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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 6, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. set your dvr please so you never miss an episode. to go to, hannah, and we thank you for making the show possible. let not your heart be troubled. it laura ingraham back from vacation, refreshed, ready to go, 62 days before election days. we need her passion, voice, insight, wisdom. >> you and i have been through a lot of these midterm cycles. it's important to say that this is our most consequential one. this sets the stage for 2024 and what comes next. i'm not sure how much more our country can take, frankly. >> the last three months have
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been hell. on that note, have a great show. [laughter] >> and laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle." fox news alert: the prosecution of donald trump by doj via media leaks continues tonight. moments ago, "the washington post" reported that documents describing the foreign governments nuclear capabilities were recovered during the fbi aid on mar- mar-a-lago. as we observed time and time again over the past seven years, the regime media stenographers were ready to feed this new release. >> it seems to me that this makes it more likely that ultimately, you will see the criminal charges. >> some of the information at least from who was reporting those sources, was at the upper echelons of how closely held it would be by the u.s. government.
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>> cannot possibly be shield by executive privilege. in other words, he didn't have a right to have it in his beach house. end of discussion. >> the closest sources are people familiar with the investigation. the media want us to believe that the fbi, the doj are above question, they are integrity, they are biased, you can't talk about it ever. with every week, their credibility diminishes. joining me now, steven miller, former advisor to president trump. victor davis hanson joins me now. we ran into each other in the elevator moments ago, and you said it seems like groundhog day all over again. how many times have we been through this, and how many times has merrick garland been so indignant to anyone who questions the integrity or
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unbiased nature of the doj? >> marek garland stood before the american people and said "we will speak through --" and yet, one salacious manipulative fabricated leak after another. if he cared, which he doesn't, but if he cared about justice in america, he would be -- a grand jury to -- the leakers in his own agency who are the ultimate perversion of justice. >> here is what one of the authors of this "washington post" piece just admitted on msnbc. >> we don't know how much, which foreign government is involved. we have theories, but we've published what we can establish with certainty, and that is that among the records seized, there were details so concerning that it was covered by this classification, material that relates to a foreign government's new capacity. >> as someone who has been around this town way too long,
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she doesn't know anything. she was given information by some of the white house who was fed it -- but she is acting like she's edward r. murrow chewing gum shoe reporting. she's just being spoon fed information. >> we were leaking -- this disinterested master who was taking charge, and they were going to adjudicate the prior files. it's almost as if they wanted the prejudice of whatever -- might be. then, "the washington post" news school. they center the russian -- they wanted the supplies for securing the nation. the russians, and he was
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involved in the mueller bombshells. he wrote a book called the october surprise, news story that was telling us not to trust the fbi because they eat -- hillary clinton. their credibility is not very good. i think it's a pattern, the january 6th -- resurrected in the rates, then it died off, and then we have the documents on the ground, the surreal photos, then semifascism and into that "phantom of the opera" set. now, we are back with another psychodrama. we are not talking about 3 million persons flowing across the border, or -- all of the issues we care about, we will only talk about donald trump and the latest manufactured cycle. it's georgia 2020 all over
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again. try to get two people who otherwise wouldn't be elected by the great people -- >> otherwise -- >> stephen, it wouldn't be this release without the star of a russia gate appearance. >> the question for me is why did he select these documents for the thousands upon thousands that -- it raises serious concerns about what he was planning to do with or may have already done with these documents and inflation. >> that man is a buffoon. does anyone think for a second -- you know president trump -- was he had in selecting documents and placing them in boxes? >> first of all, brendan -- >> did you think that happened yesterday? i just asking you a question. >> no. more importantly is the fact that we are the victims of a side up like brendan and his friends have been running for several years. we go back to the russia
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scandal, one bombshell, breaking exclusive, earth-shattering revelation, every one the false, every one built on a mountain of lies, and again we are living through it in real time with the same beltway media pushing those lies. >> how about saying "we have --" with that repository of the latest leak tonight? she said "we have our theories, but we published what we know. you just give them this information. you see how it all works? they work in tandem together. this is constantly the case with anything related to donal donald trump. >> they said this with "the washington post." here is a document that may be referred to something that -- for all we know, it was the printout of a wikipedia page. the point is that the people that are out to get donald trump have been using the same tactic
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for seven years and if we care about restoring democracy, as joe biden has been saying -- holding this doj accountable good >> stephen, victor, thank you very much. you notice we've seen for mar-a-lago? medical records. tax documents. accounting information. it's a big reason why, just yesterday, this u.s. district judge ordered a special -- to be appointed for all of these records pick she also ordered a stop on the doj's own review of the records, which sent the media in a frenzy. >> as the judge pointed out -- essentially was a trump exception. >> this is the most important professional thing this judge has ever done in her life. this is with -- >> by stamped corrupt. trump judges don't believe in the rule of law, facts, logic. when you allow trump judges to
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affect the system, these are the decisions you get. >> joining me now, mike davis, of this project -- former -- to neil gorsuch. washington times opinion editor, fox news contributor. we are talking about tonight's leaks. where these more of what we would expect, the doj's revenge, preemptive strike? >> this is part of a pattern of illegal leaks, the biden justice department, they leased out to "newsweek" early on that marek garland didn't personally prove this. that was a lie. they tromped out -- leaked out that trump had the nuclear documents. they leaked out that the biden white house didn't have that involvement with the rate. that was a lie. we saw the council to president biden first have that, and president trump's assertion
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of executive privilege on behalf of president biden, so it's a series of lies and leaks. remember when she ordered the special master. she talks about the allegations of bias. that is exactly what continues tonight. it confirms why the judge was so right. the biden justice department knows they aren't going to win back the so they will try -- >> judge cannon's ruling on the special master appointment, in a footnote, which is where all the good stuff is -- she writes "when asked about the dissemination of the media relevant to the concrete -- seized records, counsel stated he had no knowledge of any leaks stemming from his team, but candidly acknowledged the unfortunate existence of leaks to the press. ">> charlie.
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it doesn't seem like they are denying these leaks. >> think they could begin to try to deny it. what we are seeing right now is a continuation from what president trump saw from the moment he became a serious contender in 2016. you have this administration weaponize the fbi and department of justice to get going after donald trump, the extraordinary situation where you have a sitting administration spying on the campaign, the candidate of the opposition party that they were trying to keep from getting into the white house. even after donald trump on mike, there were meetings at the highest levels of the obama administration to go after donald trump in the white house in which current president joe biden dissipated, so this is just a continuation of this weaponization of the doj, of the fbi, of every lever of power in
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in washington to go after a man that they love, that they despise. they have chances of indicting him, and that's very good -- those chances are very good, but has nothing to do with building a case. it has everything to do with sliming him with an indictment that will cause the american people to wash their hands and walk away. in all likelihood, they know that he is running again, and if he does, there's a chance that he wins again. they would stop at nothing this time to stop him. >> they are not acting confidence. if you are confident that your agenda is delivering to the american people, you don't have to resort to these desperate measures. just a few moments ago, he offered a theory about why these documents might have been taken
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by trump to mar-a-lago. >> what's the one thing donald trump might keep or take with him after? let's start with something that might make him look good, clear his name under that cross fire 2016 investigation for the presidential campaign. exonerated for what i consider to be the 2016 russia hoax. that explained -- it's not going to sell, it's not these other countries. it is stuff that they clear his name. >> would you agree? >> i agree. i think the president has the constitutional power, as commander-in-chief -- absolutely declassify the russian collusion records, as evidence of his january 19th 2021 declassification memo. he has the statutory power to keep these records at mar-
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mar-a-lago. obama, hillary, susan rice, fbi intel regimes know that these russian collusion documents are for them. >> mike and charlie, this is going to keep developing, and really valuable to have you on the show tonight. thank you. in moments, my ankle diagnosis, what biden's dark turn really tells us. but, mark kelly has agreed to to bait his opponent in that race. blake masters joins me. here goes nothing. hey greg. uhh...hello? it's me, your heart! really? yes! recording an ekg in 30 seconds. tada! wow, that was fast. you know it! kardia offers the only personal ekgs that detect six of the most common arrhythmias in just 30 seconds.
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you.
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the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. >> same old song and dance: that's the focus of tonight's angle. what did i miss? much. -- not much. i've been on vacation for about a week, and joe biden is still angry and out of touch. >> president biden: donald trump and with the -- donald trump and the maga republicans, who do not respect the constitution do not believe
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in the rule of law, do not recognize the will of the people -- to destroying american democracy. >> just like that, he declared on what -- war on what, 70 million american voters? the only way to avoid that in november, they decided, and to kick joe biden to the curb in 2024, which they want to avoid, is if he went into a total madman or against maga, but the prime time speech was a tour de flop. in new hampshire -- her reelection -- she knew it was a problem. she said "i think president biden's comments paint away too broad a brush." this comment as well. "a white house official claimed that the administration made a conscious decision -- for symbolism, and some scholars who
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study these affairs, the use of the marines as backdrops to the speech was unwise. the internal polling on this speech must have been really bad, because within about 18 hours or so, they tried to claim that he did not mean "every trump voter." >> president biden: i want to be clear up front: not every republican is a maga republican, they don't all embrace the extreme ideology, but the extreme republicans in congress have chosen to go backward, to violence, hate, division, but together, we must choose a different path. >> nice try, but we got your message loud and clear. the only legitimate nonfascist republicans are, for him, the outgoing liz cheney and -- if you are regular "angle" viewers, you should have been
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prepared for this. what was his equivalent of a hail mary midterm past? it was shortly after january 6th that we warned you that the biden doj would use this as a pretext to unleash the fury of demonization, intimidation, and harassment against trump supporter's. >> as -- these images were from yesterday, it appears that the incoming administration's response will be freedom crushing, from social dominic social media censorship to punitive justice department. in the white house -- "they would grow more desperate. they pull out all the stops to put trump out of commission. beyond obvious. they are worried that trump is not only going to run again, but win again. rather than take him on in a court of ideas, they will take him off the court altogether.
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after the events of last week, every conservative working the courts, the radical biden engine you should assume that you can be surveilled and targeted by the biden doj. i wouldn't doubt that dossiers are being built on hundreds, maybe thousands of influential conservatives in the office or aspiring to run for office. the president himself said these types of people were threats to the very foundations of our republic. he also said he's happy to work with people that he considers inside the political mainstream. now, a party obsessed with abortion on demand, pushing mutilation on children is lecturing us on what is mainstream? now, what the democrats want to prosecute goes beyond donald trump. they want to use the full force
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of the federal government to enforce social media giants to hound anyone who wants to take a hard line on china, wants to defund the woke indoctrination of our public schools and military command and a candidate that insists that civil servants stop acting like servants of the dnc. they cast their opponents are as semifascists who threaten the entire democratic system, but we are supposed to believe that democrats will run the next elections fairly, or that they will not use every tool at their best disposal -- legal or not -- to stop those semifascists? when you leak details of a grand jury investigation to "the new york times" to her trump, that's cheating. when you get a copy of his press
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returns and lick them to the press, that's cheating. when the abuse that a process the extent that a federal judge has two -- interfere -- that's cheating. when they use social media giants for proxy sensors to protect the president's son from sensors, that is cheating. they are masters of cheating and abusing government power to hold onto power, and you will wonder why we did not leak that supreme court draft opinion overturning roe vs. wade. what they have done to trump they will do to anyone that they think is a serious obstacle. they will help their new poodle raise money to stop trump-like threats to democracy, threats to their power that means ron desantis, ted cruz, josh hawley, ron johnson, jim jordan, j.d. vance. look out all of you. even parents who attend school
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board meetings, there threats to these megalomaniacs. the bottom line, if you voted for trump and plan to vote for him again or strongly supported key aspects of the agenda, they will treat you as a potential domestic terrorist, fascist, or white supremacist. maybe, you will qualify f for te trifecta. >> these days, it feels like we are not at the brink of a civil war, but one that has already begun. trump supporter's are no longer speaking the language of violence appeared >> it is america versus b6. >> this hate filled agenda, this maga agenda that we saw in our nation's capital has no place in a democracy. >> it can't exist. >> of course as they said -- this angry routine, so pathetic. democrats are doing the real damage to america. there is is a relentless assault
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on our bedrock principles, on the idea of a politically blind justice system, on national sovereignty, rights and education, a right to free speech. of course, as the media obsesses on phantom mag of threats, damages piling up, biden's policies, and it largely goes unreported. since he signed his so-called inflation reduction act, the stock market has plummeted more than 3,000 points. it's the stock market, it goes up and down, but it's also a sign that investors think we are in for a lot more economic pain, and that the revolutionaries of california, that we are all supposed to be emulating, they are all numb purge of more blackouts. biden -- friends in europe, they are facing more energy rationing because of their stupid policies. of course, the war in ukraine is not going well. biden's sanctions on russia, a huge failure, and putin and
7:28 pm
xi jinping are buddies teaming up against us, but we are supposed to believe he's on a roll? that's what they are saying. 42 is the average. that's a drug or 42%. wow. does this look like an energized crowd gathered in pennsylvania? president biden: there's a lot of folks here. i don't want to keep you standing much more. >> because they are walking out. trump's rally -- fico [chanting "usa"] >> from now until the mid terms, i want you to expect a nonstop barrage of bad news from republicans they have good news from democrats. take it with a grain of salt. the voters will decide how things are going in america, how it feels for their families. under the leadership they have
7:29 pm
in congress. it's up to them, but just know this: this period of intimidation, incrimination's, threats, having the military stand behind biden like that, this is not going to end unless we end it, unless they are defeated politically. we have to force them to change by changing our political leadership, and that is the angle. joining me now is colorado congressman -- member of the house freedom caucus. your response to my point that everyone who has influence in the republican party who is more of a populist, a proponent of the american first agenda, they should expect that they are being surveilled or in some way targeted by the biden administration. do you agree? >> unfortunately i do, because i have seen exactly what this department of justice is capable
7:30 pm
of recently, and how they feel about conservative americans, moms and dads attending school board meetings. he goes so much more beyond that. i am ultra maga, and i'm proud of it, but that simply means that i am for securing the southern border, reducing government spending, securing american energy, and protecting our peace through strength, and women and children, and american greatness. never before has a president will shown such eight filmic hatred for fellow americans. maija louko follows bills to secure your freedom, the right to keep you free p >> joe biden wants what is best for the democrat and chinese communist party.
7:31 pm
he stood in front of this hall and gave one of the most disgusting and decisive speeches in american history. he was laughed at and modeled by nearly everyone, except for the lefties. the american people don't need a lecture. they need an apology from joe biden. joe biden, it's clear, is suffering from an illness in addition to cognitive failure. trump derangement syndrome. i think it's at a level four -- at this point -- joe cannot talk about his accomplishments because he doesn't have anything, so instead he will get up there and say "orange man bad," and what the media will cover for him. joe biden is not some sad old man. he's an angry radical that's hurting america, attacking his political opponents, and is going after them again and again. he should resign, and if he
7:32 pm
refuses, i hope my house college join me in trying to get him out. >> i know you are good buddies, and he defended biden's ananti-maga -- >> two of the hallmarks of a fascist political parties are that they don't accept the results, and they embrace political violence. i think that's why president biden was right to sound the alarm this week. >> congresswoman, your response to that, not accepting the results of the election and stoking political violence, supporting political violence. >> i was proud to join 146 of my colleagues in objecting to the electoral college results of the 2020 elections. this wasn't unprecedented. democrats have objected to the last five republican presidents, and no one has such outrage for
7:33 pm
their objections. there was clear constitutional issues with the state legislatures that were subverted in election laws. i think that was our fundamental roles as representatives to say "let's look at the constitutionality of the election that just took place." of course, the democrats want to slap a name on it and call it something it wasn't and run with their narrative, and the media helps them. that's why i'm grateful for folks like you who help us get the truth out to the american people. >> i always get lost, semifascist, then fascist, then he walks it back, then it's the elected officials and not the people. that speech was a flop. i was sad i was on vacation. i wish i was covering it real-time, but it was a complete flop. congresswoman, thank you for joining us. blake masters joins me in studio next. what is driving these recent
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democratic bouts of enthusiasm? how does he intend to write that ship?
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>> that's really energizing the democratic base, even though latino women are registering more to vote for democrats. >> it has gained this energy that cuts across party lines that's up to women for decide what to do with their bodies. >> the votes of women i think will absolutely resonate in midterms across the board. >> "the wall street journal" poll has shown that abortion is reportedly going to motivate stockholders. this is a shift that republicans did not see coming. "the wall street journal" writes that when offered a choice of five issues and which made the most likely to vote, they put that supreme court ruling ahead
7:40 pm
of overturning inflation. i just don't believe it, i'm sorry. joining me as blake masters, a candidate for the u.s. senate in arizona. chuck coughlin just told "usa today" that based on numbers we have, "republicans have to make some kind of leap on the abortion issue because they are getting killed among women. "your response. >> what we are seeing is propaganda. this was the media's desire -- they are trying to make this election about abortion. the democrats, mark kelly in arizona wants to talk about abortion because they don't want to talk about the wide open southern border, transgender ideology. there is an outrage on the abortion issue. i just don't believe that that is going to be an issue. >> there is a referenced on the
7:41 pm
website. >> markham propaganda. assistant -- should have gotten rid of wall roe versus wade. that sends the issues back to the states. i happen to believe that the federal government has a role. we take the fight to the states. >> and he lies about that, but they have nothing good to run on themselves. we go we were talking about mark kelly. i never see him ever. it's not -- live and breathe on television, but he does not exist. >> he does the joe biden hide in the basement. >> he's a hologram. >> he runs these fake ads where he pretends to be a moderate republican, but no, people know he's voting in d.c. in lockstep with joe biden 94-97%. when it matters most,
7:42 pm
chuck schumer -- >> a month from today, you are going to have one debate. >> we challenged him to four in hopes he would agree to one, so we got it. >> do you know who's moderating it? >> pbs. it will be somewhat left-leaning, but that's okay i like this line for mcdaniels, who wrote a piece i missed, came out a few days ago in the heel about how he's like federman in a way. he pretends to be this everyman moderate, but he's just a california liberal who happens to be running for reelection in arizona, but he's not really a moderate on any issue. >> he acts like bernie sanders in the united states -- has the audacity to pretend to be moderate. i think marquel lee is doing a fantastic job as california's
7:43 pm
third senator. what he's failing out is representing arizona. >> the narrative will be be demoralized arizonans before the vote. do not believe anything they are saying. this will be a hot race to watch. i appreciate you coming, good to see you. a world transgender health organization is about to grant hospitals nationwide the ability to lower the age for chest and surgeries cat captain singh, a woman -- -- -- untransitioned after being a man for years -- will respond in a moment.
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mark >> back in june, an organization called the world organization of transgender health -- something known as the standards of care. when they make the decision in ten days, they are expected to lower their age recommendations for breast removal to 15 years old and genital surgery including testical removal two at 17 years old. this person took -- to how
7:49 pm
devastating her surgery was when she was 18. >> took an entire that should have been mine. i should have waited. i can't have kids. i don't want to use the word indoctrinated, but i was young, sad, impressionable, and i thought this would fix everything. >> i cried when i watched that. a singer who dd transitioned after living as a transgender man for 15 years. author of "the college scam." someone who who sought and received that care, will warning when you give to teens and their parents? >> i would say that these surgeries are irreversible,
7:50 pm
dangerous, and a child -- if i can do you transition as an adult, the last thing i should be doing -- these body mutilation seizures can be performed >> i was so upset by that, and i don't know her, but it was so upsetting. i know you watch that. your reaction. you just want to cry for her. >> totally, and more broadly, you can judge society based on how we treat our children. this is very important for children to understand. these guidelines are used as reference points for children's hospitals across the country for them to medically mutilate children, which is happening in those same cities where children wouldn't be able to vote, get a
7:51 pm
tattoo, buy liquor, and yet, they can go into a surgical procedure at age 15-16 and have irreversible damage. regardless of political party, we need to listen to the people who have suffered under this and draw the line. there's so much that pharmaceutical companies stand to make from this. it's about profit off the backs of our children. it's disgusting and reprehensible. >> here's what marcie bowers, the president-elect of this world association for transgender health -- watch. >> this is exactly the role of puberty blockers, prior to the onset of puberty, so that gender can be explored, but not in a permanent way. this is scientific, tract, and in my experience, it's rare to see regret. >> she calls it rare to see regret. i'm not sure what she is
7:52 pm
referencing in the way of research, but your response? >> the truth is there is a lack of evidence into the long-term outcomes of transitioning, but recent studies show these rates going higher and higher. some studies that came out this year, it's coming out between 7-30%, which is quite a bit higher than some older studies. one thing i want to add is that this whole method of puberty blockers for cross sex hormones for surgery is not based on solid, scientific evidence. it's based on a dutch study that had just 70 participants, and just one person in the study were tragically passed away from the complications from the surgery. that's a 1.4% mortality rate, and yet, that's the study they are using to base these
7:53 pm
guidelines for currently treating children just fun -- children with gender dysphoria. >> how are you doing after going through all this. how are you going through this? >> thank you so much. it's been the most difficult thing i've ever gone through my life. professionally as a singer, i would say in addition to the health side effects experience, the way it affected my career as a singer has been the hardest thing to deal with. my singing and speaking voice will never be the same after my time on testosterone. it is painful to use my voice for more than a limited time because of the vocal damage i obtained from testosterone. there's a growing growing number of de transition errors like myself. spreading awareness, i am just hoping that we can prevent more of this from happening.
7:54 pm
>> thank you. if people say they are courageous for doing this and that. your speaking out tonight is very courageous. charlie, about 20 seconds here. the biden administration is on one side of this issue. your response. >> not only are they on one side of it, they will smear you and slander you if you say what that beautiful testimony was. parents, step up. it doesn't matter what they call you. this is the fight for decency and biological reality. >> how about for children to be children for a while? let them go through growing up p and learning, changing. thank you both. the white house gives big pharma a big boost. what's that about? d's work, meet daughter's playtime. wait 'till you hear this— thankfully, meta portal helps reduce background noise. zero lace model. adjusts to low light.
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>> the white house appeal today for another covid-19 booster.
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the good news is that you can get your two shots, flu shots and your covid-19 shot at the same time. >> coming up next, we have greg gutfeld and the gang coming up next. thank you for joining us tonight. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> yes, all right, all right. oh, boy. check it out, look at my hair. happy tuesday, everyone. we hope that you had a glorious labor day. but i have to be honest, i d


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