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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  September 3, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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little bit. nobody boycott spotify in it is successful. >> a try to boycott before and how well did it work out? let's remind everybody. >> that doesn't for us for produce you back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday show. the fox report with jon scott that starts right now. one plane now in custody after trying to crash into walmart or mississippi good evening i am jon scott and this is the fox report. being also had this our nasa says it might wait until next month to try to launch its moon rocket. hydrogen leak forced the agency to cancel the second planned launch town this morning. we are live at kennedy space center. former astronaut is standing both his insight. also, as the summer unofficially
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draws to a close this labor day weekend millions of americans are traveling heading to the beaches and getting ready to head back to school. we'll talk with dr. marc siegel about how pandemic learning loss might affect students on this new school year. but, we begin tonight in mississippi were in aviation worker faces several charges after stealing an airplane according to police and threatening to crash it into a walmart. charles watson is live in jackson, mississippi with the latest on that, charles. >> good evening jon boehner the name of the aviation worker he is cory patterson. at this point police say he is charged with grand larceny and making terroristic threats. he stole and threatened to crash into a walmart in tupelo, mississippi. refer to police chief there who tells us patterson is a ten year employee of tupelo aviation where he fuels planes.
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police are not sure at this point if he is in fact a licensed pilot. but they do believe patterson has at least some flight experience that made it possible for him to not only potentially fueled the aircraft, but to steal it and fly it for as long as he did. nearly six hours. as you can imagine it was concerning for police when they started getting calls early this morning with people reporting a small aircraft flying at low altitude circling a walmart. at about 5:23 a.m. this morning, called lee county 911. threatened to fly the plane into the store. that is when emergency personnel really jumped into action and evacuating the walmart and getting people out of the immediate area as they tried to tuck patterson down, listen. >> negotiators from ten to police department make contact with the pilots. they're able to convince him to not carry out this deed and to land the aircraft at the
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airport. the pilot did not have experience to land an aircraft. a private pilot assisted us in helping this pilot complete t this. >> however, police said that initial landing attempt never happened. patterson abruptly diverted from the landing and continued flying north around ten oh 8:00 a.m. central time air controllers lost contact with the plane. fortunately they got confirmation the plane had landed about four minutes later and ripley, mississippi. jon, we also heard from police that while patterson was up in the air he made a post to facebook essentially saying he did not want anyone to be harmed. he apologized she was failing for abruptly ending it with a goodbye. we are also told by the mayor patterson's family was in contact with them while he was in the sky enough to convince him to land that plane safely but he said the family is very happy and grateful that patterson is not hurt or any
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other bystanders. this could have ended in a horrific tragedy, close call, jon. correctional work could've been a lot worse. charles thank you very much. also, in jackson officials say crews are making significant gains as they work to repair the water treatment plant. they say most of the city should not have water pressure. governor reeves as conditions worsened at the plant after heavy rainfall and flooding. a local teacher said the problems could not have come at a worse time. >> we just started school here in mississippi. our students have been back in for about three weeks. as a second grade teacher i know firsthand how important it is that we sit for policies and start to build relationships during the first three weeks of school. and our school year has been interrupted progress fema administrator toured the facility yesterday. president biden says his
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administration has offered every single thing available to help. in tennessee police are searching for a kidnapped pre-k teacher. they say eliza fresh fletcher an avid athlete was jogging early yesterday morning during her memphis home when she was abducted and forced into an suv. memphis police say it moments ago they've located suv in the mail in the vehicle is to ch change. fox and digital obtain these exclusive photos near her home today. showing her husband outside with several others. friends and family say morning job entrance jog is part of her daily routine. her husband initially reported his wife missing friday morning when she never returned home. alexander hoff with more on this. >> eliza fletcher teaches pre-k as a married mom with two young boys. the nature of her disappearance and some of the abduction was caught on video has gripped the memphis area and beyond. those who are familiar with the family tell fox news running as
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a big part of fletcher's routine. she often does it early in the morning. so at 4:30 a.m. would not be an unusual time for her to be out. she was last seen around that time yesterday wearing a bright pink top and purple or blue shorts running in the university of memphis. authorities working with surveillance footage state the unknown man approached fletcher during her run. after a struggle she was forced into this dark colored suv. the tennessee bureau of investigation describes it as a gmc terrain. her water bottle and smash from the found near the scene. hart robinson is a front of fletcher's family. >> we don't know what's going on. everybody's desperately looking for her progress in your post is announcing her grandpa was a founder of the multibillion-dollar hardware distribution company oracle. her families offering a 50000-dollar reward for that leads to suspect.
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meet alex thank you. we are hearing from a suspect accused of sucker punching a man into a coma in new york city last month. 55-year-old tells a "new york post" in a jailhouse interview he does not believe he should be in jail because the victim survived. he says quote i thank god he survived. i did not want to hurt him that bad. i just hidden ones. at", i can't really remember anything i was so mad i blacked out. he tells a post he just had an argument with the victim and had never hit anyone before this alleged incident. he is a convicted offender on lifetime parole. nasa is working to determine when it will make another attempt to launch artemis one. officials that could be delayed until next month. the agency called off its second launch attempt earlier today. jonathan live at kennedy space center in florida with more, jon.
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>> earlier nasa had identified monday tuesday as potential backup launch days. but now that's not going to happen but late september launch would be possible if and only if the rocket could be repaired on the launchpad where it stands right now. nasa engineers are increasingly talking about the likelihood of having to roll the rocket back into the vehicle assembly vehicle building for repairs and maintenance. that would push the launch date to mid-october. the problem arose during fueling. engineers nurse large liquid hydrogen leak where the 8-inch fuel line connected to the exterior of the rocket, take a listen. >> it was characterized as a large leak by our operations team. the team tried three times to resolve the leak. all three times we saw a large leak. >> nasa officials are eager to test the new rocket orion space
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capsule to help become a platform for returning astronauts to the moon in establishing a long-term presence there with mission to mars. they say scrub the are big part of space exploration and they are done for a reason. >> a look at this as part of our space program of which safety is the top of the list. >> bill nelson added the cost of two scrubs cost a lot less than a failure. see jonathan thank you. for more on the mission to the moon bringing former nasa astronaut josé hernandez. josé, i suppose it's a brand-new technology. this is a rocket that has not flown before and this kind of set up, this kind of situation. only expect to have glitches like this.
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what you do expect them glitches like this. there is the very first space vehicle, launch vehicle with this new architecture from space launch system in artemis one. this is why it is not crude it is a certification flight. since everything is new we have to test it. i will tell you going to space is not a trivial thing. i was on the sts 128 mission there's 127 other missions before mine and we got delayed twice. we went to launch on a monday we did not launch until friday. it was such a comp get a piece of machinery we had to ensure everything is working correctly. it's so different with artemis one. it's more difficult to first mission. >> i'm old enough to member the apollo program i think it was the apollo one fire that killed
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those astronauts because we were racing to get to the moon. racing to be the first. there seems to be i guess a slower pace these days. >> that is correct. what happens as we learned a lot from the apollo admission. when we start having deviations of what we feel is normal there's an effect called normalization and that is what led to the challenger accident. that is what led to the columbia accident. and so we have got to really be very disciplined and ensure that everything is right before we hurry up and go to space again. jon: i think a lot of americans are saying why are we going to the moon again we've already been there and done that? your answer? >> we went there over 50 years ago when we first went there. it was strictly for political
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reasons. we wanted to beat the russians and be the first to step on the moon. and it turned out we did that. and then after that we turned our attention inward and low earth orbit to study our planets. this is how we learned a lot about global warming effects. and now that 50 years have come and gone are shifting outward again. there is a lot of technology that got developed between 50 years ago and today. and now we can establish a long duration lunar base are technologies there so one day we can go to mars. i think it's going to be in your lifetime in my lifetime, jon and i 15 years from now. jon: that's incredible to long trip to get to mars but long enough to get to the moon, three days or so. but getting to mars? >> exactly. that's why we need the lunar base we can test all the technologies out since we are only three days away from earth.
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whereas if we go without testing the technology to mars we are nine months away. we can't really put it back and get a screwdriver or a part that we need to replace. have to get it right when he goes to mars. jon: there are dummies on this artemis mission. they are not dumb they are every kind of sensory imaginable to see what the stresses are like. what it would be like the real humans in that space capsule. >> exactly, exactly britt we have manikins that are censored with environmental sensors for temperature and pressure and geforce whispered we are really going to understand after this mission what it's going to be like for a human to take a ride in this rocket. we think we already know what it is like this is only going to verify it. when the process of certifying
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the rocket so humans can get on it. it will be the second mission, artemis to which will be in 2024. those can go to the moon to is not one to land on the moon is not until artemis three and 2025 not only a man but a woman is going to land on the surface of the moon. it's very exciting. i was one of those kids who wanted to be an astronaut, i didn't make it you did. i'm in awe. also in all you have an elementary school named in your honor back in your hometown. tell us about that. >> that is correct. last thursday we attended a ceremony where they inaugurated a charter school the josé m hernandez stem academy, focus on science, technology, engineering and math. it is such a great honor to have a school named after myself. but more than anything hope the naming of the school encourages kids to hear my story and she
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relays the key to being able to convert a dream to reality is education. i came from a working family and through education i was able to reach for the stars. and that's what i want to instill in all of these kids in the stem academy. jon: it's a great story only in america. thank you. >> thank you jon. the heart of the shark is winding down. long island when the hot spots to this guy holding a a sand tiger shark here? axis back to the beach this labor day weekend to see if theh sharks are still outer there. with home instead, you too can become a caregiver to older adults. apply today.
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being millions of americans are hitting the roads, taking to the skies are heading to the beaches as the summer unofficially derosa closes labor day weekend or be a fox team coverage alexis mcadams to new york toledo
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beach. first to christina coleman five at lax is more on the busy travel weekend, christina. >> page on it is been very busy here at lax. plaintiff in coming and going all day long. place a million americans are expected to travel over this holiday weekend. that is that more than 20% compared to this time last year. this is going to be a big test for u.s. airlines as far as operations are concerned. more than 1200 active and delayed safari today in the u.s. in about 90 have been canceled. this adds two months of travel heading for passengers. there are thousands of canceled flights over the july 4 and memorial day weekends. just this year alone 2.6% of all flights that's more than 146,000 flights haven't been canceled. nearly 1.3 million have been delayed according to flight aware. a lot of those problems are due to covid, airline crew shortages, lack of equipment in masses schedule cuts to strong passenger demand. seo frontier early and so fox travelers should really think twice about which airline they choose. >> this summer's been a challenge for a lot of carriers
3:21 pm
for there's been significant cancellations and frontiers case for him or the best summers we have ever had. in fact in august we canceled less than 1% of our flights. there are big differences among these carriers. makes you understand who you are flying with. >> is part of the ongoing campaign to get airlines to improve service, department of transportation just launched customer service dashboard to show travelers what kind of compensation, refined or guarantees they can get up there flights are canceled or delayed. transportation secretary pete buddha jones commented on this thing passengers deserve transparency and clarity. also thousands of pilots have been picketing fighting for an increase in pay and schedule changes amid the surgeon travel. her los angeles delta airline pilots have been picketing outside of lax convert into their delayed contract negotiations. that began earlier this year. they say if an agreement is not reached they might take even stronger action. we are going to have a strike
3:22 pm
possibly in the future but possibly during the holidays. we are understaffed and overworked. we've got pilots working record amount of overtime. and trip construction is gotten worse. we are trying to a lot of changes to scheduling. process for the five the roads are also expected to be busy this holiday weekend. yes gas prices are down about 20% compared to earlier this year. a lot of drivers are taking advantage of that. >> christina coleman live in los angeles, thanks kristine. what the folks are heading to the beaches holiday weekend and was shark sightings on the rise, they are being extra cautious. this summer to see an alarming increase in shark encounters but especially on the east coast. like this at fishermen who caught a shark and was trying to set it free. officials in new york are putting out more patrols to make sure everyone is safe. alexis mcadams has that story.
3:23 pm
ask jon, good evening for this is one of the busiest weekends for boating and beaches across the country that includes here on long island. take a look to see the channel the boaters are entering into the atlantic ocean. with the beautiful weather this weekend police state comes the crowds and choppy waterways. check this out we went with vanessa county marine bureau as they patrolled the atlantic ocean just off of long island here. there are 50 officers keep a close eye out for sharks. people driving recklessly and also boaters in distress for just last year there were 650 boating fatalities nationwide according to the u.s. coast guard. police also and for boaters under the influence. as others remain vigilant. >> people will be drinking today and hopefully they will not be controlling the boats. but it will happen. so it's nice to know somebody is out there watching out for boaters that are trying to be safe and quick system run east coast shark sightings are up in
3:24 pm
florida near miami researchers monitoring that activity. teams on long island also ramp up their shark patrols because jon, it has been a busy summer here printer mining summers to stay alert and swimming groups. just the summer alone at least half dozen people were bitten by sharks on long island. >> use the buddy system. not just sharks the riptide's progress that aaa said of the busy holiday secant the busiest part since before the pandemic. labor day number six still have police out on the water to monitor. it's not just here it's all across the country, jon. jon: alexis mcadams from long island, thank you. the leader of black lives matter global foundation is facing some serious accusations. his former colleagues claim he stole more than $10 million in the organization and the group is not backing down. i just wa!
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jon: i'm just got this the fox report. here's a look at our top stores but several people hurt in a fast-moving wildfire in california yesterday. one hundred homes and other buildings did in 250 miles north of san francisco. maryland high school student was shot and killed as classes were dismissed on friday. baltimore police a student from another school got into an argument with the victim. pulled out a gun and fired several shots for that suspect is in custody. the mayor of baltimore was scheduled to visit the school which is his alma mater at the time of the shooting. a for the end ofn serena williams lost a third round match of the u.s. open last night. williams has a 23 grand slams, second most of all times. she said she is evolving away from tennis. but when asked after the match as she would ever return she said well i don't think so, but you never know. for more on these and other
3:30 pm
stories down the fox news app, scan the qr code on your screen go to students head back to school after the labor day holiday, a lot of them are going to have to make up for lost time in the classrooms due to the pandemic. a recent study finds average test scores among 9-year-old student drop by seven points in math and a five-point in reading this year compared to 2020. that is the largest average decline in reading scores since 1990. the first ever decline and math scores. some blame the learning loss on teachers unions. wall street journal op-ed targeting the head of the powerful american federation of teachers arguing quote randy weingarten flunks the pandemic. "new york post" op-ed with this, two decades for $200 billion. how teachers union sold out our kids in the pandemic. dr. marc siegel joins us now. he is a professor of medicine at
3:31 pm
nyu and fox news contributor. my children, thankfully are no longer in elementary and high school age, doctor. a lot of parents lived through those years where their kids were supposed to be in class and the teachers unions were fighting at every step of the way saying we cannot have un- masked children in classrooms. they have got to learn it remotely. and it looks like, sounds like they did not learn much. quick start i'm not surprised. national assessment of the egg or educational progress scores you just showed a really shocking. and if you think about how does a 9-year-old learn math? they learn by interacting with the teacher. it's a hard concept for a lot of nine -year-olds and reading. reading his back and forth. not easily done remotely. with a mask, my youngest is in high school. he said the mask made it more difficult. in the most important thing of all is early studies, i and others pointed to this back in
3:32 pm
the spring and summer of 2020 all the way back there, studies from europe did not show decreased spread of the virus. you know why? because people went home, kids went home and spread the virus at home. especially among areas where there's a lot of poverty, minority communities, underserved communities. they do not have the computers they did not have the tools they needed. plus the fact that even with the tools all of this progress was in trouble and kids got more anxious for their mental health problems as well. jon: despite the fact covid did kill a lot of people, children: elementary school children especially were not exactly a target age group of that dis disease. >> writes it. then we had our own studies out of wisconsin and north carolina and massachusetts that showed when school's estate open there is less a virus spread in the community and still the teachers unions cap with that.
3:33 pm
they're trying to do one thing, protected teachers not protect the children. we were hollering about this a year or two ago this is no surprise at all. jon: you mentioned mental health. i wanted to read this. this is the impact on mental health as a result of covid-19 process in march and april 2020, mental health lines for individuals age 13 -- 18 as a percentage of all medical claim lines approximately doubled over the same months in the previous year. at the height of the spring weight of the covid pandemic this rising mental health amounted to 97% in march and 103.5% in april. so here are young people the prime of their lives enduring mental health counseling are going for mental health counseling. because they were so distraught over what was going on not in their schools. i can add to that one other statistic but a year ago we
3:34 pm
found teens were flocking to emergency rooms with mental health problems because of the pandemic. and if you think, there's less socialization for there's less interaction of a healthy kind for there's less teachers overlooking students in person at saint what's going on here? that could look anxious or there's develop mental issues going on. there was less early intervention, less early diagnosis of developmental problems. really tragic events of the school does it is a structure. by the way provides regular exercise and nutrition as well the sacrifice. especially in poor communities. jon: want to turn your attention to the health crisis at the southern border. specifically fentanyl. antennal is flooding across the u.s. southern border. it has become one of the largest causes of death of americans. this op-ed from a former wisconsin medical board chairman, he is asking congress passed legislation to ban
3:35 pm
sentinel substances. he writes assigned to permanently ban fentanyl related substances pitstop overdosing fentanyl analogue act. schedules all likely bioactive fentanyl as a class before they are created per therefore removing the incentive for illicit chemist to develop new fentanyl variants effectively stopping them from existing. it is the most basic form of harm reduction and prevention for you cannot die from ingesting something that was never created. apparently you can, just tweak the fentanyl chain -- like the chemical chain and create a new substance that is not banned by law. >> jon, i want to issue a word of caution on this. so angry at the op-ed i went to point out on the precursors to fentanyl are hard to pin down. they could be used for research and they are not banned. here's the headline fentanyl is entirely created in a lab. it does not come from a poppy
3:36 pm
plants. if you look down to mexico, the two cartels and the wall street journal did an excellent investigative piece on this, this week. they are there with 10-foot width jugs, garbage cans, making fentanyl with supplies you cannot really police. and then they make hundreds of thousands of doses a week. the usda actually got rid of 20 million pills of fake pills that included fentanyl. a lot of them last year. that's on the tip of the iceberg. this is an enormous problem this going across the southern border. again, it does not, poppy planet comes from a chemist. like a something that's very, very hard to police. jon: in 2008t law enforcement sees about 290,000 fentanyl pills. in 2021 almost 10 million. dr. marc siegel, dr. siegel thank you. >> thank you jon.
3:37 pm
jon: president biden is optimistic after lice jobs report showed employers added to 15000 jobs last month. lucas tomlinson live at the white house with more. >> good evening jon per this going concern the job market could we get in the coming months as a federal reserve plan's increasing interest rates. here at the white house, president biden remained upbeat about the economy. >> the bottom line is that jobs are up, wages are up, people are back to work. and we are seeing some signs inflation may be, it may be i'm not overpromising, may be, beginning to ease progress to go into the august jobs report three to 15000 new jobs were added. that is a 40% decrease compared to more than half a million jobs added in july. on the plumbing ticked up slightly to 3.7% for 3.5% in the previous month. the republican national committee says quote hard-working americans are living paycheck to paycheck thanks to joe biden and the higher prices, higher taxes and lower wages. as long as democrats continue to rubberstamp the agenda and raise
3:38 pm
taxpayer dollars in their radical policies family will struggle to afford every thing from gas to school supplies, to groceries. speak in front of independence hall in philadelphia there is at the former capitol flanked by two u.s. marines president biden mentioned the mager acronym 13 times. our colleague peter doocy followed up with the president a day later. x donald trump in the maghreb republicans represent extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic. >> did you call all trump supporters to be a threat to the country? >> come on, look guys. you try to make that case. i don't consider any trump supporter a threat. >> is a candidate running for office in 2020 joe biden promised to never use the military as a prop, jon. jon: interesting those two marines just standing there for that entire speech.
3:39 pm
lucas tomlinson live at the white house. lucas, thank you. jon: that leader of the national black lives matter nonprofit group is accused of stealing more than $10 million in donations. senior national correspondent william has that story. >> so this accusation that black lives matter, national foundation has been missed using donor money is now out in the open it's not coming from the media. prominent members within blm and qc parent organization blm global network foundation, and board member bowers of enriching himself on donations. according to the lawsuit, this is a case of a rogue administrator, a middleman who was hired to collect donations and account for expenditures of the blm movement. however, after siphoning more than $10 million in fees from blm donors mr. bauer decided he could not let go of his personal piggy bank.
3:40 pm
a year ago bowers and two others took control of blm after failed to file financial reports the lawsuit claims the new executive began changing passwords of shared social media accounts. hired expensive high-powered lawyers and media consultants to bully and harass the organizers. fraudulently raised money from unsuspecting donors. and bowers made $2 million in less than eight months. previously blm and cultus accusations quote right wing misinformation. this lawsuit however comes from black grassroots members. blm raised about $90 million in corporations and donors whose founder called that white guilt money. blm response to the thursday lawsuit quote we face yet again another round of struggle for control of what organization. this time by people who say they love the black people and center
3:41 pm
abolitionists and values. but whose actions are further us from our principles. several state attorneys general are investigating blm. with this lawsuit some day we could find out where all of that money was spent. in los angeles, fox news. before in moscow today final goodbyes to the last leader of the soviet union mikhail gorbachev. one person of note conspicuously absent from the event. more on that ahead. fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles goodbye! neutrogena® new astepro allergy. now available without a prescription. astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can... astepro and go. (johnny cash) ♪ i've traveled every road in this here land! ♪
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russian president vladimir putin not attending loki's but paid
3:46 pm
his respects privately on thursday we are told. putin also refused to designate gorbachev's funeral a state funeral. gorbachev left the soviet union from 1988 -- 1991. his reforms help and the cold war. also it led the dissolution of the soviet union. in ukraine a team of un nuclear inspectors is now at europe's biggest nuclear power plant which is caught in the middle of the war. heavy shelling knocked the plant partly off-line today but once again raising fears of a possible chernobyl style disaster. alex hogan with more from kyiv, huge crane. >> good evening jon appears widely believed having experts at europe's largest nuclear power plant would stop the fighting outside. that has proven to not be the case. the international atomic energy agency said this is the most dangerous situation it has ever been in. new showing this morning not the plants off-line once again.
3:47 pm
russia's defense ministry today claims ukrainian forces tried to land near the facility overnight. ukrainian president zelenskyy said he specifically wants for the iaea call for a deep militarized zone now that they are at the site. did not specifically referenced that, but did underscore its own primary goal. >> frankly speaking there are enough political players in this game. there are enough people they will condemning one or the ot other. the nuclear watchdog has to remain what it is. that nuclear security, safety of that watchdog and they have to do their job to have its credibility big. >> a new independent study found the majority of russian support the war but meanwhile more attacks overnight turning parts of towns to rubble. six months into the invasion it's a reoccurring site. one artist came to ukraine to the organization beautify earth to paint over the damage and hard-hit cities as a symbol of solidarity.
3:48 pm
>> if you could have something that makes you feel better each day than it's worth it. >> that town suffered significant damage six months into the war, 20% of the population still has nowhere to live. jon protects alex hogan reporting from kyiv thanks. well at nasa and that u.s. government are sent spending tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to return u.s. astronauts to the moon. but is it worth the cost? we will take a look will be returned.
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rub today for the second time a setback that cost tens of billions of dollars. in this era of private space travel with like subspace x and blue origin, some in washington including mass inspector general are concerned about the price tag. congressional correspondent chad pergram explains how the program is funded through congress. >> it is said politics stops at the water's edge. the same is true the edge of space. it is expensive when nasa takes eight moon mulligan. bipartisan lawmakers and birds flying to the moon and even mars despite the astronomical cost.
3:53 pm
gop texas representative brian is an archconservative. but he represents a johnson space center in texas a robust space program means local jobs and a dominance in space and bolsters national security. >> we cannot allow our adversaries to get there first. i we also know that whoever is first up there in space sets the rules of hurt i do not want a communist regime from china setting the rules and space bar. >> nasa will spend $93 billion on the artemis programs are 2025. each orion launch cost $4.1 billion. mass inspector general said the moon program is not sustainable. bipartisan lawmakers still flashed the green light. >> space is not ideological. we've been able to have a couple of years of remarkable partisan consensus. best because were not talking about guns or taxis progress will impress and obama killed a restart of the moon missions in 2010. congress cap funding the rocket program. naturally it's more expensive to
3:54 pm
return to the moon now after abandoning it for half a century. >> there is a huge learning curve you've gotten it back on when you haven't been doing the stuff for a while. and the way you keep the cost down is that you reengage and you start doing this again for. >> the u.s. is been to the moon before there's more to investigate. >> handful of places there all the same part of the moon as we look forward to the artemis program are going to an entirely different part of the moon. were going to explore the lunar south pole protects the government faces competition to explore space not just from china, but now the private sector. the goal is not just to go to the moon or mars, the goal is to break gravity without breaking the bank. on capitol hill, chad pergram fox news. jon: what happens when an alabama pup decides to go to to go for a swim and runs into a mass of manatees? the story is next.
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3:59 pm
sightings to officials rent up patrol boat to keep beachgoers safe. curious alabama dog gets a surprise while cooling off in the water this week. flip the golden retriever got spooked by a few manatees of orange beach monday. her owner initially thought she saw a giant whale watching her dog looked around. he was scared for hours after running into the house. manatees are harmless. these goats certainly are not sheepish. >> get out of there. are you kidding me? >> a couple of goats, one walking on the top of the patrol car and another inside the open driver's door and started munching on the deputies paperwork. deputy says usually leaves his car door open. >> are you crazy?
4:00 pm
>> they are awfully cute. that's how fox reports september 3, 2022. i and jon scott. see you again tomorrow. special presentation of the fog is up next. ♪ hello, i in here with judge jeanine and jimmy for luck. 5:00 new york city and this is the five. ♪ happy labor day weekend, the five is celebrating going back to school. we have a fun filled show including face-off in a trivia challenge to see who was paying the closest attention in the


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