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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 6, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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about you. we are out of time. tomorrow night, we will take a very close look at the senate race unfolding in pennsylvania. john federman is clearly not well. we will show you the tape. plus, investigation, fentanyl come through the country from china. that's tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. in the meantime, sean hannity. >> what do you think about "the hunger games": new ants jennifer lawrence? >> i like the idea. she's dreaming about me, man! >> that would be most catv for sure. welcome to "hannity." tonight, only 63 days away from the midterm elections. there are dozens of very critical, close races. the stakes could not be higher. straight ahead, we will lay out what is at stake for every
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american. in the coming days and weeks, we will monitor all of the key matchups across the country, including pennsylvania when the socialist burning-loving trust fund brat never worked a day in his life in a hoodie john federman is now refusing to debate his opponent, renowned surgeon washington outsider -- now, early voting in pennsylvania starts in two weeks. the people in the commonwealth of pennsylvania need answers to all of the insane radical positions that are truly to the left of bernie sanders. after his catastrophic stroke, we wish him the best health -- it does not appear that federman is capable of debating, much less serving as a u.s. senator. all those details coming up. plus, the political weaponization of our justice system has never been more apparent. we will bring you shocking new revelations about the hunter biden cover-up, along with the
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latest on the doj's witch hunt with donald trump. the upcoming election, they wanted to be about anything other than, their disastrous record. they want to shift the public's attention to all things donald trump. have you ever been a supporter? if so, president biden has a message for you. according to joe, so-called maga, you are enemies of the state. it's a gross focused testers effort to distract you, the american people, our catastrophic apology -- policies and horrific agenda, doing it just in time for the midterms, by design, not unlike barack obama. bitter people clinging to their bibles, guns, religion, and hillary rodham clinton come of
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the earth t-mobile/deplorable, or -- smelly walmart shoppers. why are the democrats doing this? they cannot run on their 40 year high of inflation that they cause, the recession they caused, the looming house crisis, all of which they caused. gas prices are double of what they were under trump, opioids, record numbers crossing our border. they are allowing crime in small towns and big cities across the country, open borders, the afghanistan disaster. joe wants you to forget about all of that, it's not what the midterm is about. he wants you to concentrate instead on hating half the country, your neighbor. last week, he kicked off his new political campaign in front of independence hall. billed as an official taxpayer-funded presidential address with -- in the background use as political
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props, and the stage was lit with an ominous blood red glow that was so menacing even fakes news cnn was terrified so they attempted to alter the color on the fly -- you can't make that up -- turning it into a hot pink. the imagery was beyond creepy, but the speech was far worse. >> president biden: donald trump and the maga republicans represented extremism that threatens the foundations for our republic. they don't respect the constitution, do not believe in the rule of law, do not rise ball of the people, refused to accept the results of a free election. these horses are determined to take this country backwards to america where there is no right to choose, no right to privacy, no right to contraception, no
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right to marry who you love. they fan the flames of political violence. >> let me make sure i have this straight: if you question the results of a political election, you are a threat to a democracy in those who are democrat. here is the type to prove it. >> i believe he knows he is an illegitimate president. you can run the best campaign, even become the nominee, and have the election stolen from you. >> the president is an illegitimate racist occupying the white house. >> the russian weighing in on the election, the fact that the fbi is weighing in on the election makes this may be illegitimate. >> he is illegitimate, and my biggest fear is he will do it again with the help of vlad, his best pal, and we will be stuck with her six more years with this guy. >> will you be my
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vice presidential candidate? [laughter] i agree. >> the tip of the iceberg, look at your screen: almost every major democrat in america has been an election denier at some point -- it would take us the entire hour to show you every instance that we have chro chronicled. of course they get a pass from joe biden and the media mob, even his own press secretary, a frequent election denier herself and conspiracy theorist, accused donald trump of stealing the election in 2016, and in 2020 tweeted "a reminder: brian kemp's told the gubernatorial election from georgians and stacey abrams, but --" but told peter doocy today that it was okay to claim elections -- were stolen because she had a good reason to do it. >> you tweeted --" >> i knew you would bring this up.
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-- -- -- -- -- >> -- extreme now? >> let's be really clear: that comparison is ridiculous. i have been -- you are asking the question, let me answer it. i was talking specifically, at that time, with what was happening with voting rights and what is in danger with voting rights, what i was speaking to at the time. >> if democrats question election results, they are not a threat to democracy, don't care less about free and fair elections, never graciously accept election results themselves and have the evidence to prove it. they don't value the republic, our constitution, constitution, bill of rights. they just want power, and the ends will always justify the means. to them, it's all about power. they want to fundamentally transform this country, as you
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are now witnessing. on november 8th, here's what's on the ballot in every state, city, town, county. it is capitalism versus new green deal socialism. it's about individualism versus collectivism. it's about freedom versus government control. democrats want higher taxes, republicans want to cut taxes. democrats want more audits: 87,000 more irs agents to harass innocent american citizens. republicans want less taxes, lower taxes, fewer regulations, more freedom, liberty, money in your pocket. democrats want claim at all warm as him, green new deal socialism, want to drive every part of their agenda. republicans want energy independence/dominance so we can help our friends in western europe that are now approaching the highest prices they will ever pay for winter heat ever in
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history. all of the above, that's what republicans support in terms of energy. the democrats want to dismantle police departments, allow violent criminals back on the streets, sanctuary cities and states -- republicans believe in law and order and safety and security for every american in every town and a free city. they want our borders secure like they once were recently. they believe in peace through strength. they want classrooms that teach reading, writing, math, science, history, and computers. republicans also want to conduct oversight on federal bureaucracy that was weaponized on millions of americans. it's time for you now, after labor day -- the summer is over -- to get involved, get motivated. we will get the country we deserve at the end of the day. this country is not in a good place. if the tiny crowds at recent biden events, as you can see there -- he's really getting
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people out to his events -- if there are indicators that americans know who to blame, it is not so-called maga republicans. this weekend, we caught up with republicans at a rally in pennsylvania, with thousands outside because there weren't seats inside. here's what they had to say about biden's dark and ominous rhetoric. >> to quote hillary clinton, the speech was deplorable. >> a blood red background, the marines -- threatening half the country. >> if anybody is a clear and present danger to democracy, it's joe biden and the democratic party. >> he's a mouth piece. i never listen to anything he says. >> 50% of the country -- that type of language, shameful. >> look at gas/food prices, everything going on. it's not good.
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what he's trying to do is demonize the people he feels is going to win and fix things. >> joe biden, you've lost it, but we know you are a shall, not even in charge. >> i can't live with this guy in office! i am being buried! i can't pay my bills come i can't do nothing, and i know i'm not the only one! >> americans are suffering, and joe biden doesn't care, because his radical left-wing agenda is more important. tonight, there might be one person even more out of touch than joe himself, hillary clinton, who will never be president, now inserting herself into the doj and their latest anti-trump witch hunt, and she was giddy that biden's doj rated trump's home mar-a-lago. she tweeted this today: "i can't believe we are still talking about this, but my emails as trump's problems continue to
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mount. the writer is trying to make this about me again. there is even a clinton standard. i had zero emails that were classified." this needs to be addressed: hillary is lying, but you don't have to take my word for it. listen to her friend and former fbi director james comey. >> from the group of 30,000 emails returned to the state department in 2014, 110 emails in 52 email chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received. 8 of those contained information that was top-secret at the time they were sent. 36 of those chains contained secret information at the time, and 8 contained confidential information at the time. although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling
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of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> that does not include the 33,000 emails she'd deleted with -- or the devices she had destroyed with hammers, or the sim cards that were removed from the devices she had. not only did hillary clinton unlawfully possessed top-secret classified material on her private servers, but somehow, much of that material made its way to a laptop belonging to anthony weiner, a.k.a. carlos danger, who doesn't have the best track record with keeping things sweet. and , eric trump with us. as you look at biden's speech about maga republicans, and democratic party election denial, a thing they say is a threat to democracy, it's funny when you go back and say "they
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are guilty of the thing they feign outrage over, aren't they?" >> i was shocked by that speech. i used to think that he was senile and incompetent, but now i think he's angry, senile, and incompetent. what i can tell you i'm proud of is that i saw that crowded northeast pennsylvania this weekend, and it was unbelievable: the love, the chanting, the patriotism, the american flags, the love for america. it was incredible. then, you see biden who was a -- there a day earlier. a massive arena, and then there were overflowing crowds outside. there is so much love and patriotism in this country. the administration right now -- they say trump is a fascist. it's funny considering you are having your fbi and the doj rated his home while, at the same time, suppressing stories about his crooked son.
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america understands what's happening, that this country under this leadership is going down the drain. people understand this for what it is this coming and we saw that in pennsylvania. >> we will get into this with our legal panel in the next section. what was your reaction to the court decision? >> i think the judge is 100% right. you have the fbi spending more time leaking stuff to the press -- these pictures, do you think my father happens to leaked documents all over his office floor? he's a neat guy, does not leak documents staged all over him office floor. you look at records, passports. where does it say that the fbi can take attorney-client, confidential information that is protected by the u.s. constitution out of somebody's home? i was on that show -- your show
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that night when they rated mar-a-lago. they said they would not allow our lawyers anywhere near, they would say it is attorney-client, and then all of a sudden it took a month and a half and a special person to come in and the judge to appoint us -- a special master set saw them the same thing as our attorney would have told him at the very time had they not kicked her out of the room and let her be present. this whole thing is corrupt. everybody knows this thing is corrupt. it's sad. the fbi knows they cannot take attorney-client privilege. hit maintain medical records but that's hollywood. they wanted to find anything they could on donald trump, because we are 60 days away from midterm elections. we live with them every year for the last 5-6 years. this is a ploy for the
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democrats, and it started with joe biden. >> one thing america can see is life under donald trump and 19 months of joe biden and new green deal socialism. as long as the midterms is based on that, it does not matter what he says, how loud, angry he is, or how mean his speech may be, or demonizing half the country. the results speak for themselves. eric trump, thank you for being with us. joining us, senator from florida rick scott. you are leading the efforts. some very close senate races. these are bellwether states. we have georgia, north carolina, south carolina, ohio. eric schmidt in missouri, wisconsin, pennsylvania,
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arizona, nevada. we have all these people, republicans to take control of the senate in particular, always those states. how do you feel about republicans chances? six points down -- 2 minutes to go and no timeouts. >> first full, i hope that biden goes to every swing state and gives his raving lunatic speech. democrats do not want to be around him. they know that he is toxic. maybe, have to get rid of those arm rings -- because he just added 87,000 irs agents. we have a little bit over 60 days to go. we all have to show up. we have great candidates, have to continue to raise our money, we are defying the democrats
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every day. our candidates are running good races. text "win" to 55040. raving lunatics -- biden wants to talk bad about the rest of us, because we don't want the socialist agenda he has. it is horrible for our country. why do believe this is a waived election year if you do believe that? >> biden's numbers are under 40 in pretty much every state. democrats are under 50 in every sweet state we are in. he went through this, look at the issues. people are mad about losing 13 members of law enforcement with the bombs in afghanistan withdrawal, they are mad about food prices, about an open border.
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they are mad about being weak on latin america, critical race theory, fit in all, open borders. they are mad about these things. i think americans will show up and make sure republicans have the house and senate, and position ourselves to secure the white house in '24, because this has to stop and americans know it. >> isn't it true that for republicans to win, the selection has to be about the issues, about inflation, about gas prices, about borders, about "law & order," about education, parental involvement, age-appropriate materials for kids in school, about afghanistan, the war in europe, and about an agenda that is driven by radicalism on the left versus a different vision of republicans. congressmen, minority leader mccarthy is coming up with what he is calling promises or commitments to america.
6:21 pm
i think it's a winning message. will the senate join that effort as well? >> with those issues brought up to we've got to talk about what we are going to do going for forward. i put this down as a separate -- but we will talk about what we do when we win. if you have one great agenda, promises, a signature on a piece of paper, i can hopefully go a long way to showing voters that you mean what you say. >> newt gingrich is going to join us. senator, thank you for being with us. a win for team trump over biden's doj. the court order, plus a new report about ousted fbi official timothy tebo covering for his zero experience hunter. is it true? my most important is it trukitchen tool? the president's attorney
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big legal win for donald trump over the weekend. a judge in florida approve the 45th president's request for a special -- to review the documents seized at mar-a-lago, which means that it puts a pause on the federal inquiry into the documents until they are reviewed by a third party. in that rally in pennsylvania over the week and that was packed -- joe biden, nobody slows up -- and donald trump slammed the raid on his home and said that it rifled through his son and wife's belongings, took his medical records,
6:27 pm
attorney-client privilege records estimated over 500 pages, his tax records -- his tax records, passports, pretty much everything they could get their hands on. this is a huge problem with a broad sweeping warrant, as i was telling you with day one. this was a fishing expedition. the judge -- joe biden, in spite of otherwise publicly -- could have been involved, as we are now learning that may 10th, the national archives and records administration informed trump that it would provide trump with fbi access to the records -- in question by the incoming president. that was as early as thursday, may 12, 2022. the fbi has been publicized, the doj has been weaponized, biden's faithful has led to a total loss
6:28 pm
of faith which should be, by far, the world's most premier law enforcement agency. he once was. according to new report from "the new york post," miranda devine, disgraced fbi attorney recently left the bureau, downplayed to key, revealed by hunter biden visit -- in an effort to protect zero experience hunter. they released the smoking gun email back in 2020, pure and to refer to joe biden as "the big guy that would get his cut of hunter's dealings." there were other references. hunter "i have to pay all of dad's bills, repairs, this, giving 50% of my money to dad."
6:29 pm
tebo, through his attorney, is denying wrongdoing. we'd like to invite him and his attorney to come on this pro program. here with reaction, this is the book. it's on,, bookstores everywhere. it is called "r -- -- -- resurrected jay esus." and his daughter, who is my personal assistant, works here on "hannity" and fox news. they rode it together. the book is awesome, i'm proud of you, i hope everyone gets a copy. it's a great book. i've -- can't thank you enough at that. also with us is trump attorney and fox legal analyst. start with you, let's start with this judge's decision and what it means.
6:30 pm
they got his tax records, attorney-client privilege information, his passports. what didn't they get? >> they took everything they wanted to take. the injunction, which means that they have stopped all criminal stations, which -- was granted for the trump team. additionally, we received approval to get a special master, which is exactly what they had hoped would happen. the doj, as you may recall, was opposing this. they didn't want it. with the public had assumed was a delay was the judge mentioned this -- the fact that doj was not willing to grant that to the president prior.
6:31 pm
-- until that special master gets there. >> from day one, i said that this was a fishing position, taking a former president's tax information, his attorney-client privilege information, over 500 pages at least, we are reading now. taking his medical records, passports. this is why that broad warrant, that you should see, the affidavit in full, not redacted -- this is why it was officially expedition. there are certain sections that used in the espionage act. >> i agree. it was protection all. i look forward to reading their book. they are gifted writers. the judge seemed to be saying that merrick garland went too far, grabbed too much and gabbed
6:32 pm
too much. in the ears of the media that hate donald trump, derogatory information about the documents that merrick garland seeks to conceal. the judge talked about the irreparable injury, the potential harm that the president suffers as a consequence -- the effort to convict him in the court of public opinion. the judge also seemed skeptical about the sheer expanse of what the fbi went in and did in mar-a-lago. 11,000 documents, 1800 more other items described by the judge. not to mention, 520 documents that are confidentially covered by attorney-client privilege. that doesn't even include executive privilege. this was the big blow to
6:33 pm
merrick garland. a judge deflated his argument that joe biden has the authority to nullify a former president's executive privilege by simply waving it. the judge pointed out that there is a case before the supreme court just this year in which the high court suggested that it can't do that, it would render meaningless any president's executive privilege, so this is a blow to merrick garland, but i don't think he takes this sitting down. i suspect he is seriously considering an appeal. >> let's get your take from a political perspective. >> i find it amazing that people aren't up in arms about what's going on, especially in context of the 2016 refusal by democrats to accept the election results, who are the threat to democracy, not donald trump. they fabricated that hoax, and
6:34 pm
there still has not been justice for that, and now we know they have suppressed -- evidence. that would scare people. why is the fbi doing this? why are they so they so weaponized and politicized? now, we see this continuing pattern and view it in the context of what's going on today. former president trump just wants an objective reviewer of these documents to tell us whether they are legitimate, and if some of them are covered by executive privilege or attorney-client privilege, as greg said, and what did they have to fear? you have liberals like dan rather, who tends to be saying that it's some kind of conspiracy in that trump has manipulated this, and a judge behind this, he was in their back pocket, and she issued this order, but what are they afraid
6:35 pm
of? we want transparency, they want to keep it secret. they are blacking out everything, we want transparency. the side that wants transparency is the side to not be suspicious of. >> this will be interesting. we will see where the judge goes with this next. you dedicated this book u.n. christian roots, to your brother, who we all miss dearly. good to see you. always great to have you. huge questions tonight about john biederman's health. the democratic senatorial candidate from pennsylvania, this time from his hometown newspaper. newt gingrich will react when we return, straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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ok>> even more developments tonight. "pittsburgh post-gazette" published an editorial, raising concerns about his health, his stamina about his stroke back in may. "if he is not well enough to races opponent, that raises concern about his ability to serve as a u.s. senator. as we've shown you on this program, he has struggled mightily in recent program events, but that's not his only problem. he is a spoiled socialist trust fund brat in a hoodie with tattoos that has never had a real job in his life. you look at his positions, like wanting to release -- from
6:41 pm
pennsylvania, wanting to eliminate fracking, $80 billion industry, a moratorium, to rollback american energy independence. he is supporting the radical green new deal socialist agenda. he supports bernie sanders, legalizing drugs, save drug zones to shoot up. in 2013, he pulled a gun on an innocent african american unarmed jogger, falsely believing that the man was involved in a shooting. >> john federman chased down an innocent unarmed black man. >> he says fetterman -- >> followed me. >> he falsely accused the man, triggering a confrontation. >> was six of the cops around them -- >> i believe that they did the right thing, but i might have -- i might have broken the law during the course of it. >> may have? maybe. here with your action, former
6:42 pm
speaker of the house and fox news contributor newt gingrich. that impact today -- called this guy out on the issue. he campaigned in the general election for less than 20 minutes literally. he did not show up with joe biden and he had multiple opportunities this weekend. he's not willing to debate, not able to answer questions on these, and is seeming to get away with it on this point. the poles have narrowed dramatically. what should they be saying and doing, what should the media be saying and doing? >> i think this is a very clear case, even if fetterman were healthy, how's he going to defend his record? biden came to philadelphia -- behavioral speech last week. philadelphia is on the way to
6:43 pm
setting a record with a number of murders, carjackings, armed robberies. 70% of philadelphians say that crime and safety is their number one concern. he voted by himself on 25 different occasions to release murderers, nobody else on the parole board -- thought they should've been put back on the street. he has called for releasing one-third of all criminals in pennsylvania during a crime wave in both philadelphia and pittsburgh. as you point out, the government has called for moratorium on the natural gas industry, which is about six oh john thousand shop -- which is about 600,000 jobs. he couldn't defend his record. he is going to try to have cute things to say, but he can't defend his record. i think in the end, he's going
6:44 pm
to lose by a surprising margin, because he's dangerous, both for the people of pennsylvania and the people of the united states. you look at them, missouri, arizona, nevada, and all of these states are bellwether states. he says advantage democrats. i don't believe anybody in their predictions at this point, but how do you see these races shaping up? >> first of all, i'm not sure if you included new hampshire. i would include colorado, washington state, and connecticut. i don't know what planet nate silver is on. the elites are always wrong, particularly at the end of august. every august, the news media goes crazy, runs polls that are stupid, and asks us to believe
6:45 pm
the numbers. my good friend, who was supposed to be 19 points behind on saturday, and won the governor of michigan on tuesday. change that margin. the liberal newspaper ran a funny poll. clearly close to winning, j.d. will clearly win in ohio. i think we have real shots in every state i just mentioned. in new hampshire, the weakest democratic senator running for reelection, if you look at the umber line numbers. candidate in washington state, with an astonishing personal story. we have somebody who is a great business leader, and already a plant or two of defeating -- who is a very boring washington-based democrat. my advice is simple: every republicans should put the word
6:46 pm
"biden" in front, so it's the biden fetterman ticket, the biden/kelly ticket come and make sure that everybody understands they are all part of the same machine, part of the same radical ideas, the same high prices, the same rising crime rates, same government spending, same open borders. as you pointed out earlier, you pick up kevin mccarthy's concept of a compact america. i am very impressed with this. much more sophisticated than we were in 1994, and i agree with rick scott. if the senate would pick up the same theme -- they were for positive things, we would have a big victory. >> i hope every candidate listens very closely to all you are saying, because if it's about these big issues and their failed agenda, republicans' odds
6:47 pm
are of -- odds of winning are significantly enhanced. when we come back, breaking news out of california. you are about to have blackouts and brownouts. wait until you hear gavin newsom's greatest failure. we will explain. also, karine jean-pierre, just shocking remarks about the border, and ted cruz will respond straight ahead. ice works fast... to freeze your pain and your doubt. ♪ heat makes it last. so you'll never sit this one out. icy hot pro with 2 max-strength pain relievers.
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>> fox news alert: breaking news in california, where the energy grid operator is warning residents to prepare for crippling blackouts. here with the latest is our own trace gallagher. not good news for the people of california, trace.
6:52 pm
>> california has been in this emergency energy alert for about an hour, hour and a half. that is where the state's independent operator, or iso, it can order rotating power outages. the main reason they use these brownouts is to prevent a widespread blackouts which could put some areas out of power for several hours, even a few days. we are talking well above 100 in the desert to come in the beach, very dangerous for people to be without power. earlier today, the iso rushed energy onto the grid. they even started offering financial incentives for homes and -- you would think with temperatures being this high that solar power would be plentiful, and it is, but it's only a small part of the grid equation. the state doesn't have the battery power needed, so it's
6:53 pm
use it or lose it, and same with wind. right now, the state is relying on fossil fuels to keep the lights on, and even with that, not quite cutting it. >> now amid the biden border crossing crisis, senator -- senator ted cruz offered the white house press secretary an invitation to the border to see the tragedy firsthand, but she refused. senator ted cruz is with us now. you may want to comment on the climate alarmist cult and what is happening in california, but it's probably the greatest example of political jiu-jitsu i've ever seen in my life, what you, governor abbott, ron desantis have done, and that his boss illegal immigrants to people who want sanctuary cities and states command all of a sudden, they pay attention, but don't want to go down to the border where you have been dealing with it every day now for what, 19 months? >> what we are seeing right now
6:54 pm
is not normal. this is not a normal state of affairs. we saw joe biden go to philadelphia and give one of the most hateful divisive speech is a sitting president has ever given. he called you and me and every one of your listeners fascists. it is wrong demonizing the american people. we saw karine jean-pierre say people are not crossing the border, not walking across the border. we are used to flags spinning. this was a flat out lie, objective law. i invited her to come to the border and she said "i'm going to sit --" i challenge her right now: come to this border, spend 60 minutes, one hour with me and the border patrol union. we will encounter dozens if not hundreds of illegal immigrants coming across, and if we don't, let's bring the white house press corps, and one of two
6:55 pm
things will happen: if we don't encounter anyone i will say i was wrong, but when we encounter hundreds of people crossing, do you have the courage to say "i lied to you?" cheer press corps? at the end of the day, it's not just her, it's joe biden who is paying her to lie, and every one of the domicile corporate media who rollover in every single fact-checker not saying "pants on fire," they are complicit in the lie. i have been down -- >> senator, i've been down there myself. what you are saying is true: she won't show it, but the challenge is dead on accurate. is dead on accurate. thank you as always. more "hannity" straight ahead. . while other allergy sprays take hours
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opening up your heart and sharing with other people the way that you're feeling. i have a twin sister who, when i'm sad, i call her and talk to her and we normally have the same feelings. i face time, my grandchildren. that always seems to kind of give me a boost, even when you're having your darkest moments. kicking the stigma means talking about it. it's something that a lot of people go through. it's normal. nothing's wrong with you. and in fact, come join us because we all feel this way. it's okay to feel not okay. kicking the stigma.
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>> unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. set your dvr please so you never miss an episode. to go to, hannah, and we thank you for making the show possible. let not your heart be troubled. it laura ingraham back from vacation, refreshed, ready to go, 62 days before election days. we need her passion, voice, insight, wisdom. >> you and i have been through a lot of these midterm cycles. it's important to say that this is our most consequential one. this sets the stage for 2024 and what comes next. i'm not sure how much more our country can take, frankly. >> the last thre