a situation where they were essentially holding children hostage in order toof try to get more money out of congress. for their their union fundedthe and backed educators across the country in ways that they really diin d not need inr to r order to reopen and essentiallyo created a situation that put these children at the epicenter of a completely damaging negative and horribleth circumstance that is settingem them back in ways thatth we>> ry will be tracking for the restupi of their lives.t. >> you know, ben, you hit upon it. i mean, the focus here has bee n on unions rather than children.. randi weingarten who you just mentioned, s and randi weingarten, who you just mentioned, she's the head of the teachers union, even though she got one hundred and t $30 billion plus, she is still
12:26 am
kinting more money to laud over parents and their kids. >> watch even we got a lot of money from the american rescue plan, and that was really important in terms of dealingwih with the after effects of cogat, which we're still the c g through. on we really have to focus on what kids need this year. but ultimately, we need to havee the ongoing investment in schools if we want to have the teachers we need for kids.s. >> what are these schools doing with the billions, hundreds ofu billions they've already gotten ? you know, i saw a comment on twitter about this commentary from randi yoingarten that said that, you know, oftentimes you will find that, you know, arsonists reappear at the site ofn the hos the homeess and houses that they've burned down. and that really is an act description of what shedescript is doing here. look, thisshe's do is absolutel. abhorrent. the nation should not accept
12:27 am
it. k thatthe d no what's unfortunate in this instance is that more republicans weren' is moret aggressive in criticizing it at the time. w those ad campaigns, the ad that you ran, in fact,ra, and you saw a lot moderate republicans kind of recoil and say we don't want to be looking like we are anti teacher or anti school or something like that. >>mething like they when they se leaned into it, they should have been more aggressive, just as glenn junkin was in virginia. >> ben, i thank you soaymo muchh being here. beinand happy labor day. before i bring in jason chaffetz, i want tofetz, remind youwant my star studded n outing with mark wahlberg, withkevin dillon, sugar ray,n leonard moore coming up. >> stay for that.on, sugar more but first, coming up. how did l? largo has to be a intelligenceoa target for foreigns to intelligg services, particularly our adversary, in keepinncegingh documents and sharing them or maybe even selling them. been evidence of that yet. >> but that has been suggested as a rumor. d in the rai
12:28 am
so what was actually found in the raid on trump's homehome? the doj today finally providing inre information. and it's notformation an a salas clapper and beschloss want youwt to believe. are you ready for this? they found magazines, mag newspapers, cl and clothing. oh, my . don't and don't forget about the dozens of empty folders. oh, the horror. joining me now, jason chaffetz, former house oversight chairman and current fox news contributor. >> jason ijason chs all of thisy of an fbi raid and is it germane to any investigation?st? it doesn't appear to be . i mean, i was struck by how few items were spewed on the floor. the idea that they would take this this photo and use itot part of as propaganda. that was not part of a courtat filing. the judge doesn't need to lookee at that. the magistrate doesn't't need n of that.ion of it. it.s phd a description of but they put outot thio s photoo try to drive home their point. e >> but it was you spewed out in front of the the fors to be ta the cameras to be taken. that gives me less confidence.
12:29 am
that's not how justice works ina the united states of america. and why and why in the world wee they even bothering with a framed cover of time magazine?:h i mean, come on .u see but, jason , the thing that struck me is that you seepictur. the picture there. these are dozens of emptythere classified folders. looke's nothing in them. >> they're empty.ybody who ha and look, anybody who's interviewed president trump or been to hi s offices in new york or elsewhere knows he's a collector.r. >> he's a memento bug.he's he's got knickknacks everywhere. i could forese the wrapping of the top secretwh folder, but we don't know where the the interior went. he probably sent ior went. het back to thee agency. >> right. agright? believe that donald trump on the last day or two of office was over there packing his own boxes? nobody believes thats? . had se so i look, i was the chairman of the oversight committee when we had seriousriou investigatio. with the state department, the irs. i was issuing subpoenas and we
12:30 am
were talking about tens off thousands of documents under of documentssubpoena that were y destroy. do you think the fbi did or do you think the fbi and the department of justice held people accountable? depart of juthey handed out immy agreements like it was candy, with no requirement that they cooperate with withey congress or with the governmen t . so it's this double standard. id they's how they treaouble standp versus how they administer justice. that's what gets me fire d up. >> and i think what makes millions of people so so no, way the all should be treated in whe same way in the statutes of here, no matter who's offending them or embracing them. jason , i understand you alsoic have something you wanclt to quickly clear up from earlier this week. >>r up yeah, tuesday night, i discussed the source of stacey abrams. and i have and i've since been informed that the allegation was a casenn of mistakeformed thatn identityt reported correctly. i regretported quick the error i appreciate the opportunity to clarify it. well, goody it. >> raymond: on you for here. clarifying it, jason . thank you for being here. up
12:31 am
up next, i take a shot fromt god sugar ray leonard and get golf tips from mark wahlber gdon't go and company. >> don't go anywhere. anywher you won't want twon'o misst wa s military mission in afghanistan will conclude on august 31st. i don't believe among any of our most senior military advisers that any of them thought it was going to go well. these people need help. i'll ask you what it takes to send your working for the hunt for those who are willing to kill your whole family. there is no tank. the taliban will kill me. we ended up with about 12 people that we put together of the special operations community. we knew the clock was ticking. >> the taliban knows the streets. they have been positioning for this exact moment.
12:32 am
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>> this family hanging on to a lot of sacred human, followed by catch up. let me tell you, that guy has got a good chugai. >> on sunday, september eleven on fox earlier this week, actor mark wahlberg and his foundation, along with a slewern of friends, helped to raisd hie funds for kids via a celebrity golf tournament. and i woulfundd sing along tourn with them for. weeks ag so a few weekso ago, i was askt to take partak as a golfer here founhe mark wahlberg foundation and beaumont children's hospital fundraiser. here we are at and the detroit t golfly one club. there's only one problemven' i haven't touched a golf club since i was 12 years old. maybe my pals can help me.
12:37 am
jim wohlberg runs the mark wahls wahlberg youth foundation. abot tell me about the wohlberg foundation. the e did this originate and why the emphasis and focus on you? you for so, first of all, thank you fors coming out. thank you for your willingness e. to participate. raymonds i n golf and still came out and said, i'll do my jerry. lewis thing. i'll di'll do who whatever i hao to support. and that's beautiful. and i appreciate. wahlberg fo i love.da so the mark wahlberg youth foundation has been inti on hr juexistence just abouteste twenty years.o our family priest came tuso us and said, i got a new car and the roof is falling is apart. it's a centerpiece of the community. it's only safe place for kids of to go in the and so we raised the necessary funds. it's a matter of responsibilityr . you know, if you aree a successf a successful person, whether whet m or a newstar, anchor or, you know, a construction worker, right,
12:38 am
my ft. my family, my mother always made it a point to let us knowha that there was always going to be somebody that was struggling behind neebehind us . we needed to do that.: the all that we talked about. what's the one ogsr two things l i need to be mindful of? and the ball the ball does is sitting there all by itselfa and all of a sudden your nervest ,decomposure, you got to be stable and for stability.aymo sugar ray works the links the way he worked the ring. >> i kind of break things downsg . i look at your weak points, poi your strong point, and i think that's like with tommy lee marvin, i've found a way to breaking down.n. it's like, oh, don't do that.: . don't do that. >> power. he doesn't know it doesn't hurt you.] >> does it hurt? go throw it until you'rethis has holding your punches. come on . this has got t to be oo be one g
12:39 am
the great honors of my life, being with the sugar ray leonard, the sugar ray. wow.r ray.i feel more comfortable to because you seem to be a bit almost there. oh, i'm so i'm i'm sugar ray. look, i'm nutrasweet rayed to yo compared to you. let me let's be honest. watch that this guy is don't fists. the way of those fists. did you did you really. realize no, i didn't realize, but i felt at least warned me nextae time ray warned me, you got to take care of yourself. if evander holyfield offered me some slightly less dramaticholyi offereg advice.el >> the tips fod mer me is to ply with people better because, you know, it's not like he's talking to the basketball coach here. >> so you want to announce a team, surely actor kevin dillon, give me some gold .e go get your yeah. what's the gulf coach at fordham? yes, he was.what yeah. dide teach
12:40 am
what did he teach you?you? he tol d me mostly about aspec the mental aspect and he would help me with my swing here. yeah, but it was her focus on it was like, keep your cool . you know t, i've been known to. throw clubcard, kate. i don't do it anymore.n't do i >> raymo don't do it today. my dire not much. i can't do that. yeah. i love throe losing your anger. you got it. got to keep your composure, right. yeah. i mark that brings me here, but he always does great charitiess and any charity that he does try and get involved if i can. >> but how are you doing my friend. this for youly do this for you. okay, now what kind of tip. the tip. yeah. pick up tennis and if youthat haven't played for that long, it is very difficult to totell get the game going. tell me what this foundations means to i know it started really as ayol call from your local priesoct. v yeah, well, listen, we just u want to give back to kids growing up in similar situations similar, always beeno
12:41 am
focus on inner city kids and ats risk. it would be a send in the shamei for us not to utilizem anyway the platform to help in any way that we could wear this morning. our time cou or finances. i mean, we just we need tole be going on . oh, jim , call me. out to be i said i'd be happy to be a gofer mama. he said, no, no golfer. happy - boulter. i said, okay- , well, actually h i hope i could use some help this morning at organizingi coua everybody and all of our stuff.e i could have really thisg to i'm going to destroy the great>> lakes. the g a great thinreat thingg about io know that when i play golf,ey pa i can't make moneyyi playing gof . i just go and have a good time. just go out and have fun and keep it in perspective. that'sn and keep i we're going o and it's a great on your part. right. thanks was a wonderful catch out on the great. well, say every life and every game, a little rain must fall. he here we are about to get into the cart and hear my t. my teammates. chris hey, mary and chris and aaron and avigail, these four people there, their score is going toos unseen here.
12:42 am
we be dropped to levels unseen here. we awe'll have a good time right after. we aregoing to have a good time. all right. we're on our way. greens beware. i have not played golf since i was 12 years old.was 12 years. >> oh, my goodness. >> i don't say it with such sorrow. pitydon't st. w and i don't need your pity. abagail just keeping you back .s okay bent, y, you're right down. yes. and slow backswing. follow-throh slow follow, but follow all the the way through. yeah. okay, all right, we'll tryaymon this.. i just bruise the green. . this is not good.send all the r send all the receipts for the damage to mark wahlberg, los angeles, california. nine to one . oh, you have to hit the ball now. we hit the ball practice.thank . thank you. yeah. thank you. oh, god . i think i killed a resident of the rest home next door. i was about that close to
12:43 am
hitting the window of that house.f that house ho i got to say, this is very good for the ego, the ego of the other people playing pool. i have to say, i think thi my favorite part of this whole experience is riding around in the car, which i do love. i think i could do this all day . okay, this is too big, too.s to. that's not the putter. where's the putter?s no this isn't a putter, is it? this it is .n't laugh, it' >> oh, that's all right.abou look, no laugh. and it's nothing funny about this. look at that beautiful seagull
12:44 am
going by its. >> my question is how manystions more holes do we have. oh, it's a bank shot.'s a b mary , stop laughing.stop when we were turning the card in a moment ago, you heard guysg bragging, i'm ten under, we'rer. sixteen under. well, i'm six feet under afterrs this experience. but honestly, being with aaronee abig and chris, mary and abigail, they taught me the foundations u of golf today, which i'm very grateful for, and look to have done it for an incredible cause for these children who will benefit thanks to the mark will wahlbergbenefi foundation. that makes it all worthwhile. all right. give me the clubs. let's do i let's do it again. look here. >> go look. mary . hello. all told, the mark wahlberglberg youth foundation raised more than a millioaised mon dolt
12:45 am
that golf event. much of it will help providetmen specialized medical treatment to about two hundred thousand about 200,000 kids at beaumont children's hospital in kids at beaumont children's hospital in detroit. >> and some of iand somet will o nati kids at risk in other parts ofnb the nation. what an honor to be part their great work. >> up next, all the warnings the ingraham angle has been giving you about the adverse effects and widespread use of pot turned out to have beenue true. >> dr. marc siegel has.l has the details next. >>the details hey, i just got am my sister. you remember rick , her neighbor? neighbor? >> sure. he's the seventy six year ol-woe guy who still runs marathons,n. right? right? >> sadly, not anymore. what, you mean just like that? >> wow. ng cover so sudden we're not about to have the we need life insurance conversation again, are we know we're having though. we are getting coverage. that $
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12:48 am
call 800 nine zero three four five five eight . >> i'm dr. conrad murray was convicted of killing michael jackson. but that's not the real story. who really killed michael jackson? doctors like arnold klein, who regularly plied patients with opioids. >> people died in some way was part of it. give me a minute. >> i will always love michael . there's a lot of folks to blame that have never had a reckoning . >> tmz investigates who really killed michael jackson this tuesday on fox sunday. it's time to take a bigger look it's time to take a bigger look at this. when a truck hit my car, it's time to take a bigger look at ththe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
12:50 am
three . again, that's 800 eight four eight one two four three four. >> for the one that's out there in the street is a very, very high both inside and that cany. trigger a psychotic episode. and among young people, these psychotic episodes can be longpo lasting and some of them canng-m result in chronic effects. y tof catch up, cnn.lly catch up to the angle. cn n, we've been warning you formos months and laura has particularly about the dangers c of high potency thc. and now there's even more evidence. a recent study review publishend by lancet found that the use of higher potency cannabis was associated with an increased risk of psychosih ans and cannas
12:51 am
use disorder, also knownnown as cuddy's. joining me now to discuss, dr. marc siegel, fox news medicall i contributor. >> dr. siegel, thank you forbuto being here. the potencr..y has been risingr really for nearly halfly half ae a century. >> some concentratesntury. likes wax and wax or even boasting 100%c product. how dangerous are thest.e products and derivatives? >> dr. hiraman? dangerous very dangerous.even you've been pointing out p it'shis showointin the associatn with crime. pr and it's not surprising noisinwe have more evidence backing that article that lancet article you talked about looked y 4000 studiesdown and narrowed it down to 20 . showed that showed a direct correlation between two things.. fi a higrst,h have concept of thc, which almostaria all marijuana has now, when we were kids, it was one point five , two percent. now it's 50% or more peopleus that use that high potency thcwt marijuana products. you know what happens? hap they get addicted much
12:52 am
more easily. pe much mor and the more they use it daily use often, the more the risk of psychosis. now, that can last cannabis las. induced psychosicas can last for about a day or two unless you have already an underlying psychiatric problem. if you have a mental healtheadyl disorder, an anxiety disorderano or schizophrenia or whatever it might be , irdt increasesll con your risk that thisti will continue for months hson baluch problem. you've >> and that's where the crime comes that you've been talking. right.mond: wethe and we're seeing it. s th counosion of crime across the country, in these cities that have legalized cannabistry including the city we're in right now.m a i want to get to a new gallup poll doctor . >> it says 16% of americans smoe claim they currently smoke marijuana. a new low of, 11% of american adults report being cigaret smokers. now, ad dr. siegel, it's great that cigaret use is down, but it's the 1ut it'6 percent marijt use concerning to you, giveno what you just said about psychosis. yo hugely concerning to me and that psychosis is the worst
12:53 am
case scenario. but there's also plenty of mental health issues that i haven't talked about yet. there's anxiety, this decreased performance on tests. there's lack of motivation that results an entire generation thinks they're smoking pot, butt is really smoking something totall. anxietyy different becay again, the thc content changesto the entire cal they shouldn't even be calling it marijuana anymore. it should haveling it mre. it a new name to warn people. scores on tests go dowwarnn, l p emotional problems go up, ant: ty it goes up, violen goes up. >> dr. siegel, i have with thirty seconds with recreational marijuana legal in several states , cannabis infused mocktailhol fr seltzer's alcohol free wines are hitting the market some claim to help you feellaxe relaxed and balanced and even focused. are thesannde drinks a substitue for alcohol? >> are they safe? are they safe? now? >> n >> they're leso,s safe . and by the way, you left out edibles, which is 50 percent thc.all these all of these things causthes co the problems we're talking
12:54 am
about now. look, a lot of thi s comes from the idea that it was medically. useful marijuana. ther pain be for certain syndromes. that's in thirty seven states, but that's beestn usedatesbe asa motivation for those 19 statesly to make them available recreationally. whern wee we have no control whatsoever on the amount of thc. and now we're putting them in the beverages you're showingg. right now, deeply disturbing. it's going to cost not justzombies u a generation of zombies, but ability to pases the ability to perform in society in a useful way. >>any useful dr. siegel, alwayso insightful and you really know so much about these issues and bring such depth to them. >> thank you. finafinal l thoughts and an announcement when we return. >> stay there. done. what time's your favorite? i'm going to go with josh. yes, i'm sorry. what i was talking about the types of sugar. >> come on . you know, i love all my chickens. he has a really sweet kid, though. did you just fist bump?
12:55 am
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on hulu hit the music. the nfl is back on fox klotho. we've got dbo and the trey landseer kicking off in the midwest against the bears in america's game of the week. we got awaiting mvp primed for another huge season for the pack touchdown. get ready to take on kirk and the vikings who are looking to set the tone in the nfl is back. september 11th was the home of the super fifty seven . over eleven seasons. hundreds went down in flames. your time is done in "masterchef", fox wednesdays. this is "masterchef". back to the most talented home cooks. turn for a second chance. someone from every season and you can watch any time, step up a little bit or go home with a shot at redemption. >> no mistakes can be made. which all star will step up to finally be named "masterchef"? that is finale worthy "masterchef" back to win all new wednesdays on fox and watch any time on fox now or hulu. >> brace for impact.
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i want t to thank k my frienladn laura for letting me sit in her chair and the incredible angle crew, they are the hardest working groups of producers anywhere. prx hold it and sam fo all together. >> thereial they are.thanalisa, and special thanks to lisa. jessic a, roman , gabby, shannon, andrew and especially david cast to put together my gulf adventure. >> could not have done it without you ale donel. on thank you all for being i with me. i'm raymond arroyo, in for laura ingraham. gutfeld . >> nexr lat. getting weirder and weirder. >> crazy happy friday., my my friday friends. s so so that was some speech last night. am i right? am i think we have a clip


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