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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 7, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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whatsoever. >> john: will cain, clearly you have done a lot of reading. appreciate your thoughts today. >> thank you. just before we go, i want to say happy belated birthday as they say name day to you, it was yesterday. >> gillian: it's an important year, 29 can be very stressful. >> john: 29 for the first time. >> gillian: and we are not >> the story starts right now. >> thank you, john and jillian. another excuse not to go back to school but this time it is not covid-19 it is air-conditioning. you heard that right. $280 billion in taxpayer money was allocated so that the
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nation's schools could have everything they needed to get back to the classroom and why, who knows. kids in philadelphia, baltimore, cleveland, what they have all been told. go early or stay home. we don't have and we are blaming climate change. >> it is forcing schools like san diego and denver to close. there was a heat wave that caused several problems and they
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are releasing students early due to extreme temperatures, logistics say they are trying to prepare for this months ago. and due to supply chain issues and there are also growing questions about where all of the money went to help schools improve this during the pandemic saying that it's clear that prioritizing ventilation. >> even now with all of what is going on, so many schools are still doing this and sending these kids home. >> house republicans launch an investigation and funding after so much money went out the door and today we had a chance to speak with them.
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>> betsy, thank you for joining us. martha: welcome back. this is heartbreaking for these kids, we know t that fourth-graders in america, only 35% of them can read at a proficient level, i understand that it's hot out and what have these schools been doing for the these schools been doing for the 18 months if they were going to actually use it. >> you are absolutely right. >> we got all of their money, the $30 billion initially appropriated to make the school
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safe to be in for learning and one of the things they could do would actually improve their relation and climate control . and here we are 2.5 years later. and parents have to be at their wits end holding these kids hostage to their demands and their political agenda. we all understand that some construction was held up during the pandemic. in "the wall street journal"
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entitled it saying that randi weingarten flunks the pandemic. she punches back, blaming you, among others, for the failures, he or she is back in may 2021. >> i begged them to do exactly what the joe biden administration did there are different estimates. some say that less than half have ever been touched or used, some of them are lower than that. >> even at the end of 2020 the initial round could be funds for schools less than 10%.
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even today, more than 90% of funds haven't been spent, and they try to extend the time so they can can continue to drive their political agenda. it is inexcusable. we teach kids to own up to and take responsibility. and randi weingarten should talk about how he harmed kids, harming families across the country, yet all she is doing is blaming everybody else. but this is not about teachers, this is about randi weingarten and all of her allies that continue to control everything with the democratic party going directly to democrats to do bidding.
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>> we see millions of students trickling away and we are also seeing people using their tax dollar money to go to the school that they want to go to. and i know that we don't have a good air-conditioning system. what is the hold up. >> there was no and that there is no prevention to that and another example of a system that is utterly broken and not fixable and it is a prime
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example of misplaced priorities of agendas that are not around best for kids and the families are supposed to be serving. it is a prime example of that and that includes the system that has been the same or 175 years and it is not going to get better until there is a lot more competition from other providers that are going to offer kids what they need. >> it happens in the cities where kids need this. these are the national test scores. reading is down five points, math down seven points, the numbers worse in urban school districts. we have people getting shut out of schools because there's not enough air conditioning.
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places like philadelphia, cincinnati, baltimore. same places. so at what point do they become failing schools. federal dollars, state dollars are given to ron. so should they fix this? >> will come up they have been feeling for a long time. the pandemic laid there, and it's compounding the problems today when they are refusing to actually do the things that need to be done to serve children and families that have children there and this is not what is best for kids and how they are going to learn. and headed by individuals bent upon their own agenda and adult issues, not on learning, the question around getting schools air-conditioned is another example of how dismal they have
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failed the american people and the kids that they are supposed to be serving today. >> i have had two years to get ready to get these kids caught up and it doesn't seem to be a priority in a lot of places and they can't seem to tell us exactly where it went or how that money was used. we thank you so much, we are glad that you have more more options. some of the cities need to get even more of those options. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, rick scott, under pressure as the senate races tighten up across the country, we will ask about that. and also 62 days up.
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>> president joe biden is not saying that all republicans are maga republicans or a danger to democracy, some of the media seem to agree that the general line of attack that he had been using is a winning campaign strategy. >> i think that they are semi-fascist words, authoritarian words. >> it's no longer republicans
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versus democrats but it's americans versus maga. martha: senator scott, thank you for joining us on the show today. so president joe biden has been trying to emphasize that he's not talking about all republicans. what do you think about that. >> in all of the swing states, giving that raving lunatic speech that he gave. that backdrop was perfect. and maybe into the armed irs agents, here we are. the democrats don't want to campaign, and i think it will help us win more. >> one interesting aspect was
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written in "the washington post." he points out that he failed to mention state after state the democrats are working to boost as well. spending tens of millions to help them win in primaries. what do you say about that? >> well, they know that they cannot win with certain policies. and biden's numbers, under 40% approval number. they know how that his policies are, the inflation and what he's done with critical race theory, gas prices, afghanistan.
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nobody wants to be around the sky other than people that he's paying work for in the white house. >> asking about your position and it says and they had already spent 95% of it. what they had been allocated to spend. then it goes to less than what the democratic senatorial committee has after the intense stage of this race that we are heading into starts. so where did all that money go? >> there is too much static and too much noise out there.
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and then pretty soon the position right now, that is not only were we can keep our seats but we can also pick up probably as many but six competitive states for the democrats that are underwater at this time. and these candidates are in need of money right now. >> we are going to keep the hardest races to keep. behind by about five points right now and absolutely, they
12:20 pm
needed the money and what we don't want to do everybody thought that it is easy. he was known to find early, thought that it would be easy to win georgia. and they are now doing really well great candidates and we are going to win. martha: we look forward to talking to you, scott. we thank you so much, sir. >> thank you. summa coming up next, speaking to ted williams on a plan to get kids off the streetb
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in the 38-year-old suspect is now behind bars. back in court today charged with kidnapping and killing fletcher when she was out running and know her story hits home as the videos of her teaching remotely last year are coming to life. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> this little light of mine, i'm going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. >> i miss you girls, and let your sh light shine at your hou. >> she leaves behind her husband . martha: crime has become so bad that children under 17 years old will now be under a very
12:26 pm
strict curfew and as you can see, they have had the deadliest august ever it has more than doubled that more than a year ago. >> that is why children under 17 will be under curfew for the next 30 days, 10:00 p.m. to 5:0e on weekends. and it has not been enforced since 1995 according to the executive.
12:27 pm
also saying that the kids need to be held accountable. >> what happens after the ar arrest. >> also determining how to hold these kids accountable, that department telling us this. saying that all our place and released by the courts, the department does not have that authority. the county state attorney is defending her offices record on convictions at this time. >> in order for us at this time to prosecute cases, we have to have justifiable reasons to
12:28 pm
prosecute people in prince george county and we have to have proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> it's not just here but the washington commanders say they were shot twice in the leg by two teenagers and a carjacking and they are recovering, they hope to play later this year. >> unfortunately this is not unique to this area. thank you so much. and with that we bring in the fox news contributor joining us today. obviously we see a proliferation of young criminals on the street. this is their effort to crack down on them. you think that this could help? could this work? >> hello, martha. i think it is encouraging and
12:29 pm
refreshing. and that is what we seem to have in the criminal justice system and what you have here and angela brooks is saying that she is six at it. where are the parents, where are the guardians of this kid who can be out and about at 3:00 o'clock in the morning and what county executive and it is
12:30 pm
to hold people accountable. very refreshing. >> these kids don't just need a hug but they need to be held accountable. ii know this is in the popular thing to stay we are the aunts and uncles who are responsible for this. >> many are begging the question of personal responsibility, the people in their lives stepping in those parents are going to be
12:31 pm
held accountable. and when these kids are locked up they need to stay locked up she has shown that 84 juveniles have been arrested for a carjacking, 55 have offenses, 34, she is trying to do something about it and i take my hat off to her. martha: absolutely. when we see these kids put behind bars, it sends a message to the other kids that are out there that if they do this they will not be back on the street tomorrow. hopefully that will have an impact on them, a positive impact on them to turn things around and find another line of
12:32 pm
work. thank you so much, always good to see you, my friend. >> you are my friend also. martha: thank you, ted. >> these individuals claiming that there quietly quitting as they squeak by. the shocking the client of the american work ethic. the story continues after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ow what opportunities life will send your way. but if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis, enbrel can help you say i'm in for what's next. ready to create a bigger world? -i'm in. ready to earn that “world's greatest dad” mug? -i'm in. care to play a bigger role in this community? -i'm in. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, helps stop permanent joint damage, and helps skin get clearer in psoriatic arthritis.
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>> that is the character peter from the movie office space. but it's really not that funny because at least half of the american workforce say that they are disengaged at this time, that they do the bare minimum at work. it is a growing trend that is known as quiet quitting your job. and thiworkers drop 6% and thos.
12:38 pm
>> the initial research says this is the fault of the managers, they are not making these people feel welcome or the contribution is not being embraced. college, buying a house, you name it. getting married. these people have taken a step back and they are not involved in it in any way. >> what you are saying, these are the kids that we give trophies to for just showing up. >> pushing back on that. what i also see is some managers and people of authority who also don't want to come in very
12:39 pm
often, and some cases they want to figure out what it's like after two years, they are being told oh, we are going to be there on tuesday and thursday or maybe coming in three days a week. so is there blame on the upper echelons in the leadership. >> well, there is a kind of entitlement mentality, not just young people that you should have a job, a deep recession of 1982, working as hard as you can to keep that job, trying to excel, what this is showing up in, this trend is in the worker productivity numbers will no means businesses are not getting as much work and rages can't rise.
12:40 pm
and if you don't show up, you are fired and it is a culture and the most important thing you can do is excel. and that is how you get the promotions and how you rise up. this problem is particularly severe and you have government agencies for 2.5 years that i've had workers working three or four hours a week.
12:41 pm
>> what about china, you know, and mom and dad, too many of them, it's like they will pay their way. and that is how you survive, so one of these days we will be forced to wake up. >> all right, bret baier works hard as well and he is 20 now in
12:42 pm
a moment as big questions continue on the type pennsylvania senate race. this could be the decider in the senate and its prompting controversy here.
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>> the senate races are heating up. one that could be crucial, one that could tip the balance of power in the senate you find the democrats trying to flip a republican seat held by pat toomey in pennsylvania. and now they are in a heated
12:47 pm
debate see rich edson in washington on the story today. >> it is a debate about debates, because there are no debates. and they say john federman is avoiding him. he had a stroke in may, but doctor aust says that he is using that to dodge the issue is. >> he is dodging questions from the press, he says he's doing fine, he said that as well and yet he doesn't debate. >> the now editorial pages are failing to agree to a debate. the pittsburgh post-raises legitimate concerns. many voters will have concerns
12:48 pm
and the editorial board said that the doctor oz campaign is pressing it like an adolescent manner. when it offered to pay for a medical team during any debate. john fetterman's campaign says that although he is still recovering, he's more capable of fighting then doctor oz will ever be. and anybody that has seen doctor aust speak knows that he's a fraud. this is about knocking him for having a stroke as if they have nothing else. they are campaign says that they are coordinating with tv networks coordinate debate, but they've heard nothing from the doctor oz team about debating. martha: thank you, we appreciate your research. now bret baier, this is something that we talk about whether or not they are going to
12:49 pm
debate and the responsibility that they have to the voters of their state see how they fare under the pressure and in the situation. what do you make of it? >> i think that you are correct. we have reached out to the campaign and we have been offering town halls and debates as well hitting again and again and again and they have been hitting hard in pennsylvania.
12:50 pm
and i don't think so at the end, but it will be a test suite one i think that there will be some pressure, especially in the post labor day season and all of this. you start to see the races tighten up. it could become, we hold, beneficial or a little bit more urgent for both sides to say i would like to show my stuff, i want people to see who i am, in many ways the environment that we live in basically it was launched from a basement. it is not an indication that you can kind of get away with staying under wraps? >> i think that that was unique in the covid-19 situation but he did it and it worked and you look at president joe biden. he has not sat down for a one-on-one with any network for more than 200 days. he hasn't done a full-fledged press conference. in the meantime he is bouncing
12:51 pm
around with the camp campaign statements about maga republicans, which one would think they would want to ask him about. and so i think that it is possible that you could do a campaign like this but at some point you have to answer questions from voters and that will come to a head in pennsylvania. clearly he is going to hit this. and i bet that it gets pretty tight, pretty quick. >> coming up from the editorial board. stroke recoveries can take time, voters understand that. suggesting that he isn't up to being a senator and he could agree to the debate. more to the point if he can campaign around the state and speak at rallies and do you think that there is any
12:52 pm
political downside to doctor oz pointing it out? because you can see what the fetterman team is doing. could that backfire on doctor oz? >> yes, there is a sympathy factor. but at some point it is about philadelphia, pennsylvania and the big issues and those issues cannot be answered if they don't show up. >> if they want to do so they should be confident and they should show that they are better than the person they are running against. we will see if they take that opportunity and we do hope so we have the special report with him at 6:00 p.m. so as we await the doj decision, bill barr raising a bigger decision on whether or not it could rise to the level of
12:53 pm
indictment. >> do you invite a former president, what kind of precedent will that set? will the people understand that this is not failing to return a library book, that this wasis serious. ♪ ♪ frene you ♪ r chronic kidney disease in type 2 diabetes could progress to dialysis is important. b is for belief that there may be more you can do. just remember that k is for kidneys and kerendia. for adults living with ckd in type 2 diabetes, kerendia is proven to reduce the risk of kidney failure, which can lead to dialysis. kerendia is a once-daily tablet that treats ckd differently than type 2 diabetes medications to help slow the progression of kidney damage and reduce the risk of cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks. do not take kerendia if you have problems with your adrenal glands or take certain medications called cyp3a4 inhibitors. kerendia can cause hyperkalemia, which is high potassium levels in your blood. ask your doctor before taking
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(vo) verizon small business days are back. and there's never been a better time to switch! with limited-time offers. like our best price on our best business unlimited plan. and a 5g phone, on us. at verizon small business days from the network america relies on. >> the opinion is wrong, i think the government should appeal it, deeply flawed in a number of ways. i don't think the appointment of the special situation will hold up. i don't see it fundamentally changing the trajectory. >> that was my talk with the former attorney general bill barr saying that the justice department should appeal the judges decision. and that includes going through the documents that were seized from mar-a-lago. but he also doesn't think that
12:58 pm
the former president should be prosecuted. >> even if he made the case that there is another step, i hope that they don't do it. >> we have the latest development. >> that's right, i keep checking that, nothing yet from the department of justice, we are expecting an appeal at some point and this would be to the 11th circuit court of appeals. the district judge this but they cannot use the documents from mar-a-lago until the special situation is done. they said that president trump reported and kept a document that had nuclear capabilities of an unnamed foreign country in his possession, the document is now in possession of the u.s.
12:59 pm
government, some of the top-secret documents taken from the resort had information that only the presid president and ms of cabinet and a few others were allowed to see. talking about "the washington post," they said even after the court noted specifically that he faces an unquantifiable potential harm, asking counsel for them, they continue with no respect for the process or regard for the real truth, it does not serve well the interests of justice, it is said. meanwhile, approaching 60 days until the midterm election, typically in the past the doj declines to prosecute a political candidate, but not on the ballot in two months. but that means that merrick garland has a big decision to make and it is an unwritten r
1:00 pm
rule. >> thank you, david. >> thank you. >> that is the story of this wednesday, september 7. we will see you back here tomorrow, but we will also see you on greg gutfeld. have a great evening, everyone. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ neil: americans feeling down. how down? try 1970s runaway inflation and strapped for cash down. boy, do we remember those days. >> are you better off than you were four years ago? is it easier for you to go and buy things in the stores and it was four years ago? >> that was then. is it all playing out again now? well, let's just say that we have you covered on why more


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