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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  September 3, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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way. this is pretty riveting. >> one of my favorite people julie banderas has a beautiful book out she is not woke. give julie banderas' book. >> jessica: sorry, joey. amazin ♪ ♪ o say can you see ♪ ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed♪ ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪
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♪ through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched ♪ ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare ♪ ♪ the bombs burting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ o say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪
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♪ and the home of the brave ♪ pete: you saw a few of them, back to school photos we've been asking to send human, patriotic back-to-school photos for the nation's and them that we do every saturday and sunday on "fox and friends," keep the photos coming, i had to look down, it is september 3rd, is that right? it is on the banner. how are you doing? rachel: it is not labor day yet. you are in a light colored suit. i love that you took advantage of that. pete: today and tomorrow. rachel: there was a dog at the beach, back-to-school photo,
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stop spangled banner, it is still summer. and pete, it is too. will: if there's any questions. pete: visually remind you all weekend long. welcome back from fort hood. it was quite an experience to go forward this past week, 340 square miles, the largest army base mi. , the largest army base, 40,000 personnel, half-million people in support around that military base. you obviously have a lot of personal experience. i don't and it is always eye-opening, always inspiring, where i gravitate to. it is intimidating. as you experience our armored vehicle and personnel and k-9 units i would hate to be on the other end of america's wrath.
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will: they did it upright. did they do the ceremony? a real ceremony? pete: new recruits and those who have committed. both on "fox and friends" yesterday morning, had a huge concert last night. that was the weekday show finishing the cut summer concert series doing it the right way. rachel: they went out with a bang. will: have you been in the bite suit? edward: i've never done that. will: now i have. i really do want to create a list of things. rachel: "fox and friends" fear factor. this breed of dog. i don't want to own a belgian outlaw but i'm a celebrity fan of this brief. it is amazing breed. i love dogs. i have a doberman, i'm not afraid. the look in that dog's eyes,
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let me tell you something. he doesn't -- he mostly -- he's not happy so he goes in for a second until he gets flesh and he does and i will tell you something. it is fading now but got a decent marking on my arm where he got his teeth in. you want to be on the receiving end, we were talking last night, you are about to run and realize i don't have anything in my head. will he bite my face? don't worry about it. i am worried about it. rachel: steve doocy post this is the moneymaker. pete: well done. good on "fox and friends," you did right by it. this morning we start not far from fort hood, in texas and
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arizona where the border crisis on the numbers and the humanity side gets worse and worse, 8 illegals found dead at the texas border, 53 apprehended trying to cross the rio grande. karen jean-pierre, they don't walk across the border, they swim and two mexican nationals in the us illegally charged with the murder of a north carolina sheriff's deputy and texas, operation lone star, they released the fact that there have been 335 million lethal doses of fentanyl seized since last year, just looking at the stats. rachel: the apprehensions, 3753 people they apprehended were rescued, 8 of them dead, that included a 13 and 14-year-old guatemalan, two 16-year-olds from mexico. children dying across the border and i think if they
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don't care about how this policy is affecting american citizens, whether it is increases in crime, fentanyl, depressed wages our lowest income workers, why don't they care about what is happening to the illegals themselves, why haven't they come down to see what their policies due to americans but also to the illegals they claim to care so much about? pete: incredible video of a mother blessing herself and the family across the river understanding the risk that is about to take place. you brought this up, how about america's children, the fentanyl crisis is claiming an increasing number of lives. and it is purposeful. i'm trying to think of the right word. is that an attack? threat? everywhere you turn there's
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america's children dying of fentanyl overdoses, fentanyl poisoning, not overdoses. we talked about this on the story. >> i don't agree with the word accident at all. that is not the way i look at what happened to my son. i think it was a preventable situation. it is important that parents understand this is out there. our kids can access this so easily even if there are no red flags, you might lose a child to fentanyl even if there is no addiction history. pete: for many of these kids no purpose meaning i am looking, maybe the kid is looking to get some mediation and something and all of a sudden that is laced with fentanyl. will: the doomsday speech on thursday night no mention of china, no mention of the
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border, no mention of fentanyl. to relate to this topic he talked about threats to democracy and not once talked about things we are covering this morning and cover all the time the people know with a rise wide open but if your focus on a narrow band of political opponents -- rachel: china is making fentanyl to sell the cartels, the biden administration knows that, could put pressure on china to stop it because they are in autocratic economy and country and if there was enough pressure on xi he could stay stop doing it and it would happen but that is not -- will: when nancy pelosi went to taiwan she said we will stop worrying about fentanyl coming in, not that they were worried anyway but we are going to stop cooperating, trying to stop fentanyl from coming from china. pete: where is that fentanyl coming from? we will go off the wall in the
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next hour and breakdown, we heard the word more and more, we have a sense of the depth of the crisis, but how did we get to this point and we will break it down. rachel: i want to talk about why this is happening? why what our government allow a policy that is killing our people and hurting the immigrants they claim they care about, who's making money off of it and who is getting powerful from it, that is what we need to get to the bottom of. we are turning to the headlines, kidnapped while out for a morning run in tennessee. 34-year-old eliza fletcher was jogging near the university of memphis when she was abducted and forced into a midsize colored suv early friday morning. family is offering a $50,000 reward. i think i read she's very rich
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heiress mother could be something there. donald trump is holding his first rally since the fbi raided mar-a-lago, he will be in pennsylvania stumping for republican senate candidate doctor ours and doug mastery on oh. he has addressed the fbi seizure of thousands of documents at length on truth social but tonight could be the first time he addresses the raid live in front of his supporters, you could stream the rally live on fox nation beginning at 6 p.m. eastern. should be an interesting rally and mcdonald's fans aren't loving debunked rumor teasing the return of the chain's all day breakfast member, twitter users share this press release telling fans to, quote, mark their calendars for an october 6th all day breakfast comeback but bad news, mcdonald's representative confirmed the release is from 2015 when they are they offering first launched before was taken off the menu in the
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early days of the pandemic. the story got us thinking about what fast food chain would you like see offer all day breakfast. e-mail fox thoughts on that? pete: all day breakfast fast food? most of my favorite all day breakfasts, waffle house is all day breakfast, always all day breakfast. will: probably mcdonald's is what i would -- i love mcdonald's. that i can't believe we don't -- it is all right. serena williams's likely coming to a close after losing in the third round of the u.s. open. the 23 time grand slam champ giving a tearful thank you to friends, family and her sister venus. rachel: jackie ibanez live with more.
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>> reporter: legacy defined by statistics and generations. she inspires, serena williams finishing the final tournament of her career in front of sold-out crowd friday. she fought off 5 match points before falling to the 25-year-old croatian, serena waving to the crowd putting her hands over her heart before showing some love to her sister venus. >> i wouldn't be serena if it wasn't for venus so thank you, venus. she is the only reason serena williams ever existed so it has been a fun ride. rachel: on thursday the sisters fell in straight sets during the first round of the u.s. open with what is likely to be their last match in doubles, serena says she will move to the next phase of her life and thanked her fans for the decades of support. >> i'm just so grateful to every single person that ever said go serena which i'm so
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grateful. you got me here. i am ready to be a mom and explore a different version of serena. i'm going to be karaokeing. >> reporter: on statistics alone serena is the greatest tennis player of all time. to the fans her legacy goes beyond title i, serena's third crash was the longest u.s. open match, didn't set well with her mom who fell asleep during the match. serena will remain in the conversation as the greatest tennis player of all-time for generations to come. rachel: i bet she's going to mcdonald's. rachel: i fell asleep too. will: i was watching last night but it did go on a long time. it got close to being over so
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many times but it went on. rachel: i love that picture. it is beautiful how much they love each other and support each other as sisters but also the mom, every mom can relate to this. we' ve all fallen asleep whether it is reading stories to our kids, fallen asleep in family meetings, that exhaustion i can relate to. i love that we share that. rachel: with the movie that just came out, to understand back stories, it is but equal. still ahead get this one. teachers union head randi weingarten admits some teachers are turning into social justice warriors and says politicians are to blame. >> very few teachers thought they were going into teaching to be social justice warriors.
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pete: what about the ideas her own union pushes every day? pete: getting ready for tonight's big game against el paso. >> it is game day. live from the university of oklahoma, more "fox and friends" coming up. of them. so, we promise to be here, with prices you'll love, if you just promise to put your heart into it. seasons change, but our lowe's price promise is everyday. shop fall at lowe's today.
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>> teachers essentially our first responders to all of this and what they ask for his respect. very few teachers thought they were going to teaching to be social justice warriors. when they can't teach the diary of anne frank? you can't teach about witches, can't answer questions from children, you have to be mask police, that is what has created the burnout and that is not parents, that's politicians, parents want the best for their kids and so do teachers. rachel: i was trying to
3:21 am
understand what she was talking about that they have to teach and become social justice warriors because why and you explained it really well. pete: she's claiming political parameters limit how much teachers can advance certain -- what conservative school districts don't allow her shouldn't be teaching is that but she went other places as well, can't answer the questions of children unless they want to talk about gender transitioning or you have to be mask police, you were the one who pushed for closures and mask police, this is deflection, projection, she asked for it. >> they begged the government for that, treated children very poorly because they couldn't wear them for that long, they banned smiles, caused a lot of
3:22 am
sickness and also acne by masking these kids and it was there calling. >> part of the reason she may be making this push if you look at that zoom call one of the people is the education secretary so this is not a random -- she shows you how close to the most powerful education people they are, part of the reason they are addressing this social justice warrior idea is project veritas has been on a roll this week, don't know if you've seen it but they've been exposing teachers and principal in connecticut with undercover videos how they really feel about what they teach and what they emphasize so if you missed it, here is jeremy ballin, the assistant principal at cos cob elementary school in connecticut and he didn't know it but he was talking about their bias to a reporter. listen. >> what do you do if you find out something?
3:23 am
>> teaching them how to think. doesn't matter what they think about. >> so if -- >> more progressive teachers are more savvy about delivering the democratic message without mentioning politics. rachel: he's telling the truth about that. >> we don't hire catholics because they are more conservative, don't hire older teachers because they are more set in their ways, weren't younger more liberal teachers who can push a democratic message which is what he and that other teacher who said the democratic message but out in the open said what we have been -- rachel: when i signed that clip i thought about what you said. democrat camp.
3:24 am
rachel: think about this before we decided to move to texas and this area of connecticut. makes me wonder what life might have been like, the truth is, to a very good job laying this out in your book, this isn't a localized issue. it is everywhere and it is not, the point that should be taken away is it is not something you can change in a school board meeting, probably not something you can change in meeting with the school administrator. rachel: or firing him. rachel: he points out at the individual teacher level really adept at weaving this message in without being over. >> if you meet the express assistant principal your put a red flag over you and your kids like those rubes over there, look out for them and what they are going to push. assignments teachers so they get this form of indoctrination. it is insidious. >> deep-rooted, in the teachers colleges come you can't change it in the school board, you're
3:25 am
not going to change it by firing the assistant principal. i hate to be so pessimistic about you and i have all come to the conclusion that the only way to deal with this is to completely transform the education system, first take your kids out and we need to attach the money to the child and not the system and once that happens we will see fundamental change and it can happen. it happened in arizona. it needs to happen in other states as well. will: e-mail show hunter biden one set up dinner at the chinese embassy with a high-profile lunch with his then vice president father. the new ties coming up. rachel: family feud, thousands of californians fled to formula -- florida for freedom during lockdowns including members of governor newsom's own family. we will tell you who went to florida. ♪
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>> e-mails reviewed by fox news show hunter biden one secure dinner for client at the chinese embassy in washington following a luncheon with his dad. emails show hunter networked with the top beijing official in 2,011 when biden was still vice president. joining us with reaction, founder editor of compact magazine, great to see you this morning. add this to the list of shady meetings/business dealings/dinners that hunter coordinated between his then vice president dad, what is the latest one tell you? >> not much different than what he did with burisma, the energy from that was paying $8300 to do what?
3:31 am
who knows? to arrange meetings between officials with that company and his dad and chinese commonest party linked business dealings which the new york post exposed before the 2020 election. that story got suppressed by silicon valley overlord. this is not much different but one more instance where he sat at a dinner, his vice president dad was also attending. the chinese embassy and then helped arrange a meeting between those officials and one of his clients. it is one more and the questions it raises is when will there be a serious investigation? when will he face the music? one instance two instances, this is systematic influence peddling.
3:32 am
will: what needs to be investigated is the existence of proof of quid pro quo? how did these meetings affect american policy? that's the question and now that that person is in the white house how does it affect policy today? that is worthy of investigation. let me ask about this, doj has detailed a list of documents taken from mar-a-lago that include the photograph with folders marked various classifications of classified markings. some of it they are saying was mistaken from articles of clothing. famously, infamously empty folders, not sure what to take from the existence of empty folders, is it benign, documents missing from these folders? what is your take away from the latest reveals? >> i don't see this as different from the effort that was launched just after donald
3:33 am
trump was elected which was to undo the fact that he exists and is popular with a large chunk of the american people. this document mishandling go on in washington, yes and you will remember hillary did not face the music for what she did so i am a little bit, my reaction is i don't care. it seems 1-sided. the likes of hunter and hillary who are part of the regime you have to call it never seemed to face any consequences, but the brick comes down on donald trump because for the same reason they cooked up russian collusion, same reason the phone call to ukraine led to his first impeachment et cetera. that is my reaction. it seems very 1-sided given what we have seen with the likes of hunter and hillary.
3:34 am
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change let's step back to where we were not long ago as the president walked into this administration. we were in a place where schools were not open, the economy was shut down, businesses were shut down. it shows you how mismanaged the pandemic was and how the impact of that mismanagement had on kids progress and academic well-being. rachel: the white house attempting to blame donald trump after national test results show the pandemic a race two decades of progress in math and reading but these headlines tell a different story because remember trump wanted schools to reopen. or to react is co-author of black eye for america, how critical race theory is burning down the house, doctor carol swain and superintendence of partnership schools:a network of tween 9 urban catholic schools. welcome to both of you. i will start with you. not only do we have these
3:39 am
headlines but i distantly member ads being run against donald trump saying he was irresponsible in putting children's lives in danger because he kept insisting throughout the summer of 2020 that schools needed to open in the fall. how insulting to our intelligence is this? >> the democrats have no problem lying to the american people, they think we have short memories and we look back at donald trump and what he tried to do during covid, he had to work with doctor fauci, people who were clearly democrats who gave him bad advice and we know that the democrats own the problem when it comes to our children, they have been so active pushing the woke agenda they have not been educating the children, they don't care about the children they use minority children, children that are stuck in the public schools, as ponds, they
3:40 am
want more money through the teachers unions for less work. rachel: you represent catholic schools which were such a lifeline for parents during the pandemic and just to further make the point the unions and democrats were lobbying to shut down private catholic schools throughout the pandemic bezos they were afraid catholic schools would prove that they were lying, the children would die, couldn't be done safely and catholic schools proved that it could be done. >> absolutely right. it is amazing to see how much the conversation has changed. i remember in fall of 202,092% of catholic schools across the country were opening for in person instruction at a time when only 43% of traditional public schools and 34% of charter schools were opening and it was a scary time. that unions were staging protests saying reopening schools was tantamount to
3:41 am
murder and at the time we already knew there were ways that we could keep our children and communities safe and we also knew very clearly the children face the lowest risk from covert and the greatest risk from prolonged school shut down so it is amazing to see now changing the narrative or forgetting what the facts on the ground where at the moment when so many catholic schools, private schools were serving communities and students. rachel: i don't think parents will buy this, their kids, their treasures, they know what happened during that time. it is important to hold those people accountable so that this doesn't happen again. another pandemic could come our way and they could try to shut it down even with science proving the children as in this case weren't susceptible to covid, could have done this safely but parents intuitively knew, republicans intuitively
3:42 am
knew that this would hurt children, long-term, we are seeing these statistics and we will see a lot more, we know it caused suicide and depression, made kids fatter because child obesity went up so why did they do it? >> they did it because of politics, because they were trying to appease their leftist activist supporters, they don't care about our children. if they cared about our children they would not be pushing the agendas they push in public and private schools now but we know that the children who were harmed the most were children from working-class families whether they were black, white or hispanic and families where the parents could not supplement the education, parents who were trying to work, either felt like or couldn't do homeschooling or couldn't do it well, those are the ones who suffered and we look at the
3:43 am
mayor of washington dc, how she is willing to punish students if they don't have the fascination displayed on the science, they don't care about science and the congressional black caucus, the black leaders being used by white progressives to push an agenda that is not in the interests of any americans, in the interests of educating our children, it is all about indoctrinating people and they would not be able to get away with it if we did not in this country have a media that is owned by the government. it seems to me all they want to do is push the false narrative coming out of washington. i've never seen such lies from leaders. rachel: education system is essentially a cartel. i will give you the last word. i want you to brag on catholic schools who did such a great job during the pandemic but speaking to school choice which
3:44 am
fits catholic schools and parents to give them a choice in situations like this, the government wants to take control of how our children are educated. >> the past 21/2 years have shown us anything it is we absolutely need to empower parents with school choice everywhere, we need to make sure it is not the government in the driver's seat, you are not relegated to your zip code school but you are armed with a voucher or tax credit to make the best decision on behalf of your child and we need to have diversity of schools and we need to make sure schools like catholic schools flourish and you will need school choice to do that. rachel: you have been advocates for school choice, thank you for joining us this morning. will: thank you, we begin with the red threat rising from china, the ccp promises it will take countermeasures in response to the us approving the sale of $1 billion worth of
3:45 am
weapons to taiwan. the country would receive 60 anti-ship missiles, one hundred air to air missiles and more, the state department officials is the proposed sales routine measures to modernize taiwan's military. thousands of flights have been canceled as pilots go on strike, german airline canceling 800 flights out of frankfurt and munich impacting 130,000 passengers after the latest wage talks with the labor union have failed and expect more of travel nightmares at home on this busy labor day weekend, after the pilots picketing a dozen airports across the country calling for better conditions and benefits. september and if you are wondering when it might look like him outside your window this could help, the smokey mountain prediction map shows fall best spots to catch leaves
3:46 am
that have dropped or are dropping. the northeast sees the first signs as seasons change in october followed by the midwest and the south. i don't need a map for this. they experience summer longer. let me get this straight, the further south you are the longer it stays warm, get out of here. the leaves aren't expected to change until late november in the south. pete, not just me worried about flights. pete: i'm worried. i didn't realize leaves fell in late november. rachel: doesn't work in minnesota or wisconsin. in the south, it happens elsewhere. will: the weather is one way to begin to feel fall, the other way is football. fox nation's host abby horner sec --horniczek.
3:47 am
it is on fox. >> reporter: i can tell you guys that it is still hot here. we are waiting for that autumn weather but we are in the sooner state. i went to find some tailgaters. none are out quite yet but it is in the 5:00 a.m. :00 am hour so i am confident that later today the college football spirit will be palpable because that is when oklahoma is taking on utep and what to look for in this game, oklahoma has a new head coach and some bows around its college freshman that will take the field today on the other side of the ball, has already played one game but oklahoma is the only team ranked this season so there is a lot of intensity for them coming into that game as well but what we know is not all the action happens on the field.
3:48 am
a lot happens off the field, in the stands, the fans, the college football cheerleaders, mascots coming later in the show, the true rivalry between the mascots and the news that college football playoff expanded to 12 teams could be the year of the underdog so don't underestimate. pete: the last time i thought about that, was college basketball. that is what i always think of but i love the golden state warriors back in the day. rachel: starting with fantasy football. will: we are starting a fantasy football league. pete: california residents are asked not to charge their electric vehicles because of the power grid.
3:49 am
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pete: california's plan to go green hitting a massive bump in the road this week.
3:53 am
days after announcing plans to ban new gas powered cars by 2035 the state released this bulletin asking customers not to charge their electric vehicle during extreme heat because the power grid can't handle it. or to react, radio talkshow host mike slater. you cannot make this a. we have all electric cars by 2035 but you can't charge yours now. >> have a conversation before they turn my power off. of california were a country, the fifth-largest economy in the world but if it is too windy or gets too hot they have to turn your power -- don't call them blackouts anymore. that is racist. they call them controlled curtailment's. this doesn't happen in any other state but gavin newsom wants to be the president of the united states, he blames us you have to do your part, turn your electricity off.
3:54 am
they are not building new nuclear power plants, this never happens again, they are shutting down power plants and on top of that adding electric vehicles. this is not about the environment, electric vehicles, lithium and cobalt mind by child slaves in china and africa, it is about control, utility companies control your thermostat, set it to 78, they can control you if you are in an electric car. will: don't look at the details, get an electric vehicle. you mentioned gavin newsom. his in-laws fled from california to florida during covid, so we are now learning. >> doesn't get better than this. don't tell me what you think. show me what you are doing and
3:55 am
that is all you need to go. it is so rich for gavin newsom to have run commercials in florida calling california of the land of freedom, telling floridians to come to florida. that is not how that works. there is millions of people like his in-laws calling from california to florida. the only way we are the state of freedom is abortion. he talks about the pro-choice state just like biden did in his speech talked about how himag republicans, choice, privacy and contraception, that's just abortion, that is what you want to do, california is the land of freedom. you want to do anything else like have a combustible engine for instance this is not is not the place for you as his in-laws have proven. pete: your son-in-law is the governor of a state, should be your heyday, your moment to enjoy california and instead they said we are out of here.
3:56 am
>> gavin newsom's kids, to in person school across the state, all you need to know. still ahead, spicing things up with adam klotz, who is live at the national buffalo wing festival. looking good. that's a lot of cash back. are you gonna stop me? uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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