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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  September 7, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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an albatross on the same hole that means they scored a 2 on a par 5. same hole. yduo playing in the holy cross men's golf team. the pga says the odds are greater than a person being hit by lightning than scoring an albatross. in the same group, we don't know what the odds are that's it for us, fair, balanced and unafraid. i want an albatross. don't you want an albatross. >> jesse: i want an eagle. i will take an eagle. give me something, bret. >> bret: see you. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: have you ever been in a bad relationship? maybe two different to make it work? one of you like sleeping in. the other likes getting up early. maybe one of you is into the bar scene but another prefers a night on the couch. some relationships just don't work. when that happens, you need to end it. >> something must have happened. >> it's not you. it's me. >> you are giving me the "it's
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not you, it's me routine?" i invented qups it's not you, it's me ""it's them if it's anybody it's me. >> all right. george, it's you. >> you're damn right it's me. >> jesse: look like the democrats are done trying to make it work with joe biden. his approval rating terrible. even the media is propping him up. he still can't swing it. and he just called half the country fascist while looking like from "star wars." so the democrats who are they going to turn to for 2024. mayor pete can't get anything done. we have all had enough of hillary. so in steps gavin newsom. the golden state pretty boy trying to look like the frontrunner for the democrats in 2024. and they are already clearing the runway. newsom stopped by the white house earlier. to get a feel for the place. brought in some carpet samples.
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measured the drapes. maybe had a few paint colors with him to see what worked. he looked right at home. and gavin hasn't been shy about national ambitions. already cranking out campaign ads like this one in florida. >> urge all of you, living in florida to join the fight or join us in california where we still believe in freedom. freedom of speech. freedom to choose. freedom from hate and the freedom to love. don't let them take your freedom. >> california locked down. but that doesn't matter to newsom. he doesn't care no surprise he went to war against fossil fuels. he already banned the sale of gas powered lawn mowers in your state. extension cord tangled between your legs. now he is going after gas powered cars. looking to get them off by 2025. so good luck driving from l.a. to san francisco on a single charge. freedom is having to stop and plug in for three hours.
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while new sales is green dream become a nightmare for most of that state. california's power grid can't demand now wait until you have a gazillion electric cars charging at this time. state on the brink of rolling blackouts, don't worry, newsom has it covered. >> air conditioner earlier in the day when more power is available. wants you to sweat it out in the summer and bundle up in the winter. and don't even think about putting up christmas lights. >> clark! honey, i think i know what's wrong.
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[siren] >> jesse: newsom wants you to suffer for his green fantasy. the a.c. but it looks like newsom is cranking his in the governor's mansion. why is he wearing a fleece? isn't it supposed to be 78 degrees? so california can barely keep the lights on. you would think the white house would think that's a problem. they don't. the white house thinks it's great. >> i love the fact that california is unabashedly bold about -- about energy policy. the leader -- leading indicator for the rest of the country. california's boldness has, i think, shaped our willingness in the federal government to move further and faster. >> jesse: try telling that to the 35,000 people drenched in sweat sitting in the dark last night. there is nothing bold about being uncivillized. that's bone headed. what's all this for? the democrats are playing chicken little with you and telling you the sky is falling. you have heard it everywhere
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from al gore to aoc to greta. in relate the environment is better than ever. gore told us that if we didn't unplug our air dryers all the polar be bears were going to di. >> that's not good for creatures like polar bears who depend on the ice. a new scientific study shows for the first time they are finding polar bears that have actually drowned swimming long distances up to 60 miles to find the ice. >> jesse: gore lied again the polar bear population has doubled in the last 60 years. it's not just bears. scientists said the great barrier reef was dead, was gone. this year the corral grew faster than ever before. our air has never been cleaner. people used to the die from breathing air pollution. that doesn't happen here anymore. and we have taken such good care of the oceans, shark attacks are
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up in the east coast good thing you are saying we are getting more shark attacks is that really what you are saying? >> there is more life in the ocean, right? so the ocean has changed. you and i grew up with a really depleted ocean. in the last 30 years that's shifted a lot so we need to adapt to that. >> jesse: gavin newsom and the building solar panel farms destroying the environment and barely power anyone's homes. and all the metals and minerals come from china so we will become dependent on china just like the europeans have become dependent on russia does that sound like a good idea? just like we need a balanced diet to fuel our bodies we need a balanced energy diet to fuel our country. ever look at someone who only eats let tuesday? they can't get the job done. so newsom is 100 percent green mandate is about as smart as the covid mandates. don't follow the science, follow the money and the money is on
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gavin to take the democratic nomination in 2 2024 because we all know the democrats love a guy who doesn't milwaukee any sense. let's turn to senator ted cruz member of the judiciary committee. senator, you don't like to see your fellow americans without power in the summertime we kind of know what the solution is. >> it's not complicated. all of the above energy policiment a policy lets people keep their homes and cool their homes and drive their cars and get to work and take care of their kids. the opening monologue you just did. it really did illustrate the modern democratic party of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. today's democrat party is all about california environmentalist billionaires. i love that gavin newsom was wearing his fleece, obviously in cool air conditioning saying let them eat cake. let them sweat. you don't get air conditioning. it's like john kerry who flies his private jet all over the planet lecturing people that you
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poor gritty working class with dirt under your fingernails. you need to go without an automobile. you need turn your air conditioner off. in fact, you need to stay home and eat worms. it is truly a contempt for working class men and women and that's led to the flip which is today's republican party is the party of truck drivers and steelworks and waiters and waitresses and cops and firefighters. and i think that's the most significant political shift we have seen in decades. >> jesse: it is significant. kind of reminds me when newsom shut all the public schools down during covid and sent his kids to in classroom learning in private school. so you got into it with jon pierre the press secretary that reads a binder for a living. you invited her down to the border. very respectfully and politely to see what's actually happening and here is her response. let's listen. >> i certainly don't need lectures or invitations from
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republicans about the border or border policies and, you know, and i certainly won't take advice on border from anyone who voted against securing record level of funding for the department of homeland security. >> jesse: did you think that was a little rude, senator? >> look, what it is is fundamentally dishonest. jesse, listen we are used to political flack spending. democrats and republican press flacks do it. what we are not used to, what is unusual to see a white house press secretary that will stand there and just flat out lie. she was asked about people walking across the border and she said nobody is doing it. that's not happening. nobody is walking illegally across the border. that's not just a little bit wrong. it is wildly, completely 180 degrees false. and the last year and a half, four and one half million illegal immigrants have walked or swum or been on a raft across
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the border. all of that is because of joe biden's open border policy. and so she is just flat out living in an alternate reality. so i invited her, come to the border. she said i'm not going to be lectured by republican senator. what you just played right there. and then i came back and said i will tell you what. come to the rio grande valley. spend one hour. 60 minutes. come out with me and the border union on midnight patrol, i guarantee you in 60 minutes we will encounter multiple groups of illegal aliens coming across dozens, if not hundreds. and here's what i said the stakes would be. let's invite the entire washington press corps. if we go out for an hour and don't encounter anyone, i will stand in front of the press corps and say i was wrong. let me tell you, jesse, that ain't requesting to happen because we are going to encounter or hundreds of people i have asked the simple question does jean jean-pierre does she have the integrity or the courage when she has dozens or
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hundreds of illegal aliens in any one hour to say i lied to you? and, if she doesn't, why is joe biden paying her to lie to the american people and why are the docile sheep in the pressroom, why is every one of them not writing on the front page of the paper pants on fire. if they are not, they are in complicit in lying to the american people. >> jesse: getting paid to lie and in my opinion she is still under paid. thank you very much, senator. i appreciate it. barack obama was back in the white house today and compared joe biden to a dog. ♪ found out something very interesting about aoc. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ claritin provides non-drowsy symptom relief from over 200 indoor
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in washington today as george washington welcomed his former boss back to the white house. >> barack and michelle welcome home! welcome home. [applause] jill and i and kamala and doug are honored to host you. >> jesse: and people gathered together to see the official unveiling of barack obama's white house portrait. >> are you ready? yes? [laughter] okay. >> oh. [applause] >> jesse: i like michelle better. say what you want about barack he cleans up well. his portrait kind of reminded someone he know. the highlight of the day wasn't the portrait. two dudes trying to fake a
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bromance. >> my family was lucky enough to have two wonderful daughters but i was a wonderful to have a chance to spend 8 years day and night with the man who became. >> joe, they are the same. >> capture different moods. >> joe, i need some focus here. >> time. >> i'm sorry, what's that? >> i said, mr. president, you have to be practical. >> jesse: that's when the media thought masculinity was cool now toxic. media treated joe and barack don't you hate when the media asks about friendship with other guys? >> so you and the president,
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president obama are known to have a bromance, right? [laughter] you are extremely good friends. how often do you talk? codo you see each other a lot? we want to see more. >> is he in your phone like prez or barry? do you have a nickname. >> i'm not going there. i want to make it clear he did the first friendship bracelet. >> jesse: women, you guys have to stop doing that to us. it is so awkward. but these guys aren't really that tight anymore. and we don't even know if they were that tight in the beginning or this whole thing was manufactured. "the washington post" reports there is bad blood between the two of them. barry may have been on his best behavior today but we all remember the last time he visited joe. and he reminded him who is boss. >> thank you. vice president biden, vice president -- [laughter] that was a joke. that was all set up.
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>> jesse: the post reports that joe and his team didn't like that. they didn't think that was funny. but this whole thing goes back a while. when joe used to grandstand in the senate, a young senator obama used to reportedly tell obama biden sure loved to ramble on and the guy can just talk and talk. according to a new book called "the long alliance" barry also reportedly told an aid to, quote, shoot me now during one of joe's floor speeches." i think he speaks for all of us. believe it or not, biden wasn't really a fan of barack's either. the book claims biden used to, quote, roll his eyes behind obama's back and couldn't stand obama's dry sense of humor. and let's not for get this back handed compliment. >> first sort of mainstream african-american who is articulate and bright and clean and nice looking guy. i mean, that's a story book. >> jesse: biden tried to patch
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things up. at one point offered to take obama out to dinner to a simple italian restaurant nothing fancy joe called it. obama allegedly told him that we can go to a nice place. i can afford it. joe took offense. detectived more arrogance and presumous coming out of barack. presumptuousness. the funny thing is obama ended taking joe out tore a burger joint instead. >> we have two we are going to eat here. >> swiss cheeseburger jalapeño and put ketchup or do we do it ourselves. >> you guys call the number? is that the deal? >> go out for burgers and call thend. could you media trump taking pence out for burgers and standing in line. seems forced. i wasn't there but it doesn't seem like they like each other. obama was thinking about
4:22 pm
replacing joe with hillary in 2012. he didn't want joe to run in 2020 either. he reportedly thought a biden presidency would be unthinkably painful. and held off from endorsing him for months. the two of them have never been the same. this whole pro-man bureau man io fake. >> you are so optimistic people have been asking me what are you going to give chris for vlad and so here it is, chris. i have a card for you. >> beautiful. >> jesse: kayleigh mcenany. so barack is back with biden. they are the dynamic duo. is this the move going into the midterms? >> apparently it's the move. that dog analogy that obama made president biden that was apropos because you will remember that last visit when obama came to celebrate the aca, biden was
4:23 pm
roroaming the room like a lost partnershipy. talking to a flag or something. and obama is over there chumming it up, signing autographs, standing there with kamala. it was interesting because you mentioned "the washington post" reporting about the staffers who were so upset by biden making this comment or this comment made about him being vice president and saw it as a jab which makes it all the more interesting that obama threw in the dog jab today. kind of like taking that knife, putting it in an open wound and twisting it ever so slightly. so it's not even -- not a bromance something more like kind of like enemies jousting a little bit. >> jesse: or barack thinks he is too good for joe. you know guys like that, right, kayleigh? >> i do. i do. >> jesse: i want to ask you about hillary she is on this world tour, tim cook from apple is paying her to jack to other women about how rich they are or something. but this is what she said about the whole maga republican fascist thing.
4:24 pm
watch. >> thought it was a strong and necessary speech. and i would not second guess any of the language. fascism is a very big word. i know that. but so is socialism and the republicans call every democrat who wants people to have healthcare a socialist. so i think we do need to be careful with our language. my most fervent hope is that republicans themselves will begin to reject all of that. you know, kind of reconstitute the republican party to where it used to be. and not the, you know, party of trump, which i think is very dangerous to the country. >> jesse: so the woman who called half the country deplorables is okay with joe calling half the country fascist; is that right? >> she set the playbook. this is the wicked witch of the democrat party who started off the trend of insulting half of the voting base and who followed up with that stacey abrams. she said georgia is the worst state in the country. you are a hater if you don't vote for him. this is a routine playbook now,
4:25 pm
going to joe biden, calling out maga republicans. what's interesting, you know, i made the distinction on friday, my former boss he definitely punched back. he definitely attacks people. but they were leaders who he attacked. they were fellow political figures. he didn't go on a sustained campaign from the podium attacking half the country. it's a curious choice and that's why it's even more curious or perhaps obvious that you have k.j.p. the press secretary now saying he was talking about office holders. he wasn't talking about people. no, he was talking about half the country. we all heard him very loudly. >> jesse: that's a very great distinction. can you go after political opponents personally. you just can't go after broad swaths of the country because you are supposed to be the president of all americans. >> yep, correct. >> jesse: enlightening, thank you so much. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: fox news alert. an american journalist was just stabbed to death after reporting on democratic corruption.
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>> jesse: alexandria ocasio-cortez has now been on more magazine covers than fauci. we have tabulated this and sources saying that fauci is furious and just called better homes and gardens to get on cover. today aoc splashed onto the cover of gq. the "primetime" team stumbled across a bombshell probably because distracted by all the photos around the capital looking all official designer blazers and high heels. no aoc i don't want to date you i'm making an observation. very deep inside the article was a stunning admission from the congresswoman. it appears it could be marrying the wrong guy. this guy right here with his legs crossed and sandals is aoc's fiance. his name reilly roberts. gq writes her relationship with roberts, who is white, raised its own particular questions about identity and belonging. she wasn't positive that an
4:32 pm
inner cultural interracial relationship would be the right fit for her. wait a second. aoc didn't know she wanted to marry this guy because of race? are you even allowed to say that? well, if you ask me i think there is something much deeper going on here. we all remember this moment when she was heckled on the steps of the capitol and her man did nothing about it? >> hey, aoc my favorite big booty la tina, i love you aoc. she wants to kill babies and she is still beautiful. you look very beautiful that dress. you look very sexy. look at that booty on on aoc. look at that big booty. >> jesse: what she should have said in her interview no suchs thing as the perfect man. they are not feminine enough. tells gq men on incredible journeys, internal journeys, journeys of transcending beyond just anger as the acceptable
4:33 pm
masculine emotion. men who dive into the compassion, into their sadness, into their insecurity and explore it and work through it. so, guys, aoc is looking for someone sad and insecure. who just wants to sit around and talk about his feelings. because men can have babies, she says and get hormonal. and men should support abortion on demand, too, because we can be birthing people and carry a child in our wombs and have a c section just like the ladies can. >> what the supreme court just did is that they chose to endanger the lives of all women and all birthing people in this country. but not only that they have chosen to strip rights from men, too. >> jesse: and the gq interview took an even darker turn. does aoc think she can be president? no. no woman can be president she says because america is too sexist. she says this.
4:34 pm
my experience here has given me a front row seat to how deeply and unconsciously as well as consciously so many people in this country hate women and they hate women of color. i thought everybody loved women of color. isn't that what she said that everybody wants to date her? and then it gets scarier. aoc says realistically i can't even tell you if i'm going to be alive in september and that weighs very heavily on this. is this a cry for help? aoc doesn't know if she is going to live past the month? she tells young women of america you will never be president and to be honest, if i were her fiancee i wouldn't love this interview she did. not as bad as ashley biden's diary. fox news alert. a las vegas journalist was just stabbed to death after writing a series of articles exposing a local democrat's corruption. chief correspondent trace gallagher with the latest.
4:35 pm
>> police are confirmed the search warrant is in connection with murder of 69-year-old las vegas investigative journalist jeff gearman. they won't say whose home was searched reportedly belongs to robert tell les. accusing him of fueling a hostile work environment. bullying, favor term and having an affair with a woman in his office. robert telles has fired back on german on twitter calling him a bully and saying his report something a smear job i think he is mad that i haven't crawled into a home and died. telles a democrat lost his june re-election primary and many blame the series of negative reports. when jeff gearman was found stabbed to death outside his vegas home on saturday, police released a picture of a red maroon g.m.c. suv in gearman's neighborhood that matches one owned by robert telles. police also released video from
4:36 pm
german's neighborhood that shows unidentified suspect straw hat wearing gloves and bright orange shirt. watch telles now walking into his home confronted by reporters. >> any comment? >> did you do this? >> can you tell us anything? >> why did police tow away your vehicle? >> give a comment. >> it is notable that jeff german had recently filed a public records request for emails and text messages between robert telles and three other county officials. it appears the big headline here is the killing of jeff german may have been related to his 40 year career as investigative journalist exposing public wrongdoing. jesse, we will keep you posted on the murder investigation. >> jesse: that's just an amazing story. we are going to stay tuned with that and we will have a big report for you guys tomorrow on that. thank you so much, trace. >> you bet. >> jesse: a judge just ordered
4:37 pm
dr. fauci to turnover his emails. this should be good. rand paul next. ♪ only at vanguard, you're more than just an investor—you're an owner. giving you flexibility to follow your dreams. that's the value of ownership.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: from the beginning of the pandemic americans have been told to shut up. put on a mask. put a mask on your kid. stay home, get three shots. and they said you didn't have a choice. you had to listen to them because science. still, even today they are barking at us about covid. more masks, more vaccines and it's not just in the name of science. white house covid coordinator dr. shah says it's even in the name of god. >> i really believe this is why god gave us two arms one for the flu shot and the other for the covid shot. >> jesse: i think he is kidding. but the point is that we are going to have to get a covid shot in the arm every year they are telling us, just like the flu shot. i guess that's biden's idea of taking on big pharma. what really happened during the pandemic is fauci and the government didn't know what they were doing. they were throwing stuff out there, just making stuff up as they went along. and they called it science. and if you said hey, what the
4:43 pm
heck is going on here? they censored you for pushing dangerous ideas that put lives in danger. we're now finding out that fauci, the federal government and the biden white house pressured social media companies. got them to ban speech. the government didn't want you talking about the lab leak, whether lockdowns worked or not or if mask mandates even worked. republican attorney generals are suing fauci and others for conspiring with the tech giants to censor you. so you couldn't talk about fauci's pandemic policies. fauci was such a diva, remember he even got facebook to take down accounts that made fun of him online you know like parody accounts? and it also came from the very top. president biden last summer said facebook had blood on its hands for not censoring people talking about the vaccine. >> they are killing people. i mean, they really -- look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. and they are killing people.
4:44 pm
>> jesse: just a few hours after that a facebook official wrote to biden's surgeon general quote i note our teams met today to better understand the scope of what the white house expects on us from misinformation going forward. vaccine misinformation like hey, i got vaxxed but i still got covid, you told me that wouldn't happen. and didn't biden question vaccines when trump was president but the minute he was inaugurated and got the stockpile he said you weren't allowed to question it? and everything the government said was dangerous to talk about the lab leak, the lockdown side effect mask mandates not doing anything weren't dangerous at all. it was all true. he said these weren't dangerous. they were just dangerous to the guys who came up with these ideas. because it threatened their power and control. the biden justice department is refusing to hand over their emails with the tech companies like facebook and twitter but a judge just ruled that dr. fauci and karine jean-pierre, the binder reader, have to turn it
4:45 pm
over. that didn't really go over well with the press secretary. >> the federal judge ordered that you have 20 days to turn over emails communicating social media companies over this information and disinformation. what are those emails going to show? >> so, i can't comment. you asked me this question last week. i can't comment on any specifically ongoing litigation. >> jesse: oh, jean-pierre the binder lady and fauci have 20 days to hand over emails with zuckerberg and jack dorsey or they are going to suffer the consequences and then we will be able to see the scope of the censorship that americans were subjected to which had nothing to do with science at all. senator rand paul of kentucky is a physician who joins us now. so, i think we are just going to see a mountain of communications from fauci, the white house, to zuckerberg to twitter and this is just the tip of the iceberg. what are you expecting?
4:46 pm
>> i think all of america should be appalled that america's doctor, the leading expert on covid and public health doesn't want to divulge information. doesn't want to divulge his communications with big tech. but it goes even beyond that the last time i had him in a hearing, we told him that through freedom of information we discovered that 193 nih scientists had taken -- no it was 1800 scientists had taken $193 million in royalties. and his response was not that i will look into it and reveal it. his response was by law we don't have to tell you which companies gave us how many royalties and to which scientist. so this is a guy that his modus operandi is to cover up and to try to not allow any sunshine on any of his activities. that should be a tipoff as to his motives. >> jesse: it sure does. we will get a good look at those emails. and if he doesn't comply, then he has to pay a price. and this is a court order.
4:47 pm
now, this is just new. this fbi for years have been secretly pressuring americans into signing away their constitutional rights to buy and own firearms. these are, according to internal documents that the daily caller news foundation got. the fbi was showing up to people's homes with national instant criminal background checks. and forcing people to sign away their second amendment. saying, you know, list yourself as a danger to themselves or others, and say they don't have the mental capacity to manage their lives, put your name down on this form, and you are never going to be able to buy a gun again. now, this happened at least 15 times. between 2016 and 2019. the fbi says they are not doing this anymore. i don't know if i believe them. do you? >> well, there is a certain irony to saying to someone you have to be mentally competent to sign this statement that says you're not mentally competent to have a gun. so there is that that might be a quandary if you get into a court
4:48 pm
of law. how someone who is mentally incompetent to own a gun could be competent to sign away their gun rights. but i think the whole problem we have right now is that there's a burden upon the fbi to prove to the american public that they are not partisan. this goes back to 2016 when they used a foreign intelligence warrant to go after donald trump and his campaign. a foreign intelligence warrant which should be used on foreigners in a secret court was used to go after a major presidential, you know, candidate. now we have two weeks ago or in the last week, an fbi agent has been let go because he was hiding evidence that hunter, you know, hunter biden's laptop was legitimate. so, i think there is a burden on the fbi. whether it's this. whether it's guns or anything else to prove to us that they are not acting in a political way. and i have had this conversation with christopher wray before. he doesn't seem to be troubled at all by using a foreign intelligence warrant on an
4:49 pm
american, that's why he just doesn't simply get it. >> jesse: chris wray doesn't get it at all and the next republican president who takes the white house. all right, dr. paul, thanks for joining us as always. >> thank you. >> jesse: a monkey is on the loose. amusement park mayhem and should you give your seat up on a plane so a family can sit together? madison alworth in the cooler next. ♪ ♪ aken enough. so i go triple... with trelegy. with 3 medicines in 1 inhaler,... it's the only once-daily treatment for adults that takes triple action against asthma symptoms. trelegy helps make breathing easier,... improves lung function,... and lasts for 24 hours. go triple... go trelegy. because asthma has taken enough. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler...
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my brain. so i choose neuriva plus. unlike some others, neuriva plus is a multitasker supporting 6 key indicators of brain health. to help keep me sharp. neuriva: think bigger. >> jesse: look at how casually i'm standing by that cooler. isn't that casual? just hanging out by the water cooler. it's time for it. it's wednesday. we bring in madison allworth, fox business correspondent. a carnival ride drops 50 feet. it's a freak accident.
4:55 pm
no one's dead, madison, but people are hurt. the carnival people said it was a technical issue. do you think? >> ha-ha-ha. i hope it was a technical issue. i don't know if that makes it better or worse. >> jesse: someone's ex-girlfriend was on the ride running it. >> i love the stomach drop ride. that's one of my favorite feelings. this ises the worst thing that could possibly happen. i wonder if people thought they were dropping, and didn't stop dropping. >> jesse: they loved it, until they crashed. you like that feeling in your stomach, where you drop really fast? >> i do, like the frogger ride. >> jesse: what's the frogger ride? >> down the jersey shore, and it drops you. you get the stomach drop feeling, but you always stop before the platform. >> jesse: "primetime" is going to take a trip to a carnival, and film it, and do all the
4:56 pm
rides. we're just not going to that carnival. a chimpanzee escaped from a zoo in ukraine. the trainers tried to convince the monkey to come back inside, but nothing worked. he gave them the finger and ran the other way. the situation changed dramatically today once it starts raining. trainers made an offer chi chi couldn't refuse. a brand-new yellow raincoat. it worked. chi chi was captured, and agreed to return to the zoo. he didn't want to walk back, so they let him ride a bike. that's how you catch escaped monkeys. you give him a slicker. >> i think he's tried to escape in the past. >> jesse: he's a repeat offender? >> he's an escape artist. a yellow raincoat, an umbrella. i like that he needed the bike back, like it wasn't enough. they already captured the monkey. they clearly have a strong
4:57 pm
relationship. >> jesse: ooh, did he just run that guy over? >> there was multiple people that tried to get him. >> jesse: what was that book? was it "curious george"? >> yes. it's the man in the big yellow -- there was yellow involved. we'll bring that story to you. >> jesse: maybe next week. you're about to take a long flight and the airline hits you up, you pay an extra 50 bucks, and you get to sit near the front. they call it comfortable plus, with an inch more leg room. a passenger flying from greece to the united states paid for it, but before he could buckle a mother walks up from row 20 to the front and says we need to trade seats so i can sit with my family. the guy says, no, take a hike. somehow he's the bad guy. it's all over the internet. they're saying he broke up this family. what is the correct move?
4:58 pm
>> okay. i might not make any friends over this, but i don't think this is a debate. i think there's a correct answer. it is you do not give up the seat. >> jesse: madison, do you want to separate families like the trump administration? >> you paid extra money. you get in your seat. listen, my philosophy, you don't ask, you don't get. she asked. there's nothing wrong with that. but he paid for that seat. it's a 10-hour flight. i don't care if it's a family. i don't care if it's a small child. i'm staying in my window seat so i can sleep. >> jesse: madison, it's going to come back to bite you. you'll be with your husband and children, be in row 20, and you'll want to sit with your kids, just to be a part of one big family, and a jerk like me will tell you to take a hike. it's called karma, madison. >> for now i'm happy. >> jesse: i thought you were going to say the kids and husband go in coach, you go in first class.
4:59 pm
that's what happens when i fly. watters window. who wants to see something cute? i do. here's jesse jr. on his first slide today. >> let's go, jesse. whew. whoa. >> jesse: ha-ha. so cute. he kind of fell down the slide. i thought it was still pretty cute. time for some text messages. kenny from wisconsin, jesse, stop talking about a.o.c. stop giving her airtime. i can't help it. she's on every magazine, every tv show. i cover the news. she's in the news. jim from west virginia, jesse, did hunter paint the portraits of the obamas? where's hunter? he's been painting michelle. bob says can't wait to see how california will mow the golf courses. that's going to be one long extension cord. of sue from ohio. jesse, who chooses your music
5:00 pm
for the breaks? are you really that cool or is the cool person behind the scenes? i'm really that cool, but we also have cool people behind the scenes. when we launched the show, we had one rule. funk music in the breaks. that's it. that's all for tonight. dvr the show. "tucker carlson" is up next. always arm, i'm watters, and this is my world. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson." braddock is basically empty at this point. only 1700 people live there, down from a population of more than 18,000 during the second world war. braddock is now so underpopulated that you can buy a four-bedroom home there with a two-car garage in the middle of town f


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