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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 6, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> todd: fox news alert, a majority ordevelopment in the case of heiress eliza fletcher. tough story here. yooufr watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. the main suspect refusing to cooperate with police, but a family member is going public,
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saying there is no doubt cleotha abston is involved in this case. jackie ibanez has details. >> jackie: unidentified body found in the search for eliza fletcher. investigators uncovered a body in the wooded area of south memphis, just seven miles from where cleotha abston was last seen. please have not confirmed the identity of the death. there is a first hearing later this morning and the felon is faces charges of identity theft after stealing a woman's cash app the day before eliza fletcher went missing. my whole family is whacky, they are all perpetrators of something, he says. fletcher sat out for a morning drive and reported missing by
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her husband just before 8:00 that morning. authorities discovered video of a violent attack, the unidentified body was found three days later. cleotha abston is refusing to cooperate with authorities and is being held on $500,000 bail. back to you. >> carley: death toll in philadelphia rising by three after string of shootings across the city, at least 12 people shot yesterday. police say two were killed and four others hurt in one incident. a 21-year-old man was shot and killed in broad daylight, bringing the holiday weekend total to nine deaths and 29 injuries. authorities outside of washington, d.c. are enforcing a curfew in response to soaring gun violence after maryland
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county reports deadliest month. there is curfew from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. monday through thursday and midnight from 6:00 a.m. friday through saturday unless accompanied by adults. the move follows spike in violent crime. >> todd: chicago mayor lightfoot continuing her feud with greg abbott. now lightfoot is questioning abbott's religion. >> this is not the teaching of the bible i know and religious leaders are standing up and denouncing exactly this. abbott's office says instead of attacks on the governor, mayor lightfoot should call on
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president biden to take action to sethe border, something the president continues failing to do. we spoke with david webb, here is his take on the feud between governor abbott and lightfoot. >> joe biden has been shipping illegal migrants all over the country, night flights including anywhere he can get them. so for lightfoot, call abbott, he'll take your call. winter is coming in chicago, how will lightfoot do for the residents of chicago. >> todd: federal judge appointing special -- what was taken from margaret thatcher.
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>> carley: stick around for that and hundreds of flights cancelled, capping off chaos for travelers. with prices on the rise, what should we expect? cheryl casone has your travel guide coming up. ♪
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>> todd: a federal judge granted donald trump's -- brooke singman, good morning. >> brooke: good morning, guys, that ruling by the federal judge approves appointment of a special master trump asked for and puts pause on the review of the seized documents. the court temporarily joins the government for investigative purposes pending completion of the special master's review or further court order. cannon orders the documents to be reviewed. according to inventory, the department took 11,000
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documents, only 100 were marked with classification and seized empty folders and also include trump's medical documents, correspondence related to taxes and accounting information. the former president raged against what he sees as a double standard saying they rifled through the living quarters of my 16-year-old barron and melania. common theft pointed out in the laptop from hell and elsewhere, they never raided or broke into the house of hunter biden or the house of joe biden. ranking member of the house oversight committee, james comer called the ruling monumental. >> it benefits the president a lot, i don't think the president
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would have been granted special master had the doj had all their i's dotted and t's crossed. this was a big victory for donald trump. >> the former president's legal task is tasked with working with the justice department for candidates for the special master. >> carley: let's bring in mark smiths, good morning, great to see you. what is your take on the appointment of this special master and where do things go from here? >> obviously from a public relation point of view, this is a huge victory for president trump, because department of justice said they did not want a special master appointed because it was not needed because the department of justice could be trusted to filter through the relevant information and anything that should not be turned over to the investigative
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team would be set aside, you have independent federal judge saying, i will not agree, we need independent third party with no connection to the department of justice to make this determination. the other interesting thing is apparently some documents were exposed improperly to the investigative team and the judge said i cannot trust the department of justice to do the job itself and we need an independent person in here, again, it is a blow to doj, it is a win for donald trump. >> todd: the doj is complaining this will delay this process, mark, why are they in such a rush here when investigators like say the durham investigation are taking a very long time? >> i'm not really sure the doj is really in a rush at the end
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of the day because president trump has been out of office for a year and a half, which is not exactly a fast time and they have been talking about the documents for about 18 months so what is the rush? i'm not sure there is a rush, but certainly that was their position in court in front of this federal judge, they want to move with speed because it is so important, why did it take 18 months if this is so important? not like the documents were unknown, they have known about this. are they moving with speed? it is not so clear. >> carley: start of the saga right now, jump to the end, how do you see this playing out and do you think the former president will face charges as relates to the documents? >> i'm not sure he's going to be indicted, remember sometimes the lingering concern about being indicted or charged with a crime
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is punishment in and of itself, mere fact they were having this conversation today about whether or not president trump is going to be charged with a crime demonstrates in terms of public relations political point of view, it is something we're talking about, we're not talking about the midterm, we're talking about president trump who hasn't been president going toward two years and we're still talking about him. how does this play out? there is question of what will happen in the court system. i'm skeptical they will charge him, but in terms of the political ramifications we'll keep talking about this because he is former president of the united states and potential future presidential candidate. it will remain in the headline. >> todd: republicans need to keep the messaging on the economy and the border and the like. one word that jumped out yesterday from this judge, taxes, mentioned trump's
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acc taxes were taken. could there be connection between the tax discussions? >> at the beginning of this country, our founding fathering wrote the constitution, were concerned with general warrants, which when british soldiers go into a person's home and go through all aspectss looking for evidence of unspecified crime, that is why we have the fourth amendment to the u.s. constitution today. look at the warrant request, they said if you see anything relating to four years president trump was president in any respect, you should take that and that is apparently what happened at mar-a-lago, that is not consistent with the fourth amendment, seems to be general warrant of the thingor founding fathers were worried about, to limit power and protect individual liberties.
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>> carley: the judge said it had to do with tax accounting and medical records, that doesn't have anything to do with the national archives. mark, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> carley: breaking right now, hundreds of firefighters trying to contain massive fire ravaging southern california, we'll an update on the progress. and pointing out serious questions that need to be answered about hunter biden. joe concha is here next.
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that has forced thousands from their homes, it is 5% contained and charred 2000 acres so far. this is called the fairview fire. crews dealing with temperatures of 109 degrees. >> carley: from fire to rain, in rhode island, dangerous conditions on the roads. city of providence reporting life-threatening flash floods submerging the interstate and trapping cars under water and forcing buildings to collapse. janice dean has the fox weather forecast. >> janice: extreme weather today. in the northeast, we are getting into the rush hour and airplanes come out of the northeast. we are dealing with happy rain today and tomorrow on and off and flash flooding will be a rick. you saw imaging out of rhode
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island, seven inches in and around providence area. we don't lighten up until thursday, there is rain still to come, two to three inches on top of six, seven inches they received in parts of new england. rhode island rainfall totals, greenville seven inches of rain, close to six inches in cranston, we will see flooding in the northeast today. the heat is not good news for the wildfires burning, 127 active fires, over million acres burned across the west and look at the fires across the northwest. in the northwest, we have fire weather alerts and dry conditions and warm temperatures. temperatures in 100 degree range from california to nevada up
2:23 am
toward northwest. this is a big story and the south, we have seen record rainfall across the south, still looking at lingering rain, shower activity along gust coast over next couple of days. we'll keep you on it, fox, for details. >> todd: the rain is coming down literally today. >> janice: true, we've been into a drought, it is crazy. >> carley: it is crazy, extreme weather today from fire to rain, all of it, thank you for keeping us updated. turning to politics, cnn reporter calling for deeper investigation into hunter biden's foreign business affairs, signalling a shift at the net work that had steered clear of the story. >> todd: the reporter tweeting there are serious questions that should be asked about hunter biden, legitimate questions should be asked and answered about his former accident dealings and hows it was handled
2:24 am
by the fbi, this should not be a partisan issue. seems proper, right? joe concha joins us. that reporter got attacked by the liberal left overwhat she said, which is factual, what is your reaction to the outrage she's facing this morning? >> joe: we said the saying before from die hard, welcome to the parties, pal. we've been talking about this for many months as far as hunter biden and the laptop and contents that have been verified by every media organization, should have been verified before the 2020 election. this is a legitimate concern, the three countries hunter r hunter biden did business in, russia, ukraine, china, those are big in the news right now, particularly china and ukraine. we need to know not about hunter biden, if his father, the
2:25 am
current sitting president of the united states profited from the shady business dealings. it is good the cnn reporter is tweeting that, let's hear more on the air, because they are concentrating on donald trump, todd and carley. >> carley: great point. do you think this is a shift in the network or one reporter's tweet? >> joe: one reporter's tweet, when i see it on the air and see what they present on the news shows, then i will believe they are making the shift. until then, they have fired brian stelter, they did fire or something happened with john harwood, their senior white house correspondent. it seems like they are trying to go to the middle, but todd pointed out, if you try to be centrist and you are a cnn
2:26 am
viewer, people go to twitter, what are you doing, this is not what weyment want. want. want. wa. . . . joe biden said on the campaign trail, there you go. before we let you go, former clinton campaign chair and star of the clinton e-mail tweets, john podesta returning to the white house for clean energy innovation, there is a picture of john. are there any consequences for scandal, his involvement in the clinton e-mail scandal or does the swamp always find a place for some of their own? >> joe: people distrust said swamp. john podesta, been in washington
2:27 am
forever, was chairman of the clinton campaign now is biden's climate advisor. he's going to manage a slush funds r fund for climate and tony podesta was paid by a firm to lobby the biden white house. anybody have questions here? that is what we're talking about, a revolving door of people who live off of washington, live off of taxpayer money and there is not much more to say about that. >> todd: when you look at dc, dc has improved in erm its of buildings, it is pretty, it comes from you issue taxpayer and joe concha. >> joe: first day of school, can you believe it, in this rain, got to get ready for school. >> todd: will survive.
2:28 am
>> joe: carley will learn about this soon. >> todd: president biden continues to attack maga americans and saved comments for the heckler. >> president biden: by the way, look, everybody is entitled to be an idiot. >> todd: the president continues to divide americans and how americans are responding. >> carley: and biden pushing massive spending and bail outs, americans are not happy with the economy, look at how taxpayers are feeling about biden's agenda. with the economy, look a taxpayers are feeling about biden's agenda. happy with the e how taxpayers are feeling about biden's agenda. not happy with tk at how taxpayers are feeling about biden's agenda. are not ha look at how taxpayers are feeling about biden's agenda. ma the economy, look at how taxpayers are feeling about biden's agenda. jamericans are n the economy, look at how taxpayers are feeling about biden's agenda. oramericans are with the economy, look at how taxpayers are feeling about biden's agenda. ityamericans are with the economy, look at how taxpayers are feeling about
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>> carley: president biden not taking labor day off from attacks on maga americans and trumpees. >> todd: he is branded the divider in chief. here is griff jenkins. >> griff: good morning, todd and carley, president biden making it clear the gloves have come off, watch. >> president biden: we remain in the battle for the soul of america. by the way, all right, god love you. look, everybody is entitled to
2:33 am
be an idiot. >> griff: gone is the pledge to unite the country, bidened had been vilifying his predecessor and the americans who voted for him. >> president biden: the biggest contrast from what maga republicans, extreme right, the tru trumpees, they want to go to -- maga republicans are coming for your social security, as well. >> griff: hoping to rally his base, biden is launching attacks on candidates like ron johnson, tying them to january 6. >> senator johnson said it was by and large a peaceful protest. [booing] >> have you seen the video? police lost their lives as a result of that day and the maga republicans and your senior citizens said it was a peaceful protest.
2:34 am
>> griff: johnson sppded saying president biden confirmed he has become the divider inef choo, his policies have been a disaster for hard-working wisco wisconsinites, he continued attacks against me and rnc chair woman, ronna mcdaniel hit back. the average american has thousands less in savings than last year and 56% say their financial situation is getting worse and former president trump also not backing down blasting biden over the weekend calling him an enemy of the state during a rally in south carolina. >> carley: bring in the host of "let's talk about," janelle king. the president going all in attacking maga republicans, how do you think this will work out for him and the democratic
2:35 am
party? >> when i hear this, i find it hard to believe they didn't pull this rhetoric before they began to utilize it and find is hard to believe that democrats didn't know this would create mass chaos. what was their goal? what were they trying to do? i don't think they were talking dollar o their base as much as trying to distract republicans. for me, it makes me ask myself, what do we do as republicans? i think democrats saw we stopped talking about some issues that matter to the undecided, which is price of food, gas, healthcare, economic growth and now a democrat slipping in on republicans when it comes to social security. they know playing defense the entire time, which is what they want us to do until november is a winning message for them. as republicans we excel and talk about issues that are really pertaining to the majority of
2:36 am
americans, which are inflation and economic issues. we got to make sure republicans, we focus on that and ignore this foolishness coming from the left. biden knows what he's doing and he will not distract us, republicans will within. >> carley: lieutenant governor did not attend his speech and there have been a number of candidates in swing states that are refusing the president's help on the campaign trail, what does that say about the state of the democratic party? >> that says you can't rally around joe biden, president biden is the opposite of what they need right now and that is why he's utilizing this weak platform he has to attack republicans, particularly maga republicans, what he calls them, we are all conservative and believe in the policy president trump put forth and wherure on
2:37 am
winning message is, that is all this is. if you can continue to divide and put another fraction divide the republican party in particular, that is what they're trying to do and their strategy. >> interesting time in politics and it is only just beginning, two more months to the midterm election. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> carley: $1 trillion price tag on biden's student loan hand out. the white house insists it will be paid for, how much is coming out of your wallet? >> todd: former trump budget director russ voight next. it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. tide pods child-guard pack
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comcast business. powering possibilities. ™ >> todd: the band went with you you to ireland, they are back, you're back. you flew, flight-mare is over.
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>> cheryl casone has more, flying is expensive. >> cheryl: it is expensive, it can be tough, it has been tough for the weekend. 20% jump as far as prices, adding insult to injury for airline passengers. labor day weekend ending on a rough note with delays, yesterday 108 cancellations. >> largest part of delays are crew, pilots issue not getting, not connecting pilots to airplanes, we have to get a handle on that and there has to be proactive hand in fixing the flight -- >> cheryl: as you know, the numbers will climb throughout
2:43 am
the day. >> todd: if one flight is to california in a couple years, makes no sense. if you order a big mac, it will cost $50. >> cheryl: california governor gavin newsom signing a landmark fast food worker bill called ab 257, creates a fast food council that can set hours and working conditions, it could be expensive. >> there are sectors where wree are falling short, one area is fast food workers. >> cheryl: restaurant owners say this recent analysis predicts 20% increase for kufts and prices they pay, many consumers depend on fast food to feed their families. this will have a double-edged
2:44 am
sword against consumers. >> carley: randi weingarten making news today. >> cheryl: randi weingarten taking credit for the public loan forgiveness program. they eliminated the rule that required 10 years public service saying we helped wipe out $450,000 student loan debt. the aft is helping borrowers through the advocacy around public loan forgiveness $10 billion forgiving for public workers. daily wire finds program forgave $64,000 for teachers.
2:45 am
this is off shoot of what we saw with the students loan forgiveness from the president we just recently saw, something the teachers union lobbied for. there are no rules now with 10 year, basically if you have $50,000 $400,000, you are looking at forgiveness. the taxpayers is paying for it, just so far. >> todd: bad one, another bad one is the original one, thank you, let's get into that now. new prediction reveal president biden's student loan hand out could have a price tag over $1 trillion, one we've been talking about, white house has different number in mind and claims whatever the cost, it will be paid for. >> debt relief proposal in the student loan by 24 billion over
2:46 am
next 10 years, this is paid for and far more by amount of deficit reduction on track for this year. >> todd: russ voit joins me now, the budget of the federal government works as opposed to the morons who pontificate. this will be paid for by deficit reduction as joe biden claims? >> no, no deficit reduction joe biden accomplished even inflation reduction act was mistitled and had $250 billion added to the nation's debt. this is a costly basis, as we know these packages change behavior and what university of penn wharton said it could go as high as trillion dollars as people change behavior to take on more debt. it increases inflation and debt
2:47 am
and causes people who go off of incentive to change behavior to take on more debt to benefit from some of the new provisions in this package, it is very damaging, it is dishonest for the white house to say anything other than the fact it will add to the nation's debt and politically in a negative manner for them because it is unfair to those around the country who have paid their student loan debt or didn't have the opportunity to go to college. >> todd: "wall street journal" found 58% of americans disapprove of his take on inflation. do you think the economy will ultimately be the main factor when people go to the voting booth and select their candidates come this midterm or have the democrats done a good enough job of distracting voters
2:48 am
with thing like abortion and the roe v. wade issue? >> the economy will be a major part in the next few months, the american people are negative in regard to the biden handling of the economy, fed need to take action and is taking aksz and biden administration keeps making their job harder. you can't respect the fed and drive spending up by 4 trillion in such way it causes democrat economists to say the student loan package will have 75 basis points alone in interest rate hikes it makes the fed's job harder, the american people know that, this is something i think they'll have to answer to in the next couple months. >> todd: is there any sense to when this orgy of debt, the bill, ultimately comes due? >> our fiscal house is clearly nothe in order and as a result
2:49 am
of this, it takes a lot of economic pain. delivered in this case by the federal reserve. it will continue to play out. it is not going away and some point the american people will rise up and say enough is enough and i hope this happens in upcoming election. >> todd: the burden will be on their kids and grand kids. grow number of democrats skipping campaign appearances with the president. mike mike huckabee reacts nngs. >> carley: check in with steve doocy, what is coming up on "fox and friends"? >> steve: day after labor day, summer unofficially ended, i know, a bummer, the focus is on washington and the midterm, 63 days away as democrats up against potential red wave, how big will the red wave be and president biden hitting the campaign trail, he called one
2:50 am
guy an idiot, i digress. is joe's message resonating with the american people? not according to brand-new polls. and major bust of fentanyl pill lgs described as rainbow colored candy, who could that be intended for? one sheriff calls this poison mass destruction weapon, he will join us live. plus congressman jim jordan, judge janine, varneshg y, will cain and leo terrell, how can you join me live from my kitchen? i've got a special announcement, you can be cooking coast to coast with the steve doocy's next week. todd and carley back in a couple, you're watching "fox and friends first." ♪ meta portal go. look professional. ♪
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♪ >> todd: wisconsin democrat senate candidate mandela barnes be a sphrent president biden's speech in milwaukee making the latest democrat to avoid hope from the president. >> the candidate's team released a statement saying the lieutenant governor appreciates the president coming to wisconsin to appreciate the labor into. in our state. mandel walked in the milwaukee parade and wisconsin workers across the state. he was busy whether the president was in wisconsin. former arkansas governor mike huckabee joins us now to react. governor, good morning to you. the president's message has been for the last few weeks has been that maga republicans are terrible but at the same time people in his own party are staying away from him. >> yeah. you know, it's like joe biden has political cooties right now. nobody wants to get near him because they are afraid they will catch it. i think that that speech he gave at independence hall last week was such a disaster that people now are fearful that they are
2:56 am
going to get tagged with something if they show up with joe biden. that's normally a very unusual situation because, tomi, if you have a sitting president, his presidency brings so much attention, so much focus on your race that you are thrilled to have a president show up and the imagery of air force one and all the transpor transportings frome president. when the candidates start running him like rats off a burning ship it says they are looking at their poll numbers and it's not pretty. >> todd: joe biden walked back some of his comments from the red lights speech and did this which is the exact opposite of walking back. >> the extreme maga republicans in congress have chosen to go backwards, full of anger, violence, hate and division. but together we can and we must choose a different path. >> todd: okay, obviously the take away is, one, this is who joe biden is, this is who he feels and that walkback on
2:57 am
friday was not worth the paper it was written on. how big of a political misstep, governor, is this when it comes to trying to court those independents who want some civility and quite frankly who want our economy to get back to normal who want the border to get back to normal. who want a sense of normalcy in our nation? >> well, i think he just totally misread the american public. that speech was, i believe, one of the worst ever in presidential history. you know, my own, i guess, history of listening to presidents goes all the way back to eisenhower for gosh sake. i have never heard a speech quite like that delivered by a president even in the midst of a campaign where he gave that level of insult. now he is drying to differentiate between the maga extreme republicans but he doesn't say what that is. i mean, basically he said if you voted for trump, you are one of these people. but he is also filled with things that are demonstrably untrue when he says that republicans want to take your social security away.
2:58 am
i would remind people that donald trump was the candidate who adamantly said he did not want to change the social security formula for the people who had already paid in their money. and he was clear about that that was money that the workers owned and earned and it shouldn't be messed with. so, when joe biden says stuff like that, i mean, i wonder where is the press corps in washington? these are simple things that can be checked out. it's like the internet lives forever. but joe biden wants memory doesn't live for 30 seconds or more. >> at the same time, governor, in wisconsin and pennsylvania, the two candidates running, the two democratic candidates running for senate are right now polling better than the republican challengers according to the real clear politics average and overall, democrats are fairing a bit better than they were earlier this year. why do you think that's happening? >> because i don't think the republicans have done a very good job with the message. republicans need to focus on gasoline, groceries, and god.
2:59 am
and stick to it. don't deviate. just remind people that the way the democrats have managed means their cost of fuel is up substantially and even though it's gone down a little. it's not where it was when we were energy independent and it's not going to be. secondly, we need to focus on the day-to-day cost of doing just our household duties and groceries cost more. the inflation of joe biden and the third thing, the whole idea of god, joe says we are fighting for the soul of our country. we sure are because one party believes that you just let fentanyl come in across the border. walk it across. and then that you have 4 and 5-year-olds being taught sex by the public schools and tell the parents of those kids it's none of your business what we're doing with your kids. shut up and get out. if you complain, you are a domestic terrorist and we will sick the fbi on you. that's what the republicans have to focus on. keep it simple, keep it focused.
3:00 am
they win in november. if deviate from that i think we could have a much closer election. >> todd: hear the advice from governor mike huckabee here on "fox & friends first." >> carley: he won elections before. >> todd: before we go carley is back from ireland. which enjoying more the guinness or the jamison? she is drinking for two. "fox & friends" now. >> carley: bye. >> a major development in the disappearance of aliza fletcher police discovering a body near a crime scene. >> todd: main suspect refusing to cooperate with police. >> they are not going to make a deal with this guy. because this guy could very well be looking at the death penalty. >> jaw-dropping new numbers. >> border patrol agents seizing even more fentanyl in arizona over the holiday weekend. cpd discovered more than 250,000 fentanyl pills. >> the administration is doing absolutely nothing to stop the flow of these -- >> president biden traveled to the battleground states of wisconsin and pennsylvania.


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