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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 7, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> she said she knew the question was coming. she had a kamala harris moment. >> gavin newsom saying they can't charge their cars.
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>> henderson is now charged with first degree murder. >> you can have a choice natal or chair. that is an option in tennessee. >> hilary clinton making headlines. >> would you ever run again? >> no, no. >> american people don't want her on their tv's in the white houses. >> it is a weird time to do that. ♪♪ >> ainsley: jessie james decker has been on our show. she is darling. what a great song. we are looking at duck, north carolina. that is down in the outer banks. beautiful area. i have been to the outer banks, i don't think i have been to
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duck. >> steve: i have been to duck. we stayed at a place. it was absolutely beautiful there. it is near corona. >> ainsley: okay. a lot of humidity. beautiful skies. tomorrow it is going to rain. if you live in that area, enjoy the beach today if you can. >> brian: kids are in school or the beach would be packed. >> ainsley: adults don't go to the beach? >> >> brian: nope. >> ainsley: that is when parents are jumping for joy. >> steve: 8:02 now, present biden is trying to clarify his message about maga republicans and maga extremist attempting to back pedal on attacks. >> ainsley: gop says more
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focussed on bashing their party instead of solving problems of the american people. >> brian: this is the introduction jackie hiemreich, jack? >> good morning to you guys, present biden found himself questioned on how many of the 74 million americans who voted for trump considers extremist. he said he wasn't gearing that rhetoric to voters but republicans in congress. there is a back pet pedalled. president tweeted not every congressional republican is a maga republican. extreme set of maga republicans have chosen to take us backwards. together we can choose a different path. biden denying election results makes you an extremist. that by the way is something his own press secretary has done
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someone from the party opposite of her won an election. stole an e-mail, stolen drone, stolen election. almost to the world of unpresidented trump. brian kemp stole gubernatorial election. my colleague steve doocy called her out on it. >> if denying election results is extreme now. >> let's be clear. that comparison you made is ridiculous. i was talking specifically at that time with voting rights and what was in danger of voting rights. that is what i was speaking to at the time. >> white house trying hard to put trump on the ballots talking about maga republicans threat to democracy. this strategy is going to play right into their hands. >> i hope biden goes to every
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swing state and gives raving lunatic speech. democrats are not showing up to say let me be part of your speech. they know he is toxic. >> this approach, this strategy loses focus of the issues voters care about. >> steve: share, they turn off the leaf blower when you are done. jackie, any time the white house tweets the president says i want to be clear, that means they weren't clear. looks like they have a messaging problem. >> certainly feels like that. we have had with each new set of comments, semifascist or ultra maga. whatever the new one of the day is. >> steve: super duper maga trumpies. >> that was a good one. new one everyday.
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white house in the briefing room and rolling out a new this is what we meant on twitter or with their comments. shows the president has never been good at pulling off the villain. he is struggling with it. whoever came up with this strategy is the same person behind dark brandon. >> brian: everyone told him listen the way you do it matters. we saw what happened. word is last week there was a lot of hesitancy within the white house about the president taking that tone at independence hall. did you hear that? >> i didn't hear that specifically. i do believe it. i have been hearing sort of whispers of that from sources within the white house and also democrat strategist i speak to regularly. this is not the issue, these are not the issues voters are caring about.
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this loses site of inflation and gas prices and takes focus off legislation they passed here and signed into law. there is a lot of uneasiness with this from the president. >> ainsley: interesting people took offense at first. we thought he was directing that to maga republicans. now to the maga congressman, women. then clarifies not all are maga congressman. thank you so much. jackie. >> thanks, guys. >> steve: speaking of the heat, janice has been with us all morning showing us how hot in the west. potential record highs today. another 108 records in jeopardy. >> ainsley: historic heat wave. >> steve: if you are living in california, historic heat wave what are you going to do?
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turn down the air conditioner. you are going to go to your house to be cool unless you listen to the governor of california saying we know it is record high temperature wise maybe now is not the time because we need to save electricity. >> ainsley: in his fleece hat and jacket, here is the governor. >> everyone has to step up all doing their part to produce strain on the grid. here is specifically what you can do, early morning hours, tomorrow and next day or so, precool your home. run your air conditioning earlier in the day when more power is available. we encourage you to close windows and blinds to keep your home cool as well. today and tomorrow afternoon, after 4:00 p.m., in particular 4:00 p.m. turn your thermostat up to 78° higher avoid using any really large appliances.
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>> brian: they have now a stage 3 energy emergency. there you go, outages possible. that state not a stranger to the rolling blackout. as the state brags 2035 all electric, don't plug in your car. one percent of the state's population has an electric car. they don't have any source of energy except solar panels and wind meals. they have to refire up safe nuclear energy and decide in terms of oil and gass. irresponsible to continue down the path they are doing. if you want proof of that, look what they are experiencing now. how embarrassing for the bears on his hat and vest. this guy is an embarrassment. he is saying don't plug in your car. get a plug in car even though
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$20,000 more than a gas car. he destroyed that state. if it is not burning overheating. precool your house. cool in the morning, by the time you get home sweltering. >> ainsley: 67,000 people without power. residents need to do their part precool your home before 4:00. after 4:00 avoid using mayor appliances set your thermostat 78 or higher. >> steve: thank you we don't have to do the dishes or laundry because it would take too much elect electricity. image of electric vehicle in west virginia that ran out of electricity in the middle of a road near a coal mine. those are four coal miners and
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the driver of the car pushing that electric vehicle up a hill to the coal mine to plug it in. keep in mind, brian, you were eluding to this, environmental itself would like to see coal miners and people in oil and gas without jobs. they want us to be renewable. would be great. we are not there now. depend on gas, oil, coal. here is the guy that took the picture state senator randy smith. and talked to the driver of the car. >> it was pretty ironic plugged into coal mines on the back. can't make this stuff up. [laughter] >> i notice the people broke down from washington, d.c. i do know sometimes coal miners have a bad wrap. we just wanted to show them we
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have a heart. we are good people. >> ainsley: it was very nice of them. irony there is not lost on any of us. broke down, couldn't charge their car, relied on the coal miners people they are against we think. we assume since they are driving the electric car. >> great respect for people that work in the coal industry. california 37% of energy natural gas, 14% solar, 11 wind. nuclear 9. coal is 3. nuclear is ultra clean. what is the problem? all ideological. people have to stand up and speak out even if you are a dem democrat. >> ainsley: we are not there yet. >> steve: that electric vehicle now driving around washington, d.c. coal miners gave them a license friend of coal.
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>> ainsley: did they put it on their car? >> brian: ugly story, police confirming human remains south memphis home eliza fletcher. >> steve: violent history dating back to when he was 11. >> ainsley: todd prior with the details. >> human remains found in south memphis neighborhood are those eliza fletcher. seven miles from when he was kidnapped. witnesses say they saw killer abson cleaning floors of his suv. look at this video that came in, you can see who police identify the suspect driving into the
5:14 am
parking lot before cleaning out the back of his track. abson set to be arraigned and facing multiple charges including first degree murder. abson carries long criminal history theft at the age of 11. convicted of rape at 14. went on to serve 20 years in prison for kidnapping a well known attorney and forcing him to withdrawal money from machines. nancy grace joins us. >> i guarantee you there will be some collection. he takes a victim in daylight hours, puts them in his vehicle rides around with him for a period of time considers killing him. >> brian: fletcher's family demanding justice for the 34 year old. we are heart broken.
5:15 am
we are grateful beyond measure for finding eliza. memphis police out on the man hunt, mother and baby briefly abducted in a target parking lot. victims released after the mom was forced to withdrawal money from a nearby atm. >> steve: thank you, todd. can't even go to target and put stuff in your trunk. >> ainsley: thank you, todd. carla. >> reporter: two more buses full of migrants arriving in new york from texas early this morning. unclear if this is a part of governor greg abbott's program who sent 2,000 migrants to new york. adams says he sent city officials on a fact-finding mission to get quote real answers about what is going on. in chicago police searching
5:16 am
for three robbers who held a woman at gun point in broad daylight. terrifying attack. trio jumping out of a car. one aiming a gun at a woman before pushing her and stealing wallet, keys and phone. trump endorsed candidate jeff deal wins republican nomination for governor. former state representative defeating businessman chris dotey. deal will face attorney general heelly who won in a landslide. mcdonalds bringing back blast from the past, cheese danish coming back as part of mcdonalds mccafe bakery line. mcdonalds officials say part of a plan to switch up customer's seasonal routines. that science delicious. >> ainsley: that is a throw
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back. >> steve: i remember that. >> ainsley: who doesn't like a cheese danish. they were warm. my mom loved them. >> sst >> brian: how do you make a limited amount? >> ainsley: when they are sold out, they are gone. >> steve: it is like the mcrib. >> ainsley: they are going to see if they make money. >> shamrock shake. >> ainsley: never had that, was it green? >> yes. grind them up in the blender. >> brian: meanwhile we'll discuss more over the break. present biden's knew of his son's business dealings. >> joe biden was involved with this deal in china. multimillion dollar deal. lineline latest headaches of hunter biden next.
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>> ainsley: plus sharon osbourne what she reveals leading up to her exit from "the talk." ♪♪ ♪♪
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every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. deal in china, this multimillion dollar deal with china that was detrimental to america's national interest. he was central to this corrupt influence program bidens had been prosecuting throughout the world during joe biden's vice pres president. he lied during the election campaign he knew nothing about
5:23 am
son's overseas dealings. >> b >> brian: he did it to the fbi for five hours insisting overwhelming evidence present biden lied about new reports linked to hunter's foreign deals emerges again. douglas murray with us. he is involved with countries involved with us now. it is not hunter biden unsavory choices and bad relationships and relationships with hookers and crack. chinese group. capitalist arm. doing the belt in road program and biden family playing a role. it is abhor rent. >> that's right. brian. they have been distracted by the
5:24 am
story, this sort of dirt of the story. real story is as miranda said on your show yesterday. influence peddling, money making, it is about what the big guy knew. as miranda said on the show, he seems to have been very well aware of his son's business dealings. very troubling that a story which is this important which is about the first family's relations with america's competitors, rivals, potential enemies should have received such little coverage even now. >> brian: douglas, october 23rd, tony boblynnski direct messages, hands over his cell phone. all communication to the fbi. five hours of testimony! you would think this is an international story moving that
5:25 am
should effect the election. directly effects how compromised our president maybe. they squelched the story and freeze accounts that decide to forward the story including one from then press secretary kayleigh mcenany. it is insane. >> it is an example of political intervention at the highest level in controlling what the american public are allowed to hear and know about what then was one of the candidates for election. i think we really as a country have to think about this and reflect and try to act on it. we have a situation where major stories are effectively suppressed. most that happens two years later some of the media graciously says there are questions that seem to appear. what are those questions? where do they lead? how about getting us some answers on it.
5:26 am
with the exception of miranda divine, new york post and what you have done, very little attention on that story. seems from what miranda divine uncovered, not the hunter biden used his father, but that his father used hunter biden. he was used as effectively money making business accruing asset of the biden family. this is a major story. for it to have disappeared and admitted two years later is inadequate. >> brian: what you said i'll never do what my father did to me. i will never do to you. it is all corroborated. tim teebolt may not have been involved in the laptop. bob has his cell phone number. game on.
5:27 am
we should get to the bottom. thank you so much, douglas. >> great pleasure. >> brian: more mar-a-lago fall out. only cabinet officials could know seized by the fbi, senator marco rubio on that. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight. announcer: ozempic® provides powerful a1c reduction. in studies, the majority of people reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack, or death in adults also with known heart disease. and you may lose weight. adults lost up to 14 pounds. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't share needles or pens, or reuse needles. don't take ozempic® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2,
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>> ainsley: new report revealing classified documents seized in the fbi raid on mar-a-lago. >> brian: only the president and cabinet level officials authorized to know about it. >> steve: gop senator from florida marco rubio. joins us now. >> good morning. >> steve: well maybe it is things a note from kim jong un to president trump he wanted to keep his hands on. if true, this "washington post" report highly classified documents mar-a-lago only a cabinet-level officer should look at.
5:32 am
doesn't seem like something you should have in your post presidential drawer. >> all this information is coming from one side, one place. who are the sources? fbi and justice department. they are leaking to the media. generally, when there is an investigation by fbi or justice department they are not acknowledging there is an investigation. these people are strategically leaking information can't be rebutted for a reason. that is politics to influence the narrative. i am skeptical. whole thing about only cabinet officials could know. that is not the way classification works. it is based on the compartment, what level then the need to know basis. third thing i would say is, as a member of the gang of eight which is eight officials in congress with insight and
5:33 am
intelligence. we are read into all kinds of things, we were never approached there is a massive brewing counter intelligence threat to the united states. if you read all of it, they are heavily redacted. very early on, government sent a letter to trump's lawyer saying we think you are in possession of x number of boxes, didn't say immediately return them. store them some where behind lock and key. why didn't they immediately demand the return? why didn't they come to gang of eight. we have this major problem on our hands. we get constant leaks. only reason to leak to the media to influence the narrative. this is being politicized doing damage to fbi and justice department to important institutions in our country. >> ainsley: in the article, agents grew so alarmed they
5:34 am
realized they shouldn't even be reading them. if that is true, could that explain why they took medical records trump says they did or tax returns? >> that wouldn't explain it. neither would be relevant. second point, we go back to people talking about state of mind of the agents if that is even true. what is the only reason to do that? if you are conducting a serious investigation you don't hear about them. justice department won't acknowledge someone is being investigated. they won't do it either way, they won't comment especially something that involves a former president. in this particular case, everyday someone in the justice department is leaking. why would you leak? that is to create a narrative. why do you create a narrative? for political purpose. they are proving they are
5:35 am
politicizing by what they are doing as opposed to allowing the pleadings to speak for itself. >> brian: senator, i know you are in a big election. thank you for your time. fbi loses control. let me grab control back 1-800-washington-post. same they used for russian conspiracy. thank you, senator. >> ainsley: thank you. >> brian: why wasn't the game of eight briefed? >> ainsley: we can't thank you enough for waking up every single morning with us, we know you are the reason we are no. 1 every morning across the country. we are so delighted to bring you our latest promo. this is our entire morning crew. we shot this what, like a month ago? >> steve: yeah. we were in our prime then.
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>> ainsley: back when we were young. we have proof of that, here you go. >> america is waking up to "fox & friends." >> my usual. >> morning show making friends everywhere. >> loved that interview yesterday, brian. >> good morning. family. >> nice. >> nice interception, lawrence. >> all that is going on in the world today. >> morning, sam. >> watch out. rain is in the forecast. >> important to have friends you trust. "fox & friends" america's best friends. >> steve: that's right. we know trust us and invite us into your house everyday. we would like to see photos of you watching fox and friends do a selfie behind you or send your pets watching, we love that. >> ainsley: or babies,
5:37 am >> ainsley: brian wrote the script. taxi cab driver sam. lawrence through the football, interception. >> steve: they did a great job. thanks for doing it. truly an honor. we recommend you get dressed. >> who new we have exactly the same breakfast everyday. >> >> ainsley: same, same, same. >> steve: hilary clinton opens up about running. >> ainsley: will she run again. ♪ ♪ breeze driftin' on by... ♪ if you've been playing down your copd,... ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day,... ♪'s time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy.
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>> >> ainsley: good morning we are back with this, sharon osbourne opening up about her exit from tv show "the talk." she is slamming the woke mob
5:42 am
mentality. watch this. >> i handle these nut cases threatening me they are going to come in the night cut my throat, my husband's throat, cut my animals up. all the death threats. i had people that supported me so much. they started to get harassed and started on ozzy. it is like hey, huh uh he has had enough stress last three years of his life you are picking on him. >> ainsley: four part series premiers later this month. tracking several things in the atlantic. in terms of making a direct impact, we could feel results of hurricane earl along the east coast with rough rip currents and rough surf.
5:43 am
bermuda, category 3, next 24-48. hurricane in the pacific. we are talking about it because the moisture will work its way into the west where they need the rain fall and bring down some of the temperatures. record highs across the west. cooler in the south area of low pressure. otherwise west continues to be the big story and fire weather danger because of the high heat. i am going to toss it to my friend steve doocy. >> steve: hilary clinton made a decision running 2024 very clear now. >> would you ever run for president again? >> no, no. i am going to do everything i can to make sure we have a president that respects democracy and rule of law.
5:44 am
>> steve: clay, she wants to run. >> clay: as soon as joe biden has to make official decision, all these people that have no interest in running will fall all over themselves to announce the moment biden were to decide not to run. i think the whole reason biden is out speaking now and going after donald trump is because donald trump is like joe biden's life preserver. if donald trump is not around, joe biden has no reason for existence. he is about to be 80 and kicked to the curb. he is trying to hope he is going to run give me a break. if biden didn't run. hilary would be there in a heart beat don't kid yourself. she is not gone yet. >> steve: some where, where hilary was not for me, clay, this next sound byte is the sound byte of the day it was
5:45 am
last night on a late night show watch this. >> we took her to russia on a state visit when bill was president. formal good-byes. bill and i ushered into the beast, the big limousine to head to the airport not know ing tha we left her behind. >> steve: that's right. bill and hilary clinton left chelsey in the kremlin! they just forgot about her. [laughter]. >> clay: there is a lot of people that would like to forget about hilary's show all the discussion notes. one thing that is a positive for the clinton's for sure, chelsea seems to have turned out to be a relatively normal person. despite getting left at the kremlin, she seems to have recovered fairly well.
5:46 am
i would think the secret service would have something to answer for. if you left your kid at the kremlin. >> steve: i would have ptsd. clay, what is kicking? >> clay: awful story on eliza fletcher. perfect crystallization everything going wrong with our inability to put people violent behind bars and number of innocent people that continue to be victims. she is a metaphor of a larger issue with crime going on in the country. people can't get enough of it, steve. >> steve: clay travis thank you very much, hear you later today with buck on the radio. >> >> clay: appreciate you. >> steve: david limba a book he wrote with his daughter faith
5:47 am
series, they are up next. first dana has a preview. >> dana: thank you so much. steve. authorities piecing together what happened to eliza fletcher. suspect expected back in court today and a live update from the local prosecutor there. heat turning up on the midterms, cassie garcia can she flip the seat. bill bar, how does he think the mar-a-lago investigation ends. how is bill doing second day after the end of summer, see you at 9:00.
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. >> ainsley: david lick limbaugh joined by his daughter and co-author kristen bloom exams how the lives of the early christian church mirror struggles we all face on a daily basis. david and kristen join us,
5:52 am
dynamic duo father daughter. david, i love your books. you have been on our show many times, i watched you last night talking about this and politics. why did you write this one? >> previous books covered paul, apostle wrote 13 apis tolls. >> ainsley: paul spread christianity throughout europe. >> he was the primary church planter and fierce fighter for the gospel. he faced so many challenges and tells about those in the letters. all the attacks on christianity from outside and inside the church. letters written to these churches to bolster them and correct them when they were facing challenges to what the gospel really was. set out the true, true doctrine.
5:53 am
not just to help the churches but help us, christians down the line. >> ainsley: christen we work together, you went from intern at fox to hannity's assistant. now you are published with your father, detailed deep dive into paul's live. what was it like, why did you want to do this with your dad? >> dad approached me a year and a half ago. i was absolutely thrilled. it is a dream come true for me. now that i have a son i have learned what you learn so much from your parents is not what you say but what you do. it is exemplified what you do. my dad truly lived that out as a father who has put his money
5:54 am
where his mouth is literally. not just told me i am a good write but confidence and faith in me. such a wonderful project working on this with him. i learned so much as a writer from him. we pray it blesses people. >> ainsley: david, i know all of your children and wife. you have a beautiful family, faith, you live out your faith. you are funny. a lot of people think when you are christian, i don't want to hang out of them. you are hilarious and man of character. great children. what is something you learned? >> we christians struggle everyday. god never promised we wouldn't face hardship. he promised we would. you see paul fighting battles in the early church. you see him going to god in prayer everyday encouraging us to. to me it is encouraging to find a person who was steeped in christianity who is the very
5:55 am
definition of christianity beginning needed prayer and needed encouragement. needed us to pray. he was a model for christians and he also was very adamant we don't deviate from god's word. word of god, bible is the word of god. books and letters he wrote ended up being scripture. when he says jesus is the only way to the father, he is the way to eternal life, faith in him. believe him. don't believe what the modern culture is telling us. >> ainsley: you dedicated this book to rush, her brother. why did you do that? >> rush was so good to me. so generous. such a great brother. i am not saying that. we were very close. i so admired his struggle, the way he handled his struggle.
5:56 am
he became way closer to god during that struggle which happens to people. i admired how he thought and his fans. i can't believe how loyal and how much love they have for him. i get it everyday on twitter and other platforms. i wanted to thank them for being so faithful to him. >> ainsley: yes. he helped save this country. god bless your family. thank you so much. you have to buy this book "resurrected jesus." on sale now. go and support their family, you will learn so much. we have more "fox & friends" moments away. ... because it's not just for kids.
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>> the only thing i can say is stay within yourself. >> get dressed and if you run, run to the radio. buy. >> bill: good morning. a moment we're waiting ayinde arraignment for the man charged with mur dearing the mother of two children. his criminal history is extensive and it started at a very young age. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." this is all happening within a five-daytime period. cleotha abston is charged with kidnapping and murdering eliza fletcher. the initial attack was caught on camera but far from


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