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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 5, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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interview, all the ones youab just saw and well, about two hundred others on fox nation. sl they're free sign ups available right now. e tucker carlson, .com. and of course, we'll be backshow every night, 8:00 p.m. show. that's the swornosity, s enemy of lying, pomposity, smugnessmu, and groupthink at the best night with the ones who love. >> and welcome to this special edition of "hannity". now, tonight, for the full hour, we will highlight some of our exclusive interviews fromup ree past few months. first uppu, my interview with republican gubernatorial candidate congressman lee zeldin after he was viciously attacked on stage duringke a loo a campaign event by a man with a weapon. take a look at this. >> only one you don't know. now you're doing your first. ofe
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i got todi give you a lot of v credit. you very quickly went right for the wrist as a martial artist. i respect your quick response on and i wish would wish you would have used the left hand ,o but the fact that you acted that quickly prevented him from sticking that knife, you could u he could have hit your carotid. we he could have hi may nott your we may not be having this i c discussion today. you did a great job.on i congratulategr. , sean, >> well, thank you, sean. and i also have a lot of credit to the seven, eight , nine ,tei ten other people who instantlyoh ,within a few moments came to the stage and tackled this attacker. just a the law enforcement was there just a couple of minutes later y and they arrested the guy. a lot went right in saw h the responseim. >> when i saw him lunge at me with that weapon in his hand , he was going towards n my necktf area. i just instinctively went right up to grabwent rig that wrist a just needed to hold it for a few moments until that group t came in. you i got to tell you something.e frome looking at ilot fromokin different angles as you speak
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here. this was a was an n assassinatin attempt last night. you predicted he would be let out on let out with no bail. and sure enough, a guy who'sassn trying to assassinate a sitting congressman, a gubernatorial own candidate, is let out on his own recognizance, let out nol bail whatsoever. now,ever this is insanity. >> why? so he can try again. e sa you have a person who is saying you're done. he repeated that he's lunginghi at me with this weapon, with the two daggers coming out of it, similar to brassknuckl knuckleses. iolent he is charged with a a violentln felony and he is instantly released back on the street because of new york's cassells bail laws. >> i saw it coming. i wish it wasn't this way.heari and we keep hearing too many of these stories. poinou were just pointing out, some of the decisions with alvin bragg in the hosie alba case. there was another stor was cameo out a couple of weeks ago where
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two mexican cartel drugru smugglerg smugs got caught withe point two million dollars worth of crystal meth and they were instantly released back out on the streets. now, there's an argument foru cash bail.n' the advocates say thatt be s y u shouldn't be stuck behind bars on a low offen level offense. h you're not a danger.record you're not a flight risk. be you have a clean record . yo t be stuck because no mone you can't afford any amount of bail. you have no money. i get that.y but i would say that if youyou o have one point two million dollars of crystal meth and you don't have any money to pay your bill, your bail, that's on you. you're a bade a ba businessman,e drug dealer and a bad criminal. we're seeing these. stories tha in some of these cases, like in earlier today, i was ine wa syracuse, new york , there was-l a ninety three year old connie tory who was murdered by somebody released on castle's bail. oh, there's more than just data . ree bail has these are real lives. castro's bail ha fs been a failure and it needs to be repealed in new york . >>ex i'dpl likaie you to explain this. we know an email went out by your opponent, kathleen hall, called the governor'se campaign giving out all the information about every
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upcoming campaign event. this is before yesterday, including the dates, the times and when the events are scheduled. nts are duled toto begin. t of a now, in light of what's been happening with supreme court justices, in light of the environment that we have in the country, you would think that maybe she would have learned something from yesterday. my understanding is , is that she said more people to follow you again today after the assassination. n today after the assassination attempt on your life las attempt on your life last night, well, as i was goingscheu through today's schedule with obviouslyle ramped upemainr security, which will be ramped m up for the remainder of the campaign, i was traveling from thendaga county. that's the county where c syracuseount is located up tos, watertown. that's where fort drum is in jefferson. erson con the nortcounty, in th. and as we're driving up this box truck with my face, my nameo on it, criticizing mewi is following us up to the next rally. so we have rallies tomorrow. all day wehave ral have ralliesa
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on sunday, all day. i would suggest if i was kathy hochul and her campaignwo that i would have this box truck sitting on some driveway if it was ever going to pop and out. ba's pretty bad taste and bad judgment to have it right back on the road, following us around the next day. by the way, is for some badju judgment. it's dangerous. shnt, if dane shoulde should lot happened last night, look at what her campaign did as we've been doxxing supreme court justices and their childrejusti where they go to school and then churches that they attend and the timed ths they attend church, her giving oute the location where you are every second of every minute of every day in light obaf last night was a bad idea. and then she follows you againta today. she she's sending more people o. what did she not see whats she happened last night?-- she s there is there as she as she ever take a look atwhat's what's happening with these no bail laws? does she notot under understande the danger releasing violent criminals? the guy that attacked you last night could have killed you. ana
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if you look at the video closely and again, i look you your hand. he was going right up here for your neck. and givei got to give you credit because with a lot of strength, you grabbed his wrist and you put him downm down lt th long et get the assistance they came in behind you. but that could have ended very badly last night. >> she has been asked about the need to overhaul castle's was asking emm her answer was when the media was asking that she needs data. more data. i e know that there's data. i would encourage her just to count up the press clippings of the amount of cashless bell stories. that number can be the data. meanwhile, just a couple of weeks ago, after the supreme court issued the correct decision to overturn new york's concealeconcead carry law, a wek later, she passes all sorts of l new laws that are trampling all over first amendment rights to trample all over second amendment rights. even more unconstitutional thand what the supreme court had justh ruled upon. the media asked her, well, do theshave any data to back up going after these concealed carry permit holders that
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they're the ones causing she d the problem? and she says she doesn't nee't a data because she's the governor . when she was asked about alvinh bragg, she says, cut him some slack. he's doing his job. he just got there. i say that on january 1st, my first day as governor, itonst is not just a constitutional authority. it is my constitutional author l duty to remove. alvin bragg is ms my fy firsirtn as governo sr. and when she was asked just a little while ago, a few days ago about the hosie alba cased and alvin bragg, she says that i she's not going to get involved at all. it's not her business. and i would argue that if there was one of 19 million new yorkers who would havedoing the a duty, a responsibility to speak up when you have a d.a. doing the wrong thing, it is the governor by the constitution. we do nornor by constitutit havs state. so it's a whole lot of baddgmenc judgment. collectoollectivr and she realls to go .enat >> all right.or t senator ted cruz, he recently traveled to the southern border to expose what he called
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a narco slave trade. and here is what senator ted cruz uncovered. >> take a look. these children come in in debt to vicious cartels. thousands and thousands of dollars. and the teenage boys worked for the gangs. and every city in america. a hel and the teenage girls experience a worse than their with far too many of them human trafficked into slavery. joe biden and kamala harris are responsible for the worst plague of slavery in americaca since the civil war. >> all right. joining us now with mores texa is texas senator ted cruz.tor t senator , a while back on show my radio show,i i interviewed somebody that that secured the border. >> one of the agents. and for 15 years, he followed the industry that literally comes across our southern border.
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you've been now chronicling this in real time, happening at a much, much more accelerated pace than ine ac prior years. >> what did you see? it is horrific.ut it is a human tragedy thatr soue is playing out on our southern border. so two wee weeksks ago, i brougt seven senators down to the southern border. it i there many, many times.e wo it is the worst i've ever seen it. we've had over three million people cross illegally peopl sie joe biden became president . we went out weig arrived thursd first thin did isg we did is we went out on midnight patrol with the border patrol. yo pu don't have to hunt for illegal aliens within minutes. you find them literally within minutes. first group we found wass, three teenagers. we found we found them them witn minutes of being out there. about five minutes later, weutt founse gd the second group.n pep the second group was aboutl wom a dozen people. it was almost all women and children. there were two little girls,both both sev seven years both of them were unaccompanied minors. they didn't have a parent t, wn didn't have a family member.'t they weren't sisters.
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so they were unrelated. ey they were in thi were s group os adults. the border patrol agents wweree were with , they showed us a0 y patch of grass is about three hundred yards from where we were, where two were tw weekw earlier they had found two girls ages five , six , both of whom had been brutally. right.ed there by the drug cartels.y and they provided medical carese to these girls who were horribly injured by these violent criminals. >> this is happening everyg eve minute of every day. you cannot watch it. so on the banks of the rio grande, you see littered these these plastic wrist bracelets,bt virtually every illegalua immigrant who crosses im is wearing a color. coded plastic wrist bracelet. the color corresponds tods of do how many thousands of dollarse they oweca the cartel. so you've got to pay the cartel anywhere between three thousand and four. for chinese illegal immigrants, they're paying as much as 50 or seventy thousand dollars to come in illegally. and you have tlegao pal any thel
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. there is one hundred percentry operational control of the border. if you try to croscrborder s the border on your own, the cartel ann yoill you. and what happens when you cross' over the border patrol isn't catching these peopl peoe. they go look for the borderthey patrol. they turn themselves in voluntarily. they hav havf anmeone e a name and address of someone in the united states and joe biden kamala harris, they are the last mile of the human trafficking network. so every city in america, youonl might think i don't live iivn texas, i'm not in a bordere youh state. i promise you, whatever city cit you're in, whatever staty yoe you're in, you're in a border state because joe bidenur is flying illegal immigrants to your state and the teenage boys, they show up, they oh, drg the mexican drug cartels, off thousands of dollars. the way they pay it off is they. work for the drug c they're in the employ of these criminal cartels. t worse.and girls have it worse. the girls horribly, many of them are trapped in slavery. littleawn, think about it for a second. you let's say you're a honduran
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little girl. you're y fifteen years old, you're looking north, you're imagining life in america. america,you're imagining life in freedom. and you end up you're parents agree to pay the cartelsu and you you end up six months later working in a brothel, trapped where every day you're y ol slavery, trying to pay off your debt. n. and it's like an old school plantation. they charge the girls for their food, for their room, forf their board, for their air conditioning, they charge them $40 to cut off an ankle bracelet and every day,ir whatever money they make, they charge them against and they're just them trapped h this is what joe biden, the democrats are doing and youo cannot defend it. it's not humane. it's not compassionate.and itin is horrific and inhumane. a and evil. adult and any adult traveling in a caravan that sees this happening with the cartels, their hands are tiedeir hand. aa sp they attempt to stop a , they will be murdered on the spot, correct?
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>> yes. agd i'll tell you something, the border patrol agents toldbee me this time, it's something i've never heard before at the border. b order.they described a phenomenn they're seeing now, which is what they call trees, which is the cartels take women over girls or women. and in the united states , they violently them here.n th and then they hang the girls of the women's underwear in the trees. and so they're trees wheretreesh they havthey have dozens of woms underwear hanging in them. and it's designed to be it's a trophy, but it's also taunting law enforcement. you can't stop me. and the maddening thing is we can stop them.this we know how to stop this. this wasn't happening. jonald trump, the reason this is happening is joe biden rad and kamala harris care more about the radicals and the open border leftists than they do about protecting the immigrants who are being murdered. look, we saw in san antoniopeope
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a tractor trailer with fifty four people who died of heature, exposure, children as young as 13. fifty four murdered. the body bg the body bags under joe biden are building up over and over again. >> and up next, my exclusive interview with eric trump. the night mar lago was raided by the fbi. >> straight ahead, ahead. why ht your skiron if you, pexton, hass your moderate to severe eczema or atopic dermatitis? e of eczeunder control? e of eczeunder control? hi . my skin. not becausyou onee you picks it targets a root cause of eczema. it helps heal your skin from in keeping you one step ahead of it. >> hi . no t me and four kids ages six months and up. that means clearer skin and noticeably less itch with depiction you can change how their skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice in my skin, not me. >> serious, allergic reactionsdn
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the other one . welcome to fox news live. i'm jack, ivana's in new york . tennessee police report that a body has been found at a home in memphis some 20 minutes from where school teacher eliza fletcher was kidnaped. the body has not yet been identified. the home reportedly belongs to the brother of the man charged in fletcher's disappearance. police reveal the suspect served prison time for another kidnapping, 20 years ago.
11:19 pm
thirty four year old eliza fletcher, teacher and mother of two, was violently abducted last friday while out on a routine early morning jog. and word from canada that one of the two suspects in the deadly stabbing of 10 people has been found dead. his brother remains at large . it's not yet clear how damien sanderson died, but authorities in saskatchewan province confirm it was not suicide. they believe his brother may have been hurt. a total of twenty eight people were stabbed in sunday's attack . jackie bond is now back to the hannity special for all of your headlines. for all on the fox news. >> .com. >> all right. the two tiered system of justice was on full display when the fbi raided mar a lago e in palm beach. c trump with eri the night of that raid. >> let's take a look. eric , you're with your dad as this was unfolding. >> u i wish in fact, i was the guy that got the call this morning and i called my father, him t it happened.
11:20 pm
so i was involved in this all day. and , you know, welcome to politics in twins. my fat sean, my father never got so much as a speeding ticket in's a his life, you know, unti gl heoo made one decision that's to go down the escalator. a lotpend a o lfend money and go and actually fight for this country for the firstro time. and he did a better job than anybody has ever done. and they started coming after him. "the washington post", the day he won 2016, the day he won november eight . that meathat night, they wrote . article. this is when impeachment begins. he was president. president . he hadn't been elected forthey five minutes at that point. start -- this is when impeachment begins, and he's in and they start this is when impeachment begins. and then he's impeached the first time. and then he was impeacheched thh a second time and theyeybe slandered him, belittled him. you knowlittent afte, they wentt they went after all of i us . there's no family in american history that has taken evre arrows in the back thane the trump family. every single time.litics. and you know what? it's gone on past politics. attorney you look at the attorney generals, you look at districthe attorneys all over the country. all they want to do is they want to get donald trumpn .sendf they raise money on they send fundraising emailsr tm
11:21 pm
about it., they brag on camera aboutheyt i. they go after him, they subpoena him. t i'm probably the most subpoenaed person intates. the history of the united states . every singlele day we get anot r donaoena and they do it for one reason because they don't want donalldd trump to run and win again in twenty ,hat's twenty four . and sean , that's what this h is about today, to have thirty fbi agents more than that descend on mar a lago give absolutely no notice, noti, go through the gate, start ransacks the in office, ransackn a closet. you know, they broketo intoe di a safe. . he didn't even have anything in the safe. anroan, give me a break. and thism, is coming from what the national archives. yet hunter biden, he's firearms, crimes,, illegal drugs. illshady deals with everybody- around the world. and by the way ay, it's, toll on hisiting, laptop for the whole world to h see in his own writing, in his own words, corroborated by everybody where these fbi? agents, where where is everybody? why is it the the arrows only fly at donald trumppoliti
11:22 pm
and his family? why is it thatca the politicalin persecution only goes one way in this country? >> s talk a little bit were being told.hi what was the purpose for this raid, sean?? >> the purpose of the raid fromc what they said was because the national archives wantedhiko corroborate whether or not donald trump had any documents in his possession. and my father has worked.s wo sorked collaborate heavilylook with them for inin fact,g the lawyer that's n working on this was totally shocke d because i have such an amazing relationship with these people. and all of a sudden i no noticga 20 cars and 30 agents. tica sean, i mean, this this is just more political persecution. of donald j.he's trump. they see. - and let me let me go to show every single place, because- pla i'm assuming allse right, so your father is packing. he's leaving the white house. the whiti don't know. didn' i'm guessing that your dad probably didn't pack a single. box. can te i'm just guessing you wouldll know better than i .
11:23 pm
you can tell me if he did or if he did all these boxes, alll this, althl your personal itemss get brought down to matir a lag. there's a question about whether there might be classified information that had been had bee written about a longros time ago. >> let's walk through the process. so mar a lago, the people that work for your dad were workingwe with the national archives to go through the material to make sure if there was anything mistakenly taken that it was going to be returned g to be re. , is t and you wereha working collaboratively, collaboratively on that, is that correct?t t? >> so when the so when the president moves at h the white house, you effectiveleffectivy six hours ty out of the white house.time it's effectively inauguration f timeor where one president gets eoved out and on president gets moved in. right. that's how the whole systeorksmn works, is yb, as you know better than anybody, my father alwaysep kept clippings, press hav clippings. he would have newspaper articles, pictures, notes fromao us . when my mom passed awaup stil a couple of weeks ago,l he still had all the notes, you know,yeaa over the years, had and saved
11:24 pm
all the notes that she had everr written him. i mean, it's a beautiful thing n my father savegse s clippingsl h and things like that. so he hat,d he had boxes.e whit all right. when he moved the white house. n and he was very if you wanthint to search forht anything, if you think anything like, come right ahead. i mean, it was was it was an opn door policy. and all of a sudden thirty agents descend upon mar-? a lago. shawn, this didn't come froml the local fbi field office in palm beach. florida.florida. you know who this came from? this came from one place and one building, and that d.c is the white house in washington, d.c. they want to ta attack a guy who they view is his greatest threata is biden's greatesposturt. donald j. right.p is and that's exactly what donald trump is . because you know what? he had ayou hn incredibly stronf country.ecresi people realize he was andent and effective president . and you see bide youe n right n i mean, taiwange is gettingar circled by military planeseak rh literally. as we sit here and speak rightug now, you've got, you know,ot russia, ukraine, which is a hape total disaster. you've got everything that's happening in iran, which is a ir. sterni you've got inflation, you'veoutl got gas prices. all the things you talk aboutgh, arl right. we're not respected by anybody
11:25 pm
around the world. garbage.omy is garbage. you know, and they worry you know, and they worry that donald trump will come back ines and win this vero y easily. they also worry about the twenty, twenty two midtermsn ,which is the only reason they're doing the sham. january six panel that does not have a single republican on it., i mean, othe 25than liz cheney, who's about to lose her race by twenty five points. cal persn right. it's more political persecution of donal d trump.rump they can't stand that americans. love him. i mean, evenen as i watch a channel right now, they keep on showing these beautiful clips of people wavingeople, tru flags outside of mar a lago, his supporters. when has it ever happened?cal me innt in th a political movementu the united states before? >> you know, you k think back back to the russia hoax,a the russia, a witch hunt, the conspiracy theory, iwitch tt on for three long years.every sn eric , you know, i covered iigtt every single night. and we ended up beingsingle vindicated on every single solitary thing that was reported on this show with ournm full ensemble cast. ble you know, ari fleischer twed out, all i can say is the fbiun better have a slam dunk
11:26 pm
criminal case. otherwise, the buycaise the h the administration and the doj have crossed a linave of no return. what could they possibly think exist inside of mara lago in a box that was taken from the white house that that was so damaging that the fbied state director and the attorney general of the united states would would have to raids a former president's residence and grab everything out of there, because that doesn't make sense. what wha t what could whatse to secret document could possibly riseth to that level?now, t >> i don't know.note for they'll probably find a note from me tellinhig him how proudm i am of hiigm and what a greatet job he is doing as president.ur they might find some pictures of my kids, maybe some nice headlines, maybee i stole fromn you. sean, it'se. honsane. how many times can you cry wolf ? i mean, the fbi drag this whole country through for three years based on lies and deceit. s and deceand dirty dossiers anf warrant and everything else.
11:27 pm
ina warranright. and everything proved to be incorrect, fraudulent, madela up an absolute sham.s countr they dragged this countrythey through and here they areone do again, raiding the guy's house.g i mean, when dwhen youo you giv when do you say enough's being enough? when do yo whou give a human beg who fought so hard for this country? when you give them the benefit of the doubt, it's got to stop.p >>ub sean, i mean, this is we d. have a banana republic stuff. so hillary clinton deletes the all right. so hillary clinton deletes the thirty three thousand emails. she come shes up with the dirtyt russian dossier that dossiershao disseminatedssiers to the press the media mob of the willingacse accomplices. they disseminate false information in the lead up to the twenty sixteen election. md nothing happens to her.ogize nothing happens toor the media.e they don't evecon apologize or o correct the record at anyur particular point. then, of course, thatverifi information unverified is used to spy on carter pagede backdoor into the trump campaign transition team and presidencym . nobody gets held accountabler th for that. if you ou or yo or your brother don jr.
11:28 pm
,god forbid you lied on a gun application. ing ti i doubt you'med be on this program tonight. you'd be serving time in jail hv or have processed crimes. peter navarro was being chargedl with a misdemeanor. that usually means youlyth call the lawyer and say, have time your client report at this timae at this place. or we will secure a warrant for that person's arrest. paarresame with process crime with manafort or same with roger stone. i mean, these were these are not violent t criminals that deserve predawn raids with gunsr in their face. and then of course, tipped offr. cnn cameras. and america tonight is asking,gh dot is a we have equal justice,i application of our laws in thise countrr y? u with the because after the way they treated your father with the russian hoax after, again, they better have a good . reason for this.'s follhere's another thing with the lawyers allowed to follow the fbi through mar a lago today as they werene wat looking everywhere, dichd anyone watch? no. the answer is lawyers weren'tal
11:29 pm
allowed. they weren't allowed to be anywhere.lowed d to be re win sight. it's horrible, that's got within sight. it's b that's got teo be a ghiolation right there. eren't allthey weren't allowed t be anywhere in sight. i'm going back to hillary. there's a whole lot of others. things about the benghaziout th scandals. how about the clinton foundation? i mean, how manydation. shady oligarchs from russia were contributing to that look about how about uranium? t urone ? sca yondu want to talk about scandar that were never investigatede ,l never vetted. you knowthee and, it's the ruler the and not for me. right. ow >> that's the old you know it, john . this has been happening since gy day one .nald trump, who they cannot stand that a guywas named donald trump, who ispmen a real estate developet rme who built tremendous wealth and fame, was able tle to o go t a political system, the u.s., and take out a person like hillary clinton and beat them at their own game and thengton, go into washingtond. and do a phenomenal job and not playd by the rules and end upesiden becoming one of the besttsthey presidents this country hasir on ever had. athe guy tu and then they put in one ornfs u their own and the guy turns out to be an absolute flop. he does a terrible, terriblerril job and the country is going to under his leadership.he and then now ally' osf a sudden,
11:30 pm
they realize that his son's inis trouble and that he's in trouble and their political partietrouble ans in e and that donald trump is poised if he wanted it, ihef he decided to hop back on that stage, and wanted it, they knowthat he's poised to win. and guess what?atens wh that threatens them. that threatens who they are. and they will do anything tak they can to take him out toon ot take me out,, to take don out, to take a walk out, to takey ou our family out. t,they do it every single day.e they do it at a state level. they do at a federal level. d the fbi knows thatr they subpoenas. they make our lives on everhely single day because they are threatened by donald trump. and honestlyald j. t, i hope an, saying this for the first time, i hope he goes out and these ho guys again, because honestly, this country can't survivery cas nonsense. wh can't this is not who we are. this is who venezuela, sean. this is banana republic antics. having a home. f the forty fiftbih president of the united states raided by fbin agents, safes broken open. this is not who we areimagine as democracy. >> imagine if thatt happened to
11:31 pm
the barack obama. >> the world would be in an uproar. well, eric trump, i don't know r . i think arigi fleischer's rightt if you watch what they've done over the years, they don't get the benefit of the doubt toe anymore because they lied and they tried to take your father out for three yearsr and they used a dirty hillary yo dossier to do itn . they spied on him illegally.l nobody wasth held accountable. t shere wasn't held accountable. no raid on hunter's house. they had the laptop longer thany anybody. directory. oh, i don't know anythinthing an a laptop. ly poe we certainly hav a politicized department of justicstice, te, no doubt aboutu >>s eric trump, thank you for being with us tonight. appreciate it. itand up next, senator joshtor o hawley got intsho a very tensers exchange with a berkeley lawor professor about who can get pregnant. we w i never thought i'd debateil this. we will next. >> today, rising prices are everywhere at nutrisystem.
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business and news headlines on sirius xm any time anywhere. fox news out of you on sirius xm america is listening. >> right back in july during a senate judiciary committee hearing, senator josh hawley engaged in a bachek and forthfer with a berkeley law professo or over who can get pregnant. >> i can't believe it, but take a look. you mr. bridges, you said severalpha times you've used a phrase, i want to makese sur e i understand what you mean by it. you've referred to people with a capacity for pregnancy, with heavy women. many women, cis women have the capacity for pregnancy. many women do not have the capacity for pregnancy. there are also transmee are alns capable of pregnancy, as well as non binary people who are. capable of pregnancy. >> this isn so this isn't really a women's rights issue. othet's we can recognizee that this impacts women while also recognizing that it impacts other groups. thos, those things are not mutu. exclusive. >> senator holly. oh, so >> so your view is is that
11:37 pm
the core of this this right then is about what? so i want to recognize that your line of questioning is trans phobic and it opens up trans people of violence by not recognizing. >> now you're saying thatng top i'm opening up people tole u violencep ng wheth by asking whr not women are the folks who canr have pregnancies. >> so i'm onegnanc e i want to note that one out of trans five transgenderge persons havei attempted suicide. because ofnk it's my line of questioning, becausec we can't talk about it, becausan denying that trans people exist- and pretending not to know thatt they exist. i'm denying that trans people exist by asking you if you're are you about women? >> are you having pregnancies?na >> do you believe that men can get pregnant? rans >> no, i don't think you are exi denying that trans people like this thing that leads tois r violence. is this how you ruounm? your classroom? are students allowed to question oare studre they r areo treated like this?we we're thrilled that they're opening up peopl --e to violencu >> we have a good guy in my class. you should jump right back . you might learu n a lot. learn >> wow.m i would learn a lot. i've learned a lot. i know. , extrao
11:38 pm
>> extraordinary. yeah. all right.>> sean: here's senator whorleyse with reactionator ction ton to y exchange. senator , i guess you're transsi phobic and you're you know, according to this professor, opening up transup trans peoplet violence by not recognizing them at no time. them.during that exchange that e i see, you didn't acknowledge that there are people that are transgender, you know, here, here is the modern democrat is h party today, sean. it is that you have have to sat men can get pregnant. and if you don't say it, thend you are a bigot and you are responsible for violence. i meanolence.", that is the pard let's not forget who inviteds this witness. she was thertherse as a democrat witness. dem you didn't see a single that. democrat disagree with that. in fact, they're all over social media applauding her and saying, oh, that's exactly right.hat's exot exact right, is exactly crazy, which is wh it's not exactly right is exactly crazy, which is why voters arevo running, screaming away from the democrat party. this is crazines s. and i tell you, sean, they are. so out of touch with america. it's just you you can't evenwhee make this stuff up.
11:39 pm
>> all right. so when she says to you and aski you a question, i guessng offering you a tes test,t, do yu believe that men can get pregnant? and your answer is no, i don'ti think men can get pregnant. that led her to state that that means that you deny peopl the existence of trans people. okaye. she i, so she's saying tt somebody was biologically born. a woma n is now considersyou themselves a man. you acknowledgowledge e some peo that and some people go throught whatever surgery they have. but there's no there is noha biologically born male thatw i know of. and i like to follow the science that i'm aware of that would be capable of as a biological man burying a childfr . is that not a fact?is tha t i think it's affection.ct >> and you know what? but for today's democrats, it's and democrat leaders, it's n not only not a fact, it is religion to them that you affirm that men can get pregnant. and if you don't say it, thenis
11:40 pm
you are responsible for violence. i mean, this is their life , by the way, these are the same people, the same democrat leaders who want to force young women to compete against biological men in girls sports . i mean, now we know why, if foro all the parents out there, like why in the world do all of these democrats want to w eliminate girls sports ? now, you know whhyy they don'ts believe there is any such thing as a woman, not really. and they think that ifbe a bio a biological man wants to claim to be a woman, that's that's fine. and we all have to accept it or else we're bigoted and violent . >> it's just crazy.into t all right.wo so this gets into two big one, issues. no , one , age appropriateness in terms of what we teach our kids. thiss an issue now is an issue s come up pretty much all across the country and that is okay. we have to teach first graders, second graders, third graders, about gender identity. >> i don't think that'sropria particularly age appropriate. teand the idea that you can be born biologically a man and then identify as a womananse and be transgendered and then compete in female sports ,n jenr
11:41 pm
as caitlyn jenner has said, on this program, i don't reallyr care what your testosterone levels are now. whatn yo they when you hit pube, that would be the time that would matter the most. >> yeah, that's exactly and i don't think that you'rey i going to find many parents in this country. i mean, i say this s as a parentsay ye of three kids, three little kids. i don't have any parents who . so, yeah, i want my my young girl. i want her to have to play against biological males. nt them i want them to be in her room. i want them to be in her spaces, b safe spaces. i thought the left is all aboutw safe spaces, but not for women.f not anymore. not for young women. it's a crazy agenda, sean. like nobody supports this agenda. what, two percent of the population? maybe it's crazinessbe. and you hear democrats say this stuff and insist that we all affirm. a it's notte just that it'st bu their opinion. i mean, sure, you can have whatever opinion you want, but to insist that we have to agreev that women should playe sportsa went have to agree that men can get pregnant or else we are predators. >>e pr i mean, that's just insan
11:42 pm
it is now getting into a really important part of all this. either you agreegree wit with everything the professor is is saying or you're trans tw phobic. one , two. p you're puttingutti people'ngives threisk that would cause threats to their lives, or three , that would cause them to have a risk of suicide. y that is patently if you arest asking an honest question about how do you define a man, how do you define, a woma an, and is it your contention that biologically born men can haveqn children? that would be d ifa fair questi. and if you don't give the right answer, then you get labeledit a trans phobic. you get the trans phobic tattoo ,you know, literally etched into your forehead. well, and what they use that as an excuse for on the lefte lt that is to censor speech. and you could see that's wherewn this witness was goinges today. is that oh, my goodness, to vi your questions can lead toolldne violence. therefore, you shouldn't be asking them. i mean, that was m the import o what she said to me. and we is that all you shouldn'tsaying
11:43 pm
asking these questions. t and we see the left saying that. everywhere. if you question biological men and women, sports , you're meetgot and you need to be shut down. we see iparentt at school board meetings. parents raise these questions. they're calledy ar domesticft's terrorists. this is the left's tactic.c. you agre hem e with theor em or elsetelly they will shut you down, censoor your speech and tell you you have n are ghts. >> and again, this is what voters are saying. it's crazy.s crazy. i have a so. all right.of i instead ofnd indoctrinating kid, a captive audience in we le a classroom, why don't we letth these these other creatureots that are called parents, momsdo and dads, why don't they instillth values in their kids? and then we focufocus on somethe we've forgotten about a long time ago, even even though we spend more per capita on ontion kids for education than any in other country inth the industris world with the worst results, t why don't we teach theeachm reag ,writing, math , science let and computers? ord let's say let the parents instill the values or ofre some parents are uncomfortablene about these topics. you can offer opt t inin after
11:44 pm
school programs, offer parents a curriculum, and if they want to buy intbuy o itin, they cantn into it all they want.educatio but don't take away the educational opportunities in the time that needs toe be focused on on the main subjects. >> how's that? that's a fair compromise. preti would say that sounds pretty good. >> i mean, whad.t a concept, ally t actually . eateach kids lessons and information, knowledge they can use. she'k about this could uthink as democrat witness today. she's a professor, i think, at berkeley. don' so her students are paying ,t kn i don't know, sixty seventy a year toollarsow, be taught this craziness.. >> go figure. abouand next, my interview with congressman ronnie jackson about the nastnasty noy he reced from barack obama. >> that's straight ahead. ♪today, rising prices are everywhere at nutrisystem. we believe this shouldn't stop you from losing weight and living healthier.
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all right. as we continue, texas congressman and former white house physician ronnie jacksontn received a pretty scathing email from barack obama aftersc jote to criticize joe biden's cognitive decline. dr. ronneye ine. jackson spoke o us about that note. texas congressma note.n and forr white house physician ronnie jackson revealed in his upcoming book, holupcomik "hold that barack obama sent him a pretty scathing email concerning ronnie jackson'sg tweet during the twenty twenty campaign, highlightinn hg joe biden's cognitive decline and suggesting that he takese a mental fitness test, the same one that donald trump took. teln obama quickly responded via email, telling the congressman heg the co needed to express his disappointment and that the tweet was, quote, unpreparedth and beneath the office that he once held. just to refresh your memory. cogn some of the great cognitive moments that congressman jackson is talking about. >> take a look. if l youoo agree with me, go to
11:50 pm
joe three. oh, three three oh. play the radio. make sure the television excuse me. a make sure you have the record player on it. the phone.t. make sure the kids hear words. we choose truth over facts for kids. you're just as bright and just s as talented white kids. maine, new hampshire, america gone on the mend. they're on them. they're not on the mend any longer. jill're on the movspeae. please sit down. i'm jill's husband. and we biden's grandson, father, senator duckworth,-- ist introduced her to a 11 year old is in vivian v vivian. i saw a woman who just died. the secretary of state used to have an expression. she said, we areon, the essentil nation. >> the first lady's husband, contraction covi d. but look at this room and what you see.
11:51 pm
that's right. she's fine. it's together.>> sea >>n: covisint and dr. jackson. joins us with reaction. congressman, you too took carekf how many presidents? >> three .ree, three , shonen three . okay, george . three w. bush, barack obama and donald trump. >> correct. that's correct. and there was a push to to havet donald trump take this cognitive test. and you were ververy cley clearn telling him whatever the results are. and it's not a particularly easyrl test, they will be released to the public. you told him that? , ever absolutely, sean.yo there was a complete outrage. everyone was up in arms.l th alesl elites from academic medicine and the press. they were relentless in their insistence that we had the president cognitively assessed, which we dided, whichi and as youth know, he passed with flying colors and , you s is kind ofw that where this all originated. you know, i saw thatday tweetwh
11:52 pm
one day when i was driving totht a campaign event that ronald mcdonald put out with some of these ga puts. and one in particular, i think,e was where he thought he was running for the senate and he couldn't remember which state en he was in.ted ou i don't remember. and , you know, she tweeted outa a video of itet and i just i was a little frustrated with the double standard. and i just replied treplo the tt i just retweeted and i said, me wow, does anybody remember the cognitive test that i gave at real donald trump, the one that he aced? looks like t somebodhey else nes a test. scary. that was it. as a that was t a pretty benign twee. overall. that's all i said. within twenty minutes. dang, i got a sktes, i got a e email fromrippin president obama just ripping me apart, telling me, you know,g ih was beneath meys and the office that i had served as aside physician to the president. nt aas a navy, as a navy admira. disappointed in me. and it was you know, it was youo know, he considered me a friende and it was a betrayal of him. d and all the people i'd workeds with at the white house and so o on and so forth. lit tlyou know.t you know, i was a little bit yoo kind of you know, it kind ofbe h had a weird effect on me, toond be hones t with .way bu and t i kind of wanted to pickt
11:53 pm
the phone up and call him right away. but i was late for a campaign event. soi was i went in and did the t first and i was going to call oi him when i went back out. but whenng about i went out, i d t and i picked i the phone up and i called somebody that i knew would understand situati a weird situation havi that i was in. and maybe some of the weird feelings i was having about getting that, you know, kind of a combination between a little off, but also having my feelings hurt a little bit by that, you know, by thatlings email. soi i picked the phone up and k called bongino, dan bongino, because dan and i worked he wther at damascenes tsecre service when i was at the whitet house, he knew exactly what i'do be going through. i calledugalled da dan and dan w of cleared it up for me. thin dan said, ronnie, you don't know this gue y a thing. he said, did he ever pick the phone up by single time when you are being butchered pri as president, trump's nominee for the va secretarye for th, dc did he douo one thing toup and defend you? he could have picked the phone up, made mad a phone call toed john tester or anybody else, and he could have stopped itwi with one phone call. to help yu you don't owas all garbage. he didn't do anything to help you. you don't owe this a guy thing.' thing. and then i just sit there forowi a minute. i thought, you know what?s he's absolutely right. i don't know thi s thing. >> and , you know, we ask youu s this,. saying
11:54 pm
what about i writing them back now and saying in retrospect, i put this in my new book, the letter that you sent me in retrospect, with all of the of the multitude of gas that bidena has and all the cognitive struggleno s that everybody else in the world sees, say, do youis still stand by your previous letter to me otter to r do you o give me the apology that you owe me? >> i would write that letter>> back to obama. g to g i could i'm eta guess and i'm n going to get a responsei on that. ththink i burnedburn that bridg. but,is you know, i wrote thise k book, sean, out of frustration.i yoheu know line,, the book's hog the line. you caren go outat s and get itt now. abou got a lot of great stories in it, like thist he pre aboutsi my relationships with all three of the presidents and some of the , you know, some of the interactions for with them that i wrote thisttin one out of frustration. i was just discussing the sameb reason i'm sittingas a mongr beu as a member of congress now, because i'm really frustrated with what's happening in this country and at the time. yeah. do you see joe biden cognitively declining even further? >> because i d furthero every db sean. every day.ou you mentioned that hishand was
11:55 pm
physician said he's worried about hihe nees inds washingtone he t needs to.s where are you worried about?ds r a lot more than his hand washing. he needs a serious cognitive assessment. and if he's not willing to doi l it, i will administer a test to him. i will do it c. and if you want to go and go to test biden, .com, i will register you as one he hast asking for that as well. but definitely this manembarr is getting worse and he's an embarrassment. you can see what's going on overseaascan see whats righte he is not inspiring confidenceae in anyon ae and it's a dangerous time to have a commander in chief and a head of state like this man right now. sean:i will have more "hannity" right after this. why hide your skin if you, becas why hide your skin if you, becas pexton, has your moderate toma, severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? >> hi . my skin not because dew picks and targets are root cause of eczema. not me helps heal m within keeping you one stepeal m within keeping you one stepeal m ahead of it. thkin, times my skin, not me and foure, kids ages six months enough. that means clearer skin chang
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for free to order your free kids guide to president trump gift bundle. just visit free trump guide .com. that's free trump guide .com. >> ever wonder how much your neighbor's house is worth ? go to to search home value estimates and compare your home could be worth more than you think. visit shonali .com today. shannon dream is a new host of fox news sunday. i had this front row seat to history over the last fifteen years. now a proud sunday morning tradition continues. don't mention christmas . she hosts fox news sunday fox nations hit series who is returns with an all new episode featuring joe rogan from a struggling comic. >> nobody knew rogen except other comics to global sensation challengers mainstream appeal. >> he makes the argument he was having some interesting people talking about vaccines. everyone's afraid to make. it makes him more powerful than he could have ever imagined.
12:00 am
they're going to love him or you hate him, but you're going to know who he is . who is joe rogan streaming now on fox nation? unfortunately, that is all lef the time we have left thising. evening. as always, thank you foras beint with us and thank you for making this show possible. plear so youour dv never miss an episode ofre hannity. have a great night. ati'm laura ingraham and welcoma to this special labor day edition of the anger angle. now, a lot has happened over the past few months from the raid of a former president's home to the current president , lowering our standard of living to, of course, america. first candidates showing democrats what they're going rst cand tod toni be up against ingh november. w and tonight, we're going tilo take a look back through the eyes of my angles. we begin the show with sabotaging america. that is the focus of tonight'sa. firs