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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  September 3, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol and keep it low with two doses a year. side effects were injection site reaction, joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms, and shortness of breath. with leqvio, lowering cholesterol becomes just one more thing life throws your way. ask your doctor about leqvio. lower. longer. leqvio. hello, i am anita vogel along with guy benson and tommi and david webb. welcome to the big saturday s show. guy. >> president biden, a day after he target modern republicans and all out assault, appears to walk
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you back. >> ahead of the teachers union trying to keep the schools lost lockdown and kids mask up blaming politicians returning teachers into social justice lawyers. seriously? >> what about labor day? is the weekend, workers across america but the day after it means back to work and what about the new trend of quiet quitting? will that change the workforce brother? anita: can't wait to hear about that but first, holiday travel headaches as millions of americans hit the road and skies this labor day weekend. california politics are turning headaches into migraines. days after the state banned gas cars by 2035, the state is telling electric vehicle owners not to charge up because of the heat wave. to be clear, don't charge electric vehicles, they are pushing everyone to buy because they are electrically can handle
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it. airports across the country pilots are picketing, country's largest airlines demanding solution to the ongoing staffing shortage. right now there are more than 13000 flight delays in nearly 2500 cancellations. guys, you can only imagine what a real headache, migraine for people, travelers, families across the nation who have had their light plans interrupted not only for travelers but families waiting to receive them so this is just going on and on, these problems, delays and cancellations, staffing shortages and how about california? electric grid is taking a testing. 14% of the grid is powered by solar power and it seems not to be holding up so well. god, what are the political implications for gavin newsom? guy: opposed to headlights, what they passed, the requirement by
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2035, no more cars powered by fuel and literally i think six days later to put up please don't charge your electric vehicles pushing you toward -- i know we are made to make points, sometimes it makes itself. this makes itself the one other thing is when you look at the other things they tell californians to do it or not do to keep the electrical running, they say set your thermostat at 78 -- 80 degrees we were chatting before the show, you are always chilly, i'm always warm. seventy-eight to 80 to sleep is a nightmare. welcome to california, and you smell the progress? >> we have a graphic by state officials in california, let's put that up. this has been put out by the independent system operator of california, the entity that manages electrical grid so as guy said, they ask people 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. when the demand is greatest to set your thermostat to 78 degrees try
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sleeping at 78 degrees. refrain from using large appliances and refrain from charging the electric car they want you to get. >> i live in california a number of years so it's not new. flex alerts happening california all the time but let's keep in mind, it supposedly fifth largest economy of the third world is what it would seemed like, people pay an arm and a leg to live in california, unaffordable middle-class americans but even when you pay to live, he pay taxes and deal with relations and liberals and virtue signaling and now you sleep in 78 -- 80 degrees, you can't charge the electric vehicle they want you to buy they will not force you to abide by certain time, people pay too much, far too little and what boggles my mind the most is a keep voting for democrats. they are causing these problems but another part, they want people to take public transportation to help ease the stress with electric vehicles and everything. if anybody has been in public
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transit in the l.a. area in the last ten years, you know that's not necessarily a safe place to be. the drug addicts, tweakers, people have closed if that, it's not a safe environment. you get what you vote for. >> people are reluctant to give up the cows cars in california. they want to take public transportation. used to host a show called reality check so what is the reality check here for california as you look at this picture and the governor who i think he wants to run for president monday? you can see the campaign commercials, right? >> he wants to follow the success of the current transportation secretary pete buttigieg when he ran for
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president. just replay every thing you said and add another component. when it comes to public transportation, it's not just private cars, the vehicles will be transitioned if they have their way. how do they keep that much power demand to drive a bus or tandem buses on a regular basis in a 24 hour need like los angeles, san francisco? a lot of san diego and other areas. then further in the, going to areas like fresno, this isn't the netherlands with wind patterns that can drive windmills is a do over there. california doesn't have that and when you put a side the board they don't want them off the coast so rich elites in malibu and gavin newsom's relatives can see them, maybe the ones who don't live in fellow florida but that's a story for another time.
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they can't support this. when you look at energy and take the law must latest statement to have a sustainable world, it will fall under its own weight without oil and gas. that's simply fact that you need oil and gas to make parts for the electric cars, fossil fuels and components of petroleum. the various sealants and lubricants, think of everything that goes into it along with rare earth minerals which you get when you extraction of fossil fuels. this is not insane, it's beyond stupid and when you said this largest third world economy -- >> i will take credit on that for a few days. >> is not just california with problems, there's a city in colorado where utility companies there, i think xl, the name of the company with a put out. they had to walk out 22000. it turns out the customers there putting on their air conditioning and this alert came
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over same energy emergency calling the company to complain when the country says this what they signed up for, you want a discount in terms of getting the discount, we are allowed to regulate the thermostat is some degree but i wonder how small that was when they signed the agreement it happens to be run by a democrat mayor so side, is there anything in common? guy: read the fine print when you sign up for the kind of great deal but listening to talking about california tying it back to gavin newsom and stewardship, maybe it is a good thing so many people leave that state because you have less demand on the power grid imagine how much worse thousands of california leave in other states like florida and idaho, colorado, arizona. people voting democratic in the state, a lot of folks who don't
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want to put up with it anymore just leave, i don't want to get rid of california, i want to reclaim california from city liberal progressives, beautiful state the meant resources, therefore strict management but the people who call her stuck there and hate to see this. if there's a chance of recovering california, it may from finland out to the coast. anita: it is tough to do because there are so many registered democrats in california and there doesn't seem to be viable republican candidate for any office at the moment but maybe it changed over time but quickly, does this hurt gavin newsom politically if he tries to make a run for the white
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house? seems like he's starting to lay the groundwork. >> absolutely wants to be president, he's looking at the polling that shows most democrats don't want joe biden to run. he looked in the mirror every morning and sees a president, politicians all have that. anita: i will tell you this. >> he wants to be president and sometimes i close my eyes and imagine 2024 presidential election hypothetically were you have the governor of california and governor of florida, let's have a referendum nationally and which model the american people want. that would end badly for the democrats. anita: 15 seconds. >> i would agree, rhonda status who gavin newsom goes after him on a daily basis because he's terrified. >> i live in florida, rolling blackout, throttling back. will in my thermostat. >> appellate skills a plane and
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promises to ram it into a walmart. we will tell you how this planet was after biden ramped up anti- mega rhetoric, he seems to be walking it all back.labl walking it all back.labl that's next.
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♪ welcome back to the big saturday show. what happened to president biden's message of unity? remember that? the president ramping up attacks against so-called moderate republicans. a primetime speech earlier in the week like the u.s. marines in front of a dramatic backdrop, some critics thing authoritarian. >> moderate republicans represent extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic. moderate forces determined to take this country backward and moderate republicans to destroy american democracy. moderate republicans -- moderate republicans. maga republicans have made the choice. they thrive on chaos.
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they live not a light of truth but the shadow of lies. guy: okay. that's the president who campaigned as mr. united, mr. healer but now the question is, is he trying to channel former president trump? "wall street journal" writing an editorial quote joe biden holds a trump valley. the president has become his those polarizing mirror image and here's where i start to get confused because they played the montage, very negative destroying the country, all of that. our colleague peter doocy shouted a question of the president, his team didn't want him to answer but he did and he appeared to walk that back, let's watch this together. >> mr. president, you consider all trump supporters to be a threat to the country? >> i don't consider a trump supporter -- the country.
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i do think anyone who calls for the use of violence to attempt violence refuse to acknowledge when the election has been one. changing the ways the rules vote. , democracy. everything we do rest on the platform of democracy. people voted for donald trump to vote him out, they want voting for attack california, they went voting for really of election, they were voting for this to be put forward. guy: okay well, right out of the gate, he talked about violence being wrong, president still not condemning the assassination plot against the supreme court justice. speaker of the house not condemn a series of fire bombers against pro-life, i think we've heard
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much about that. you have to acknowledge election has been one and lost. i agree. i assume he will endorse bryan can against stacey abrams for overall, help me because we heard what he said and now he's claiming that's not really true of trump supporters, 50 remember what was in his speech? is he realizing it's about look? what happened? >> is what i think, i think the speech was written for him because they said president biden, you look weak, we need you to show people who still have gusto and can go after trump because people are saying you won't run in 2024 losing steam, that was his moment but what he said to peter doocy is palatable and what he said to the american people. at he said, he did not make a delineation between extremists who formed the capitol for people who ride it for an entire
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summer in the name of george floyd, he didn't mean extremists on both sides are fascists or people who want to use violence as a political tool or weapon, he said maga republicans. everybody knows what that means, trump supporters. we call ourselves maga republicans. this is the clinton deplorable moment, support trump in that way, no delineation and now of course they will walk back because it wasn't a good moment for him but we know what he meant, it's clear to anyone who watched. guy: the twitter account tweeted after the walk back, on walk back, maybe scheduled tweet with a doubled down on what he said thursday night. tommi, it wasn't just going after january 6 rioters which i'm all for, he was limping in and conflating those people, pro-lifers for example. jean-pierre talking about extreme policy on tax cuts for example, lucas. it's a political agreement and whatever the politics, the calculation i'm not sure is playing out the white house
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content not sure which way you look at this communication strategy standpoint, able to deliver primetime speech the dark enemies of republic although democracy we are republic, he gave the clerk speech not necessarily contrast with what he said when he answered peter doocy in the primetime speech, he spoke to the hardened democrat based hands in the air angry shouting, dark so this is joe biden doing what he's done his entire career as a skilled political life. i have another part, this has not been asked on media about joe biden but the two marines. the marines attached to the white house detachment amended out of our nations oldest barracks in d.c., where did the marines come from? did they come up with the presence detachment? who's in charge and why aren't
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they going across the courtyard to speak about why marines were put in that position x while a lot of the argument is political, look at the other things that haven't, communications he did his job and set it up for his base came out the next day and tried to walk back and i wasn't surprised because it's effective. guy: with the marines, a big controversy, presidents have spoken many times in front of an backdrop members of the military, that's not new. this was a campaign speech attacking opposition and urged the vote and for that, the networks not cover it live. that was interesting to me. >> i think it's very telling that it was campaign style speech in a speech to the american people because if he
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was speaking to the american people, he offended a lot of people, registered are out there who don't want to hear there are bad people because they register for third-party, that's just a fact hand strategy, i left to get nobody's take about that setting, people have called it satanic and other things, dark and the red light was strange, what were they thinking? guy: it was a weird look. we will be talking about it for a while, the hypocrisy of the points is trying to make. we might return to tomorrow on the big sunday show. a rogue pilot still the plane, friends to crash into a walmart in mississippi, who will tell you how it ended in minutes. ♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show. fox news alert, a pilot roughly six hour reign of terror is over after police say he stole a plane and threatened to ram it into a warmer. charles watson is live in mississippi with an update on this wild story. >> good evening, we know the name of the pilot, cory patterson. he's now a grand larceny and making terroristic threats in connection to the plane. he stole it this morning and threatened to crash into a walmart we heard from police chief john who says patterson is a ten year employee where he works to fuel planes, they are not sure he's a licensed pilot but they believe he has at least
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some flight experience that made it possible for him not only to potentially fuel the aircraft but steal it and fly it as long as he did. you can imagine it was concerning for police when they started getting calls this morning with people reporting a small plane flying at low altitude circling a walmart. 5:23 a.m. central time, patterson called lee county 911 and threatened to fly the plane into the store when emergency personnel jumped into action, evacuating the walmart and getting people out of the immediate area. >> numerous major streets were shut down to help save lives. negotiators from the police department make contact with the pilots and able to convince him to not carry this out and planned the aircraft at the airport. >> police say patterson didn't have experience landing a plane
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so they have of pilot private coaching him through but he diverted from the landing and continued flying north air controllers lost contact with the plane but they got confirmation the plane landed in a field about four minutes later in ripley mississippi. we are told patterson is also facing federal charges. what the charges will be is still a question but he can look forward to that as well. anita: what a story. thank goodness everyone is okay and able to land the plane safely. the panel has questions here, i know david wants to ask about the attention seeking past. >> good to see you. when you look at this guy's background and what we know about him, facebook posts overtime, calling police at 5:00 a.m. reported, picture with magic johnson and air force one
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from a remote view of air force one. there's a lot of questions on who he is, is he an attention seeker who went too far? even the last part of your report he diverts after getting help on how to land and goes to the field, it sounds like an attempt to get away. >> yes, we don't know his state of mind at the time when he was in the plane. don't know what he was seeking exactly. what we do know is police tell us around 9:30 a.m. in the plane, he made a post to facebook where he essentially says i didn't mean for anybody to get hurt, he apologized to his family, mother, father and sister and said it wasn't their fault before he abruptly ended it with a goodbye so not clear what he was doing but he did make that facebook post.
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anita: i have a question, what is the airport saying x the fact that he was able to take the plane with flight experience or not, is the safety and security of the airport, what are they saying about the incident? >> we haven't heard from the airport yet but we've heard from the faa says they are investigating and coordinating with state and local officials to figure out what happened with this situation and how he was able to get into the plane. he was an employee with the aviation so he had access to the planes, a person able to fuel the planes so he did have access and we are waiting for more on that. guy: we also have a few hours away, the capitol city with ongoing water prices, i feel this must have in the last thing statewide officials felt like
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they needed to wake up to. what mood now that this has come to an end? >> mississippi governor says he was aware of the situation monitoring it along with state and local officials but the governor is here focusing on the border crisis at the water treatment plant ensuring the folks in jackson get clean water again so he sank to the folks up there for handling the situation with his focus on the border crisis. anita: charles watson, live in mississippi, thank you for breaking down the story. straight ahead, we will break down's who paid the biggest price during the coronavirus pandemic children plus freebies benefited from nothing to do with covid coming up o
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♪ thought the song fits into this topic, it's going to make you a little lazy. welcome back to the big salary show. do you remember last year when democrats passed $1.9 trillion arp, american rescue plan? biden promised it would go to covid. listen to this. >> everything in this package designed to relieve suffering and meet the most urgent needs of the nation and put us in a better position to prevail. starting with beating the virus and vaccinating the country. >> hang onto the urgent need. turns out the money hasn't been spent, that's one. millions of dollars went to things like a new armored rescued vehicle in pennsylvania, restorative justice, discipline practices new york city schools and green energy updates in minneapolis and seattle and the
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real cause of the coronavirus pandemic was educating our children. new data showing dramatic loss of test scores for 9-year-old, the largest for decline for math and biggest for reading since 1990. the largest teachers union in the country randi weingarten by now you know, push for school to lock down, kids to wear masks and now saying politicians of the problem so your -- >> there are few teachers thought they were going into teaching to be social justice warriors they can't teach. the diary of anne frank, you can't teach about which is. you can't answer questions of children, you have to be mask police. that's when what created the burnout and that's not parents, it's politicians. parents want the best interest, best of their kids.
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>> here is kj pete because we've got to bring this to today where we are, blaming trump administration for the low test scores. watch this. >> let's step back to where we were not too long ago the president walked into this administration, how mismanaged the pandemic, the response to the pandemic was. schools were not open, the economy was shut down, businesses were shut down. every republican congress voted against the money, that is the reality and we had to do this on our own. >> tommi, taken away. >> do they think we are stupid? they must think we are stupid. i know i say the word gaslight a lot, a millennial term we like to use but the definition of gas lit is accompanied by the teachers unions, kj pete, joe biden. they are gas lighting us.
2:40 pm
they demonize the trump of administration and governors like rhonda sanders who wanted to reopen things and get kids back in school, they call them the officials, against science and now trying to make people believe they are the ones all along who wanted to take masks off the kids and get them back in school and must think we are stupid. >> they hope we are but i believe in the rule, believe me or your lying eyes, here's president trump, a montage on reopening schools. >> got to go to school, open them, open up schools and businesses. >> i want to say get open in the fall. we want your schools open. >> children are at the lowest risk of any age group from the virus in different school closures will inflict lasting harm to our nation's children. >> so who should we believe? >> you can see in the corner of the screen the date he said
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those things, the summer of 2020. i firmly believe part of it was left-wing neuroses but a lot of the reason so many kids were locked up for a year end a half the classrooms, because president trump said what he said and he was right. governor desantis was right, probably the most consequential decision he made as governor in florida, they were viciously attacked for it and ultimately this age of aggressive negative partisanship, resistance warriors saying if trump in a guy like desantis are for something we must be against it. if that means kids are harmed for more than a year than so be it. it's a scandal, a disgrace, shocking they tried to convince the american people republicans are the ones standing in the way of reopening, it's not going to fly. we lived through this all. but i will say, the weingarten clip, do you know where that
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was? a white house roundtable this week on reopening schools, one of the biggest villains the last two years for american children and she's an honored guest by the biden and administration to this day on the issue of back to school which tells you everything you need to know and i just really hope parents paying attention in new jersey and virginia last year remember it, hang on to it and do something about it in november. >> anita i will contrast to president, president trump and randi weingartenwho the
2:43 pm
president in her own right, maybe she thinks she is president of all schools in america been spent according to the department of education. the numbers you read about the report about kids slipping in reading and math, this is the u.s., sad and disturbing. nine -year-olds were in the study, i have a 9-year-old and it makes me sad. in los angeles kids were locked out for a year end a half. there were warnings and now the warnings are out. >> teachers unions and l.a. were driving the continued closures.
2:44 pm
the teachers union who gavin newsom is beholding to every democrat is beholden to kept the school closed and san diego they wanted to bring back masks just this fall. >> they have a lot to answer for. >> in newark new jersey across the river from where we are doing the show, schools open next week and kids will be required to wear masks in the largest school district in new jersey, it is surreal. >> let's continue, labor day celebrates the worker, we all love that. some workers quietly quitting and we will explain that next. ♪
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welcome back to the big saturday
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show. labor day typically marks the end of the summer but not just back disclosure, it's back to the office full-time, wall street firms are ordering staff back to the office five days a week from a morgan stanley recommending the same but it seems workers want more of a mix. a new poll showing 60% went hybrid working home and office and only 6% would prefer to work on site full-time. 6% want to go interact with other humans. i want to ask you, from saying after labor day will relax covid testing, the pandemic we think is finally over and we want you to come back to work, you think people will, or will there be mass protests? >> we could see some pushback for now because in this moment
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workers do have a lot of the leverage because it's a tight labor market, jobs were plentiful, all sorts of problems in the economy back to back negative growth quarters, inflation but one bright spot is the jobs environment, the moment that changes, it flips and employers can say you will do what we tell you because you need the job and the people sort of like flexing right now i think the mentality will change quickly if they have to. >> we created this indomitable those intent on shutting our economy down and telling us patriarch duty to sit at home in our boxers and work from home on zoom but i want to ask you because this is important, the younger generations, i am millennial but gen z started this phenomena of quite quitting for those not familiar with what that is, quite quitting is
2:51 pm
essentially going to work and doing their minimum, he just showed up, you get attendance on here and that's about it but mr. wonderful from one of our favorite shows, he has a message for quiet quitters other let's listen. >> you have to go beyond not because you are forced to or because you have to. you have to go beyond because you want to and that's how you achieve success. >> if mr. wonderful says it it must be true but what you think, somebody who's worked very hard where they are in their career, what you think of these young people who want to just call it in? >> it's mind-boggling his whole idea of quite quitting, i can't even get my arms around the term. would any of us be sitting here if we were quiet quitters? how hard did we have to work to have a seat at this lovely ta table? i think it is sad pride in your work, taking pride in your work and work ethic seems to have disappeared from gen z. you squeaked by, you are not in gen z so i don't know what to say but i hope guy is right, it does turn around because people are going to be forced to come
2:52 pm
back to work or kicked out of the workforce. >> there's a thing called quiet firing, and you touched on that but i wonder, who's to blame? , millennial and i will say is the parents raising their young people to be able to be quiet quitters and not determined with the work ethic, they rather sit on tik tok an instagram but who do you think is to blame? >> there's a lot of blame to go around, a generational affect. i'll counter this with i know a lot of people across the country teach their kids the right values when you get away from the wings of the country and quiet quitters and big companies who go out and work the job whether a tech job, warehouse job, manufacturing job, they can't be quitters or we don't have energy and things we like and to go further we need to look at who the quitters are, they are actually the losers because somebody aggressive like i am, i get ahead of you and now i am your boss.
2:53 pm
>> you are aggressive, david? >> the same folks largely the quiet quitters are the ones want all of us to pay their student loan forgiveness so i think that should be set as well, quite quitting might be think of a quiet firing pay back your own debts and student loans, that might be a wonderful place for these individuals to start and maybe don't use your phones at work, that's a pet peeve of mine. young people no matter where they work but i digress.ce u stick around because big saturday flops our next. ♪gic
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>> thank you for watching. it is time now for our biggest saturday flops. our biggest deck for the biggest veils of the week. i will go first. sixty illegal immigrants arrived in chicago from texas we, the mayor of that city, chicago, its branding texas governor greg abbott a racist for the move. even though lightfoot said not that long ago her city is a sanctuary city very welcoming to immigrants, watch. >> now let's be clear. chicago has been a welcoming city. a city of immigrants since its very founding. and probably so. >> they should be totally fine at this, bring them all in. in fact she actually said this during her little press conference and she joked at one point that maybe chicago would pay for these buses.
2:58 pm
i think governor abbott should hire a courier and deliver an invoice to the city of chicago to pay for the buses. let's see if mayor lightfoot can put her money where her big fat mouth is. i don't think she will her city like her state are broke. >> you cannot be more correct. i have another one taken it to nashville, tennessee. my hometown country music superstar jason aldana's been dropped from his pr firm of nearly 20 years after his wife brittany l dean posen instagram real about makeup, thanking her parents are not changing her gender in tomboy phase as a child but she joined tucker carlson and responded to that criticism, here is my girl. >> that there is anything wrong with that. we have ages on everything for me have it for cigarettes, we have it for driving, we have up for military, voting. yet for some reason think we can let a child choose her gender so young, it's very baffling to me. >> i will say to anyone who wants to cancel jason haldane, brittany l dean they don't know
2:59 pm
country music. they know country music ain't welcome. it's never going to be welcome. do not try to make a woke it's not going to happen. >> here's my biggest flop of the week. is it too early? i think it is for retail stores to roll out their christmas decorations? that is what is happening folks big big box stores, home depot, costco, sam's club or rolling up the christmas decorations. now the calendar says september. that means we have got hall halloween, we have got thanksgiving, let us enjoy christmas when we get to it, right? >> i'm with you, i'm with the given deposit a possibly backward list go to one of the guys it rocks it up when it comes to getting attention. joe scull for americans to vote republican as some call of spotify rogan says he plans to vote for gop candidates after the democrats failures in managing the coronavirus pandemic. you know the story here is joe rocha knows how to get it done priest inquisitive and is getting intention. the stock is fine it's down a
3:00 pm
little bit. nobody boycott spotify in it is successful. >> a try to boycott before and how well did it work out? let's remind everybody. >> that doesn't for us for produce you back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday show. the fox report with jon scott that starts right now. one plane now in custody after trying to crash into walmart or mississippi good evening i am jon scott and this is the fox report. being also had this our nasa says it might wait until next month to try to launch its moon rocket. hydrogen leak forced the agency to cancel the second planned launch town this morning. we are live at kennedy space center. former astronaut is standing both his insight.
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