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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 7, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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updated covid-19 shot. you can get your flu shot and covid shot at the same time, it's a good idea. this is why god gave us two arms, one for the flu shot and one for the covid shot. >> the biden administration call to arms. gutfield and the gang, they're next, have fun. >> carley: fox news alert, man accused of killing eliza fletcher is heading into the courtroom today, set to be arained on murder charges one day after investigators found the body of the mother behind a vacant apartment. you're watching "fox and friends first," i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. the suspect being charged had a very violent history of rape, assault and kidnapping dating back to the time he was just 11
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times. cleotha abston was 16 when he began a prison term. brooke singman has breaking details on this case. brooke. >> brooke: good morning, human remains have been confirmed to be those of missing heiress and mother of two, eliza fletcher. >> memphis police department discovered remains of a body, further forensic investigation by the mpd positively identified the body was in fact eliza fletcher. >> fletcher's body was located in an abandoned home seven miles from where she was kidnapped and one mile away from where cleotha abston was seen cleaning the floors of his suv. her family is demanding justice
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saying we are heartbroken and devastated by this senseless loss, we are grateful to law enforcement for tireless efforts to bring justice to the personal responsible for this horrible crime. cleotha abston is charged with first degree murder, aggravated kidnapping and tampering with evidence. surveillace video captured video of a man running toward fletcher while out on a early morning run last friday. cleotha abston was arrested after investigators matched his d.n.a. to a pair of sandals found near the scene. his criminal record began at age eleven lefrn, he was convicted of rape at 14 and served 20 years for kidnapping a well-known attorney and forcing him to withdraw money from multiple a&m machines.
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he will be in court today for his arraignment. >> carley: tucker carlson rip being the state of law and order in our country. >> an american citizen should be able to walk anywhere in america without being raped. that is not what we have, what we have, a country you can't go some places, it is too dangerous to go. most accept this by default, we should never accept this under any circumstances. the good people who lived in memphis a century ago would never believe what happened to the city they built, they would weep if they saw it. that will be the experience of every american before long 6789 our entire country will be memphis if we don't put a stop to insanity right now with as much course as required. >> todd: chilling state of
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affairs. president biden trying to clarify his message against maga republicans. >> carley: gop says he is more focused on bashing their party instead of solving the problems of the american people, kevin corke joins us live. >> kevin: the white house says it wants to make it clear the label maga republicans doesn't apply to all republicans or all trump voters. it remains a familiar refrain, a line of attack from the president himself. he wrote on twitter, i want to be clear, not every congressional republican is a maga republican, i know because i've been able to work with mainstream republicans. but an extreme set of maga republicans in congress have chosen to take us backwards. together we can choose a
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different path. one end of the white house the president and administration tries to stay on the offensive and say it is the maga folks, on the other end the white house say the press briefing room not the offensive and more defensive, following past weeks by the press secretary claiming stolen elections like this gem from 2016 from karine jean-pierre, stolen eshg-mail, stolen drone, stolen election. clean up on aisle five. >> you tweeted stole results, if that is extreme now -- >> that comparison you made is just ridiculous, i was talking specifically at that time what was happening with voting rights and what was in danger of voting rights at the time.
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>> kevin: interesting, she didn't write anything about voting rights, though, nothing. the president's tone is out of step with the american people and even some other democrats. >> i hope biden keeps going around the country to every swing state and gives his raving lunatic speech around the country. democrats don't want to be part of his speech, they know he is toxic and ought to get rid of armed agents, he just added. >> instead of trying to solve problems of the american people, he has decided he is going to try to convince the american people to hate republicans more than the american people hate president biden, it is an interesting approach. i think the president's new
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tactic is star-spangled stupid. >> kevin: you can always count on the great john kennedy for amazing sound bite. president obama will be back at the white house on wednesday for a portrait sitting, if he steps in front of a camera, i will bring it to you tomorrow. back to you. >> todd: kevin corke, thank you. former nfl player and evangelist, jack, you heard the reference kevin made to karine jean-pierre and old tweets peter doocy raised. why are democrats celebrated for questioning election results and know ares are investigated and excoriated for doing the exact same thing? >> jack: democrats do what they say republicans do, but then the
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media gets behind them and they are allowed to change reality. we are watching and seeing the tweet and watching and hearing what comes out of their mouth, some way they are able to pretend and portray to the american people that they are not speaking what they are speaking. it is just unbelievable to see what they have done and the mind games they play with the american people, it's sad. >> what do you think about the strategy the president is using right now, not running on policy, not campaigning on political issues. he is saying, you may not like me, you should hate the other guy more, how does that resonate with undecided voters? >> jack: not very well, they will pay a grim price come november, american people are ready for unity, folks are done and sick and tired of bashing each other, most of us have
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republican or democratic folks that we love and republican, we may not agree on the politics, but to try to divide a nation to where hate spews out of folks mouths and hearts must come to an end. we have too much carnage happening and real issues affecting americans, we have massive inflation and folks who are not even able to pay their bills that are hurting and so people want to hear about the issues, they don't want to talk about what the president feels and emotions on what a maga republican means and we all know that folks that are maga love this nation, they stick together and they are trying to really save a country that we is see the moral fabric is d disappearing before our eyes. >> todd: you raise up our nation's kids, specifically
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those that don't have advantages, parents are outranged over lower test scores, fascinating sound bite from carrierodriguez, take a listen. >> the system doesn't work for kids, it is second. we have data to quantify it and now we'll hold them accountable because we're mad as hell. >> todd: how do we reverse the damage we've done to children over the last two years, by we, democrats and teachers union that set our nation back decades? >> jack: this is shined a nasty spotlight on a crisis that happening in our country. our public school system needs to be completely dismantled in the way it is operated and issues happen way before covid.
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covid has made us aware, i see it, talking three to four years behind in reading. when you are in the fourth or fifth grade, that's a lot and the kids may never recover from this. we don't have assistance at schools, schools close at 3:00, you have kids going home that can't read and write and particularly the poorest of the poor, the fatherless and kids in single-parent homes that don't have support when it comes to reading and math and studying for tests and things like that. we're better as a nation than what we are doing, this is a crisis for billions to be poured into school sdriths. some school districts spend $25 to $30,000 per child every year on education, it is really a disgrace to see so much waste and money being spent in kids
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not being able to read and write. i don't know what is going to happen in society. you see crime and issues happening now, they are result of poor education system because we truly are not holding kids accountable. we don't have discipline in our schools. lawlessness we see in the streets, we're also seeing in schools. the system must change and it will require us standing against teachers unions and any other power or authority that wants us to take righteousness out of the school system. >> carley: you have critical race theory in seattle and oregon saying math is racist, by western culture, it equates mistakes to wrongness. you have to wonder how that benefits children in the long run. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> todd: senator manchin now the
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latest democrat to slam president biden's student loan bail out, which could cot taxpayers a billion bucks. manchin saying, i thought it was expensive and there was a better way to do it, you have to earn it, the comments come after his support helped pass inflation reduction act which has price tag of $739 billion. >> carley: trump endorsed canned dal jeff deal wins massachusetts governor, defeating businessman chris doty and setting his sights on november. >> we did it, everybody here, we did it, i'm proud to accept the republican nomination to be your next governor of massachusetts. it comes to rights, freedoms, wallets and your kid's education, i declare the people's worst nightmare and i'm
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here to stop her from bringing radical policy to the governor's ofgs. >> carley: deal will face mara healey. pennsylvania senate nominee john fetterman newspaper sounding the al alarm -- mehmet oz, if mr. fetterman is not well enough to debate his opponent that raises concerns about his ability to serve as united states senator. dr. mehmet oz challenged opponents to debates, but fetterman keeps saying no. oz says fetterman doesn't want voters to know about his radical left-wing policies. >> john fetterman believes in legalizing and decriminalizing drugs and sanctuary cities with open border, run a foul of most pennsylvania citizens. everyone is in a panic about
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john fetterman coming into office, it will be catastrophe for the commonwealth and the nation. >> carley: oz is closing in on fetterman within five pointss in the senate race. >> todd: american star coco gauff by carolina garcia and kyrgios losing to karen catchnof. [cheering] >> forgotten man no more move to the final four here in new york. there he is. punishing his frame. >> i don't know if you can hear it, you can hear kyrgios
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destroying multiple rackets, it was the rackets fault, we interviewed them. youtube star decided to get a haircut, the stunt done by influencer, i don't want to say his name and give him credit. he was moved from the stands a minute later. unless you are a super star, you shouldn't get attention on the court, these people work their whole lives. >> carley: we're showing it on tv right now, that is why. >> todd: i don't want to blame our producers, this guy is an idiot. >> carley: kudos on saying the russian tennis player's name. >> todd: i emphasized the karen, people say that, i have no idea what he said, karen. >> carley: congratulations to the winners, including todd is a
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winner. >> todd: residents are being forced to pack up and leave, talking to them next. >> carley: speculation around hillary clinton making another presidential run, we'll tell you what she said. >> todd: this is the good version, right? ♪ does it get better than never getting lost? ♪ does it get better than not parallel parking yourself? ♪ alexa ask smartfeed to feed the dog. does it get better than feeding your dog from 50 miles away? yes... it does. at buick we see a future that's even better. because the life enhancing innovations you've never even dreamed of? buick is dreaming of them every day.
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>> carley: the bronx da office looking to upgrade charges against a man accused of sucker punching a man into a coma. prosecutors had let the man walk free, they are looking to upgrade charges now, unclear if the da will. the victim was put in a medically induced coma after suffering fractured skull and brain bleed. a woke california judge with ties to george gascon declared mistrial for armed subry suspect because he was sleepy in court.
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the judge ruled because he couldn't stay awake, the suspect could not properly take notes and ripped the sheriff's office for not letting him spend the night in a bed. lowenthal previously endorsed george gascon, and faced recall due to soft on crime policy, failed to secure necessary signature to get the vote on the ballot. >> todd: in oregon, residents selling their homes as the city is less safe. the owner of a bar and grill is here. jeff, you lived in oregon 27 years, your wife was born and raised there. what was the final straw for you to flee portland? >> my goodness, i don't know if there was one final straw,
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infinite final straws. talking to my neighbor across the street and all the times she told me she had to clean up after homeless people had defecated in her yard, that was a big one and there was a park down the block from my house, half block away, beautiful nature park rehabbed from an old campfire girls camp and it was just infested with homeless people, drugs, needles, people having sex in the park, people defecating in the park, it got unbearable. >> todd: i wouldn't need much more to kick me out of the area. jame, how much longer can you stick it out before you follow jeff out of town? >> that is a great question, people all around us are making decision to turn around and leave, they are selling their places at a loss to get out of
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portland, they have lost faith in the local government, take a look at ourselves, our business has been burglarized five times in the last year. you have u.s. outdoor, about six blocks from us, they have been burglarized 17 times. they had to close their doors because they could not afford the being b burglarized and insurance is not covering the losses. it is pretty significant. >> todd: burglary up nearly 20 prls in portland, robbery up 40%, motor vehicle theft up 51%, overall crime up 5%. jim, how can you sustain a business like yours if customers are scared to be in portland? >> without a doubt, it is a huge problem, when you take a look at
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the problems we've had in our business, we've had homeless people coming in, taking showers in our bathrooms, stripping down naked during busy times. we've had people come in and demanding donations from customers. we've had a person come in with a knife and take over one of our lounges. it has been a very significant problem with the homeless in our area for sure. >> todd: jeff, i'm sure this is a question you have asked yourself multiple times. why do leaders in portland seem more committed to the homeless and law breakers than they do the taxpayers? >> man, if i had the answer to that, i'd probably be mayor. i think it really is a matter of not wanting to confront the problems. the problems are so big and they want to hold on to woke
1:27 am
ideologies to the point they are sacrificing actual public safety. they think they have the answers and anybody that has a different idea is dismissed. >> todd: one lead er wants to decriminalize hard drugs, that seems like a horrible idea if you try to solve the problems you two have referenced. thank you for joining us, we hope portland gets better. the migrant bus saga took another new turn. eric adams dispatching delegation to get real answers about the border crisis. we have details on that and will tell you what lightfoot is saying. >> carley: miranda rights says new evident linking joe to foreign cash flow, what she found and why she said this investigation was botched from the start. >> this is someone who should have been a star witness before the grand jury, now being
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>> carley: the man accused of killing memphis teacher and heiress, eliza fletcher is due in court this morning, one day after police discover the mother's body. cleotha abston henderson is facing charges including aggravated kidnapping, tampering and fabricating evidence and first-degree murder. a criminal defense attorney joins me now. this is a brutal tragedy, you have a young mother who is dead. what are your top-line thoughts on this case? >> this case strikes a cord
1:34 am
because the fact this person was an innocent jogging on her own and got abducted. i say this all the time having been a prosecutor many years, these are random crimes that make you afraid to have your daughter, son, husband, go out, you never know if something like this will happen. only question is i'm wondering whether or not this person has been stalking her, he has previous kidnapping, he kidnapped a male attorney for money 20 years ago and served a 20-year sentence. i wonder if he had been stalking her. as a pros cutesor, i want to go through her social history and his social history and go through the internet and phone to see if this was a random thing or plotted in order to get money, extort money from her, that is something i'm keen on
1:35 am
right now and whether or not anybody else was involved. >> carley: she was the heiress to a hardware company, the man that was kidnapped 20 years ago, worked with eliza fletcher uncle in the same law firm, there is a unique connection there. short of a confession, do you think investigators will be able to discover a motive? >> i think they are going to wind up discovering a motive. it is hard not to leave a footprint anymore, carley. when i first started we didn't have internet and social media and phones, the motive was money before, i did not know about the connection you are bringing up right now, this is something i'll be interested in. that body they recovered will be key for investigators because it
1:36 am
will bring trace evidence that unless he washed the body and cleaned thoroughly will connect him further, not from circumstantial view, but to the case, i think they will come up with a motive. >> carley: he was first arrested at 11 and convicted of rain at 14 and served 20 years for the kidnapping of a well-known attorney at gunpoint and forced him to withdraw money. he served a 20-year prison sentence, we're talking about a repeat offender, you have to ask yourself could this have been prevented? >> as a prosecutor or defense lawyer, most people do not repeat offend like we're seeing now and then some do, this is
1:37 am
conundrum of prosecutors, how much punishment is enough? many commit crime and serve and don't get reinvolved and then some like this individual his propensity to commit crime and once you release them, they will go out and commit crime again. i can tell you first hand, it becomes difficult to know which is one kind of person or different kind of person. i would like to delve into the record of what he was like when he was in the institution, the jail, whether they gave him parole, what were the records that assured them he was nots going to be a danger to somebody in the future. that is where i see the system falling apart. >> carley: thank you for joining us. todd. >> todd: "washington post" reporting classified documented
1:38 am
se ed from mar-a-lago. judge appoints a special master, bill roseanne barr does not agree with the decision. >> i don't think the appointment of a special master will holdup, i don't see it changing the trajectory. it is wrong and the government should appeal it. >> todd: the decision doj from reviewing the documents. eric trump says the investigation is corrupt and a special master is necessary, listen. >> they took a special master to come in and a judge to appoint a special master to tell them the same thing our attorney would have told them at the time had they not kicked her out of the room and not let her be present. this is corrupt as hell, it is sad. we shouldn't be here, the fbi
1:39 am
knows they cannot take attorney-client information. they want to find anything they could on donald trump because we are 60 days away from midterm election. >> carley: failed presidential candidate hillary clinton addressing the raid saying it does not compare to her e-mail investigation. >> i think it is a different comparison here, it appears the justice democrat and fbi have been incredibly patient, quiet, careful until they finally apparently thought national security was at stake. >> carley: clinton writing as trump's problems continue to mounts, the right is trying to make this about me again. i had zer e-mails that were classified. 110 e-mails contained classified
1:40 am
information. hillary addressing this question on some people's minds. >> would you ever run for president again? >> no, no, i will do everything i can to make sure we have a president that respects democracy and rule of law. >> carley: it is better she stay out of office after losing in 2008 and 2016. >> todd: miranda devine says overwhelming evidence that president biden lied about his knowledge of his son hunter's business dealings after bobblehead come /* /* bobulinski come to light. >> interviewed 11 days before the 2020 investigation, he gave them chapter and verse joe biden's involvement. money came to the biden family
1:41 am
coffers, including from clinton. >> todd: republicans in congress accusing the treasury department of shielding the president's son after denied banking reports for investigation. to the crisis at our southern border, new york city mayor eric adams sending delegation of city officials to the southern border. he says the delegation is there on a fact-finding mission to learn about the crisis and slammed greg abbott for creating political side show by sending 2000 migrantss to the big apple. in chicago, mayor lightfoot says she is planning a trip to dc to discuss her own migrant crisis. lightfoot says she would like to meet with governor abbott. she says this is not a governor who wants to cooperate with us, pick up the phone, send an e-mail, i would love to see that. lightfoot bashed abbott's policy as racist and bashed his
1:42 am
christianity. >> carley: covid school closures, we'll talk to a group of them, including life-long democrat who says they are apauled the left is trying to blame republicans. >> did you see this? >> your house gets hot, can't use fans or air conditioning. >> everyone has to do their part and step up for a few days. >> todd: california is a leader in liberal energy policy, number one, tens of thousands were left in the dark last night or told to crank up their air conditioning to 78. that is next.
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>> carley: cities across california could face rolling blackouts today, extreme heat pushing the state's power grid to the limits. >> todd: gavin newsom urges residents to conserve energy. marianne, are you okay? >> marianne: for now, yeah, but it is swelterring, right now 40,000 californians have lost
1:48 am
power because of overwhelming heat. california independent system operator declaring stage three energy alert warning residentss rotating power outages possible, please reduce energy use. governor gavin newsom urged citizens to set thermostats to 78 degrees. >> californians, you have stepped up, but we're heading to the worst part and risk for outages is real and immediate. everyone has to do their part to help step up for just a few more days. >> marianne: gavin newsom urged resi residents to precool their home before 4 p.m., receiving alerts on their phone and residents sharing how they are coping with
1:49 am
the possibility of a power outage. >> have a generator ready to keep my refrigerator going, other than that, want to save our food and ep cooing fingers crossed it doesn't happen to us. >> with heat, it is you have to, can't use fan or air conditioning. >> marianne: florida's -- the twitter meme starts with gavin newsom believing in freedom and ends with a blackout. los angeles high temperatures forecast between 95 and 100 through friday. >> todd: good luck, marianne, live in l.a. thank you. american federation of teachers president, randi weingarten is accused of flufrnging the pandemic, randi weingarten
1:50 am
hitting back at critics. teachers deserve our ear and our help, not shame and blame. beth, let me get this strange, rampant school closures were donald trump's fault according to randi weingarten, right? >> absolutely not, and as i've shared before on the show, i'm not a big trump supporter, but i can tell you president trump made it clear schools should reopen and that is not what happened in democratic states. >> todd: this is part of dems attempt to rewrite history ahead
1:51 am
of the midterms, take a listen. >> democrats voted for american rescue plan to help kids get back into school safely. >> step back to where we were when this president walked into this administration. it shows how mismanaged the pandemic was. >> todd: opposite day on "fox and friends first," dana, your reaction to what you just heard? >> i find that laughable, residents and parents have kids go back to school full time if they crowd funded lawsuits. there is no way that what the white house is putting out is true and we know it. >> todd: rob, drop in test scores is proof this has not gone well for people who instituted lockdowns. students declined in reading and math, that is the largest average school decline in reading, first ever score decline in math, is this gas
1:52 am
lighting by the dems attempt to distract from the horrible numbers? >> i can't imagine it couldn't be, it is so orwellian, it is almost soviet, they are talking about how school closures were the way to go. there is damage cited, to say nothing of the social damage kids will get for not being around their pals for two years, makes you wonder if they believe this stuff themselves. >> beth, you were a lifelong democrat, could you vote for the party after how they mishandled this pandemic? >> i don't think i could. i will never say never, you never know how things could change, there is no circumstance under which i would vote for a democrat. in pennsylvania, we have a governor race coming up and the democratic candidate josh
1:53 am
shapiro says he does not support school closures or mask mandate, as the attorney general wolf supported those policies. i don't trust anything they say at this point in time. >> carley: funny how we made that call, it was wake-up call, what can parents do to fight back against that powerful unit that does not have their kid's interests at heart? >> well, that is one reason we started restore childhood, we need an advocate for our children, children need to be the priority in our society and teachers unions priority is members, not our children. >> if we saw one thing, rob, leave it here, you woke up parents and got them to vote out three school board members who were doing bad for kids in san francisco, hope the new school
1:54 am
board members will do good. thanks, parents like you keep our country from going off the deep end. carley. >> carley: instead of returning to class as planned today, seattle teachers head to the picket line forcing public schools to shutter. seattle association green lighting the strike giving parents just hours to find care for their kids, the union is demanding higher pay, smaller classes and covid prevention measures for the upcoming school year, no date set to return to class as both sides continue to negotiate. and a teacher put in jail after refusing to use correct pronouns of a student. court order barred him from being on school ground for trying to teach his class, telling the judge, it is
1:55 am
insanity, he would be taken to prison and says he is refusing to give up christian beliefs. he remains incarcerated until the court gives final orders. >> todd: he's in jail? that is insane. >> carley: we have a big show lined up, sean duffy, joe concha and nancy mace all here. >> todd: "fox and friends first" straight ahead, do not miss a minute.
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