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tv   FOX News Sunday  FOX News  September 4, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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happy labor day to everyone, thank you for spending part of your sunday with us, have a great week ahead, until next week you can find us ahead, until next week you can find us online at audi of america or the tray gaudi podcast life, liberty and then is up next . >> i'm mike emanuel, espresident biden takes a not republicans as hetravels to political swing states to salvage his parties control over congress . >> there is no question the republican party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by donald trump and d the maga republicans and this country . >> the president's new midterm message liberty from independence hall, the birthplace of american
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democracy and in his home state battleground of ome pennsylvania, the site of a high-profile tenantshowdown . >> the people of pennsylvania are going to fire theradical mleft democrats . >> we're going to discuss the prospects for november as agdemocrats the momentum shift in their favor and republicans try to shift the subject from mar-a-lago. >> iiswant the country built on freedom . >> were joined by both parties chiefs and our chief tom number and the triple c chair patrick maloney. n emmer and maloneyonly on fox news sunday . and a stunningn lack of debates two months from someday. then school districts across the country face learning loss andteacher shortages.ut we asked the national governors association chair
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phil murphy about his trip to washington to sort out solutions . plus, one weekuntil shannon bream dotakes the big chair. >> they're going to have to stick to their talking points , how do you tacklethat ? >> that'sthe trick in washington i think . >> all now on fox news sunday . >> hello from fox innews in washington,labor day weekend traditionally marks the kickoff of the fall campaign season . republicans are focused on inflation, crime t and the border as they aim to win a majority in itnovember while democrats are heading into the final weeks withll renewed momentum and president biden had stick critical swing states revived by improving pollnumbers . in ait week we speak with sean sepatrick maloney who chairs the campaign committee that works to electme democrats to the house and we will thget reactions from minnesota
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congressman tom emery, chief of the congressional committee, houseoo gop campaign arm first turn to lucas tomlinson i've hadthe white house anwith a look at dueling visits by the president and idhis predecessor to battleground pennsylvania . >> the president gave a speechlithursday that the white house incest wasn't political. many pundits disagree . >> republicans look at americans and seecarnage and sdarkness and despair . >>de president biden delivering what thethwhite house dubbed a speech on the continued battle for the soul of the nation . by notdent mentioning his inflation reduction actor student debt relief and also absent them aquatic nominees for u.s. senate and governor. the commander-in-chief while flanked by two us marines, he promised not to do while running for office. >> i promise i'll never put thyou in the middle of politics and i'll never usethe military as a tiprop . >> biden made two opstops in battleground pennsylvania last week and plans another on labor day. he will visit l milwaukee and
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pittsburgh monday. >> later this week biden speaks at the dnc summer meeting outside thenation's capital esand heads to ohio . joining him there congressman tim ryan is running a close senate race against jd that's ryan's get previous trip to the state t. trip to the >> former president donald trump also traveled arto pennsylvania inyour biden's hometown saturday .>> the shameful raid and break-in of my home mar-a-lago was a travesty of justice. >> trump spoke at this justice department continues its investigation into how he kept classified documents at hismar-a-lago estate. many republicans have called sithe search unprecedented . eoa former president attorney general was funded. >> people say unthis was unprecedented but it's also unprecedented for a president to takeall this classified information and put ofthem in a country club . >> bill barr said needing a
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special master is a quote waste of time . >> lucas tomlinson reporting from thewhite house. joining us now issean patrick maloney who he leaves the house committee workingto elect democrats. s welcome to fox news sunday . >>it to be with you . >> are democrats going to hold the majority in the house ? >> yes, we're going to hold because we have a iplan to fix the problems our country is facing .the other side has only a ploy to win power for themselves and running away our constitutional freedom, reproductive freedom has awakened millions of voters and wesee that an astonishing comeback in the special elections in new york and elsewhere . pron a roll and we're going to win this election . >> even with inflation >>gasoline prices, a crisis of the border and private american cities os? >> those are all a serious problems and we are working those problems . gas prices are down .about $.20 a gallon in just about 70t days because the president increased supplies, went
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after price gouging and released thein strategic petroleumreserve so we are working the problem om. riinflation will come down wit those gas prices but it's still toohigh , that's right but the other side has no rplan course to reduce inflation . have a plan tors renew to win power for themselves and we're the ones lowering prescription drug prices by capping seniors out-of-pocket costs. the republican plan : to expire social asecurity and medicare every five ngyears . there's a choice in this election and we are going to win that choice. >> the president said maga republicans are radestroying american democracy. he tried to draw a line d between maga republicans and mainstream gop offended a lot ntof folks in the process. here'sng the president saying we need a president who chooses unity over division, what happened to unifying? >> there's nothing the
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president said on thursday that has not been said by leadingconservatives and republicans . what the president said is exactly whatde people like judge living said, it's cexactly what people like mike pence and john bolton have said. if youlike listen to comments from previousnominees like mitt romney and in other words this is not rarepublicans versus democrats . thisan is mainstream republicans and democrats versus maga extremists. udthis election is about mainstreamgh versus maga and i'm proud we have a president that knows right from wrong. >>ab there was discovery about the president delivering a partially political speech in front of those marines in dress uniform. democrats railed again presidenttrump when he made political remarks in nonpartisan ffsettings, how is this different ? rs>> i wouldn't miss the larger point liand those critics f didn't complain when donald trump literally aged the fourth night of the republican political convention on the newhite house lawn. military to clear peaceful protesters in t lafayette parkso that i
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wouldn't miss the larger point . the point is mainstream onrepublicans and democrats agree on things like it's wrong to attack the united states capital, to spread a pernicious lieabout the electionm being stolen . to steal our nation's secrets and keepthem down there at the motel mar-a-lago . republicans and democrats are inth large part inagreement . it's that maga movement that is extreme, that has ripped away reproductive freedom, that justifies the attack on the capital or place for tea with white supremacist and conspiracy theorists. >> the president attacked maga forces, that isn't political? >> but i'm telling a you is the president has a duty to defend american democracy and thhe's an agreement with leading conservative voices that the attack on the capital was .wrong. that it'sowwrong to spread a lie about the result of an
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election . bill barr for goodness sake knows rightgnfrom wrong here s this isn't just president biden . this is mainstream versus maga and we have a duty to defend american democracy . we just lost the years of reproductive freedom because the supreme court tore up roll versus wade and every candidate, your next guest supports caring up roll versus wade. we're going to support the reproductive freedom all of you took for granted so tithat the movie thatin will take away your political freedom. d the president is sounding the alarm.>> so since roe versus wade has fobeen overturned and is becoming a state issue, should democrats running for office tell voters whether theysupport any restrictions on abortion ? >> what democrats support broadly isrestoring the status quo . roeversus wade. the other side is going to ban abortion in all 50 states l. sathat's your choice.i leave it to individual candidates to state their positions. but i'm telling you right now
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if you care frabout your reproductivees freedom, if you think politicians shouldn't be making these decisions, that women and their families mashould make these decisions, that's what democrats support . if youcare about marriage equality, if yount care about your reproductive choices , or if youcare about birth control for goodness sake , privacy rights we use to have in the constitution that the maga supreme ricourt just tore up and throw away. that's the choice this fall. >> you support any restrictions onabortion? any at all? >> there was always restrictions on abortion coembedded in the original decision .ilthere was a balancing test, it was a compromise between viability early on and later in pregnancy and that was the ofcommon sense of that framework. what the maga crowd has done is rip away that decision for women deand their doctors, take it out of hethe constitution and not every state in the country can tiabortion and if
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agthey get control of congress held that in all 50 states of the voters have another idea and if you disagree with me i'd like you to meet congressmanshelect pat ryan not state new york .ow y >> given the president's heart comments on maga republicans how do democrats justifyrunning an ad taccording trumpbacked candidates, a display clip . >> that gives trump agenda is too conservative for west michigan . the vcc is responsible for the content of this vexercise thing. noor>> you said you're giving voters a choice innovember but the ptruth is republican voters had a choice in the primaries and you meddled juwith that , how do you justify the at? >> we just said was rntrue which is john gibbs is an anti-choice extremists with too conservative forur western e michigan so we have a great t candidate named hillary's golden is going to protect your reproductivefreedom . o and don't take my word for it, the cook political report moved that race to be more
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likely one that democrats will win so your next guest can explain inwhy he lost a safe incumbent for 400 thousand dollars. we call that protecting woman's freedom. bo>> there are democratstrying something similar in new hampshire. here's what stephanie murphy said about that strategy . camany of us are facing death ofthreats over our efforts to tell thein truth about january 6, to have people telling the kinds gof lies that caused january 6 and continue to put our democracy in danger is just mind blowing, what you say to your colleague ? bl>> what i say is your next guest voted tofa overturn the results of the election with other y house republicans and i let those folks explain that. the danger to our democracy didn't start with the michigan primary. we're e full of people in congress who denied chthe election, who play common cause with people who attacked the capital.
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what we're talking about here and the cook political report agrees is that we've got a much better chance to elect a strong pro-choice member of congress from that district in michigan . that's doing our jobs and again i'll let tom ever explain what c he lost a safe seat. >> the president's approval rating is up, should democrats welcomethe presidents to intheir districts to campaign with them?>> are seeing that in places like pennsylvania andohio . you better b believe we're going to stand with the opresident saying we passed in a bipartisan way better roads, better bridges . better health care for our veterans that magarepublicans tried to obstruct that were going to negotiate with prescription drug companies and capping senior out-of-pocket costs . we passed common sense gun dalegislation on a bipartisan fashion di. e mental healthand school safety resources, that's the kind of agenda were standing in support of and we see it working on the polls . >> typically afterct a major bill is passed such as the
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roinflation reduction act you see candidates rushing to presidential event eager to helpdino the inclusion but we didn't see that this summer. >> you're going to see it this week, there's going to be a celebration on the white house lawn. prescription drug cuts, i'll bet your viewers support sethat. , out-of-pocket ndexpenses for seniors? you're going to finally see a minimum tax on the biggest ocorporations getting away with murder, paying zero. we're going to combat climate be change which is important to our future and leave the word world with green energy jobs. you'd betterin believe democrats will celebrate that and so will the voters and kthat'swhy we've been winning in special elections from r alaska to new york. >> next, reaction from the top of the hour s . nrcc chairman tom emmer joined me next. >> shannon bream is the new
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host of fox news sunday. >> i had this from rosie for the last 15 years. the policies set here affect everybody living in this country . >> now proud sundaymorning tradition continues . >> i'm excited to have these longer form conversations where you dig into what matters and toreally call people . >> don't miss shannon bream as she hosts fox news sunday. >> this week about concerns
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about their plans to retake
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control of the house and senate inmidterms, is it all overblown?o joining us, tom emmer who leaves the committee working to elect republicans to the house, welcome to>>fox news sunday . you heard your counterpart congressman maloney riand i want to giveyou a chance to respond . >> this sy election can be summed up with one word, security it's about americans economic security and about americans physical security . ngyou didn't hear anyabout that being talked about because of failed democrat policies . americans are struggling. they have to make difficult choices every day about groceries and gas and on the securityts side, their physical security .democrats pro criminal policies have literally made our city's war zones. if you look at for example the congressman's own state of new york city, they are
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experiencing a crime epidemic because of cashless ybail which he supports. if you look at my city of minneapolis,ou minneapolis has had 6000 assaults reported since thebeginning of the year and it's about the southwestern border being run over by cartels are c terrorizing american citizens , about every community in this country having to deal with the fentanyl crisis and parents wondering inif their child is going to be the one iethat dies next this is a security election. oiit's about groceries and gas, it's about being safe in our communities . democrats havehy caused this problem they're going topay for it at the battle box . >> kevin mccarthy originally talked about winning as many as 60 seats but that production has been scaled back among republicans . anquinnipiac found more americans approve of how congressional democrats are uphandling their jobs that republicans thare handling their jobs and also the wall street journal poll has democrats of three points of
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the republicans on the ballot republicans up byfive points in march . and people as independents favoring democrats 38 to 35 in march republicans were up 12 points with independence . what are you losing momentum right now? t>> i don't think we have. certainly people needed toto understand that a year ago was not going to be today . i talked about getting past the labor day weekend when everybody starts to engage and i like we werere at. were almost 7 points better on the generic ballot and we were two years ago and in we fact on election day in 2020 fdemocrats on the generic +6.5 and i'll remind you we not only held every republican incumbent for the first time since 1994 but we picked up 15 seats in an p environment where git was predicted we were going to lose 58 . the other thing is you should look at is mycounterpart announced a huge media by . he is spendingdi millions of dollars defendingdemocratic incumbents who are in seats joe biden one by double
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digits . money talks and money is taking pessimistic future d for democrats atst the midterms. >> the washington post reports at least nine republican congressional candidates havescrubbed or amended references to president trump or abortion cofrom their online profiles in recent months . f asthe nrcc recommended to candidates to backoff their strong antiabortion views ? >> i'm not going to repeat tothe light the way the washington post w reports thingsap. i trust my candidates to know how they're goingto appeal to voters who turn out in november and collect them to the next congress . that being said if democrats want to make abortion the main issue when t every hole we have seen says that the economy and cost of living is the ernumber one issue,good luck to them trying to defend their extreme tiposition . every one of them voted for what i call the chinese orgenocide bill which would
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allow the abortion to moments before a childr takes its first i think our candidates know how to message that and they miwill be just fine in the midterms . >> this me week's wall street journal poll says half of voters are more likely to head to the pollsbecause tioverseaswage was overturned . can you say definitively this will not cost republican seats .? >> i think it's help narrow the enthusiasm gap gapbut every measure out there republicans still lead democrats in enthusiasm to votewi in this next election . plus the number one issue in every single pole and i'll say it again is the economy and hirising cost ofliving. everything is more expensive q because of failed democrat policies .the one questionas every voter is going to have to ask when they go to vote in november , and i'm better offditoday than i was two years ago and it's a resounding no . eight out ofca 10 americans believe thisto country is in thechwrong track and that is
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why they're going to vote for a change and collect a new republican majority . >> as former president trump being in the news candidates because then your hammering inflation, gasoline prices, the border crisis and of course crime and many major s american cities? >> the american intelligence agency and thisadministration has idbeen better after donald trump since day one. the intelligence agency has n been after him since he started running for office and the white house has prioritized itgoing after anyone who disagrees with them . the press secretary last week i said anybody whodisagrees with the democrats and the white house is an extremist. the raid on the former president's home is not only unprecedented, it's outrageous and by hithe way, ithis double standard is why so many americans are pissed off about s this .
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republicans,wh independents cause while they go after donald trump andth suggest that he's done something which they've been doing for years i ffwould say that they lost their credibility sixyears ago with the russian collusion vehopes . and while they're doing all this underwriting is still out there to pedal influence all around the world and they do nothing to him. americans are pissed off about that and they're going to show up in november and democrats will answer for it ou. >> have you or your tteam at the nrcc recommended a republicans distance themselves from president trump ? >> the president is a fantastic ally of ours especially when it comes to fundraising what we tell them is you know yourdistricts, you know how to run for the in people voting for you in november andi'm convinced whenpeople vote they're going to ask am i better off than i was two years ago l and they will say overwhelmingly know . prices are out of control. my security is in jeopardy . it'sti time for a change and they're going usto vote in a
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newrepublican majority . >> republicans have been critical of president biden's e,student debt giveaway, some suggesting it's unconstitutional. it should republicans do or take other action to block onthe president ? >> a future speaker of the house to you what the plan be on that but when it comes to this unilateral move toby the president, it's not only illegal, it's unfair and it's wrong. if you think about it every american who either chose to go into a trade or go to work or went to college and paid off their debt like a responsible american is now going to pay $2000 for someone else's debt. so blue-collar american and responsible americans are d going to pay $2000 for somebody else's college debt they're not happyabout it and look at a poll in new hampshire the past week because i know there's been a enlot of mixed messaging about this . two thirds of independence in this poll are upset by the president's action and i think that's going to be consistent across this country and .democrats will
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answer for that in november as well . >> you made reference to leader mccarthy, are you confident he's the next speaker and doe you expect challenges from your comment colleagues. >> i'm convinced kevin majora mccarthyar will not only be in the majority but kevin mccarthy will be our speaker g >> what about the possibility anyou are seeking if you guys when the majority, or seeking to be the house majority wet, do you expect any challenges there ? >> you got to win an election first i'mconcentrating on the next 55 days. once we get done with the tuelection and performance when cha new majoritythen we can talkabout the future .e >> . >> on the mar-a-lago search some have said this response from lindsey graham crossed the line .tr >> i'll say this. ifd there's aprosecution of donald trump for mishandling classifiedmi information after the clinton debacle which you providedover and do did a helluva good job there will be riots in the streets .
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>> he later softened that comment and condemned violence but is that rhetoric over theul line . >> i'm not going to get into other people'st words, that wouldbe like me talking about maxine waters uptelling americans to confront republicans in n public places and i think that's wrong so on this one i would say he's just echoing what i told you just a couple minutes earlier . going after donaldis trump repeatedly o with nothing , trying to impeach him based on nothing more than a motion and now continuing this charade and invading his home when hunter biden heis allowed ato skate and not have any consequences forag his behavior, mike, this is what the american peoplesee, this double standard and i'm going to stay atagain . there pissed off because they're going toem show up in november and i'm confident they will vote in a new republicanfr majority in the house . on>> congressman tomemmer, thank you.ur >> major outcry from parents as we saw new data on how school closures impacted studentlearning loss . will ask phil murphy about
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the fallout and talk a little bit about his potential 2024 plans next .
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>> is one of the biggest bquestions of the pandemic era, were schools closed too long? we're starting to see the data as kids head again and ased governors are pressed to
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take stock of how they handle closures as we see a shortage of teachers around the country . new jersey's democratic governor phil thmurphy met with the white house abouthow to teachers on the job .eachers on the job i sat down with him this weekend to discuss . ey>> joining us out governor filmer of hathe of new jersey. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thanks for having me. >> you phrased president biden's executive action on student heloan debt but what would you say tothe millions of new jerseyans who pay their bills , made sacrifices, even made more affordable education choices are not getting any money inback ? >> i'm one of those guys i paid my student debt soft into my mid or late30s . rei would say this mike, it's not either/or. it'sonprobably a combination of and both . this program gives relief to over 1 million newjerseyans . i like the fact that the pell grant grantees get double the amount because finding some way to means test this is i think is a important.
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that's what we do a lot of in new jersey but on the margin rtwhen you do the cost-benefit analysis this is areally tsmart and good move . th>> what can be done in your view to suaddress the big picture issue, thehiunderlying issue . the soaring cost of higher education in this country. stfor example is it time for an institution like princeton to tap into its $37er billion plus endowment to help deserving students ? >> you got a lot of programs out there.some of them are done by us, some of them by the institutions themselves. wet have something called the community college opportunity grants that if it's the last dollar program and if you qualify again means tested by atincome you go to kennedy college free of charge. we now have something called the garden state guarantee that can tack that on two reyears three or four if you're getting a bachelors degree. i'm surein institutions
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themselves can take steps, you see a oglot of needs blind admission programs . increasingly. ealybut listen, we need to continue to make higher education more accessible and more affordablebecause the premise mof your question is right on the money, it's tagotten too out-of-control and too out of reach . >> you promised a bopost apmordant review of cobit since april 2020 when you're asked t about it last week you said we have just under 1000 peoplestill in the hospital . clearly something that we're living with which is a good thing butwe're also clearly not out of the woods . s.does that mean if there's still covid in new jersey there's noreview ? >> it does not, i don't have news to break today but i think we're in aer matter of weeks of coming up with a decomprehensive program. i think i was asked that
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question in the context of long-term carens. we've already taken back in june 2020 the dive with an independent firm but we're going towe do the entire response including long-term care. i want to make sure it's effective not just in trteaching uswhat went right, what went wrong but also that it can be a tool for future governors, future administrations . si hope frankly it's a trigger for congress to take a itsimilar step to look at the national response but no, covid sadly is still with us. it will continue to inbe with us but we socan't wait till the last case you do that review and we won't will be doing something soon. >> on school closures national test results show a real drop in learning. fourth-graders scores falling bythe biggest margin in three sdecades in new jersey inin person learning wasn't restored until last september about a year and a half lsinto the pandemic .o question, were schools closed for too long? >> i think that's going to be one of those things ththat folks debateforever and
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always.we knew learning loss, we know it's real. we know the mental health . kids in particular, educators, families . i would say particularly early on but frankly when the abdelta variant and others kep adcoming back , when we had so little knowledge about this pandemic about this virus, we had no other choice. sadly. but we will be laser focused onr closing those gaps which we know tiexists. i've just become the chair of the national governors association. my chairman's linitiative is focused on mental nhealth of our students for this very reason. so: ke it's real. we know it's up to us now to close those gapsge . >> like many places new jersey dealing g with a shortage of teachers. you are down here in washington in your role as the ngnational governors association meeting with the education secretary and the first lady . what concrete steps are you bringing to the table to fix the teaching shortage?
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>> it was a very good discussionre. new jersey is short. i think the entire country is short. i think flexibility has to be the name of the game. pefor instance we've done something which allows retirees to come back in without upsetting tetheir pension reality n.. we've made it possible for substitute teachers vito come . we're trying to get that common ground ofed making certifications more streamlined and easier without giving up the high quality . we're ionblessed with the numbe one publicd education system in america, we don'twant to mess that up . we had a great discussion with the first lady and rothers about apprenticeship programs. i want to see us do more of that in newjersey . a program for extending diversityamong our educatorsstbut i'd like to see a broad-based apprenticeship program likeexisted in places like tennessee . where doing stuff ambut there's more to be done .
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>> here we are at labor day weekend . the president in recent weeks has blasted what he calls the maga philosophy say it's like semi fascism. does that make you uncomfortable, sir?>> i'm the former us ambassador to germany so i've sseen the history of the 20th century up close and personal. the president has had a heck of a run here, i saw him and told him that and whether it's congress getting stuff past that he has signed, his own leadership, sadly for the wrong reasons ofs, what the supreme court did with reproductive freedoms there's no question about it. the democrats have momentum and i would say whether you're a democrat asor republican inthis case as americans , we have to call out extreme behavior. atwe have to call out behavior that undermines institutions thatwe need to trust that undermine likert our justice department , fbi that needs to respect results that we see in elections so i think
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e that's more of an american rereality than it is one party or thenk other. i think reasonable people in this country and thank god dthere are hundreds of millions would come jeto the same conclusion. >>west 2024. the know your skill andbeing a proud progressive yet threading the r needle, marching with black lives matter protesters and yet never saying the fund the police . you want new jersey to run off 100 percent ysclean up energy by 2050 but you don't talk about the green new deal . what about murphy for president in2024 ? >> i appreciate that, mike. i've said lythis publicly and i've said it to the president privately . he says he's running, i take him on his word. a assuming he does run have no bigger backer than yours truly and i think oothat's the base case right now and in the meantime i'm going to have my nose pressed against
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the jerseyanglass and hopefully whether it's through the nga orfo the digi a pick up some good playbooks from other states and other places in the nation to try to get a jersey flavor to them and maagain, keep moving forward . >> more hfrom the folks at maybe heyou've heard moreof a national spin on his speeches declaring the ayamerican dream is alive and well in new jersey . maybe t r you've seen him intv ads touting hisrecord even though he constitutionally can't run for a third term or you may have noticed he just made his fourth trip to israel, a mustvisit for presidential wannabes . that sounds like potentially laying the groundwork re. >> i appreciate ,that mike and by the way it was my eighth atrip , fourth as governor ffit's a place i relish going toto. i think we are focused on the kitchen table morning noon and night and part of that is we want newjersey to be affordable number thone . we want it to be the state of opportunity and i'm proud to the american dream , that's our goal.eam ,
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that's the reality that the american dream is alive and well in new jerseyid and that's boliterally whatwe're focused onh morning noon and night and we will stay that way . >> we will see what the president ultimately decides about 2024. buthave you met with donors to talk about 2024 and what if your friend editor cory booker decides toemjump in? i'm from new jersey how much is too jersey on the national stage west and mark . >> nevermind somebody perhaps from the other side of the aisle who could run dfor jersey . corey is a dear friendand a great leader.i've met with no donors about my personal ambitions in that respect t . we do have a couple of nkpolitical vehicles that i'm thankfulne that are well-funded that focus on franklymostly getting the word out in terms of what we've done here. drawing a line. we inherited a state that in many respects was broken and so we've gotten ourselves back up on our feet . i don't want to see us go back so a o lot of the focus o our political operations if
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you will is to get that megaphone out there and say this is nowaccepted behavior in new jersey nomatter who the dgovernor is . and that's what we will continue to focus mostly on . >> governor phil murphy in the great state of new fjersey, enjoy the holiday seweekend sir . >> thanks for having me . >>next with what former attorneyup general bill barr says about the fbi search of his former bosses home.will bring in our sunday group on the fbi raid next .
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>> when the president speaks ator independence hall the first lines out of his mouth should be to apologize for slandering tens ofmillions of americans . that's as fascists. >> not everyrepublican, not even the majority are maga
11:46 pm
republicans . not every republican embraces their extreme ideology . i know because i've been able to work with these mainstream republicans. >> kevin mccarthy saying the president insultedng millions of trumpvoters and president biden saying he's only blasting the extremists . it's time now for our sunday group usa today white house correspondent francesca chambers, offormer state departmenthospokesperson and fox news contributor marie hart, former chiefid of staff for mike pence much short and host of mediabuzz howie kurtz ,welcome to all of you . so howie, the president gave a feisty speech in prime time, the broadcast networks did not take it . who do you reach ? >> he reached his base but rtthis was billed as an hiofficial white house event, nonpolitical evenafter the speech white house officials ouinsisting it was nonpolitical
11:47 pm
and it was blatantly partisan, attacking trump by , name . i lost count of how many time he attacked maga republicans the same time is out there talking about blasting buy-in is the enemy of the state which is interesting ,but he's enemy of the people, we journalists haven that distinction talking about how nghe should be reinstated, there should be a new election . he'ske i thinking of pardoning january 6 people convicted in the capital riots so trump keep his keeps making about himself, bidengo would love to maketi it about trump and even his formeradvisers tell him this is not helping the gop because the gop wants to move forward and not really get the 2020eh election . >> the president went after maga republicans, had marines standing behind him. bedemocrats were not happy when trump was political oin nonpolitical settings, why is it different now ? >> joe biden went out of his way to say this isn't all republicans. thisa isn't about democrats versus republicans . thisg, is about a former
11:48 pm
president and his supporters he will e pardon people that attacked our capital blocks from where we're sittingtoday . he saidthat his political opponents were enemies of the state . he has k used this kind of language for years and we've seen the repercussions. he is encouraged political violencehe has undercut the legitimacy of our elections so this isn't about democrats versus republicans . president biden has a duty to stand plup on those stages, to use his platform to say americandemocracy is worth defending . a lot of republicans agree with him and this election coming up isn't about parties, and about our democracy and those principles and a lot of people on both sides are happy president biden is finally willing to step up and say clearly that donald a trump and his supporters are a threat to ourdemocracy , period,. that's what's estate. >> we had former attorney general bill barr said he's not sure a special master is
11:49 pm
needed for going through what the fbi took from the mar-a-lago search. here is more from theformer attorneyer general on president trump declassified documents, let's listen . ep>> i frankly am skeptical of this claim that it i declassifiednd everything. because frankly i think it's highly improbable and secondly, is in fact he sort of stood over scores of boxes, not really knowing what was in the and said i hereby declassify everything in here this would be such an abuse thatit and show such threcklessness that is almost ntworse than taking the document. >> what's the political impact of the former presidents former heally sameness . >> in terms of the political impact in the midterm elections of the mar-a-lago rtyou can expect that would be negligible compared to issues like the economy, inflation or abortion rights but
11:50 pm
certainly we heard this from aithe former president last night and it's something that would be a central focus of any 2020 presidential mcampaign and he again suggested thlast night youcould run again . whether or not even that this is an eeissue that would propel mostamericans to vote for the formerbi president we saw him focus on those kind of reasons political issues in 2020 and that just d wasn't enough formo him to be able to be july . >> so there was a bigerdustup between edoctor oz and john fetterman, the democrats in the senate race in whether they'll donate each other . there's plenty ofspin out there fromeach side . the reality is far there are zero confirms debate in any seof these big senate races . what's the political impact for voters ?'s >> i think this will resolve itself,there is a lot of this jockeying and up and up havingdebates . it's important for to know whether mfetterman is up to this task physically as well there will be plenty of debates in the process .
11:51 pm
>> minority leader mitch mcconnell has cacomplained about a candidate problem, candidate quality issues and some of the senate races. rick scott who is leading the senate republican campaign committee hfiring back very publicly saying quote, when you complain in the midst erthat we have bad candidates with what you're saying is your contempt for the voters who chose them. much of washington's shattering class district rick disrespects and not so vesecretly those republican voters, have you ever seen this kind of stack?>> i seen jabs, i've never seen this kind of open tribal gtwarfare between two leaders. rick scott this blistering piece in the washington examiner while notnaming mcconnell essentially saying that this was uitreasonous, anthat mcconnell should shut up . it's really quite a nuspectacle . if i can circle back for one minute to theoj investigation ofe donald trump and ctthat is everybody in the press is saying he's going to go to lock him up, i think he may wellt not be indicted unless
11:52 pm
just unclassified documents unless merrick garland has hsomething else over actions to harm national security because i think it's very difficult to bring charges on the declassifieddocuments even leniency in the past toward someprominent democrats . >> so back to mcconnell , is it helpful when republicans arefubickering with each other mark ? >> i don't think it is but wei'm not sure a lot of americans ndcan concentrate on it. t in 65 days we will have a decisive victory if we're talking about crime and joe biden's america . about the crisis of ithe border 200,000 illegals crossing every month, if we're talking about inflation or a reality that were going into a deeper recession by november . enif instead we're talking about pataking a oc talking points about defunding law enforcement or are getting criminals then that's going
11:53 pm
to get us off message . talking about joe biden which i think he did with that terrible speech that certainly was political and i think certainly in my mind everybody remembers the notion of hillary clinton nccalling millions of trump pens supporters deplorable is that in essence is what he's done by calling them to my fascists and that's going to rally republicans in november . >> you thinknd he'll be forced toac apologize? he is abarallying cry and i think republicans will have a decisive victory in 65 days if we'res talking about joe like and what his speech did was put him back in the center of the debate to make din a referendum on joebiden . >> francesca, those republican frustrations on how little money former pupresident trump'ssharing of the money that he is raising, the millions of dollarshe's raising withr. other republicans .one gop strategist telling fox republicans will remember who l helped and who did not . is there a risk ofrdmister
11:54 pm
trump burning more goodwill in th republican party ? >> he's certainly expending political capital as we saw anhim do in pennsylvania yesterday but when it comes to advertising , there's no amount of money you can spend toti essentially introduce candidates to mpvoters in the amount of time they have between now whand election day are politically ininexperienced and that's an issue that republicans are running into this cycle when they're into competing against democrats who have a record will have one emstatewide in pennsylvania for instance democrats on about this yearoutperformed president joe biden in 2020 and so sometimes those records can worka against democrats for sure at the same time that'sde something democrats see us working in their favor thiselection cycle ss >> as a broader emidterm being republicans want to make it about president biden, democrats want to make it about . ishave there any issue overlap here or are the parties in their separateplanes ? increasingly democrats
11:55 pm
want to tsmake it about what democrats have gotten done. you heard sean patrick maloney saidth earlier . the infrastructure deal, burn pits anden health care for veteransst. negotiating restrictions on prices so democrats want to say this is n what we've done when we been in charge and in all these dates whether avit's personal walker in georgia or doctor oz in pennsylvania or jd c hansen ohio these are extreme candidatesoe so republicans who spent so much time calling my party a socialists, communists, anti-american to e suddenly be clutching their pearls because joe esbiden says democracy is worth defending , that's a message democrats are willing to take to every state whenyoit's extremist candidates on the other side in all of these dates . democrats feel good today . >> panel, dathanks very much. see you next sunday, an y important note for next week
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>> before we go you may have heard our colleague a tremendous journalist shannon bream will take over this chair, isstarting this coming sunday, september 11 . shannon sat down with how we kurds for a media buzz interview on her life, career and shout how she approaches newsmakerinterviews . >> they're all going to try to stick to their talking points, how do you tackle that ? >> that's the trick in washington, i love getting personal time to talk about their family or interest and you find out what really motivates them and what lights their fire. >> you can see the full interviewon media buzz today on fox news andyou'll see shannon right here next
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sunday morning . congratulations to my dear friend that's it for today. have a great week and we will see you next fox news sunday .


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