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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  September 3, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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10:00 p.m. eastern time. you can find my at lawrence jones on facebook, and twitter. we read them. that's how we get all our tips. . brian: hello to you. welcome to a special edition of "one nation." i remain brian kilmeade. dave ramsey, economic advice, you won't get anything anywhere else. mike rowe. let's get started. we begin with this. monday the nation will
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commemorate labor day. and the labor of hard working americans. but with mid-terms 66 days away, there is no bigger story than the economy. 71% of you aren't seeing any signs of rebound. more and more democrats and independents say the same thing. why would that be? because their wallets are lighter and they are taking a hit. the price of gas still up 20%. groceries skyrocketing 13%. and to top it off, we are not able to fill enough jobs to stop supply chain disruption. service at fast food restaurants not even close to where it was. the chaos on airlines, the delays, the cancellations, we all experienced them.
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we are helpless. what can we expect this fall and how do we get back on track. the host of "kudlow." you watch him every day at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. larry kudlow welcome back. what kind of fall are we going to have knowing the last thing joe biden wants is a recession or slump or rising gas prices. larry: i think we are in the front end of a recession. when you take a look at real wages because of the inflation problem. a big slump in the housing market. there is still some strength in the employment jobs market. but wages are going up, which generally is great. i'm in favor of that.
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but inflation is overwhelming. so when you look at the gas prices, they are still very high. natural gas, home heating fuel, grocery prices, food prices are soaring, and the housing market is virtually crashing. it's a very difficult environment and i don't think it's going to change for the better. and the federal reserve will continue to increase interest rates. jay foul made a tough speech at their meeting in jackson hole last week. i happen to think he got the story right. he's over a year late, interest rates rising are not good for the economy, not good for housing and won't be good for jobs. >> there are two world events that i think will affect us at home. i fear we'll cut a bad deal with
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iran to get control of gas prices. we'll watch the freezing out of europe, the messing with forward stream one. we destroyed nord stream 2, thank god. >> these single biggest mistakes biden made was turning the spigot off for fossil fuels. this group is obsessed with climate change. and they have done everything they can to damage fog i will fuels, including the latest spending bill. that's a tragedy because we have gone to energy independent to energy dependent. you talk about iran. i can't imagine a worse idea than that some phoney, nuclear deal with iran which will never
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be verified, they don't even want the inspectors and the investigators to go in there. and we are going to give iran i don't know how much. a hundred to a hundred 50 million dollars. israel and the gulf states and saudi arabia are doing very well together. iran is their enemy. why are we helping their enemy? the economics of ukraine. europe is high inflation and deep recession. absolute disaster. maybe we should learn from their very stupid policies regarding fossil fuels. >> wind mills and no nukes. larry: and not enough natural gas. that's a tragedy over there.
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china is in recession because of their covid lockdowns, and china has essentially moved away from the free market economics that helped them until the last five or 10 years. that's affecting the whole world economy. so that's another problem. brian: the whole next generation is losing that free market pride. the big push whether starbucks and groups starting union movements. starbucks is moving in that direction. you have some other companies going there, including sports leagues like minor league baseball, amazon, am. they are looking to unionize. why is this happening and what's the impact going to be? larry: i'm not opposed to
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private sector unions per se. i am opposed to government unions because they hose the taxpayers. but i read some of the articles on this point. i don't see this great move. i did some research for you. take starbucks. there are now over 200 unionized starbucks covering 5,300 workers. but overall, starbucks has 34,000 locations covering 380,000 workers. so what happened in the last few months in a drop in the bucket. there is no big movement there. overall, here is the key point. brian: from zero no to all of a sudden yes. if it starts rippling through
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amazon that will affect a lot. i'm wondering if the consumer is going to get hosed in the long run because prices go up. larry: wages are rising anyway. only 6% of the private sector is unionized. only 6%. if i throw in all the government workers, you are still only 9%. so these are bounces off very low bottom. i don't think it's very significant. one thing that does trouble me, every piece of legislation biden signed recently, particularly the green new deal, they will only permit work in union shops. 27 states are right to work. 23 are unionized.
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the fact that the administration and national labor boor is working hand in hand with these unions is not a good sign. why should a hard working blue collar whatever, service industries, why should they have to give union dues, expensive union dues that's cou that -- tt of their paychecks for left wing politics. brian: that's why the dems wants the unions. if i could produce this again, i would have started with your question to me. when you kicked my union idea to the curb saying only 5,300 starbucks. you outresearched me. >> 380,000 overall.
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a lot of this is coming out of the media and i would be cautious. right to work is very popular in the u.s. brian: no more gas stations being built in california, and soon you won't be able to buy a gas powered car. rolling blackouts. people are saying don't charge your electric car in california because we don't have enough power. here is glenn youngkin. >> we find ourselves with this ludicrous law that virginia has to follow california's law. the law itself is ludicrous. 2% of all cars sold last year in virginia were electric vehicles. to say we are going to phase them out by 2035 is just ridiculous. brian: when is reality going to
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hit the climate crazies. >> this is a crazy policy and it's ironic. they are mandating the end of gasoline powered cars for electric cars. but they won't get you charge the electric cars. why is this? because california's environmental crazies have stopped electricity. they are relying on renewables that are not reliable and sustainable. so california is in brownouts and sometimes blackouts. nobody has asked this question. we are going to get rid of internal combustion cars in favor of electricity. nobody figured out the batteries are made in china because china has all the commodities that go into these batteries.
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why are we sucker punching people into electric vehicles that can't be charged. even when they are charged, they can't go very far. why are we opening this to china. why can't we do this properly. why can't we have choice, brian kilmeade. choice. california drivers, virginia drivers, come on. they should be able to choose which car. since when does this free country and this free economy say to individuals, consumers and motorists, you have to do this. there is no b, c, or d. you have to do a. what we tell you to do. this is socialist central planning at its worst. it's basically un-american. and by the way, glenn youngkin
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is a smart guy. he's got the story completely right. brian: i appreciate you joining us. enjoy your labor day. you are the best. see him every day at 4:00. coming up tonight. we'll have more ways to achieve economic freedom on this special edition of "one nation." mike rowe and dave ramsey. is the american dream still attainable? we'll tell you why there is still more than hope. don't forget to dvr the show. watch it tonight age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. thanks to chase, angie's not sweating this text since there's zero overdraft fees
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brian: property and homeownership have been a hallmark of the american dream. it's how we provide stability for our family and build wealth sometimes the for a generation. but the american dream of owning a home could be out of reach for them as prices continue to climb. here to answer whether america's
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economic woes will make home buying impossible. mitch, should we worry about the american dream if we don't act quick on interest rates? >> interest rates are definitely going up. but by historical standards they are not that bad. the first apartment i bought in the 80s, my interest rate was almost 13%. it's just that they were so low for so long. housing prices are coming down a little bit. so there is a little bit of an offset. but if you have cash and you want to buy, now is a great time to buy because rents are going through the roof. brian: what's the reality now in florida? >> there were bidding wars.
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i bought a house in the last two years in florida and it was nuts. but now there are more houses on the market because people were holding back. now that they are fearful prices could fall, they are trying to get their houses on the market. now more and more properties are on the market which is a good thing for buyers. brian: if you need financing, what's the interests rate for financing. >> the banks learned something during the financial crisis. they required a down payment when you bought a home. and they didn't go back on that when the market got so hot. if you can get a loan, i think getting a loan at 5% isn't the worst thing. they are definitely getting out
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of california. which was look for houses to buy in florida, i was competing against californians. it's politics and the fact that there is just so much more opportunity for anything in florida, and all of the restrictions and regulations in california, if you want to do an addition on your house in florida, you can do it. if you want to dean addition on your news california, good luck. brian: construction is bad because you can't find workers. >> land prices have gone through the roof when people were trying to chase properties to buy. i use lumber as the proxy for all building materials because we have this inflation. labor since you can't get it, the prices have gone up. that has prevented builders from building. brian: here is jerome powell.
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>> reducing inflation is likely to require a sustained period of below trend growth. there will likely be softening of labor market conditions. while higher interest rates, slower growth and softer stlaib market conditions will bring down inflation, they will also bring pain to households and businesses. >> i think the pain he means is higher costs of everything. the thing people are wrestling with, with high inflation and wages coming down. do i feed my flame this month? and rent has gone up like crazy during this inflationary period. if you have the cash, it's pushing people into buying. >> you were upset larry kudlow took some of your thunder. >> i put it in my notes. larry is calling for a crash in
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the housing market. i don't believe it. we created 3 million more households than we have added to supply of housing. simple economics. when deexpand in exceeds supply, prices continue to go up. thanks so much. don't feel bad. think florida. out of california. that's my takeaway. you can catch my live show. more 1776 and 1619. i want you to join me on location. meanwhile, coming up later on this show, personal finance expert dave ramsey shares how to stay afloat during these tough
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jackie: welcome to fox news live. i'm jackie ibanez in new york. the labor day weekend marks the end of the summer vacation season and a new school year for many. a recent study finds average test scores among 9-year-old students dropped 5 points in math and 7 points in reading. former soviet leader mikhail gorbachev has been laid to rest in moscow. thousands of mourners attended. president vladimir putin not along them. gorbachev was reviled at home for the collapse of the soviet union. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to the "one nation"
8:28 pm
special. 6 million americans without jobs nationwide. some businesses are still struggling to get back to pre-pandemic levels. this week we spoke to different businesses to find out if anyone is applying for those jobs now. >> it's tough to find workers who will been to what the boss wants instead of doing what they want. finding someone who wants to work a five-day workweek, that's what's hard. >> why do you think people aren't coming back to work? >> the beginning it was the
8:29 pm
checks from the government. i would say a lot in new york we weren't able to get them back. >> indeed we try to find someone. but it's hard to get people interviews and people who want to work. >> what kind of business do you have? we have been here 40 years. >> how has business been after the pandemic? >> it went down 50%, and it's tough. >> we don't have the workers. and the workers who used to work for us for many years have gone somewhere and it's hard to find workers. brian: the labor department said there are 11 million job openings in july.
8:30 pm
before the pandemic began in february 2020. i recently spoke to mike rowe about the struggles for you businesses to find workers even with all those openings. the labor force in biden's economy. 76 of the total population working. what happened? >> it's not what happened, it's what has been happening the last 20 years. we are i think in a pattern where we are not happy unless we identify something as the enemy. not a problem to be solved. cops. we have to defund. education. it's not enough to encourage people to advance through the higher ranks. we have some to do it through
8:31 pm
all other forms of education. job satisfaction relies on the job, not the person. all these things combined to make work fundamentally unattractive. brian: the new trend quietly quitting. they are barely showing up and insisting on working from home. >> it's part and parcel of this idea that the transsks between an employer and employee has changed. you are working for a paycheck. if you want to be an entrepreneur, great. i get it. set your own hours. assume your own risk. do your own thing. if you are an emmyee you have to consider the idea that your boss is not your enemy.
8:32 pm
your company is not your enemy. brian: you can either compete and lose or not play at all. and say i don't want to be a capitalist. that's a little bit of our conversation. a staggering number of americans are behind on their bills. dave ramsey is here to tell you how you can get ahead. don't move. "one nation" continues. and that's a shot of the street. ♪ whenever heartburn strikes get fast relief with tums.
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than 15%. you probably know that if you are looking at your bill. and unfortunately all of this is starting to catch up with people. a record number of people behind on utility bills. $16 billion in late balances on house payments. a tsunami of cutoffs coming. how can hard working americans like you get on top and stay on top of your finances in this economic climate. the host of the ramsey show and author of baby steps for millionaires, dave ramsey is here. i gave you the stats. where people with real economic challenges. have you noticed that on your show and in your life people are feeling it again? >> absolutely they are feeling
8:38 pm
it. when you take electricity and have it up 15%, that's a big deal. electric test is largely created by fossil fuels. the shortage of fossil fuels is driving the price up. the inflation is not just coming from randomly electricity costs more. there is a reason for that. if you are facing your electric bill being cut off. let's back up. we have to make sure an income coming in. if you don't, pick up a and piece some money together. take care of your four walls first. food is first, utilities are second. most people can cover both of those. then cover your rent and then cover your transportation.
8:39 pm
we would put clothing in there, but you probably have enough clothes. food, shelter, food, clothing, you do those before netflix or but sign for whatever. you do those before you do anything else. and so if you prioritize your utilities at the top of the list you are going to get to them. if you are not out of control with warmth and cool and food and shelter, then you are in a different head space to make financial decisions and you don't do panic spending. brian: what about the phone call. your local energy company. i have problems. my bill doubled. i haven't done anything different. how can we work together? is that futile? >> it's not futile.
8:40 pm
most utilities have some kinds of a forgiveness plan to work with a family where there is an illness in the family where the bread winner is getting cancer treatment. but, i can't afford my electricity, you probably won't get help there. brian: a lot of people are doing a side hustle. i always waited tables. you get those tips if you do a good job. what to dpoon what to don't. you do get taxed on it. >> absolutely you are going to pay tax on it. we don't have 100% tax bracket yet. what you are looking for is not something that necessarily is your passion or something that makes you feel creative or fulfilled. you are looking for money. when you are working a side hustle, you want to make the
8:41 pm
most money. as long as it's moral and legal, what make its most money. then you control your lifestyle. it may mean you cut some things out of your lifestyle to get to the point where you don't have to have a side hustle longterm. you don't want to work a second job the rest of your life because you kept your lifestyle too high. some people can't afford the rent, i have to move to a different place. when i was growing up on the other side of the tracks, we always said that's where the rich people live and we can't afford to live over there. you put yourself in the position where you can make it longterm. working two or three extra jobs is not sustainable as a lifestyle for rest of your life.
8:42 pm
you are not playing the perfect game, either. >> when i was in my 20s i lost everything. i have a ph.d in d-u-m-b. brian: i wish i paid you more for this side hustle you just gave me. next the "news duel" *. susan li has been summoned. heyyy! (steins breaking) your cousin. ♪ from boston. ♪ it means, “ok-to-beer-fest”. another sam octoberfest? nein. make it ten! i like this guy. (cheers)
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brian: it's time for "news duel." one of the hottest stories people aren't talk enough about. joining me is susan li. you have got to help me with this. i am more confused about crypto than ever before. the cryptocurrency that matt damon advertised. it turns out his term that hired him gave by mistake $10 million
8:47 pm
to an australian woman who bought a mansion for her sister in melbourne. >> remember the tagline is fortune favors the brave. in this case i guess it's fortune favors the lucky. she had to payback the u.s. dollars and pay the legal fees and sell the house. brian: it's not her fault. >> i agree. cereal for dinner. dell somethings is running a contest for $5,000 if you send in pictures of you having cereal for dinner. frosted flakes, fruit loops, mini wheats. that's the first time i ever saw someone eat cereal for dish was
8:48 pm
jerry seinfeld. brian: i guarantee you there are so many single people who don't want to spend lot of time making dinner. i think it's a great marketing idea. next, the most hard working states have been ranked to the least hard working states. the hardest working states, number one, hello to north dakota. number two alaska. number three, nebraska. south dakota, and 5, texas. >> i was reading the survey and i have to say they used the right parameters. but what was surprising was the fact that california has the lowest employment rate in the
8:49 pm
country. brian: 48 new york, i'm embarrassed. 49 rhode island. on 50, new mexico. it's mostly open space. i love the hard working americans. which also has the lowest idle youth employment rates. brian: do you know if tomi lahren is from north or south dakota? >> pumpkin spice move over. you have neighbors that have big lawns and you put up the christmas lights. in australia at costco, they put up christmas trees four months before christmas. if you want the three meter tall christmas trees, it will cost
8:50 pm
$1,200. ryan * you have got to worry about blocking that out. i don't even think about it until after thanksgiving. i like pumpkin spice and they opened it up in august. jeff bezos made a lot of news when he weren't to mcdonalds and talked about his first job. he said he was a grill man. now he needed a yacht that need work. he was looking back at how it all got started. what was your first job? >> i was a barista in my bakery. brian: i say barista. this is susan li as a barista.
8:51 pm
watch. decaf cappuccino for joey. latte. have a nice day. so i got my orders right. but i burned my fingers a few times making those hot drinks. brian: my first job was for jerry seinfeld's dad. i was 13 years old. he wasn't that famous yet. i walked down pennsylvania avenue, they had help signs. that's the actual sign from jerry's dad. >> back then what was the minimum wage? $3.35. and i stayed there forever.
8:52 pm
i also worked as an usher for $3.35 in a tux. susan, it was a pleasure to see you. so glad you are back. enjoy your labor days. and don't forget to set your vcr for "one nation." the labor day american holiday that celebrates hard working americans. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. tide pods child-guard pack helps keep your laundry pacs in a safe place and your child safer. to close, twist until it clicks. tide pods child-guard packaging.
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8:57 pm
the work won ditions of freedom. brian: the 18th century the labor movement starts to take shape. in the first strike recorded in u.s. history. it would help inspire future strikes. in 1794 the society of cord wingers also known as shoe makers was found in philadelphia, marking the beginning of labor unions. the transition from creating goods by hand to using machines. the u.s. was becoming one of the most industrial countries in the world at the expense of americans. kids as young as 5 years old
8:58 pm
working in factories and mines. many working in unsafe working conditions. outraged labor unions would fight back organizing strikes and rallies. 10,000 workers took unpaid time off to march in new york city, holding the first labor day i parade ever. but other protests turned violent. most note any the haymarket riot where police officers and worker were killed. nearly 4,000 workers walked off the job after their pay was cut. angry crowds were met with thousands of troops deployed by president grover cleveland. at least four people were
8:59 pm
killed. >> the first monday in september is celebrated. brian: a street parade showed the strength and spirit of the trade organizations. who was the founder of this working men's holiday? some credit the co-founder of the american unions. but it is still to this day a mystery. but i'm glad we have it and i'm sure you are glad, too. thanks so much for watching. you can catch me live on stage september 8, that's this thursday, bran dan, mississippi on the 12th. on social media's you can follow
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me. for me it's@kilmeade. now i have to turn it over reluctantly to the great dan bongino with "unfiltered." [♪] dan: we are from the government and we are here to help. no thanks. i will break down how big government stooges need us to be baby infants totally relying on them. big governments everywhere, healthcare and small business. it's not too late to start taking back our power.


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