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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 8, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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she voted for the american rescue plan and was told when she voted for it that it would directly contribute to inflation and here we are today, $6,000 on average, a huge hit to families in our district. and again some people have said it is $9,000. people can't afford the policies of joe biden and davis so they are looking for something different right now and looking for a change maker. i'm that leader in this district. >> dana: you might be that one. a district we'll follow closely. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you. >> dana: breaking news this hour. queen elizabeth now under close medical supervision amid growing fears for her majesty's health. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. our coverage continues. we'll bring you the latest out of the u.k. as we get it. the queen's health taking a turn for the worse. doctors keeping a close eye on
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the 96-year-old monarch. members of the royal family rushing to balmoral castle in scotland to be by her side. a member of parliament breaking the news before the house of commons the following way. listen here. >> i know i speak on behalf of the entire house when i say that we send our best wishes to her majesty, the queen and that she and the royal family are in our thoughts and prayers at this moment. >> dana: a royal commentator and podcast host is being now. take us through what you've heard this morning and what we might expect later today. >> it's quite concerning not only for royal watchers but for the world. we know prince charles is there with the queen. we know that princess anne is there, prince andrew is on the way. prince william rushing to the queen's side as well as surprisingly prince harry and meghan markle who were invited earlier to have a sleepover with the queen and had turned
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that opportunity down. so royal watchers are pretty concerned at this point. obviously the queen is so stoic and has been -- she is such a reliable figure to i think not only the u.k. but to the world and the commonwealth. so devastating for people that love the queen. >> bill: when she lost her husband about a year and a half ago, they were by each other's side the entire time and the tributes that were given him about the amount of respect he showed his wife were profound. how do you think that affected her personally? did you see a change in her either her public appearances or the way she responded after that seminal moment? >> absolutely yes, you did. actually what i think is really interesting is balmoral was a very special place for the queen and prince phillip.
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they could truly be husband and wife. they let their guard down. they would garden and they would cook together and it was one of the rare moments where they really were just each other's versus being owned by the world. and so i do think that his death affected her horribly. don't forget, she also had covid. she has been in limbo since prince phillip's death. i have personally wondered how lonely must she feel. i do wonder if his death had, you know, she just missed him so desperately. >> dana: do you think this moment as the family gathers could be one that helps heal any of the recent rifts? >> that's a great question. it has to be. this is one of those shocking moments. you know, you imagine that is an illness. i do firmly believe this is one
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of those moments where the family realizes that they have to continue with this legacy. this is a woman that has sacrificed her entire life to serving other people and yeah, i think that how selfish of you to not put any drama aside and focus on the health of your grandmother, focus on what she has accomplished and what she has done and how selfless she has been throughout her entire life. at age 25 her life was turned upside down and she was not born to be queen. it was a role that was thrust upon her and you never heard her complain about it. she just continued along her path. >> bill: stand by for more analysis from you and input from what you are picking up. thank you. now nile is back with us as well. the last bit of new information we had was probably 30 minutes ago when indicate apparently is
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staying back at windsor because it's the first day of school for the three kids. have you picked up anything new since the last time we spoke. >> the news that the british government has through -- he has said that the situation is of gravest concern. and so the queen's health, of course, is i would say absolutely perilous at this moment unfortunately. but the queen is an incredibly strong figure. she is somebody who has led the british nation for seven decades. so i remain hopeful. she has survived from health scares before and i think that with her tremendous spirit, that strength and determination, i hope that she will pull through. the entire british nation is rooting for her. the entire free world is rooting for the queen and she
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is an incredibly strong person. she lived life for her country and determined to live many, many more years for the british people. i remain with hope at this time and she is in our hearts and prayers. >> dana: that's actually -- i mentioned prayers. i wanted to ask you if you could reflect on her faith which i understand to be very strong and also her role as the head of the church. >> yes, exactly. glad you mentioned that point. i think for the queen, her faith, her christian faith, of course, has been incredibly important in guiding her life, her leadership, and she has always, i think, lived her life for a higher purpose. i think the role of her christian faith has been incredibly important in guiding her entire life as it was for my former -- we worked closely with the queen. i think religious faith and
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belief in god and belief in christianity has been fundamentally important throughout the queen's life and remains so at this critically vital time as well. >> bill: archbishop released a statement. our prayers across the church and nation are with her majesty the queen, today. may god's presence strengthen and comfort her majesty, family and those caring for her at balmoral. is there more implied significance with that statement, or should we just take it at face value that so many are thinking of her at this hour? >> i think i'd say a statement coming from the church of england underscores the gravity of the situation. but also i think the strength of tens of millions of prayers in britain will help the queen, actually.
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i know she takes great comfort in the faith of the british nation at this time. and as you point out, bill, the situation is extremely grave at this time and the british government is hugely concerned by the situation. and -- but i know the queen, as a leader of tremendous faith, she will draw inspiration from all of those prayers coming from not only the united kingdom but from across the entire free world. and also the queen, of course, embodied the strength of the anglo american special relationship and i know that large numbers of americans will be keeping the queen in their hearts and prayers at this moment. that makes a difference. i think the queen will draw tremendous comfort from that. >> dana: i have a question, nile. what was the relationship like with prime minister margaret thatcher? >> that's a great question and
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i think there has been a lot of speculation in shows like the crown for example that there was a tense relationship between margaret thatcher and the queen. the reality is they worked incredibly closely together. the queen had tremendous respect for lady thatcher. they were the two most powerful women in the world working together. and the monarchy was so incredibly important to margaret thatcher. she revered the family and the institution of the monarchy and critically important for the future of the british. the relationship between the queen and lady thatcher was far, far closer than a lot of lady thatcher's critics have suggested. i think the interpretation from "the crown" tv series was quite inaccurate in many respects. >> bill: some of that was very good but i take your point very
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well. thank you, nile gardiner and thank you. here in new york we're waiting for more news. when that happens, we'll give it to you. >> dana: well. >> bill: it's on, right? or is it? so we are looking at mid-terms two months away. democrat john fetterman saying he will debate dr. oz. his republican challenger in the p.a. senate race but he won't say when or where and continues to experience problems after suffering a stroke in mid-may. bryan llenas with more on where we stand today. >> pennsylvania's lieutenant governor says he will do one debate against dr. mehmet oz sometime in the middle to end of october on a major television station. dr. oz has offered to debate him in six televised debates. in a statement fetterman said it was never going to happen.
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there is no precedent for debates in early september. he goes on to say, quote, we're absolutely going to debate dr. oz and always our intent to do that. it has simply only ever been about addressing some of the lingering issues of my stroke. the auditory processing and we're going to be able to work that out. fetterman says they are looking into possibly using a closed captioning monitor at the debate so he does not miss any words. the 53-year-old is recovering from a stroke he suffered four months ago and has been struggling at events. >> if you say you think the word of steelworker, what words come to your mind? in the valley, we make steel. >> the oz campaign is skeptical a debate will happen responding
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big news, john fetterman has agreed to debate at a secret debate. we don't know where, when or how. it is a big secret. here is -- we did have the sound of dr. oz but he has accused fetterman of hiding in his basements and democrats are defending fetterman. a senator telling "politico" fetterman is ahead and it's early. why should we help oz's campaign? >> bill: more to come on this. bryan len as. >> dana: let's bring in bret baier. fetterman must have felt pressure this week once the republicans and oz campaign turned up the heat saying you aren't going to debate or no media interviews without strict guidance? is it the step in the direction of actually having a debate? >> good morning, dana and bill. i think it is. but we again don't have specifics. that's the key thing. fetter man is agreeing in principle to a debate but we don't know which one or when or
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how. we've asked to be host of that debate or town hall. we've asked numerous shows. i'm sure you have for interviews. and the campaign just is not responding to those requests. he is not really talking to reporters on the campaign trail, either. so it is an issue and obviously the oz campaign will jump on that. bottom line, pennsylvania this race will come down to policies and how voters deal with the different policy proposals that both candidates have. >> bill: i was looking at fetterman's response yesterday. he will do it in late october on a big tv channel. if i remember that correctly. but he still is dealing with the auditory issues he has from the stroke. he has done some interviews but done it by reading the questions on closed captioning. and if you are going to proceed technically along a line like that, how do you get the oz camp to -- you think about what
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we've watched on the national level. how does the oz camp come to an agreement if you are going to provide technical assistance for a candidate to go ahead and debate face-to-face? i just think it's really complicated. >> i agree. i totally agree. think of all the negotiations we went through on the debates we've hosted for primary debates and candidate debates. all the different nuances you have to go through. i guess you can get to something with closed captioning that could help lieutenant governor fetterman get through some of the issues that he is dealing with. but the bottom line is they have to be one-on-one. they have to be able to talk to each other and there are a number of candidates, not just fetterman, who are dodging the debate or town hall requests. not just because of the post stroke. there are others who believe, i think, that the -- in the basement strategy in this environment will work for them.
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i'm not sure it does in the end. >> dana: put me down a principally for debates unless there is some extenuating circumstance. i want to make a comment. i don't know if we know the answer. if fetterman says i'll have a debate late october. what if there is early voting? how does anybody have enough information to make a decision? i don't know. i don't know. do you know? >> it's a great point. in north carolina, september 9th starts the voting for the general election. so there are a lot of places that start right away. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: thank you, bret. we're working through it like they are, right? thanks for coming on. >> dana: see you at 6:00 tonight. outpouring of support for queen elizabeth after news her doctors are concerned for her majesty's health. we'll continue to bring you updates throughout the hour as we get them.
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. >> dana: we have oh live look at a courthouse in memphis, tennessee, henderson is charged in the kidnapping and murder of eliza fletcher. the judge set the hearing after henderson's attorney said she could no longer represent him. not sure why. we'll try to find that out and monitor this hearing for any updates as we get them. >> bill: that crime in the city has been outrageous. mass murder in memphis. four dead, three injured. we tried to put together a timeline for what police and people in memphis were going through. the mississippi river to the west, downtown memphis. this is at 1:00 in the morning early wednesday shooting number one where 24-year-old man is shot and killed in his driveway. then we go to shooting two.
7:22 am
north of downtown. man shot and killed inside his car. these events, however, were several hours apart. you will watch the timeline condense, though, as they mad man continued his spree. this is two minutes later now shooting three woman shot in the leg. taken to the hospital right now in critical condition. then we move to shooting four. 120 minutes later. suspect starts to livestream on his facebook as a man is critically wounded inside the auto zone. video of that we showed you last hour. we're still moving, shooting five an hour and a half later. woman carjacked and fatally shot. it continues. shooting number six, one minute later police respond to another shooting with a man in the hospital. listed in non-critical condition. he will likely survive. shooting number seven now from 7:24 you move to an hour and a half later just before 9:00 local time. woman shot, another man injured. it continues.
7:23 am
this is just extraordinary stuff. you have a carjacking that happened a minute later. that's when the dodge challenger was carjacked. suspect is still on the move trying to get away from police. continues as the map moves forward finally arrested two minutes later kelly age 19. long rap sheet. the sentence he was serving ended early, which means he was in jail, he was locked up, but the prison term was not completed. it ended 2/3 of the way shy. this is what memphis is looking at. you can imagine the amount of terror a lot of people in that town were experiencing. a lot of sporting events were halted at the moment and people told to shelter in place. you can imagine the fear through a lot of people. >> dana: for a city that is already rattled, gripped by violence and there was -- they just had an election i think it was in june, maybe july, for a prosecutor and the more
7:24 am
conservative prosecutor lost. we had the prosecutor asking for the death penalty in the henderson case. you had somebody serving a sentence, apparently above board, served a third of that sentence, got out early but went on to commit these horrible crimes. >> bill: we've seen the video of him and mug shot. this guy was a nut. smiling and laughing throughout the entire ordeal. two things we want to share with you. the first one is part of the livestream we've been careful to edit the right way so we don't offend anyone at home. this is one of the moments where the suspect is livestreaming online and starts to fire. watch here. >> no faking. this is for real. this is so real. >> bill: that we believe was inside the auto zone that is
7:25 am
described before. that man survived based on the reporting we have. he is now being treated at the hospital. >> dana: an innocent person at work. really shocking. >> bill: we have the local d.a. in shelby county where memphis is located on our program yesterday the talk about the other matter that's in court before us. here is the memphis mayor jim strickland last evening. he lays it out, dana. had this guy served his team these people would be alive today. roll it. >> if he had served his full three-year sentence, he would still be in prison today and four of our fellow citizens would still be alive. we need our courts, we need additional state laws to stop this revolving door. >> dana: i think that we also need to have a good conversation about the
7:26 am
resources for parole officers. to keep track of people they think might be on the verge after they finish their sentences of committing crimes again. we have a lot of problems in this country. >> bill: what the mayor talked about is something we've been talking about for two years whether it's los angeles, san francisco, or here in new york city where the revolving door continues. if you will cut down on crime, you have to keep the bad guys locked up period. and they know right now they can get away with it in some of these cities. not good. >> dana: we have this news we've been bringing you all morning. queen elizabeth's family is rushing to be by her side as the palace says her majesty is under medical supervision at balmoral castle in scotland. a live update from london up next. and maybe a lot more than you think. if you need cash to stay ahead, call newday. use your va home loan benefit to borrow up to 100% of your home's value.
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. >> dana: doctors have placed
7:32 am
the 96-year-old monarch under medical supervision and resting at balmoral castle in scotland. we're following this with greg palkot. >> safe to say this country and perhaps many around the world are holding their breath sending wishes and saying a few prayers for queen elizabeth ii after the news about her health. remember, she is the longest serving sovereign in the u.k. the oldest monarch in the entire globe. this morning the royal household announced following further evaluation, it is concerned for her majesty's health and she is under medical supervision adding she remains comfortable at her scottish estate of balmoral. we most recently saw the queen tuesday in a meeting with incoming u.k. prime minister liz truss. she is the 15th prime minister to have served in the queen's reign. the queen had to cancel a virtual meeting with government
7:33 am
members. the first sign there was something wrong. she was hospitalized last october and had to cut down her schedule due to mobility issues. speculation is that her current condition is much more serious. a sign of the serious nature of her condition, close family rushed to be at her side. now at balmoral or on their way. her four children, princess charles and edward and prince william. prince harry and meghan are on their way as well. we last saw the queen in a big way during the jubilee in june marking 70 years on the throne. she had to cut back some of her appearances during the events she was there smiling and a grateful country greeted her and her service. we're seeing in a big way the emotions coming out and wishes. prime minister truss saying in a tweet the whole country will be deeply concerned by the news from buckingham palace. my thoughts and the thoughts of the people across our united
7:34 am
kingdom are with her majesty the queen and her family at this time. yes, as i say, not just the u.k. but people in the u.s. 14 u.s. presidents and traveled the world and held her head up high and represented this nation and a whole bunch of traditions. we can only wish her the best and wish her perhaps a few prayers. back to you, dana and bill. >> dana: i have one question because of all the people rushed there. kate middleton decided to stay in their hometown because the three children had their first day of school today. no doubt a big deal. anything we should read into that? >> no, not at all. this is the first day of school. they are in a new home near windsor castle. for continuity at least for today with the kids she decided to stay back. camilla is with prince charles
7:35 am
and other family members are coming. the whole family group has been alerted that this is a time to be there, if possible, by the queen's side. again, underscoring what we're looking at right now. >> dana: greg palkot. thank you. >> bill: want to bring in charlie languageston. assistant editor of the daily mail. we're trying to read between the lines here in a lot of ways. i'm sure you are as well. i don't know what you are hearing or what you can report to the conversation here. but buckingham palace has given a short statement and that's it and that statement came out several hours ago, charlie. >> well, i think while the statement may have been short, the fact that they released a statement about the queen's health is incredibly monumental in and of itself. very rare that buckingham palace will ever issue a statement about the queen's health or how she is doing.
7:36 am
that indicates to us this is an incredibly serious situation. the fact that her immediate family have been told to gather at balmoral to be by her side is another indication this is incredibly serious. while we understand that her majesty is comfortable, the mere fact that we're hearing about her health at all really indicates that this is something unlike anything we've ever seen before. >> dana: we know prince charles is there and understand also, charlie, he and camilla have been seeing the queen quite regularly on unscheduled days. being there. so perhaps there was some indication that her health was failing. and you saw that photograph yesterday between -- of her greeting the new prime minister of the u.k., liz truss and i think it did shock a lot of people because she seemed so frail and small. there you see the picture in the bottom right of your screen. what have you heard about that
7:37 am
moment for liz truss? >> you know, i think the queen is someone who will always do her utmost to execute her royal duties no matter what is going on in her personal life. we have seen the queen struggle through so many personal difficulties, personal tragedies but she has always done so with a smile on her face. you just have to look at her platinum jubilee celebration. we know that behind the scenes she was suffering with with some painful mobility issues and yet there she was on the balcony at buckingham palace smiling with her family. her meeting with liz truss was the same situation. she may not have been feeling her best and exhausted. we understand she was told very soon after that meeting that she needed to rest for 24 hours. and yet in those images she was smiling. she may look frail to the average person out there but i think it's also very important to remember that this is a woman who is in her mid to late 90s working tirelessly lr
7:38 am
decades. i think we can all excuse her wanting to lean on a cain for a bit of support because who else out there at the same age that the queen is now would be able to go about such a busy schedule and do so with a beaming smile on their face? that meeting with liz truss is a testament to what an incredible monarch the queen really is. >> bill: charlie, thank you. you are terrific. please come back and when you mention the jubilee, her schedule was packed, right, charlie? it was wall-to-wall. she did not participate in every event and there are a lot of rumblings out there why she pulled back. can you recall what she chose to abstain from? >> the queen, one of the most interesting things that the queen decided not to take part in was the derby. the queen loved horses and horse racing. the fact she chose not to attend that --
7:39 am
>> dana: we might have lost charlie there. a great point. charlie is a great guest for us and we'll be back in touch with her. >> bill: in the meantime we are going to follow the news out of scotland, out of london and when we get more we'll pass it along to you. critics are pouncing on the california governor gaffe-in yu sew. why? he was wearing a fleece during an event of a heat wave in his state asking the people of his state to turn off the air conditioners and more. we'll explain. >> cool your home and make sure the thermostat is above 78 degrees. it still feels cool beyond words. i walked in 78 degrees and felt like i needed a jacket.
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>> dana: hunter biden said he would be quote happy to introduce his business associates to a top chinese communist party official et. the emails suggest hunter was more than willing to use political connections to advance his business deals. what else do you know? >> our team continues to dig deeper into hunter biden and foreign business dealings. through the reporting they've
7:45 am
come across emails dating back to 2014 which raise questions about the first son's relationship with chinese entities. appearing to show his willingness to connect a business associate with a top chinese communist party official. emails indicate the nephew of the boston crime boss whitey bulger and he asked hunter for the introduction and hunter was willing to make it happen. hunter took a trip with the vice president in 2013. biden said he didn't remember the people. they reached out to the white house and hunter's lawyers but didn't hear back. we'll hear more about this in the coming month. republicans vow to investigate hunter and the biden family business dealings if they take congressional majorities in the mid-terms one lawmaker saying this administration needs oversight after the treasury department refused to turn over certain banking reports to
7:46 am
congress involving hunter biden. >> this is another cover-up in the biden administration to block republican oversight and republican investigations of hunter biden's shady business dealings. >> the first son remains under federal investigation. u.s. attorney in delaware is leading the probe. no charges have been filed. as more and more drips out there will be a lot of questions here. >> dana: every day there is another story to talk about. good to see you. >> bill: cool air for me but not for thee? democratic california governor gavin newsom taking heat for advising people to save energy but he needed a fleece vest to endure the room he was in. california and other western states are experiencing a heat wave. >> it is on track to be the hottest and longest on record. everyone has to do their part to help step up just a few more days. >> bill: everyone but the governor apparently. critics quick to pounce on the
7:47 am
fleece jacket, we should say. not exactly something one would wear when dealing with triple digit temps unless you're jimmy failla in the -- sauna. >> you know you are fat when you are out of breath reading. take a breath. there it is. gavin newsom the tony clifton of politics. an old stand-up comedian character who would say before we start the show it is a no smoking club and then he would begin his act. it was gavin newsom. lockdowns or turn up the thermostat. he orders the edict, lights the cigarette and walks away. the fleece is proof he is flouting his own guideline. if you look closer you can see someone ice fishing over his
7:48 am
shoulder. 21 degrees in there. a hat and fleece on. >> dana: how about the secretary of energy granholm recently quoted interviewing saying california is the green energy model that we all need. i am waiting for the desantis response. >> i know. what newsom is doing now is filming the best desantis commercial ever. if newsom cared about his state or the environment he should make the u haul electric because so many are fleeing the state. the scam everytime. green energy is failing the people of california, okay? when the people get failed, okay, that's the bigger story here. we are used to hypocrisy. they are failing the people of california specifically the people at the bottom who get the bill and suffer and whose quality of life suffer. it's never the gavin newsom's of the world like we saw during
7:49 am
the lockdown. >> bill: working construction all day and you come home and we're going to 80° >> my wife might do that to shed a few pounds but not the construction workers. >> bill: kathy griffin says if republicans win there will be a civil war. >> dana: no, she is getting attention for it and she'll probably say worse things. >> bill: the reverse logic, right? democrats will be in the streets. >> it's always an exercise in projection. the last time we had an election we were boarding up windows at fox in case the peaceful side loss. that's always the scam, okay. whether we saw it during the george floyd riots or anything in response to the scotus decision, when was chasing people out of restaurants. not the right, but the left. this is all projection. i visit with people on the right, maga republicans at comedy clubs all over the country. the only thing they hate is running out of beer.
7:50 am
my consolation to everybody watching about kathy griffin's prediction of civil war. there won't be. if anyone watches her stand-up act they'll shoot themselves. >> dana: you are the best. >> tough love will get me in shape. >> dana: stick around for this, though. >> dana reads sports. >> dana: advancing to the semifinals at the u.s. open. the first american man to do so since 2006. he won in straight sets beating the russian. he beat nadal on monday and his final match is scheduled for tomorrow. >> bill: amazing run. really good. >> dana: i like his story and i love his parents' story and want to meet his twin brother and want to him meet. >> bill: after that match he got in front of the microphone and he said i beat in addition
7:51 am
all two days ago and i'm doing this? i'm going to disney world. >> dana: next time i'll be on "america's newsroom." amazing. >> bill: we would love to see him here. >> dana: great to see you, jimmie. still all eyes are on balmoral castle in scotland waiting for updates on the health of queen elizabeth. we'll be right back with an update. ever wonder what everys doing on their phones? they're investing with merrill. think miss allen is texting for backup? no she's totally in charge. of her portfolio and daniel g. she's building a greener future and he's... running a pretend restaurant. and phil? phil has questions, but none of them are about his portfolio. digital tools so impressive, your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company.
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. yesterday we interviewed the d.a. in shelby county, memphis, tennessee. at the time he mischaracterized henderson as a parolee. he was not paroled. the d.a. has corrected himself. henderson was in court this past hour. current case is just getting started in memphis, tennessee. >> dana: also breaking today secretary of state blin ken met
7:57 am
with president zelenskyy after a trip to kyiv. zelenskyy has been inviting people over and needs to keep this conflict in the news and he has a lot of requests for the secretary of state. >> bill: continue to give billions of dollars, too. back at home record breaking heat fueling more than a dozen wildfires across california. they spread to nearly 50 square miles claiming at least four lives and destroying more than 100 homes and buildings. it is dry, windy, triple digit weather making it very difficult for firefighters trying to contain the fires and prevent new ones from breaking out. >> dana: world's largest money manager black rock is defending so-called woke investments. the wall street giant and other firms facing backlash over the treatment of fossil fuel companies accused of using other people's monday in a political push to promote green energy. gerri willis has more. important for people at home that have a pension, 401k. >> one in $3 investment dollars are managed in this way.
7:58 am
a huge business. black rock this morning pushing back against criticism of its environmental, social and government investments. some folks describing it as woke blackrock telling fox business the climate risk and economic opportunities from the energy transition have become a top concern for many of our clients. as i said they are investing now earning one in three investment dollars but complaints. 19 state attorneys general wrote a letter in august to the ceo of blackrock, the nation's largest money manager complaining on policies managing the state pension funds. one is jeff landry objecting saying the policies made in our legislative branch, not woke corporate board rooms. the big three have a responsibility to request with their client's best in mind rather than their own agenda on climate change, politics and other self-interest. former a.g. bill barr saying
7:59 am
this yesterday. >> i think we have to look at this politically. this means a handful of companies can decide our energy policy, our equity policy, and stuff like that. just by going and hammering the big companies over the head and saying we own 10% of your company and we are going to throw you out. >> although blackrock says it is not abandoning controversial parts of the market like energy, it is notable that energy stocks gained more than 40% this year compared to a loss for the s&p 500. if you walk away from some of these companies, you will lose money. i don't know about you, but i'm managing my money for the best return. >> dana: in the inflation reduction act they have $300 billion to give out goodies to green energy company. they might be great technologies but a lot of money out there. >> bill: money talks in a big way. so now we want to take you back
8:00 am
to aberdeen, scotland. we're being told that prince william has arrived, as well. we'll let you know what we know when it's reported. >> dana: the queen is continuing to be under medical supervision and surrounded by her family. prince william just arrived. updates throughout the day. harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: breaking news as we closely monitor the situation with queen elizabeth ii. the longest reigning british monarch is under medical supervision at last check. all four of her children are at her side and now we can confirm that the queen's grandson, prince william, has landed in scotland. he is not quite at balmoral yet but he is on the ground in scotland. a spokesperson for prince harry and his wife, meghan markle say that they are en


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