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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  September 6, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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last next do you think 2024 general election debates are going to happen? i actually do. i think they will. we will see. tomorrow on "special report," our common ground segment features democratic senator amy klobuchar of minnesota. republican senator rob portman of ohio on set. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and still unafraid here is jesse. >> jesse: i'm with question kiki i want to see more krauthammer clips. summer is done. football season officially started so now i have something else to watch besides "cops" reruns. getting dark out earlier and kids going back to school telling their buddies what they did all summer and making some new friends. ♪ >> rules. >> thanks a lot owe doyle, nice
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meeting. >> jesse: joe biden's first day at school what would he be telling friends would very friends? knowing joe biden's history of plagiarism he would probably tell his friends what somebody else did this summer. because joe isn't here, we have been asking for an interview they keep saying no. we will be telling the story of the joe biden summer. and it's nothing to brag about. he started off his vacation like every kid. he fell off his bike. >> happy birthday father's day. >> oh. >> oh my god. >> are you okay? >> jesse: he didn't break any bones but he did break the all-time record for gas prices. joe then tried begging the saudis for oil. but they wouldn't take his calls. they sent him straight to voice mail. so he had to fly over there after he said he wouldn't and fist bump the prince. remember the fist bump? that didn't work either. the saudis then announced they were going to cut production. not boost it.
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and then the most vaxxed man in america got covid twice. >> hey, folks, guess you heard. this morning i tested positive for covid. but i have been double vaccinated, double boosted. symptoms are mild. and -- and i really appreciate your inquiry, your concerns. i'm doing well. getting a lot of work done. going to continue to get it done. >> jesse: he had to quarantine away from jill for a while who was still in the dog house for calling hispanics tacos. around the same time the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. and the liberal tried to assassinate justice kavanaugh. but biden didn't say a thing about it. come to think of it. biden didn't say much of anything this summer. because when he wasn't in quarantine he was on vacation. and while biden was out of commission for most of the summer, gavin newsom waltzed into the white house to measure the drapes. look at him. strutting around like a peacock like he just put 20% down and is waiting for the closing. and border crossings at all-time
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high and so did inflation. biden's approval rating hit an all-time low. it's official. biden became the least popular president in american history. andy carter breathed a sigh of relief. finally, someone worse. but it would get worse for joe. america entered into a recession. but biden didn't really see it that way. >> chatter on wall street and pundits whether we are in a recession. fed chairman powell said -- made it clear he doesn't think the u.s. economy is currently in a recession. >> jesse: the recession denier was at rock bottom. this is what they called the dog days of summer. biden didn't have a dog with him because it kept biting agents. biden had a plan to get himself out of a jam. just started straight up bribing people. first he bribed joe manchin with a pipeline to get about a trillion dollars in global warming spending through. remember, they called it the inflation reduction act?
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and then he started bribing liberals with law degrees throwing around $10,000 checks. the media says joe has momentum. but then biden got greedy. and raided president trump's house at mar-a-lago. so what do you do when you raid your opponent's house? you keep quiet and go on vacation with your crooked son hunter and that's what he did. and then we found out just how corrupt the whole hunter biden thing really was. the fbi lied to facebook about the laptop to shut the story down in 2020. >> the background here is the fbi, i think, basically came to us, some folks on our team and was like, hey, just so you know, like you should be on high alert, we thought there was a lot of russian propaganda in the 2016 election. we have on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of -- that is similar to that so just be vigilant. >> jesse: then we found out the fbi covered up not only the
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laptop before the election. but ashley biden's diary. and biden lovers delayed the pfizer vaccine announcement before the election just to hurt trump. and then we found out in august, which is a typically slow month, that the democrats and the fbi rigged the last election. so, what's joe's next move? he comes out and says the republicans are the biggest threat to democracy. >> maga republicans do not respect the constitution. they do not believe in the rule of law. they do not recognize the will of the people. maga forces are determined to take this country backwards. maga republicans have made their choice. they embrace anger. they thrive on chaos. they live not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies. maga republicans are destroying american democracy. >> jesse: that was after he called half the country fascist and everybody knew he sounded
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like a bloodthirsty dictator so then he comes out and says you know, i didn't really mean it. >> mr. president, do you consider all trump supporters to be a threat to the country? >> keep trying to make that case. i don't consider any trump supporter to be a threat to the country. >> jesse: the media lapped up the red meat anyway and now says we are on the brink of a civil war. >> these days, it feels like we are not just at the brink of a civil war but that one has already begun. >> two of the hallmarks of a fascist political party are, one, they don't accept the results of elections that don't go their way and, two, they embrace political violence. >> jesse: so political violence and questioning the election makes you a fascist now? >> you can run the pest campaign, you can even become the no, ma'am knee, and you can have the election stolen from you.
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[. >> folks, i absolutely agree. >> without voter suppression, stacey abrams would be the governor of georgia. [horns] >> last day of summer, labor day, biden looked angrier than we have ever seen him. >> for decades, big pharma tried to block keeping lower drug prices. not this year! we beat farm that this year! we beat pharma this year! and it mattered. we are going to change people's lives. [cheers and applause] >> finally beat pharma that. >> whoa there, big guy. you didn't take on big pharma, your pfizer sales men of the year vaccinating billions of dollars in fires' pox and for a guy on vacation for the summer why is he so angry? he should be rested and relaxed like me?
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and look at the crowd. put up some pictures? no one even showed up to listen to the big guy: this guy supposedly got 81 million votes? no one showed up. it's not like they had work. we were off. people don't care what the guy has to say. the whole presidency doesn't add up. so here's the story of the summer. the country is still in shambles. the democrats can't run on anything except bribes. they are opening the border. they are emptying the jails. gas prices are still high, inflation and crime still out of control. there is still a war in europe. covid is still around. student test scores are down. there is still no formula. and biden doesn't have a plan for any of this. so what are they doing? they are attacking trump. and they are bringing obama back to the white house. tomorrow barack and joe are going to have a big show for you. it's all a distraction. hey, i'm friends with obama and trump is a fascist. don't pay any attention to how
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i'm destroying the country. so how was your summer? senator john kennedy is a member of the judiciary committee and he joins me now. so how was your summer, senator? >> well, it was good. i'm confused. i confess, jesse, that i don't understand our president. here's the situation as i see it. according to the polls, president biden is about as popular as scurvy. the reason the president seems to have a blind spot of the lives and concerns of ordinary americans. ordinary americans are worried about their jobs and inflation and they are crashing 401(k)s. crime, their kids' education and whether their teenager is going to die from fentanyl poisoning. and president biden never talks about those things.
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and instead, he seems more concerned with gender neutral pronouns and whether he is winning the war against oil production in america. recently as you pointed out, the president has adopted a new tactic instead of trying to solve the problems of the american people he has decide that he is going to try to convince the american people it hated republicans more than the american people hate president biden. it's an interesting approach. there's just one problem with his approach it's not just the republicans who think that the president is barking mad. many of the independence and democrats also adisagree with dh him. these independents, and democrats, and republicans are
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americans, too. they are going to get pretty tired, pretty quickly, having the president of the united states of america call them racist and misogynistic and ignorant and unamerican and fascist because they disagree with the bernie sanders agenda that president biden has adopted. and i guess that's long winded way of saying i think the president's new tactic is star-spangled stupid. [laughter] >> and, i don't know, maybe the white house should call will smith over and ask him to slap some sense into the teleprompter or something. because i predict this won't work for the president. >> jesse: all right. i will wait to see that slap not that i condone political violence because that would make me a fascist. old school slap to the face to get attention. >> no to the teleprompter.
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>> jesse: teleprompter. excuse me. not to the face. because it's the teleprompter that is really running things. senator john kennedy, who did not fall off his bike this summer, we hope. we appreciate your honesty. >> thank you. >> jesse: next, big win for president trump in court yesterday. plus, hillary clinton is back. ♪ hey there ♪ ♪ ♪ this... is a glimpse into the no-too-distant future of lincoln. ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like. more on that soon. ♪ ♪ the best part? the prequel is pretty sweet too. ♪ ♪
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>> jesse: big win for donald trump in court yesterday after a federal judge aileen cannon told the biden administration stop rifling through the documents they seized from mar-a-lago. and she ruled that a special master, which is basically an
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independent party, not what gutfeld thinks it is, needs to go through everything it seized, separate out what's personal, what's privileged and even hand stuff back to the former president. and the judge's order tells us the truth about what was taken. we're learning less than 1% of what the fbi seized from trump had classification markings. out of the 11 documents they took only 100 had classification markings, and by the way that's less than what hillary had on her server. but we will never really know the whole amount because she bleached 30,000 emails. so what did they take instead? well, they took 500 pages of documents covered by attorney-client privilege and even got their hands on trump's personal medical records and do tax documents and learned this weekend they even raided barron's room. >> they rifled through the first lady's closet drawers and everything else.
4:19 pm
even did a deep and ugly search of the room of my 16-year-old son. [boos] >> leaving everything they touched in far different condition than it was when they started. can you believe it? >> jesse: you know, justice is crooked when barron gets raided before hunter does. it's clear this was a political hit from the jump as judge cannon's order also confirmed that biden had his fingerprints all over the raid. judge cannon writes that the national archives told trump, quote. >> requested by the incumbent president, joe biden. so biden set the whole raid in motion back in may and then he tries to waive trump's right to executive privilege. now cannon calls this all unprecedented and says it raises serious concerns about bias coming out of the biden team. she even says the doj's review
4:20 pm
team is tainted and they are leaking all over the place and they can't be trusted. special master is the only way of ensuring some type of fairness here because if this justice department has shown us anything, it's just that they are doing joe's bidding and justjusticeis the last thing the about. dana loesch is nationally syndicated radio host and she joins me now. big ruling yesterday, wasn't it? >> it was, jesse. i have to pause it and go back to the line you just said just a moment ago when you said they will raid 16-year-old barron's trump's room before they will hunter biden's house. that ultimately, i think, just really is the cherry on top of all of this. that is the ultimate example of this. it is a big ruling. look, i understand that the appointment of this judge or this -- sorry this judge's decision to appoint a special master in this case is not going to stop the leak doj. that's going to continue to happen. as you said, maybe it will kind of check a little bit of the abuse from the doj. they have been leaking on this to an extraordinary extent. i mean, we know everything that
4:21 pm
they are doing because they are telling the press about this. they want to litigate this out in the press. that's not fair. also just makes everybody not want to trust the doj's motive even further. one thing i want to address, jesse. everyone keeps going after this judge, judge cannon, this is a trump judge. even though she had a significant number of democrats that confirmed her appointment. maybe it's a trump judge, but can we talk about the conflict of interest with merrick garland going after a guy who everyone said oh, he robbed him of his seat on the supreme court or maybe joe biden who is weaponizing these different agencies federal government to go after a potential opponent in another election. i mean, i think these are all fair questions to ask. and i will add that there is nothing that this administration has given us, jesse, to show this is about goodwill or that this is above board or that there is at all any transparency in this whole thing. >> jesse: here's a fair question. i know you are fair person, dana. donald trump was impeached
4:22 pm
because he asked someone to investigate biden. he just asked. hey, not even from this country, hey, you look into this for me? he was impeached for abusing power. now, joe biden actually opens a criminal investigation into donald trump, how is that not an abuse of power? >> a complete abuse of power. i mean, going back further even to the abuse of a fisa court in 2016. it's abuse after abuse. then they have the audacity to wonder why people are so distrustful of these agencies? because in their quest, jesse, in their quest for political power, they have decided to cast aside all norms, all justice, all equality, all fairness so that they can, i guess, consolidate their governing authority. they can consolidate their power. we have all watched it. we all have questions. they can hide and suppress laptops and work with tech companies and have them act as agents of the state. we all see it. i just -- look, whether or not an indictment comes, i think
4:23 pm
they are going to play around with this all the way up until midterms. everyone out there saying this is going to delay the inevitable. it will delay an indictment. if this is about -- what is this about midterms? isn't that kind of the razor here? all of it is about midterms. all kabuki theater all designed to get the attention off the issues and go back to personalities. and ultimately that's what all of this is about. a battle over personality not policy. whatever they can do to get the focus off the torpedoed economy and everything else. >> jesse: you are exact right. i'm curious what they did in melania's room and now i'm more curious. >> i always hide my important documents in my underwear drawer. apparently that's what the former first lady did too. >> jesse: 16-year-old son have him put them in his sock drawer. thank you so much, dana. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: up next. what happened to millions of dollars that people donated to black lives matter?
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>> jesse: black lives matter wreaked havoc all our other cities in the summer of 2020 or should i say the summer of love. we all saw the video george floyd dying and it scared the heck out of us. but blm saw the footage and decided to cash in. black america donated but white guilt money poured in faster than anybody could even count. they took in almost 100 million bucks. that year alone. so where did the money go? well, we have a new filing from the l.a. superior court that shed some light on this. black activists are suing black lives matter foundation for allegedly stealing millions of dollars. it's always the foundation, isn't it? and this thing is juicy. they first allege one of the board members bowers is guilty of being, quote, a rogue
4:30 pm
administrator, a middleman turned usurper hired to donations and account for the expenditures of the blm movement. however, after siphoning more than $10 million in fees from blm donors, mr. bowers decided he could not let go of his personal piggy bank. so guess who hired bowers? patrisse cullors, remember patrice? good old patrisse? she is the one who thought she was on a million dollars listing show. you know on braf show. snapping up properties like monopoly? remember her spread in california? six bedrooms? studio city and long in topango buying homes in. so whitest of america. not only america also apparently a resort in the bahamas. basically everybody on the blm board has been accused of fleecing donors and funneling member to family members and companies they control. here are the plaintiffs in their own words. >> black lives matter.
4:31 pm
global network foundation is now led by a highly paid consultant who paid himself upwards of $2 million in a single year. we intend to get our stuff back. >> yes. >> we intend to get our stuff back. [applause] you don't get to steal our money. you don't get to steal our platform. and you don't get to steal the name black lives matter. >> jesse: $10 million goes missing and the irs is nowhere to be found. corporate america doesn't even care that their money never made it to the pockets of black victims, do they? the democrats favorite charity looks more crooked than the clinton administration? where is the congressional black caucus? i haven't heard a word from them. have you? the people in the streets want to know where the money is. dr. bob goodson is a former
4:32 pm
civil rights leader and founder of the woodson center. it's a real tragedy here, dr. woodson. >> it really is. they have exploited the goodwill of the ones you saw there. they have also sacrificed the well-being of thousands of blacks over 20,000 blacks are killed by other blacks since -- when black lives started in 2014, there were 14,000 deaths. that number has now risen to 20,020,000 blacks. they claim it's a legacy of slavery and institutional racism. and this is patently untrue in fact, i was born in 1937 in auto low income black neighborhood. we were low income segregated
4:33 pm
and black but we were also safe elderly people could walk safely without fear of being assaulted by grand children. babies were not shot in their cribs. 50 children have been murdered including the 4-year-old niece of george floyd. but, as you said, where is the outrage coming from? where is it? but the solutions will not be found by making white people less racist. that will not make black people safer. dr. chuck swindle argued that 10% of who we are is determined by external circumstances racial discrimination other trauma. but 90% is the attitude towards 10%. black americans have always believed in themselves and self-determination. they are being exploited. it's no to make white people
4:34 pm
less racist or government larger. we must take the values that enabled blacks to survive slavery and discrimination and apply those to new realities. they are healing agents in these communities that are applying the old values that in enabled blacks to sustain themselves through slavery and discrimination. so it is now time to take some of that money that is being wasted buying mansions for race hustlers and invest it, instead, in healing within the community. white america has nothing to do with healing the hurt that is within the hearts and the communities of black americans. that is an internal problem and the wood son center is stepping up, mobilizing these healing agents. >> jesse: thank goodness for the woodson center. the race hustlers get the money and never gets anywhere besides their bank accounts.
4:35 pm
happens over and over again and nothing is ever done about it i don't think anything is going to be done about this either. dr. woodson, thank you as always for joining us. >> thank you, jesse, for having me. >> jesse: coming up, she's back. >> i think some people are afraid, threatened by guts is i women. some are put off by gutsy womenl
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destruction on everything they have touched. whether it is record inflation, chaos at the border. skyrocketing crime across the
4:44 pm
country. they are screwing things up left and right. and they are totally lost on what the priorities should be. focusing on lowering taxes. making sure kids have access to quality education. instead, they are trotting hillary clinton and i wouldn't even say it's 2.0. i think we are at like 5.0 right now and people still aren't buying what she is selling, no matter how many different interviews or tv shows hollywood gives her. i think the american people are going to continue to turn that off and change the channel. >> jesse: haven't you always wondered what's up with the pants suits? thank god norah o'donnell was there to ask hillary these really important questions. listen to this, sarah. >> you also reveal why you wear a pants suit. >> yes. a state visit to brazil led to compromising photographs. >> i was sitting on a couch and the press was let in. there were a bunch of them shooting. >> some of those photos were
4:45 pm
then used to sell lingerie. >> and it white house gets alerted to these billboards that show me sitting down with i thought my legs together but the way it's shot it sort of suggestive and then i also began to have the experience of having recover froms all the time. i would be on a stage. i would be climbing stairs and they would be below me. >> so creepy. >> i couldn't deal with it. so i started wearing pants. >> jesse: were you aware that recover froms were trying to shoot upskirt photos of hillary clinton? >> certainly not. i don't think that's the pressing issue on most americans' minds at any given point. certainly not on people care about life would be better under this administration or worse. worse i wish they would ask some
4:46 pm
tough questions why did they allow president trump to be spied on? why did they allow her to take 30,000 emails and delete them off of her private se server. those are questions people would like to hear her answer. not what fashion choices she made and why. >> jesse: yeah. they asked trump on a scale of 1 to 10 how racist are you? and they asked hillary when did you start wearing a pants suit and why? all right. norah o'donnell. i'm sorry, but that was not a good interview. i need to get -- i need to get in a room with hillary. we don't even need chelsea. i just need hillary one-on-one in a room. i will put the camera directly here. that's where i will shoot her. i promise. >> that's hillary clinton television i might tune in to, jesse. if you ever get the chance to interview her. >> jesse: that would take some guts right there. all right, sarah sanders, thanks so much. >> you bet. thank you. >> jesse: another story out of
4:47 pm
oklahoma where a criminal led police on a wild car chase after killing a deputy. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has the latest. trace? >> jesse, deputies were clearly dealing with a dangerous and volatile suspect. the man's name is benjamin plank. he was in his apartment with a thousand rounds of live ammo when two oklahoma county deputies showed up to serve eviction notice. plank had no intention of leaving instead he opened fire, killing one of the deputies. the suspect was able to flee the scene, get into a truck toe towing a boat and starting one of the wildest high-speed chase ever. first deputies tried to pin him in next to seam my truck it did not work. then they tried a pit maneuver. instead of hitting the back of the truck they hit the boat. it didn't work. when plank entered the highway, he started shooting again. this time hitting a deputy's car. watch and listen to this. >> shots fired.
4:48 pm
shooting out of the window. >> everybody back off. give him a chance. >> >> shots fired again. shots fired. then as the suspect drove by a deputy parked on the shoulder starts firing from the outside of the vehicle. moments later. another officer shoots from inside their vehicle. watch again. [gunfire] this went on for a while. unclear with the boat or truck were hit. the suspect kept going. until a short time later outside of tinker air force base he dropped the rifle he was carrying. got out of the truck and appeared to surrender. deputies catch him. watch. we don't yet know why he stopped at the air force base. but we do know he is facing
4:49 pm
murder, attempted murder, and a litany of other charges. it was deputy bobby schwartz on the force for 25 years who was killed in the initial shooting. jesse. >> jesse: thanks, trace. the python cowboy is next. ♪ heyyy! (steins breaking) your cousin. ♪ from boston. ♪ it means, “ok-to-beer-fest”. another sam octoberfest? nein. make it ten! i like this guy. (cheers)
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>>jesse: we're all scared of something, heights, rats, some people think i'm scared of snakes, but i'm not. >> once we get the snake, one of the things we want to do is humanely kill it. >>jesse: you want me to chop the head off the snake? how will i do that if i'm running in the other direction? >> i'll take the lead. >>jesse: i'll take the rear. that didn't sound good. can snakes smell fear? >> no. >>jesse: good. >> where do i stand in the food chain out here? on the bottom.
4:55 pm
>>jesse: that was all for show. playing to the cameras, people do that all the time. there's guys in florida who do this kind of thing every single day. this guy's name, the python cowboy. his real name's mike kimmel and he catches snakes with his bear hand for a living. with his python tracking dog he calls moose. she is pissed. it's going to be hard as hell to get her out of here too. going to have to grab this tail, grab this tail and don't not let her gain. what a stud. look at this beauty. >>jesse: yes. kimmel specializes in wildlife rescue and he catches dangerous animals like snakes, alligators and bores all the time. he bonn the 2020 python bowl
4:56 pm
championship like the rose bowl after removing eight pythons from the wild. python cowboy mike kimmel owns and operates martin county trapping and wildlife rescue and joins me now. cowboy, no gloves out there in the wild? >> no gloves. you're born with them. >>jesse: how many times have you been bitten? by a snake. >> i've lost count many years ago when i was a child. raising a florida boy, running around catching snakes at an early age. >>jesse: aren't these types of snakes poisonous? don't they have venom or something? >> we do have venomous snakes in florida but the snakes i'm going after, especially the invasive pythons are not venomous and they have a nasty bite and they're solid muscle and have to be careful but no venom. >>jesse: they're solid muscle and looking at you, mike, i wouldn't call you solid muscle,
4:57 pm
have they ever wrapped themselves around you? >> yeah, yeah. i've definitely had some close calls. you can see some of them on my youtube. actually the largest snake i've captured, which was just a little under 18-foot, 135 pounds to give you an idea. that's about what i weigh. >>jesse: yeah. >> it got ahold of me, it bit me right here on my arm and i lost a good amount of blood. thankfully i was able to quickly get her off of me, get control of her, but you definitely got to watch yourself with these snakes. they can put you in a bad situation. >>jesse: i had my blood drawn today and lost a lot of blood so i know how you feel. i asked the shark expert this question and we had him on in the summer, if you ever come face-to-face with a shark, he told me to swim towards it. if you're ever face-to-face with one of these vicious pythons, what's the expert move? >> well, the expert move, you
4:58 pm
know, if you're trying to catch and remove it, which i feel like a lot of people are going to go the other way. >>jesse: right. >> if you're going the other way, stop where you're at, that snake is probably going to lay their camouflaged unless it's an 18, 19-footer that thinks you're on the food menu but that snake will be more scared of you than you are of it. turn around and go the other way or what i suggest if it's a python, grab that sucker and get it out of the ecosystem. >>jesse: you experts always say they're more scared of you than you of them. i don't think i believe that. you don't realize how scared we are. the python cowboy, check out his youtube and everything else he's up to. appreciate it. stay safe out there. >> appreciate it. >>jesse: no more bites. window, first day back oturu
4:59 pm
school for the twins el ellie ad sophie, backpacks on and ready to go. much better behaved than i was at their age. that's not that -- saying that much. vacation photos, we were down at the beach. that was jesse jr. and i on a merry go round. no one knows the difference between a carousel and merry-go-round. i don't have a shirt on. get that off the screen. thank you. james from north carolina the reason biden was so angry at labor day scream fest is because only 30 people showed up. i had more people over my house this weekend than biden had at his speech. joe. from west virginia, maga republicans want stronger boarders, energy independence and support our police. how is that bad? not only is that bad, that is semi-fascist. todd from wisconsin, jesse, whoever okayed hillary's new
5:00 pm
show must be pretty gutsy considering how low the ratings will be. that's not what this is about, you pay off these politicians with shows that's how you keep them in their pocket. rob from new jersey, jesse, love the show but you take more vacations than joe biden. what gives. accurate. all right, tucker's up next. always remember, i'm waters and this is my world. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight and things to keep in mind is things are in fact changing and not always this way. memory, history is your best defense against manipulation. when you remember the way things were, you can fight to preserve them. when you no longer remember it was all this way, you're at their mercy. with that in mind, it's worth remembering that


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